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Title: Rules
Post by: Southern Records on January 20, 2014, 06:03:32 PM
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Every site has some rules. They're not too bad though.

-X----- accounts
Register with your Player Account. We have Player Accounts and Character accounts. Suffice it to say, all OOC areas or posts not done specifically In Character should be under your Player Account. Your Character Accounts will only be used in the various role play sections of the board.

The admin create your character account when your character is approved. Once it is, there's a dropdown by your account name on the top right of the forum that you can use to switch to your new Character account. You can upload their picture, complete some added information, all within the Forum Profile once you've switched to your Character account.

-X----- rating
Southern Winds is a mature role play. We carry a rating of 3-3-3, which means violence and mature content is allowed. But it is not required. Thus, we wish for everyone to mark their mature threads and skip scenes they are uncomfortable playing. Communicate with the other person you're playing with so they understand your boundaries. As such, if you don't like mature content, don't read the threads that have it. Our OOC cbox is for fun times. Swearing is acceptable so long as it's not obnoxious and mature topics can crop up. Keep in mind you're in the public spectrum and representing Southern Winds. Additional Information : Flight Lust / Mating Flight Guide (

This is a chat box for characters to interact. The rating is loosely PG13 with some swearing and smattering of sexual talk.  It isn't visible to guests and it's meant to have fun with no real IC consequences. It is a premium cbox like our OOC cbox and has it's own notification sound as well as it autorefreshes. Register your character name and have fun. This only shows up once you have registered for an account.

-X----- Post Tags
Southern Winds uses message icons to tag our threads, whether they are Open, Private, or Mature. Be sure you use the appropriate message icon for your roleplay thread, especially regarding Mature threads.

Our Mature Tag is used to mark a thread that contains any content that is rated over PG13 or that would require a 'content warning'. This means anything that's particularly graphic, be it violence, sex, or overly obscene language. Our Pern does contain some drugs, so explicit drug use would also fall within this Mature Tag. If you have any questions or concerns about the Mature Tag, feel free to ask the staff in the Cbox or the #Admin_Help ( on Discord.

-X----- post/activity requirements
There are no posting requirements or limits, but we do ask that you notify us of any absences so we can handle your threads and characters appropriately. We don't do activity checks, but anyone not prodding about for a month or so may see their account deemed Inactive and their threads archived in the timeline. You may, of course, return and we'll activate your characters for you. We don't delete anything!

While we archive rather than delete threads, please take it upon yourself to personally save/backup any posts, information, images, or character profiles you want to keep on your own harddrive or host. We will not be responsible for any lost materials, though generally our regular backups prevent this.

Southern Winds has a Tag Box for members to use should they wish that's only visible once you have registered for an account. All you need to do is paste a url and say who it's for. The shoutbox will automatically create a [link] for it so there's no need to use the [url*] tag. It does autorefresh and has its own notification sound. The Tag box is not for discussion, IC Chat, OOC comments, etc and they will be deleted.

-X----- roleplay
There are no character limits, but we do have certain expectations of those playing ranked characters. Please see the spoiler below for those requirements. Beyond that, have as many lovelies as you want to play so long as you're capable of juggling them and they're all getting attention - and we're super relaxed on this too. We also allow for up to 4 fire lizards per character with no posting or previous requirements. Additionally, no godmoding or metagaming. Play your charries and let the other people play theirs, unless you'll be allowing power play. We ask that you try your best at spelling and grammar. Errors that a basic spell check can pick up can become tiresome.

Members are allowed to make/adopt a max of 2 ranked characters. Staff will only have a max of 3 ranked characters.

Make an IC post at least once every week and participate in events.  Plot out threads pertaining to rank with possible admin guidance. Given our ever changing plot, if your character obtains rank, we may require it to be adopted upon your leaving or becoming inactive on the site. If your character was once an adoptable NPC, they will again become such until someone readopts them.  Ranked Characters may have different requirements, and these can be found listed in the Adoptables ( forum.

-X----- graphics
We don't allow for post embellishments or huge signatures. No DoHTML or BBCode post templates. We allow for bold and italics for dragon/Rider conversations, and the custom color code for dragon voices. Avatars run 150x200 and character accounts should only have small signatures pertaining to the character, such as power play allowances or wanted ad links. Player accounts hold to the same expectation, with text or small images ( nothing wider than 500px, nothing taller than 100px ) pertaining to the roleplay. We want our focus on the content and creation of our characters.

-X----- timeline
We have a running timeline here at Southern Winds. This means your threads will need to be dated. Check out the RP Thread History ( for what this means to your characters and topics.

-X----- respect
Please be respectful of others. We're a mature site and we expect a base level maturity. Doesn't mean we don't like to have fun, but adult themes should be handled with care and respect. Disagreements are expected to be handled simply, with the creed 'agree to disagree' and let it go. We're all here to relax and have fun.

-X----- have fun
Get out there and start roleplaying! Don't know what to do? Prod an admin. We're always about helping you get started on your own two feet, either with open threads or character plotting.