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Title: Hunters
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Contained is all the known information of these terrible beasts that both protected the island from Thread and serve as a hindrance to settlement by the Pernese people.

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The Basics

Hunters are the feral natural evolution of a firelizard or the long reptaloids that hide in the rivers, though they have no need to Impress and despise human contact. It's believed that since they live in a pack, their ability to Impress is hindered by a pack mentality. They are stocky with powerful muscles and razor sharp fangs, able to digest anything they can swallow. Their skin is more often than not a dark green or brown, earth tones, so they can better hunt and hide in the jungle. They travel in packs from 3-7. They are wingless, but still lethal and ferocious. A Hunter looks much like a wingless dragon or streamlined watchwher, and their eyes shift in muted colors that do not give them away while hiding. They are roughly the size of a small Blue to large Brown, stretching lengths of 25-35 meters.

The Hunter's primary source of food are the plentiful wherry on the island, so it is not uncommon that Jungle Wing may run into Hunters during their own hunts.

Social Organization
A pack is led by an Alpha who is smarter than the others. This Alpha will be the largest of a pack and can coordinate their movements with some degree of strategy. An Alpha rarely joins the actual fight, vying instead to claim a position where they can view the scene and direct the pack members with their primitive ability to communicate. They do not think in terms of words and cannot nor will not try to converse with a dragon. No one has been able to tell a male from a female since they're all the same color, but it is believed the Alpha is a female much as the Golds rule the Weyr. No one has seen young Hunters, a nest, nor their eggs.

Hunters are not as quick as Reds can be, nor as strong as a Bronze or Black. It is, ultimately, their numbers that make them deadly. They climb effectively and jump just as well. Low flying dragons over the Jungle have been known to be taken from the sky if they were close enough to be reached from the canopy. Like dragons and firelizards, Hunters can go Between, but they do not do so often—most commonly to avoid potentially life-threatening wounds, which make them even harder to fight. They have the experience of going between in the thick jungle.

The few times the Hunters have attacked the construction site at the base of the mountain, they employ hit and run tactics:  preferring to cause as much chaos as possible while snagging meals to take back to their nest. Hunter packs have been known to band together to attack larger groups of dragon riders, especially now that the Pernese people have started construction at the mountain base.

Hunters are most active in Summer and Fall. Winter is one of the safest times, especially during storms.

Known Information
After the attack on the Mine Hall on 26.02.2590 (, Healers were able to dissect ( the few Hunters that were killed intact. Below is a list of the information they were able to determine from their studies, which have been made known to riders and, by this point, have likely become well-known in the Weyr.