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Title: List of Available Ranks
Post by: Southern Records on January 25, 2014, 04:11:57 PM
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SWW Ranked Knots explained (

Regarding Quotas:
We have no limit to the number of Candidates, Weyrfolk, Crafters, or Holders on SWW. There is no 'quota' or population limit on colors of Riders - rather, we base it on our Clutch Records ( - which we can be really flexible with if you need a certain color on a certain turn. Besides the mutation colors, you are free to make any canon color Rider you like ( barring Gold ).

Sr Weyrwoman Halirina by SanctifiedSavage Weyrleader S'bok by Adoptable
Jr Weyrwoman Vanelwynne by Adoptable Weyrsecond B'ron by Inki
Jr Weyrwoman Eimerra by Wren Weyrsecond T'veck by Jarakrisafis
Headwoman Lorna by Adoptable Steward Available
Candidate Master O'sir by SirAlahn Weyrlingmaster D'zel by Jarakrisafis

Wingname Wingleader
Jungle H'vier by Adoptable
Beach M'rek by SirAlahn
Prairie Z'tai by Lyndi
Mountain W'sar by SanctifiedSavage

Assistant Weyrlingmaster W'um by Inki Assistant Weyrlingmaster Wa'by by Kyya Assistant Weyrlingmaster J'ken by Jarakrisafis
Wingsecond L'ale by SanctifiedSavage Wingsecond L'nal by SirAlahn Wingsecond B'lye by RaynePOTM
Wingsecond K'mar by Lyndi Wingsecond K'rez by Inki Search Rider Finnmaghaine by SirAlahn
Search Rider C'ace by SanctifiedSavage Search Rider Seng by SirAlahn Search Rider Kaladesi by Red
P'ar by SanctifiedSavage K'eeda by SanctifiedSavage H'riel by Kyya
N'syn by SirAlahn L'del by SirAlahn Q'nys by SirAlahn
Seaphonellqua by SanctifiedSavage Haithen by SanctifiedSavage X'rine by Inki
Qirelai by Inki Callista by Lyndi M'kale by Lyndi
J'dan by SanctifiedSavage A'yara by SanctifiedSavage Faennilin by RaynePOTM
T'stann by RaynePOTM B'nyn by SanctifiedSavage M'dak by Inki
S'bel by SirAlahn D'mir by Kyya Inanna by Inki
Yinaya by SanctifiedSavage Pythia by Teak Iayla by Dove
L'ok by SirAlahn Iralye by Inki X'hos by SirAlahn
Niema by SanctifiedSavage Z'ryr by Inki Jossekayne by SirAlahn
Y'tol by Inki J'sen by Inki X'kis by Kyya
Phaedralena by Lyndi Nishi by RaynePOTM Y'kin by SirAlahn
Bl'yx by SirAlahn N'iko by Lyndi K'zaya by Kyya
R'ael by Drewliet Z'nel by Jarakrisafis V'len by Red
T'nax by Red T'lor by Red I'drya by Fiayra

F'erro by Drewliet C'dus by Drewliet A'lori by SirAlahn J'hal by Spiffy
Q'ellan by Inki R'ghal by Lyndi P'run by Inki Nalata by Kyya
Sethunya by SanctifiedSavage Droissa by Drewliet Na'va by Inki T'rel by Drewliet
W'lleni by RaynePOTM W'thir by Kyya Sokon by Kyya T'vye by Kyya
C'bryn by RaynePOTM Un'taigo by SirAlahn D'vik by Spiffy Erieen by SirAlahn
S'nis by SanctifiedSavage Vassatiere by SanctifiedSavage Galve by RaynePOTM D'via by Jarakrisafis
T'ghen by SirAlahn S'ric by SanctifiedSavage M'lan by Kyya R'kan by SirAlahn
Ysveta by Inki Ki'ki by Bee Veryk by Kyya Thrane by Phoenyx
T'kos by Jarakrisafis Naeharie by Bee Xaeybl by daemillia U'thar by Red
Araena by Red

Oskendar by Inki Harsaia by Teak Soliana by Nymphali Kharismene by Lyndi
Oarlen by Kyya Saviavi by Drewliet Sionann by Wren Zarenaak by daemillia
Syrena by Phoenyx Shalla by Bandit Calladren by Red

Weyrwoman's Assistant Mauddra by Inki Tianaice by SirAlahn Nieve by Drewliet Daysepona by SanctifiedSavage
Qailyx by RaynePOTM Allevaithe by Inki Testhinia by Kyya Ivonai by SanctifiedSavage
Yaina by Fiayra Narinae by Fiayra
Title: Re: List of Available Ranks
Post by: Southern Records on June 13, 2014, 02:57:36 PM
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Hold Leadership
Lord Holder Maeron by Adoptable Lady Holder Lhamoire by Adoptable
Steward Prost by Adoptable Headwoman Xuline by Adoptable
Head Peacekeeper Notkerric by Adoptable

Kyrrin by Jarakrisafis Tavianna by SanctifiedSavage Paylae by Inki
Rossed by Wren Nycolus by Kyya Nealros by Drewliet
Tresrissa by Inki Ophyonis by SirAlahn Domnitissa by SanctifiedSavage
Aldrekayn by Lyndi Quenneca by SanctifiedSavage Meyelthra by SanctifiedSavage
Bekareni by Drewliet Tiynnalacia by RaynePOTM Thoridan by Spiffy
Oppesine by SanctifiedSavage Saleizo by Lyndi Daresik by Inki
Everalsie by SanctifiedSavage Sohrelle by Inki Ryneppa by Inki
Kindolin by SirAlahn Kyohei by Red Sarinea by Fiayra
Title: Re: List of Available Ranks
Post by: Southern Records on September 06, 2014, 10:37:58 PM
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The Healer Craftmaster
Brigan by Adoptable

Master Healers
[ Available ]

Journeymen Healers
Karowen by
Loressa by
Niphredon by SirAlahn
Vorianna by
[ Available ]

Elrethra by Inki
Larilla by Fiayra
[ Available ]
Healer Hall

The Harper Craftmaster
[ Available ]

Master Harpers
Tyldas by SirAlahn
[ Available ]

Journeymen Harpers
Sevastjan by SanctifiedSavage
[ Available ]

[ Available ]
Harper Hall

The Smith Craftmaster
[ Available ]

Master Smiths
[ Available ]

Journeymen Smiths
Vironethian by Inki
[ Available ]

Gavita by SanctifiedSavage
[ Available ]
Smith Hall

The Miner Craftmaster
Castivill by Adoptable

Master Miners
[ Available ]

Journeymen Miners
[ Available ]

Kenna by Inki
Keron by RaynePOTM
Penderton by Drewliet
[ Available ]
Miner Hall

The Weaver Craftmaster
[ Available ]

Master Weavers
Berlya by Kyya
Gwinn by Inki
[ Available ]

Journeymen Weavers
[ Available ]

Faytona by SanctifiedSavage
Galleweyne by SirAlahn
Velatha by Wren
[ Available ]
Weaver Hall

The Fisher Craftmaster
[ Available ]

Master Fishers
Phenust by Adoptable
[ Available ]

Journeymen Fishers
Fisk by Inki
Vickmarra by Kyya
[ Available ]

Vicymus by SirAlahn
Ysmersa by SanctifiedSavage
[ Available ]
Fisher Hall

Hall-less Craft Masters
[ Unavailable ]

Hall-less Masters
[ Available ]

Hall-less Journeymen
Brewer Cetorex by SirAlahn
Brewer Neriherem by RaynePOTM
Herder Elrost by Inki
Herder Keassa by SanctifiedSavage
[ Available ]

Hall-less Apprentices
Farmer Cinnacai by Inki
Farmer Kyareena by RaynePOTM
Herder Omenya by RaynePOTM
Herder Remira by SanctifiedSavage
Herder Tayvelle by Kyya
[ Available ]
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