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Title: Adopting a Character Guidelines
Post by: Southern Records on April 15, 2017, 02:29:47 PM
Adoption Guidelines

Keep in mind there are different guidelines for the Ranked NPC Adoptables ( but filling out the profile still meets this basic concept.

We want to make adopting a character at SWW pretty simple. The things you will need to change are:
+ Your name in the profile with credit to the original creator
+ Write your own rp sample

That's it. Then repost the profile in the Character Creation Board ( when you're done.

The things you can change, but aren't necessary are:
+ The face claim, so long as it's available
+ Small edits to the personality ( like adding to the words there, changing the description, or changing a word or two )
+ The history ( Adding detail or events )
+ Family members may be edited a little ( example: if you are adopting a character with no PC connections but you wish to fill a vague PC connection that doesn't greatly alter the history/personality of your adoptable )

The things that cannot be changed are:
+ Any names, such as the name of the adoptable, their dragon, their flits, whers, etc
+ Major personality traits must remain ( small edits like above are acceptable, but the general personality of the character must remain )
+ If they are attached to any PC family
+ The fact they are adoptable

As always, if you have any questions feel free to PM Southern Records or ask in the Admin_Help ( channel in Discord.