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K'rez was sitting in their chair beside K'eeda's bed, his mind completely occupied with the child in his arms, which made it far too easy to stay awake, when his brain was telling him that it was time to sleep. They'd put the child in the creche, that was to be sure, but K'rez would take the time with her now, even if it wouldn't mean anything to the baby in the turns to come.

"D'mir," he greeted the other man softly and with a crooked smile. K'eeda would want to wake and greet her guests that was to be sure, and it wouldn't be long before the rest arrived. And so he leaned over the bed, lightly placing a hand on her shoulder and saying her name to hopefully wake her a little gently from sleep.

"This is little Kaija." Standing, he stepped toward D'mir, allowing him to get a good look at her, before he'd hand her back to K'eeda when she awoke.

K'rez just felt so... content. Regardless of K'eeda refusing to accept an official declare of Weyrmateship, K'rez was proud to be the father of her children. It was kind of strange, although not completely out of the ordinary given what K'rez knew of rider relationships, but given his humble fisher background, he was surprised at just how... right this all felt.

Kaija started to fuss a little, either because K'rez was distracted by K'eeda, or simply because that was what babies did, either way, K'rez's attention returned to her, and he started to sway back and forth, bounding her a little in his arms, and he grinned at the happy gurgle he achieved.

"Sleep, K'eeda. I'll take care of everything." That was what he did after all, handle things. He was dependable like that, and so, despite his Wingsecond duties, he was sure that he would be allowed some leave just for the day. K'rez could catch up quick enough.

Brushing some hair from her eyes, he rubbed her cheek with his thumb, willing her off to sleep. Having just pushed a baby out of her, she certainly deserved it. "Sleep." He reiterated with a chuckle. K'rez didn't doubt for a second that she would be angry if he slipped off while she was asleep. Besides, K'rez wasn't going to leave Kaija, not for now anyways.

As much as he enjoyed K'eeda's anger sometimes, her ability to go from zero to forest fire in a second, this was not something K'rez had any intention of bringing about.

Keep watch for Jenrath and Polanth. When Z'tai and M'rek wake, let them know we will be occupied for the day.

Of course.

Despite the child going into the creche, K'rez enjoyed the idea of having his own little ones running around. Little versions of him, or K'eeda, that he could watch growing up, and be proud of. K'rez was... content with the idea of his children being raised, as was typical for dragonriders, by other people. But he liked children, and liked being a father himself. Especially once they got older, that would be sure to know who their mother and father were.

"Hey there Kaija." He said, carefully accepting the baby from K'eeda's arms. Almost regretting the fact that by giving Kaija to him, K'rez had to stop viewing the scene of K'eeda holding their baby in her arms. But the thought was quickly overtaken by the little hands of his baby, and her tiny fingers caught hold of one of his own, and grasped softly around it.

K'rez had always marvelled over the sheer diminutive size of a newborn, their eyes squeezed tightly shut to the world around them when they weren't crying their eyes out. He cleaned up the corner of her mouth with a thumb that looked like it dwarfed the tiny being.

Managing to tear his eyes away from her for a brief second, K'rez looked back towards K'eeda. "She's beautiful." His eyes may have been able to convey the you're beautiful he also thought. Regardless of her tired eyes and slightly sweaty brow, how could someone who had just brought this amazing creature into the world not be beautiful in K'rez's eyes.

He was sleeping right next to her, there was no need to bloody scream.

Surprisingly K'rez was... nervous, not that he showed it. He had K'eeda to deal with and that was more than enough for his mind at this point in time.

Ignoring the curses, trying to dodges the hands and fists, he did struggle to get her into some semblance of clothing, but eventually he succeeded. And much to K'eeda's annoyance, swept her up, into his arms, despite smaller frame, K'rez was still certainly capable enough to carry his pregnant woman to the delivery room.

"If you keep screaming, the entire Weyr is going to know you're having this baby." Immediately, K'rez was entirely unsure why he bothered to even try. His words were met with more screams and so, possibly the smartest thing for the father of an almost born baby could do, he shut his mouth.

~*~ 4 Marks Later ~*~

K'rez was a patient man, and he continued telling himself, over and over again, that this was just one of those things, that you did because they were worth it in the end. The man could've watched a candle burn if he was required to, but waiting for K'eeda to finish giving birth made him pace.

Despite being separated by the privacy screen, K'rez hadn't actually missed much, except for perhaps being spared the mental scarring of watching. So he knew that she had been reasonably quiet for at least a few minutes. Did that mean everything was okay? K'eeda and the baby were fine? Or did that mean something was going wrong?

Soon enough, the apprentice (which K'rez had apologised to earlier on K'eeda's behalf) allowed him entry.

What is it? What is it?

"A girl..." It wasn't much of a question more of... a statement of awe. "My first little baby girl." Because, for all intents and purposes, she was. "Our first baby girl." Leaning over to kiss K'eeda on the forehead, sweaty or not, K'rez was lost for words. Sure, the child would be raised in the creche, but that didn't mean that it wasn't extraordinary.

As much as K'rez would know her face off by heart, he still wished that it wasn't so early in the morning that he couldn't see her right now. Sure, they had no label to their relationship, but he got her, and that's all he really wanted.

Her soft noises, the tangle of her hand in his hair. Shards, the simple responsiveness of K'eeda was just... perfect.

It wouldn't be their usual, but K'rez certainly wasn't complaining. He couldn't help but chuckle when she directed his wrist where she wanted. Even if she couldn't try and throw him around given her current state, K'eeda was sure still going to get what she wanted.

He supposed there would be others that stopped having sex when the woman was merely days away from giving birth, but what was the point? All they had to do was rearrange a little bit, and they enjoyed it far too much.

"Something on my mind? Never." K'rez responded wryly as he moved his kisses to the side of her jaw, then her neck allowing her to guide his hand between her legs where he teased her mercilessly.

K'rez was thinking mostly along the same lines as K'eeda. That this would just be another rude wake up call, that as much as they had escaped thread, it didn't mean that they were out of the woods just yet. He too, had forgotten what it had been like to be... numb to the deaths of Weyrlings and of riders around you. So yes, it had left him shaken, even if he was ashamed to admit it. It was his duty to remember these things, his duty to never think that all was well and they could just let down their guard.

It seems I am stuck here for the night. Don't get her pissed off and kick you out okay?

Yeah yeah.

He sighed as he pulled his shirt over his head, his trousers and he rest of his clothes following soon after, and K'rez crawled onto the bed beside her. "Other than the final tally for the night? No." As much as he wanted to believe it was different than thread, different than training accidents, it really wasn't. Being a dragonrider, he believed, was he most rewarding position on Pern, but it was also undeniably the most dangerous.

But to be honest, K'rez didn't want to talk about it. He had done all the thinking he could, helped where he was needed and now he just needed to sleep, and take advantage of some of K'eeda's many talents to help him to do so.

Reaching across, he pulled their bodies together, her stomach preventing the feel of skin on skin that he wanted, so instead her leant down to take her lips with his own.

Rider Weyrs / Mature Remembering and Forgetting [35.06.2590] [1am] K'eeda
« on: July 20, 2017, 10:54:25 PM »
You should go to K'eeda.

It was a strange kind of night, a hatching was something to celebrate to be sure. Usually, there was food and drinks and a plethora of loud riders reminiscing on their own hatching and the day that changed their lives. But the timing of this one, and the contents of it, had thrown everything out of whack.

There was no celebratory dinner or lunch, most had simply... gazed shocked down at those still left on the sands, offered what help they could, before slipping off to bed. K'rez had done the same checked in at the feeding pavilion before the last Weyrling had headed off to the barracks and asked to see if the healers need any help with transportation and such, it was his duty as Wingsecond after all to ensure that nothing and no one was left wanting.

He didn't want to forget about the night exactly, K'rez wanted to remember, so that they could all learn from it. The brownrider just wanted to... forget for now. Just so that he could sleep. But they didn't have to burden each other with that. They just had to fuck.

Denoth was waiting for him in the Weyrbowl when he finally emerged, dismissed from the helping as everyone else in the Weyr wrapped up for the night, candidates, Weyrlings all taken care of, whether they were in their proper barracks, or in the healer hall. K'rez wanted to be prepared for the inevitable questions tomorrow, his own riders who would be concerned about their future. He could understand. He was too.

K'eeda had taken to sleeping in his Weyr since the pregnancy, and after Denoth set him down on his own ledge, settling himself next to Aeleroth, he padded in softly to the darkened room, only uttering K'eeda's name to alert her of his presence.

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