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Meyelthra glanced at the space made for her, recognizing the invitation for what it was. Her gaze then flicked around at the other Riders at the table. She wasn’t quite ready to consider herself apart of them, either by association or proximity. This was X’hos’ world and she was perfectly content to keep that part of his world across a clearly defined line.

Meyel would always be a holder, through and through. Riders were a different breed. X’hos? Well. He happened to be a Rider she’d plucked out of the air and brought to the ground for her pleasure. Not the other way around. So while she didn’t outright refuse the invitation, the fact she didn’t sit down was enough. Neither did she walk away, either, because she didn’t miss the touch from the woman next to him.

Fuckin’ dragon riders and their obnoxious, physical closeness. If another woman had touched X’hos like that, Meyel could easily guess the meaning and call her out on it. But this? Who the fuck knew? For all Meyel could guess, the girl could be a younger sister. With as casually as they treated contact amongst one another, it was difficult to determine what they thought was too much and what wasn’t. While Meyelthra wasn’t the timid sort, she also didn’t like being the fool. Making a big deal out of something that wasn’t in front of a table of riders would make her the fool.

So she clenched her jaw, glared at the woman, and said in a hot, clipped tone, “Bedmate for tonight.” That’d clear up just about any confusion about where this girl should keep her hands and where X’hos would be going once he got up from the table. Her hand remained on his shoulder, too. A tad possessive without being entirely obvious about it. All the while resisting the urge to break the other girl’s overly familiar hand.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Tinker @SirAlahn
Meyel has entirely normal responses to totally innocent actions >_>

It was almost surreal for Meyelthra that, while so many were working around the Weyr to make it habitable, no one bothered her. Whatever it was about being in a Rider’s Weyr, they seemed to assume she either had something to do or... there just wasn’t anyone that kept tabs on the mated weyrfolk.

Not that Meyelthra would say that’s what she was. But she did get to stay in his bedfurs for most of the morning, get up when she wanted, and roam about the Weyr. She pitched in the kitchens a couple of times, but that’d been out of boredom. Not necessity.

Whatever the reason, Meyelthra rather liked her new station in life and wanted to keep it. Things were comfortable. Relaxed. Coming from the tunnels and darkness of Fort, it was such a change that she considered it a vacation from her old life. A vacation that didn’t exactly have an expiration date since X’hos didn’t seem about to kick her out.

While Meyelthra wouldn’t say she had a routine down, she did know that toward the end of the day, most of the riders turned in for dinner. That seemed as good a time as any to collect X’hos. She was feeling a bit restless. With the Weyrhall full of tables, and riders slowly occupying them, it took her a moment to find him. Already seated with what she suspected were some of his wingmates. Meyelthra didn’t particularly care about other dragonriders. They weren’t X’hos, she didn’t know them, so they didn’t matter.

She didn’t even look at any of the others as her hand slid along X’hos’ shoulders and she said, by way of greeting, “Did you just sit down for dinner?”

Mine Hall / Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:01:47 PM »
It was so much like Fort that Meyelthra thought, for a moment, that she might be dreaming. The music, though faintly timid, was still reminiscent of one of the larger whore houses and gambling dens she’d visited. The tables, the conversation, and even the alcohol. All of it was like a fine de ja vu. Only little details set them apart, stark in contrast only because Meyelthra was looking for the differences.

The place was cleaner, the people more colorful. Not as gaunt, not as edgy. Not as sharp, though there was still that hint of danger in the air. Knives carried on belts and quick glances over shoulders. Being mindful of who was close to them and where hands lingered.

They really were slipping back into the darkness of the Fort tunnels.

Meyelthra had walked the rough perimeter of the room, a drink in hand, before she settled on a table near one of the gambling tables. Watching and content to sip her drink. Normally she’d have thrown herself into the drink and fun – not that she was much of a gambler on luck alone, she much preferred wher fights – but this was an occasion she wanted to observe. Would they really get away with it? Was there really a market for flesh still? Even now, with things not as desperate?

Men and women could simply live at the Weyr and find sex, easy and free. Why would they come here to pay for it? Was the need to be separate from the Weyr that great? The need for secretive and selective partners still a market in the Holders?


Meyelthra waved off one of the whores who drifted by her table. Normally she wouldn’t have shrugged off easy attention, but she wasn’t in the mood tonight. Instead, her attention continued to flit about the room. Picking out familiar faces.

She wasn’t ready to go into the weyr yet. Let it air out. That’s just what she needed. Some time away from all that and to go to a place that would be theirs for however long she wanted it to be. Without invoking images of anything else.

It wasn’t that she hated him or his dragon for what had happened. She knew it. Had already come to terms with it. But accepting the idea of it and having to just sit while someone she’d quite clearly put a stake on, a claim on, was...

It was a very holder bred, non-rider way of thinking about things and she couldn’t help that. She didn’t have a dragon and Meyesk wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want him to do, Run or not. Chase or fight. She was utterly in control. Generally, she got to tell even X’hos what to do, but there were very static lines drawn that she already knew about.

Coming face to face with them was a little different than having to verbally accept them.

Meyelthra stripped before she’d even really entered the private pool area, tossing the shirt off to the side and slipping into the water. Anything to distract from all of it and just... let herself relax. The hot water on her skin was nice.

She knew he’d come. It didn’t even occur to her he wouldn’t. They wouldn’t be together if he wasn’t the sort to not show when he was told to.

Meyelthra had really debated whether or not she’d bother to show up. Gambling just for the sake of it wasn’t really her thing. It was a droll affair, really. It lacked the rush, the violence, of a wher fight. And, as far as she knew, there wasn’t going to be any wher fights at the gambling den.

Which didn’t surprise her, but it did disappoint her. X’hos had been a bit leery about leaving her there overnight since the last time she’d come home with an injured wher, but she’d just waved it off as a run fight. A locked run, so he had nothing to fret over. She always explained that she just got drunk and had a good time with her friends for the run which wasn’t always a lie. Meyelthra didn’t run off to the Hall just so she could sleep around. She was quite fulfilled in the sex department and wasn’t some thrill seeking holder wife who needed to sleep with strangers to feel better about herself.

But, she felt a certain sense of nostalgic obligation to go. People she knew would be there. It’d be like witnessing a part of her past coming to life. If nothing else, she’d grab drinks with friends then be on her way. Find a friend’s bed she could pass out on eventually until morning, when her dutiful green rider would come scoop her up and she could spend the entire day in her bed.

What a plan.

Arriving at the Gambit felt like taking a step into the past. The dark, quiet tunnel that led to the din of conversation. The steadily rising noise, the brightened glow that revealed the door. It was all so... It really was like Fort. Meyelthra might as well have never left.

She waved at the ‘doorman’ and just sauntered in. A woman like Meyelthra clearly belonged. After a quick survey of the place, she actually threw her arms up and loudly, happily shouted, “Heey! My favorite drinkin’ buddy! Kyrrin!” She actually meant it too.

Lazy and content, Meyelthra’s thoughts did drift while he touched her. It’d been some time since she’d had such pampering. It’d usually cost quite a few marks back at Fort to have some alone time with some attentive whore in the bathing springs. It was just too dangerous to allow property to go frolicking off on their own and not many people were the giving sort, where they’d just take the time out of their day to bathe someone else.

Meyelthra certainly hadn’t known anyone. Baths had been a luxury, something to be done quick. No one was more vulnerable than when they were naked and their weapon so far away.

But she wasn’t dealing with a whore and she certainly wasn’t back at Fort. This was so far removed from all that, it was just... nice. Weird but nice. Maybe the weyr would make her soft? She didn’t have to worry about someone shanking her in her sleep, stealing her clothes or what few possessions she had when she went to get something to eat, or having to leave Snap to guard them. It was just an entirely different way to live.

Admittedly, for all she missed the danger and excitement of Fort, she could get used to the pampering too. It was just nice. Relaxing.

Though, her thoughts invariably found their way to his dragon. “Mm. What does your Green think of me?” she asked lazily. Meyelthra didn’t think if his dragon protested too much to her presence she’d still be there, but she... didn’t really know much about dragons. Were they just glorified runners?

Meyelthra wasn’t rushed as she turned her attention back to the eggs and sipped her new drink. Obviously she was going to bet that most of them were going to be green. If that was the norm, it’d be silly to bet otherwise. Especially since she knew nothing about dragon eggs. Even if X’hos knew next to nothing, he still knew more than she did.

In that, this was weighed heavily in his favor. Odds she’d not normally take, but this was… a nonsensical thing. Done for fun. So that was fine. It was sort of letting him win, or at least willfully giving him the upperhand and being fine with the disadvantage.

When he said he wanted a massage, she chuckled a little but nodded once. “Well, ok. I can’t promise it’ll be a good one.” Meyelthra hadn’t given anyone a massage… ever. She understood the basic premise, of course, but that didn’t mean she really knew what she was doing or that she’d be any good at it. But that was fine. She enjoyed touching X’hos and he was certainly pleasing to look at.

“And if I win, I think we’ll spend some time in the weyrbowl. Just you and I.” Her smirk was quite telling about what she wanted to do in the weyrbowl.

Meyelthra grinned a little at his answer. Well, then that should make this a little easy then, shouldn’t it? She might not know a lot about dragons, but she certainly knew that there were far more Greens in the Weyr than there were any other color. So if she were to bet that most of these were Green anyway, she was likely to win and get whatever she wanted out of X’hos.

It was still a fun game even if she could get him to do whatever she wanted regardless. Meyelthra liked to win.

“Alright. Then. Just to be nice, I’ll let you take the first bet. What would you want from me?” The last bit was said sly and playful, her hand slipping up the side of his shirt so she could touch his skin. To be honest, Meyelthra was curious what he would bet. What did X’hos want?

With a fresh drink in hand, Meyelthra considered the eggs. Now that something was on the line that was a bit more fun, she was trying to think if there was any real way to tell what might actually be in the eggs. She suspected if there was, people wouldn’t be just betting on it and they’d just... announce what was in the clutch. The Weyr would be efficient like that.

Which meant the Gold was probably like a Gold wher, and her clutch was just based on whatever her other clutches might be like. Since Meyelthra certainly did not pay attention to Gold dragon broods, she leaned against X’hos and asked, “So, what’s Imyth’s thing? I’m assuming she’s got a color she likes to throw, hm?”

Or was that not polite to talk about? Meyelthra had no idea. Sometimes Riders could be touchy about the oddest things.

Mine Hall / Re: A Different Kind of Fight [18.05.2591 / 23:00] Wher Run
« on: August 08, 2018, 03:54:01 PM »
Aselm was off making whatever small talk he wanted with whomever he’d wanted to sweet talk about her wher. Something about setting up another fight in the future. It was really hard for Meyelthra to focus between the amount she’d had to drink so far and the pull of Meyesk at her consciousness. A wher run might not be utterly debilitating to thought, but toss a bunch of alcohol on a brain, and she was downright handicapped.

Rather than being distracted by his bonded’s inability to think, Meyesk didn’t mind her state of inebriation at all. They had a working relationship, not a close, tight knit bond, and he didn’t need her to win a run. Or a fight. He was obedient, a good wher, but her lack of thought didn’t bother him at all.

When the smaller green double backed, he strained his thick muscles, dug into the stone, and darted after her. He’d fought, and killed, smaller wher. He knew they were faster, quicker than he was. Meyesk also knew he could run her down. Her muscles would give out before his. Long before his. When another wher, not quite his size got too close, he simply shoved them away. He didn’t want to fight, he wanted to win.

Mine Hall / Re: A Different Kind of Fight [18.05.2591 / 23:00] Wher Run
« on: August 03, 2018, 11:16:09 AM »
Meyelthar knew that Aselm was buttering her up for the next wher fights that were ‘scheduled’. He wanted her to haul Meyesk into the ring again, and he was doing a grand job of encouraging her with all manner of drink. ‘On his tab’.

Whatever worked. Meyelthra was having a good time hanging out with familiar faces – though not necessarily friendly ones – and playing some games of dice that didn’t really matter. She just went down to the Mine Hall just for this sort of thing. Escape from the hum drum of the Weyr and the routine that it had created for her. It wasn’t all bad, but she needed something else now and then. Drink, some edgy fun, and she’d go back to the Weyr in the morning when Prairie Riders showed up.

Meyesk lay at her feet with Snap, her ever vigilant baby sitter, on his large, scarred shoulder. The bronze wher looked bored, but he was really just relaxing. He liked going wherever his handler went. Not because they shared a close, emotional bond but because he functioned the best under simple orders. X’hos, though they’d been around one another a lot, was still a stranger to the simple wher.

Neither did he care about the other wher that walked around the ‘bar’. Though it was really just a claustrophobic side cavern, he was coiled around Meyelthra’s chair – as out of the way as a big bronze could be – and ignored any of the other territorial wher that were walked through.

Meyelthra ignored their equally annoying handlers when she was challenged to a handful of scuffles. She was playing a damn game! Aselm, not for the first time, tried to rankle her. He was trying to get her to show off the big bronze. Apparently there were some bidders he wanted to impress, or maybe some old gang members. Meyelthra was, frankly, too drunk to remember.

Or care.

“I’m not getting in a fight tonight,” she said, if not for the hundredth time. Her tone was a bit waspish, letting her old friend know this was the last she’d be saying it.

So, he tried something different. Maybe she’d participate in a Run? Let others see how great her monster of a wher was that way?

Meyelthra was offered another drink and, as that disappeared, she thought, fuck it, why not? She stood, to the delight of Aselm, and started making her way toward the Run cavern. Meyesk provided some support as she made her way until they arrived, when she shifted her weight to lean against Aselm. At least he brought his brown wher too...

Meyesk followed orders rather well and when he was told to participate in a Run, he trotted away from Meyelthra. He was very unconcerned about her safety – that was Snap’s job – and inhaled the scent of the female Green he’d be chasing after. Thankfully, she didn’t make him wait long before she roared and dashed off into the cavern. Meyesk launched himself after her, a mass of muscle tailing a much smaller Green.

Past and Possibilities / Private Terrible Mornings [ 22.2.2588 / 5AM ] X’hos
« on: August 02, 2018, 01:51:13 PM »
Meyelthra didn’t like getting up early for a good reason. X’hos’ flight was not even close to a good reason. If anything, when he shook her awake and timidly told her that his dragon was going to take wing, she had to clench her fists and resist the urge to hit him then and there.

They’d talked about it. She’d knew this day was going to come.

The bastard was lucky she’d not been sleeping with anything pointy or sharp. The urge to gut him itched in her palms as she pulled on one of his shirts that served like a very high cut dress – just covering her ass. It’d pass for decent enough as she stormed out of the weyr, Meyesk and Snap hot on her heels. She wandered down the tunnel connecting to their weyr, intentionally not looking at the faces of the riders that pushed past her. The people intending on participating in the Flight, before she found herself far enough away there weren’t any more people around.

So she sat down, leaning against Meyesk as he laid down to provide some support for her. Snaps flapped off to steal something from the kitchens – just some dried fish from last night’s dinner – which gave her something to tear into while she just...waited.

She was wide awake, despite having been woken not long ago, but she tried very hard to keep her mind blank. Staring at the opposing wall in the glow-lit hall. Chewing on dried fish.

Waiting. Waiting.

It felt like she’d waited the whole day before Snaps landed on her lap and trilled to get her attention, pushing an image of the empty weyr and X’hos into her mind.

She didn’t get up right away. Meyelthra was still angry. Not at anything in particular, she was just... mad. After another short eternity, she shoved Snaps unceremoniously off her lap and she started walking down the hall. Not toward the Weyr, but toward the bathing pools. She needed to relax.

Snaps tumbled to the stone floor before he flapped up, chirped at her, then flew back to X’hos to let him know where his bonded was going.


It wasn’t often that Meyelthra decided to go down to the Mine Hall. She usually spent her time puttering around the Weyr, but with how tense and edgy everyone was being, she’d opted to head down to the Hall if only to get away from it all for a day. She’d already told X’hos that she was going to and waved him off because he had to go save the Weyr... or whatever it was that Jungle Wing did every day.

They certainly acted like they saved the Weyr every day.

Either way, she’d packed a change of clothes in the event she got dirty, drunk, or in a fight and needed to change. Pretty standard for her. As she waited off to the side along with a lot of the others getting ready to be hauled away by the Prairie Riders, like so much cargo, her attention was drawn to some one making a fuss.

She was bored. Loud noised were bound to do that. A rippled murmur passed through those waiting that the Riders were inspecting everyone’s belongings. “Oh for fuck’s sake,” Meyelthra hissed before she threw up her hands. What were they looking for? She wasn’t the only one making their displeasure heard. She shifted her weight from one foot, to the other, a couple of times before she rolled her eyes and peeled away from the group waiting.

She’d just spend the day at the Weyr and see if someone more local had something to drink. The trip wasn’t worth all this runnershit fuss.

Spoiler for OOC:
As a heads up, whoever goes after her is probably in for a fight. XD I'm fully aware she's going to get in trouble for fighting them too. It'll be fun.  :love:

Weyr Bowl / Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« on: April 29, 2018, 08:57:28 AM »
Meyesk hadn’t expected retaliation. In truth, neither had Meyelthra. While a fight was just as good as a run, it still hadn’t been expected. So when Tavlesk charged at Meyesk, it caught the other bronze wher off guard. Allowing him to plow straight into the back haunch of Meyesk.

That certainly got his attention.

Green wher be damned at that point. And Meyesk certainly had Meyel’s permission to go after the other Bronze. If anything, he had her utter encouragement. So much for either of them participating in the run.

When her sister advanced, Meyel’s smile widened. Like she’d won. In a way, she really had. The punch hadn’t been expected and caused Meyel to double over, losing her breath. But rather than being angry, she sputtered a coughing laugh as she stumbled back and took a moment to right herself. Meyel had been hit before, and she’d likely be hit again. That wasn’t anything new. Instead, she gestured vaguely in the direction of the retreating wher handler whose favor they’d been chasing after. “Looks like you’ve lost this one, sister dear,” Meyelthra laughed, taking a moment more to straighten up.

This time, though, she was quite ready and squared off. Prepared should Tayvelle wish to continue the fight. Rather, she welcomed it with a wide, toothy grin.

Meyesk hissed a growl and kicked back at Tavlesk. If he wanted to fight, he’d found the right wher for it.

Spoiler for OOC:
Just ruining the run

Weyr Bowl / Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« on: March 14, 2018, 08:21:02 PM »
Meyesk was a large bronze and not one that frequently participated in runs. Not to say he was a lazy or out of shape monster, but he might’ve lacked the finesse that others had. He was a fighter that had been out of fights for the past couple of turns. Getting the chance to chase after a female put some ‘umph’ into him, but he was still all brawn and brute. There wasn’t a lot of agility to him at all.

When Tayvelle turned to look at her, Meyelthra couldn’t help but be pleased with herself. There was no love between the sisters and the entire reason Meyel was there to begin with was to mess with Tayvelle. Winning wasn’t so much in the cards. Or, in the run.

//Do you see her wher?// It was a lot to ask of Meyesk, but he was nothing if not obedient. Run lust might be coursing through him, but he swiveled and looked. They might not be overly familiar with one another, but Meyel knew her sister and her wher.

Meyesk ran into Tavlesk. Oops. Simple mistake. The large bronze snapped at the other. A fight would be just as good as a chase.

Meyelthra’s face took on a dramatic, sweet smile. “Oh. Wow. Looks like Meyesk might’ve ran into your wher. Bit clumsy of him, huh?” She clasped her hands behind her back and grinned at her sister. Easily squaring off with her. It took a bigger man and physical violence to get her to be cowed. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

Then, just for fun, she flashed the wher handler they were both after a smile and a wave. “Hey, sweet thing.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« on: March 07, 2018, 04:34:27 PM »
Meyelthra hardly paid any attention to the wher runs that were posted around the weyr. They largely didn’t concern her, even though she did have a monster of a bronze. Such things rarely had interested her and when they did, she’d had marks riding on whether or not she’d won.

Now, sitting on the ledge she of her weyr – or their weyr, whatever – she watched one such run in progress. Meyesk stirred at the call of the little Green but he didn’t otherwise make a fuss. He’d long gotten used to being excluded when the mood didn’t strike Meyelthra to participate. Dressed down in one of X’hos’s old shirts, one torn from a fight they’d had, she let her feet dangle in the open air while she just watched.

Decent turn out.

Hrm. One of them was oddly... familiar?

Meyesk did perk up at the idea forming in his bonded’s mind. Maybe this was one run they could participate in. Since X’hos was off doing... whatever he did with his gear when it needed replaced or fixed or something, Meyelthra didn’t need to say anything as she climbed to her feet and dashed out of the weyr.

It wasn’t long to the bowl. Meyesk was hot on her heels, nearly running her over as she turned him loose once they were out in the open. //Go, go, go.// she encouraged wickedly while she jogged over to join those gathered for the Run.

Meyelthra didn’t have eyes for the girl who must be bonded to the wher, though. Instead, she snickered and said, “Hey, sister dear.” She wanted to win if only to deny it to Tayvelle.

Just as Meyesk roared his own arrival to the run.

Meyelthra listened to his explanation of the betting process before she took a long drink and scoffed. It was casual as you please and certainly geared toward just having fun with the entire mess. Nothing like the betting process back in the Fort tunnels.

She sighed after a moment, finished off her drink, and handed her empty cup to X’hos to indicate she wanted more. Not that she expressly asked. He was smart, he’d figure it out.

Meyelthra continued to watch the eggs for a moment more before she turned her attention to the Riders and those gathered around. Seeing if there were anyone familiar milling about. Not that she was particularly expecting many to be present. This was a Rider’s event, after all.

Once X’hos returned with a full cup of the fruity alcohol, she gestured to the eggs once more. “So, between you and I, would you like to make some bets? Maybe for some different things rather than marks? Massages?” Meyelthra couldn’t help but leer a little at her attractive green rider. “Or I could put your mouth to use.”

Mine Hall / Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« on: December 17, 2017, 08:23:31 AM »
Of course Meyelthra had not told X’hos why she wanted to go stay at the Mine Hall again. The nice thing about being with the Green Rider was that she rarely had to explain anything she did. Meyelthra had simply told him that she’d be staying again. After a handful of times doing this, he’d simply gone along with it. Part of her wondered if he agreed without complaint because he feared she’d leave otherwise. The other part of her didn’t care to think any more on the subject.

She’d heard about the event from a friend of a friend who knew Aselm, who’d relayed the information through a fire lizard who had just popped into her weyr.

This is the sort of excitement that Meyelthra had been waiting for. Walking through the dark tunnels, hearing the pick up of the crowd as she approached with her friend Aselm in tow, the familiar rush of adrenaline greeted her.

This wasn’t Fort, but the feeling was similar. Meyesk was chained and leashed, if only for appearances. Events like this could create all sorts of rowdy encounters and it was generally accepted practice to chain your wher. He tugged occasionally, eyes bright and green. Meyesk didn’t remember, most wher didn’t have a great memory, but the excitement in the moment sang to him. He obediently followed her when she directed him with the chain – it was familiar, following orders was second nature – but he was amped up.

So was Meyelthra. She’d skipped out on the offered alcohol when Aselm had wanted a drink before the event. While she’d normally be drunk for such things, Meyelthra wanted to remember this first fight. This first night. Win or lose, she didn’t really care.

She just wanted to be here.

When there was talk about who would fight first, Meyelthra shoved her way toward the circle. No way on Pern was she not going to be first. Meyesk sensed her intent and helped clear a path. He was infinitely better at it than she was. People moved for a big bronze. As big as they came.

Meyelthra looked across the circle to the boy she’d be going up against. He was familiar, but in the vague way that most Holders were familiar. She’d seen his face before, but she couldn’t place a name. Meyelthra looked a rough and tumble girl holding a massive beast at bay, dressed in a ratty shirt and leather pants that gave way to well worn boots. Fort Hold attire. Far less impressive than the boy across her, but Meyelthra had stolen from pretty boys like that.

Meyesk might not remember much, but the wher knew the circle. He knew what the wher across him meant and he did pull this time. Just a little to get himself in the circle. To get ready. He was a mass of muscle that easily moved Meyelthra forward, prompting her to bark a laugh. They were ready. Large claws dug into the stone, searching for purchase as he braced himself in his position. Tensing as Meyelthra dutifully unbuckled the collar around him. If Meyelthra returned to the weyr with a destroyed harness, X’hos would ask questions.

She didn’t want that.

Meyelthra tossed the chain and collared harness to the ground, outside the circle, and took a step back next to it. Her hands came to rest on her hips as she flashed the boy across from her a smirk. Bronze against a brown? Was this even fair? She wasn’t blind, though. Meyelthra saw the scars of a fighting wher, scars that Meyesk himself bore. Around the shoulders, the face, and sides of battles fought and won.

Meyesk’s eyes bled red as he looked only to his competitor. His rival. Thick lips pulled back as he hissed his own challenge. A quieter creature than his nemesis, Meyesk’s head leveled out with the ground as his massive body tensed. Waiting. Always waiting for the go ahead.

There was the roar of the crowd, like some monster outside the circle. Bets being placed, marks being tracked, odds being shouted. The circle was the eye of the storm, a place of peace where Meyelthra felt, all at once, at home and on edge.

How she’d missed it.

The Ring Master stepped forward – not between the wher, never between them – and called out the terms of the fight. First wher down. Not to the death. It’d be hard to dispose of a giant wher body. Then he brought a long whip thin switch down between the wher to mark the start of the match.


Meyesk had been raised for that moment when Meyelthra let him go. When there was a wher across from him, when there was nothing holding him back, and the aggression bred into him was released. The switch went back up, Meyelthra released him, and he exploded forward in a rush of aggressive drive to kill the other wher. He had size on the other wher and fully intended on using it, driving straight at the Brown with all the intention to overwhelm and bear him to the ground.

Spoiler for OOC:

._. I hope this is all good. Lemme know if I need to adjust anything. Also, I'm thinking we can roll for winner in discord?  :love:

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Meyelthra’s days were largely her own. She didn’t belong to any one group of workers so she wasn’t exactly expected anywhere. Sometimes she worked in the kitchens, sometimes she worked out in the fields, and more often than not, she spent her time on the beach, working with the nondescript weyrfolk who helped do mundane tasks for the fisher hall. Gutting fish was a task they’d happily take volunteers for if they were handy enough with a knife.

Meyelthra certainly was that.

That also meant that, on days she didn’t feel like doing anything, she could just lounge around her weyr. Their weyr. Whatever. While the weyr generally expected everyone to contribute toward the general good, those that were considered mated and already had someone in a wing doing so seemed to have a free pass. Meyelthra could just say she was playing house wife to the Jungle Green rider and that seemed perfectly acceptable to some.

She’d probably throw herself off a ledge before that ever happened. What did holder wives do all day? Sweep the floor? Over and over?

She really would throw herself off a ledge first.

X’hos was presently off doing that thing that Jungle Riders did. She knew his schedule at this rate, so she knew he was being a good Rider. What everyone seemed to expect of someone in Jungle. Predictability. Promptness. She couldn’t recall a day he’d missed his duties to the weyr – and she’d tried to convince him he should. Not with any real pressure, of course. If X’hos spending all day flying around the island and doing laps in the weyr bowl meant she could take the occasional day of, so be it.

Presently, Meyelthra had decided to dress down in one of his shirts. Her favorite. The one they’d fought in that was stained with his blood from where she’d stabbed him. X’hos had wanted to take it to the weavers to get it fixed – to stitch up the hole in it and try to scrub out the blood stain.

Meyelthra thought it was the perfect lounge shirt. Especially while she scrubbed Snap. The blue flit was lazily sprawled on the stone floor between Meyelthra’s spread legs. He adored the thorough attention as the oil rag was rubbed into the joints of his wings, between his clawed toes, and all along his neck. Like a deep tissue massage for a flit. Meyelthra was not often sweet to her bonded, but when she was oiling them it was almost affectionate.


While it was not usual for fire lizards to enter her room, they were a common method to find someone. She glanced up, immediately recognizing this particular flit. Even Meyesk glanced up, his attention momentarily drawn to the ‘invasive’ creature. When it was both something Meyelthra recognized and not something he’d get to chase out of the weyr, he pillowed his head back on his forepaws. Waiting his turn.

Snap didn’t care.

Meyelthra paused in her work to lean back against Meyesk to study the little green. “Oi! Qaily! You around?” She wasn’t about to talk to a flit if she didn’t have to, so instead she shouted loud enough that if he were in the hall he’d certainly hear her.

Meyelthra could count on one hand the number of times she’d willfully surround herself with riders. One hand. It just wasn’t usually her idea of a good time. But lately, there wasn’t really much to do around the weyr that didn’t involve riders. So when she found out that they were doing that little celebratory party thing where they drank and bet on whatever dragon would come out of eggs, she figured ‘why the fuck not’. She didn’t really have to interact with the Riders and she was granted a free pass to go and drink some alcohol just because she would be dragging X’hos there. Not like the Green Rider was going to be going with anyone else.

Meyelthra knew that it was generally accepted that whomever the Rider went with, they were fucking. They were old news. At least amongst his uppity Wing. There was certainly no love there and she didn’t care to try and impress any of them. What’d she care what they thought about her? Were fighting allowed, she’d have already challenged the lot of them to a duel. But nooooooooooo. So instead, she led her Green Rider into the midst of ‘party’ as it was starting. Meyelthra certainly didn’t recognize Eimerra by sight alone, though she assumed the woman was important – or the Gold Rider – because of her proximity to the big shiny beast. So she steered away from them and drifted toward the alcohol.

After handing X’hos a cup, she eyed the eggs. Trying to think of a way that this could be fun for them. Marks were almost meaningless to Meyelthra at this point, unless she was going to start up a drug trade and find some whores to sell out to... well, who knew at this rate. Even so, she was loath to part with the marks she’d earned from her time in Fort. Especially on something so frivolous and meaningless. So, instead, she sipped her drink that tasted vaguely fruity before she asked X’hos, “What’s the deal with the bets? Like, what is normal? Do you expect certain things to climb out of the eggs or is it sorta... free for all? Like, can I just point at an egg and say ‘I think that one is gonna be green’?” Idly, she leaned against him. It wasn’t exactly a conscious possessive gesture, but Meyelthra didn’t exactly want any Riders wandering over and bothering them. All she wanted was something to eat, something more to drink, and then to drag X’hos out of there by the front of his pants. If she made it apparent with her body language that she didn’t want people to talk to them, maybe they’d get out of there without having to overly socialize.


From the looks of some overly happy blonde nearby, Meyelthra wasn’t certain that’d be possible.

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Meyelthra quite enjoyed winning. Then again, who didn’t? But this, she hoped, proved her point. When he dropped his blade, she did too while still claiming his mouth in a rough kiss. Further establishing the sweet Green Rider as hers.

She hoped when they fought in the future she’d not be able to catch him off guard as easily as she did this time – and suspected that wouldn’t be the case. X’hos wasn’t stupid and he was quick. Maybe not as quick as she was, but he’d still make for a fun fight.

As she leaned up from the kiss, she drew his lower lip between her teeth. Just this side of drawing blood from the pressure of the bite, so it’d hurt. Only then did she murmur, “Let’s go get cleaned up, hm?”

Meyelthra slid off of X’hos, sheathed her as she stood, then gestured to his things. Giving him a moment to collect his jacket and the like before they could walk down to the bathing pools together. Normally she met him there. Alas.

Meyesk huffed some as he stood and gave the fuzzy mental image of the weyr. He would be waiting for her so she could tend to him, as she did every evening. There was no point in the wher following down into the humid hotsprings. Snap trilled a little, hovering near by, before he settled on the wher to go with him.

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Meyelthra knew when she’d hit him and where. In games like this, it was poor sport to do any real damage so the cut was largely superficial. Sure, he’d bleed, but hardly anything more than that. Just like she would.

She didn’t really care that she’d ruined his shirt. Clothes were frequently casualties of fights. Maybe next time he’d take that off.

X’hos immediately put space between them and she let him this time, keeping a loose, ready grip on her knife and watching him in an intent, hungry way. Still a wher with a tunnel snake.

When he came for her, it wasn’t with intention. She saw that readily enough and danced out of the way with a tsking sigh. Meyelthra didn’t move back though, she moved into him. Colliding into his blooded chest, fouling up his entire carefully planned out steps, and tripping up them both.

Fine by her. Her knife settled against his ribs as they fell, mostly controlled for all their combined experience with blades and not wanting to kill one another, and she ended up largely on top of him. Point of the blade nestled against his skin, knicking him but not really doing much, with her other hand gripping his wrist.

Still, it was a second mark and she considered herself the victor. Not that she lifted the knife. Instead, gaze intense and smile wholly cruel and wicked, she cooed sweet and mean all at once, “Drop your knife, my sweet boy, I think I’ve won.” Any other fight, were this for his life, and she’d be able to slide her blade between his ribs. Right into his lungs.

It’d be a wickedly painful way to die. Instead, she kissed him. Hot and needy, waiting for him to do as she said. Fully expecting he’d do just that.

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Simply put, she vastly underestimated her submissive boy. While she knew he was left handed from how he’d faced her – obviously holding his blade at the ready when she’d come at him – he was quick and didn’t fight passively.


The initial strike didn’t sting. It never did when a blade was fine and sharp and the cut wasn’t deep. Neither did Meyelthra care that he’d cut her arm. Rather, she was both impressed and highly motivated to return the favor. Smile splitting across her face, she chased after him with more speed and aggression. Like a wher after its prey, hungry and wanting.

There was no time for him to prepare, no time for him to see just how much he’d really injured her. Meyelthra accepted the blow and was fully prepared to deliver one of her own.

Like returning a kiss.

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When Meyelthra was comfortable with the space from the mountain wall, she turned to face him with her knife held easily in hand. It was an old knife from a gang member, hard earned and well kept.

Facing X’hos, she could see the confusion writ on his face and in the lines of his body. It only then occurred to her that he’d thought she was upset with him. Like... mentally. Emotionally? Confusion flashed across her expression a moment before she laughed a little. She hadn’t meant spar at all, since hits were usually pulled and no one was actually trying to hurt one another.

She wanted to hurt him. Neither did she want it to be a surprise to him. That wasn’t really fair and Meyelthra wanted it to be very apparent she could handle herself. “Holders... don’t really spar, X’hos,” she cooed instead, voice pitched low and wicked. “Let’s just have a friendly little... fight, hm? First to land two cuts on the other wins, hm?” That’s how she’d played with her gang friends, anyways.

Friends being a very loose concept.

The point wasn’t to maim, or do any serious damage. It’d happened, of course. That was always the risk. Though Meyelthra was both confident in herself that she wouldn’t kill him and that he had no desire to kill her. So, ideally, they’d just hurt eachother.

All good in her mind.

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Meyelthra didn’t think it mattered what she did, to him. Not that it mattered to her. To be honest, weyrlife was rather dissatisfying to her. She missed the wher fights, the thrill, the danger, the excitement...

Fishing, and all that entailed, was boring. Busy, and somewhat exhausting at times, but boring. There was nothing stimulating her mind, keeping her on edge. Amping her up. It was just... another day. Perhaps this was what pure survival was like, and not really living. If anything, her nights with X’hos had really perked her up somewhat and why she’d been so keen on exhausting herself to this point. Something to drive out the monotony and skull bashing boredom of basic work.

He added some excitement into her life. Something to look forward to.

When X’hos finally said goodnight, she grunted an acknowledgement and finally let herself drift off.

~~The next morning

True to form, Meyelthra was not the first awake and remained quite literally tangled with the Green rider. Both Snap and Meyesk were content to remain asleep so long as she was.

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