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Romance / OOC Old flame, and all the trouble that comes with it
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:26:13 AM »

"Your temper's just as bad as mine is,
You're the same as me."

J'hal // Sr Weyrling // 24

About J'hal: J'hal is a blackriding Weyrling who Impressed at Kalestath and Neisoth's first clutch, so Lesserath is now not far off of graduating. Throughout candidacy he would have been a bit of a loose cannon with a big ol' chip on his shoulder, but Impressing Lesserath has given him a darn good reason to keep his mouth shut more often than not and suck it up, though the chip's still there. He's stubborn, untrusting and short-tempered, so hasn't made many friends in the last few turns.

He wasn't always as antagonistic as he's been at the Weyr. Though Weyrborn, he left for Fort Hold at the tender age of 8 on some dare or something and got sucked into a life at the bottom rung of society there. Right at the bottom, with a bunch of orphaned children and younger teenagers who got by mostly by stealing food and occasionally doing various errands for the gangs in the area when they needed someone invisible. But they looked out for each other, sharing what they had, and they were quick to take him in. It was here that he learned the importance of teamwork, trust, responsibility and loyalty. Though he could likely have joined any of the other, bigger gangs as he grew older as others in the group had, Jehal stuck with them and did what he could to keep supporting them, attempting two apprenticeships and a stint at candidacy at Fort, none of which worked out.

About Sayel: Probably the chief reason that Jehal stayed with his gang was Sayel, one of the other kids there who he'd grown very close with. Though at the time of meeting they were both too young to consider each other more than best friends, with age it developed into something deeper, more sexual... and more volatile.

Sayel was never a weak person, not emotionally. She couldn't have been, with the environment she had to survive in. With Jehal's temper, I imagine they would have clashed frequently, probably had very different opinions on things and what they should have done, but he at least admired that about her even if she found it infuriating about him. Other than spats like that, she'd probably have had him wound around her little finger, having more sway over him than he'd like to admit.

So he took it hard when she left them, left him, to marry some down-and-out Harper she'd 'fallen in love' with. He didn't believe a word of it. This happened shortly after J'hal was kicked from a second apprenticeship, so it probably had as much to do with his inability to hold down a proper job as it did any love they did or did not share. Chiefly, Sayel had unexpectedly fallen pregnant with their first child. She likely decided that any future she could share with Jehal would continue to be just as shit as it was currently and so hooked up with the first Crafter that would take her, because that had to be a better future for her baby than scrounging for scraps.

Wanted ICly: Obviously I want somebody else to pick up Sayel. This time I'd really like to see the tougher, bitchier, more manipulative side that I had imagined for her brought out more. The Sayel that survived a harsh life at a young age, that stood up to Jehal in the worst of his moods and fought back, that's determined to winkle her way back into J'hal's life for reasons of her own. I'd love it if it were for purely selfish reasons on her part, but I'd also love it if she really did still like him after all is said and done. After all, as a soon-to-be-dragonrider, he's finally in a position where he could actually support a Weyrmate, no longer a lost cause. Whatever the case (and that's up to you), she's decided he's worth pursuing once again. I'd really like to have her back in his life as a point of contention, a recurring source of trouble that he can neither fully hate nor ever truly love again. He wants to hate her for leaving without even telling him that she was carrying his child, but with all their shared history of companionship he can't help being drawn to her still.

Wanted OOCly: My vision for this Sayel and their past interactions is heavily inspired by the lyrics of this song, which I hold a guilty love for, except with less lies and violence than the song insinuates.

J'hal isn't looking to allow Sayel back into his life, in fact he'd really rather never see her again at this point. He's settling into his life as a weyrling and soon to be rider, he's even found another person that he thinks he'd like to settle down with. He's nursed a lot of hurt bordering on hatred for the past few turns after all and thinking of her brings back unpleasant memories. And some nicer ones. It's impossible to feel such pain if he never truly cared in the first place though, right? Right. And if Sayel knew him at all (which she did, very well), she'd know that he's vulnerable to her worming her way back into his life whether he wants her to or not. Particularly now that he knows that they have a child together, that one hit him hard in the feels since he'd had no idea.

I do want to make it clear, though, in that I can't see them ever ending up together peacefully and permanently again. Not least because J'hal has a thing for Haithen that I'm still keen on pursuing, but anyone who knows J'hal also knows that I like heaping trouble on the poor boy's shoulders, because simple isn't fun. I'm not looking for a happy ending in their story, maybe more of an uneasy truce, if it ever settles enough to define.

I'm happy to discuss, if you have any ideas that may have been inspired by all that messy rambling above, on where you might like to take this or what changes you would like to make to her character.

EDIT: Preferred PB is Amanda Seyfried, who previously was taken by another character but now that character is adoptable so the PB is up for grabs. I ask this only because there's a bunch of cute gifs of their two PBs together from Red Riding Hood, but you don't have to follow with it.

The adoptable can be found here, the original wanted ad here in case you're curious, and the two threads they had together so far here and here if you really have too much time on your hands.

New Members Introduction / Re: Baa and other greetings!
« on: May 10, 2017, 12:13:02 PM »
Hello, welcome, all of the above.  :love: Your avatar is ADORABLE, by the way.

Never be ashamed of young you! We all did stupid young-us things, and considering I'm frequently compared to a thoroughbred in my anxiety levels you're not alone with that either. SWW is great at not being scary or intimidating, though, and we're good at working with people's RLs, health issues and comfort issues. Never hesitate to speak up (even if I know that can be hard).

Quote from: SanctifiedSavage
I don't recall a lot of the book info. It was more fun to ruin the planet then try and adhere to what canon pern was going to be like anyways.
This is basically how I feel about canon too. Inki's usually the person I'm going to turn to if I want to know what something was like in the books; it's very hard for me to remember them and I have a tendency to not care most of the time.

I think I'm the only one who isn't a gamer at any level, so there are certainly not going to be a shortage of people to talk about gaming with!

New Members Introduction / Re: Baa and other greetings!
« on: May 10, 2017, 11:47:23 AM »
Hello and welcome! We're happy to have you. ^_^ I'm glad that SWW seems to be what you were looking for, and I hope you like it here. I'm looking forward to RPing with you.

And yay for more gamers! 8D What do you primarily play?

New Members Introduction / Re: Baa and other greetings!
« on: May 10, 2017, 11:35:04 AM »
Hello Mareep!

Welcome to SSW! If you want to RP just look at all of our plotters, I'm sure we can all bother you with our character! :D

New Members Introduction / Re: Baa and other greetings!
« on: May 10, 2017, 03:00:46 AM »

I think I was about 10 when I picked up my first DRoP story. I think it was the Littlest Dragon Boy.

Welcome to the Madhouse and all that

New Members Introduction / Re: Baa and other greetings!
« on: May 10, 2017, 02:48:10 AM »
We've talked a bit, but welcome officially!
I totally feel you on the young flake thing, I started when I was really young (well.. younger than I am now?) and Southern Winds has been the only place that has made me want to stay. Including my own sites XD

I'm usually always hanging around, but typical millennial, I always have my phone, so Discord will work for me if I'm not on here.

Adoptables / Re: Creature Bank
« on: May 09, 2017, 04:33:08 PM »

Unnamed Green Dragon

This is what this green's voice could look like.
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Adoptables / Re: Creature Bank
« on: May 09, 2017, 04:30:23 PM »
Spoiler for Claimed by CatTiff:

Unnamed Brown Dragon

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Adoptables / Re: Creature Bank
« on: May 09, 2017, 04:26:35 PM »

Unnamed Blue Dragon

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Adoptables / Re: Creature Bank
« on: May 07, 2017, 11:02:46 AM »

Unnamed Blue Wher
Credit to cweinman.
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I wrote up a kind of off-topic thing about funerals/death rituals in Pern because I was curious about it myself, and I figured it's a pretty integral subject for the culture of the Pernese. If you want to add or change anything feel free!

Spoiler for Hidden:
Death Rituals
   The Pernese oversee a variety of tradition when it comes to burial and remembrance of the deceased. One thing remains true throughout, that since the Pernese are not a religious people there is no thought of what “comes after”, simply actions taken to remember the person for what they did and who they were. Mourning periods can vary, but mostly it’s left to personal preference.
   With the still very recent Pass, things were a little different. Overcrowded holds and weyrs could not allow the threat of many bodies to add more disease to those still surviving. Fire pits were used on a daily basis to burn those that had perished, and then they were buried within. The location of these were remote to keep water supplies clean, which also meant that families were not afforded the ability to gather and mourn appropriately. As well, there was no guarantee that Threadfall wouldn’t threaten the process, and so there was very little time offered for a relative to come and identify who had passed before the body was transported to the pit location by dragonback.
   Presently, some ability to have a traditional burial has returned. Today’s threat of hunters and beach snakes, however, means that it is very rare for a slain person to be safely recovered to be honored. As well, certain traditions like a burial at sea are still too risky unless it’s in the dormant snake season, and even then the manpower required isn’t always easy to afford.

   It is no great secret that if a dragonrider must die, he wishes to do so with his Bonded in the between. Dragonriders have one of the greatest mortality rates of all the Pernese professions, but they take death no less lightly. The keen of a mourning dragon is haunting and hard to forget, but these intelligent creatures know that dwelling on the lost is no way to press on to the future. Funerals for riders are scarce and probably nonexistent, these days. Wise weyrleaders might have a gathering held in their name when they pass, but for everyone else life goes on. Of course, the greatest honor and the best way to remember a Rider is to have a harper write a ballad of their adventures, but we can’t all be legends, can we?

   Each individual craft does something a little different for funerals. A Deathsong is usually sung and those that were either family or close friends will accompany the body to its final resting place. Those that lived near the coast were often buried at sea, whereas those near mountains had great catacombs dedicated to those of a remarkable life. Here, too, funeral pyres were sometimes used, but there was time to construct a platform and no need for multiple bodies. The ashes were sometimes kept, or allowed to simply disperse.

   Holders, unless high ranking, were largely left to their own means when it came to the disposal of a loved one. There weren’t mountain halls to honor them for an eternity, and most often they didn’t have access to boats to reach the sea. Therefore it was very common for these folk to use pyres, or to make modest cemeteries to hold the generations of their family line. The Lords and Ladies were a different story, though, and it was nearly required to host a banquet in their name when one passed. They, too, had their own cemeteries, but these varied from mausoleum to their own, smaller, catacombs depending on location.

Added : SirAlahn

Completed and Discarded / Re: Green Rider's Lost Children
« on: May 14, 2016, 08:45:22 PM »
Nothing wrong with that. :3 I look forward to playing with her no matter what she ends up like.

Completed and Discarded / Re: Green Rider's Lost Children
« on: May 14, 2016, 08:39:43 PM »
Well maybe not on the naive part as I am filling out her personality. But I guess we will see what ends up when I am done with the first draft.

It was only Ysmersa’s mood that kept her fair of flits from becoming hostile. They watched the Harper’s two with an intensity that could’ve been aggressive, save it was just bordering on it. All four were not about to let them go anywhere and, if the pair of hostile flits attacked, they’d get pounced on in a heartbeat. Ysmersa seemed unaware of the tension between the flits since she knew her own were not mean beasts.

Just playful.

The man’s answer actually made her frown, almost mirroring his expression. “How do you live here?” she blurted. It didn’t make sense to her. Who would want to live there with no family, no… nothing? “Why aren’t you married?” she asked instead. He was cute enough, she supposed as she looked him over. “Is something wrong with you?” It was an innocent question asked by a little girl who didn’t realize it could be construed as an insult. 

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