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B’nyn slid further onto the bedfurs and settled back on them. Leaving an inviting space for her next to him but in no way forcing her along. He shrugged a little and glanced at Niskyleth. “We’re done for the day. He’s taken care of and I’ve nothing more to do for the night than... be with you.” B’nyn had the grace to look away and smile sheepishly. “I do need to sleep early, of course, cause... I have to get up early.” As much as he’d wanted to be up with her and stay in this particular moment for... well, forever, B’nyn also knew he couldn’t really do that.

Life didn’t wait for anyone.

“I don’t have to sleep... right away, but...” He shrugged a shoulder and glanced at her. “My schedule is cleared for the rest of the night. So the better question is are you hungry? Are you needing to be somewhere?” He asked almost playfully, turning it back around on her.

B’nyn would never understand what it was that she saw that was so amazing. There were dozens of other Brown Riders that were just like him. Well. Not just. But perhaps as dutifully minded, as calm.

I picked you because you’re different the Brown reminded quietly.

He supposed that’s what it must be like. Finding someone that’s subtly different than everyone else. The same reason that Velatha was different to him than everyone else. What made her special to B’nyn. Her sweet smiles and quiet innocence at how she saw the world. It was refreshing. Beautiful. He never saw it as ignorant or naive, but what he might have otherwise wanted for himself if he’d not bonded to a dragon.

Simple, perhaps, but in a nice way. Untainted by politics. Looking at people, and the world, and taking it as it was rather than painted by the opinions of the weyr and the people around them. He liked it that way.

B’nyn kissed the corner of her mouth. “I love you.” He’d only spoken such words to one other woman and that’d been his sister. Not something he said lightly, or often, really. He leaned back enough to study her, the remnants of his smile still on his face. “Are you tired?”

B’nyn was always mindful of how he was with Velatha. It wasn’t that he thought any touch might scare her away, but that he didn’t want her to feel... pressured? He was happy just to have her near him. Next to him. Touching him. He didn’t need anything more.

Not to say he wasn’t a young man that didn’t think about other things.

Because he was. He just also happened to be a well schooled Brown Rider who could do an about-face when the moment called for it. When she pushed herself up into the kiss, he let her direct it. Let her guide him into how much, how far, they might go in this given moment. He was fine with whatever. Kissing her, feeling her soft lips. Testing to see if he could deepen it and taste her. Ready to pull away if all she wanted was to lay back and rest.

He was never resentful, never rushed. B’nyn had the patience of a saint when it came to Velatha. Because he loved her like nothing else. “Whatever I can give you, all of whatever I am...” he murmured against her mouth.

It was all hers.

He was hopelessly in love.

B’nyn could readily admit that he was hypocritical. A large part of Velatha’s initial appeal to him had been the fact that she was a crafter. Beautiful, yes. But the innocence and supposed purity that came with all of that was a part of that appeal too. She was, as far as he knew and all indications had led him to believe, wholly his. Or thus far, was. She wasn’t running about, makin’ eyes at anyone else. She’d never been romantically involved with another. Though that meant they might have to go slow when it came to certain things, that suited him just fine.

That, too, was in B’nyn’s nature. He might be a dragon rider, and he might’ve participated in a Flight or two, but that was for his dragon’s sake. Not his own. Such flights of fancy had never appealed to him or any part of his nature. No. All of B’nyn’s desires centered around a self possessed, untouched woman who looked at him the way Velatha did. Who appreciated his slow approach, the way he wanted to take care of them as a husband might despite his dragon rider status, and allow him to court them.

B’nyn never demanded anything of Velatha, but always let her know that whatever decision she’d make, he’d support. That was his… job… as her mate. As her lover. As the person that loved her. The kiss was slow, sweet, but certainly loving. Because he did love her. One of his rough hands brushed along her jaw gently and drifted down her neck. Just to touch how soft she was. Always treasuring the interactions between them, the connection they’d made. That she’d allowed him into her life and looked past the rumor and stereotypes that flew about the weyr.

B’nyn liked to think he was different. Considered himself his own man. Strived to be that. And he wanted to be the best for her. “I intend to spoil you for as long as you’ll let me,” he murmured softly against her mouth. That was the truth of it. In whatever way the world would let him, he would. Then, with a smile, he lifted her up and set her on the bed.  “Since it’s been a long enough day, maybe leave the rest of the packing for tomorrow? There’s no rush.”

"Uh right." Tressie felt sick to her stomach, but this woman wasn't even making sense anymore. Shards, what was taking this line so long to move. It was the Hall making her feel sick, that was for sure, and this woman who looked like she might pass out at her feet now.

"Actually, she's really not all that lovely." Tresrissa said breathily, trying to avoid thinking about the sweat breaking out on cheeks and the bile in her throat. "Uh Tressisk," she said, eyeing the other woman's placement of hand on forehead, "Can you go get someone?" Tresrissa had to stop speaking to swallow heavily. "Because I'm not sure either of us are going to make it."

Tressisk's mind immediately conferred an image of Tavianna, then Notkerric, Nyc and Nealros. "Not them you silly thing. They don't know a thing about healing. A healer Tressisk, a healer."

With slightly clearer instructions, Tressisk nosed anxiously away from her handler, before pushing away and barrelling towards the nearest healer. The green was slightly less gentle than she could have been, not wanting to communicate properly with anyone else but still wanting them to come as quickly as possible. Eventually she resorted to getting behind the healer and pushing them, her head pressed up against their lower back, guiding them towards Tresrissa and the other ill woman.


It never ceased to amuse the Brown dragon that his Rider had become attached to someone as seemingly sweet as he was. Watching them navigate this particular situation was interesting and a bit curious for the dragon, but he knew that his Rider just had difficulties knowing what to do when it came to Velatha.

That’s what made her so special.

When the weaver directed her attention to the Brown, his eyes shifted into a darker, pleased blue and his purring deepened. The compliment was well received too. While he wasn’t as arrogant as a Bronze, he still liked the attention. Especially from the one that mattered so much to his Rider.

While Niskyleth didn’t make it a habit of talking to other people, he would make an exception for Velatha. Quietly, so as not to startle her since she’d not be used to his voice in her mind, the Brown said, Welcome home.

B’nyn’s smile widened a bit more when her mood seemed to be improving. Rather, she wasn’t still sad. He wasn’t the best at reading moods of anyone. At the compliment to his dragon though, B’nyn scoffed playfully. “He’s been oiled today. Maybe that’s it?” Niskyleth did flare his wings some to try and look a bit more impressive.

When she arrived, B’nyn was both incredibly happy and terribly nervous. Niskyleth had already settled himself on his ledge and offered quiet support to his adorably anxious rider, but otherwise remained quiet and attentive. There wasn’t much the Brown could do, after all, short of trying to climb into the weyr and nudge them together.

When she stammered a greeting, he did step out of the way so she could enter. But then her eyes watered and it looked like she’d cry. That was when he really did start to panic. His heart rate kicked up like thread might start falling and he damn near tripped over himself as he moved closer. He wasn’t sure if he should hug her, tell her it was alright, give her space, suggest she go back to her parents...

Maybe start with the hug, his dragon offered quietly.

That seemed like a sound suggestion, so the Brown Rider tentatively invaded Velatha’s space and offered his arms. He didn’t want to force himself on her if she did want space now. This was new territory for him, too. His first relationship, his first... mate?... roommate? Certainly the first person that he cared about outside of his sister.

He wanted her to be happy. Not... not crying outside his... their?... weyr.

B’nyn usually kept a clean weyr. It was sparse to begin with. With nothing extra and nothing by way of personal effects, B’nyn’s weyr could’ve been used as a model for what a Rider’s weyr should look like. Bedfurs generally made, table clean of anything. He just wasn’t the sort to collect stuff and leave it laying about. All his clothes were folded neatly and tucked away in the only personal chest in the room – at the foot of his bedfurs.

Even that had been condensed down and now there was half of it made empty so that his new roommate – his weyrmate? – would have space for her own personal things. Not to say that there weren’t some carved out wall shelves she could use or nooks that could be filled with personal things should someone be inclined. B’nyn just wasn’t the sort to use it. Though those spaces were still cleaned out to make sure no spinners took residence.

Even Niskyleth’s ledge was regularly swept off, making sure whatever the dragon might drag up with him didn’t linger in the weyr or on the ledge.

B’nyn liked to have a clean living space, but today was particularly important. He’d woken up earlier than normal to fret over the weyr, make sure everything was perfect because... well, after he was done with drills, chores, helping out wingmates, and dinner he just wasn’t going to have time to make sure things were perfect for Vela.

He wanted things to be perfect for her.

When she did arrive at his weyr, at their weyr, B’nyn had already scrubbed himself hastily at the bathing springs and dressed down in a pair of cloth pants and shirt. Though he was dressed comfortably, he stood stiffly and awkwardly. Reminiscent of how they’d met. A bit wide eyed, unsure what to do with himself, and fully prepared to jump at the first word she said. He understood this was difficult, because her family wasn’t wholly happy with the decision she’d made, but he has no foggy clue what he should do, how he could make it better, and he desperately hoped that she’d just... tell him what he needed to do to make the world a better place.

If he could.

Plot and Scheme / Re: Wren's Plotter
« on: February 01, 2017, 11:46:00 PM »

Plot and Scheme / Re: Wren's Plotter
« on: January 29, 2017, 06:34:17 PM »
Z'tai / K'rez: Let's start with the reporting one and @SanctifiedSavage can throw K'eeda in if she'd like.

Z'tai / Arlais: Sounds good! Maybe pre-2590 would be good since I have no threads with him before then so no timeline conflict.

Z'tai / Others: Let's hold off on them for now. I could see maybe a history with Vestanna and maybe meet Sionann in the future. And I can't think of anything with S'bok just yet, but maybe future events will give us an opening.

Callista / Arlais: No idea how I didn't think of that! Yes, they would get along well.

M'kale / Arlais / Sionann: He and Arlais have probably slept together in the past pre-Daysa since he tended to keep to Jungle greens more than not. He'll respect her as a wingmate, but not much of a talker beyond that. Might help with individual training or wing-related things. For Sionann, maybe we'll hold off on them meeting for now unless you want her to have a bad rider experience.

K'mar / Carayia: We could do something with them. Maybe she's assigned to help a rider with something and either she's assigned to help a Beach Wingsecond or she picks him? For like a random task? Or they happen to run into one another. K'mar can randomly be found in the kitchens sometimes.

Definitely at least want to start the Z'tai / K'rez and Z'tai/ Arlais threads first. We can do whomever gets to them first?

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