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Syrena settled as the other woman greeted her back before she sat down at the table again. She seemed nice enough, and the way she kept making googoo eyes at B'nyn made her think that he was more then just a friend...

Syrena took her focus off the pair across the table and started in on her greens, taking care to eat neatly as she felt they eyes of the other girl across the table on her. This is so awkward....Stop being awkward, Syrena! She chided herself before B'nyn started talking. She listened intently, internally rolling her eyes. He must have been a complete dork when he first met her. B'nyn was all thumbs when it came to meeting people... She was sure whoever had sent him on that trip was looking for a good laugh.

When he finished, she would glance between them before taking a sip of her water. "So... How long have you two been...a thing?" Might as well be blunt about it, since B'nyn seemed to be happy to leave things awkward, as usual. She, being the more direct and personable of the two, would yet again save the island from his mountain of awkward... And get rid of the main question that had been floating in her mind.

If B’nyn thought this was a bad idea, that quickly disappeared when the two actually saw one another. It was nice to have the two most important people in his life in the same space. Not having to keep parts of himself separate were important to B’nyn. Since he cared so much about both of them, it didn’t occur to him, at that point, that anything could go wrong.

Why would it?

Smiling because both women were, he finally slid into the seat across from his sister. It wasn’t like B’nyn could introduce Velatha to any other family – he didn’t have any – and it had been upsetting when her family had reacted so poorly to the sheer idea of him. So, this was rather important to B’nyn. There would never be any making up for how upset her own family was, but he wanted his sister to at least be happy.

B’nyn took a moment to take a bite of a roll and sip of his water before he started with, “I’d met her one of the days I took some things for the Wing to the weavers to get repaired. Funny how these things work out, hm?” He smiled a little at Velatha. He’d damned near made a fool of himself that day, stumbling over all his words and being quite inarticulate. She was just... so very pretty. And sweet. And kind. Everything he’d gotten to know about her had only made him adore her more. He’d never thought he’d meet someone so wholesome, able to see past any sort of stereotyping and just like him for the person he was.

Velatha already knew that Syrena was the only family he had, so he didn’t need to reiterate any of that. So, content, B’nyn returned to his meal so they might... say whatever it was girls said to one another.

Niskyleth thrummed his amusement into his Rider’s mind, but had nothing to offer. The Brown’s experience with women were as limited as his Rider’s.

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: October 03, 2018, 02:56:04 PM »
“Ah.” While Zarenaak had no interest in being a social pariah (any more than he already was this morning) he hadn’t exactly planned to get overly familiar with his tablemates either, and deliberated a moment before introducing himself: “Zarenaak.” It would be rude not to, and it was honestly easier to capitulate to social expectations than cause friction first thing; he had enough stress to deal with already without adding to it, and they all seemed nice enough. He was just--exhausted; shaky and wrung out and kind of wishing the ground would open up and swallow him because then he wouldn't have to deal with anything. He sighed.

The woman--Sionann--was definitely a morning person, but at least she wasn't completely over-the-top chipper; he suspected she was toning it down, which he appreciated greatly. He had a hard enough time dealing with that kind of person on a normal day; he really didn't like verbalizing before a cup or two of klah, and he felt even less equipped to deal with things than usual.

He huffed a bit of a laugh when the girl who’d introduced herself as Syrena cursed at her green. Not very ladylike for either of them, but he didn’t dare say anything.

He was thankful Cinnacai hadn't made any kind of nod to knowing him; it's not like they actually knew each other, not really--he hadn't even known her name previously--but there weren't many farmers and everyone recognized everyone else, however vaguely. He just had the completely irrational fear that she'd--report back to his father or something else equally ridiculous and unlikely, which made the frisson of nerves he felt even more frustrating. He ran a hand through his hair, irritated with himself.

Zarenaak glanced up as another person joined their table, setting a bundle in the center that she nervously unwrapped. They weren’t the prettiest thing he’d ever seen, but they smelled amazing, and while he might have otherwise turned down offerings from a stranger she kind of had him with the word klah. He took one after a moment’s hesitation, and nibbled curiously. It tasted as good as it smelled, which he hadn’t really been expecting. “It’s good,” he proclaimed quietly.

Plot and Scheme / Re: Wren's Plotter
« on: October 03, 2018, 11:15:02 AM »
Heya lovely,

@Phoenyx has picked up B'nyn's adoptive sister so I thought it might be fun to do a meet and greet between her and Velatha. If you're interested, I can set up the thread shortly after her and B'nyn would've started seeing one another - cause he would've been really excited to introduce them to one another.  :love: Lemme know if you think that sounds good. If it do, I can get the thread set up.  :love:

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: October 02, 2018, 03:58:49 PM »
Since apparently this group of people were a talkative one this morning, although perhaps the young man had gotten a little more than he bargained for when he'd approached the mostly empty table, Cai introduced herself shortly after Sionann.

"I'm Cinnacai, Farmer 'prentice. And Cinnask is around somewhere." She actually knew exactly where the green was, waiting outside in the farmers fields for Cinnacai to finish her meal. At this time of day, if every man and his wher ate in the hall, the place would get mighty crowded.

Tavi got a, "What a handsome man," coo from Cinncai, and Willa a little coo of attention, because it seemed her handler wasn't too happy with her. Cai thought it might be too much of a bother to step on toes when it came to a ruddy firelizard. But she liked giving the little creatures attention, they were just so responsive.

Her eyes widened at the approach of a kitchen woman. "Klah bread?" Without waiting to see if any of her tablemates were going to indulge, Cai leaned forward to pluck one of the buns off the plate. Breaking it open and inhaling the fresh bread scent before she bit into one side. "Delicious." She mumbled through a mouthful of bread, saluting the woman with the remaining bun.

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: October 02, 2018, 07:05:37 AM »
It was breakfast time, but Shalla had already been awake for some time. She’d woken up at least three hours before she needed to, as she wanted to work on baking up a new recipe she had in mind before the kitchens got really busy. Klah-infused bread. She knew how much people loved their klah, and so the lass thought to herself, why not combine the taste of klah into bread, merging two greatness into one! She knew that she’d be feeling the consequences of her waking up early, but it was just something she felt that she needed to do, because this nagging thought has been in her mind for weeks now, and she could bear it no longer.

The buns were quickly in the oven, and she had to do was to wait for them to bake. She took this time to clean up the kitchen and took a little nap while she waited for the time to pass. She found herself awoken by an apprentice cook that was friendly to her as dawn slowly approached. Retrieving the fresh hot buns from the oven, she stuffed them into a clean white cloth and vacated the kitchen as more cooks were coming on duty to prepare for the day’s meals, starting with breakfast.

Shalla unwrapped and gazed at her buns with pride. They may not look all that pretty, but they sure smelt heavenly. She just hoped that they tasted just as good as the mouthwatering aroma. Wrapping up the hot bundle, she found a quiet corner somewhere and took a little nap before it was time for breakfast. Waking up fifteen minutes past seven, Shalla raced towards the dining hall, clutching the bundle as carefully as she could. By the time she reached the hall, there was already quite the crowd there. She found a table with still some free seats and sat herself on one of those empty spots.

Shalla greeted no one in particular. “Morning.” She placed her clothed bundle in the centre of the table, unwrapping it with a nervous smile.

“Klah Bread. I woke up early to make this. Feel free to have one or two.”

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:55:55 AM »
Syrena will smile as she is welcomed to sit, trying to be the happy ball of sunshine she usually was at every waking moment. "Thank you. Company for breakfast is always a welcome distraction." She then took a seat across from the young man, setting down her breakfast and pulling out the small pouch of meat bits she acquired for her green. Glancing over to the other woman with a shoulder partner, she will smile warmly again. " Your blue is very handsome, Ms. Sionann. He must be a real ladies man when he is not hungry." She will chuckle as Willa chirps at the blue, wanting his attention before she went back to begging for her breakfast.

Glancing around the table, she will take a sip of her klah before trying to stir up a bit of conversation with her table mates. "SO... I guess I should stop being rude and actually introduce myself. I'm Syrena, and this is my green Willa... It is a pleasure to meet you all. " She will continue to smile, ignoring the uneasy feeling of how awkward this felt. How could people not be awake and alert in the morning? Willa croons and places a paw on her cheek, reminding her that someone else also required her attention. "Oh you... Here you are, greedy green..." She will put the little bowl of meat scraps next to her plate and the excited green will dive into her meal, making a bit of a mess. "Shard it, Willa?! Would it kill you to act like a lady for once?"

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: September 27, 2018, 09:54:13 PM »
Zarenaak glanced at the woman who’d greeted him; he’d always found morning-people vaguely distressing, especially before his first cup of klah, but he resisted the urge to go shuffling in the other direction and settled into his seat with a wane half-smile, there and gone again.

“Not really a breakfast person,” he replied in way of greeting. It wasn’t the first time someone had made a remark about his breakfast habits, and it probably wouldn’t be the last, but at least there was no censure in her tone. Except for an immediate craving for klah, he was never really hungry for anything until mid-morning; he’d usually have his klah and then grab something small for later, when he actually wanted it, but today he’d been up for hours already and he needed something to settle his stomach. He nibbled off a corner of roll, and resolutely chewed.

A girl with a firelizard chittering in her ear asked if she could sit a moment later, and it took Zarenaak a beat too long to realize she was talking to him. He gestured in vague, baffled acquiescence: “Oh. Yah. Go for it.” In his defense, people didn't generally ask his permission before doing something, and he hadn't had any klah yet. He still felt himself pink up slightly in faint embarrassment though.

To distract himself, he took a sip of klah, sighing softly into his cup as some of the tension leached from his shoulders. There was nothing quite like klah, and Zarenaak wished he could carry the feeling through the day; he could almost forget about everything else.

His glanced up at the mention of klah, and offered the woman who'd spoken up a flickering half-smile and a nod in agreement; there was no other possible way to start off the day. She had the the knot of a hall-less crafter, he noticed a half-beat before realizing he recognized her, and took another sip of klah to cover up a sudden rush of nerves.

Spoiler for ooc:

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: September 27, 2018, 07:00:41 AM »
Cai liked those few days where she got to sleep in, the Weyr was usually busy at all hours of the morning, given the crazy rider schedules, but she quite enjoyed the feel of the dining hall in the post-rider lull. The beastcrafters usually got up with the sun, but at around this time you got candidates and any of the crafters with more reasonable schedules.

Given the small number of Farmers, it wasn't often that they all got together to share meals with one another, there simply wasn't enough of them. So Cinnacai got to spend her breakfasts with a lovely rotation of Weyrfolk. This morning was no different.

The table she'd sat at this morning had been mostly quiet until, smaller murmuring groups, but then a man sat across from her, and a young woman greeted him cheerfully. That cheerful greeting seemed just the kind of person Cai wanted to associate with this morning. It also seemed their table was going to get quite busy, as someone approached and asked if the seat was taken. But the new girl didn't seem to be asking her so Cinnacai didn't bother answering.

"Good morning! Gotta get some klah in you start off the day."

None of them were wearing knots, so that put them as either Weyrfolk or candidates, she herself was sporting her dull grey and white knots.

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:39:59 AM »
Syrena sighed as she walked into the breakfast area, soreness from her restless night evident in her gait. Another hatching come and gone and she was again left unbonded on the Sands. Maybe she had made the wrong decision to come here as a candidate... Maybe... No. NO! She shakes her head as she goes to grab some klah and a small bowl of cut up fruits. You really need to stop looking down that road, Syrena... You made the right choice to follow B'ryn. Your match just has yet to be born... Her downcast green eyes were very telling of her inner turmoil as she searched for a place to sit down.

Willa chirped as she flitted in, winging over to land on Syrena's shoulder and beg for bits of her breakfast. "You hate fruit, you silly creature.... " Ignoring the angry chittering, she will look over to a table with a few other of the candidates that still occupied the barracks. "Is this seat taken?" She will say with a welcoming smile, quickly shoving down any sadness that was still lurking in her mind. She will nod to the other girl before waiting to be told if she and her green could sit with the new young man.

Mine Hall / Re: I didn't know what else to do [ 14.02.2591 / 8am ] Rossed
« on: September 27, 2018, 04:13:23 AM »
Sohrelle stood as Rossed entered their little family cave, glancing under her lashes to see through the gap of curtain into the room that her boys were playing in. They were still playing, and would likely do so until they realised their father was home before they came running out to greet him.

She kept her eyes down at the floor, afraid that if she looked at Rossed and saw anger or disappointment in his expression that she'd cry. But he spoke delicately to her, in a way that made her glance up at him with hopeful wide blue eyes, her eyes not watering in fear of him, but instead of the memory of what may have been.

"I..." Sohrelle took a breath to steady herself. "The boys. I just wanted to get them away... I wanted to get away. I didn't know what else to do Rossed..."

For all that she should have known, even as she'd sat knitting her blanket, she couldn't for the life of her think of anywhere else she should be. She'd... forgotten about the other families, about sticking together in a group, all of the other things they had learnt for potential crisis' back at Fort. Even as she stood there, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from looking overly emotional, she didn't remember any of that.

She heard voices and footsteps pass by the doorway in the corridor outside.

Weyr Hall / Open The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:20:14 PM »
Zarenaak went to breakfast the next morning feeling like he was walking into Thread. He’d been awake all night thinking about it, how he was supposed to face his family after yesterday, and had entertained a kind of hysterical hope that the hold had been finished overnight and everyone, crafters and holders alike, had already moved out of the weyr by breakfast time, because then he wouldn’t have to face his father. If he hadn’t been up for hours already he might have forgone breakfast entirely, but he was hungry despite the sick thrum of nerves, and he knew if he didn’t get this over with, he never would.

He forced himself past the threshold. It wasn’t hard to pick them out in the crowd, and he nearly felt faint when relief when his father wasn't among them; it wasn't really surprising, he was usually in the fields with first light, but Zarenaak hadn't been able to help but worry about the possibility anyway. He was surprised when Zhaerain tired to catch his eye, but the rest of his family still at breakfast glanced past him like he was a stranger, and he wasn't sure if that was better or worse than outright contempt. He swallowed against the lump in his throat, flexing a fist, and forced himself to turn away. It was stupid to be upset, most of the time he hadn't even liked them, but they were--they had been--his family.

He grabbed himself some klah and a roll, and glanced around for a place to sit; of all the things he’d lain awake worrying about, he hadn’t thought to worry about where to sit. Technically, anyone could sit anywhere, but people tended to cluster together like-to-like and he’d never sat anywhere except with his family.

Zarenaak gritted his teeth, twitching in indecision. He was tempted to go eat somewhere else, but that would be like admitting defeat. He was trying to prove something here, though what exactly, and whether to himself or them, he wasn’t sure. He picked a table at random, one with enough space available he wouldn’t be too crowded, and started to head towards it.

Spoiler for ooc:
Open to anyone that feels inclined to mob talk to a newly minted Candidate! This is the day after Zarenaak was Searched and he's feeling rather overwhelmed. Nothing too serious or structured, just a meet and greet for anyone that's interested. :>

*waves @Wren *

Rider Weyrs / Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« on: September 25, 2018, 01:32:34 PM »
B’nyn smiled a little while he scrubbed at Niskyleth’s foot. This was nice. The companionable work, sharing the time with Velatha. If she was well enough to move around, to laugh and joke, then she really was on the mend. A lot of the tension and stress he’d been carrying in his shoulders was being let go in the silly conversation they were having.

She really was getting better.

When she asked about going out, he glanced at her. Not out of concern, mostly because he liked looking at her when he spoke to her. “I don’t see why not. If you’re not feeling ill and you’re able to keep breakfast down, it’d probably be good for you. Let your family know you’re doing well. The weavers would probably be happy to know you’re going to be returning to them soon, too. So long as Quill is keeping you company... I don’t see why not.” B’nyn might really fret over her health, but he also knew better that to keep someone down when they were starting to recover.

 No one, rider, dragon, or otherwise, could get better if they were forced to stay in bed. “We could try going to breakfast down at the Hall tomorrow morning too, should you be feeling up to it.” Velatha might be getting tired of seeing the interior of the weyr. B’nyn wouldn’t have blamed her for that either. There was only so long someone could be surrounded by the same stone and not want to get out and just... be elsewhere for a little bit. So long as she wasn’t feeling dizzy or sick, B’nyn was more than happy to take her to breakfast and encourage her to go out.

Rider Weyrs / Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:48:08 AM »
It didn’t matter to Niskyleth if he was the only dragon she really knew. He liked that she thought he was fancy at all. It was a nice sentiment and he appreciated even the teasing thought behind it. It meant a lot to the Brown that she did think highly of him, or was at least comfortable enough to joke with him. They were both important in B’nyn’s life, after all. Probably couldn’t get away with it though. Then all the dragons of the weyr would want some, he remarked, lowering his head to the cool stone so he could better watch Velatha and relax while doing so.

B’nyn did chuckle when she mentioned her fire lizard and the Brown rumbled his amusement, the sound reverberating through the stone. “No, you probably wouldn’t. Or shouldn’t. I suspect she would be very cross with you.” He rubbed at one of the spots on his dragon’s side. “Though since you’ve helped me with Niskyleth, I should help you should she need oiled.” It was a teasing offer, obviously. It’d take both of them less than a breath if they were both to descend on the little green should she actually need it. Even so, B’nyn wouldn’t have minded. Doing anything with Velatha was better than not.

Rider Weyrs / Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« on: September 14, 2018, 12:34:53 PM »
Niskyleth and B’nyn were rather amused at the idea that Velatha suggested socks. It was sweet. The thought behind it anyways. The idea of the Brown dragon parading around in socks was just entertaining. The amount of material, let alone how realistic... But still. I would be the fanciest dragon, he decreed, watching Velatha.

Unable to help the smile that crossed his face, he watched Velatha as she settled next to the Brown dragon’s large feet. Niskyleth flexed his toes and spread them to make it easier for her. Walking around in the sand all day did a number on the skin there and, sure enough, was where he was mostly dry.

“Perfect,” he praised before leaving her to her work. There were a couple of places along his dragon’s side, where the straps had rubbed him, that B’nyn would do. Crawling around on a strapless dragon was an art in and of itself, requiring a bit of Niskyleth’s assistance but they’d been doing this for a long time. I dare say she’s better at it than you are, he crooned while watching the smaller lady. He was teasing B’nyn, of course, but he also wanted Velatha to know he did appreciate what she was doing.

Rider Weyrs / Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« on: September 14, 2018, 10:12:12 AM »
Niskyleth wasn’t expressly a proud dragon, but he liked that Velatha thought well of him. It was important that someone B’nyn cared about liked him. Their life would’ve been rather complicated were that not the case. It didn’t occur to the brown that his Rider would pick anyone over him, but he also didn’t want B’nyn to ever be in that sort of situation. He much preferred that she liked him. It gets caught between the leather and my skin. It’s the worst, he commiserated. It didn’t sound like he was complaining, more like he was just informing. The brown dragon didn’t really complain.

Not unless he was doing so playfully to B’nyn.

B’nyn actually blushed a little at the compliment as he moved to take the large pot of oil from Velatha. “Ah. Well. I think it just comes with time. It also helps that he sort of knows what I want him to do, and how to move, without me having to say anything. A lot of that coordination comes from weyrling training. Getting used to one another and all that. With tons and tons of practice.” He set the oil down, near the dragon, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before offering her a soft, though large, leather hide rag. “Don’t be afraid to get some on you. It’s inevitable.” B’nyn smiled a little and doused his own, wringing out some of the excess. The soft hide rag did catch a lot of the oil, though, and he carried it over to Niskyleth’s extended foreleg. “I’ll have you do his lower spots. Between his... toes... You can sort of see where the skin has dried out.” He let her see, where the brown skin had turned faintly ashen. “Just apply some pressure as you rub the oil in.” B’nyn glanced at her. “If you get tired, promise me you’ll stop though. I can take care of all of him.”

Rider Weyrs / Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:02:04 PM »
He supposed he had grabbed a bunch, but he had wanted to make sure she had a variety of things if she was getting tired of soup. If the event her stomach could handle it and the mood struck.  B’nyn wasn’t exactly expecting her to eat all of it. He’d pick at whatever was left over when they were done tending to Niskyleth.

When she was done, he had most of the leather straps coiled in front of Niskyleth. He’d look at the straps later on. For now, his dragon was the priority. I don’t mind the work on the beach, but the sand is a nightmare, he remarked, allowing Velatha to hear too. The brown dragon liked to include her in the conversation if it wasn’t something that needed to be private. Helped her feel included rather than the quiet lull of B’nyn and him talking.

B’nyn gave his dragon a pat as he slid down his side. “If you want to grab the large pot of oil on the shelf, and the rags. I can show you some of his dry spots, and how to rub it in.”

Spoiler for OOC:
Sorry about the delay. I don't know how I missed this one. ._.

New Members Introduction / OOC Hello Everyone!
« on: September 10, 2018, 03:51:50 PM »
Hi there! My name's Nymphali, though I usually just go by Nym in chats. I've been playing on Pern sites for the past several years and always find myself coming back to it even when I try other things. I really like the setting and plot you have here, and after eyeing it for a while I finally decided to take the jump and join in! Looking forward to writing with you all.

New Members Introduction / Why hello there!
« on: September 10, 2018, 01:30:34 PM »
I already jumped into chat, but thought I should probably make a formal introduction! I'm Bee, and I have been without a suitable RP outlet for many moons, so I am very excited to take up residence here. It's been a while since I McCaffrey'd, so I'm busily re-familiarizing myself with some of that sweet sweet Lore, but I look forward to RPing with you all!

Rider Weyrs / Re: In with the new [ 7.4.2591 / 8PM ]
« on: September 09, 2018, 12:43:30 PM »
T'veck chuckled at the thought of Baleth plotting with a tiny human to cause more trouble. “You may have a point there.” He said, though he wasn't too sure being small would mean the trouble would be any less. “I'll give no odds on the size making less trouble though. Children seem able to get into trouble just by existing.”

He put the book to one side, he was enjoying this conversation enough that he'd forgotten he'd been holding it and had almost crumpled several pages when he shifted to stop his legs falling asleep. Told you so. The sleepy tone murmured in his mind and he couldn't help snorting in amusement and chuckling.

“Sharding dragon. Always has to have the last word.”

Rider Weyrs / Re: In with the new [ 7.4.2591 / 8PM ]
« on: September 09, 2018, 10:20:04 AM »
T'veck was actually quite proud that she was considering his idea. And the thought of having a little shadow wasn't that terrible really. He wondered what Baleth would make of them, as far as he's aware his dragon has never met small children. “Well, maybe he'd keep Baleth out of trouble.” He said with a grin, imagining his dragon trying to deal with a small child clambering on him. He didn't think he'd object at all, he'd never expressed any disgust at the creche on the rare occasion he'd seen them out in the weyrbowl.

As long as you promise to remove any sticky finger marks, I would not mind. Baleth put in rather sleepily.

T'veck shrugged slightly. “We do have two dragons.” It would be nice to have an excuse to go flying for no reason. No drilling, no training, no hauling things from one place to another.

Rider Weyrs / Re: In with the new [ 7.4.2591 / 8PM ]
« on: September 09, 2018, 07:00:00 AM »
T'veck settled back against the wall, as he congratulated himself for getting the right answer. This wasn't as hard as it seemed. Maybe he should follow Baleth's advice and bring her flowers. Maybe give it a few days and see if she favoured any colours and try and find those. Or maybe yellows, to remind her of Imyth, or something to contrast... too many options. Maybe he should stick with what she appeared to like. At least if Baleth didn't manage to fly Imyth again she'd have some good memories of him.

“Thought of taking him flying yet?” T'veck asked, curious. It shouldn't be hard to find enough sturdy leather to make a secure little harness so he'd be in no danger of falling. “get a little harness and no acrobatics, bet he'd love it if he likes being up high.”

Rider Weyrs / Re: In with the new [ 7.4.2591 / 8PM ]
« on: September 09, 2018, 04:55:48 AM »
'Does he want to woo ladies?' Was that a trick question or a subtle hint or what?

You could give her dead plants.

What? That had nothing to do with his current dilemma.

If Eimerra wishes to be woo'd then you must give her the colourful dead plants. Baleth explained slowly, as if he couldn't understand why T'veck was being so slow on the uptake.

Right. Flowers. Still not helping but he appreciated the effort. Okay, assume it was a trick question and she was trying to hint at wanting a little more romance. “I can woo you if you want.” He hoped he'd read that correctly, and yes, he could find flowers if he had too, even if it meant Baleth telling him 'I told you so' as he picked them.

He smiled a little more at seeing her smile broaden, she really was quite pretty when she was happy. “Yeah, probably going to take a few weeks before I have any real spare time at all. But I would like to meet them.”

Rider Weyrs / Re: In with the new [ 7.4.2591 / 8PM ]
« on: September 09, 2018, 03:55:29 AM »
“No. I ah, haven't had a chance to, ah, well, before and then with Baleth.” He said before realising she probably wouldn't understand a word of that. He ran a hand through his hair as he tried to work out how to explain without seeming like an idiot or opening up topics he'd rather not get into. “I was a smith apprentice, didn't really have time for much else and then I impressed Baleth and haven't had time to be wooing ladies.”

He wasn't really sure how to word the next question he wanted to ask, he didn't want to seem eager, but he also wanted to show he wasn't adverse. “Do you spend much time with them? I'd be happy to meet them if you do.” He wasn't going to jump in and try and be a father, but he wasn't going to stop her from seeing them whenever she wanted or make her feel that she had to hide that part of her life away.

Rider Weyrs / Re: In with the new [ 7.4.2591 / 8PM ]
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Ah. Right. Well, that made sense. If it was made to survive rough housing from children. His thoughts stuttered to a stop. Children. Gold rider. Flights. Children. Not unexpected yet... he has to work to not show any panic because she might be, again, and that's just another thing to add to his duties if she is. Not that he'd be against children, just, not right now, please?

There is no use panicking about that he firmly tells himself. He knows women can be with child after just one flight, that was made very clear by D'zel in what had been a rather embarrassing lesson about flights and consequences. Either she will be or she will not and if she is the choice to keep it is hers.

“How many have you got?” She'd used the plural but not given a number and he was curious. She obviously kept up with how they were doing even if they were in the creche. At least, he assumed they would be in the creche - they couldn't be old enough they'd been fostered could they?

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