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Zarenaak managed a jerky nod of acknowledgement; he didn’t quite believe strangers would so readily accept him into the fold, no matter what he’d agreed to, but C’ace seemed sincere at least and the sentiment was appreciated. It was just hard to imagine.

He had spent his entire life on the fringe of a community where his inclusion should have been a forgone conclusion. He knew a lot of it had been his father: he was an opinionated man surrounded by like-minded friends, and anyone that didn’t agree steered well clear of them and anyone associated with them. (If he’d just been able to be more like his father wanted--) But even still, he couldn’t help but wonder what it was about him that made it not worth the risk, the effort, afraid that it was a trend that would continue despite a change in location. Not being alone wasn’t quite the same as being accepted, or belonging, and Zarenaak desperately wanted to belong, even if the desire made him feel a little bit pathetic and angry.

They seemed to have finally reached their destination, though, and Zarenaak dragged himself out of his spiraling thoughts to consider the door as C’ace knocked. There weren’t many doors in the weyr, and something about it just seemed--vaguely ominous. It was a very physical, very real divide between everything else--being a farmer, Belara, his father--and becoming a candidate. This was the moment where everything became just a little bit more real, became official, for better or worse.

He took a shaky breath, steeling his nerves, and followed C’ace through the door, taking in the room's sole occupant with no small amount of trepidation. O’sir, he presumed.

Spoiler for ooc:
Yes, welcome!  :excited:

The song ended with a last note floating on the air, as if it too were reluctant to leave like Soliana was, and lingered for a few moments longer until it faded. She could still hear it though, in the way that you could hear someone's voice when they were gone, and she hummed softly on the pitch in quiet reply to his remark. The sound turned upward into a question as his hand slipped to her lower back and made it rather clear that he didn't wish for them to part quite yet. She was even aware how the hold was loose enough for her to leave if she wanted to, but she didn't.

A curious glance was made across the man's face as she weighed his offer and finally nodded with a smile. "You're definitely no obligation," she said with a partial laugh as she stepped closer, guided by his hand and her own wish to stay somewhere she felt wanted. "I hope I'm not keeping you from your dragon though?" Whether or not that was something that would eventually draw him back, she wasn't sure.

Her time with the creatures had been limited by her family's distrust of their riders, but she had always enjoyed seeing them and hearing about what it was like to live with them. She had been rather unhappy to move away from the Weyr when her father had stepped back into his old job as a Peacekeeper, but there had been little choice in her mind, she stayed with her family.

"You are a rider, right? I didn't get that wrong?" The idea that she might have mistaken his name for one being elided when it wasn't, or for misreading his rank by his knots suddenly dawned on her, sending a heated flush across her cheeks. "I'd feel silly if I had gotten that mixed up." She wasn't one of the holders who saw the Weyr as a problem, for they both had issues on either side that had to be worked out together, but she wasn't one of the girls she'd heard about who tripped over themselves to gain a rider's attention either. Still, her gaze fell momentarily to the knots on his shoulder to indicate what she had hoped she'd read properly.

Spoiler for OoC:
I'm guessing that he'd be wearing his knots, but if for some reason he wasn't just let me know and I can edit it!

Plot and Scheme / Re: Nym's Plotter
« on: Today at 05:23:25 AM »

That works for me!

Weyr Bowl / Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« on: Yesterday at 06:13:06 PM »
Drawing to the end of a very busy month, O’sir was glad for a calm afternoon. The first and fifths months of the turn were always more hectic, since they contained the official class blocks for Candidates who had yet to receive the entire formal coursework. It left him with little time to sort through less pressing work or update records; thankfully, there were always a handful of remedial days at the end that were a great relief to both him and the Candidates themselves.

It was on such a day that he found himself now, tucked in behind his desk and making note of which Candidates might need extra tutoring, chore rotations for the next week, if any of his students had now been in Candidacy long enough to qualify for a formal mentor… mostly just tying up loose ends that had been pushed to the end of the month for convenience’s sake. So it wasn’t entirely strange for a visitor to stop by—either a student with a question or someone requesting Candidates be assigned certain areas for chores.

More unusual that they didn’t wait after the knock before simply opening the door, but that had long ago ceased to really bother him.

Seeing C’ace, though… Does that mean what I think it does? Roused from where he was sunning himself on their weyr ledge, Saibrasoth practically purred with excitement when he caught on to his rider’s train of thought. He might not remember everyone’s names, but O’sir knew all the Search Riders in the Weyr, of course. They might not always be visiting to register a new Candidate, but it was a fair guess given the time of day—especially when O’sir caught sight of a second figure behind the man.

He stood then with the ghost of a smile. “Good afternoon, C’ace. What can I do for you?” O’sir heavily suspected he already knew, but it was only polite to actually ask.

Spoiler for OOC:
Thankee for inviting me to the thread. :happy:

Soooo I know we talked forever ago about a K'eeda/Savi thread for mentoring, are you still up for that?

Family & Friends / OOC Grn + Brnz = Bros4Life
« on: Yesterday at 02:20:44 PM »

The Desire:

In Kalestath’s latest clutch (2591), Bronze 001 helped Green 001 out of her shell and turned me into a pile of goo. These dragons need to be bros, and their riders need to be bros; I need it like burning, and am looking for someone who might be interested in playing this out with me. (If someone else was already planning this, just let me know so I can quietly stalk you into eternity!)

The Specifics:

My initial thought is that Xaeybl, who I had planned to app as a candidate, would instead app as a weyrling and impress the green. That being said, if someone is more interested in the green, I’m sure I could come up with someone to impress the bronze instead.

I don’t have anything specific in mind for their dynamic; they could complement each other, temper one or the other, or be a total odd couple. They don’t have to start off friends, it might be more interesting it they don't, only reluctantly interacting because of their dragons to begin with, but end-game would them becoming close friends, most likely in the same wing. And, of course, they should both be adoptable. :>

Post your interest here, and then we can hammer out the details either through pm or on discord! *tempts*

The Dragons:

Bronze and Green bro interact here, melting my heart.
Spoiler for introductions:
Another handful of minutes passed after the Black dragonet had made his choice, he and his brothers all exiting the Sands and leaving the clutch further diminished. But though many of the young dragons had hatched already, there were yet more clusters of eggs remaining where Kalestath had protectively kept them, gleaming in the light with the promise of what they held within. So many more chances for the Candidates on the Sands to step away as a bonded pair.

Just enough time had passed for some, perhaps, to get impatient, when the top of an egg near the front cracked off, an almost clean shear as the baby within simply pressed their head up through the weakest part of the shell. Their claws were soon to follow, crumbling the front of the muddled grey and violet egg [14] until it gave way and spilled them out in a rush of fluid.

The second Brown of the clutch—certainly not an inauspicious addition to the clutch, even if he wasn’t as flashy as a Bronze. That distinction didn’t seem to bother him any, and his large body had a certain near-predatory quality to it as he flicked his tail, shattering what was left of his former prison, and moved to the Candidates.

He stopped near Harsaia for a moment, eyes narrowing up at her thoughtfully, and then moved on. His long, thick tail left a furrow in the sand as it dragged behind him, rasping over the ground in a way that might have seemed distinctly menacing where his hide black instead. Such as it was, he simply seemed thoughtful.

Ultimately, he selected his future rider without fanfare. The moment might even be lost as a red-shelled egg [5] tipped against the speckled blue one beside it [4], almost knocking its fellow over before slipping off and sliding against the mount of sand that had been keeping them in place. Though it was somewhat difficult to see from behind the other eggs still shielding it, a back leg emerged first—glittering with a distinctive metallic sheen that seemed rather coppery against the more golden color of the Sands. A few moments later, the Bronze struggling to crack the thick egg finally forced his way out of it, inadvertently backing up into the same blue egg he’d knocked into previously.

Peeping could be heard from within that one, an almost piteous noise like a cry for help. The Bronze cocked his head a moment as he listened to it, even glancing up at his mother questioningly. But when Kalestath didn’t move toward the egg and the distressed-sounding dragon inside, he turned his claws to the shell instead.

Perhaps a tense moment as those razor-sharp talons tore at the outside of his sibling’s home, scoring the shell and eventually peeling at it and the membrane beneath once it began to crack. The peeping had intensified, the creature within maybe sensing that another was helping them. With the Bronze’s assistance, the thick, hard outer husk was left in shards on the ground and a little Green tumbled against her brother’s legs. Her foreclaws appeared duller than his, perhaps the source of her difficulty in breaking through on her own.

Beyond that, though, she seemed healthy. The two of them shared a short, trilled conversation—and her voice rang out in the heads of the Candidates near to the front of the group: Thank you!

The Bronze simply rumbled his acknowledgment, licking some fluid from along her jaw, and then nudged her with his snout to urge her toward those waiting for them.

She wasn’t a graceful creature, exactly, but she seemed energetic despite her struggle with emerging from her egg. Wings flopping comically along beside and behind her, she bounded across the sand—her brother following along more slowly behind, as he paused to sort out his legs from his wings—and nearly bowled into Sionann on her way to her actual bonded. He helped me! I think we’re friends now.
And Bronze is attacked by a rude Black before impressing to his rider.
Spoiler for rude:
The considerate Bronze had not quite crossed the halfway point of the space between eggs and Candidates when the next dragonet hatched. This one burst from his egg, leaving the speckled grey shell in shatters on the sand [15]. From it was born yet another Black dragon, this one a thick mass of muscle and eyes aflame with an acrid orange that quickly shifted to a redder hue as he spotted the Bronze before him.

He didn’t bother to roar a challenge as his older brother had. Instead he hissed, the sound nearly a snarl as he darted forward, trampling the remains of a previously hatched egg. Fortunate for his clutchmates, perhaps, that he was near the front of the grouping. It seemed nothing was going to stop him from getting to the dragon he had instantly recognized as a rival—maybe even for a future bonded.

His charge caught the Bronze by surprise, who screeched in pain as a raking set of foreclaws drew lines on his flank. Ichor bloomed against his hide, and he spun to face the Black in a shower of sand.

Their battle was brief but fierce. Though the reason for the fight escaped him, the Bronze seemed determined to give as good as he got—gouging at the Black in return for clawmarks and bites, until the Black pushed him away and now favoring one leg. The two eyed one another for a tense moment, teeth bared, until the Black seemed to catch sight of something interesting behind his brother.

Just as a Candidate stepped forward to claim the darker dragon, so too did one summoned by the Bronze’s voice as they each reached out to their riders. Neither of them had the energy to fight anymore.

Almost meekly as they were led off the sands, an pale tan and brown egg near the back began to break apart [29]. What emerged from it was a tiny thing, almost as small as some of the Reds that had been in the cavern earlier. But instead, this was a pretty Green lady, who slunk forward submissively to claim what was meant to be hers. She skirted wide around the spilled ichor between her and the Candidates, eyes whirling yellow in fear of the lingering atmosphere in the wake of her brothers’ fight.



Rohbarth passed on the message from Tadriath and D'zel looked up from the waxed tablet he was using to figure out who might work with who. Without causing any fights. He could just imagine the trouble if he put a black and bronze in the same room if they'd scuffled on the sands. Or weyrlings that hadn't got on before they'd impressed. There were a lot more things to think about than just shoving them into a room and hoping they got along. Stress was not good for a newly hatched dragon so minimising it in any way possible was the aim.

Keeping the reds together seemed most logical otherwise they'd likely drive the less hyperactive colours to distraction. Maybe together they could also wear each other out so their weyrlings could get enough rest. He quickly scribbled down the names Rohbarth was providing and separated them out. He scooped the tablet up and wound his way to... he checked the list again. Vassatiere and Ysolth.

“Hello, all done? If you're sure he's got no injuries you'll be in room six.” He said as he gave a smile at the sight of the sleeping red. At least they were small enough to carry. They'd likely have to wake a bronze or black that fell asleep.

Spoiler for ooc:

Universal Events / Re: [ 18.6.2591 ] Rider's Bet VII
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:27:49 PM »
Gosh darnit Inki!

Weyr Bowl / Re: Extracurriculars [ 23.4.2591; 8:45 PM ] || Open
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:24:43 PM »
Since A’lori was a chatty sort that appreciated socialization and gossip, he knew of many of the weyrlings that had been in the classes before him, even if they’d never interacted. He wouldn’t go so far as to say he’d recognize them on sight, but, well—this one was a special case. Who hadn’t heard of the one weyrling that had graduated straight into Jungle at the end of last turn? Despite himself, A’lori straightened some, eyes going wide as he spotted Haithen over Sokon’s shoulder just a moment before the graduated Green Rider arrived.

He’d never been quite brave enough to approach her, self-conscious in a rare way, but A’lori couldn’t help but admire Haithen. Their builds were similar, and the fact that she’d not only kept up with her classmates but exceeded them… it had been a source of inspiration for A’lori when he’d been struggling with the conditioning at the beginning of weyrlinghood. Queriluth herself had encouraged it, knowing that her rider needed reassurance about the more physical side of their training.

So this was, well… wholly unexpected, and enough to make the usually socially-graceful A’lori feel awkward. Shards, but he was all sweaty and dressed down—and there was no way to hide that or spruce himself up. She’d already arrived. A’lori just hoped his lack of polish wouldn’t be held against him.

He might not fully want to admit that he was about to meet someone he looked up to oh so much, but Queriluth knew without him saying anything at all. And it was for that reason that she didn’t recoil when the older Green reached out to her. This was important… and for A’lori she would make an exception. So when Saissith greeted her quietly, Queriluth responded with a gentle, Hello.

A'lori himself stammered out a less confident, "H-hey," and then nodded, feeling foolish all the while. "Yeah... wanted to do some extra for Wing placements..." Shards, he sounded stupid. Mustering a smile, he added, "It's nice to meet you. I'm A'lori."

Spoiler for OOC:
Edited// cause I didn't select the whole post out of Word. XD

I wonder what Haithen would think if she knew A’lori idolized her so much? :bird:

Universal Events / Re: [ 18.6.2591 ] Rider's Bet VII
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:47:51 PM »
All the OOC bets have now been tallied! The math is viewable up in the records post, but we'll go ahead and summarize here. :happy:

Inki is our winner of the High Roller egg this time, with a massive 82 points. Kyya came in second with 60; Jarak was third with 49. And Rayne didn't quite make her goal of going negative, with a total of 31. <3

Thanks for participating, and don't forget to test your guessing skills at the next Bet! :love:

R’kan wasn’t sure if it was possible to over-oil a dragon, but there was something mesmerizing about working it into Hisketh’s hide. She’d been a gorgeous thing already, but the oil seemed to polish her as he spread it, exposing the very subtle variations in shade that played along her when she moved—and then brightening the already stunning sunset colors of her wingsails. As small as she was, he ended up propping her half in his lap, utterly unconcerned about the fact he was getting oil all over his white robes. He was never going to wear them again.

Hisketh herself was practically dozing, thrumming a low and soothing purr as R’kan paid her attention. The effect of it was making him sleepy too, and as he worked he started to stifle more and more yawns. Coaxing the tiny Red to fan out one of her wings, he gently used the fabric of the rag to spread a little more oil there, marveling at the way the membrane folded and shifted so flexibly as he experimentally flexed her wing.

She cracked open one eye then, which was a deep and tranquil blue as she peered up to look at him. Entertaining yourself? There was a sharp bit of teasing there, but he could tell she didn’t really object. Rather, somehow he just knew that she appreciated him more or less fawning over her.

“Couldn’t have even dreamed you up,” he muttered to her, and then felt his face flush. Since when did he wax in any way poetic?

His dragon just purred all the more. Mmm, I like that. I’ll be able to teach you manners yet.

Another voice nearby projected at them, and it took on a weirdly muffled quality through the protective shell of Hisketh’s mind against his. But when she realized the other dragonet wasn’t attempting to invade their bond specifically, she relaxed it some and the voice grew louder. Only then did R’kan realize that someone else was aiming to squeeze into a spot at the table where they’d sat.

Blinking slowly, sleepily, Hisketh regarded her brother and simply answered, On the table. A hint of amusement tinged her voice, given that the bowls were in plain view. Or a table, anyway. The meat on this one might all be gone. Other weyrlings had already claimed it, after all, though she didn’t come right out and turn Derraseth away.


Weyrling Announcements / Info Kalestath 2591 Hub
« on: September 16, 2018, 09:56:21 PM »
Kalestath Class of 2591

Graduating 37.10.2593

Attending Weyrlingmaster
J'ken of Tadriath

Active & Adoptable PCs
R'ghal of Rintoth
Ysveta of Oskith
D'via of Anedaith
D'vik of Heppath
Na'va Derraseth
R'kan of Hisketh
Vassatiere of Ysolth

Purpose of this Thread
We all know that being a weyrling can be a complicated endeavor. There's a plethora of things to remember -- dragon growth charts, development timelines, important dates... and that's not even including who else is in your class. As new clutches are hatched and Impressed to Candidates, a thread will be created for each class to serve as a centralized location for all the information you'll need to know. As the dragonets and their riders grow, relevant announcements and class threads will be posted here as well.

IC Threads
Spoiler for Hidden:
24.06.2591 / 2:00PM - The New Normal || Hatching
-|| Kalestath’s 2591 clutch of 32 eggs hatches, yielding more mutations but only one Candidate fatality.
24.06.2591 / 2:00PM - Can't You Tell I'm Starving? || Feeding
-|| The newly-bonded weyrlings feed and tend to their dragons.

Barracks Placements when Hatched
Spoiler for Hidden:
|Room 1
|Room 2:
|Room 3:
2 NPCs
|Room 4:
|Room 5:
|Room 6:
|Room 7:
|Room 8:
3 NPCs
|Room 9:
|Room 10:
|Room 11:
|Room 12:
|Room 13:
|Room 14:
|Room 15:
|Room 16:

Important Dates
Spoiler for Hidden:
24.06.2591 || Kalestath's 2591 clutch hatches, numbering 3 Bronzes, 5 Blacks, 3 Browns, 5 Blues, 7 Greens, and 9 Reds.
24.06.2591 - 24.07.2591 || Month 1 || 10% growth || Dragonets will require large amounts of sleep and food daily for the first three months of their lives
24.07.2591 - 24.08.2591 || Month 2 || 20% growth || Riders learn how to inspect, bag, and toss firestone
24.08.2591 - 24.09.2591 || Month 3 || 25% growth || Repetitive ground drills begin
24.09.2591 - 24.10.2591 || Month 4 || 30% growth || At this stage, dragons become more active and curious about things beyond themselves and their rider
24.10.2591 - 24.01.2592 || Month 5 || 35% growth || Intermediate ground drills begin; dragonets' metabolisms slow, meaning they have to eat less often
24.01.2592 - 24.02.2592 || Month 6 || 40% growth || Dragonets become capable of short, hopping flights; weyrlings have personal interviews with Weyrlingmasters to review their progress
24.02.2592 - 24.03.2592 || Month 7 || 45% growth || Weyrling riders are fitted for flight gear
24.03.2592 - 24.04.2592 || Month 8 || 50% growth || Dragonets become capable of longer, but still hopping, flight
24.04.2592 - 24.05.2592 || Month 9 || 55% growth || Flight training begins with the rider
24.05.2592 - 24.06.2592 || Month 10, 1 turn old || 60% growth || First comprehensive exams, both oral and practical
24.06.2592 - 24.07.2592 || Month 11 || 65% growth || Dragons become very active and involved in their rider's life; females may idly begin to notice males
24.07.2592 - 24.08.2592 || Month 12 || 70% growth || Wings strengthen and agility increases, though flight training is still short
24.08.2592 - 24.09.2592 || Month 13 || 75% growth || Class moves out to personal weyrs, with inspections every seven days
24.09.2592 || Move out to personal ground weyrs, where they will remain until graduation
24.09.2592 - 24.10.2592 || Month 14 || 80% growth || Aerial drills increase and Between training begins
24.10.2592 - 24.01.2593 || Month 15 || 85% growth || Dragons learn how to hunt for themselves and eat only every five to six days
24.01.2593 - 24.02.2593 || Month 16 || 90% growth || Dragons begin to reach sexual maturity, though it will vary by pair
24.02.2593 || The earliest date that female dragons may Rise and male dragons may Chase during Flights
24.02.2593 - 24.03.2593 || Month 17 || 95% growth  || Aerial drills now incorporate flight, Betweening, flaming, and all other duties of Wings during Threadfall
24.03.2593 - 24.04.2593 || Month 18 || 100% growth || Dragons reach adult size
24.04.2593 - 24.05.2593 || Month 19 || Riders and dragons study for final comprehensive exams, and begin the transition into regular rider life
24.05.2593 - 24.06.2593 || Month 20, 2 turns old || Continued aerial and rescue drills, along with study for exams and incorporated drills with Prairie Wing
24.06.2593 - 35.10.2593 || Last months of weyrling training; weyrlings are administered final exams and exit interviews for the purposes of Wing placement
37.10.2593 || Graduation date; assigned to Wings and moved into adult personal weyrs

Important Links

Graduation Protocol
It's no secret that the default post-graduation Wing for most weyrlings is Prairie -- though of course, your characters are welcome to apply for a transfer with another Wingleader after they've graduated. But while it's less common for Beach and Jungle to accept recent weyrlings, it does happen. Because of their more stringent IC requirements, and to make sure each weyrling considered is a good fit for such a Wing, we will only be allowing weyrlings with 20 posts or more to be considered for Beach or Jungle. As per previously established canon, Mountain does not take freshly graduated weyrlings.

Please understand that this is not a punishment or a requirement -- simply that only characters who fit these guidelines will be considered for these Wings immediately upon graduation. Your weyrling can always request a transfer from another Wing if their dream lies outside of Prairie. Final tallying for such post counts will end the day before their graduation ceremony will take place -- on 37.10 -- in the interest of fairness. All weyrlings, regardless of post count, will be sorted into Prairie unless they meet the 20 post threshold and other considerations like personality fit and any extracurricular training it may be mentioned that they have done.

We'd also like to get a feel for what Wings your characters might be aspiring to! So as their graduation approaches, we'd like you to fill out the following form and PM it to Southern Records for us. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Spoiler for Placement Form:
Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b] Weyrling of Dragonth
[b]Wing:[/b] What Wing you have in mind for your character - please specify if you have OOC intentions for them that differ from their IC goals.
[b]Reasoning:[/b] Let us know a bit of detail about why you think your character would be a good fit for the Wings you're asking us to consider!

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 16, 2018, 09:46:07 PM »
Three eggs left. Even with all the other dragonets hatched, the remaining few didn’t seem to be in a rush. Rather, they were taking their time—with enough movement to make it clear they weren’t duds, but surely long enough to make the Candidates (and potentially everyone else) impatient. Nearly a quarter of a mark passed before the first of them showed signs of actually cracking, putting the end of the Hatching even later in the afternoon.

Far to the right-hand side, the last egg of what had once been a crowded cluster tipped over, crushing more bits of shell beneath its green-and-grey weight [31]. Bludgeoning through the forward side, the dragonet that emerged from it was yet another Black, glossy and dark with attractive markings in a far more silver shade.

He surveyed the Candidates for a moment, calm and collected, before his head lifted and his nostrils flared—scenting something that piqued his interest. He cast a glance back at the Candidates again, and then simply struck off toward the exit toward the Pavilion, with his future rider hurried, stumbling, to catch up.

Behind, the second of the last eggs had been picked apart from the inside, leaving its softly yellow shell crumbling away when the dragonet pushed against it. A shimmering but pale Green, she flicked some fluid and bits of shell from her feet and snout. But unlike her brother, she made for the Candidates rather than the exit to the Bowl, her gait prim and wings held aloft for balance.

She did take her time, weaving among the Candidates and seeming to inspect them, the brush of her mind as gentle as a feather against Oskendar, Saviavi, Harsaia. In the end, though, she chose none of those, but trilled sweetly to the one she’d been looking for and practically leaping into their arms to be carried from the Sands.

One egg. Almost meekly in the wake of everything else, it finally hatched—soft grey shell falling away without fanfare [18]. A bright Blue, this one peered at the many, many faces watching him, and then up at Kalestath. For a few moments he seemed reluctant to leave her proximity, slowly testing his narrow legs as he rose. Still, he was careful as he picked his way through the remnants of his siblings’ eggs and his own.

In the end, he bumped against the legs of the one he was meant for, looking up almost in surprise to find the Impression being made. And with it, the last of Kalestath’s clutch had bonded and hatched.

Spoiler for OOC:
Egg 31 – Black 005 to NPC
Egg 11 – Green 007 to NPC
Egg 18 – Blue 005 to NPC

And with that, all the eggs have hatched! :happy: We’ll leave the thread itself open for a little bit in case anyone wants to get final responses in with their Candidates or anyone else. And now that it’s over, we’ll be working to tally up your OOC bets. Once they’re done, we’ll post the results in the OOC Rider’s Bet thread and disperse award eggs accordingly.

We’ll be returning to our regular event schedule now, meaning the next one will be posted this Thursday, September 20 (at least according to American time). Now… be free!

Plot and Scheme / Re: Nym's Plotter
« on: September 16, 2018, 06:24:04 PM »
Hmm hmm hmm. I think I can work with that! It'll probably be best if it's during one of the times she's at the Weyr, as Finna isn't in Prairie Wing and thus doesn't make frequent visits to the Mine Hall. Around lunchtime is probably the easiest place to toss them together. Perhaps Soliana is in the Bowl while Finna is checking her dragon's straps before afternoon duties? If that sounds fine to you, I can go ahead and pop up a thread. :3 I'll probably stick it midway through Month 5, since that would match your timeline for her not having been a Candidate long enough to Stand for Kalestath's Hatching. ^_^

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 16, 2018, 06:13:53 PM »
The clumsy Green was comedic in a different way, compared to the Reds. Where they had been all energy and unpredictability, this one was the opposite. Stumbling and uncoordinated, she nonetheless collapsed in a similar fashion to her sibling before her. Savi kept her eyes trained on it, still but straining internally. If she tried hard enough, maybe she’d hear it, right?

Another candidate stepped forward to answer the call and she visibly slumped. Eight more. And the next two that hatched, more magnificent Blacks, they wouldn’t be hers, either.

Their antics were less amusing but it seemed their natural urge to fight was reserved only for their Bronze kin. Though they tangled, they came apart no worse for wear and seemed more keen to avoid each other than continue that path. They reminded her of crechelings with their back and forth and she realized she wouldn’t enjoy Impressing a Black if they were all so childish.

She felt leagues away from the girl she’d once been, and especially distant from that obedient child she had tried so hard to be. Maybe that was her issue, she was no longer the same girl that had been Searched all of those turns ago. Maybe the new her wasn’t compatible.

The next dragonet arrived quickly after the twin Blacks. The Brown was as he should be, steadfast and self assured but without ego. A Blue followed and Savi, while appreciative of pretty things, didn’t quite enjoy the snow-capped pattern to his hide like some might. She didn’t miss the cold halls at Fort, nor the snow that brought chill to the furthest recesses of the tunnels.

While the two of them stretched their limbs and walked where they must, another egg revealed a Bronze and then an exuberant Green. The four of them were a rainbow of whirring eyes and hides, a miniature collection of what Pern once was. It was nice, in a way, to see these predictable colors all assembled. Still, Savi could no longer think of a weyr without the shadow of Neisoth beside Kalestath, nor the multitude of Reds that were steadily dominating the ranks of weyrlings.

Things were certainly different now.

And maybe, these ever evolving differences meant that there was hope for her changed self, too.

The Green ushered in the slew of Impressions and Saviavi clapped softly when the Blue went to Ysveta. She didn’t watch the new weyrlings exit the sands but instead moved her head from egg to egg, counting the last three. These weren’t odds she favored, but she’d take them nonetheless.

Oskith kept his wings raised all the way off the sands and onto the grassy floor of the feeding pavilion, stepping carefully which each move, a fact which Ysveta greatly appreciated. It meant her measured steps didn't look to out of place. She'd never been one to wander or meander, after all, they had places to be.

Right. It's they now.

Of course it is. Oskith said matter-of-factly but without a hint of insult in his words. Somehow he didn't make her feel stupid for not catching on quickly enough, he was just... helping her out. It seemed she had talked to him as well, either that or this was just him understanding her thoughts, rather than exact words. That was what O'sir said happened right?

Exactly. He said simply.

She too, it seemed, was experiencing what Oskith was, as her stomach cramped invisibly due to hunger emanating from Oskith. "You did say you were hungry. Here."

Ysveta went to a bench she picked at random, but Oskith headed towards a more strategically placed one. Not too far away from others in the tent that it would seem like they were distancing themselves, but not too close that they were intruding on any of their neighbours should they not wish to familiarise themselves with the pair of them. Whilst Ysveta hadn't... thought of that initially, somehow she found herself understanding the choice, without either of them saying anything.

Scooping Oskith up, she placed him on the bench beside herself, although it was likely his tall, spindly legs would have gotten him up there himself eventually. But standing herself, she quickly crossed the room to grab a bucket of meat, conveniently placed for the Weyrlings to grab apparently.

Because you are a Weyrling now. Oskith added to her thoughts when she came back to him, his eyes swirling orange with hunger, beading upon the fresh bucket.

"Here." She fed Oskith a bite before turning her attention to his feet, sand having stuck to him from his journey to find her.

I would appreciate not having that there if you could help.

Wordlessly, Ysveta grabbed the hem of her robes, and started to wipe away the sand, revealing the softly smudged white patches. "Well you are gorgeous." She said, with no hint of artifice. Ysveta rarely had any at all. Oskith nuzzled his head into her hand, and automatically she moved to scratch his eyeridges as Rantasyth had taught her, even as she reached to feed him with her other hand.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I'm so in love.

Blue Riders / Re: Ysveta [02.04.2572 // 9th Pass] Blue Weyrling
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn.
Dragon Details

[ OSS-kyth ]
(note the 'S' is soft, rather than a 'Z' sound)
Date of Birth:
24.06.2591 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 26.8M
Mature Height: 5.9M
Mature Wingspan: 38.2M

General Appearance...

Oskith looks like he got caught in a snow storm. Most of his body is a dark, dark blue, nearly the color of the night sky -- though his underbelly does lighten to a deep cobalt. His wings are an even darker shade at the outward edges, and for most of the membrane, only fading toward a frosty, incredibly pale blue near to the bones. However, his wingsails are also speckled with flecks of that same icy hue, rather like snowflakes scattered against the dark. On the rest of his body, he carries some softly smudged patches of that same ice blue, most prominently on his feet, breast, tailtip, wing bones, and face. He also carries a very faint speckling on his shoulders and the back of his neck.

In terms of build, Oskith is of average length for a Blue. Despite that he's very tall, giving him an almost stretched out appearance with long, spindly legs. Unfortunately, his wingspan does not match his height -- it's instead remarkably short for his size, making sustained flight difficult. He has to beat his wings a lot more than similarly-sized dragons to stay in the air, since they are not proportional to the rest of his body.


Mind Voice: Oskith's mind voice is crisp and precise, his words well-enunciated and measured. He manages to do it without sounding stiff or stilted or cold, his inflection still emotive. There's an almost glossy feel to his presence, like unmarred lacquer on an instrument, and Oskith conducts himself at all times as a well-polished gentleman with good manners.

Complicated Problems : Oskith loves nothing more than a good puzzle, and he takes a great amount of joy in not only the solution but the process of getting there. He thrives on both hypotheticals and practicals, so long as they're interesting enough to be a challenge.

Causes : Above all, he wants him and Ysveta to be part of something bigger. They don't have to pick a hill to die on, but he wants to contribute, along with her, more than just the standard Wingrider duties. Whether that's teaching, becoming Search riders, or even just helping out with the Creche children, Oskith wants to have a purpose.

Outliers : Oskith wants things to fit neatly into boxes. It bothers him when something doesn't, and he will dwell on it until he figures out how to classify it -- even if it's just him forcing the thing to fit a mold it doesn't completely match.

Immaturity : There's little he can stand less than someone acting childishly. If they're an actual child, that's different. But if you're an adult and act like a Crecheling? Well, then he won't engage with you until you decide to be a little more mature.


* INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE : Capable of great empathy, Oskith just gets people. Throughout his life, he'll help his rider navigate social interactions without making her feel alienated. After all, the way she thinks is the only thing he'll ever know. He'll just play translator and help her judge the boundaries between honesty and tactfulness. But Oskith will never let Ysveta think she's inferior for processing things differently than other people.

* MULTITASKING : As organized and precise as he is, Oskith would have made a good personal assistant. Rather than manifesting as a lack of focus, he is incredibly focused -- just on a lot of things. He's naturally good at juggling schedules, responsibilities, and to-dos, but also knows the value of not being constantly on the go 24/7. In that, he'll be able to help Ysveta balance her needs with work and be all the better for it.


* EXACTING : Much like his rider, this Blue is also a perfectionist. He wants everything to be done just so, and gets annoyed when things don't go according to plan. His standards for other people are very high, and he expects theirs to be too. Oskith will always want to make sure that he and Ysveta are living up to their own ideals.

* SLEEP : Oskith isn't a lazy dragon, per se, but he's not convinced on the issue of staying up late. This may be a bit of a struggle for him at first, as he tries to adapt to Ysveta's night owl tendencies. Eventually, the two of them will have to work out that balance -- because Oskith is never going to be good at staying awake very long after sundown. The later it gets into the night, the more likely he is to just fall asleep wherever he is and be nearly impossible to rouse.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #001354; Text: #c6d9ff

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Ideally, Oskith will be a good ballast for Ysveta while still bolstering her strengths. Anyway, we hope you like him. :love:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Weyr Bowl / Re: A Tentative Friendship [ 11.1.2591; 7:30 PM ] Daysa
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Bounding after Moss yet again, Sayimith was happy to run like there was nothing else going on in the world. She might vaguely be aware that they needed to keep to unoccupied areas of the Bowl, but it was a distant concern to her. For the time being, she was just following the Green, moving at full tilt and completely heedless of the possibility she might even run into anything. All that mattered was winning the next portion of their game.

Ah, there it was. Erieen wasn’t sure when, exactly, he’d gotten so self-conscious. During the Pass, he’d kept up a veneer of arrogance and assurance. To sell himself as a product, after all, he’d had to believe, at least somewhat, that he was worth buying. But somewhere between then and here, a sense of doubt had crept into his heart. So when Daysepona fell largely silent and then murmured her response, it was clear—in his own mind—that he’d committed a conversational fumble.

“Sorry,” he said, mustering a smile as he turned toward her again. “I didn’t mean to dwell on unhappy things. I really am glad you decided to join me. I don’t…” Wasn’t there something to the idea that vulnerability was one of the keys to getting to know people? “I don’t really have a lot of friends.”

Rider Weyrs / Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
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Velatha smiled at his comment, working patiently and with care between his toes "You're already the fanciest dragon that I know" the sincerity touched with a trace of amusement as obviously she didn't really go around and meet a lot of other dragons on a regular bias.

"Although I would probably need to work on it for the next Turn or five to really do you justice" it was an interesting idea albeit one that was very much in the relation of being far more about pipedreams and idle fancy. However, Velatha had always liked to pass her time when she was working, chatting, sharing ideas and random thoughts, some good, and others just random. Velatha was glad that she had the chance to do this with both B'nyn and Niskyleth.

Sticking her tongue out from between her lips, she worked a little harder, not perhaps with the same force as B'nyn would manage but her zeal was there "I don't think I could ever try this with Quill, I'd probably squeeze her toes too hard" she admitted, watching as the small creature appeared and settled down at her side watching this rather strange new activity.

Absences / Re: Nym's LOA
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Take care of yourself, Nym! We'll be thrilled to fully welcome you back whenever you're feeling up to it. <3

Weyr Hall / Re: Unspoken [ 24.03.2591 // 8:45pm ] Jo and J'dan
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It really shouldn't bother him as much as it did. And he knew he should walk away right now, before he said something to anger either of the riders sitting in front of him, before one of them stood up and punched him for interrupting what would likely have turned into a pleasant night for the both of them. Vironethian shouldn't care whether Jossekayne left this hall with J'dan tonight. It would be smart if he just left Jossekayne alone tonight, watched her go with someone else, so the thought could taint his opinion of her and he could be done with... watching her.

Vironethian apparently, wasn't very smart.

"Just talking? Great." He turned away from J'dan then and back to Jossekayne. "I was wondering if I could join you while I eat my dinner, got held up working tonight."

Perhaps he should have smiled? It would make the words coming out of his mouth seem less strange. Vironethian had no business here, he barely knew Jossekayne, the woman didn't even like him. But his possessiveness over her would reach a point of creepy if he didn't actually try to figure out why. Perhaps when she was gearing up to spend the night with someone else wasn't what she would think as being the best time to get to know him. But other than storming off and saying something he would inevitably regret, Vironethian didn't really see like he had any other choice.

Mine Hall / Private I didn't know what else to do [ 14.02.2591 / 8am ] Rossed
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Sohrelle sat in the corner of their Mine Hall room, the quietness of the corridors outside surely meaning that everything was over. Either a Hunter was now living in the entrance hall and blocking their way outside, or everything had been taken care of. Regardless of what the answer was, Sohrelle had no want to actually go outside and find out for herself. Rossed would be... mad at her if she went out there... right?

Sohred and Rossell had stopped worrying an hour ago, apparently the memory of toddlers wasn't quite what it was for an adult. They'd be scared to begin with to be sure, but that had likely been a result of overstimulation. The noise, the screaming, they really hadn't experienced anything like that before. Guess it came with the territory of growing up in the Interval.

For her part, Sohrelle was still shaken, not knowing what her next step was. She'd convinced herself about... 45 minutes ago that Rossed would want them safe, and as there was no Hunters in this room, this was obviously where he'd want them. But it taken her an additional 15 minutes to stop considering his potential reactions if this wasn't where he'd want them to be.

Regardless, if he was conducting business outside then... she didn't want to be in his way. So obviously she'd made the right decision.

Attempting to calm her shaking hands, she brought out the blanket she'd been knitting. A little piece of something to make themselves a home here. So it would seem less temporary to them all. Sure, they were waiting for the Hold to be finished eventually, but she didn't want the boys to feel like they didn't have a safe place to just be.

She only hoped Rossed would like it when it was done.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Wren So I realised that I didn't know whether you said yes to the wher training event one, or the post-hunter attack event one. Buuuuuut this is the one I was feeling so I hope this is okay
2 hours post Hunter attack :bird:

Mine Hall / Re: Life is full of surprises [ 31.2.2591 / 2PM ] Sohrelle
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"I know right? It feels like just the other day when Sohred was a newborn." It wasn't exactly the truth, but she'd heard some of the other women say similar things, and just stowed it away as something she was likely supposed to feel. As much as she enjoyed her children and the simplicity of her everyday life, she didn't think time had gone quickly. It had slogged, long nights of crying and staying up to soothe the children herself. Nothing more than her duty of course.

She patted Sohred on the back, where he snuggled against her chest, halfway between dozing and a full sleep. He was just a little too big for Sohrelle to carry him around everywhere when he just decided to fall asleep wherever he wanted, but none the less, he was in her arms again. Apparently eating had worn him out.

Rossell on the other hand never seemed to stop, the almost four turn old having made a group of friends that he seemed to never want to leave. They were all other Peacekeeper children of course, nothing else would do. He, having seen Dalerik insist he eat by himself earlier, had wanted to emulate the older boy, so now Sohrelle was using the arm not holding Sohred to make sure all the food got into his mouth, and not all over the floor and himself. Subtly of course, he'd be sure to cause a stink if he felt like she was embarrassing him.

And there was Everalsie. The epitome, Sohrelle believed, of the Holder wife she wanted to be. Although Elle didn't think she'd ever be as... strong as Everalsie was. But she more than happy to follow her lead forever if need be. Sohrelle actually liked the other woman, which was a contrast to the other wives who she was careful to make sure people thought she liked.

Her wide eyes lit up and Everalsie's question, and she smiled across the table at her. "If your plans are for him to be a Peacekeeper, it'll certainly give him the pick of wives." She said cheerfully. It didn't occur to her that it mightn't have been something Everalsie had been thinking of and she missed whatever connotation Everalsie may have been hinting at. In Sohrelle's experience, once you reached a certain age it was simply a given that your parents were looking for a match. "Besides, Daresik and Rossed will keep him right."

Plot and Scheme / Re: Inki's Plotter v.2
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Cave in I think.  :happy: Throw it up if you get time otherwise I'll get to it eventually :3

Announcements & Events / Re: Southern Winds Award Guide
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Name of Award: First Candidate
How you qualify: Soliana

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