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Absences / Re: Moving House!
« on: May 06, 2018, 08:56:19 AM »
So, we are all moved in!

Still, attempting to get the net sorted out mind you. Well, the net and the phone but I should be back online from the 15th of this month which means I will be good to go full time once more. So, excited about that. I don't think anyone is waiting for me per se but I just wanted to give you a heads up!

Y'tol was definitely not one to shy away from a challenge, and so the erotic purr of A'yara's words had him itching to divest himself of clothes. But with M'rek happy enough to strip down, Y'tol didn't want to deprive A'yara of any pleasure.

Grinning despite himself, Y'tol took her lips in a kiss again, fingers moving to clutch and squeeze at the flesh of her waist, enjoying the curves he found there. The rustle of M'rek's clothes on the floor had him pulling back, allowing the other bronze rider to move in if he so wished.

The removal of his own clothes was quick enough. He added no flourish to the movements, just divesting himself of the remainder of his clothing with quick fingers. His eyes not leaving the tantalising sight of A'yara, even if there was another man in the tableau. Y'tol couldn't help but briefly glance at the burn scars M'rek sported. Burn scars, not too dissimilar from the thread scores that he himself had acquired, all those turns ago. There was no such thing as a rider with a perfect body was there?

Before Y'tol stepped forward again, he was distinctly aware of Bayorth pulling away from the situation. Not because he was jealous, nor because he couldn't handle it, but simply because they had always been a pair to give each other space. To be sure, Bayorth would be content knowing his rider was content, but he didn't need to be present with every thought, intruding on the situation between humans.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:33:15 PM »
Cai winked back at the bronze handler's word and went to open her mouth to respond when Tayvelle decided to react as she did. "Ooookay." Cai thought now was time to carefully extricate herself from this confrontation. While earlier it had been a little ego-boosting, to think that these two attractive women were fighting over her, now that she noticed there seemed to more to this, Cinnacai was mostly pouty.

This was supposed to be the time people paid attention to her, and Cinnask, but that was why she held it as an open run. These people were supposed to want to take her to bed. Even if the fight had started out quite fun, it had turned in a distinctly different direction... enough to deter her. "Uh... Toodles ladies." Neither of their whers would win the favour of Cinnask now, Cai felt. A weariness in her biceps made her distinctly aware that Cinnask's energy was waning, and it was unlikely the fighting whers (and their handlers) would make enough of an impression to win Cinnask back. The little green disliked violence after all.

Casting a final glance over her shoulder at the sisters, attempting to win their eyes just a little with an attractive sway of her hips, but her attention was mostly focussed on finding a new group to entice. She'd noticed the wink of the brewer earlier, and had returned it, and now he was standing with the dark healer, perhaps they would be more interesting company. But the lithe blonde was still unattached as well, and Cinnask didn't seem too disappointed by her bronze's performance.

She decided to not make a decision, instead taking neutral ground to watch Cinnask next manoeuvre, which involved the little green winding in between her suitors in a sort of teasing dance. If any of the unoccupied others wished to make ground, Cai would leave it up to them to do so.

Spoiler for OOC:
Next time I'll choose!

Weyr Bowl / Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« on: April 25, 2018, 07:24:35 PM »
Tavlesk hadn't cared much for paying attention to the other males joining the chase, all his attention focused on trying to close the gap between himself and the dancing green. She wasn't focusing on speed, which suited the bronze just fine, the smaller whers would have outpaced him if that were the case. He kicked up his pace though when he realised she was moving towards a wall, ready to use the solid object to trap her so he could end the run without expending too much energy when she instead used it to leap over the top of the pack that chased her. He huffed, annoyed as he watched her arc over them, his back end swinging around as he tried to change his direction so there wasn't too much distance lost when she started running again.

He would have succeeded had a solid wall of packed muscle not rammed into his side at that moment, the blow made worse by the solid thump of the wall on his other side, his momentum still too much to stop him grazing the wing that he couldn't quite retract properly in time to protect it.

He righted himself immediately to face the threat, the interruption to run lust giving him a brief moment to realise his handler wasn't quite as cheerful as she usually was mid-run. Danger crossed his mind, pushing against the lust that still urged him to ignore the threat and move on, close the gap between himself and the green before the other wher's managed to catch her. He had to deal with the threat first. What scent he could pick up stirred some sense of familiarity, but he wasn't capable of deciphering it. All he knew was that Tayvelle was stressed and a wher had attacked him. Without a thought for whether he was a match for Meyesk, Tavlesk leapt towards him, head lowered to retaliate in the same way the beast had initiated the fight - by running into him.

Tayvelle had a hard time keeping her temper at bay at the best of times, and the need to make a good impression on the potential bedpartner for the evening was eradicated the moment Tavlesk's mind went from chasing to fighting. She may not have had the harshest upbringing once she found her place with the beastcraft, but the itch to fight was always bubbling beneath the surface.

"Back off." She growled through gritted teeth, stepping closer to her sister and throwing a low punch to her gut. It wasn't done with finesse, but she didn't hesitate either. The chance for winning the chase was over the second Tavlesk's attention turned to Meyesk and there was no doubt in her mind that Meyelthra had encouraged the interruption. The sooner she could be rid of the other woman, the better she'd feel.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SanctifiedSavage @Inki Hope it's alright. Yell if i need to change anything. I'm aware Tavlesk is probably out of the running to catch Cinnask though. I couldn't justify either of them standing down now ^^;

Tressie sighed expressively, not for any particular obvious reason, but just because it felt appropriate to accent her coming words. "Hate is a very taxing emotion Nealros." But she didn't say more than that. Her little brother had always been so... different from her. Hate didn't work for her, it never had, but maybe it worked for him. She could only advise as every older sister had the responsibility to do.

Wiping a thumb over a final slash of pinkish blood, lightened by the tears the boy had shed, Tressie nodded down at him. "People think they're ugly, horrible things until they're face to face with an angry wher. And you with a beautiful, hulking gold like Tavisk? I'm sure they wouldn't mess with you."

Tressisk admittedly, was not only a little ugly and horrible, but small, and most people found her unintimidating. Of course, that was only until she started growling, her eyes turning red, encroaching on their territory. Yeah. That's when they'd stopped messing with her too. After that, they'd all been incredibly polite, some even attempted to be friendly. Although Tressie always noticed the eyes that strayed from her to Tressisk.

She smiled at Nealros, her heart still a little tight seeing how swollen her little brother's face was. "Come on. If we sneak you in now, we might be able to get you some food before Ma and Pa get home and see..." She hesitated. "This." And she gestured vaguely at his face, grimacing apologetically at her not-so eloquent way of putting it.

Tressisk's backed started to arch, like a cat whose hackles were raised if someone did them wrong. Her tail moved to secure itself around Tresrissa's ankle, letting her know in no uncertain terms that she was going to let this little person tell her what to do. Tresrissa on the other hand, was more than fine with taking or giving orders.

The green sensed Tressie's acceptance and started to growl at the apprentice who had obviously ordered her to leave. "Tressisk. No. Tressisk. Shut up. Get outside. Go find Tavisk or Rossk... or anyone, just get out." While most other people didn't understand the aggressive little wher, Tressisk had a special place in Tresrissa's heart, reserved for her wher and her wher only. Unfortunately, with her body starting to heat up, sweat breaking out on her forehead, and trying to keep down bile, Tresrissa didn't have time for Tressisk's overprotectiveness.

"Healer Tressisk. Healers Tressisk." She tried to reiterate when the wher hesitated again. Her face hardened. "If you don't get out they're not going to fix me." Tressisk turned, with a departing snarl at the apprentice and loped out, pushing her way through the crowd to complete her orders as quickly as possible.

Breathing in deeply through her nose, and turning back to the apprentice, Tresrissa spoke, "There, now can I have a bucket?" And a shaky but still Tressie-esque smiled appeared on her face.

Absences / Another MIA Aster Update
« on: April 23, 2018, 04:39:30 PM »
Grants exploded into a shitstorm at work and I got my medical mystery #2 solved -- but diagnosed with something pretty heavy that required a bunch of management overhaul and IV infusions monthly for the foreseeable future (though @Dragon , my thoughts go out to YOUR even crappier medical situation) ... so I spent the last month dealing with that instead of anything fun.

My thesis draft and grant proposal are turned in ... in time to be traveling this week ... I'm going to try to sneak a few posts in I promise! I love you all! Happy to answer any questions or whatever! <3333333333

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: April 20, 2018, 06:03:47 AM »
Need to get rid of some babs and they're not selling.
Free for y'all <3 <3 <3

Spoiler for Hidden:

There was nothing more annoying than losing a fight with your own body. He had no one to blame but himself for allowing his body to degrade to such a degree. It had hit him a couple of days prior, beginning as a dull headache and then over time strengthening to a forceful throb. He’d tried to ignore it at first and just continue on with his daily routine without a word to anyone. By the second day, the hammering headache had convinced him to try and spend some time relaxing in the baths. His sister found him a candlemark later passed out.

He’d remained in bed the rest of the day and into the next, until he got up to get some fresh air and overheard that riders had arrived and were talking about some sort of fever spreading to everyone. That decided him. He would go see the Healers back at the Weyr if only to put some distance between himself and his sister so he wouldn’t be the reason for her being infected by whatever this was. And if the Healers gave him some drugs to counteract the sickness, all the better.

Unfortunately, there were so many non-riders who felt they had the disease that there was a long, winding line into the Healer Hall that moved excruciatingly slow. Perhaps he should be thankful that he only had to move forward every quarter candlemark or so, since any movement at all seemed to have his body screaming at him. He’d give anything at this point to just lay down on the floor and sleep.

Instead, he leaned heavily on Aldresk at his side, who stood firm as a rock. The large bronze’s presence usually had a calming affect on Kayn, but he seemed tense for a change. Not just acting as support, he also appeared as a thick and dangerous barrier between Aldrekayn and anyone nearby. The person in front of him had been dumb enough to try and start an conversation with him, and between Aldresk’s deep growl and Rekaysk nearly lunging at them, they quickly exited the line to who-knows-where.

The younger bronze was at his right, muzzled of course, and snapping his teeth as much as possible within the muzzle at anyone close enough to be considered a threat to the weakened Aldrekayn. He would have left Rekaysk back at the Mine Hall, but he couldn’t be sure how long he was going to be gone or possibly quarantined, and he wasn’t leaving the particularly temperamental bronze alone with his sister.

He never worried about muzzling Aldresk, considering his typically calm demeanor, but Kayn was beginning to doubt his decision not to at this point. He couldn’t be sure what Aldresk might do right now, or what that might mean for Aldrekayn if no one would treat him with these two already prepared for a fight.

The sight of someone running from the line caught his eye, and he turned his head to watch the young woman disappear behind a screen. She might be hidden, but he could hear her emptying her stomach, and the sound caused his own stomach to twist and saliva to fill his mouth. Aldrekayn clenched his jaw, forcing his body under control. He would not throw up just because someone else had done so. Beads of sweat clung to his forehead and the side of his face as he struggled with his body. Even as his fought tooth and nail internally, his face remained stoic. Anyone looking upon him would think he was fine, though further inspection would reveal the sweat that was breaking out on his face or the small red rash beginning to creep along the back of his left arm.

The brief smile that crossed her lips solidified his decision that he had to have her. For the business, of course. She would easily win favor with others through that smile alone. She was the perfect sort to get this business jumping out of the gate.

Saleizo took her reply as an open invitation to give her a once-over, though he’d have done so regardless, and took his time on the way back up to study the dress she wore, the figure outlined by said dress, and what was—or wasn’t—exposed. Lastly, his gaze met with hers. “No, you look like a woman who gets by with whatever she may get.” He smirked and, without warning, slipped his hand under her drink and swept it from her grasp before proceeding to empty its contents down his own throat.

His mouth smacked open in an “ah” sound to vocally share his enjoyment of the drink, then handed the empty cup back to her. “And look how fleeting such small favors last. What I’m talking about will give you more than that. Besides,” he took a swig from his mug, “you don’t appear to be a weak woman who would become dependent on others to survive. A woman with more backbone would control what she gets and when.”

He was playing with fire right now and he knew it, but he also felt confident in taking this chance. She didn’t appear to be a weak-willed girl who would cave to sweet words, so this ought to grab her attention. Sal waited and watched any reaction she gave him so that he might be able to anticipate her thoughts or next actions. 

Past and Possibilities / Here Kitty [ 16.10.2570 / 9 PM ] || Oppesine
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:01:23 PM »
The dining hall within Fort Hold was packed again, as it had been for the past few Turns. With Fort and Tillek Hold as the last remaining Holds, and a majority of the survivors ending up in Fort, it was like this every night. The room was overflowing with noise, stretching the din through adjacent corridors of stone that echoed and shared the unintelligible sound even further into the Hold.

But that wasn’t what bothered Saleizo. Background noise, no matter the decibel, was something that he’d grown so accustomed to between the Hold walls and with the gang that to not have enough noise made him uncomfortable. When he can’t hear anything at all, he can stop worrying about what may come and just deal with it when it does. When he can hear small, intermittent sounds that could be coming from a rival gang or someone with ill intent, he becomes overly tense and wary of his surroundings.

So rather than shut himself away to consider the next steps to his plan, he found himself leaning against a wall in the dining hall; keeping to the outskirts of the activity, but still well within almost deafening clamor.

He’d told his brother of his intention to add whoring to their gang’s list of services and, to no surprise of Sal, Garren had been all for it so long as Sal took point on managing it. His brother had done far less for the gang than his predecessor and was already trying to take the back seat and reap the benefits without the work. He should know better than that. Strength wasn’t something that you proved once and then you got to stay on top forever. You had to keep working at it and proving yourself over and over again.

Well, Sal wasn’t going to let the gang fail. All he needed to do was start finding some willing women. His eyes continued to scan the crowded room. It was impossible to see everyone from this vantage point, but it was a start. Sal raised the mug of klah and alcohol to his lips for another swig. There. A young, dark haired woman with a smile on her face that he could see easily winning clients over. The foot resting against the wall at his back pushed off and propelled him forward. He wound his way through the crowd, ignoring the cursing of someone he’d likely bumped, until he stood at her side.

Never one for pleasantries, Sal cut straight to the point. “You there,” he waited until he was sure he had her attention. “You interested in some work?”

Spoiler for OOC:

Being ashamed or worried about how much she liked that rough touch of his fingers along her jaw wasn't necessary anymore. She could just enjoy it, though the lingering sense of guilt in doing something that her family viewed as wrong remained. Velatha wasn't sure she cared all that much right now, at least not enough to bring her back to the sobbing state she'd been in before.

As much as she knew that riders could be - and usually were - casual in their affections, that had never been anything she believed applied to B'nyn. He had always seen her, Velatha. Not the weaver, not the daughter of weavers, or the possible wife and eventual mother or any of the other labels that had been fixed about her like scraps of cloth designed to attract the attention of someone that her parents could deem as being suitable and above all appropriate for their only daughter. No, B'nyn had always seen her and that had, in the end, mattered more than anything else.

Well, it'd not hurt that he was handsome, strong and had all the kind of qualities that she found attractive and appealing. Feeling the color rising in her cheeks, she followed him as he started showing her the space he'd made in his - their - weyr. It was sweet and had her smiling "I can use some of those nooks for a few of the smaller items..." she mused, taking it in as her eyes skirted over and then away from the bedfurs. She wasn't exactly shy but was a reminder of the kind of step, a final one at that - that she was taking right.

"Oh, Niskyleth..." she hadn't forgotten the dragon but now she had spotted him and that served as the kind of distraction that had her smiling and pushing everything else away "It's good to see you again, I'm sure you get more handsome every time" Velatha wasn't attempting to just flatter for the sake of it she really did like the brown dragon, a detail helped by how much she liked his rider. Alright, slightly more than like as her eyes side back to him and she flashed that same smile.


Letting the items in her bundle fall away she reached up to grab his clothes as he hugged her, while Velatha wouldn't have asked for this she did need it. She really, really did.

Velatha allowed her tears to fall while she worked on getting her emotions back under control. That was achievable, right? Velatha didn't let it go on for long as that wasn't the kind of woman she was, yes, it had been one of the more trying days of her life but that didn't mean she was going to let the negative rule her head or her actions for any longer than was necessary.

Although she also knew that there would be more tears to come "I needed... this, thank you B'nyn. I didn't expect - I mean I know they don't approve but they were so angry and cruel towards the end" she explained, not moving but looking up as she spoke. The corners of her eyes redder than they had been before but for the time being dry of any fresh tears escaping from the edges. She could do this and as she started to relax, Velatha started to feel that renewed sense of rightness.

This was the right choice. It was just so dammed hard.

"Can I bring my stuff in now?" she asked, feeling shy all over again.


Velatha couldn't have felt more nervous if she had marched out in front of the whole weyr, as it was, it was quiet enough that she had only seen a couple of people and most of them had been far more involved in their own business to really pay attention to her but Velatha had felt her throat close up with even the possibility of having to talk. That had happened.

She wasn't sure she had another sentence in her right now. Velatha was worried and anxious and just about everything and anything in between that. That was probably to be expected and as she arrived and saw B'nyn she felt her heart lift as the living reminder; standing very much like he had the first time they'd met no less, of why she was doing this "ummm I... I'm here" and that was probably the worst ever greeting in the history of the whole world, ever. It was why she could feel her cheeks coloring a little bit "And you can see that, sorry...it was so hard with my parents, and then my brothers and even..." she felt her throat locking up slightly as a couple of thick tears started to fall down her cheeks.

"Sorry, I'm not upset. I'm just..." she wasn't even sure, what she was saying or trying to express right now. She wanted to be but Velatha was just lost in that confused mess of her own emotions.


Family & Friends / There may be trouble ahead... (Crafter Family)
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:50:20 AM »
About Velatha
She is the youngest child and also the only daughter in the family. As such it has always been used as the excuse for why she needs to be protected and/or watched over so much. The family has very strong opinions about riders and that has resulted in their attempts to make sure that their daughter remains apart from them.

Obviously, this didn't work. She has had numerous arguments and out-and-out fights on this score but Velatha has determined that B'nyn makes her happy and that moving into his weyr.

Family Details

(Janet McTeer)
Sr. Journeywoman Weaver
Mother // Loyal

(Nathaniel Parker)
Master Weaver
Father //Bigoted

(François Arnaud)
Sr. Journeyman Weaver.
Brother // Responsible
Married to Saphise

(Aneurin Barnard)
Jr. Journeyman Harper
Brother // Playful
Married to Llenari

(George Blagden)
Jr. Journeyman Fisher
Brother // Brusque
Married to Pyria

Out of Character
There are more details on her application, Velatha if you would like to go and check that out. Although I will be happy to negotiate some details in terms of their crafts and wives as well as any children they might have had etc.

As this is a wanted ad; please make them adoptable. Other than that anything goes, I've included some images for inspiration and little details to help with ideas but I am open to talking out anything. Basically, I would love to have the dynamic of the family/Velatha and of course, B'nyn, especially now that she has moved into his weyr. 

Plot and Scheme / Re: Lyndi's Plotter
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:07:37 AM »
Sounds good to me! I won't be home this weekend, so I can get the sample up and a response on Monday. And there are a few scenes in her history I'd like to play out too :3 Like the marriage argument. And when she finds out his group was behind the runner kills.

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: April 13, 2018, 11:37:00 AM »
Could finally afford my lair expansion, so have some more babs. Free to y'all if you want any of them. :love:

Edited cause some got snagged

Spoiler for There are a lot:

M'dak had been minding his own business, as he usually did. The brownrider had never been the kind of person to casually socialise, and whilst it was easy enough to do so during their morning fishing with the fisher crafthall, M'dak enjoyed not having to. He'd joined Beach Wing straight out of graduation, and after 4 months or so his Wing mates had mostly figured him out. Quite but polite, mostly awkward and antisocial, but not a complete freak. At least, that's what he hoped people thought of him by now.

As such, he, Rudas and Dallarth had been working in companionable silence when word of the hunter attack passed around the beach... Well, M'dak and Rudas were working in silence, Dallarth was chatting away like he always did. Content to carry on a conversation all by himself, or socialise with their other wingmates while M'dak chose not to. But even M'dak noticed the rustle of words through the wing. Riders pausing slightly in their work to listen to their dragon's relayed message, before turning urgently to the rider or fisher they had been working beside. Tension seemed to ripple through the wing, and he saw a nearby blue rider glance anxiously over in his direction. Meeting M'dak's gaze, the blue rider seemed to shy away from the eye contact.

They're saying J'dan's hurt. He's in the healer hall. They're saying it's bad. Throwing his net into the nearest rider's arms, M'dak took off up the beach at a sprint, stumbling a little as the soft sand gave way beneath his feet.

A shadow passing over him meant Dallarth was on his way as well, but M'dak didn't want to slow to get on the brown's back. The Healer Weyrs were on the bottom floor anyways, it would just waste more time. Do you think the others know? Are they there? Should we tell them? I should've told Pa. No he was there on the beach, he would've heard as well. Did he hear?

Olaryth will know.

M'dak didn't have time to berate Dallarth for not actually answering his question, nor telling him whether or not he was relaying the message, as he skidded to a halt through the domed entrance of the healer hall. Sand clung his to pants, shaking off obnoxiously onto the floor as he strode to the nearest journeyman.

Composing himself, although he felt like his inside were roiling up inside him, he followed standard healer hall procedure and the nearest journeyman directed him to his brother. Eyes quickly assessing his brothers injuries M'dak could help but let out a slightly annoyed. "Shards, but they were telling me you were dying!"

Spoiler for Hidden:
Sorry for the ugliness of my sentence structure today. But I tried.

Plot and Scheme / Re: Looking for Threads?
« on: April 13, 2018, 01:40:08 AM »
Sionann - Candidate
Wanted: Anything & Everything! But basically, renewing friendships, having a chance to just be around other candidates. Any keeping busy/chore threads are fine (great in fact), though she would also love to do more. I am pretty much open to anything you want to throw in her direction

Absences / Re: Update
« on: April 11, 2018, 03:08:41 PM »
I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly. :C I hope tomorrow treats you well and things take a turn for the better. <3

Tresrissa had felt the stirring of a headache that morning, but it had only been when the riders had arrived at the Mine Hall that morning, informing everyone of the Flush Fever outbreak that had convinced Tressie to head over to the Weyr for a check up at the Hall... and of course, her families insistence as well... She didn't think it was flush fever. In fact, she felt just fine. Mostly just a little annoyed at having to wait so long in a line doing nothing.

But she'd taken the opportunity to chat up a few of the people waiting for their own check up; crafters, holders, creche workers, children. It seemed like the whole Weyr were turning out to spend a morning in the Healer Hall. The sheer amount of people also waiting in line made Tresrissa think even less about her own probability of sickness. Not everyone here could be sick. Most of them had probably had a headache like her, or had eaten some bad fish a few days before. Didn't mean they had Flush Fever.

Hands laced in front of her, swaying slightly from foot to foot to keep her entertained, Tressie waited for the next Healer to be available and call her up. She opened her mouth to start a new conversation as her patience for waiting in silence wavered before snapping it shut again over the roiling taste of bile.

Tressisk's back straightened, lips curling at the unfamiliar distress emanating through their bond. Her eyes darkening in colour and whirling faster as she pressed herself against Tressie's thigh.

Nose wrinkling and lips pressed tightly together, Tressie's eyes quickly surveyed the room for the most discrete place where should could... take care of her current problem. As another heave rippled through her Tresrissa darted from the line, slipped around a privacy screen and emptied her breakfast into a bucket.

If she was any less of a lady she might have sworn.

As it stood, Tresrissa was a lady, so she cleaned herself up, straightened her skirt, and slipped back into the queue, Tressisk still tense and padding by her side.

Spoiler for Hidden:
However the wher butcher fam wants to play this is up to y'all, but here's an opening  :love:
@SanctifiedSavage @Kyya  @Drewliet  and anyone else who wishes.

@Healers. My plan is for her to be sick, and it to be pretty bad, but I'd never kill Tressie <3

It wasn't until after Mauddra had climbed all the stairs to Halirina's office that she discovered the Weyrwoman wasn't there. She grimaced at the news from the other aide, and knew what her day was likely going to be filled with now. But, the stairs were always going to be there, so there was no point delaying any longer. In all honesty, she wanted to tidy the office, but she could always slip away when Halirina started to make noises of departing the cleaning up process of the fisher's stock.

Besides, she wanted to be on hand to double check the counts before they were handed over to the Weyrwoman. Quitrix would probably bring her light to the occassion, the younger woman never seemed to balk at crafter work. With a sigh, she started with quick (but not rushed) strides out of the Weyr proper.

Face purposely blank, although she wanted to shy away from the acrid stench of decay on top of the usually unpleasant fishy smell, Mauddra stepped to help, after she'd appraised herself of Halirina's own presence. The Weyrwoman was helping, and yes, so would she.

Keen eyes tracked the modicum of a pattern that the helpers had going, and so rolling up her sleeves, Mauddra stepped into the flow of barrels beside Halirina. "Weyrwoman." She addressed respectfully. In such company, it was only fit to stick to the formalities.

Spoiler for Tags:
@SanctifiedSavage for Halirina
@Kyya for the Trix mention

Adoptables / Re: Creature Bank
« on: April 03, 2018, 09:33:39 PM »
This template is so easy to use and I'm in love

Code: [Select]

Announcements & Events / Custom Firelizard Template
« on: April 03, 2018, 08:58:48 PM »
Firelizard PSD Commission

Another new art update! We now have our own custom firelizard template, created by cweinman, the same artist that has done our Hunter, Beach Snake, Sharpfish, Wher, and Hatchling art.

These are for SWW only, but we're happy to let other people color and use these templates for their characters here. Should you wish to get the PSD file, simply PM the Southern Records account or pop on Discord in the Admin Help channel and we'll get you the file.

Beyond that, at least the staff will be using this for any firelizard clutches we host in the future. :3 We hope you like it!

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: April 02, 2018, 02:54:15 AM »
New bab!
Free for y'all

Spoiler for Sold!:

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