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Family & Friends / Re: Half-Brother & Best Friend
« on: Yesterday at 08:10:45 PM »
Updated with Weyrling Sirana of Green Taith!

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello?
« on: Yesterday at 06:19:35 PM »
Lovely! I went ahead and responded to the ad too, but you're welcome to snatch him up. :3 I'm glad it'll help you along with character creation.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello?
« on: Yesterday at 05:45:42 PM »
Posted in the other thread too, but one of Jossekaynes. Jesseken most likely, blue rider.
It's open enough to allow me plenty of flexibility for a first time character, but has a lot of nice backstory to help me along with dates and similar things.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello?
« on: Yesterday at 09:36:04 AM »
Either of those options are fine depending on your own preference. ^_^ I think most people just respond to the ad itself, and it might be a tad more visible to the original poster, but otherwise they're equally appropriate.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello?
« on: Yesterday at 09:24:43 AM »
If you do see something in the wanted area, what's the preference for contacting the other member, pm, post on the wanted ad, some other way?

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello?
« on: February 20, 2018, 02:10:25 PM »
You are indeed correct!

The black name is the name of the character they want to see adopted, all the subsequent information is the information they've provided about what they want from said character. There's a bunch of green and blue riders there for you to have a look at. If none of them strike your fancy, there's also the Free/Open tab, where people don't have as many explicit instructions about what they want from the character, so you could make them a green or blue rider if you wished. :3

Rayne and I play D&D together! But that's about the extent of my tabletop experience. Any other system you'd recommend?

Welcome to the dark side my friend!

Journals / Re: Suggested Face Claims
« on: February 18, 2018, 04:08:09 AM »
My first suggestion (which I couldn't resist after her incredible part in Black Panther) is Lupita Nyong'o

Jo listened attentively as Quenneca answered. She hadn’t had any preconceived notions about what that reply might actually entail, and she was genuinely interested in knowing. Growing things was so wildly different than everything she’d ever done in her life; sometimes, the sheer variety of jobs people did around the Weyr amazed her. Beyond working in the kitchens like her father, being a dragon rider was all she knew. During her life, she had moved seamlessly from cook to Candidate, and then from weyrling to fully fledged rider. Jossekayne had never entertained a different path for herself beyond those things.

Getting to know someone so different was exciting. Even if it wasn’t something “traditionally” thrilling or dangerous.

“That’s a good answer,” she said at last when Quenneca had finished, and glanced up at the sky too. The stars and moons were bright hanging in their black tapestry, and the clarity of the air was something she’d still have to get used to. After so long stuck in a Pass, the open horizon instinctively made her tense. Shaking the feeling, Jo looked back to the woman at her side. “I think that’s the type of thing all of this was for.”

She chuckled some then. “My favorite thing about being a rider? Probably… being part of something bigger than myself. I don’t mean that to sound pretentious.” Jossekayne smiled at Quenneca a bit quietly. “I just mean that doing what we do… fighting Thread, trying to protect everything on the ground… I like being part of that. Knowing that I’m doing something that actually makes the world a better place.” Her quiet smile turned into more of an earnest grin then. “Like making it so that someone like you can still grow flowers just because they want to.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Flight of the Rising Sun [ 22.02.2591; 4:45 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 16, 2018, 03:06:30 AM »
Wake up.

Z'ryr rolled groggily to one side of the bed, opening his eyes just the tiniest crack to peer towards Rhymoth's ledge. The light of sunrise tinging the walls of the caves a pretty orange-red colour. So it was that early huh?

I want to chase a green.

Realising A'yara was asleep beside him, he barely managed to contain his audible groan, and instead contented himself with a quiet sigh. 'Of course you do.' But there was no complaint anymore, Rhymoth was well within his rights to ask to chase a green, and Z'ryr was certainly not going to begrudge him that.

As quietly as possible, he slipped from his bed, hoping that A'yara would not be woken by his departure, nor that she slipped into nightmares while he wasn't there. But he couldn't protect her all the time, as much as he wanted to, and Rhymoth had been rather polite about it all.

Wiping a hand over his face to rid himself of the last vestiges of sleep, he only bothered with pants, leaving his shirt on the floor where it had been thrown when he had fallen into bed last night after a satisfying star watch with Rhymoth.

'So where am I going?'

Rhymoth paused at the edge of the Weyr ledge, about to take off into the sky. Damerinth's Weyr. Like any self-respecting brown, the fellow kins name came easily to him, but the human? Not so much.

Unfortunately, the name didn't ring a bell for Z'ryr. It certainly wasn't because he didn't care about names, but there were a lot of riders in the Weyr now, at least that was his excuse. 'Drop me.'

It was simpler for all involved, although Rhymoth huffed at the delay, earning him a quick shush from Z'ryr. Rhymoth barely waited for Z'ryr to dismount before taking to the skies once more, dipping his head at her in greeting, but hovering in wait for her to begin.

To play with you would be the sun's greatest gift.

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@SanctifiedSavage for A'yara mentions <3

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 10:31:25 PM »
All K'rez could do now was rely on instinct. There were no orders being conveyed between Denoth and K'rez. They simply relied upon the other to do what was necessary, to save lives, including their own. It reminded him of threadfall in that way. He had always felt that the riders were more of an accessory, a tool with which to give their dragons the best chance to fight their natural enemy.

Thread had been replaced by Hunters, Beach Snakes and Sharpfish. But the concept was still the same. Their fragile human bodies were useless when it came to the powerful ones of the dragons which they bonded with for life. And it seemed that the Hunters had figured this out as well.

Denoth braced to take the Hunter attack, needing to hold his position, just long enough to allow the passenger laden green to take off and get back to the safety of the Weyr or even, just the safety of the skies.

Growling as they attempted to pull K'rez from his back, Denoth snapped at the Hunter's exposed neck, stretched out in the aimed strike at his rider. Sinking teeth into the hard muscle, his mouth filled with the sour taste of ichor. But his strike back left him open for the claws which went to distract him, trying to keep Denoth focused on his own injuries, as the Hunters jabs made their way far too close to K'rez.

For K'rez's part, all he could do was hunker down against Denoth's neck. Making himself as small a target as possible, and weathering the pain which streaked through his open bond with Denoth, trying not to feel as if it was his own forearms, stomach, and neck that were being clawed at. 

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Looooove potion number 9

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 09:55:11 PM »
Tresrissa enjoyed the bustle of an early morning, when the miners and holders were out in force for breakfast, and the rider's with their daily deliveries were imminent arrivals. It meant she could watch some new people, and make a note of those she had already seen. It was just to see whether she could try to piece together who their family was and what they were at the Mine Hall for. If she couldn't do so reliably, she was also perfectly content to just make it up. An interesting backstory was much more interesting than the real one in most cases.

As usual, Tressisk was right by her side, pressing her shoulder against Tressie's seated side as she ate breakfast. The creaking of the doors, and the whoosh of dragonwings announced to her that Prairie had arrived. Swinging her legs over the bench, she turned to smile at the entrance, waiting to see what awaited her entertainment for today.

Tressisk froze beside her, before raising herself quickly from her stiffly seated position, and tugged on Tressie's sleeve, urgently enough so that her bonded started moving before she even realised what was happening, following Tressie back towards the caves with a surprised laugh. "What's gotten you all riled up?" She asked surprised, quickening her step as Tressisk's eyes reddened and she started to trot faster away from the centre of the dining cavern. The scream from outside the now ajar doors almost made Tresrissa trip, as she turned, open-mouthed to stare back at the door. "Hunters?" Tressisk just yanked harder, ripping the sleeve of Tresrissa's shirt.

By the time Tresrissa had turned the first corner into the Holder caves, she heard the scream of a much closer, much louder Hunter. Tressisk spun around, placing her head on Tressie's butt, and the two of them ran.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Tressie be #1

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 09:34:31 PM »
Vironethian really should spend more time at the mine hall, if he did, he would've have known exactly what to do in a situation like this. Would have known to call Virosk over to help close the door, although it was unlikely a blue such as him would have been able to give the push that the Gold now did. And thank Faranth that she did, but it was still closing too slowly, the cries of dragons, hunters and humans were merging together outside the gate, still sounding, the encounter was far from over.

Too slow. We're too fucking slow. "Virosk!" But his call was too late, what little the blue could have done as he raced to find his bonded, now free from the frozen state that accompanied the proximity of Hunters, was for naught, and Vironethian was flung from the door, skidding across the ground with the force at which the door was hit.

Sparks shone in front of his vision as the back of his head cracked against the floor, he needed to get up, he couldn't get up... What was happening... Where were the Hunters? What had happened to the men beside him? The woman and her Gold? Shaking himself, he tried to stand, one hand going to the back of his head, it came away wet.

There was something by his side, sharp teeth digging into his arm, he swung widely, trying to bash the Hunter in the head... But it wasn't a Hunter, it was Virosk, dragging him back away from the rampaging Hunter, and Vironethian pulled his blow as the blue swum in his vision. Virosk's grip readjusted to the material at Vironethian's shoulder, and he started to drag him backwards, away from the Hunter while they still could.

"Virosk. We've gotta... The gate... The riders..."

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Universal Events / Re: [ 22.2.2591 ] Damerinth's Flight
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:42:59 PM »
Sooo exciting!

I think T'stann has already had a heart-attack for having to a flight with a male greenrider this month, so I'll probs give it a skip. And no one else is applicable.


Code: [Select]
[{Blye}] || [{Tstann}] || [{Nishi}] || [{Wlleni}] || [{Cbryn}] || [{Galve}] || [{Tiynnalacia}] || [{Kyareena}] || [{Omenya}] || [{Neriherem}] || [{Keron}] || [{Vorianna}] || [{Qailyx}]
Added : SirAlahn

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:36:06 PM »
Much like Penderton, Keron wasn’t there to watch the comings and goings of the Hall, he was just having breakfast before starting the work day. It should have been like any other day. Sure, it was a little more exciting to hear about the excavating of the iron vein, but that wasn’t his specialty, and nothing much had changed for him. Well, his team were gunning to find a vein of their own.

A bigger and better one, of course. But so far, they hadn’t been successful.

He had a troop to rival the skinnier miner, though none of his were as well trained still. He might have been given plenty of pointers, but Pen seemed to have far more of a way with the dragonkin than anyone Keron had ever seen. Not that he’d admit it. The group of multi-coloured pets had already eaten their fill and were just waiting on him to finish his much needed klah.

Until Erosk gave a small whine, making himself incredibly small and looking towards the opening gates. Kerosk, unable to even really hear the creaking of the gates, didn’t seem to react and the miner just assumed the loud noises and large group of gathering people was upsetting the sensitive Blue.

“It’s okay, don’t worr—” he almost said, in a tone far softer than most had ever heard him use. Until the Brown froze in place. It was surprising for Keron, given the Brown was doing nothing but lying down anyway, just how obvious the change in the larger wher was. He’d only been through this once before, and then it had never been his own whers, so it took a little longer for him to realise what was happening. It was the immediate movement of Pen and some of the other wher handlers that tipped him off.

Then, there was the screech of the dragon.

Everything seemed to happen much faster after that. People started moving without even realising it, backing away slowly before turning and sprinting full pelt away from the gate. A tidal wave of people began running out of the dining hall, whers and flits crying and running along with them. Keron froze. Or he did until he heard the scream of some woman on the outside, ”Close the gate! Hunters! Close the gate!”

Seeing a few men push forward, Keron tried also. He didn’t get as far as Vironethian. Shorter than most of the people running along, the miner always had trouble moving through crowds. He ended up just stopping until most of the people had moved past him, but at that point, the gates were thrown back open.

The men pushing in vain must’ve felt like they’d been hit by a freight train, but a more terrifying sight than watching grown men be thrown clear off their feet, was the emergence of a Hunter into the Minehall. Acting on instinct and rage, Keron surged forward. He didn’t know what he would do, how the fuck do you fight a Hunter? But Keron’s first thought was always violence… until he heard a familiar whine behind him.

Turning back to see his halfgrown whers, his Brown had gotten up to follow him, but looked more afraid than he’d ever been before. His Blue was hiding behind the table, looking at him with yellow eyes and gave another mewling cry. Keron’s head turned back to watch the Hunter drop the Gold as if she were nothing but a ragdoll, and he swore. “Fuck, fine,” he said as he sprinted back to the table, grabbing the wher around the collar and dragging them both towards the exit, in the opposite direction of the invading Hunter.

As they rounded the corner, Keron grabbed a small one of his detonation devices. There mightn’t be much humans could do to Hunters, but the Minehall came with some perks. None of them would hurt the damn thing, he only had two sparklers and a smoke bomb, but they needed a distraction until… until something else that could actually kill it came along. 

He wouldn’t light it yet, there were still people in the room, and who fucking knew what the damn beast would do once he threw his little tricks. But if those still in the hall didn’t get out of the way, he would do what he could to stop the damn thing coming into the small caverns.

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Umm… sorry? I hope this is okay? Number 19 please.

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 07:49:30 PM »
Bluerider Faennilin
Rank: Prairie Rider
Physical Description:
Faennilin has dark brown skin, hair and eyes. Her hair is curly, cropped into a short bob that is cool in Summer, and often the edges of it are pulled properly out of her face by a leather thong. She’s thin, bordering obscenely so, but has a girlish air that makes her seem fairy-like. Proud to be a rider like so many generations of her family, she’s always in her riding leathers unless absolutely necessary to be in other clothes, in which she’ll just grab whatever fits from siblings, friends, or Wingmates.
Delightful, Airheaded, Emotional
Faennilin is a lovely person in general, if a bit airheaded. She’ll never leave Prairie in all likelihood, which doesn’t bother her in the slightest, she’s still a rider and that’s all she ever hoped for. Ferrying people back and forth from the Minehall is a great way to meet new and interesting people and talk about crafts she never had an interest in before. All riders have to be prepared to face Hunters, but watching a fellow Pairie member fall, and fall without any warning, is a harsh reminder of your own mortality. Petrified beyond reasonable thought, Faennilin is acting on muscle memory and shared instinct with her Blue.
Intended Outcome:
Severe Injury pretty please (I actually like her more than I was expecting so I might not kill her… very sad I know.)

“Fae wasn’t looking out towards the jungle. She was watching the people inside the gates, she watched the men move, those brave few that fought the current of frightened souls to push at the gate in vain. They can’t move it, she passed to her Blue, they’re not strong— but the tides changed once a woman pushed to the front of the crowd and a Gold wher bounded forward. “Oh, thank Far—” Fae almost said out loud, but she couldn’t get the rest out as her Blue roared in challenge, even as the pair was spun from the force of the impact. Two large Hunters now bearing down upon them, any thought of the people insight was wiped from Fae’s mind.

One of the two engaged, launching into the side of her dragon, snapping and snarling. It’s claws dug into her small Blue’s side, but it seemed far more intent in eating her. Seeing through each other’s eyes, feeling each other’s fear, her Blue kept tipping to keep her away from the knashing teeth, but that didn’t make the situation much better.

Her Blue tried to get a foot underneath the creature’s underbelly, but the more weight he took off the ground to fight the Hunter, the more he put on Fae, now trapped under him. The more he thrashed to throw the other creature off, the more danger he would put Fae in, as she would feel every movement against the unforgiving ground underneath them.

Returning the creatures snarls, his eyes swirled into the red of anger, tinged with the acrid yellow of fear. Not fear of the Hunters, he was too angry to feel it, but fear that he was the one hurting the rider, trapped underneath him.

Fae, for her part, could barely breath. She always lay down in the saddle, it was easier for the two to manoeuvre, but now it meant that her whole body lay squashed between her Blue and the hard ground beneath them. When the Hunter had come at her from the side, she’d leant away from it as far as the straps could allow, but now she’d trapped herself.

The dragonpair hadn’t swung all the way over, her Blue wasn’t properly on his back, his side was pinned to the ground angled away from the beast, half of her pinned underneath him. At first, she could only feel pain and fear, now she could only feel fear. Her arm and shoulder were properly pinned, the weight of her Blue and his constant attempts to kick the Hunter off him ground it into the dirt under his thick hide. If it had any skin left on it at all, she couldn’t feel it, numb all the way to her shoulder, that bent at a strange angle.

She couldn’t move. She couldn’t squirm herself out of the saddle to let her Blue move. The skinniness of the rest of her body, and the way she lay in the saddle allowed her legs to escape the same fate as her arm, but the harder the Hunter fought, the more her Blue would tip over her to keep her out of reach. The more he would crush her. And her rider knife lay on her other side.

She could do nothing but make herself smaller, keep the limbs she could move close to her, avoid the knashing teeth as best she could. But Fae was trapped. By her own dragon.

Even as she came to realise it, the understanding passed between her Blue. The tinge of yellow at the edges of his eyes, took over entirely. He panicked. He needed to move, to fly. He needed to get off his rider. He was going to kill her if he didn’t move. He was going to kill her. Not thread, not the Hunter, not sickness, him. If dragons could be sick, he would have been. If he could have Betweened from on the ground, just to give her room to breathe, he would have. But the Hunter still bore down upon him.

He dug in his claws to the Hunter, he bit down on its exposed neck as it still tried to bite at Fae, he sliced into it’s side with all the strength he had. And, screaming in fear, he called out for help."

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Number 8 please

Universal Events / [ 22.2.2591 ] Damerinth's Flight
« on: February 15, 2018, 07:06:33 PM »
Damerinth’s Flight

22.2.2591 / 4:45 am

Just as the sun breaks the horizon, Jungle Green Damerinth calls out to those who might chase her. She’s playful and only flies once a turn, so she’s interested in making the best of her Flight. Male dragons of all stripes are welcome to chase.

For non-riders, this may still have some effect on inhibitions, though not to the degree as a Gold Flight. For riders, please note that Damerinth is not a Force Catch, and will thus be picking her winner from among the contenders. She does like being impressed, however, so the responses of each individual male to her antics will weigh heavily on her choice. For this particular Flight, I’m choosing to fade to black.

:3 Everyone is welcome to check in even if you’re not participating. If your character is choosing to do so, however, please fill out the form below. Good luck!

Code: [Select]
[b]Rider & Dragon:[/b] Their names
[b]Aftermath:[/b] Depending on your preferences and what your character might do, are you interested in RPing out any aftermath? The caveat here is that [{Meyelthra}] [i]will[/i] be coming back to kick the winner out of X’hos’ weyr.

Clearing up confusion: Unlike what we do for Gold Flights, if you post your character here as participating, it's because they're participating in the Flight and have an opportunity to win—since a character has an opportunity ignore a Green Flight for various reasons IC reasons. We just ask that you specify whether or not you'd want to RP anything out should they win. Of course we'd never ask you to RP a thread that you have no interest in RPing.

IC Thread

X'hos of Damerinth
H'vier of Kadoreth
Z'ryr of Rhymoth

( Meyelthra... sort of. )

Checked In
B'lye || T'stann || Nishi || W'lleni || C'bryn || Galve || Tiynnalacia || Kyareena || Omenya || Neriherem || Keron || Vorianna || Qailyx
Pythia || Vanelwynne || N'aen || Noa || Ellariel || Syrena || Ionei
Droissa || Nieve || Penderton || C'dus || Saviavi || Nealros || Bekareni || F'erro || T'rel || R'ael

Standard event participation practice applies. Post in the event thread or here giving us a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing at this time. If you miss 5 events in a row, your account will be deemed inactive. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember : we do not require IC participation. Simply post here under your Player account and let us know what's going on with your character.

Weyr Bowl / Flight of the Rising Sun [ 22.02.2591; 4:45 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 15, 2018, 07:06:27 PM »
X’hos’ day usually started in darkness, but this time when he woke it felt different. The air seemed thick despite the wind he could hear whistling through the Bowl outside, and his skin burned like the Weyr was gripped in the depths of summer rather than the very beginning of spring. A restlessness had settled in his body, and so X’hos shifted to rise on one elbow. Peering through the darkness of the weyr, he sought out the shape of Damerinth in the gloom.

She was sitting just at the exit to their weyr, staring out at the sky as the stars retreated for the day. A line of red had just started to appear on the horizon, but the sun hadn’t properly risen just yet. Her rider didn’t need to see Damerinth’s eyes to know they would be skewed purple with burgeoning Flight Lust.

//It’s time?// A question asked out of formality. He was already steeling himself to wake Meyelthra. No doubt she wouldn’t be pleased; she never was when someone else touched him, but at least she’d accepted this was part of his life. And it was a mercy that Damerinth only flew once a turn.

Yes. Now that X’hos was awake and had acknowledged her want, she stalked out onto the ledge beyond their weyr. The gusty wind felt good on her hide, cooling the heat radiating off of her. As soon as there was light in the sky, she’d look like she was glowing too. Damerinth was already a bright thing even before the luster of her Flight really took hold. I will give her a few moments to leave, but no more.

Waking Meyel before she wanted to be was always an adventure. Grumbling already from being roused—given that X’hos usually let her sleep after getting up for Wing duties—her mood soured even more when he quietly told her that this was the day.

They’d both known this was coming. X’hos was thankful that she didn’t argue even so, simply pulled on one of his shirts and stormed out of the exit with Meyesk and Snap in tow. No doubt she’d find something to occupy her time with during the Flight itself, but she’d be back soon after. And if whomever caught Damerinth hadn’t already vacated their bed, Meyelthra would no doubt eject them without ceremony.

X’hos didn’t bother to dress. Instead, he just sat on the bed and pulled the sheet over his lap so he wasn’t completely naked. He had no intention of moving anyway, and that way it would be easy to cast aside when his dragon chose her suitor.

The first sliver of sunlight shimmered over the line of the horizon, and Damerinth spread her wings to take to the air. Spinning just for the thrill of it, she was buffeted by the winds but allowed them to carry her instead of fighting them. Long used to her antics, X’hos found they didn’t make him nauseous through their bond anymore—but he did give himself fully over to the melting barriers between them. This was her day, and he’d make no attempt to reign her in.

Twirling above the Weyr Bowl, Damerinth reached out in a bright croon to the males of Southern Winds. Let’s have a distraction, boys. After the Hunter attack of eight days before, the Weyr was in need of some diversion. And though only one could win her, she’d do her best to entertain them all until she made her choice. Come and play with me.

Spoiler for OOC:
As always, you can check into the OOC thread in addition to or instead of posting here. Damerinth isn’t a force catch, but she does like to be impressed, so those that may be flashy, competitive, or playful will attract her attention more than others.

I’ll be posting a response in another day or so depending on the posting rate. Good luck to all! :love:

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:17:04 PM »
Penderton sat in his corner in the dining hall that morning. His two wher, Onsk and Endersk, dozed at his feet while his firelizards loitered at their preferred stations. Pen still felt a little odd with his menagerie, even though the minehall was nearly overrun with beasts these days. He offered awkward, apologetic smiles to anyone that had to walk around his brood and was at least thankful that they were all Greens. And, at least the lot of them were hard workers and earned their keep.

He was taking his time with breakfast today. Early weather predictions pointed to a foggy start and it wasn’t a favorable thing to move heavy rock in low visibility. That, and, it was harder to keep watch on the jungle. Likely they’d just start a little later than normal, but the solid decision was to be made after Prairie’s first team landed with the day’s visitors.

Speaking of.

He could hear the great creaking of the doors of the hold, the wingbeats of dragons beyond. The air that rushed into the stagnant halls was indeed damp, carrying moisture that would cling to the walls. Rabble, one of his firelizards, noticed this too. She liked to lick the condensation off of the rock when the opportunity came.

Penderton kept his eyes open for the first folk to enter, to see what they said. His attention shifted, however, when Onsk suddenly became quite still. Endersk began to shiver. A dragon screamed outside. A veteran of events like these, Penderton quickly looped his wher’s leashes around his arms. He stood and with soft, encouraging words, tried to coax his girls into moving. The continued cacophony outside meant this time they weren’t going to scrape by without many injuries and the dining hall would be needed for triage.

A rider’s yell sounded much closer, screaming for the gates to be closed. Penderton felt the blood drain from his face. He could see people now, gathering near the gates, trying to do as told. In kind, he began to tug at his wher with a little more force. “We need to move,” he said, trying to instill some courage into them.

Rabble, Rubble and Digger played around in the air around him, but he could tell by their high pitched chirrups that they felt the stress of the situation. He considered, too, that their close position to him and that they refused to fly anywhere else but between him and the doors meant that they were trying to herd him away.

Finally, the wher regained their senses. Before they could take their first steps, however, the boom of the minehall doors being forced entirely open stopped them once more. The sound reverberated in the hall and seemed to shock all six of them. And then that sight- a hunter full grown with one of the bigger Golds of the hold in its mouth like a chew toy, after already ripping through two unfortunate souls. Penderton’s jaw was still dropped when he found his muscles again and forced himself, and his wher, to move.

He lead them to the main tunnel, but his path was slowed as he scooped a child up, and then another, and shouted at everyone still staring to move. If they stood any chance of defending the hold, all of these excess rubber neckers had to get out of the way. He knew that his own crew were nothing better than meat shields, even if Onsk and Endersk had been full grown they stood no chance against the large hunter. His firelizards could have used their agility and dexterity to at least distract and annoy, but the three of them were terrified of the jungle and all of its inhabitants. They didn’t stand a chance, paralyzed by fear as they were.

“Head deep into the tunnels if you cannot fight! Secure your children, your elderly!” Hide your kids, hide your wife, they’re eatin’ errybody out here.

Spoiler for Hidden:
wordcount of 660 or somethin for Premium Poster I, andddd number 5? Not sure if he's in too much danger but you never know n__n

Jo hadn’t realized just how warm it was inside the Weyr Hall until they stepped out into the dark. Fort Island would never get anywhere near as cold as the old Weyr, but it was still significantly cooler—especially with a bit of a breeze sweeping through the Bowl, sucked down into the crater of the dead volcano as it swept over the upper edges. Filaments of grey and white cloud filtered lazily across the sky, swirling over the stars and the moons but not completely obscuring the cosmos. As Quenneca took a quiet moment, Jossekayne was content to look up at the sky and appreciate the sight of it clear of Thread.

Dimly, she could feel Lyrisiveth peeking through her vision to appreciate it too, though she didn’t move from her comfortable position inside their weyr. It’s a beautiful night, the Green crooned, and Jo couldn’t help but agree.

A suitable night for the start of a new turn.

“Farmer and herbalist? That’s a respectable thing.” Jossekayne ran her fingers through her hair, absently twisting the wavy strands of it. “The closest I ever got to working with plants was in the kitchens before I got Searched. I’m not sure I’d be very good at it. What’s your favorite thing to grow?”

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello!
« on: February 13, 2018, 08:11:35 PM »

I'd like to officially say hi!
As it's already been said in the cbox, crafters and holders are always outweighed by our riders, but the good thing about here is that we don't really "need" anything. Anyone's free to make whomever they feel.
I found the Wanted Ads that Sanctified mentioned perfect for being able to slot into some pre-made character dynamics.
Your ideas seem awesome so far, if you've got any questions there'll always be some of us floating around <3

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello!
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I will have to look at the ads.
I am not sure what I am going to make..... I am curious as to what the RPG needs as I teend to make PCs based on game needs first and then fun following.

In other Pern rps I have played a Dolphineer without a dolphin, who attempted to become Pern's first Dolphin Healer but impressed a green Dragon
I have a Mindhealer apprentice in another game
And I have a blue rider who came from Harper Hall......

Weyr Bowl / Re: She Burned Me Down [ 30.09.2590 // 8am ] Jossekayne
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It had been a surprise to Jo when Y’an pulled her aside at the start of the day to explain she’d be working with someone other than a Fisher. From the information he’d given her, the Glass-smiths were in need of more sand from the Cove, and she’d ended up with the duty of safeguarding the one sent to collect it. Since they might be inclined to wander the length of the beach rather than stay near the Fisher’s docks, the leaders of the Wing had thought it best to assign an escort of sorts. That way, on the off chance that something went wrong, they would not be left defenseless.

Ideally, though, the larger Bronzes and Browns would stop any threat before it really reached the beach.

Lyrisiveth herself was excited about the prospect of doing something different. What d’you think they’ll be like? Walking sedatedly alongside her rider, the Green looked down at Jossekayne with eyes whirling an eager blue-green. Maybe fun?

//If we’re lucky.// Pulling her goggles off from where they hung around her neck, Jo hooked them on the belt of her riding leathers. She shook out her long dark hair then and stretched until lingering tension left her shoulders.

Moving up from the beach, she looked around to spot her charge for the day. And when she did, her steps actually faltered a moment.

What is it, my love?

//It’s him again.// How many times were they going to meet by such chance? If there was such a thing as fate, it seemed determined to throw them together. Jossekayne wouldn’t even have minded, if she thought Vironethian was going to be anything other than sour. Inwardly, she resigned herself to the fact that the morning’s duties were probably going to be exasperating.

She finished crossing the distance between them. Cocking one hip and resting a hand upon it, she made a show of looking over him and his wher. “What a surprise.”

Jossekayne hadn’t thought, of all the Smiths she might be working with, it would be this one.

Weyr Bowl / She Burned Me Down [ 30.09.2590 // 8am ] Jossekayne
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Vironethian growled, the sound rivalling Virosk at his most annoyed, as he trudged down from the Weyr. He hated being supervised, like an dimglow child that couldn't know to stay within eyesight of riders, or stay far enough away from the water so he didn't get dragged in by beach snakes. That's why Virosk came with him, regardless of the blue's distaste for the fine sand which got all over him.

It would've been nice if he'd been given any indication of the rider which was to accompany him today. But no, it was just an annoying 'Remember to pick up your rider today' as if he ever forgot, rather than simply ignoring the need for one.

When Virosk felt like he reached a good vantage point to wait for the rider to be found, he simply flopped to the ground, effectively preventing Vironethian from waiting his predetermined 2 seconds and storming off, announcing that he didn't need supervision from someone who was late. Somehow, the vicious little thing was tempering him. Faranth what was the world coming to?

Arms crossed, he waited. Refusing to go and ask questions of the surrounding riders, checking to see whether any one of them were waiting for him. No, whomever it was could just come and find him, and then he could go collect his sand in complete and utter silence.


New Members Introduction / Re: Hello!
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Welcome, officially! I'm glad you decided to join us. ^_^ Just ask if you have any questions.

Are you leaning toward any one type of character or another so far? I'm curious to see what sort you make!

New Members Introduction / Hello!
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Hiyas I'm Bonnie!

I thought I would drop in and say hi and introduce myself while I debate what I want to play....

I have been rping in Pern for a long time and usually play a healer, Harper, or dragonrider.....


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