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Hatching Sands / Event Some Blessed Tradition [ 20.7.2591; 8:15 PM ]
« on: Today at 11:57:14 AM »

With how much was going on in the Weyr, and the addition of a Black Weyrsecond, it was almost nice that this particular clutching was just normal. Halirina might not like Vanelwynne, but at least the woman and her Gold had the good sense to be traditional. To fall in line with what was expected.

Faranth knew what would happen if B’ron actually lost to a Black dragon. She suspected the ban on dueling wouldn’t top the ensuing rampage. The man wouldn’t go into retirement any quieter than Halirina likely would. Especially if the way the Weyr seemed to be heading was... well, a bit chaotic. The Weyrwoman wouldn’t say that the new colors were an ill omen, but she could say they were problematic and not have Kalestath argue that particular point.

No matter how well they might be doing or that they were displacing the Bronze dragons in the upper ranks, it was causing unrest. Not everyone liked change. Least of all those who had relied so heavily on the hierarchy and tradition of the Weyr, the stability provided, to survive the Pass.

So, it was with a bit of relief, that Halirina received the news of Oriath’s clutch being laid. She could only guess what manner of dragon would hatch out of Imyth’s clutch, but this one... This clutch would be a welcomed dose of normalcy on the island. Even if it meant meeting up with Vanelwynne and B’ron. Halirina didn’t say it, but she was quietly looking forward to seeing the pair. The Weyr was starting to feel... different. Off. Almost out of control and there wasn’t much she could do about it but adapt and deal with things as it all fell on them.

Kalestath didn’t offer any sort of consolation. The Queen didn’t see anything wrong with the Weyr changing to accommodate the additional dragons, or the new life they had at the island. Granted, she couldn’t really remember the past so she didn’t have any attachment to it. All she remembered, she did through Halirina. There was nothing personal in it for Kalestath. She was responsible for all the dragons in the weyr, no matter their color. Whatever happened, they’d deal with it. It wasn’t something she said to Halirina though, because her Rider already knew that and they weren’t the sort of pair to share platitudes.

Arriving at the Hatching Sands with Oriath looming over her clutch of fresh eggs always gave Halirina a sense of heavy nostalgia. The Hatching Sands were just that sort of place. New riders born as their dragons broke into existence. Now a happier time than the somber occasion back in the Pass. Not that the Golds were any less ominous, threatening, or broody. A clutch was a clutch no matter the time it was laid.

“Fifteen eggs,” Vanelwynne said by way of greeting, saving Halirina the time to count. A beautiful pile of glistening, freshly laid eggs near the Gold. It’d have been difficult to get an accurate count anyway.

Halirina dipped her head in a nod of greeting. “A lovely clutch.” No one need said that it was half of Kalestath’s. The Senior Weyrwoman was still trying to figure out why her Gold was still throwing clutch sizes like they were in the middle of a Pass. The others had gotten the idea...

Unless the threat to the island was hardly over. No surprise there, Halirina supposed.

It doesn’t matter the clutch size, only that they are all healthy, the Queen remarked amicably before, specifically to Oriath and her mate, she said, A beautiful clutch. Paying her respects in kind. Now that her own were hatched and away from her, she was a more level headed dragon.

Now that Halirina had arrived and the eggs were slowly hardening, others could show to pay their respects and take a glimpse at the future of the Weyr.

Spoiler for OOC:
Didn't we just have Hatching? :para: Nevertheless, Pern stops for no one. Here's a brand new batch of eggs. As always, there's an OOC thread where you can check in should you like. :love:

OOC Hang Out / Re: What does your username mean?
« on: October 12, 2018, 03:23:05 AM »
Soooooo I needed a forum name that sounded like a name. Cause I'd seen some which didn't really feel namey to me, that always just felt weird calling a person whatever it was. AND it was Pern forum. So I thought of the -th suffix. And then I was like... writing... quill motif... ink... Inkith!

So originally the name was Inkith, and still is across other non-RP sites that I joined like deviantart and such. Then the natural nickname Inki came out of it, which is very close to my real name and seemed to suit. Therefore, when I moved over to SWW I decided to go with the shortened name 'cause it's cute.

That's my story! Reading that a lot of the above are people's real names is very cool since mine morphed that way eventually. (YOUR NAME IS BEE?! It's lovely)

OOC Hang Out / Re: What does your username mean?
« on: October 11, 2018, 10:14:09 PM »
I call myself Bee because my name is Bee!

I'll use hatefulhoneybee if three letters is too short a handle for the domain, or if plain old Bee is already taken.

IRL I often introduce myself as "Bee like the bug" since a lot of people hear Dee or Vee, or think it's short for Beatrice and spell it Bea.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:52:43 PM »
“Hey, Meica.” He might not have interacted with the little Green as much as P’ar or even Zeketh, but it was still nice to see her. Familiar. So when she flapped over to him, R’kan was happy enough to greet her. He could feel Hisketh’s attention stray toward him briefly, but there was no jealousy in her. Not for him saying hello to a friend.

It was a relief, too, to see the introductions so far go just fine. Not that R’kan had really been worried; P’ar was laidback enough it hadn’t ever entered into his mind that he might be uneasy about the color he’d Impressed. And Hisketh had no reason to dislike the man. She’d seemed to largely accept whatever opinions her rider came with about other people that he already knew.

“I guess I won’t keep you long, then.” His lopsided grin was back as he glanced back up at the Blue rider. Surely P’ar would want to get a fair bit of rest before having to leave for another assignment so early in the morning. A little more softly, he did add, “It’s nice to see you, though.”

Hisketh was curious when the older dragon peered into the weyr, studying him just as she had his rider. She even leaned back a little where she’d sat, as though from the force of the Blue’s words filling her mind. But she wasn’t bothered, and was precocious enough even fresh out of the shell to take the hint at what he said. Yes. There was no point in denying what he’d said. I’m sorry if we were bothersome. We didn’t know how rude we were being.

She’d learned that right quick with another dragon poking around between her and R’kan. And her own words might be much faster than Zeketh’s, but she didn’t mind waiting for a response either. So far, she was just curious to meet those that she’d already learned were important to R’kan.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:41:34 PM »
Wow, rude!

The dragon's voice was distraught, and he curled into her as she wrapped her arms protectively around him. Ki'ki clenched her fists in the effort to hold back a punch, upset that her dragon was upset, upset that her dragon was eating her upset and getting more upset, and the bad feelings fed on each other like a snake eating itself.

But. She would have to let Aellath down to start a fight, and really, she was here to make friends, right? They were playing poker. They were having a very good time right now playing dragon poker. She made a mental note, though, to challenge some of them to honorable combat at dawn, weapon: fists. She thought that, once defeated, these boys would also be pretty good friends. They just had to get the business first.

"It's okay," she told Aellath quietly, as Ysveta mercifully dealt them a hand. "Sometimes when people who think they are very important all get in one place, they have to see who is most important, and it's a very stressful time for them. What none of them know is that you are the most important."

Honestly, who let boys do anything. All of them may as well just yoink out their privates and start measuring them. She was willing to bet none of them had successfully satisfied a woman.

Aellath sniffed and propped himself up, little claws on her wrists, trying to look at the cards. She had the makings of something not-terrible here.

"Are we betting anything?" she asked, eagerly.

Tread carefully next time.

A petty display of dominance, his dragon said, low and tightly constrained. The claw had missed Nicynth, and the green had bounded on, which was probably most of the reason Liorith hadn't thrown down the challenge and fought another black so soon after fighting the first. Naeharie bit his bottom lip hard, feeling briefly but entirely sick, unwilling to look at the black rider in charge of the dragon, thinking about the rakes down Liorith's side. He repeated, They're not that frightening.

They were, but that was immaterial. Naeharie felt the name slot into his mind, Karrimuth. This black seemed, at least, less overwhelmingly horrid as the one he had seen on the Sands--but there truly were no good ones, were there? Tread carefully next time, a black smoke whisper, hissing, swiping, cursing his sister. A silvery pall of eager tooth, this vicious hunter, this Karrimuth.

Feet forward, Liorith said gently. He had been telling Naeharie this a lot since hatching, so short a time ago. Naeharie had been taking a lot of shambling steps forward. It was exhausting.

But they had a lesson to reach. And then they had a roommate to stalk. To tell the truth, Naeharie was terrified of him, as well. He hated to think that he might be off to stir up trouble for them; what could have happened over the course of one evening? What could he have done? Perhaps Naeharie had screamed in his sleep. Perhaps Thrane was letting the weyrlingmaster know that he was unsettled, deranged. But Xaeybl hadn't indicated he'd done anything too odd. He hadn't screamed in a while.

He really wished Xaeybl could have championed their cause, but somehow they had been noticed. Naeharie had light feet and a good head for hiding in crowds; but he supposed his dear Xaeybl and excitable Nik were less equipped for stealth.

He gave Xaeybl and Nik a forlorn look, exaggerating his frown slightly, and glanced pointedly down to their feet. Focusing on this might keep his mind off whatever fate had in store for them in J'ken's office.

OOC Hang Out / Re: What does your username mean?
« on: October 11, 2018, 06:56:35 PM »
Mine's just a weird attempt to feminize my real name after every start-of-the-schoolyear began with my teacher giving me a confused look when I responded to roll call. My elementary school also had a few teachers that liked to start the year's seating chart with boys on one side and girls on the other, before said teacher ever met any of the kids.. so. My entire life I've gotten "Oh, what is Drew short for?" and it isn't short for anything, my mom just decided to make my life revolve around that question and the always awkward "oh" followup. My first job I had to wear a nametag so this conversation happened multiple times a day.

plus I'm kind of fatalistic so drewliet/juliet/romeo&juliet or something.

in highschool I used Drewly because that was more.. playful. Drewliet is for srs business. But also Drew is fine because eventually I decided my name is okay.

OOC Hang Out / OOC What does your username mean?
« on: October 11, 2018, 06:27:41 PM »
Pretty self explanatory. Just a silly thread of... well. Yeah. 8D Share!

Long, long time ago, I was going to join a starwars RP. It was new and fancy and shiny, and I wanted a new and fancy name that wasn't associated to, say, my fantasy rp stuff. I also wanted a name I could use that wouldn't pop up with the whole "that name is taken" other places. I messed around with a lot of opposite-ish names, cause I liked the idea of it. Eventually, through thesaurus-ing and creativity, I came upon SanctifiedSavage. I loved it so much, I've been using it for the better part of.... err.... years. 5+

I used to go by Countess, and a couple of other names, because I thought they were  pretty or neat. Just something I liked. However >_> In a lot of places, most were taken or too fantasy-ish that people couldn't figure out how to say them or relate to them. Hence me wanting something that would be uniquely mine and... easy to recognize.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: October 11, 2018, 06:03:49 PM »
P’ar, in turn, studied the little Red but it wasn’t with the same, scrutinizing intensity. Rather, he was just admiring the little dragon that had been brought into his weyr. Appreciating her for what she was. Meica, likewise, seemed just curious about what she was and what she looked like. Once her observation was complete, she chirped, and flapped over to say hello to Rinokan. She knew him far more than she knew the dragonet.

The Blue Rider kept some distance between them, reflexively knowing he should because of the red. When she greeted him, he smiled some and felt Zeketh stir on the ledge. The Blue was notoriously protective of his Rider’s headspace, even when it came to little dragons doing something as simple as greeting. He let out a long sigh, not of irritation or exasperation, but more  to accompany his movement. Neutral, while Zeketh shifted to get a better look at what was going on. “I’m pleased to meet you, Hisketh,” he replied, looking at her as he did.

Sensing his dragon’s curiosity, P’ar took a casual step to the side so his blue might see the dragon. Leaving Zeketh to his own devices, P’ar turned his attention back to Rinokan. “You were just in time. I’m set to leave before sunrise tomorrow morning. I’d suspected you were busy, so I hadn’t wanted to bother you. I understand how much of a handful dragons can be, especially young ones.”

After a long moment, Zeketh spoke directly to Hisketh, You and your siblings were loud when you hatched. His thought was slow and deep, a rolling statement that would likely, unintentionally, fill her mind. He might speak slow, and low, but he wasn’t soft spoken or timid. Neither was he annoyed, but rather, making a statement that was, to Zeketh, obviously important.

P'ar was not privy to the thought.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Magnetic Everything [14.07.2591, 4:30 PM] Flight
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:41:40 PM »
Sath trailed higher than the green until she went too high. Thin air never did a dragon any good, so he flared his wings, let the others pass, and canted himself so that he could trail her somewhere a little lower. Easier to breathe, easier to watch. The wind held him aloft, miniscule wing adjustments keeping Sath where he wanted to be. His head twisted so that he could ever keep an eye on her. It didn’t even occur to the Brown that she’d be caught this high up.

When she started the dive, she hung, for just a moment. Graceful, suspended, then the world sped up and he was after her. Like chasing a wherry. Sath spilled the air from his wings and let gravity pull him down. Any time the wind sought to pull him off course, a flap of a wing, a flick of his tail, kept him on track. Sath could dive. He had to hunt when he was away from the Weyr and knew how to catch those that did not want to be caught.

W’sar took a deep breath when he felt Sath, felt them, prepare for the dive. Shoulders tensed, he felt the familiar flip in his body that always happened as the world turned and the sky rushed by. He didn’t lose his footing, didn’t lose where he was, but it was so damned difficult not to feel dazed. Vertigo was real during a flight. Feeling solid on the ground but not in your own mind. W’sar let his dragon do the flying, though. Sath knew better than he, he was just along for the thrilling ride.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Magnetic Everything [14.07.2591, 4:30 PM] Flight
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:33:35 PM »
She felt sufficiently chased, that was for sure. Up and up and up, every pump of her wings harder than the last. The purple of her eyes was bleeding into red, angry now that she’d been denied a kill. If she’d blooded, this could have been a real battle. Her physical talent wasn’t going to win her any further favors, something had to give.

/Let’s bring them back down,/ C’dus suggested. He felt terribly lightheaded. He couldn’t remember them flying this high before and the thinning atmosphere had her, and therefore his, concentration slipping. C’dus would not allow her to level out and bring her suitors somewhere other than over the bowl, but he did not want her to go any higher.

He felt her fight him, but her strength was failing fast and she did not want to give any of the males an advantage in her distraction. She calculated the moment, waiting for the wind to swell and for the other dragons to surely try to take advantage of it. As it came, she brought her own wings in tight and twisted down in a somersault motion. C’dus’s stomach plummeted and he stumbled back until his back met the wall, or his bed, or whatever rider happened to be in the way.

Tilioth shot down like an arrow. Her slight form, wings tucked and limbs pulled in, provided little resistance to the gusts that she hoped were wracking the larger dragons. She knew that gravity would favor them, but if she managed to get a head start this whole affair might last a little longer. She wasn’t sure what would happen if she reached the ground at this speed, but then the pair of them had never been known for holding back.

It was difficult to reconcile that he’d had Hisketh for such a short time. Before Impressing, R’kan would have thought the first morning after Impression would be disorienting, as he realized all over again that there was a new presence in his head that he’d have for the rest of his life. Rather than that, though, it had just felt right; it had taken the darling little Red insistently telling him that she needed fed again to really get him out of bed. Even seeing the shapes of other people in the room wasn’t really unusual, since Candidacy had mandated roommates too. These were different ones, but nothing new beyond that.

Nevertheless, it made him a bit wistful to think someday he and Hisketh would have a weyr all to themselves. R’kan had never really known what that was like. He’d always had to share space, and often hand-me-down belongings from his older brothers since he was so much younger. But things would be different now, and not just because of his dragon.

The rest of the day had largely consisted of more feedings, oiling Hisketh’s itchy patches, and naps. No matter that he’d gotten more than a full night of sleep at the end of the previous day, he still felt exhausted. No doubt that was her influence, his Red bonded’s own post-hatching sleepiness bleeding over into him still. For someone like R’kan, who was usually full of restless energy, it was almost a relief that he didn’t have to be awake without her.

Getting summoned for their first official meeting as weyrlings had been its own brand of interesting… until R’kan realized that there wasn’t much to it. Their dragonets were still too young to be taught anything meaningful, so not having a solid plan for now did make sense… but that didn’t disappoint him any less. The entire world had seemed to open up around him the moment he Impressed to Hisketh. Having to wait now to begin his actual education as a rider was excruciating.

Leaning back in the chair he’d claimed, R’kan propped his feet on the desk and tucked his hands behind his head. Might as well get comfortable given they were being left to chat now while J’ken dealt with whatever the Bronzer wanted. Shifting on his lap, Hisketh curled up once again so that she was better balanced, tail absently flicking as she watched the other Reds running. But at least for now, she had no interest in taking part. Instead, she greeted the next nearest dragonet with a mild, Good evening, the same moment R’kan addressed their rider: “I don’t think I caught your name.”

Spoiler for OOC:
Whoever wants to be the pair they’re talking to, bring it on. Figured it’d be a good way for someone else to jump in if they wanted. :D

Vassatiere decided then, that the others were entirely too excitable and mobile for her. All noisy and rambunctious. It wasn’t that Vassatiere had anything against them – she knew morning people and those that had entirely too much energy – she just didn’t know what to do or say to them. Vassatiere couldn’t begin to imagine they’d have anything in common besides the fact that they’d all impressed.

Was that a basis for a conversation?

Proof enough that one of the people who sat next to her was just all over the damn place. Dragon everywhere and it was just...

You’re thinking too much, he remarked on her lap, peering at D’via. He did not have the desire to run off or away from Vassatiere, as the other red had left their bonded, and instead was too busy judging this other person.

Right. So. “Vassatiere,” she said by way of introduction, steady and clipped. She just... didn’t have anything else to add.

It was almost with some relief that she saw Na’va. Not because she was friends with Na’va, but because she... well, knew of Na’va. They were roommates, for whatever that was worth, and the woman wasn’t as excitable or quick to movement as some others might be. Better her than someone who was going to be over zealous in their desire to speak to her.

So, Vassatiere managed the faintest of smiles, which was a step in the right direction for her, and said, “Good morning,” to Na’va. That was... what people said to one another.

Ysolth, likewise, knew Derraseth. Without the risk of leaving Vassatiere’s lap, he batted at the other Red’s tail and leg. Just about whatever he could reach, playing with him.

@Jarakrisafis @Inki

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 05:11:08 PM »
The young ones are planning something. The Bronze sounded intrigued, and perhaps a little put out that he hadn’t been the one to extend a social invitation. We ought to go, make sure the unnatural things behave themselves.

Ever since Kalestath’s last clutch, the pair of them had been on a renewed edge. Sure, things had gone pretty good, but how long would that luck hold out? T’rel was sure that having some fifteen plus Red dragons running around was bound to cause chaos of some form. Not to mention the age of some of them that had Impressed. He knew not to underestimate younger weyrlings, not when T’vye and T’kos were exemplary in their own right, but they were Bronzers for a reason. They weren’t just the riffraff that every other respectable dragon had passed up.

/In a sec, my dude. Can’t be the first to show up to a party, am I right?/ T’rel tousled his own hair, still damp from his evening bath and decided on a clean but tattered shirt whose sleeves had gone missing and whose hem ran a little high so that one might glimpse his (in his opinion) spectacular abs. Paired with his riding leathers and bare feet it was any wonder his mother had ever allowed him out in public.

A short whistle summoned Stud, who was then instructed to keep a very good watch on their room. “We’re off to battle,” he told the Brown, solemnly. “Hold down the fort, but mourn for me if I don’t return. Never forget me, little bro.” He fist bumped one of the flit’s head knobs, receiving a musical and determined trill in response.

After some more hair tousling and a final glance at his room, perhaps memorizing where each and every thing was, he and Nynath waltzed down toward the commons. It was his luck to walk in just in time to hear an “Oi, fuck off” and the rest, to which his attention snapped to the one speaking and then to whom he was speaking at. He wasn’t especially surprised that T’vye had garnered such attention, but he wasn’t happy about it.

T’rel continued his slow, loping pace until he stood beside his roommate. His hands clenched and relaxed, a brief gesture that might be missed, but he hoped not. A lazy smile spread over his face but he didn’t say anything. Nynath, similarly, sauntered to where Aitorith had lain.

The room was a weird blend of emotion. At the very least, T’rel knew enough about young dragons to know that a situation like this could easily escalate and then easily confuse the new hatchlings. Even Nynath wasn’t quite old enough to be deemed safe from such a disruption. He didn’t want to add to it, but then again he’d never been one to back down from a fight.

Fighting them would be stupid, Nynath observed. We are piteously outnumbered.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 05:09:18 PM »
D'via sank a little further into her blanket, not happy that the two bronzeriders were behind her where she couldn't see them, or see what had just happened. One of them was just much bigger even if he sounded nice, aloof, but nice. The other one was just an ass and she didn't trust him, he was from last years clutches and his bronze was already big.

She grabs her cards, paying attention to Ysveta to take her mind of the bronzeriders and frowns. It's a little complicated but she's sure she can get the hang of it and she smiles at D'vik's offer. “I think 'Daith wants her own cards but any help would be good.”

Well, what did we get?

“You can't tell anyone except D'vik and Heppath.” D'via cautions her quietly, “if you tell everyone we'll lose.”

Anedaith pushes at her hand with her nose. I won't say anything. She promises and D'via holds them a little further away from her body so Anedaith can look. She's not sure if she's seeing the cards themselves or just pulling the numbers from D'via's brain, but she seems happy enough with what they've been given.

“Errrm, are they any good?” She asks D'vik, tilting them his way. He doesn't get to answer before her eyes widen in anger, Anedaith isn't a mutation, she's just perfect as she is. Anedaith picks up her thoughts and turns to view the bronzes, easily picking out the loud mouthed ass and hissing at him. She snickers a little at R'kan's comment. It's uncouth, sure, but it's perfectly true.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 05:01:02 PM »
D'vik stumbled back with a start as the young bronze surged towards him, instinctively going to brandish the chair he was holding in front of him as a form of defense before Thrane stepped in front  of him. Shards and shells, a week ago he'd been fully prepared to protect himself from onrushing dragonets but he'd thought the need for that long over now. The strange voice crashed into his head with the force of an onrushing migraine, but vanished again just as quickly, leaving only a strangely tingly trace reminiscent of Anedaith bespeaking him directly. Heppath dashed out from under the chair and came skidding to a halt against his knee, flaring her wings at Theulth and hissing at the dragon twice her size.

S'ok Hep, hush, he thought to her, nudging the tiny red with his knee whie holding up his free hand in supplication and surrender to Thrane. "Sorry man. No harm intended," he said, stepping back even as Thrane turned away.

Note to self: No touchy the bronzerider.

Retreating to his spot next to D'via, happy to forget the whole incident, he leaned in with interest at the mention of poker. "Don't worry," he said quietly, knowing that she wasn't a big player. "You can team up with me, I'll show you how it's done."

Ysveta had barely gotten into explaining how the game was played (which he knew already, but he was happy for her to do the telling since it was her deck) before his ears started burning. Unsavory company? He turned, frowning, to the strange bronzerider that had so loudly condemned their entire group even as R'kan (Faranth bless his heart) swore over all their heads. Fucking shards, he needed some popcorn.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Jarakrisafis @Phoenyx

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 04:34:36 PM »
Dragon poker sounded great. He hadn’t played it in a while—probably not since he’d been Searched, unless he missed his guess. The decks R’kan had been familiar with before had belonged to family members or other Miners, but never to him; and during Candidacy, he’d never really known (or cared) enough about his fellow students to insert himself into their games. But now with things being what they were, trying a little harder probably wouldn’t go amiss. And with more and more of his classmates coming out of the woodwork to lend themselves to the game, it’d be as good of a time to be more social with them as any. Doubly so since they’d be engaged in an activity that he actually liked.

Hisketh too was intrigued since the intention seemed to be that they’d both get to play. That way you can’t cheat off me, she crooned to him as they neared the table and gathering weyrlings. R’kan spared her a glare, and was treated to her mental laughter for it.

He didn’t often bother trying to reach her telepathically, but this time it’d be stupid to say anything out loud. //I don’t cheat.// Assuring his dragon of that wouldn’t invite much confidence from the others. And while he really didn’t, R’kan wasn’t stupid. Opening himself up to that kind of suspicion would just add tension to a game that was meant to be relaxed.

R’kan again got the sensation that his dragon was picking through his thoughts, though her touch left something to be desired since she wasn’t yet old enough to have learned finesse. (A thought which earned him a nip to one ankle.) Maybe not. But I wouldn’t put it past you trying to pull something over on me.

All good-natured and in jest.

Neither of them had really expected anyone to snag a specific spot for them, but Hisketh purred happily when Karrimuth reached out to her, appreciative of the larger male’s apparent politeness. We’d love to, she thrummed back, and directed R’kan that direction like a mother wher herding a hatchling. How thoughtful of you. Whether it really was or not, she didn’t much care. The short amount of time they’d been living together, she’d already observed Karrimuth’s preference for his personal space. And as small as she was—and intending to sit on R’kan’s lap so she could see the table anyway—she would hardly need the extra space.

“Hey,” her rider greeted as he sat next to Veryk. “I think someone said dragon poker.” Moments before the girl with the deck—Ysveta?—confirmed that’s indeed what they were going to be playing.

Seated where they were, it was impossible to not overhear the conversation between the Bronzer in their class and the other weyrling. R’kan didn’t really know who the other one was, but his attitude caught the ex-Miner’s attention right quick. Turns ago, he might have not agreed with the kid per se, but he mightn’t have said anything against his little rant either. Now, though, with his bond to Hisketh so fresh, and his love of her so strong, he found words coming out of his mouth before he had a chance to really stop them. (Not that he would have in the first place.) They hardly needed a Bronzer to defend them, which sparked his brief, almost gleeful anger even more. “Oi, fuck off, you ugly tunnel snake. No one cares about your fucking opinion.”

R’kan judged the matter settled then—whether it rightly was or not—and turned his attention back to Ysveta as she dealt their hand. He could tell Hisketh was a mix of amused and exasperated with him, but she was quickly distracted as he let her climb into his lap, within the circle of his arms, and showed her the cards they’d been given.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Kyya for Karrimuth and T’vye :bird:

Naeharie had spent the majority of their walk in looking at the ground, studying its every scuff, crack and pebble for the magical door that would allow him to pass peacefully and quietly into another dimension. The universe failed to open itself up to him. This was not unexpected, but it was certainly unwelcome. His focus on Xaeybl's feet had kept him moving in the right direction.

They're not that frightening. The dragon, Naeharie's new bonded, had chiefly been keeping his eyes on Nicynth, watching as she propelled herself scattershot through the halls like as if an extremely erratic hunter were giving her chase, seemingly prepared to jump in but not yet seeing the need. But his mind stayed close and warm to Naeharie; he seemed more solid and dependable, fresh out the egg, than most adults Naeharie had interacted with for over a decade.

Granted, that bar was set fairly low.

Liorith could catch his emotional drift, if you say so, without him even needing to articulate it. He rubbed once against his leg, and followed Naeharie after Xaeybl. Hers was one of the few touches that didn't make his skin itch, and he knocked back against her, absorbing the first schedule with equanimity. He liked having things written on a nice slate. Where could be acquire such a nice slate?

The meeting was too brief, and then they are all left to talk among themselves. The only person he was really interested in socializing with was already right beside him, so he followed her gaze to--ah, was their new roommate trying to make a break for it already? Naeharie hadn't even said anything to him. To his recollection, he hadn't even blinked. Or, really, moved at all. Sometimes they can't see you if you don't move.

mammoth as the mountain peaks, far too strong for you, he sleeps nearby but should he try, he's one and you are two.

Delicately, Liorith said, This is less pleasing than your others. Also, we are four, Nik and I will also dispatch him.

Liorith was right. Peaks did not rhyme with tries, he had lost the scheme. He still liked the internal rhyme in the third line, though; he should try to salvage it. He supposed if he were using this to remember his new roommate's name, he ought to have the name in it somewhere, too. Liorith was a good workshop partner.

I'm concerned you've sailed 'round the actual point I was making.

Naeharie gave a small, friendly shrug to his dragon, and mirrored Xaeybl's raised eyebrows, pursing his lips knowingly. With any luck at all Xaeybl would be offended enough by whatever next came out of their roommate's mouth and challenge him to honorable combat. He nodded a little in his direction, indicating they might keep a closer ear.

Nicynth ricocheted off one her siblings with a cheerful, absentminded Sorry! as they entered the commons and Xaeybl grinned, feeling nothing but fond indulgence for the clumsy dragonet that she’d bonded. Xaeybl honestly wouldn’t have cared if Nicynth had two left feet--I might, Nicynth speculated, not sounding in the least bit concerned--the tiny dragonet was perfect just the way she was.

Xaeybl knocked shoulders with Naeharie, and headed towards the front where she snagged a chair. Nicynth leaned up against her shins, chirping in cheerful greeting to J’ken as they settled down to listen. The schedule was what she’d been expecting, and she glanced around the room as they were dismissed to mingle. She recognized more people than she actually knew, so it would be good to start putting names to faces.

She stood, stretching absently, and watched their roommate walk over to talk to J’ken, raising a brow when she overheard the topic of discussion. What could possibly be wrong with his living arrangements. She glanced at Naeharie to see what he made of the situation.

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Pleasure. Mine is R’kan. With both of them seeming to be settling toward sleep, Hisketh didn’t prolong the conversation. But she approved of how it had gone nevertheless. Short, sweet, and perhaps she’d made a new acquaintance if not a new friend.

R’kan, for his part, was perplexed and then immediately delighted by the flood of words headed his way. While he’d heard of the Weyrlingmaster that spoke differently, he’d never had reason to interact with him before—but there was no doubt this must be him. And fuckin’ Between, R’kan had to pick through what the man was saying to even begin to understand it at all. Even then, he only could manage broad strokes; but everything seemed like a compliment, and he couldn’t help but grin. Still riding high on the joy of having Impressed Hisketh, hearing someone else agree that she was a great dragon was an easy way to make him happy.

“Thanks. She’s pretty, ain’t she?” Hisketh purred sleepily as she listened in on his conversation. “I’m, uh… R’kan. That’s Hisketh.” Right. Hopefully he’d get used to that sooner than later. It wasn’t out of a sense of it not fitting. It was just new.

If his guess wasn’t off, the Weyrlingmaster was asking if Hisketh was a girl. Which made sense, since the Reds were the only color that could be both. “And yeah, she’s a girl.” The rest of what Wa’by said, he had no idea about. Who was Vicky?

“Room four?” Great. Whoever Dicko was, R’kan had no idea. And had he Impressed to a Blue then? He supposed he’d find out, one way or the other. After thinking for a moment, he shook his head, glancing reflexively back at Hisketh where she was watching them lazily. “Nah, I think that’s it.”


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Want to give a lovely shout out to the new people divin' in, makin' lovely characters. It's great to see people getting inspired and creating things with us.

And of course I love the people who have stuck around all this time. Where would I be without you all?

Derraseth allowed Na'va to pull him back onto her lap again, and instead spread himself as much as his tiny body could. His tail and neck only barely hanging down on either side of Na'va's thighs. Rainbow eyes whirled slowly as he blinked sleepily at the rich red nearby him. She had a pleasant voice.

Derraseth. My rider is Na'va. He responded even as he flipped over lazily, staring at Hisketh upside-down as Na'va oiled his underside.

Na'va snorted at her reds behaviour, even in his sleep state wanting to be just that little different from everyone else. The other dragons, he thought, were either being proper in their requests to their bondeds, or overly loved up with them. Derraseth didn't feel the need to wax eloquent to Na'va, they both knew they were on the same side now, it didn't have to be said aloud.

For her part, Na'va stared wide-eyed at the other assistant Weyrlingmaster.

Was he speaking Pernese?

She was damn thankful that he wasn't talking to her because she definitely wouldn't have been able to help herself. Na'va supposed she'd heard it vaguely back at the Hall, but it definitely surprised her to hear the accent from a dragonrider of all people. As it was, she sniggered a little to herself as she stood, taking the dozing off Derraseth with her.

Derraseth stirred enough to hiss at J'ken, for as much as he had been distracted by the conversation  with his red sister, didn't mean that he hadn't felt the emotions which had settled in Na'va as she decided her opinion of each of them. So far, it seemed, Derraseth would enjoy hissing at almost every one of the Weyrlingmasters.

With a happy twitch of his tail at that thought, Derraseth and Na'va headed out of the feeding pavilion and to room six.

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Cinnacai wanted to smile, wanted to grin at the commendation that their task was receiving. But it didn't seem quite... appropriate, given they'd lost Inviditar. But all of them had known of the danger the task presented itself before they'd agreed to go.

For her part, her reasons weren't quite so noble as the others might have been. They had their reasons grounded more fully in the idea of restoring their crafts by reviving what ancient customs they could, when they could. And there was no doubt that the Skycoursers, should they prove successful, would be incredibly useful creatures in protecting the livestock. Cai for her part did partially agree with all of that, but it the idea of climbing the cliffs for a bit of adventure appealed to her quite a bit more than the outcome of the goal.

But she did feel a little proud, staring out at the crowd, knowing that without them the Skycourser rebirth would have taken just that little bit longer to be revealed to the rest of their Halls. Keeping it secret had her almost at the end of her tether, but she'd done it for the others. It was easier keeping them as friends. When the atmosphere had turned away from being so.. somber, she nudged Tayvelle sneakily, knowing the other woman would be stepping forward, and gave her a wink of encouragement.

She'd thought briefly, of a change of pace. Cinnacai would surely have been allowed her pick of the eggs given her part in retrieving them. But her plants required little guarding by air. Cai had decided to leave the training up to those that had bigger stakes in their survival. She'd look on happily from afar knowing she'd played by a small part.

Besides the adventure had been thrilling enough to make up for everything.

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Remira had been called up to the Weyr for some reason. Everyone from the Hall had been, though they wouldn’t say what. She assumed lessons, since it was quite literally all the farmers and herders. Some major announcement, maybe. Whatever it was, message had gone out through fire lizard last night and she’d been told to be ready in the morning.

So she was. There were few things that Remira took as seriously as she did her craft responsibilities. Maybe her whers. Definitely Aly. That was mostly it. Nothing else particularly mattered so much. The animals she looked after relied on her, and she liked that sense of dependency and responsibility. All the lessons and work it took to get where she was at was worth it.

And she was quite happy to be an Apprentice. To Remira, anything more took her away from the hands on work and more into teaching and things she just didn’t want to do.

So, she gathered up like all the others and waited to see what was going on. When she saw Keassa, and a couple others in front of the stable, a lace of panic shot up her spine. Had another runner been slaughtered? No... no... no. Keassa would’ve looked somber, the people behind her would’ve been upset. Rather, there was an energy in the air. Excitement?

When Keassa started talking, Remira frowned a little. Unsure where it was all going. Wherry to guard the rabbits and chickens? They’d been attacked by large, fuck off wherry. Remira remembered that particular incident rather well. Though the more she talked, the more interested Remira became.

Apprentices did occasionally stumble on such records. Details of some wherry and what they were used for, but such things had never been part of their lessons for obvious reasons. There were no wherry to train. To teach. But now?

It wasn’t just about reintroducing the wherry back into Beast Craft. Remira was smart enough to recognize that. It was about returning something lost, something the Pass had taken from them. Beast craft had been struggling to be recognized as a Hall once more and this would go a long way in helping.

Remira nearly jumped out of her skin when Keassa then said they had extra eggs. She damn near ran forward to claim one for herself without a second thought. Aly would understand.

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