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New Members Introduction / OOC hi. everyone
« on: Yesterday at 10:57:59 AM »
My name is Phoenix... I'm a lover of Pern and dragons... well.... whers anyway... I have played in other games but not for quite a while. I'm looking forward to joining your world. I have a son who will hopefully be joining me soon so you'll have both of us posting. I chose healer but I'm more interested in being a guard and possibly fighting the Hunters. I'm a profesional writer in need of a break from publishers. Hope we can have a ton of fun together...

OOC Hang Out / Re: NaNoWriMo
« on: November 14, 2018, 11:42:44 PM »
Just wanted to celebrate hitting 26k. :3 Over halfway done!! November is turning out to be hella busy. Especially with thanksgiving coming up and all that entails. Hope everyone is still truckin' along and making sure life isn't being too much of an ass. <3  :love: <3

OOC Hang Out / OOC NaNoWriMo
« on: November 03, 2018, 03:25:57 AM »
It's already started, but I wanted to give a heads up ( and shout out ) to those that were going to participate. I'm going to try to remain caught up and still post, but I'm going to try and complete this year too. Try to make it a two year streak. 8D

Here be my profile on the site if you'd want to add me as a writing buddy. Good luck to those also writing and to those that are busy with life. :3

Absences / Sporadic Bee
« on: October 28, 2018, 10:11:58 PM »
I've been pretty scarce the last week or so and will likely be very blarrrghhh for the coming week as well! I am very sorry. I had


and continue to have


that have been extremely worthwhile but also extremely taxing. The bulk of the stress should be done by Thursday.

Universal Events / Re: [ 18.7.2587 ] Fateful Times
« on: October 25, 2018, 08:04:30 PM »
R'ael is present! or past. y'know.

Saviavi is working the beach today also, along with Penderton, C'dus/Conandus T'rel/Tylondrel and F'erro/Faelierro. Savi, Penderton and Fae aren't too keen on heroics and book it out of there. Ty and Coco try to help who they can, but candidates doesn't really have the resources to stand against beach snakes and this becomes obvious pretty quickly. They're ordered off the beach.

Droissa and Nieve are within the Weyr, working in the creche and kitchens respectively.

Bekareni and Nealros are probably still sleeping.

Added : SirAlahn

Beach Wing was a station that she did not resent one bit. The island was a welcome change from the cold landscape at Fort and the coast offered everything that her old home had not. The sands were sprawling, lovely and warm, and the ocean stretched for as far as she could see. Nothing felt confining here, and everything seemed possible.

The morning was beautiful. Uramaeth hadn’t been so cheerful in a long time and his focus shifted readily from task to task. While grounded, he fanned his wings out as much as possible so that he might also soak up the sun’s shine while dragging nets. His wings also offered a brief reprieve to those more sun-sensitive, and he was amused to find a few children dashing around his shadow presently. He minced his steps, mindful of them as he backed up along the beach with his net in tow.

Truly, this place was paradise. It felt too good to be true, after all they’d gone through.

Enjoy it, the Brown’s commentary broke R’ael’s thoughts. The work is physical and long but this environment.. I don’t think I ever knew real plants. These untamed spoils, nothing artificially farmed or coaxed into existence. He lifted his head and inhaled deeply, treasuring the scent of life.

R’ael smirked at his words. He’d certainly learned to say pretty things over the years, probably the result of too many chases. She didn’t deign to respond but flicked some fish scales his way. They landed short, but he got the message.

This had become their routine in the short time they’ve been at the island. And so it would have continued, had an abrupt turn of events not unraveled so quickly.

R’ael only saw a brief flurry of activity- water and sand and nothing else. Those closer reacted with panic and so she turned to Uramaeth to see if he’d seen what happened.

No, I don’t know. He crouched on the sand and a few children hugged close to his sides. R’ael left her post but kept a grip on her descaling knife. “Head back to the weyr,” she shouted toward them, figuring getting them out of the way might at least ease the process of figuring out what was going on.

More people were shouting and it seemed that their general intention was to get away from the water. R’ael shook her head and looked up, scanning the skies. There were some clouds but nothing ominous there, what was the issue?

Universal Events / Event [ 18.7.2587 ] Fateful Times
« on: October 25, 2018, 05:33:29 PM »
Fateful Times

18.07.2587 // 9 am

It’s been a minute since we’ve had an event taking place in SWW’s past, so we figured it’s time for another! In this case, it’s time to explore one of the more life-threatening developments that changed the face of Pern:  the discovery of the Beach Snakes.

This date marks the first attack upon the survivors, which means they won’t know what to expect. All characters who could reasonably be present are invited to participate—which extends across most walks of life, given that it was all hands on deck this early in the settlement of the Weyr.

How does this event work?
It functions just like any other event, with the exception that it’s set in the past. However, these are still canonical, which means that we can’t have any ridiculous hijinks. It also means that only characters who could reasonably participate can join.

While the event itself takes place in the past, it also advances the current timeline. As such, you can now post threads up to 18.7.2591 without violating the “no posts past the current event” rule.

Things to Keep in Mind
Here’s a list of some facts about this time during Southern Winds’ history, since they might be helpful for posts:
  • The Pass ended in Month 1 of 2587, with Southern Winds being founded in Month 2.
  • By this date (18.7), 99% of the survivors have been relocated to Fort Island. The new Wings have already been assigned as of Month 4. While the new Weyr is continuing to be developed, all people from all walks of life are being encouraged to help with whatever needs done, including efforts such as fishing.
  • This is the settler’s first encounter with Beach Snakes, and they have yet to encounter the Hunters.
  • Neisoth hatched less than a month ago, on 27.6

IC Thread
Past Events Guide || MNPC Guide

Karowen || Z'nel

Checked In
Saviavi || Penderton || C'dus || T'rel || F'erro || Droissa || Nieve || Bekareni || Nealros
J'ken || Kyrrin

Standard event participation practice applies. Post in the event thread or here giving us a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing at this time. If you miss 5 events in a row, your account will be deemed inactive. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember : we do not require IC participation. Simply post here under your Player account and let us know what's going on with your character.

Past and Possibilities / Event Strike from Below [ 18.7.2587; 9 AM ] || Event
« on: October 25, 2018, 05:33:21 PM »
Despite all that had happened, a tentative atmosphere of optimism had settled over Southern Winds.  So fresh and newly established on the island, there seemed a veneer of paradise over it all. With plentiful wherry in the jungle, a wealth of fish in the Cove, and far more green, living things than almost anyone in living memory had ever seen… it was hard not to hope that the future could be better than the past. Even the recent hatching of a peculiarly dark dragon—the jury was still out, it seemed, on whether Neisoth was a new color or just a particularly deeply-colored Bronze—had little bearing on what seemed to be an inviting new way of life.

Hard work still lay ahead, but the spirit of the Pernese people had risen to greater heights than it had in a long, long time. It was so different to work toward something that seemed real and achievable, rather than being worn down by the constant struggle just to survive for what, to some, no doubt seemed like no reason.

So a large number of Weyrfolk, Holders, Crafters, and Riders alike had gathered on the beach to aid the Fishers with whatever they needed. It wasn’t practical to carry that many people into the jungle to hunt—not when dragons could do so faster and more easily—but fishing? That was something almost anyone could do, even if it was just hauling buckets of the things to those skilled enough with a knife to gut them.

It was even sunny, the heat of the summer cut with some clouds across the sky and a pleasant breeze. A deceptively beautiful day filled with good spirits and hope and chatter.

At least, until some dark shape surged up out of the water at one side of the beach, shedding a flurry of wet sand as something lunged forward and fastened its teeth around the nearest person’s leg—dragging them under and into the swirling, clouded water. It happened fast enough that the first victim didn’t have time to scream until they were already under water, when it did more harm than good.

Fast enough, maybe, that more would be caught off guard as confusion and panic and chaos impeded the effort to understand what was going on… for far more than one of the creatures had been drawn by the activity at the water’s edge with the intention to feed.

Spoiler for OOC:
You can find the OOC info and check-in here. You can feel free to pop in with any PCs so long as their history supports it, and you’re more than welcome to make MNPCs to participate with as well!

You can also read our guide to these events and our guide to Member NPCs, in addition to what information is present in the OOC thread.

Absences / OOC In and out
« on: October 25, 2018, 01:36:16 PM »
Just checking in to say I'm still here. Work was crazy with 12 projects going live 10/1, then dealing with the fallout of 1 of them that is still not yet resolved. I've got another business trip in two weeks, then taking a road trip the week of Thanksgiving, so after all of that things should be settled. I'll try to post here and there when muse calls and I have the time (my poor weyrling is mad I keep making him miss everything  :fear:).


Absences / Re: On the flip side
« on: October 25, 2018, 01:32:31 PM »
Good luck on your exams!!

Announcements & Events / News New Bookmark Mod
« on: October 25, 2018, 12:35:39 AM »
Ability to Bookmark Threads

Hey again, all! In our never-ending efforts to constantly improve Southern Winds, we now have a new modification that will allow you to keep a personal list of bookmarked threads in-site. This can serve as a great way to keep track of informational topics you regularly refer to, favorite RP threads, or anything else you might want to keep track of more easily.

When you're viewing a topic, there will be a button at the upper right, as shown below, that you can click to add that topic to your bookmarks.

You can then view your list of current bookmarks by selecting the option from the main link menu along the top of the forum. You can manage your bookmarks from that list as well.

We hope that this proves useful to all of you. Let us know if you notice anything that seems to be amiss. :love:

Absences / Re: On the flip side
« on: October 24, 2018, 05:49:52 PM »
Good luck with it all! I believe in you. :love:

The things that Faytona spoke of sounded like something out of a fairy tale. As much as Bl’yx had ever been one to fall hard and fast for others, he still didn’t believe in the kind of love at first sight more romantic people swore by. And while that wasn’t precisely what she had said, it still felt… odd. Knowing that in his own heart, that initial rush of affection was always dangerously dizzying infatuation rather than actual love, much less something that would be secure rather than painful and damning… Bl’yx couldn’t really believe that was how she felt.

But Faytona seemed sincere in her own belief of it, and that was worth something. Even if he doubted the true meaning behind what she said, Bl’yx didn’t think the girl had it in her to be purposefully cruel. Nothing in his interactions with her had indicated to him that she was the sort to string someone along or play petty games.

Above all, though, her last murmured sentiment was what freed him from the paralytic fear that had settled over him when she touched his thigh. But rather than bolting as he would have been wont to do in almost any other situations, Bl’yx actually relaxed. Just minutely, but it was still enough.

Faytona wasn’t demanding that he feel the same way. Whether or not he did, it didn’t seem to faze her. Was she truly that good, that secure, that the thought of it didn’t hurt her? That caring about him that way was enough, even if he couldn’t return it?

Bl’yx didn’t know what to say to that. But at least he didn’t feel guilty when he hesitated a moment and then leaned down to kiss her gently.

For a moment, Iskelaith’s attention strayed from Quorith and his passengers. While his bond with L’ok was still secure, it was growing ever more tenuous. And between that worry, that borderline panic and the adrenaline of the situation, the Blue was simply focused on pushing back those that had chased them into the courtyard. Distantly, he was aware of other riders rushing past him, their leathers setting them apart and saving them from his red-eyed rage. But he scarcely noticed whether or not there were other Candidates with them also intent on escaping the chaos of the Hold.

At last, Quorith’s voice reached out to him again. The other Blue was already in the air, clear and away from the crowd. And as other dragons rose into the sky as well, Iskelaith knew he had to leave. He couldn’t linger—nothing in him would let him stay behind while L’ok Betweened to whatever fate awaited him at High Reaches. He would be there, whatever happened.

But without his rider conscious enough to give him an image of their Weyr—again Quorith was his savior, sharing the image that D’rak had managed to summon to mind. I’m here, he told the other Blue, to confirm he was not being lost.

Blinking Between was almost painful. Now that they were away from the site of the violence, Iskelaith’s anger was rapidly giving way to fear. When they finally emerged, he could tell that L’ok was still alive… but he was still drifting between awareness and what felt like a dream.

Don’t leave me, he begged, and shot toward the ground near the entrance to the infirmary. He spotted someone wearing Healer’s colors, as the medics rushed out to greet the returning riders. Propriety, for the moment, didn’t matter as he reached out to them: Help us!

Absences / Re: On the flip side
« on: October 23, 2018, 10:53:03 AM »
Good luck buddy. Eye bee leaf.

Absences / Re: On the flip side
« on: October 22, 2018, 09:36:22 PM »
Good luck with studying and exams! :love:

He should have known it would come to this. Speaking to other humans had never done Naeharie a whole lot of good, and his voicebox's most programmed phrases were probably unsuited for the current milieu. Perhaps he should practice something? His tongue twisted around a benign and banal hello and immediately swallowed it, unvoiced and tasteless. He looked at Xaeybl and cheerfully pantomimed slitting his own throat.

Unslit your throat immediately.

Naeharie repositioned two fingers as his weapon and drew them across his neck in the opposite direction, and smiled guilelessly at his dragon. Liorith nodded approvingly, and then joined Nicynth in scoping out their likeliest companions. Naeharie could feel Liorith's desire to properly socialize him, but to the dragon's credit, he seemed to want to slowly tip-toe Naeharie out into the water, rather than wholesale toss him in.

There seem to be some nice young women gathered over there, Liorith said to Nicynth.

He’s very high strung, Nicynth observed of her black sibling as she barreled on past, Do you think he needs a hug? Hugs, she had quickly discovered, were the best; she suspected they could solve most, if not all, problems when properly given.

I doubt he’d appreciate it, Xaeybl cautioned, more amused than worried. She didn’t have the same unease of blacks as Naeharie, but she had enough self awareness to know that the temperamental little dragonets needed to be handled carefully lest they find themselves at odds, and they really didn’t need to get into an altercation with one of their wingmates right off. If it came to it, though, Xaeybl was going for the rider; she might not be able to stop a raging dragon, but she could definitely stop a person.

Liorith will protect us, Nicynth assured Xaeybl and Naeharie, sensing her readiness and his unease. She’d pretty much completely missed the underlying tension, but she was quick to offer support regardless.

They settled in, and watched as their roomate wandered off with the assistant weyrlingmaster to discuss the matter of his unrest. Xaeybl clucked in displeasure, feeling rather cross that the conversation had moved out of the room and out of their hearing; she liked to know when someone had a problem with her up front, though she couldn’t imagine what either Naeharie, she, or their dearlings, could have done in barely a day of rooming together to cause issue. Maybe she was overthinking it, and all he wanted was another pillow or something.

I was quiet! Nicynth whined as she registered Naeharie’s look, and Xaeybl soothed a hand over the smooth hide of her head.

“Guilt drew their eye,” she assured her dragon, though she quirked a smile and shrug at Naeharie. Stealth was not their speciality, she was well aware, but their differences just made them a better team; Naeharie dealt with subterfuge, and she handled the full-frontal assault.

“What next?” she mused to her companions, looking around the room to see if there was anyone she didn’t know.

Nicynth perked up with an excited chirp, looking around the room to survey her siblings. Oh! Hm! Let’s see.

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: October 21, 2018, 06:19:54 AM »
As she wasn't trying to overwhelm or dominate the conversation, it had been fun to chat about her own little blue and share some of the common details about the other woman's green. It was one of the things she loved to do when she was able to spend time with others who had the little flits as their companions, something that was becoming more and more often the case.

However, as the conversation between others shifted a little bit Sionann turned her attention back toward it "Oh! So recently? That must be a little exciting. I'm a candidate as well but... it's been a while" and that was becoming an old, familiar kind of pain. The sort that had settled into being bearable because it was something that she had to live with, there had been no alternative and there would continue to be none until some dragon decided to pick her out from the rest.

If it happened.

"I know it can seem daunting ...especially once all the lessons start. If you want a hand, I'd love to help" yes, it was bright and friendly and possibly a little bit pushy but she wanted to be able to make the offer, so that he didn't feel quite so alone or afraid.

Weyr Hall / Re: The Morning After [33.05.2591 // 7:10 AM] Open
« on: October 19, 2018, 12:22:26 PM »
It occurred to Zarenaak that he was surrounded by women, and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. He idly watched them interact, only half-listening as Sionann and Syrena talked about their firelizards and Shalla explained how she’d made the rolls. It’s not like he had anything of value to add to the conversation: he didn’t have any experience with firelizards, and he knew absolutely nothing about baking. The only person he had anything immediately in common with was Cinnacai, and he really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to strike up a conversation about farming. They all seemed pleasant, and the conversation benign, he was just--really horrible at small talk. And stressed out of his mind, which was the opposite of helpful.

He was pulled out of his muddy thoughts when Cinnacai asked the table at large about their occupations, giving him something more immediate to stress out about. It still didn’t feel real, was the thing, and it felt like every time he acknowledged it was another chance for someone to correct the mistake and send him on his way. He was really starting to get frustrated with himself--more frustrated with himself, anyway--and forced himself to answer:

“Yah,” he replied, running a hand through his hair in a fit of nerves. "As of yesterday, anyway,” he muttered quietly, and took a sip of klah to distract himself while he waited to hear about the others.

Spoiler for ooc:
@Inki Thanks for the heads up! I went back and did some minor editing to account for that and shall proceed as such from now on. :3

OOC Hang Out / Re: NaNoWriMo Prep
« on: October 13, 2018, 10:55:23 PM »
I'm idly percolating an idea, though who knows if I'll end up going with that or something else. 8D But either way, I am planning on participating again this year. Hopefully I can finish without having to write 26k in two days again.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Magnetic Everything [14.07.2591, 4:30 PM] Flight
« on: October 13, 2018, 10:22:49 PM »
The only acknowledgement Corvath granted the thinnning air was the need to exert more effort in his wings, though M'lan found himself feeling lightheaded in an entirely different way, breathing deeper to catch the air that Corvath was lacking, not that he tried to curb the dragon's eagerness. On pure strength Corvath was better than Tilioth, each powerful wingbeat powering him forward a reasonable distance with half the effort she would have exherted, like someone with longer legs outpacing a shorter person... Not that it did him much good, a low, rumbling growl testement to his frustration that she continued to stay ahead of him, no matter how he strained his wings.

He sensed the swelling upwind before it reached him, adjusting his wings to best catch it and certain in his ability to finish the flight with the extra boost. Except Tilioth had other plans.

Corvath snarled his frustration as he tried to cut the green off before she passed him, realising too late that she'd prepared to dive and claws instead snatching om air where he'd hoped to catch hide. What came next was no controlled dive, the black simply stopping mid flap and letting his weight push him down. It wasn't an effective start, but he managed to twist and angle himself somewhat better for what he was trying to achieve.

M'lan was facing an entirely different predicament, Corvath's frustration the only reason he knew the encounter was unintended. As Tilioth dove, their rider had stumbled backwards, and for a splot second M'lan considered ignoring flight ettiquette completely and not bothering to see if Corvath could catch Tilioth... But he was not quite so lost to flight lust to know that was a bad idea, and managed a "Careful" that was far more angry than he had intended before he was backing away, clenching his fist to brace himself as Corvath embraced his freefall.

Spoiler for OOC:
Just gonna let M'lan be the one C'dus bumps into Hope that's OK

OOC Hang Out / Re: NaNoWriMo Prep
« on: October 13, 2018, 05:25:36 PM »
NaNo kinda killed me last year, I think I just tried to push myself too much to meet my goal and then ended up not wanting to write at all and am still kind of suffering so I'mma just cheer for everyone and provide any feedback wanted as it comes my way  :bird:

OOC Hang Out / OOC NaNoWriMo Prep
« on: October 13, 2018, 11:40:31 AM »
It's still the middle of October, but that also had me thinking- it's the middle of October. I already have an idea of what I'm going to do, but I was wondering who else was going to participate. :3 If you had prep to do, or if you're just going to wing it.

As before, I'm happy to set up a pacemaker for those of us who want to do this together. <3

Also, I really thought that this was a neat offer from Tapas ( It's a place I sometimes read things from ).

Vassatiere wasn’t sure how she felt being between two people who were having a conversation, but it wasn’t so bad since she knew one of them and it wasn’t really a conversation if they were just exchanging a few words, was it?

Ysolth was quite content with his little game because it meant he could stay right where he was and, really, it required a fair bit of concentration, skill, and coordination. The best games of all. He didn’t feel as antisocial as his Vassatiere, but he also was near violently determined to stay with her. She was his, after all.

When Na’va made mention that someone had left, she did frown. “I think the implication is that we’re supposed to stay, and get to know... one another?” Her words were a little rough, clearly disproving of someone who had just walked out even though she certainly didn’t want to stay. She didn’t want to get in trouble even more and she certainly didn’t want to seem like a lazy person, or slacker. Neither did she think pretending was a viable option.

Which meant, well, she had to talk to them. Looking down at Ysolth on her lap, she ran a hand along his back before she said, “There’s no reason we can’t just talk to eachother.” It sounded snippy. Vassatiere certainly didn’t mean it that way, she just frequently sounded that way when her words came out quick and clipped.

It was just her way.

Counter to her supposed waspish statement, she looked at Na’va and asked, “Do you have family at the Weyr?” It was a safe question, generally. A normal one. Right? She glanced at D’via and hoped the other girl would understand the question was also posed to her.

@Jarakrisafis @Inki

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