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Absences / Re: Summer relative stuff
« on: June 02, 2019, 06:50:51 PM »
Rather than make a whole new thread, Imma just put this here. I have some vacation / visitation stuff coming up that a couple people know about, but I thought I'd give a post here.

I'm going to be in Georgia from June 6th - the 18th. It'll be touch and go how much writing I'll be able to do. Likely a post here or there during the evening and early morning? I'm not really sure. So not entirely gone, just in and out.

Then, July 11th - 21st I'll be in Virginia Beach, and it's much the same thing. Touch and go, but likely some sporadic posting. <3  :love:

Weyr Hall / Re: Hair of the Dog [ 1.1.2591; 5 AM ] || Open!
« on: May 23, 2019, 09:21:40 AM »
Most of the time, Nikota didn’t associate with weyrlings. They weren’t much use to her until they graduated and got sorted into Wings—which was the point at which she started to pay attention to the younger riders, once they’d made something of themselves. Even so, it was normally rare for any of them to move from weyrlinghood to Jungle straight away. Only one recently, a hard-working Green rider that had secured herself a place among them just the previous day. Time would tell if the girl was worth her salt, but Nikota trusted her Wing’s leadership. If they thought she was worthy enough to join them so young, then there had to be something to her.

Such as it was, though, it was good that T’kos had introduced himself fully. She’d have had no idea who he was otherwise. Her eyes slid over him critically where he stood, taking the measure of the boy. That he rode a Bronze did get a grunt of approval from her, though. Hopefully he wouldn’t turn out to be one of those bleeding heart types like some of the ones in Beach or Prairie.

“Go for it.” She gestured absently to the expanse of bench with a flick of one hand. Odds were he wanted to take the opportunity to interact with a rider from the Weyr’s most prestigious Wing, and she was in a good enough mood that morning to humor him. In no particular rush, she sipped her spiked klah, and then added, “I’m Nikota. Of Green Bellarith.” T’kos had introduced his dragon, so she supposed she’d extend the same courtesy.

How sweet of you. The Green’s tone was anything but.

//Go back to sleep, you sour bitch.//

As Dro settled to his side, R’kan leaned back against the couch, propping one elbow against the arch of it as he got comfortable. Hisketh was content to remain on his lap where she was, though the absent flick of her tail made it clear she was quite focused on the newcomers and their conversation. They were interesting, in no small part because her rider had taken a shine to Droissa long before Hisketh herself had even been an egg laid on the sands. That made them worthy of the Red’s attention, in her own mind.

You must have a thing for Blue riders, she teased him privately, and R’kan only barely avoided shooting her a glare.

He eagerly seized upon the topic at hand then, to quickly forget about what his dragon had implied and avoid blushing some uncharacteristically. “She is, right?” He certainly thought Hisketh looked rather fetching. “Nah, she’d be the tiniest Black ever if she was.” Already, he could scarcely imagine her growing up into a full-sized, if small, dragon—much less something as big as what the Black dragons grew up to be. He’d certainly spend less time oiling her than some of his classmates would on theirs, with time.

“Thanks.” R’kan’s smile was quieter then. As much as some of the others were disapproving or downright insulting about the mutations, it was nice to have someone in his corner who wasn’t. Despite the injury that Droissa had suffered at the claws of one of the Reds in an older class, it meant a lot to R’kan that she didn’t hold it against Hisketh.

Her question did make him blink though. “Oh, right.” It was weird, having to re-introduce himself to people he already knew. Even getting used to the honorific was weird, and different, and would take some time. “She calls me R’kan, so I guess that’s what I go by now. I’m still me, though.” He couldn’t resist that little half-joking addendum, given the way the question had been phrased. Things might have changed, but he was still him. That seemed important.

On his lap, Hisketh hummed a happy note to the older Blue. I would like that very much. Saebrith seemed mellow, which was something she could appreciate.

2539 // 24 turns
Searchrider - Blue Quorith
Physical Description:
*Tall and lean
*Dark almost black hair, dark brown eyes
*Wearing well worn leathers, but clearly still in good condition.
*Curious - He loves seeing and visiting different places. He's often wistfully thought that it's a pity he wasn't born a hundred turns earlier.
*Sarcastic - He's quick witted and any less than intelligent comments will gain a witty response, because he just can't let the moment pass by without making sure he's rubbed in that they said something rather silly.
*Hot headed - If there's something going on he'll often be the first to respond to it as he jumps without thinking and only regrets it later when his brain has had chance to catch up.
D'rak, (called Dirakal), was born in High Reaches Weyr, his mother was a cook in the caverns, his father was a brown rider. He was searched at the age of 12, but didn't impress until he was 15. As is usual he was immediately in love with the blue dragon which tripped to land face down in the sands at his feet and he couldn't quite remember why he'd even dreamed about riding a bronze. His Quorith was tagged as a search rider when he started giving D'rak hints about who to put marks on for impressing.
Searching and collecting Tithe is getting more dangerous to be sure, but this was just another routine pick up. The children that presented themselves, often refugees from the look of their clothes, were generally quick to accept a search, no doubt thinking of the tithe that was going back to the Weyr. They had a solid group gathered that Quorith liked and D'rak was looking forwards to getting back to the Weyr.
Intended Outcome:
Whatever happens, happens.

“It’s not too bad.” D’rak said as he slid down Quorith’s side. He probably spoke too soon as the world spun, and he leant into the blue hide to steady himself. “L’ok’s worse.” He protested as he was pulled away. He didn’t have the strength left to actually resist the tugging. He blinked slowly as he was pushed to sit down, a healer prodding at his arm, the voices above him mingling together. Bloodloss and missed vitals and stitching. He didn’t need to be worried though. He was going to be fine. He just needed to sleep but he’d be fine…

Quorith swung his head between the healer talking to him and D’rak. The healer would know. Healers always know. D’rak says so. The Healer says D’rak will be fine. He doesn’t need to be worried. The Healer says he just needs sleep. He can sense the heavy presence of one of the Queens at the edge of his mind, she says the same thing as the Healer. D’rak will be fine.

He absently shifts, about to move out of the way to wait for D’rak to wake up again, before realising there’s still a presence on his back. The candidate hasn’t moved yet. She’s too small, she barely weighs anything, she should eat more. He gently reaches out, not entirely sure what to do with her.

Qirelai? She doesn’t feel too injured. Should he move with her or tell her to get down? He doesn’t know. D’rak would know what to do but he’s sleeping now. Would you like to wash? He can feel the tacky drying sensation of blood on his own hide, and on his strapping. He wants to wash so maybe she will want to as well? The Healers won’t let us in right away. Or maybe they would let her in, Qirelai is small, she would fit.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I'm still up for it. Left this pretty open as Quorith is a little confused as to what to do with this candidate he's been left with.

He’d gotten his fill of the eggs fairly quick. They were lovely and all, but they were just eggs. No movement and he wasn’t allowed any closer, and this crowd about him seemed too enraptured for him to strike up polite conversation. He turned and shuffled his way through, keeping a look out for more interesting enterprises.

It was easy enough to find something.

Though he wasn’t well rehearsed with names and ranks, he knew that the dark-haired girl was the youngest of the queen riders and the tension between the group around her made it easy enough to divide the political lines. Internal power struggles were always entertaining.

Not one to get directly involved, however, Gheinvrixic did a little further scouting. He wasn’t alone in watching the events unfold, and so he headed toward a small group that seemed quite invested in the goings-on. They looked older than him and their gear and knots signified some kind of dragon-y rank, something he’d have to figure out eventually. For now, though, he figured a quick wave would do the trick as far as formalities went.

“Heyo,” he said, shuffling up alongside Eldessen and her crew. He pointed his thumb over toward the general direction of Nalata and co, “Wanna give me the run-down on why there’s so many sour faces about that situation?” His smile suggested he’d be easy to let down if they didn’t want to gossip, but it also betrayed how eager he was for some good ol’ human interaction. Being the new kid was tough.

“I’m new about these dragon-parts, if you couldn’t tell,” he tapped his candidate’s knot, “but I figure it’s a good idea to figure out what’s what before I find myself in trouble, savvy?”

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Tinker , if you don't mind  :love:

Universal Events / Re: [ 4.8.2591 ] Cracking Eggs
« on: May 13, 2019, 05:57:50 PM »
Of mine, I think only Nieve will attend so she can snoop around and decide whether she hates these things or is fully committed to getting one, one day.

Added : SirAlahn

Absences / Summer relative stuff
« on: April 24, 2019, 08:57:47 PM »
So! I don't know how around I'm going to be, or how quick I can be to respond to things, because the BFs mom is going to be visiting for the next 6 days or so. She is pretty much here to see the BF, but he doesn't want to deal with her all by himself so I'm likely going to be pulled into a lot of stuff.

I'll respond where I can and reply when I find the time. Hopefully she goes to bed early and I'll still be able to post and plot at night, at the very least. :/ Can you feel how thrilled I am?

Anyway, just wanted to give a heads up. :love:

Family & Friends / Traditional Brothers for a Traditional Green
« on: April 20, 2019, 11:24:26 AM »

"Two Worlds, One Family?"

Eldessen // Jungle Wingrider // 30

About the Character:
A dutiful, traditional Jungle greenrider. Eldessen takes her job as seriously as death, but once the leathers come off, she is very warm and social, especially with her wingmates, all of whom she adores. She was born in Harper Hall at Fort Hold and was apprenticed to the craft just like her parents. Had she not been Searched and Impressed, she would have specialized in composition. Even though her dreams of being a journeywoman harper were pleasantly dashed, she often sings and writes songs for lost loved ones and heroes. Songs and traditions are the best ways to keep people from forgetting the past, and Essie likes to keep them alive. She stubbornly sticks to her beliefs, to the point of severing relationships over them, and has a fierce distrust of mutation dragons. While she is exclusively committed to her weyrmate, also in Jungle Wing, she is a vain tease and enjoys jealousy games.

Mialeyth is a mercurial and obedient green who prefers to have her decisions made for her. Making choices herself is seriously anxiety-inducing (no wonder she's a force catch!) and she tends to ignore those issues until someone else takes over. She hates red dragons, finding them annoying, but is weak for any smooth-talking bronze, brown, blue...maybe even black if he caters to her vanity enough.

Wanted ICly:

Gang Member/Wher Fighter Esserin of Gold Essesk - Born in 2556, Impressed in 2584
Esserin and Eldessen were once very close. He saved her life while they were living in Harper Hall at Fort Hold, while she was attempting to "run away." Already a gang member at that age, he prevented men from a rival gang from doing terrible things to his baby sister, killing one. He also stepped in and helped convince their parents to hold off on arranging a marriage for Essies. Between 2577 and the move to Fort Island, the two did not see each other at all. It was during this time that Esserin Impressed to his gold wher, rising up in the ranks of his gang and fighting Essesk in the pits. No one in the family but Essie is aware of his history and continued involvement with the holder gangs, and even Essie has little idea beyond that glimpse as a child, their little secret. What he does as his "proper" job (or if he has one at all) is open for debate. The recent conflict between the Weyr and the holders has destroyed the relationship between brother and sister. They do not speak, despite their harper brother's attempts for reconciliation. Esserin is not a fan of the Weyr's involvement in Hold matters and wants a place for the holders to be happy (where his gang and his wher fighting prospects can thrive).

Jungle Wingrider D'kin of Blue Onnalath - Born in 2558, Impressed in 2578
D'kin is Essie's closest brother now. They were Searched together in 2577, and he Impressed a Turn later. His last visit to their family at Harper Hall was in 2580; he was freshly-graduated and would have taken Essie, but she had just Impressed Mialeyth. After that, it was Threadfall after Threadfall. The family reunion at the end of the Pass was bittersweet--the two rider siblings had to learn of their mother's death birthing a stillborn child. He and Eldessen were placed in Jungle Wing upon moving to Southern Winds, which strengthened their bond beyond belief. Like all Jungle riders, D'kin is traditional. He also has a bit of a mocking sense of humor and has had a similar falling out with Esserin due to the elder brother's holder "brainwashing."

Journeyman Harper Daekim - Born in 2559
Like Eldessen, Daekim took up their parents' craft at Harper Hall, apprenticing as soon as he could and devoting himself to preserving Pern. He is a rather traditional-minded crafter, but also serves as a mediator between his rider siblings and their holder brother. Between 2577 and the move to Fort Island, Daekim only saw D'kin once and Essie never, but he was overjoyed that they survived the Pass. I don't have as much on him as I do the other brothers, so he is a very clean slate!

Wanted OOCly:
I would love to see this dynamic of two traditional dragonriders, a traditional crafter, and a traditional holder. Daekim mediating between Eldessen/D'kin and Esserin would be so fun to explore! Whether or not Essie/D'kin do reconcile with Esserin is open for plotting, and I'm not against a brother dying if his creator chooses so! There is so much we can do!

A normal clutch will do us well. Essie wore her flying leathers, cleaned and oiled, to congratulate Vanelwynne and B'ron. She had not missed one clutching since the move to Fort Island, not even after Neisoth and Maelboroth had claimed Kalestath and Imyth, and she was not about to start now. Among the group of Jungle riders who arrived together, Essie clasped hands with her weyrmate as the group bowed together to Oriath, Vanelwynne, and B'ron. "A wonderful clutch," the greenrider praised. She smiled sweetly at the Jr. Weyrwoman and the man who, in her silent opinion, ought to be Weyrleader.

My congratulations as well, Oriath. Leremith.

Respects given, she tucked herself under her weyrmate's arm and winked at J'dan before the arrival of a young man made her smile. "I hope I was more...dignified in my excitement as a candidate."

"You weren't," D'kin assured her, folding his arms across his chest. Her blueriding brother snickered at the boy, shaking his head. "What a mess. You see his face?"

"Be kind, D'kin," Essie chastised, amused. "Someday that might be your nephew." Her expression soured visibly when two of the blackriders arrived. One of them the new...Weyrsecond. She shuddered to even think of that title for the man, T'veck. The other one, a weyrling, she did not know his name nor care to. The hands on her upper arms rubbed soothingly, and she leaned into her weyrmate, frown still plain on her face. D'kin muttered something under his breath, standing taller, and J'dan was moving away with some of the others. What is... Oh...

To say that Essie wasn't proud of her Bronzer friend and those who'd gone with him would be a flat out lie. She chuckled deep in her throat. Let them keep that weyrling away from her. Minath should be caught by a bronze. By one of ours.

Spoiler for OOC:
This is open! I just wanted to throw her in to comment on the Jungle Squad heroically protecting their pure baby queen!  :happy:

Weyr Bowl / Event Old Traditions, New Turn [ 4.8.2591; 3:12 PM ] || Event
« on: April 16, 2019, 12:33:15 PM »
Commotion was usually a bad thing. For all the progress that the people of Pern had made in their struggle to not only survive, but to thrive, their position was still tenuous. Delicate. And with Hunters, Snakes, sharpfish, and skycoursers all threats to contend with, not to mention whatever else the island might throw at them, could anyone really be blamed if their first instinct upon hearing a ruckus was to panic?

So when shouts went up around the Beast Hall, there were no doubt some who braced for bad news. Beasts taken ill? A birth gone badly? Faranth forbid, skycoursers?

But the skies were mercifully clear on this rare sunny day. So skycoursers, yes, but not in the way that might be feared:  rather, the treasured clutch kept warm in the barn was showing signs of hatching.

The shouts quickly turned to joyous ones, as those promised to the eggs were found among the animals and crops, collected, and ushered into the barn with congratulations and claps on the back. All under the watchful eyes of the senior Crafters in the Hall, lest they forget that this was an old tradition they were resurrecting in a new time, to keep their livestock and the future of Pern both safe from the dangers that threatened them.

This was progress.

Spoiler for OOC:
As always, feel free to respond here or check in at the OOC thread. Please see that topic for information about having a character imprint to a skycourser either now or in the future. Bear in mind that any Herders or Farmers imprinting at this event will have to have been previously approved by their Hall’s leadership. :love:

Weyr Hall / Open Hair of the Dog [ 1.1.2591; 5 AM ] || Open!
« on: April 16, 2019, 10:12:43 AM »
To those who might doubt whether the Interval was truly different from the Pass, Nikota would always simply point to the schedules that people kept. Neither Fort Hold nor Fort Weyr had ever really slept, though for vastly different reasons:  in the former, the whorehouses, gambling dens, and violence had never really stopped; in the latter, there had always at least been riders, Healers, and ground crews active because the Thread never ended. No space in either settlement had ever been completely abandoned, even if those who stalked and hunted there had wanted others to believe that they were.

In contrast, Southern Winds was almost quiet. The sheer emptiness of it at certain hours still made her feel alienated sometimes, as much as she’d never thought she’d find herself missing the uncertain, constant threat of the old Hold. Hadn’t that been something she’d been oh so glad to give up when she’d been Searched? But there was something inescapably wrong about there being any time of day when nearly everyone was asleep.

For that reason, Nikota was thankful for the kitchen staff more than they would ever know. No matter the candlemark, there was bound to be someone there either cleaning from the previous day or preparing for the next one. And in this instance, on the morning of the new turn, it was some combination of the two. There’d been no issue with her request for a large cup of unsweetened klah and a half loaf of the fresh bread they were baking for the inevitable (if slower) flood of breakfast-seekers as the Weyr’s residents woke and shook off their hangovers.

As Nikota took a seat at one of the long tables—sitting where Jungle Wing usually did just through force of habit—it comforted her too to see evidence of the celebrations from the night before. Other staff were just now sweeping the floor and clearing the detritus, and she even found a mostly-empty cup of some rough alcohol that she poured without a second thought into her klah. Even if the rest of the people had gone to bed, the remnants of their merriment would still be present for a little while longer.

She’d intended to sleep longer, but her own habits had roused her like they usually did. With it cold enough that morning to make her shiver, she’d stolen a longer shirt to wear over her own from the Bronzer whose bed she’d woken in—he certainly wasn’t using it at the moment, given it had lain on the stone floor of his weyr since it had gotten thrown there the previous night. Nikota figured it would find its way back to him eventually, if he cared enough to track her down and retrieve it.

For the moment, though, she was content to sit in the relative silence and wake up a little more. Maybe some of her Wingmates would make an appearance too, accustomed to rising early even if they did have this day off from their duties.

Spoiler for OOC:
Wanted more to do with Nikota, so I figured I’d post an open thread. 8D Feel free to throw literally whoever at her, since anyone could conceivably be in the Weyr Hall at this hour on the first day of the new year. ( Up to and including the Bronzer mentioned in the post, if you feel so inclined >:3 )

Plot and Scheme / Re: Tinker's Plotter
« on: April 05, 2019, 05:18:24 AM »

Iralye: I need! Reading through Iralye’s history and it looks like they Impressed AND got pregnant the same Turns! They were in different weyrling classes but perhaps there was some interaction in the barracks, and then being placed in Jungle at Southern Winds! If their pregnancies overlapped, Essie would have taken soooo much comfort in having someone to share the “suffering” (aka the boredom of not being out hunting). Iralye’s humor probably perked her up on those days when she felt like a sick bloated Deep One! Maybe their boys are friends too? Creche visits together!


X'hos: A backdated thread with Essie fighting the urge to epically facepalm over moony-eyed X’hos would be hilarious! Or a present time one if you’d prefer! I am okay with either! And yes I am officially in love with the idea of her looking out for him while he’s oblivious! Let her love you! I am also very much down for a thread of them with Meyelthra and all the dagger eyes that come with it!

Nikota: Oh don’t get her started on her weyrmate, Nikota. She’s got a harper’s tongue and will gush your ear off. Along with some Cosmo-level greenie gossip about her woman’s...assets. Lol she will happily ask about whichever piece of big man-meat Nikota’s most recently bedded too! With a playful “I just din’g know what you see in him!” And if they don’t get into a spat with some holders I will be sorely disappointed!

L'nal: Yes please! Give me both the twins! Just let me know how wingmates should interact in Jungle! I’d hate to accidentally write a faux pas because I’m ignorant! Respectful is a given, of course! She wouldn’t dream of stepping out of line!


Meyelthra: I am so so excited! Someone hold Essie back. Or gag her...no she’d like that...

A'yara: A’yara best give Essie all the juicy details! Essie is going to be all “dayummm girl how do they fit?!” Giggling gossipers.

K'eeda: Lol! Back tunnel brawling? Don’t you tempt her K’eeda! Poor Mia is going to have a heart attack...unless she’s in a MOOD. Then Essie might come to drills all bruised and hope they buy the “weyrmate and I really went at it” excuse.  :fear:

L'ale: Essie would love to encounter some hunters with her wingsecond(s)! What a way to prove herself! Though she will be so worried until they meet up and she can physically see that they are in one piece. Don’t die on her too boys!

J'dan: This is such a go! Essie has her wingeoman hat on! She has his type down pat and aims to please! “Oh you are lucky I’m a taken woman, else I would be taking her home, gorgeous.” She will flatter him too much because he is such a pretty man. They are going to be a riot!


Let me know what you would like me to start!  :love:

Plot and Scheme / Re: Tinker's Plotter
« on: April 04, 2019, 09:30:13 PM »
Can I be a terrible person and say yes to EVERYTHING? Lol!

Meyelthra: Ohhhh boy oh boy. I have it in my head that Essie feels a bit protective of X’hos. I don’t kmow why. But she says she does. She DEFINITELY doesn’t get this attraction to the “crazy holder” at all. They clearly must be enemies! I’m sure Meyelthra hates how touchy she is with her boy. Shall we see how long it takes for them to be at each other’s throats? (Also I don’t have a firm grasp on Meyelthra/X’hos but would it be a stretch for Essie to assume she is using him for that rider privilege?) :excited:

A'yara: I need this yesterday. I would LOVE for Essie to have this sort of friendship with another greenie! She probably thrives off of the attention and competition. And she’s not above helping a sister land a good catch, not that A’yara needs any help there! The teasing would be so fun too! “Oh don’t you worry, I still enjoy our wing of fun, darling.” With a playful wink for her weyrmate of course. Yes I would love this!

K'eeda: Oh gosh. I also need this. I think any run in between these two would get heated FAST. I’m not sure how Jungle’s leadership views riders fighting, but if it wouldn’t shame the wing, Essie would need all the restraint in the world to keep from throwing hands!

L'ale: Essie has so much respect for the twins (and loving women doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate their beauty)! She would definitely not be adverse to Illoth winning some of Mialeyth’s Flights. And no need to fear wanting brownie points for Flights! Essie wants to earn any merit through doing her duty darned well! She’ll have his back through anything (bringgg on the hunters and wing scuffles)! “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

J'dan: J’dan is another bronzer who most certainly should have won some Flights! I could see them having an amazing flirty friendship if he’d like! She might even try to get a dance out of him when situations arise, if her weyrmate can let her go for a few minutes! If he’d be game to be a willing participant in her teasing games, she’ll call on him anytime! I am a bit of a sucker for greenie-bronzer friendships...

I am on board with a ' yes to everything'!

In regards to Meyel, it's totally legit that Essie might think Meyel is using him for rider privileges. (( And to be honest, at first she was XD )) Free room, board, food? And she doesn't have to work to have it? Heeeelll yeah. But she is really possessive and she won't like seeing others on her X'hos, no matter how platonic. >:3 This gonna be fun.

And A'yara has needed a good wingmate buddy! She's been shackin' up with Beach Wingleader M'rek and Wingmate Y'tol and she NEEDS someone she can gush to. Two bronzers, one bed? HELLO!! And friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Oooo K'eeda kicks up fast and it's great. They're not supposed to fight amongst themselves, because of the tensions between the riders and holders - so solidarity! - but K'eeda is just like "let's meet in a back tunnel >:C"

I think having some wing interactions with Essie and L'ale would be a lot of fun. Getting some fights with hunters, wherry hunting, all that. L'ale's a good guy - especially to wingmates - and it's fun to play him as such.

8D J'dan is all about the attention. Flirty friendships are the best, even if they don't always end up in bed. He's just "you can help me land a bedmate then" *wink wink* Not that he needs the help, but he'd turn it into a game. "Which one tonight? Who's the prettiest?" Jungle Wingmates are the best.

“Thank you.” Seng’s expression was shy then, and they couldn’t help but blush as Elrost’s fingers brushed theirs when he handed over some of the food. Faranth, how was it possible that even such a small touch made them feel their heart rate speed up? Such happy thoughts were whirling around in their head. The egg, the food, the entire affair… it was all so sweet and thoughtful, and Elrost had even called it a date. Surely that hadn’t just been a joke?

“It seems like you put in a lot of effort.” Seng gestured around to indicate the entire alcove, and then popped a bit of food into their mouth to keep themselves from rambling. They needed a moment to think.

//Forrikenth, what do I say?//

How should I know? The Blue seemed far too amused for his own good. More helpfully, he did add a moment later, I think just… tell him how you feel. Up front honesty had to be the smartest move, right?

After finishing the bite of food, Seng smiled again and hoped they didn’t look as nervous as they still felt, like there were tiny fire lizards whirling around in their stomach. “I didn’t know you felt… the same.” That was pretty clear, wasn’t it? A large part of Seng wanted to lean forward and just kiss the man, but they held off… just in case. In case through some catastrophe of misunderstanding, they were wrong.

Shards, did they have to overthink everything?

“I’m sure you will.” His words were gentle for Savi too. Though he wasn’t party to her doubts, O’sir knew that she had been Searched for a reason too. She wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to become a Candidate to begin with if she didn’t have what it took to be a rider.

O’sir did shake his head slightly in response to Oarlen’s first question. “She passes the word as quickly as she can. But the Reds hatch almost as soon as the humming begins.” He’d seen that first hand, and it was a disquieting thing. At first, he’d felt anxious about it for fear of the dragonets, and the fact that they might go Between if they didn’t find their intended rider already arrived. Such things were fickle and capricious sometimes. But now, his concern had shifted instead; none of the Reds had shown distress at such a thing. Instead, his fear was for the Candidates who were arriving after the little things were already hatched and ready to play.

He sighed faintly at the following inquiry. “Yes, some did.” No point in beating around the bush, so to speak. “When the Black dragons hatched—or at least some of them—they went after Bronzes already on the Sands. Even a Brown in one case. None of those yielded serious injuries, but it is still something to watch for.”

Niph glanced at her curiously when she giggled, but ultimately didn’t comment. Delirium wasn’t uncommon for severe fevers too:  and given the other symptoms Tresrissa was having, and the absolutely burning feel of her skin when he’d touched her, he would certainly classify this as one. Making further notes on his wax tablet, he nodded slightly as she confirmed that she had the aches he’d asked about too.

The rash had been the next one, to determine if she really had flush fever or a more opportunistic disease brought on by a weakened immune system and so many people being sick all at once. But she answered that without him even having to ask, and Niph stepped around her slightly to get a better look at the skin she had exposed.

Someone less experienced might have blushed, but he was a Healer. Rather than any other emotion, he simply felt curious—this really was a serious form of the fever, judging by the harsh and angry red of the rash on her body. Setting the tablet aside, he pinched some of the fabric at the hem of her shirt. “May I?” He’d need to get a look at just how far it went, at least up her side.

All of it together, however, had more or less already made up his mind. She was going to need bed rest in the Hall, where she could be monitored in case her symptoms worsened as the fever eventually receded.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Ichor in the Water [ 26.5.2591; 5:10 PM ] || Event
« on: April 04, 2019, 11:03:15 AM »
One advantage that Lesserath certainly had was size. Though this was a big Snake, he was far bigger—all but fully grown and a hulking specimen of a Black dragon, where his previous narrowness in weyrlinghood had filled out into mass. As he fastened his teeth just behind its head and clawed at it with his talons, he would be able to feel the thing shriek against his flesh where it still had ahold of him.

But his quick actions meant that it wouldn’t be able to execute its normal roll. The twisting motion would surely have torn a sizeable chunk from Lesserath’s shoulder, severing ligaments and blood vessels alike. No matter how its powerful body might thrash now, the Beach Snake’s momentum was hampered by the large mouth gripping it by the neck. It tried to bring its short legs to bear on the dragon, but the positioning was all wrong; and when Lesserath heaved his head back up out of the water, with the thing’s teeth still caught in his shoulder, it couldn’t disengage fast enough.

There was a lurching pop, and the thing abruptly went still—its neck broken. Yet with all the time it had to pump venom into its would-be prey, Lesserath would be beginning to feel the sluggishness characteristic to a Beach Snake bite.

If he didn’t leave quick enough, he’d be in further danger from more Snakes or even the water itself.

Corvath, for his part, had distracted the Snake on him enough that it hadn’t bitten him—more concerned with hanging on, digging in its claws for purchase even as he attempted to dislodge it. Bleeding ichor now from where he’d managed to slice at it, it raked its own claws against his thick hide with the intent of giving as good as it had gotten. But with all of his movement in the water, for now, others hadn’t been able to draw close enough to bite at his exposed legs or belly.

Further out, Z’nel and Allieth were lucky. As the Green’s claws snagged at the Snake, it whipped around with a hiss to engage her. But she was faster—just enough so. And as her teeth sank into its soft belly, it screamed and bled into the water:  bringing more Snakes in close, but to feast on their fallen companion rather than Allieth herself.

The weyrling she’d tried to save, though, wasn’t so lucky. Faelith keened, high and sharp, nosing at her rider’s body and then pulling her close with her forepaws. Eyes whirling white with pain and anguish, she simply went Between with her dead rider.

Abruptly, another dragon’s voice rang out over the Cove, projected to all:  Sharpfish! Some of the smaller dragons had been directed to remain in the air, high up to avoid being jumped at, but low enough that they would be able to direct their larger counterparts to where the bulk of the Snakes struck at. And with the water frothing further out, one of the scouts had winged that direction to get a better look.

They’re attacking the Snakes! Those with dragons received a transmitted picture too:  the spike of dorsal fins and tails jutting up out of the surf, blood and ichor alike coloring the rough water. They were feasting on the smaller Snakes that were far enough from shore that the shallows didn’t offer any protection, and a number of them were working together to attack and drive back the larger Snakes, if not kill and eat them entirely.

They might be prey of the dragons and people on Fort Island, but what was that saying? The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Spoiler for OOC:

Absences / Re: Travelling <3
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I hope you both have a wonderful time! Travel safe, and we'll be here to shower you with love when you return. <3

Absences / Re: Travelling <3
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:19:16 PM »

You have the most fun on this awesome sounding trip! Take some pictures for us if you get a chance. I'm jelly, but I'm so happy for you gais. <3 Cheers, mate, and we'll be here when you get back.  :love:

Plot and Scheme / Tinker's Plotter
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About Me
I’m Tinker, and I’m excited to thread with you all! I have ZERO LIMITS when it comes to roleplay and won’t shy away from anything, but please make sure to share any concerns with me! I’d hate to make anyone uncomfortable! Right now I have only one character, my lovely Jungle Greenie, and I am open to anything for her! She does have an adoptable weyrmate who she commits to outside of Flights, but is fully open for friends, enemies, work-related threads, Flights, anything one can think of!

Please see my Tracker/WIP if you're curious about character availability for a given day!

Wanted Ads:
Eldessen - Weyrmate for a Jungle Greenie! <3

Eldessen - Traditional Brothers for a Traditional Green


Jungle Wingrider Eldessen of Mialeyth
"Honor Those the Dragons Heed"

About the Character:
A dutiful, traditional Jungle greenrider. Eldessen takes her job as seriously as death, but once the leathers come off, she is very warm and social, especially with her wingmates, all of whom she adores. She was born in Harper Hall at Fort Hold and was apprenticed to the craft just like her parents. Had she not been Searched and Impressed, she would have specialized in composition. Even though her dreams of being a journeywoman harper were pleasantly dashed, she often sings and writes songs for lost loved ones and heroes. Songs and traditions are the best ways to keep people from forgetting the past, and Essie likes to keep them alive. She stubbornly sticks to her beliefs, to the point of severing relationships over them, and has a fierce distrust of mutation dragons. While she is exclusively committed to her weyrmate, also in Jungle Wing, she is a vain tease and enjoys jealousy games.

Mialeyth is a mercurial and obedient green who prefers to have her decisions made for her. Making choices herself is seriously anxiety-inducing (no wonder she's a force catch!) and she tends to ignore those issues until someone else takes over. She hates red dragons, finding them annoying, but is weak for any smooth-talking bronze, brown, blue...maybe even black if he caters to her vanity enough.

Romance - While a happy bisexual during her green's open Flights, Eldessen is a lesbian when she is herself, and she is fully committed to her weyrmate, who is adoptable.

Family - Three brothers survived the Pass with Essie, the eldest of which is all but dead to her as a traditional holder.

Friends - Eldessen adores her Jungle wingmates and enjoys idle conversation with anyone who isn't a disrespectful holder or mutation rider.

Enemies - Mutation riders. If a black were to ever fly her Mialeyth, Essie would surely die of disgust and shame. Reds annoy her dragon and herself. They should all just go away. Ungrateful holders (including her once-beloved eldest brother) are absolutely despised as well, with no secret about it. Her vanity, teasing games, and tendency to be accidentally or purposefully rude can also make her enemies.

Weyrmate | Beloved, committed weyrmate and wingmate.
A'yara | A fond friend, playful competition, and wingmate.
Iralye | A friend from pregnancy times and wingmate.
J'dan | Her pretty pretty Bronzer pal and wingmate.
Nikota | Friend, friendly rival, and wingmate.
X'hos | Adorable shy wingmate who she must protect. >:(
L'ale | Trusted and respected wingsecond.
L'nal | Trusted and respected wingsecond.
K'eeda | Annoying Beach rider that Essie wants to fight.
Meyelthra | X'hos' annoying, possessive user of a weyrmate.
Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Romance / Weyrmate for a Jungle Greenie <3
« on: April 03, 2019, 02:46:38 PM »

Never Danced Like This Before

Eldessen // Jungle Wingrider // 30

About the Character:
A dutiful, traditional Jungle greenrider. Eldessen takes her job as seriously as death, but once the leathers come off, she is very warm and social, especially with her wingmates, all of whom she adores. She was born in Harper Hall at Fort Hold and was apprenticed to the craft just like her parents. Had she not been Searched and Impressed, she would have specialized in composition. Even though her dreams of being a journeywoman harper were pleasantly dashed, she often sings and writes songs for lost loved ones and heroes. Songs and traditions are the best ways to keep people from forgetting the past, and Essie likes to keep them alive. She stubbornly sticks to her beliefs, to the point of severing relationships over them, and has a fierce distrust of mutation dragons. While she is exclusively committed to her weyrmate, also in Jungle Wing, she is a vain tease and enjoys jealousy games.

Mialeyth is a mercurial and obedient green who prefers to have her decisions made for her. Making choices herself is seriously anxiety-inducing (no wonder she's a force catch!) and she tends to ignore those issues until someone else takes over. She hates red dragons, finding them annoying, but is weak for any smooth-talking bronze, brown, blue...maybe even black if he caters to her vanity enough.

Wanted ICly:
Eldessen's wingmate is a woman in Jungle Wing, preferably around her own age (though younger/older could work). Essie prefers feminine women, but again, this is something that can be worked with! Every rule has its exception! They may have met at Fort Weyr, but they really got to know each other once they were both placed in Jungle Wing at Southern Winds. Camaraderie and casual flirting became occasional flings with no strings, but sometime after the second hunter attack of 2589, their private time together became much more frequent. Feelings developed fast, and Essie wasn't too worried. Maybe it was reckless, but you only live once! She's lost enough loved ones to know that it's better to be heartbroken than to have regrets. After about a Turn of a casual-open relationship, Eldessen asked her wingmate to become her weyrmate at the Turn's End Gather of 2590. After a rough Turn for Jungle Wing, that "yes" was the best thing she could have heard to kick off the new year. The pair moved in together the sevenday after and have been enjoying their "honeymoon phase," and Essie loves to tease her with good-natured jealousy games and sexy clothing (off-duty, of course).

Essie's weyrmate may ride any of the traditional colors that a female wingrider can Impress. Because Mialeyth is a force catch, they are not exclusive for Flights, but outside of Flight participation, they very much are committed. Essie even wears a fabric scrap "bracelet" dyed to match the color of her woman's dragon. Their personalities may either compliment or complement each other, and they likely enjoy a fiery sexual chemistry as well.

Brownrider: A brownrider would stand a better chance than a bluerider for winning some of Mialeyth's mating Flights. They possibly could have shared Flights together before their relationship began. Eldessen would likely be a more submissive partner in this type of pairing, but no less enthusiastic. A calm, levelheaded brownrider might have an easier time not taking Essie's teasing games too seriously, and perhaps she could keep her from murdering some jumped up holder whenever those assholes start trouble. Essie would expect a brownriding weyrmate to do everything in her power to keep a black dragon from winning Mialeyth's Flights, should any dare chase. Outside of Flights, Mialeyth will only let her brown mate with her and is likely easily calmed by his presence. The idea of them "protecting" each other in the jungle is also incredibly sweet, with the brownrider watching overhead and Essie always hoping to lead hunters away from her.

Bluerider: A big blue might have a shot at winning Mia's Flights, but more often than not he'd be outlasted by the browns and bronzes. This wouldn't make the pair any less dear to Essie and Mia than a brown. A social bluerider would compliment Essie's own social butterfly, and I could easily see them being the belles of the ball! Again, I could see Eldessen naturally falling into an enthusiastically submissive role with a bluerider, but perhaps with more bouts of "acting out" in bed. She might like "winning" every now and then. An empathetic and laidback bluerider would probably be good with this greenpair's vanity and Mia's mood swings, helping them both relax when they get moody or too involved in work. Outside of Flights, Mialeyth would only mate with her blue and I could see a particularly mischievous boy getting her into all sorts of trouble. The pair of them scouting through the jungle together would also be very fun, with so much relief after they've escaped the hunters.

Greenrider: While I'd pity the boys in Jungle for losing two pretty greens, this idea is another great one! With a greenrider, Eldessen would likely be most flexible in terms of "relationship roles." I most easily see their teasing games going both ways with this pairing, but that could happen with a blue or brown as well! I could see their greens having a very close sisterly relationship, always chatting and sunning together, mooning over handsome males. Perhaps there is some light competition over who can get the most/best males to chase them? Perhaps there is some snippiness around their Flights? In the same vein as a bluerider, the pair of them scouting through the jungle together would also be very fun, with so much relief after they've escaped the hunters.

Wanted OOCly:
Ideally I would like for them to be an endgame and sweet relationship, but no ship ever sailed smoothly! They did rush into things, moving in together after a Turn, and with tensions boiling every which way, conflict is to be expected. They could either be very good at handling that or very bad. This character could be one already in play, or she could be made new! I only ask that, if she is made new for this ad, she be made adoptable in the event of her player going inactive or losing interest! It doesn't seem very fair to ask for that for a character who's already in play, but I can work with it if the situation arises!

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: April 02, 2019, 03:28:52 PM »
Part of R’kan had been itching to hear what the other weyrling would shoot back, spoiling for a fight even though he could tell that Hisketh was exasperated with him over it. It didn’t even occur to him that potentially getting into a spat with T’vye would confuse her; even for as short of a time as he’d had her, the little Red had seemed as confrontational as he was. The way she’d taken Rohbarth to task about listening in on their conversation had certainly cemented that for her rider. And though she might not think T’vye was worth it, R’kan got the sense that she’d not fret over him like some sensitive idiot.

But when T’vye pointedly ignored him and continued his conversation with Thrane, R’kan just shrugged and let it go. Getting to play dragon poker was a much more attractive prospect at the moment, and he’d already said his piece. Not that it stopped him from cackling a laugh at Veryk’s purred comment.

“I think it’s a requirement to Impress one,” he agreed with a wicked grin, uncaring who heard him. Maybe he was biased because he was roommates with the one next to him, but it seemed to R’kan that he’d prefer the company of a Black rider to a Bronzer any day.

He looked to his cards then, tilting his hand toward his lap so Hisketh wouldn’t have to crane to see them. //It’s not a… terrible deal,// he told her, fanning them between his thumb and fingers as he inspected what he was holding. //Almost got a sequence here.//

A sequence?

R’kan tapped some of the cards. //I’d need the 7 here for it to actually be anything worthwhile. But maybe we’ll get lucky.// And then he indicated two different ones as he shifted them to the side. //These won’t work for anything with what I have, so that’s what I’m going to trade in.//

“Two cards, please.” He smiled a bit at Ysveta and then eyed Veryk as the other weyrling bet. “I’ll put up the same,” he affirmed with a chuckle. Might as well make things interesting.

Spoiler for OOC:
I’m personally hopeless at poker, so here we go. XD

Sheaves: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Holder[14], Steward[15], Lady Holder,[16] Lord Holder [17]
Hammers: Ace , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Baker’s[13], Student[14], Apprentice[15], Journeyman,[16] CraftMaster [17]
Dragons: Ace, 2, 3, 4, Clutch[5], 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Weyrling[14], WingSecond[15], Weyrleader,[16] Weyrwoman [17]
Wild Cards: Harper 1, Harper 2, Harper 3

Journals / Prairie Bronzerider | R'mor of Bronze Eyteth
« on: March 31, 2019, 03:05:29 AM »

Play By:
Dave Franco
Ruh (rhymes with "uh") - MOOR (like the ones in Britain)
Date of Birth:
11.06.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Prairie Wingrider
Reserved for GOLD (LOL!)

Your Reflection

Appearance: R'mor is short. He is only five-foot-nine and he has a slimmer build than many riders. All of it is lean muscle, but he's no tank and he is easily ignored in a crowd. He has fine hair, cropped short, a pretty auburn in good lighting. While he takes pride in wearing his rider's leathers, the weather on Fort Island makes it uncomfortable when he's on the ground. He'll wear durable and clean clothes that, while a little patched in some cases, are in good condition. He likes light colors that don't absorb as much heat as dark, though the options are really out of his hands most times. He keeps a nice tunic and pants for special occasions, rarely worn and tucked away to avoid dirt and wrinkles. Shorts and no shirt are always going to be his favored outfit, though it does bother him that he doesn't have any Thread scars to show off. His lack of good scars bothers him more than he'd care to admit.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: R'mor had it good, compared to a lot of others. He never had to fight Thread. He jokes (or complains) that the lack of good and plentiful food stunted his growth, and he lost both parents, some siblings, many friends as well. Yet, he was very lucky, and he appreciates it, but he also somewhat resents that he could not do his part. Breaking firestone as a candidate was nothing compared to what the dragonriders did in the skies. This fuels his resolve to be in one of the "better" wings, facing snakes or hunters or rediscovering what was lost.

Response to Dragon Color Mutations: R'mor Impressed from the same Hatching that produced Neisoth. His bronze's easy acceptance of the black as natural helped him accept the mutations as well. Black, red, pink, R'mor doesn't care. He thinks they should be given a chance to prove themselves like anyone else, and he has a good respect (though jealousy too) of S'bok after training alongside him.

Who Are You

Likes & Dislikes:

+ FLIGHTS : Sex itself is great. Sex while he is one with Eyteth, with dragonlust in his veins, is the best thing in the world. R'mor and Eyteth chase at every opportunity, though R'mor prefers greens with female partners. Eyteth is happy to oblige, as there is no shortage of those in the Weyr. A gold, though, is the greatest prize that the pair aspires to.

+ RESPONSIBILITY : Being given an important task or any responsibility over others is an honor that R'mor doesn't take lightly. He is always determined to do more than his best, lest a failure prove to further keep him away from the leadership or wing transfer he so desperately wants.

+ GAMES : Dragonpoker, chess, wrestling, ball games in the 'Bowl. R'mor loves them all. He has no issue even joining children's games with his own spawn, when he bothers visiting them in the creche. A good play keeps the bad spirits away.

- STRONG SMELLS : Pleasant or foul. R'mor hates the smell of overpowering perfume as much as he does the stench of rotting fish. He has a sensitive nose and has been known to retch while eating strong-smelling foods, though he always cleans his plate in such trying times.

- MOCKERY : R'mor loses his temper easily when he's mocked. He is especially sensitive about being mocked for his wing, of which he considers himself one of the best riders and mistakenly placed. He'll stick up for his friends when they're mocked, and his wingmates out of pity and a reluctant solidarity.

- LOSING : A competitive, ambitious Bronzer shouldn't like to lose, should he? It's not right, not at all. R'mor is a sore loser, moping over big losses like Gold Flights and other important competitions.


* LOYAL : For all his flaws, R'mor is a man who will stand by his folk for life. He might snap on occasion, get into scuffles, but his loved ones are treasured and he will stick around like sap on a tree until he is ripped from them.

* TIRELESS : R'mor has a boundless energy and a drive that encourages him to use it. He can go from sunrise to sundown without tiring and sometimes needs to use sleeping aids to unwind his brain. He's a hard worker and a good worker.

* DEXTEROUS : He has delicate, agile fingers, great for tasks that require a good bit of dexterity. Be it with work or with a woman, he knows how to use his hands.


* ENVIOUS : A green-eyed monster resides within R'mor's heart. He regards riders of other wings with envy, regards ranking riders with envy, regards almost everyone outside of Prairie Wing with envy. He thinks he deserves certain things in life and hates that he can't have them.

* HOTHEADED : Partially due to youth and partially due to who he is as a person, R'mor has a bit of a temper and has gotten into fights before because of it. Eyteth has helped him calm down a good bit, but he is still prone to flashes of anger that he can no longer express with his fists.

* SMALL : Physically, R'mor is not the imposing, big bad Bronzer that the songs sing of. He has a healthy, solid build, but he is short. Very short, and not bulky as some of the more intimidating bronzeriders in the Weyr. It's easy to overlook him, literally.

Describe Yourself:

* ADVENTUROUS: R'mor has always had a flare for exploring, even as a child. He got lost in Fort Weyr's caverns many a time, climbed up where he shouldn't have been. He keeps that spirit today, always eager for a chance to fly over Fort Island, to go to the Northern Continent whenever the chance arises. His powerful desire to ride with Mountain Wing largely stems from this need to stretch his wings and discover new things..or rediscover things that were lost. He certainly was not made to sit about and do nothing. Were he ever unable to fly, he would be heartbroken.

* DRIVEN: R'mor has goals. He wants to achieve his goals. He will achieve his goals. The Bronzer isn't one to use underhanded ways to get what he wants, but he do everything else to be the Bronzer he was meant to be. To be a wingleader, a Weyrsecond, a Weyrleader. Why shouldn't he? He is descended from a great bronzerider, and he will be marked down in history as a great bronzerider, one that his own sons can aspire to be.

* IMMATURE: Great dreams and ambitions do not do well when paired to pure inexperience and a sense of entitlement that can only come with youth. R'mor has never fought Thread, and while he did experience hardship during the Pass, he is still...innocent, almost. He has a boyish way of thinking that he hasn't grown out of yet, with boyish moods and boyish ideals. The world he pictures doesn't always match up with reality, and his entitlement especially will hold him back a great deal. Impressing a shiny hide does not mean that he has earned the right to be a ranker.

* OPEN-MINDED: R'mor doesn't really care where you come from or what you've done. He has no problem with the mutation colors or their riders, unless they personally make an enemy of him. He likes holdfolk and craftfolk well enough, even if he does think the holders don't belong in the Weyr. They should have their own space, like they used to. Progressive and open to new ways of doing things, R'mor is very much the counterpart of the old guard Bronzers he secretly looks up to. He considers it a good thing, thinking it will make him a good Weyrsecond or Weyrleader someday.

* ORGANIZED: R'mor hates mess. Not the mud-and-dirt kind of mess that comes with his line of work, but the chaos of poorly-conceived ideas and objects strewn all over the place. He hates when even one object is out of place in his weyr, and his more disorganized wingmates make him grind his teeth in frustration. The military precision of a fighting wing is good for him, gives him a sense of security in a way. His weyr is very neat, his gear immaculate, and he has been known to get irritated when people move his things around.

The Magic Touch: If there’s anything else you’d like to add, like habits or an addiction, please add it here.


Mother: Resoma, Wingrider of Green Moenth, Born 2553, Impressed 2570, Died 2586 {Threadfall}
Father: M'lok, Wingrider of Bronze Ykyth, Born 2525, Impressed 2541, Died 2582 {Threadfall}

From M'lok:
R'hon {M}, Wingrider of Blue Chanysoth, Born 2543, Impressed 2561
Rylymeli {F}, Wingrider of Brown Lervesulth, Born 2544, Impressed 2566
W'ral {M}, Wingrider of Blue Aighuth, Born 2546, Impressed 2569, Died 2573 {Threadfall}
Sereeh {F}, Weyr Kitchen Staff, Born 2546, Died 2561 {Oil Burns}
Dyravara {F}, Weyr Construction Worker, Born 2546
Egiasto {M}, Weyr Tanner, Born 2548, Died 2574 {Suicide}
Karul {F}, Wingrider of Brown Reth, Born 2548, Impressed 2563, Died 2566 {Threadfall}
Noluceso {M}, Apprentice Fisher, Born 2549, Died 2568 {Drowned}
P'mor {M}, Wingrider of Bronze Taineoth, Born 2553, Impressed 2577
J'rol {M}, Wingrider of Bronze Onteth, Born 2554, Impressed 2572
Lanere {F}, Weyr Tanner, Born 2561
Ofeula {F}, Journeywoman Smith, Born 2562
Nelil {M}, Weyrbrat, Born 2564, Died 2573 {Accident}
Temic {M}, Weyrbrat, Born 2564, Died 2568 {Accident}
Kinosi {M}, Weyrbrat, Born 2581, Died 2582 {Illness}
Dikev {M}, Weybrat, Born 2582

From Resoma:
Arryle {F}, Weyrbrat, Born 2579

Unnamed Boy, infant, Born 2586, Died 2586 {Stillborn}
Fosarom {M}, Weyrbrat, Born 2589
Byrassa {F}, Weyrbrat, Born 2589
Romashi {F}, Weyrbrat, Born 2590
Rainarra {F}, Born 2591

Tell Us a Story

* 2572, Newborn: Rasarmor is born nine months after his mother's green's maiden Flight. His father, a bronzerider, acknowledges him, but neither of his parents are very present in his life. He is sent to the very crowded creche, and his parents are busy fighting Thread nonstop. Some of his living siblings on his father's side seek him out, and what he learns about his father's side of the family primarily come from them. With resources spread so thin, Rasarmor doesn't get the nutrition he needs, and he is quick to become one of the smaller boys in his age group.

* 2577, Five: One of the brothers he's met, P'mor, Impresses his bronze Taineoth. The Hatching is one of Rasarmor fondest childhood memories, as he gets to sit with his father and his brood. He is proud of his big brother, despite barely knowing him, and even gets to meet Taineoth a few weeks later. It's a nice respite from the bullying he experiences in the creche, where his small size makes him an easy target. He does make friends, and they help him pass the time between chores, sometimes defending him from the meaner boys. There isn't much eventful in his life, but he does remember the hunger as much as he does his brother's Impression.

* 2579, Seven: His mother has her second and final child, a little girl named Arryle. Rass takes an interest, since she's his only sibling on his mother's side, and finds himself growing very protective of his baby sister. They become close as she grows, much closer than he is with his father's children, who are mostly much older than he is and are more like aunts and uncles. Rass still suffers from some bullying, but it's no more or less than what other small boys experience, and starts to take it very personally. He is a bronzerider's son! He will have a bronze dragon like two of his known brothers do! What are those bullies? Nothing. One of his friends teaches him how to wrestle, a fun outlet that helps him build more strength.

* 2582, Ten: One of his baby half-brothers dies at the age of one Turn, thanks to an illness. Father is killed in Threadfall only a few months later, and though Rass didn't know him as well as he wished, he's upset enough to cry. There is no body, no sign at all that his father and his bronze existed. All of the old bronzer's belongings are distributed throughout the Weyr, and Rass is more upset because he doesn't get anything. R'hon, the eldest of his known brothers, reminds him that he has a part of their father inside him. All of them do. That helps him even at his young age and only makes him more determined to Impress and fight Thread just like his father did and his mother still does. When his father's final child is born three months after his death, Rass is eager to meet him and teach him what little he knows of the brave bronzer. Much of it is embellished, but it makes for good stories.

* 2584, Twelve: Rasarmor reaches the age at which he can Stand as a candidate. Moving into the candidate barracks is the highlight of the Turn, even though he will miss his younger siblings in the creche. He has a bit of a superiority complex regarding the holder and craftborn candidates, even those older than him, but the candidatemaster puts him in his place soon enough. At least, he makes Rass stop being such a snot where he can hear. Rass wastes no time in losing his virginity to a bluerider two Turns his senior, on her graduation day. She dies in her first Threadfall, which gives him an unexpected sense of loss. He doesn't really understand it, when he barely knew her, and it disturbs him for some time until his first Hatching comes around to distract him. He does not Impress, and that arouses great envy within him whenever he looks at the new weyrlings for some time after. At least he has several Turns before he runs out of chances.

* 2586, Fourteen: Mother dies in Threadfall early in the Turn, and Rasarmor weeps for her and her green. He knew them a little better than he knew Father and his bronze, and he makes sure to be as available as he can for Arryle. His little sister is around the age he was when his father died, and he feels the same responsibility as he's certain his older siblings did to help her grieve. One of his own forms of solacing himself is sex. So much so that he gets another candidate pregnant. Out of solidarity--and some prodding from the candidatemaster--Rasarmor takes a nine month hiatus from Standing. It all feels like a waste when the child, a little boy, is stillborn. The mother avoids Rass like the plague afterwards, and drops out of candidacy after the next Hatching. The memory still leaves a bad taste in Rass's mouth.

* 2587, Fifteen: The Pass ends at the beginning of the Turn, and Rasarmor doesn't quite believe it. He is heartbroken that his mother only had to live one more Turn to be safe. He is frustrated that his father never got to see the product of his life's work. He is shamefully relieved that he will never have to fight Thread himself. With the Northern Continent completely ravaged, he's unsure if they're all out of the woods yet. Starvation is surely a threat, until D'mir finds Fort Island. The move to their new home is a blur to Rass, with so much exhausting work to do, but his first sight of Southern Winds Weyr is ingrained in his memory. It took his breath away, and still does sometimes.

Nothing trumps the memory of his Impression to Eyteth, though. The bronze is among the first dragonets to hatch on their new island, and the fact that he will never feel the sear of Thread only makes the Impression more joyous. R'mor is not ashamed that he wept. If Eyteth could have done so, he would have too. Father and Mother are not there to see, but his siblings are, and their pride in him is yet another hallmark of the day. Not even the hatching of black Neisoth dulls the event. R'mor isn't sure what to make of the beast or his rider, but Eyteth accepts them easily, and that in itself is good enough for R'mor. Let the blackpair prove themselves.

* 1289, Seventeen: S'bok's Neisoth wins Kalestath's mating Flight at the beginning of the Turn, which puts Eyteth and R'mor in thoroughly foul moods. For all that they have come to accept their clutchmates, to lose to a blackpair is uncalled for. Bronzes always fly the queens! Those still-fresh wounds only smart more come graduation day. Throughout his weyrlinghood, R'mor had dreamed of joining Mountain Wing, of searching for the last vestiges of life on the Northern Continent. Of course, he hadn't expected it right away, but to be put in Prairie Wing? That is a personal insult and brings back far too many memories of his childhood bullies. He and Eyteth had worked hard throughout their training! They were better than the weakest, most pathetic wing in the Weyr! Beach or Jungle would have been far preferable to this! Both of them are irked by their placement, and decides that if they can't be in a good wing, then they will do one better. They will fly a gold, and become Weyrsecond or Weyrleader. if S'bok and Neisoth can do it, why not them? Eyteth begins to chase greens more often to practice, and R'mor sires two children this Turn, a son and a daughter. They don't see much of him, but he checks in every now and then.

More black dragons hatch from Neisoth's sired clutch, along with the tiniest dragons anyone has ever seen. R'mor isn't fazed by the blacks, not after sharing the weyrling barracks with Neisoth for two Turns, but the reds are an intriguing and frightening change. They're so energetic that they're dangerous, though in a...strangely cute way. Eyteth assures him that they are as normal as the blacks, but really, how normal is that? He doesn't get much interaction with the new mutations, as Prairie is assigned to guarding the construction site of the new Hold. Something that irks the bronzepair, but at least the other better wings are stuck on guard duty too. Multiple hunter attacks this Turn serve as a grim reminder that even the Interval is not safe. R'mor hates how frightened that makes him.

* 2590, Eighteen: Eyteth is wounded during the beachsnake attack that takes place on the first day of the Turn. He is thankfully not bitten, but the 'snake's claws leave deep gashes in his flank, and he might have been drowned if a Beach Wing brownrider hadn't come to his aid. Thanks to his recovery, Eyteth isn't at his best when Kalestath Rises, and the loss is pathetic. However, he is fit for the task when S'bok calls for volunteers for secret hunting missions. At last, a chance to prove themselves worthy of...anything but Prairie Wing! That bit of excitement comes to an end after another hunter attack, this time at the new Mine Hall. Eyteth is again injured, this time with deep bites to his neck that force him out of commission for Oriath's and Imyth's Flights. R'mor can't complain this time, not when he and his lifemate came so close to death, but Maelboroth's win is something that he almost can't abide. He doesn't hate X'kis like some of the traditionalists do, but he is so very convinced that Eyteth could have beat a brown if he'd been able to chase. And he certainly would have sired a bigger clutch.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.

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Journals / Tinker’s Treasures
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Tinker's Tools Treasures

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Jungle Wingrider Eldessen of Green Mialeyth

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Raging Prairie Bronzerider

Zuraneth’s laughter filled Bl’yx’s head then, and the rider found himself making an expression that was partly amused, partly confused. Was Perun trying to flatter him by complimenting Zuraneth? He’d never heard the man say anything so—well, so poetic. Perhaps that was just the effect Faytona had on him. Bl’yx’s expression smoothed back into one of neutrality, but his eyes did cut toward Perun then. What was he up to?

Maybe he was just using Bl’yx and his admittedly pretty dragon to charm the girl. ‘Look, I regularly associate with riders and their dragons.’ So that Faytona could, what… fawn over them? So Perun could get under her skirts, so to speak?

That doesn’t make any sense, his Blue observed privately to him, and Bl’yx shot back: //It’s stupid. But nothing makes sense right now.// Because it didn’t, to him. Perun’s behavior, Faytona’s innocent ease with it all, even his own feelings about the situation. Whatever this situation was, exactly.

Zuraneth didn’t pull back as Faytona ran her fingers over his warm dark hide, breath huffing hotly over her. But he did shift a little and spread his wings to demonstrate what Perun had commented on. He, at least, was arrogant and vain enough to appreciate the compliment, regardless of its motives. Though his chest was patterned in much the same way, it was the underside of his wingsails that were truly the reflection of a starfield. Cloudy, lighter waves of blue even gave the illusion that there were nebulae painting his skin too.

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