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Plot and Scheme / Re: Bee's Plotter
« on: Yesterday at 10:21:51 PM »
Thank you everyone for joining me!!!  :love: (I meant to respond sooner, but today was Do Chores Like A Functional Adult Day, so here we are.)

@SanctifiedSavage your excitement nourishes me! I would love to play with you at some point. I will rifle through your characters, too, and see if anyone jumps out at Kiki.

@Inki, I adore your disaster lesbian. I think she and Kiki would be good at rumbling together, or spurring each other on during initial training? Or maybe just some cute stuff with their new babies since I think it's hilarious that this is such a red batch of weyrlings. I also think for whatever overlap their candidacies had, Kiki probably would have admired her and tried to be her friend/bask in her power, for whatever back-dated stuff you might be interested in.

@Kyya Oh man, Tayvelle sounds exactly like someone Kiki would crush on (hardass with a soft center, very good). Kiki had a gf for the very tail end of her candidacy, but if Tayvelle would like to make a new friend with a precocious fancy for her, I'd love that, either back in the candidacy or even now. I can definitely see Kiki going out of her way to try to make Tayvelle happy. On the Wa'by front, I would love time with a Weyrlingmaster! I think it would be funny for him to make a bet with a very determined Kiki and watch the whole thing spiral out of control.

@Spiffy I think he and Kiki would be hilarious in training together, or clamoring after their dragons, OR using their absolutely intolerable free time to invent a grand mystery to solve/have an adventure.

Plot and Scheme / Re: Bee's Plotter
« on: Yesterday at 01:29:39 AM »
*Offers Wa'by up to add to the confusion*

Also Tayvelle if you want some past (and possibly future) lovers, friends and/or fight friends :D

Weyr Bowl / Private A Fateful Afternoon [ 29.05.2591; 12:40 PM ] Soliana
« on: September 19, 2018, 05:15:03 PM »
With absolutely no clouds present in the sky, the already hot summer was blisteringly so that afternoon. Laid bare beneath it, the Weyr had taken on a shimmering quality like the beginning of a mirage, one side of the Bowl seeming to wobble when viewed from the other. Some may dare to hope that as the sun began to sank toward the horizon, the shadows would lengthen around the edges of the dead volcano and grant some relief. But at least for now, the sun was almost directly overhead.

In other news, there was nowhere to hide.

Under such circumstances, Finna was even more grateful that the heat rarely bothered her. It was far better than being cold, in her opinion. Since it would be nearly another half a mark before her Wing had to return to their duties for the day, she’d stripped off her riding jacket and draped it over Kimisuth’s saddle while she checked and adjusted his straps. Along with her dark hair being cut short and off the back of her neck, she felt significantly cooler.

This feels tight here. On the left.

“No problem. I’ll get it in a second.” Shifting from where she’d been standing on her Blue’s shoulder, Finna slid down his leg with practiced grace and ducked beneath his chest to tug at where the leather was sitting. “Your left or my left?”

Yours. Rather relaxed while he waited, Kimisuth idly looked around the Bowl with calm turquoise eyes. While he didn’t forcibly intrude on anyone else’s mind, he did idly ‘listen’ to see if he picked up on anything indicating a Search might be imminent. They could happen at any time, after all.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Nymphali I’m sorry about the wait. ;_; Just let me know if anything needs adjusted. Since it specifies in Soliana’s history that she tried to interact with as many Blue riders as possible, I figured she can start to approach, and then I’ll have Kimisuth sense her. ^_^

Weyr Hall / Re: Unspoken [ 24.03.2591 // 8:45pm ] Jo and J'dan
« on: September 17, 2018, 06:07:46 PM »
J’dan wasn’t sure what was going on. At all. The fact that this guy happened to know Jossekayne didn’t really excuse whatever the fuck it was he was doing. J’dan went from mildly confused to straight up annoyed. It didn’t matter so much that he’d not dismissed the man outright, but now he was being the runnershit, and J’dan didn’t expressly like that.

The bronzer watched him a moment as the man turned away from him and asked Jo if he could join her for dinner.

Her response was nice. J’dan could’ve played nice too, but he didn’t. It was one thing to ignore J’dan’s unspoken go away. Maybe the man was dense as firestone. “I don’t think we’ll be lingering here much longer, anyways. We’ve already eaten and...” At this, J’dan looked at Jo, “If you’d like to take this conversation elsewhere, it’s already getting late.” To accent his point, he did stand to put himself near Jo. He was tired of their additional company.

Sometimes people don’t know when they’re not wanted, he rumbled into his rider’s mind.

J’dan couldn’t agree more.

Family & Friends / OOC Grn + Brnz = Bros4Life [Filled]
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:20:44 PM »
The Desire:

In Kalestath’s latest clutch (2591), Bronze 001 helped Green 001 out of her shell and turned me into a pile of goo. These dragons need to be bros, and their riders need to be bros; I need it like burning, and am looking for someone who might be interested in playing this out with me. (If someone else was already planning this, just let me know so I can quietly stalk you into eternity!)

The Specifics:

My initial thought is that Xaeybl, who I had planned to app as a candidate, would instead app as a weyrling and impress the green. That being said, if someone is more interested in the green, I’m sure I could come up with someone to impress the bronze instead.

I don’t have anything specific in mind for their dynamic; they could complement each other, temper one or the other, or be a total odd couple. They don’t have to start off friends, it might be more interesting it they don't, only reluctantly interacting because of their dragons to begin with, but end-game would them becoming close friends, most likely in the same wing. And, of course, they should both be adoptable. :>

Post your interest here, and then we can hammer out the details either through pm or on discord! *tempts*

The Dragons:

Bronze and Green bro interact here, melting my heart.
Spoiler for introductions:
Another handful of minutes passed after the Black dragonet had made his choice, he and his brothers all exiting the Sands and leaving the clutch further diminished. But though many of the young dragons had hatched already, there were yet more clusters of eggs remaining where Kalestath had protectively kept them, gleaming in the light with the promise of what they held within. So many more chances for the Candidates on the Sands to step away as a bonded pair.

Just enough time had passed for some, perhaps, to get impatient, when the top of an egg near the front cracked off, an almost clean shear as the baby within simply pressed their head up through the weakest part of the shell. Their claws were soon to follow, crumbling the front of the muddled grey and violet egg [14] until it gave way and spilled them out in a rush of fluid.

The second Brown of the clutch—certainly not an inauspicious addition to the clutch, even if he wasn’t as flashy as a Bronze. That distinction didn’t seem to bother him any, and his large body had a certain near-predatory quality to it as he flicked his tail, shattering what was left of his former prison, and moved to the Candidates.

He stopped near Harsaia for a moment, eyes narrowing up at her thoughtfully, and then moved on. His long, thick tail left a furrow in the sand as it dragged behind him, rasping over the ground in a way that might have seemed distinctly menacing where his hide black instead. Such as it was, he simply seemed thoughtful.

Ultimately, he selected his future rider without fanfare. The moment might even be lost as a red-shelled egg [5] tipped against the speckled blue one beside it [4], almost knocking its fellow over before slipping off and sliding against the mount of sand that had been keeping them in place. Though it was somewhat difficult to see from behind the other eggs still shielding it, a back leg emerged first—glittering with a distinctive metallic sheen that seemed rather coppery against the more golden color of the Sands. A few moments later, the Bronze struggling to crack the thick egg finally forced his way out of it, inadvertently backing up into the same blue egg he’d knocked into previously.

Peeping could be heard from within that one, an almost piteous noise like a cry for help. The Bronze cocked his head a moment as he listened to it, even glancing up at his mother questioningly. But when Kalestath didn’t move toward the egg and the distressed-sounding dragon inside, he turned his claws to the shell instead.

Perhaps a tense moment as those razor-sharp talons tore at the outside of his sibling’s home, scoring the shell and eventually peeling at it and the membrane beneath once it began to crack. The peeping had intensified, the creature within maybe sensing that another was helping them. With the Bronze’s assistance, the thick, hard outer husk was left in shards on the ground and a little Green tumbled against her brother’s legs. Her foreclaws appeared duller than his, perhaps the source of her difficulty in breaking through on her own.

Beyond that, though, she seemed healthy. The two of them shared a short, trilled conversation—and her voice rang out in the heads of the Candidates near to the front of the group: Thank you!

The Bronze simply rumbled his acknowledgment, licking some fluid from along her jaw, and then nudged her with his snout to urge her toward those waiting for them.

She wasn’t a graceful creature, exactly, but she seemed energetic despite her struggle with emerging from her egg. Wings flopping comically along beside and behind her, she bounded across the sand—her brother following along more slowly behind, as he paused to sort out his legs from his wings—and nearly bowled into Sionann on her way to her actual bonded. He helped me! I think we’re friends now.
And Bronze is attacked by a rude Black before impressing to his rider.
Spoiler for rude:
The considerate Bronze had not quite crossed the halfway point of the space between eggs and Candidates when the next dragonet hatched. This one burst from his egg, leaving the speckled grey shell in shatters on the sand [15]. From it was born yet another Black dragon, this one a thick mass of muscle and eyes aflame with an acrid orange that quickly shifted to a redder hue as he spotted the Bronze before him.

He didn’t bother to roar a challenge as his older brother had. Instead he hissed, the sound nearly a snarl as he darted forward, trampling the remains of a previously hatched egg. Fortunate for his clutchmates, perhaps, that he was near the front of the grouping. It seemed nothing was going to stop him from getting to the dragon he had instantly recognized as a rival—maybe even for a future bonded.

His charge caught the Bronze by surprise, who screeched in pain as a raking set of foreclaws drew lines on his flank. Ichor bloomed against his hide, and he spun to face the Black in a shower of sand.

Their battle was brief but fierce. Though the reason for the fight escaped him, the Bronze seemed determined to give as good as he got—gouging at the Black in return for clawmarks and bites, until the Black pushed him away and now favoring one leg. The two eyed one another for a tense moment, teeth bared, until the Black seemed to catch sight of something interesting behind his brother.

Just as a Candidate stepped forward to claim the darker dragon, so too did one summoned by the Bronze’s voice as they each reached out to their riders. Neither of them had the energy to fight anymore.

Almost meekly as they were led off the sands, an pale tan and brown egg near the back began to break apart [29]. What emerged from it was a tiny thing, almost as small as some of the Reds that had been in the cavern earlier. But instead, this was a pretty Green lady, who slunk forward submissively to claim what was meant to be hers. She skirted wide around the spilled ichor between her and the Candidates, eyes whirling yellow in fear of the lingering atmosphere in the wake of her brothers’ fight.



Vassatiere knew D’zel by sight, even if they’d never been formally introduced. She’d have been a poor candidate indeed if she didn’t know the Weylingmaster. Even so, she blinked at him several times while she worked to process exactly what he was saying. Injuries? Was she injured? No, no. And Ysolth certainly wasn’t. If he had been hurt in any of his playing, Vassatiere was certain he’d have said something.

Or at this rate, she’d have felt it herself.

Yawning, she nodded again and repeated under her breath over and over so she wouldn’t forget, “room six”.  Why did that seem so hard to remember right now? Why did she feel so... so slow?  If this was what it was going to be like every time Ysolth went to sleep, she was just going to give up functioning when he was.

For now, though, she carefully scooped up her precious Red and slowly, concentrating on eat placement of her feet, began walking towards the weyrling barracks. She’d had to adjust her course a couple of times because she’d list off to one side, but she eventually did make it.

Room six, room six, room six.

They made it and, not even bothering to see if there was something to change into, she just curled up on the closest cot with Ysolth and promptly went to sleep. She’d deal with other stuff later. When sleep wasn’t so appealing.

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 17, 2018, 10:09:41 AM »
The wait for the final three was anxiety inducing. She fidgeted and let her hair down once more until her neck became intolerably hot, and then dithered between the bun as before or perhaps just a ponytail. She didn’t think dragons even took notice of human appearances, but maybe if she looked a little less severe that would help.

Eventually, and truly it had felt like ages to her, an egg began to show promising signs. Then the dragonet appeared and it was large and dark and Savi’s hands loosened from the fists they’d clenched into. Five Black dragons to three Bronze, but altogether they’d be an impressive show of force as adults. Again, however, she knew this dragon couldn’t be hers and so she looked to the final two eggs.

This one, though, this one looked promising. The Green wasn’t the greenest but her hide was nonetheless lovely. She approached the group and Savi felt her heart rate increase. The ponytail had been a good idea, she told herself. A feeling, dissimilar to the invasive prying of the Reds but.. still disappointing. It was there for a breath and then gone, a little like passing nausea or the itch before needing to sneeze without the followup. The Green chose another.

One more chance, one more dragon.

The final egg revealed a Blue. Maybe, like Ysveta, she could still Impress this one. He appeared meek but she thought that was okay, she’d be able to coax him along. He didn’t come her way though, not like the Green had. He moved toward his chosen until he was physically unable to walk further and that was that.

There was a familiarity about not Impressing that was both welcome and alienating. She stood there for a little longer than some and did not hasten her walk when she finally turned to leave. Her routine would go back to normal after today and, likely, her firelizards would be relieved to find her whole and well and their lives unchanged. Those that Impressed were given mental farewells for she knew they’d be too busy for a long while to continue casual friendships. Karou’s death still hovered in the air but soon she’d be known as the single casualty in an otherwise successful clutch. A necessary evil, and weren’t they so lucky it was just one this time?

Her robes were wrinkled and stiff in places where sweat had intermingled with sand. A bath, yes, she wanted a bath. Walking after standing in place for the duration of the hatching had her legs tingly and the desire to stretch making her pause and do so. Her joints popped in a satisfying way and rolling her neck felt gloriously freeing. The tension in her shoulders lessened and a smile graced her lips. Returning to her routine was fine, she decided.

D'via blinked at the sudden addition of a second red dragon in her field of view and then grinned at her brother as she recognised his voice. She'd thought he'd simply sat down at a different bench, he had impressed at the same time as she did. Dara turned away to get some food and she looked back at his dragon as she got up ignoring his request to stay. She giggled at... My sister is Heppath and her rider is D'vik, not Dara.. Anedaith put in with a faintly lecturing tone before she turned to her sister.

I am nearly done, you may share if you want. She said as her sisters head intruded on her bowl. Then she flicked her tail and said rather slyly, though without any malice. I got to the food first too!

“That's sweet of you Anedaith but I think she needs more than you're leaving.” D'via said as Dara... D'vik, sat down again with a full bowl of meat and started to feed his dragon.

“They really are. I can't believe we impressed together.” She replied, not even trying to hide her delight. That they might impress from the same clutch had been her hope, at the same time to the same colour was just perfect. She'd been worried he'd bond to a bronze or black and leave her with a red or green and then they'd be doing different things sometimes.

Anedaith stared wistfully at the remains in her bowl before flopping down dramatically on the bench, wriggling around so that she was upside down, he wings spread beneath her and D'via was surprised she seemed comfortable like that. My belly itches now.

“I'll grab some oil.” D'via said fondly, “don't go anywhere.” She didn't get very far as glancing up before she stood brought another person to her attention. She smiled shyly at the congratulations and Anedaith turned her head to look at the intruder with curiosity that turned to delight when he deposited a bucket of oil beside her.

I have no idea who he is but I like him. She said as D'via ran the oil soaked cloth from the bucket over her belly.

Spoiler for ooc:

Weyr Bowl / Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:39:59 PM »
C’ace didn’t really notice that people were watching. Not in the same way that Zarenaak was likely to feel the attention. Rather, he knew that some Riders would look their way out of curiosity but the rest of them sort of faded to the background, as non-riders were wont to do. It wasn’t because C’ace didn’t care or because he thought less of them, it was just because they generally didn’t play a large part in his life. Children did, and riders did, but he didn’t usually interact with working weyrfolk. Rather, he tried to stay out of the way. He always felt bad about interrupting their work, and a bit awkward.

Not when he was on a Search, of course. This was his job, and while C’ace might be a carefree man, he did take his duties as serious as he might take anything else.

Reesskit thrummed softly for the nervous soon-to-be-Candidate. While he wasn’t about to invade Zarenaak’s mind – he’d found that usually just startled people more than it helped – the purr reverberated in a low, soothing sound. He wanted Zarenaak to feel comfortable and confident in his choice because Reesskith certainly did. It never occurred to the Blue that he’d ever pick someone that wasn’t right. Because that’s not what he did. Everyone he sensed had the potential, depending on their own actions moving forward, to Impress. Depending on their own actions, who they shaped themselves to be during Candidacy, decided it.

C’ace glanced at Zarenaak and offered him a smile of encouragement as they entered the sheltering shadows of the weyr tunnels that would, eventually, lead them to the Candidate Master’s Office. It wasn’t far, but C’ace wasn’t rushed either. “I know it can be scary too. Everything being new and all. But you’re not moving far and you can still see your family. It’s not like being Searched back during the Pass, where you had to uproot and literally leave everything behind. It’s... it’s easier now.” Wasn’t that the truth of it? There wasn’t a shadow of death that lingered over every hatching, the fear that half the clutch wouldn’t survive after graduation. The death keen that sounded even as dragons hatched.

That wouldn’t be happening to Zarenaak.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SirAlahn has offered to bring in O'sir if you wanna continue his interaction with the Candidate Master. Wasn't sure if you thought that'd be fun to play out. <3 C'ace can be the one to help him gather his things and such after too. :3 

Universal Events / Re: [ 18.6.2591 ] Rider's Bet VII
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:27:49 PM »
Gosh darnit Inki!

Universal Events / Re: [ 18.6.2591 ] Rider's Bet VII
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:47:51 PM »
All the OOC bets have now been tallied! The math is viewable up in the records post, but we'll go ahead and summarize here. :happy:

Inki is our winner of the High Roller egg this time, with a massive 82 points. Kyya came in second with 60; Jarak was third with 49. And Rayne didn't quite make her goal of going negative, with a total of 31. <3

Thanks for participating, and don't forget to test your guessing skills at the next Bet! :love:

Weyr Hall / Re: Unspoken [ 24.03.2591 // 8:45pm ] Jo and J'dan
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:36:31 PM »
Jo didn’t need anyone to handle her business for her, but she was curious enough to hear Vironethian out, and playful enough to see how J’dan responded in the first place. Normally she wasn’t so testing, but it was quite obvious to her that Lyrisiveth’s proddiness was bleeding over into her. Oh well. She didn’t mean it maliciously.

The Bronze Rider’s dismissal was pretty clear, but the Smith barreled on past it nevertheless. Jossekayne regarded him with a half-frown of confusion, and even tilted her head some as she watched him.

He wanted to eat there? Before she even meant to, she glanced around at the Weyr Hall as though to verify that it wasn’t crowded. No, there were plenty of places where he could have sat instead, which meant he was about something else. What that might be, she had no idea. His expression was as grumpy as usual, and just as inscrutable otherwise.

Drawn in more so by her rider’s confusion, Lyrisiveth drew in closer to their bond to observe as her rider did. Maybe he’s tryin' to be friendly?

//If he is, he’s going about it strangely. This isn’t really the time.//

“I didn’t think you consorted with riders?” Half amused, her voice lifted up at the end in a question more than a statement. Jo wasn’t intending to be directly rude, but she wanted to know what he was up to. Anyone else, and she might have attributed it to loneliness after a long day. But Vironethian had never seemed the sort to willingly spend time around others if he didn’t have to.

R’kan wasn’t sure if it was possible to over-oil a dragon, but there was something mesmerizing about working it into Hisketh’s hide. She’d been a gorgeous thing already, but the oil seemed to polish her as he spread it, exposing the very subtle variations in shade that played along her when she moved—and then brightening the already stunning sunset colors of her wingsails. As small as she was, he ended up propping her half in his lap, utterly unconcerned about the fact he was getting oil all over his white robes. He was never going to wear them again.

Hisketh herself was practically dozing, thrumming a low and soothing purr as R’kan paid her attention. The effect of it was making him sleepy too, and as he worked he started to stifle more and more yawns. Coaxing the tiny Red to fan out one of her wings, he gently used the fabric of the rag to spread a little more oil there, marveling at the way the membrane folded and shifted so flexibly as he experimentally flexed her wing.

She cracked open one eye then, which was a deep and tranquil blue as she peered up to look at him. Entertaining yourself? There was a sharp bit of teasing there, but he could tell she didn’t really object. Rather, somehow he just knew that she appreciated him more or less fawning over her.

“Couldn’t have even dreamed you up,” he muttered to her, and then felt his face flush. Since when did he wax in any way poetic?

His dragon just purred all the more. Mmm, I like that. I’ll be able to teach you manners yet.

Another voice nearby projected at them, and it took on a weirdly muffled quality through the protective shell of Hisketh’s mind against his. But when she realized the other dragonet wasn’t attempting to invade their bond specifically, she relaxed it some and the voice grew louder. Only then did R’kan realize that someone else was aiming to squeeze into a spot at the table where they’d sat.

Blinking slowly, sleepily, Hisketh regarded her brother and simply answered, On the table. A hint of amusement tinged her voice, given that the bowls were in plain view. Or a table, anyway. The meat on this one might all be gone. Other weyrlings had already claimed it, after all, though she didn’t come right out and turn Derraseth away.


Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 16, 2018, 09:46:07 PM »
Three eggs left. Even with all the other dragonets hatched, the remaining few didn’t seem to be in a rush. Rather, they were taking their time—with enough movement to make it clear they weren’t duds, but surely long enough to make the Candidates (and potentially everyone else) impatient. Nearly a quarter of a mark passed before the first of them showed signs of actually cracking, putting the end of the Hatching even later in the afternoon.

Far to the right-hand side, the last egg of what had once been a crowded cluster tipped over, crushing more bits of shell beneath its green-and-grey weight [31]. Bludgeoning through the forward side, the dragonet that emerged from it was yet another Black, glossy and dark with attractive markings in a far more silver shade.

He surveyed the Candidates for a moment, calm and collected, before his head lifted and his nostrils flared—scenting something that piqued his interest. He cast a glance back at the Candidates again, and then simply struck off toward the exit toward the Pavilion, with his future rider hurried, stumbling, to catch up.

Behind, the second of the last eggs had been picked apart from the inside, leaving its softly yellow shell crumbling away when the dragonet pushed against it. A shimmering but pale Green, she flicked some fluid and bits of shell from her feet and snout. But unlike her brother, she made for the Candidates rather than the exit to the Bowl, her gait prim and wings held aloft for balance.

She did take her time, weaving among the Candidates and seeming to inspect them, the brush of her mind as gentle as a feather against Oskendar, Saviavi, Harsaia. In the end, though, she chose none of those, but trilled sweetly to the one she’d been looking for and practically leaping into their arms to be carried from the Sands.

One egg. Almost meekly in the wake of everything else, it finally hatched—soft grey shell falling away without fanfare [18]. A bright Blue, this one peered at the many, many faces watching him, and then up at Kalestath. For a few moments he seemed reluctant to leave her proximity, slowly testing his narrow legs as he rose. Still, he was careful as he picked his way through the remnants of his siblings’ eggs and his own.

In the end, he bumped against the legs of the one he was meant for, looking up almost in surprise to find the Impression being made. And with it, the last of Kalestath’s clutch had bonded and hatched.

Spoiler for OOC:
Egg 31 – Black 005 to NPC
Egg 11 – Green 007 to NPC
Egg 18 – Blue 005 to NPC

And with that, all the eggs have hatched! :happy: We’ll leave the thread itself open for a little bit in case anyone wants to get final responses in with their Candidates or anyone else. And now that it’s over, we’ll be working to tally up your OOC bets. Once they’re done, we’ll post the results in the OOC Rider’s Bet thread and disperse award eggs accordingly.

We’ll be returning to our regular event schedule now, meaning the next one will be posted this Thursday, September 20 (at least according to American time). Now… be free!

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 16, 2018, 06:13:53 PM »
The clumsy Green was comedic in a different way, compared to the Reds. Where they had been all energy and unpredictability, this one was the opposite. Stumbling and uncoordinated, she nonetheless collapsed in a similar fashion to her sibling before her. Savi kept her eyes trained on it, still but straining internally. If she tried hard enough, maybe she’d hear it, right?

Another candidate stepped forward to answer the call and she visibly slumped. Eight more. And the next two that hatched, more magnificent Blacks, they wouldn’t be hers, either.

Their antics were less amusing but it seemed their natural urge to fight was reserved only for their Bronze kin. Though they tangled, they came apart no worse for wear and seemed more keen to avoid each other than continue that path. They reminded her of crechelings with their back and forth and she realized she wouldn’t enjoy Impressing a Black if they were all so childish.

She felt leagues away from the girl she’d once been, and especially distant from that obedient child she had tried so hard to be. Maybe that was her issue, she was no longer the same girl that had been Searched all of those turns ago. Maybe the new her wasn’t compatible.

The next dragonet arrived quickly after the twin Blacks. The Brown was as he should be, steadfast and self assured but without ego. A Blue followed and Savi, while appreciative of pretty things, didn’t quite enjoy the snow-capped pattern to his hide like some might. She didn’t miss the cold halls at Fort, nor the snow that brought chill to the furthest recesses of the tunnels.

While the two of them stretched their limbs and walked where they must, another egg revealed a Bronze and then an exuberant Green. The four of them were a rainbow of whirring eyes and hides, a miniature collection of what Pern once was. It was nice, in a way, to see these predictable colors all assembled. Still, Savi could no longer think of a weyr without the shadow of Neisoth beside Kalestath, nor the multitude of Reds that were steadily dominating the ranks of weyrlings.

Things were certainly different now.

And maybe, these ever evolving differences meant that there was hope for her changed self, too.

The Green ushered in the slew of Impressions and Saviavi clapped softly when the Blue went to Ysveta. She didn’t watch the new weyrlings exit the sands but instead moved her head from egg to egg, counting the last three. These weren’t odds she favored, but she’d take them nonetheless.

Weyr Bowl / Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« on: September 16, 2018, 04:59:44 PM »
C’ace didn’t hold onto his hand for longer than necessary to get him moving, but Zarenaak was hard pressed to remember anyone just--casually tugging him along--and something about it made him flush. It didn’t help he caught sight of Belara’s expression as he passed, which reminded him suddenly, painfully that everyone was watching. Which--he literally could not think about, because then he might bolt. He bit his lip, hard enough he tasted copper, and tried to focus instead on C’ace and the large, strangely reassuring presence of Reesskith following closely behind.

He’d never had much reason to interact with a rider and their dragon before, and wasn’t sure if they were what he would have imagined or not. C'ace was certainly more personable than what his father had encouraged his family to believe; but then again, how were riders supposed to seduce--and there was a thought he wasn’t going to be examining closely any time soon, or ever; what was wrong with him--impressionable youths into abandoning all rational, respectable behavior if they weren’t at the very least friendly? Plenty of people agreed to being Searched, and he didn’t think the dragons were the only draw.

He smiled wanly at the man’s attempts to distract him--at least he assumed that was what it was, but maybe he was overthinking--it was nice, anyway: “Maybe.” In farming, records were important in tracking where you sourced things, the conditions it was grown in, what succeeded and what--failed. Zarenaak twitched, and tried not to draw any parallels.

He hoped C’ace was right, but he was feeling a whole lot of stress at the moment and wasn’t sure “fun” was a word he’d equate with completely abandoning everything and starting over from scratch, all for a pipedream. In theory, though, it had to be better than farming. He was actually interested in learning about dragons.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said quietly, and it didn’t feel like a complete lie.

Spoiler for ooc:

Weyr Hall / Re: Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen
« on: September 16, 2018, 03:55:39 PM »
Of the three most likely reasons the bed might have been vacated--death, aging out, or impression--the latter was, obviously, the best one. (It probably said something terrible that the other two options were weighted pretty much evenly in his mind). Oarlen seemed proud of her, but Zarenaak had to wonder what it was like to have the people around you Impress when you--didn’t. He’d know soon enough, though, with Kalestath’s hatching on the horizon and not being able to stand. There was a small part of him that was disappointed--it was the senior queen’s clutch, after all--but mostly he was just glad to have a little more time before he had to start worrying about whether or not he’d actually Impress. (He was already worried).

“I’m Zarenaak,” he remembered to reply, a little embarrassed he hadn’t thought to pin that on to his original question.

“They were--nice, yes.” His feelings about being Searched were a complicated mess, and Reesskith and C’ace were wrapped up in that. Reesskith had been--intent--and C’ace had been--nothing Zarenaak was willing to consider closely, though it made his heart beat a little faster. So yes, they had been nice, but beyond that Zarenaak didn’t know them, probably any better than Oarlen did from the sounds of it. And he was probably always going to be wondering if they’d made the right call, probably right up until he Impressed (or didn’t). So: complicated.

He looked down at Canopy as she crept closer, eyes swirling in lingering censure, and waved away Oarlen’s concern, “I don’t mind.” As long as she didn’t decide to maul him or anything, he was content to leave her be; he’d have lots more opportunity to watch firelizards up close he imagined, since he and Oarlen would be sharing a room, but he wasn’t over the novelty of it yet.

“Oh!” Zarenaak flushed when Oarlen offered him help unpacking, reminded of the meager belongings he’d been ignoring. “No--I wasn’t able--I didn’t bring much,” Zarenaak muttered, hunching in on himself at the slip; he didn’t want to think about his brief venture ho--to where he used to live. “Thanks, though,” he muttered quietly.

“How, uh...long have you been a candidate?” Was that a polite thing to ask? Zarenaak wasn’t sure, and bit his lip.

Oiling a real dragon, rather than a practice flit, was a wildly different experience. Not because Ysolth was really bigger, but because he was subtly directing her. She could tell when he was unsatisfied with the spot she was working on, when something was still itchy, and when she could move on. All wordless, though he was making soft purring noises of contentment while he lay, and roll, on the bench.

He was just... adorable. Beautiful. Perfect.

Yes, yes I am, he added lazily, his voice a whispered caress in her mind. Vassatiere could listen to him talk all day and never tire of it.

That had him feeling quite good about himself. Save that there was a heavy weight of sleepiness on him, which in turn made Vassatiere feel suddenly quite tired herself. She’d have been certain she was too excited, too thrilled that she’d impressed to ever sleep. Ysolth had other plans. Now that he was fed and oiled, the little dragonet just wanted to sleep. Where are we supposed to... he asked, murmuring in that whispered way he did. Trailing off while he quite literally fell asleep on the bench.

Having half of her asleep was an odd feeling. Like she was in a waking dream, and all her limbs were sluggish. It took her a moment to stand, steading herself on the bench a long moment, before she looked around. Was there a room assignment and... could someone carry both of them there? Cause that would be perfect.

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 16, 2018, 09:01:28 AM »
This was a wonderful reason to miss drills. Getting to see all the little dragons breaking into the world and pairing up with future riders. She couldn’t really remember what it was like to be a candidate, but Yinaya would always remember the day she’d impressed to Rantasyth. It was a darker time to be a Candidate during the Pass, but she was no less thrilled or in awe of what it felt like to have another mind touch her own. The significance, the realization, that no matter what they were in this together.

Always, her dragon agreed, humming into her mind.

While Yinaya would’ve been happy for Ysveta either way, and she intended to be there for her should she not impress, she did hold her breath every time one of the tiny creatures even got close. Maybe that one? Or the other? A green? What color would suit Ysveta the most? Maybe Yinaya was biased, but she did happen to think that Green was the best.

When it did happen though, there was no mistaking it. Yinaya grabbed ahold of Yisk and near shook him, wanting him to see. “That Blue, that one there!” There could be no doubt! She was too far to hear what Ysveta said, but she was among those that did cheer that another impression had been made. She was certainly the loudest.

Blue Riders / Re: Ysveta [02.04.2572 // 9th Pass] Blue Weyrling
« on: September 15, 2018, 09:37:04 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn.
Dragon Details

[ OSS-kyth ]
(note the 'S' is soft, rather than a 'Z' sound)
Date of Birth:
24.06.2591 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 26.8M
Mature Height: 5.9M
Mature Wingspan: 38.2M

General Appearance...

Oskith looks like he got caught in a snow storm. Most of his body is a dark, dark blue, nearly the color of the night sky -- though his underbelly does lighten to a deep cobalt. His wings are an even darker shade at the outward edges, and for most of the membrane, only fading toward a frosty, incredibly pale blue near to the bones. However, his wingsails are also speckled with flecks of that same icy hue, rather like snowflakes scattered against the dark. On the rest of his body, he carries some softly smudged patches of that same ice blue, most prominently on his feet, breast, tailtip, wing bones, and face. He also carries a very faint speckling on his shoulders and the back of his neck.

In terms of build, Oskith is of average length for a Blue. Despite that he's very tall, giving him an almost stretched out appearance with long, spindly legs. Unfortunately, his wingspan does not match his height -- it's instead remarkably short for his size, making sustained flight difficult. He has to beat his wings a lot more than similarly-sized dragons to stay in the air, since they are not proportional to the rest of his body.


Mind Voice: Oskith's mind voice is crisp and precise, his words well-enunciated and measured. He manages to do it without sounding stiff or stilted or cold, his inflection still emotive. There's an almost glossy feel to his presence, like unmarred lacquer on an instrument, and Oskith conducts himself at all times as a well-polished gentleman with good manners.

Complicated Problems : Oskith loves nothing more than a good puzzle, and he takes a great amount of joy in not only the solution but the process of getting there. He thrives on both hypotheticals and practicals, so long as they're interesting enough to be a challenge.

Causes : Above all, he wants him and Ysveta to be part of something bigger. They don't have to pick a hill to die on, but he wants to contribute, along with her, more than just the standard Wingrider duties. Whether that's teaching, becoming Search riders, or even just helping out with the Creche children, Oskith wants to have a purpose.

Outliers : Oskith wants things to fit neatly into boxes. It bothers him when something doesn't, and he will dwell on it until he figures out how to classify it -- even if it's just him forcing the thing to fit a mold it doesn't completely match.

Immaturity : There's little he can stand less than someone acting childishly. If they're an actual child, that's different. But if you're an adult and act like a Crecheling? Well, then he won't engage with you until you decide to be a little more mature.


* INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE : Capable of great empathy, Oskith just gets people. Throughout his life, he'll help his rider navigate social interactions without making her feel alienated. After all, the way she thinks is the only thing he'll ever know. He'll just play translator and help her judge the boundaries between honesty and tactfulness. But Oskith will never let Ysveta think she's inferior for processing things differently than other people.

* MULTITASKING : As organized and precise as he is, Oskith would have made a good personal assistant. Rather than manifesting as a lack of focus, he is incredibly focused -- just on a lot of things. He's naturally good at juggling schedules, responsibilities, and to-dos, but also knows the value of not being constantly on the go 24/7. In that, he'll be able to help Ysveta balance her needs with work and be all the better for it.


* EXACTING : Much like his rider, this Blue is also a perfectionist. He wants everything to be done just so, and gets annoyed when things don't go according to plan. His standards for other people are very high, and he expects theirs to be too. Oskith will always want to make sure that he and Ysveta are living up to their own ideals.

* SLEEP : Oskith isn't a lazy dragon, per se, but he's not convinced on the issue of staying up late. This may be a bit of a struggle for him at first, as he tries to adapt to Ysveta's night owl tendencies. Eventually, the two of them will have to work out that balance -- because Oskith is never going to be good at staying awake very long after sundown. The later it gets into the night, the more likely he is to just fall asleep wherever he is and be nearly impossible to rouse.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #001354; Text: #c6d9ff

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Ideally, Oskith will be a good ballast for Ysveta while still bolstering her strengths. Anyway, we hope you like him. :love:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 15, 2018, 09:36:58 PM »
In the wake of the two Black dragonets, the next to hatch was another milder, easier one. The pale green egg right near the middle of the clutch was broken open from the side, a Brown forepaw chipping away at the shell [16]. But he seemed to be taking his time, in no particular hurry despite the degree of hunger he surely must feel.

Behind him, another of the dragonets was not so patient—at least to hatch. His dark blue tail smashed through the bottom of his egg, crumbling it from within, and he nosed his way out of the rest of the cap that remained behind [17]. He was a stunning Blue, as dark as the night sky but with patches so light they looked like snow and frost. And as he spread his wings to let the sails dry, no longer pressed so tight against his body, the membranes seemed reminiscent of powdery flakes in a snow storm.

Now that he was out of his egg, though, he scarcely seemed in as much of a rush as the Brown. Allowing himself to dry as he passed by his hatching brother, his progress across the sand was stately and slow, but purposeful.

A forward egg to his right—the last one—broke apart in a number of pieces all at once, the dragon within having been working at weakening it as his siblings hatched [13]. The tell-tale shine to his hide, though he was dark, made it clear that he was the clutch’s third Bronze rather than another Brown. The dark Blue paused to watch, eyes wide and observant, and chirped a crisp, polite greeting.

Behind them, one of their sisters was in no mood to wait for them. Her dark grey egg fell apart around her, and she crowed a happy salutation to those still on the Sands. The energetic Green didn’t seem perturbed at all that so many of the rest of the clutch had already hatched. She’d arrived exactly when she was meant too, and darted forward without even having to sort out her legs or her balance. Running excitedly around the others, including the Brown that had finally fully hatched—and blinked at her owlishly—she trilled at them and then raced straight for her rider, knocking them over as she jumped at the ex-Candidate like an excited puppy. Thankfully, though, none of her sharp claws snagged anything more than her bonded’s white robe.

The Blue picked up some speed as he neared the Candidates, trotting along properly with his wings held aloft over the sand to avoid spraying it on himself. His pale feet were still covered, but he seemed to gleam under the light.

When he reached out to Ysveta’s mind, eyes blooming in rainbows, his voice was as precise and measured as the rest of him. I don’t mean to rush you, he said, with an air of formality, but I am quite hungry, if you don’t mind.

No doubt, to her, the subsequent Impressions of Brown and Bronze would go unnoticed, though the four Candidates exited at largely the same time.

Spoiler for OOC:
Egg 16 – Brown 003 to NPC
Egg 17 – Oskith to Ysveta
Egg 13 – Bronze 003 to NPC
Egg 10 – Green 006 to NPC

Congratulations, Inki! :excited: One more post tomorrow and the Hatching will be closed!

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
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The next hatching wasn't too much of a wait, and Oarlen focussed on the egg as it rocked over, spinning around with the force of the dragonet's attempts to escape. He was happy Kalestath stopped them getting much closer to the eggs, as the movements flung sand around, knowing full well the scorching sting that it could cause to bare flesh.

The egg finally stopped, and a bulge gave way to the green within, clawing her way out rather than the almost explosion of eggshells that happened to many, and in no great rush to impress it seemed. She started moving after a while, though she didn't seem to have any ability to coordinate her feet at wall, swaying this way and that as if unable to support herself.

Had her eyes been grey or her hide dull, Oarlen may have worried that she hadn't properly developed, but clumsy dragonets weren't unusual, despite her being a mark above the rest for her own clumsiness, and she simply refused to move any further after a particularly bad stumble that had her onnher rump and glaring in their direction.

Still nothing touched his mind, and another candidate moved forward to scoop her up, Kalestath not appearing to mind the approach, though he would not want to go any closer to the eggs than the green herself was.

Distracted, he missed yet again another blue entering the sands, this one having an easier time of getting his limbs under control and picking his way forward. Oarlen wondered at the wings dragging in the sand, but like with the greens lack of grace it wasn't an unseen thing... and the dragons certainly tolerated the scorching sands better than they did.

Another successful impression followed by a louder cracking sound as two eggs split apart in unison, a tangled mass of claws and teeth bursting out of them along with another foreign voice in his head, the slight headache that had been caused by the exuberant reds blooming up again at the intrusion.

The sounds of snarling babies was perhaps not as heartstopping as their adult counterparts, but it was no less worrying. The hatchlings were quick, however, and it was almost... friendly compared to the attack on the bronze earlier. Like siblings shoving eachother as opposed to a proper fight. The fact they didn't seem to hold back on their actions was hard to miss... had either one been caught off guard there would have probably been more ichor staining the sands.

The did break apart and stream towards the candidates, though Oarlen couldn't say he was disappointed they didn't head his way. He didn't want to get caught underneath either of them, and he didn't think they'd be inclined to worry about whether or not he got out of their way.

As they nimpressed, Oarlen turned to the eggs, a resigned happiness in his chest at just how few eggs there were now. Not so many chances for him now, but he'd lasted almost the whole thing. So that was nice.

Now he just wanted to anticipate the next one, curious to see how they made their way into the world this time. 

Absences / OOC Nym's LOA
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:02:38 AM »
Hello everyone! I'm just putting this up here so people know. My husband's dealing with some problems at work right now, and between that and pregnancy hormones coming back in full swing lately, my brain's a little overwhelmed. I'm going to take a bit off for a "mental health" vacation from the internet. I may pop in here or there this next week, but for the most part don't be worried if you don't see or hear from me. I'll be back in a couple of days, a week tops, when things are a little easier to handle. <3

Mine Hall / Re: Life is full of surprises [ 31.2.2591 / 2PM ] Sohrelle
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Everalsie shifted her daughter to the other arm when the current was getting tired. It was a move done naturally. Something she’d just gotten used to after four children. Sohrelle’s response to Daveral’s age was pretty much what she’d expected. Looking back, time did seem to have crept up on her and she did miss when things were just... her and her small kids. She knew what to do then, and she treasured that knowledge. Navigating new situations required stepping out of her established reputation, and she could hardly look the fool now.

When she was younger, it was easier to excuse.

She suspected the poor girl wasn’t getting as much sleep as she’d like. With two young ones, such a thing was rare. Everalsie couldn’t remember the last time she had. Between her children and her husband, she’d pretty much existed on naps. It was something she’d just learned to do. Eventually, Sohrelle would too. It’d be better for her.

When the other woman practically lit up at the news of her eldest son’s path in life, that actually warmed Everalsie. She might be nervous about her son wanting to do what Daresik did, but Sohrelle did have a point. Dareski and Rossed would, ideally, keep an eye on him. At the very least Dareski would, because that was his son and Everalsie would make damned sure he did.

Just. Getting him into a craft would be so much safer. Less chance of him falling into the wrong crowd. That was what she was really afraid of. That her children would somehow be tainted from her own upbringing and turn to such a life no matter how hard she’d tried to keep it from them. Even so, she smiled a little at Sohrelle and made a show of looking around at some of the women still loitering at the Peacekeeper’s wives table. “I suppose that is true. Finding him a proper girl is important. I’m rather surprised no one has spoken to me...” That was a reasonable thing to expect, right? Everalsie and her family were well off enough. There was no reason such an offer shouldn’t have been tossed her way, even cursory.

Weyr Hall / Re: Unspoken [ 24.03.2591 // 8:45pm ] Jo and J'dan
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J’dan’s smile widened just a little, threatening to become a playful smirk. A dance was a great excuse to be closer to Jo and, if she wanted to go elsewhere after, it wasn’t like he had made plans for this evening. Rather, it seemed like a plan was itching to crawl onto his lap.

Straight up until some grim looking man waltzed up to them. It seemed he knew Jossekayne too, since he greeted her by name. J’dan leaned back on one of his hands while he looked over the newcomer, curious who he was and why he was there, but there was a bit of disinterest in his look. J’dan was far more interested in taking a Green Rider in a dance, then elsewhere, than he was meeting anyone new this evening.

He supposed he didn’t have to be rude though. Not to one of her friends, the bronze added. That’d hardly score either of them any points should they participate in the upcoming flight. So, with a faint sigh, he eventually took the hand briefly and offered his own name, “J’dan.” Followed by a lazily drawled, “Did you need something? ‘Cause we were just talking...” And that didn’t involve you. It was heavily implied, but he didn’t say it out loud. That’d have been a bit too much, but he didn’t really need to say it.

Instead, he sat back up and returned his hand to Jo’s hip. Not a possessive gesture, but one to further emphasize his point. This other man wasn’t part of what J’dan was doing here. So unless it was really important, he could waltz away just as casually as he’d wandered up.

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