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A delightful surprise, to her. Dragons had always been in the background of her life. There, but not really present. Even riding over on one hadn’t really made them seem as real as Zuraneth was to her, in that moment. Especially because he spoke to her! Which only made Faytona blush with delight and squeal a little, softly. Of course Bl’yx’s dragon was going to be as lovely as he was!

He was incredibly warm and soft to the touch, her fingers gingerly exploring his snout that was far bigger than her small hand. “You’re so beautiful,” she murmured, a bit awe struck.

Faytona did shoot a brief glance back at Perun when he made mention of Zuraneth looking like the night sky brought to life. Her eyes went a bit wide when she looked back to the dragon because, well, she completely forgot that he could fly! “Oh, I am sure you are even more majestic in the air! I hope I’ll be around for the next time you are. I’ll be looking for you when I’m in the weyrbowl during the day.” Which she fully intended on doing. She’d never known a dragon personally to look for, but now? Well, now she wanted to see if she could actually spot him out from the others. It might’ve been such a childish thing to say, but Faytona was entirely sincere.

She was also oblivious to whatever looks Perun had been throwing Bl’yx’s direction, quite wrapped up in her interaction with the handsome Blue.

For Faytona, it would always be enough just to be around him and, now, his dragon. What they did in that time together didn’t matter as much to her. She leaned into the touch without thinking about it, her attention mostly on the little dragon that would one day be unable to fit in the room they were presently in. She had a hard time imagining it!

When Salnoth clarified as much, Faytona giggled a little and smoothed her hand along his snout and jaw. “Oh, I know you’ll grow so big. So big that Perun won’t know what to do with all of you.” Such a thing was most definitely a compliment. Perun was big to her. Of course he’d impress the largest colored dragon in the weyr. Granted, she’d have thought whatever he’d impressed was perfect for him. Obviously, though, Salnoth was because that’s who he had impressed to.

What was better; she was going to get to see Salnoth grow! Zuraneth was already an adult dragon, and had been when she’d met him. Though imagining the blue as a tiny thing was adorable. As her thoughts drifted to the Blue, she excitedly said, “Oh, just wait until you meet Zuraneth! I’m sure he will find you just as amazing as I do! Though I don’t think he’ll be able to see you two until later today...” She trailed off, glancing at Perun for confirmation. Did he already know what his day was going to be like? “Maybe even for dinner?”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Top of the Morning [ 7.5.2590 / 8:30 AM ] || Fisk
« on: March 13, 2019, 02:00:44 PM »
Not one to be dissuaded at all, Vicky just laughed at Fisk’s dramatic pronouncement. “You might change your mind when it gets hotter,” he teased, finishing with another of the traps. For all that he was easily distracted and somewhat scatterbrained, Vicymus wasn’t a bad Fisher, just an irresponsible one. When someone could actually get him to focus, though, he didn’t do half badly at the chores or tasks assigned to him… so long as he could be kept on track.

And I might get a swim setting the traps anyway.” It wasn’t strictly necessary, since most of the time they were just weighted down and then dropped over the side of one of the small rowboats. But if one of them caught on something, or the tides took it and it wasn’t placed optimally, sometimes one of the apprentices was sent to retrieve it or move it. While Vicky wasn’t the sort to mess up setting them in the first place just for that, it did happen sometimes.

And he couldn’t imagine they would be at this same chore all day.

Weyr Bowl / Re: A Tentative Friendship [ 11.1.2591; 7:30 PM ] Daysa
« on: March 13, 2019, 01:24:26 PM »
Erieen nodded thoughtfully at that. Escort and Lady’s personalities hadn’t changed since they had hatched either, no matter that one of them was nearly half grown now. But it had never occurred to him before to ask either C’ace or Inanna if their dragons were significantly different than they had been. Of course, he supposed some change was natural; they weren’t just static creatures, after all. But how similar were they to their younger selves? Just more mature? And maybe the Reds were different anyway, given that they seemed to be more rambunctious in general than the other colors even as babies.

“I think you’re right about that,” he said after a moment. He couldn’t imagine Sayimith ever being completely serious or stuffy. The thought just made him want to laugh. “They’re just like people that way, I guess.” People didn’t change, really, once their personalities were set. At least not that he had observed. It would make a certain kind of sense that dragons weren’t any different.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: March 09, 2019, 06:44:46 PM »
It thrilled Lyrisiveth to no end to feel the subconscious press of those other dragons behind her. Though their minds did not have a sense of ‘closeness’ physically, her knowledge that they chased her urged the Green on in her delighted flight from them. At moments she imagined that she could feel them looming close, grasping talons nearing, and it pushed her to fly faster, farther, with more bursts of speed. Experienced as she was, though, she didn’t look back:  that would only slow her down.

When the time felt right, and she sensed the rising tower of another thermal coming up before her, Lyrisiveth folded her wings tight as she shot forward in another ‘sprint’—and then flared them out abruptly to catch the full brunt of the rising warmer air, which shot her straight upwards into the sky.

She used it to further what was otherwise going to be a relatively short Flight, giving her wings a rest as she allowed the air currents to do her work for her. But they pushed her unerringly higher—potentially almost too high, even for a dragon. With her heart beating fast in her chest, she cared not; spiking straight up into the air like an arrow fired from a bow, she’d go as high as she could. Some would follow her, she knew.

Would any of them be fast enough to catch her, she wondered? Perhaps just at the apex of her ascent, in the brief second where she would hover before falling back toward the earth? Or would another claim her as she fell, waiting below for her inevitable descent and getting lucky when they guessed her trajectory?

Spoiler for OOC:
One more round, and I’ll generate the winner with RNG. Sorry for the delay. <3

Mine Hall / Re: Drink and Be Merry [ 02.07.2591; 8 PM ] || Event
« on: February 19, 2019, 06:41:57 PM »
Catyra entered the cavern just behind Tavianna, a member of her entourage and fully looking the part. Her hair was swept up in combs and curled where it was not. Her dress was a heavy, navy colored material, high-necked and long sleeved but snug at her waist. She wore delicate white gloves that matched the white drops dangling from her ears. Not her finest, but certainly still fine, and she quite enjoyed the murmur’d rustle of her skirts as she moved across the floor.

Social gatherings of this sort had never been Catyra’s forte. Sure, she loved to be around her people and to pointedly exclude herself from everyone else, but not in this setting. It was a marked occasion, of course, and she told herself that something so special as this was noteworthy enough in itself. Nevermind that the revival of the brewer crafthall meant general public access to alcohol and spirits. It was another step toward independence from the weyr, and that was enough. And maybe having a learned group of people regulating how the hold’s booze supply was made would spare the denizens from their own private experiments with moonshine.

She tipped her head toward the brewers as she passed them, her fingers coiling around the stem of a glass as she raised it just a touch, the smallest of cheers. She’d hold it to her chest, cradling it like it was precious, but if one watched her closely they’d see that though she brought the drink to her lips, the contents inside the glass remained unchanged. It did smell nice, but amongst so much drink Catyra decided it best to keep her head.

Tracing Tavianna’s steps, she found herself in the company of the Lady Holder, present with her two wher and already accompanied by a few peacekeepers with their own beasts. She knew many of them by association, but here and now she didn’t want to just be Notkerric’s sister. She was a holder in her own right (she even had her own Gold wher!), and though she might be standing in her sister-in-law’s shadow at the moment, she was still standing on her own two feet.

Catyra made a space for herself so she wouldn’t be drowned out by the various wher and folk that were surely collecting in the cavern. Lhamoire demanded such attention, especially in the current climate of upheaval. Everyone wanted to sort themselves on the totem pole, and she was of like mind. She didn’t yet speak, for it wasn’t yet her moment, but the small smile that played across her lips suggested she had things to spell out in due time.

Mine Hall / Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:01:47 PM »
It was so much like Fort that Meyelthra thought, for a moment, that she might be dreaming. The music, though faintly timid, was still reminiscent of one of the larger whore houses and gambling dens she’d visited. The tables, the conversation, and even the alcohol. All of it was like a fine de ja vu. Only little details set them apart, stark in contrast only because Meyelthra was looking for the differences.

The place was cleaner, the people more colorful. Not as gaunt, not as edgy. Not as sharp, though there was still that hint of danger in the air. Knives carried on belts and quick glances over shoulders. Being mindful of who was close to them and where hands lingered.

They really were slipping back into the darkness of the Fort tunnels.

Meyelthra had walked the rough perimeter of the room, a drink in hand, before she settled on a table near one of the gambling tables. Watching and content to sip her drink. Normally she’d have thrown herself into the drink and fun – not that she was much of a gambler on luck alone, she much preferred wher fights – but this was an occasion she wanted to observe. Would they really get away with it? Was there really a market for flesh still? Even now, with things not as desperate?

Men and women could simply live at the Weyr and find sex, easy and free. Why would they come here to pay for it? Was the need to be separate from the Weyr that great? The need for secretive and selective partners still a market in the Holders?


Meyelthra waved off one of the whores who drifted by her table. Normally she wouldn’t have shrugged off easy attention, but she wasn’t in the mood tonight. Instead, her attention continued to flit about the room. Picking out familiar faces.

Mine Hall / Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:30:30 PM »
The tentative drum beats of harper apprentices beckoned the holders into the depths of the tunnels. Beka followed them, too, swaying her hips with the rhythm and making do with the stuttering stops and uncertain starts. These kids probably didn’t remember the old life, they were easily distracted by so much skin.

Starting over usually meant a return to tradition. Upon moving to the island, most of the holders had clung to their laws and their morals, pretending the last few decades had never happened and that they hadn’t slipped so far into debauchery. Beka never had such illusions. She missed her sisters, even the ones that weren’t so friendly. She missed feeling valued and wanted, and knowing that she was in charge of her own destiny. Well, mostly in charge.

She cast a glance to where Haleene lingered over the proceedings. Not her old employer, but one she was familiar with, and now one of the first to step back into the underground. It was important for Beka to build new bridges and take advantage of every opportunity. The decision to work for Haleene was an easy one.

And speaking of work..

Bekareni was in full regalia, which in reality meant little clothing but a whole lot of accessories. Gold paint highlighted her skin, dark kohl rimmed her eyes, and her hair was threaded with wire and braided with yellow cloth. At her ankles, waist and wrists she wore delicate bells that announced her every move with the murmur of metal-on-metal. Sheer ribbons articulated the sweeping motion of her arms and fluttered around her with every twirl and step.

She danced her way through the gathered crowd, not lingering for long near any particular patron but making sure most of them did, in fact, see her. Her expression was coy, as if at any moment she might burst into a fit of giggles, or that she knew your darkest secret. Finally, she found a post somewhere near the harpers where their music continued to encourage the bump of her hips.

Universal Events / Re: [ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights
« on: February 11, 2019, 12:34:24 PM »
Weyrfolk R'ael, C'dus, F'erro, T'rel, Saviavi, Gheinvrixic and Nieve are all unaware of the underground workings of the mine hall. R'ael might wander in one day, if she hears about it, but only to reunite with old buddies who have a place they can safely gather finally.

At the Hold, only Penderton is caught unawares. He'd be too shy to even consider an evening at the brothel, anyway.

Catyra will have heard of it, just as she's heard of the gambling ring, but it isn't a place she wants herself or her children to end up in. She remains aloof about the whole thing.

Nealros has never cared for whores, but association with them isn't really avoidable considering he likes to dabble in all of the other underground activities. Still, he won't be there tonight, and probably not for the next few nights until he figures appetites have slowed down and he won't be accosted at the door.

And then there's Bekareni. Finally she has her home back. She willingly enters service under Haleene and is in full decor for the evening. She'll be dancing mostly, but would never turn down an offer for some private entertainment.

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Mine Hall / Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 11, 2019, 01:08:03 AM »
Kyrrinsk chuffs, her head swivelling to watch everybody coming and going. -Excitement!- is bleeding through the bond as Kyrrin leans casually against the wall. One hand resting on her knife hilt and the other gripping the loose chain connected to Kyrrinsk's collar. Not that it's necessary, Kyrrinsk knows better than to move without permission, unless of course she spots a threat. She's taken down a couple of knife weilders Kyrrin hadn't even noticed until they were on the floor before now.

Still, it reassures the patrons to know that the Wher is clearly under control, and a happy, relaxed customer means they'll spend more marks. More marks coming in means she gets a better cut. Simple and easy, the better a job she does, the better she gets paid.

They both enjoy door duty, it's easier than patrolling and she was happy to see their names down for the first part of the night when she checked in for their shift. She enjoys people watching, guessing what's brought everyone here. Cheap ale for some, others are clearly here for the whores, some just seem curious. Plus side though she's not spotted anyone who looks like they want to cause trouble. Kyrrinsk will be disappointed but Kyrrin would quite enjoy a nice relaxed night.

-?...!- Kyrrin pushes herself off the wall, nodding briskly as Kyrrinsk huffs happily at the other Wher that's taking over their position. She hadn't realised how late it had gotten. Time to go stretch their legs.

It's crowded inside, but not enough that it's impossible for a small Wher to fit through and the crowds open up as they pass. Sure there's a few scowls aimed their way, but most appear happy that there's security around should things turn nasty. Cassaval is taking no chances with these projects and Kyrrin approves of his caution and tactics. He's a man that seems to understand the lay of the land and is using it well. Still, just one half of her shift to go now and then she'll be free to grab a drink herself. She nods to her Boss as she swings past the bar, attention mainly on the customers as she watches for trouble.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 10, 2019, 06:00:48 PM »
The early hour wasn’t enough to deter the flock of dragons and riders that were taking to sky and weyr. Uramaeth’s chances were never great in force catches, and with so many suitors the odds were not in his favor. Good thing he wasn’t the type of dragon to turn away from a challenge. As Lyrisiveth brushed against his mind he fed her warmth in response, and then actually abandoned any notion of continuing his usual routine of sweet-talking. He wanted full concentration on his wings and the air and the wind, and how best he might take advantage of the situation.

He didn’t want to exert himself just yet, allowing those that would to overtake him while he maintained an almost careless pace. He wanted minimal effort for this first part of the chase, gliding on the thermals that frequented the island and only flexing the sails of his wings when gravity became an issue. He did hum for her, a throaty noise that was the opposite of his mind-voice, but with distance between them it likely wouldn’t reach her ears.

R’ael didn’t direct him. His instincts had saved them both time and again, and he was an old pro at fights regardless. Flights weren’t just for his benefit, though. Being swept up into the head of a focused, flying dragon was discouraged normally. The exception, of course, was during a flight and R’ael lived for these moments as much as her Brown. Their worries faded, put on hold while this moment dominated every thought.

She gave the weyr a final glance over and then closed her eyes, settling into Uramaeth’s head like a tourist. His wings were her fingertips, and she flexed them with each downward stroke. She was annoyed that he’d chosen to fall back and she urged him, //Faster,// because though they were no Bronzepair, she at least wanted to give this a fighting chance.

He resisted, he knew these skies much better than she. Soon.

Universal Events / Event [ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights
« on: February 09, 2019, 03:18:52 PM »
Red Lights

36.07.2591 / 10:45 pm

Cassaval, the gang leader and proprietor of the Last Gambit, has expanded his holdings. With the success of the gambling den and the consolidation of power it has brought him, he’s been eager to extend his influence before a rival gang can snatch up a niche in the market. This then, is the grand opening of a subsidiary business attached to the den. Though both are run out of the same larger cavern, a secondary one has been hollowed out and turned into private rooms available for patrons who are after a slightly different type of entertainment.

He and his lieutenants have blackmailed, threatened, and cajoled a small group of women—and a few men—who were once whores back at Fort Hold to become such again. Some didn’t mind returning to their previous way of life, while others were less willing:  but all of them are properly motivated and on their best behavior for the evening while they circulate on the gambling floor and charm potential customers.

To further entice patrons on this occasion, the Last Gambit is also offering discounts on drinks and buy-ins for the betting tables. Whether you want to make a gang member, one of the whores, or just toss in a character that shows up for the cheaper alcohol and gambling, you’re welcome to it all. :3

All we ask is that if your character does visit one of the Gambit’s new employees, you take it to a private thread appropriately marked as ‘Mature’ so that all players can enjoy the more community atmosphere of the gambling floor in this main event thread.

IC Thread

Cassaval || Haleene

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Standard event participation practice applies. Post in the event thread or here giving us a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing at this time. If you miss 5 events in a row, your account will be deemed inactive. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember : we do not require IC participation. Simply post here under your Player account and let us know what's going on with your character.

Mine Hall / Event Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 09, 2019, 03:18:39 PM »
‘Proper’ Holders might call them nothing but criminals, but both Haleene knew that she, Cassaval, and the others had worked hard for what they had. None of this would have been possible without it, even if some of that hard work had included bribery, political maneuvering, and intimidation. That aside, this was still an endeavor that she was proud of:  just as they had successfully started up the first gambling den since the end of the Pass, it hadn’t taken long for support to flow in and be translated to something more. Things just wouldn’t be the same without a brothel too.

And as straight-laced as the Holders liked to pretend to be in the daylight, Haleene knew that this aspect of their business would be just as lucrative as the tables were proving to be. Perhaps even more so. Men that might not otherwise sleep with some waif of a drudge would pay good marks for the ‘legitimacy’ and ‘discretion’ of a proper whore.

Not only men, she supposed. But with the state of things for Holder wives, she’d bet most of their clientele would be.

They were already doing a brisk business even this early in the night, and not only in flesh; offering lower prices for commodities they already sold—alcohol, betting, and smokeweed sticks among them—seemed, at the outset, like an idea bound to lose them money. But with patrons already feeling like they’d won something through it, they’d stay longer, drink to greater excess, bet higher, and be more easily swayed by the charming attentions of the whores moving about the betting floor.

For the moment, things were calm. Loud, but calm. And tucked away this far from the residential areas of the Mine Hall, safeguarded by Peacekeeper patrols that would keep people away from ‘unfinished tunnels’, Haleene was confident the night was already beginning. Cassaval seemed to agree, as he flashed her a smile from his place near the bar.

Spoiler for OOC:
Along with a gambling den, the Mine Hall now as its very own brothel attached. :3 Haleene, like Cassaval, is an unranked but adoptable NPC. As ever, anyone is free to make a member of their gang or one of their employees, either as an MNPC or PC. You’re also welcome to check into the OOC thread or go there for additional information!

Of course you are Oskith. Anedaith says to her fellow dragons. I am perfect for D'via too. I do keep having to tell her that though. The little red says with a rather put upon tone. She just can't understand why it is a hard concept to grasp, as far as she's concerned it's a simple fact.

D'via gives Ysveta a small smile, “I can't imagine a dragon and rider that don't get along. She holds out some more meat, blinking as Anedaith takes it silently and D'via frowns slightly as she focuses on her dragon. There's nothing apparently wrong, just an intense feeling of concentration before Anedaith looks back at her as if she was doing nothing out of the ordinary.

“Were you meaning how we're getting along in the bonding?” She asks Zarenna, because now she's thinking about it that would make more sense than asking if they're right for each other. D'via's still having trouble just thinking her words, they never seem to work, though Anedaith can pick up pictures and overall concepts well enough. It's annoying as she's sure she's seen other weyrlings having conversations without talking, given the facial expressions. She's not going to tell anyone that though, she doesn't want to be known as the one that can't talk to her own dragon.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:59:38 PM »
As Lyrisiveth’s did, Jossekayne’s attention turned to those entering her weyr as their dragons joined hers in the sky. She smiled at each, welcoming them how she could given that speech seemed pointless at a time such as this. The fact that they were there said enough—likewise that she had allowed such, rather than holding a closed Flight as some with weyrmates did. But since she had none, there was no reason to deny her bonded the full banquet of those who might chase her.

Lyrisiveth might not choose her mates as some Greens did, but Jo knew she still appreciated the variety, the thrill of the mystery in each Flight, not knowing who was going to emerge the winner.

The dragon herself laughed in delight at Rodeth’s words, appreciating the verbal wooing though she was no poet herself. Let’s see if you fly as well as you talk, she teased, but without any ill intent. She exchanged a purr with Aeleroth then, recognizing and welcoming the familiar Blue of her rider’s friend. The others each received a greeting as well, her wicked amusement brushing against Uramaeth and Bayorth in turn too. Good mornin’, boys.

Can you catch me before the sun is up? she challenged them all, and shot upward into the open air. The wind buffeted around her, but with no rain in the sky, it was at least a clear morning:  good for a chase.

There was little finesse to a Flight such as this. Lyrisiveth would not be swayed with displays of playfulness or acrobatics. Instead, she wanted her suitors to work for their victory. Scooping great wingfuls of air, she shot up and away, intent only on fleeing from them and racing the wind. If they wanted to grab her, they’d have to outlast her, or draw near enough to snatch her from the air before another did.

Narvia hadn't actually though that she would be this late. Scooping up Kadynoth in her arms, she ran as fast as she could to the commons, hoping to reach as soon as possible to avoid being any later than she already was. All the while she was rushing both of them to meeting location, the blue dragon was humming to himself, pleased with being carried in her arms. This feels good. I like being in your arms. That's good, because you'll be getting plenty of it while you still can.

He trilled in delight at her words.

She knew that she wouldn't be able to carry him anymore once he grew too big for her arms, so she was definitely going to take any opportunity she could to carry him just how he liked.

Fortunately, she arrived just in time to hear J'ken tell them to mingle around, have a chat and get to know her fellow Weyrlings. Kadynoth leapt out of her arms, walking around as he studied the other riders and his fellow brothers and sisters. Narvia went to take her seat on one of the unoccupied seats next to Zarenna and her green, who was talking to a guy with a red dragon.

Smiling warmly, Narvia greeted both Zarenna and R'kan . "Hello, I am Narvia and this is Kadynoth." You look great when you smile. Do it more. Just as she spoke his name, Kadynoth slowly made his way beside her and sat on the floor. "Good Evening to you. All of you look lovely." Narvia beamed in pride at Kadynoth's response. Such a young gentleman(or dragon) he was.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@SirAlahn @Tyriani  I hope you two don't mind me joining!

He stood as still as possible while she gave him a final going-over. He was very aware of how wise his sister was and he knew that he’d never be able to repay her kindness. He’d just have to be better, he told himself. No more fights, no more sneaking around. He could be like Tressie, he knew it.

She gave him the go-ahead and he nodded obediently. Truly, he hadn’t had much of a game plan beyond get home, get changed. He knew his face must look awful judging by the aches and pains. Maybe he could say he was sick? No, Ma would be concerned and want to check on him. He scuffed his foot against the flooring but followed after his sister regardless. He’d figure out something, he always did.

Knowing there wasn’t a point to trying to fix his clothes any further, he simply kept pace with his sister as best he could. Home wasn’t far, but if he tagged close behind her that minimized the chance of anyone else that knew him seeing him in all of his full glory. “I’m gonna snag one of Da’s hats,” the wide brim would cast an effective shadow over his face, “‘n change ‘n then do laundry.” He crinkled his nose at that, and then regretted that motion immediately. Ouchouchouch.

“What gets blood out of things best?” He figured she’d know, being a girl and all.

@Inki !

Savi listened with mute emotion as Oarlen and Ysveta pledged their respective selves toward the betterment of the next Kalestath clutch. Hadn’t they already done what they were told? Immovable Ysveta and dutiful Oarlen, and Savi herself had never really stood a chance from the get-go. She wasn’t sure what else they could do, or what they might accomplish in the future, but regardless she nodded her head. At least a unified front provided some strength. “I’ll do my best, too,” she promised, banishing those dark thoughts away for the time.

Falling quiet again, she allowed her eyes to track her fellow candidates and their teacher as a few more questions were asked and ideas panned out. As expected, no further concrete plans could be made though. They were just as inexperienced with this as O’sir and the weyrleadership. The difference in their circumstance was just.. A little more dire.

She felt an itch somewhere, probably a tightening stitch or a sore muscle, but the numbness of her lower body didn’t let her identify exactly where. It was a weird phantom sensation and it had her twisting around as much as she could, as if resettling would scratch it. Her flits chirruped their concern and restlessly flicked their tails and wings until she found a more comfortable position that they, too, could nest themselves in once more.

Oarlen then asked something that she hadn’t even considered- had dragonets been hurt? Her brows knit and she waited for an answer.

Hatching Sands / Re: Some Blessed Tradition [ 20.7.2591; 8:15 PM ] || Event
« on: February 03, 2019, 08:15:33 PM »
It was difficult not to notice the fleeting irritation that crossed the faces of the Jungle ridersas they made their way towards him, his hands clenched into fists as he waited for what he assumed was going to be an argument as to whether he belonged on the sands, paying his respects to the clutching queen or not. It wasn't exactly an ideal situation to begin with, but he wouldn't roll over and show his belly if they decided to try and bully him off the sands.

When they instead veered towards Nalata, paying him as much attention as they would a crawler beneath their feet, M'lan couldn't quite help the pang of anger that stabbed at his heart. Their intention was clear as they fanned out around the young goldrider, a wall of jungle riders to stop him encroaching any closer on Nalata's space. Even having expected some sort of animosity, it was a difficult thing to witness, and with the pleasant tone that the other weyrling was speaking with them M'lan was certain there was no chance she'd decided he was worth defending. Why enrage the greater weyr by sticking up for the mutant riders? She didn't have to tolerate them any more than Oriath and Vanelwynne did.

He wanted to be angry, to go tell them to back off and let him enjoy weyrlife without being judged for every second of it, but there was a bitter resignation in the fact that he wasn't ever going to get away from such a reputation, no matter how well he and Corvath behaved. He could not risk drawing attention to himself anyway, not with so many of the weyrleadership present. Storming off would be equally risky... he'd only just arrived after all, and if he were completely honest with himself he didn't want the Jungle riders to know they'd gotten under his skin.

Who are they?! Corvath snarled, his voice bristling with the insult delivered to his rider even if M'lan was in the process of trying to reign in his response to the perceived slight. The last few months had been riddled with the black's almost overwhelming anger towards others, needing to do more than sunbake and conduct drills on a day to day basis, particularly after losing a queen flight to his own clutchbrother. His desire to be treated as he deserved to be treated made mountains of the smallest issues, and with situations such as this one arising, not even dragon memory was serving to mollify his urges.

/The usual. I’ll leave soon./ M’lan tried to keep the annoyance from his tone as he spoke to Corvath, trying to keep the black calm. If he decided to confront the Jungle Riders himself, he’d end up reinforcing the reputation that followed most of the blacks around like a bad smell, and there was little doubt the intent to do just that, never mind the consequences was present in the black’s tone.

Despite his efforts, and a promise to do a quick flight before lights out, Corvath could not quite satisfy himself by simply sitting in the weyrbowl. Disinclined to temper his rage more than M’lan had already managed, Corvath slunk his way forward with little regard for any other dragon that might be between him and the hatching grounds, eyes whirling a fast red orange and appearing very much the monstrous beast the Black Dragons were reputed to be. He did no harm, though he did hiss at a green that didn’t move out of his way quickly enough before he was hunching down as close to the hatching grounds as he dared. There were gold dragons present, and while he was inclined to buck against their authority, he was not so blinded by his anger to realise doing so would be idiotic, particularly where eggs were involved. His rider was unharmed, and he would be able to meet him as soon as M’lan felt he was able to leave the grounds, without encroaching on the gold’s space.

While Corvath may very well have been an impressive and somewhat foreboding sight to those with little experience with the Black Dragons of the weyr, but despite having reached adulthood, his inexperience worked to counteract a more fearsome appearance. There was no doubt he would unnerve some, but he was really only so bad in his present state as an angry, sullen teenager, making a lot of fuss when it would be far more effective, and economical to reserve his energy for whatever fight he wished to have. All bark, and no bite as the old adage went, which given his almost giddy enjoyment of tearing apart prey was as much a testament to M’lan’s efforts in keeping the dark storm of hostility reigned in as it was Corvath’s age.

Spoiler for OOC:
I hope that works for you guys. Kinda want Corvath to be hunched near the hatching sands, a respectful distance away but pissy, and portray a… almost childish anger as opposed to something more dangerous. But not sure how well it’s translated. Just sing out if I’ve fucked up.

Romance / I’ve got a piece of your heart
« on: February 03, 2019, 11:21:07 AM »

"But I want the whole damn thing."

Catyra // Holder // 39

About the Character: Catyra is a many-times widowed Holder and Gold wher handler. Her brother is Head Peacekeeper, and her extended family has its roots dug thoroughly in the power grid that makes up the holder population.

She likes parties and socializing, but detests alcoholics and cruelty, especially directed toward the weak. Until recently, her life has revolved around the well-being of her children, but as they grow she’s found herself a little aimless.

Wanted ICly: Prietoran. He was a figure from her past, someone she shared true love with, until her family intervened and he was never seen again. Unbeknownst to Catyra, Prietoran was paid to leave her alone. He was a low-bred crafter and associated with the wrong type of people, an ill-suited match for their proper Holder daughter and they wanted him gone from her life before permanent damage was done.

He accepted the bribe, along with the sudden promotion in his crafthall, because he was playing for the long con. He thought if he could make something of himself he might be able to win Catyra’s parents over and court her the right way.

Things didn’t go as planned and his life was side tracked by the chaos of the Hold. Catyra disappeared from the public eye and he was left wondering if she was even alive.

Turns later, at the island, he’s hard at work reviving his craft. He still has the same crew of rowdy friends, and he’s had a relationship or two but nothing ever as meaningful as what he and Catyra had together. He’s caught mention of her here and there, but with so much time between them he’s unsure if she’d even still want him.

Wanted OOCly: I’d love a reunion between Cat and Prietoran. I imagine it will have a rocky start, Catyra is much more cautious these days and she’s afraid of getting into an awful relationship again despite how good things had been between them. Eventually, though, I’d like them to overcome all of their past stuff and be able to have a happy ending together.

Craftwise, I think it’d be sort of horrible and great for Prietoran to be a vinter or a brewer, or at least have close associates in that craft. Catyra’s family essentially paid for his crafter education, so he should be a senior journeyman at least, but is likely too young still to be considered for master. It’d also be fine for him to be a smithee or a miner, just preferably a craft that will keep him at the mining hall.

He can have some rough edges. She’ll be leary of them, of course, but ideally he’ll show her that there’s a lot of grey in her black and white world.

Past and Possibilities / Re: Trifling Friends [12.10.2587, 11 AM] Q'ellan
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As he joined her on the rock, she beamed. At the same time, she gave him a look over. He looked fed and healthy. He had moved up in their world while she was much the same, if not worse off. This thought didn’t cloud her face, she wasn’t the jealous type. Instead, she slung an arm around his shoulder and gave him a half-hug, “I worship the sun,” she confided, like it was a secret.

Shame was something that Beka had long ago given up. Prideful as she was, she’d never apologize for herself as a person, nor the circumstance that she’d found herself in. As he noted her belongings, she nodded and gestured, “The fresh air does them good, ushers life back into the cloth.” Her free hand plucked at an elaborate tunic piece, straightening it here and adjusting it there.

“Of course, I’ve a room and all. The riders have been so helpful with making sure us folk get settled. What of you? Where’d they stick you at?” Though the weyr was crowded, she had a good eye for familiar faces and his was one she hadn’t seen since the Hold. If she had to guess, he’d either managed what she hadn’t or had found a life as a crafter. Qrellanor was resourceful, and in her opinion, a little luckier than most.

The arm she’d slung around him was withdrawn and she leaned back to give him an obvious and speculative glance, “You’re looking well.”

Spoiler for Hidden:
holyshitapost @Inki

Sethunya watched O’sir when he confide that he didn’t blame her for not wanting the job. Her patience could be eternal when someone was actually trying, but there were a lot of candidates who didn’t seem to take their place in the Weyr seriously. Sethunya understood that not everyone had the same mindset she did – there had been apprentices with the same attitude – she just didn’t think she’d be able to deal with trying to teach that sort anything.

O’sir was a saint for that.

She shook her head a little and propped her chin up on a hand. “I don’t think he understands what ‘limits’ are, or thinks he has any.” It was as much an observation as it was a little joke.  Tyrriath did think he could accomplish anything he set his mind to, and while the confidence was endearing, Sethunya was also realistic. There were things they struggled with and there would be things they wouldn’t be able to do.

We’ll deal with such things as we meet them, he said, simply. As though that had been he obvious answer all along.

“Gah, he’s insufferably mature. It’s like I’m talking to my dad sometimes,” she said, throwing up her hands in exhasperation.

Hatching Sands / Re: Some Blessed Tradition [ 20.7.2591; 8:15 PM ] || Event
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Nalata's gut twisted as she watched everyone wander onto the sands, offering their respects before moving aside. Some of them just watched the goings on like she was, others gathered in small groups, catching up or commenting on the freshly laid clutch. Many of their clutchmates had reached sexual maturity, and they were closer now to Minath rising than when she'd first hatched... It was a very real possibility that she could be standing in Vanelwynnne's place before the next turn was over, and be expected to respond in kind.

Sure her lessons were all to prepare her for that inevitable day, but that didn't make the waiting any less nerve-wracking. All eyes would be on her, much the same way all eyes were on the weyrleadership present. For a brief moment, her eyes flickered to where Halirina stood, certain that she was observing the goings on with as much scrutiny as she would everything else. Another pair of eyes she could look forward to have looming over her shoulder when it was her turn... Though so long as she wasn't stupid

We will do fine. Pay attention now, it is not the time to be lost in your head. Minath cautioned, reassurance and the slight scolding all in the same breath. She did have a point though, and Nalata pushed aside further concerns to pay better attention to those nearby. M'lan had entered the sands and shifted to the side as she had, and for a moment, she was certain he'd come stand with her... so it was disappointing when he instead stopped and turned his head away, closer perhaps than others would have ventured but no less cold towards her.

Would it have killed him to say hello? Their lessons may have become a little more varied considering her duties as a future weyrwoman but they were still classmates. Perhaps A'lori could shed some light on it when they caught up next.

Any further musings were interrupted as her line of sight to the black rider was blocked by some riders she had seen enter the sands a short while ago. It was never easy to forget that she had a role in the weyr proper, though were she ever inclined, moments like this would quickly remind her of where she stood. She offered a polite greeting in return to each Jungle rider who introduced themselves, reaching out her own hand to grasp J'dan's firmly as he introduced himself.

"J'dan? No, I don't think we have been. It's always nice to put names to faces." She responded with her own polite smile, though there was certainly a warmth to it, J'dan's pleasant features and easy introduction setting her somewhat at ease. Had she been less occupied with making sure she behaved as per her proper place, she may have noticed the ulterior motive for the introductions, but as it was she was rather pleased to have been approached, especially at such an event where she had expected to simply fade into the background and observe.

"I'm Nalata," she offered in kind, trying not to wince at the idiocy of the introduction. The chances of someone not knowing her name were slim to none, but the response itself was automatic.  "As part of Jungle Wing you must have the most fascinating tales to tell?" she added almost too quickly to try and save some face, the questioning note belying her nervousness. She should be used to this by now, but it still wasn't a natural thing for her. Ask her a question about her lessons or her duties and she'd answer well enough, but she'd much rather have continued watching and listening to the conversations around her than inviting one of her own. At least J'dan seemed pleasant enough.

Spoiler for OOC:
There you go @SanctifiedSavage I'll work on M'lan's response a little later. He is very much not happy. Which means I'm fricken delighted xD

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Movin' on up [ 29/09/2590 | 7:07PM ] | Weyrlings
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Nalata stopped for a moment, taking in his new weyr and trying to imagine how Queriluth would look perched inside before falling into step this time behind the green rider. She started placing the straps on the spikes against the wall, laughing at the idea of trying to fit Minath’s gear on these ones instead. Minath might not be reaching Kalestath’s size, but she certainly had outgrown her green sibling. Even the platform that would act as a bed for Queriluth seemed too small. It said a lot about the forward thinking of those in the weyr that smaller weyrs existed alongside the larger ones. She may not need the space herself, but they’d had to make sure there were enough appropriately sized weyrs about the place… Probably a good thing almost half the dragon population ended up green… If there was more even distribution of colours they’d never fit the larger dragons in one place.

“I knew they’d get bigger but I don’t think I ever realised how much they would change. I’m surprised I ever had to crouch to be at eye level with Minath.” She said, fondness at the memory of a younger gold dragon softening her tone. “Does Queriluth approve?” she added, remembering she was in the green’s space at that moment, and not her own queen’s.

“Should be finished with your room in a couple of trips.” Nalata hummed as she finished checking to make sure the straps she’d held were all appropriately placed. She wanted to make things easier for A’lori, not harder, and taking a bit of extra time now wouldn’t hurt. It was only when she was satisfied that she started back towards the barracks to grab the next few items, letting A’lori take the lead so far as what exactly she was to grab and where things were to be placed and repeating the process.

At one point, she realised the other implication of A’lori having his own private weyr, inspections aside, and she paused what she was doing to look over at him curiously. “Queriluth should rise while you’re here… Is she showing any interest?” She’d been assured that Minath shouldn’t rise for quite a while yet, and all the dragons in their class group were still growing, so there was still a bit of time before the greens started to really start showing signs of sexual maturity… Except Minath had already started showing a preference for the larger males who might chase her, even though as far as Nalata knew she didn’t quite understand why she was interested. It’d be just her luck for Minath to rise before they’d managed to graduate, the Weyrwoman would surely be impressed.

A gold dragon was certainly the exception to the rule, however, and a proddy green was closer to being in A’lori’s future than a proddy gold was in hers.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SirAlahn There you go… It’s not great, but it’s something.

Universal Events / Flight [ 32.7.2591 ] Lyrisiveth's Flight
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Lyrisiveth’s Flight
32.07.2591 / 4AM

Early in the morning before riders get a real start on their work for the day, Beach Green Lyrisiveth calls for suitors to chase her. She’s not a picky lady, but she is a Force Catch, so your dragon will need to be wily, fast, or agile to catch her! Good luck. :3

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