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You hurt!

T'veck winced at the loud voice and pulled the pillow over his face, jamming it over his ears with a groan.

Why do you still hurt?

“Shut up.” He muttered into the bed when the voice failed to heed his pillow given request to be silent and leave him to his pounding head in peace. “Go away.” He licked his lips and pulled his head out from under the pillow, squinting at the not entirely familiar room. Healer's? Poosibly, he sort of remembers being steered in that direction. “Or go get me a drink if you want to be helpful.” His voice cracked halfway through the sentence and he tugged the covers back up his body, shivering at he rush of cold air that had tried to penetrate his blanket nest.

You should not hurt. I have told Rohbarth and Vicith and Liramyth that you hurt!

T'veck gave a faint sound of acknowledgement, wondering if the voice would remember to get his water too.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Any one with a dragon. T'veck came down pretty quickly and has a high fever and Baleth is rather worried and letting anyone and everyone know that his rider isn't well.

There was nothing more annoying than losing a fight with your own body. He had no one to blame but himself for allowing his body to degrade to such a degree. It had hit him a couple of days prior, beginning as a dull headache and then over time strengthening to a forceful throb. He’d tried to ignore it at first and just continue on with his daily routine without a word to anyone. By the second day, the hammering headache had convinced him to try and spend some time relaxing in the baths. His sister found him a candlemark later passed out.

He’d remained in bed the rest of the day and into the next, until he got up to get some fresh air and overheard that riders had arrived and were talking about some sort of fever spreading to everyone. That decided him. He would go see the Healers back at the Weyr if only to put some distance between himself and his sister so he wouldn’t be the reason for her being infected by whatever this was. And if the Healers gave him some drugs to counteract the sickness, all the better.

Unfortunately, there were so many non-riders who felt they had the disease that there was a long, winding line into the Healer Hall that moved excruciatingly slow. Perhaps he should be thankful that he only had to move forward every quarter candlemark or so, since any movement at all seemed to have his body screaming at him. He’d give anything at this point to just lay down on the floor and sleep.

Instead, he leaned heavily on Aldresk at his side, who stood firm as a rock. The large bronze’s presence usually had a calming affect on Kayn, but he seemed tense for a change. Not just acting as support, he also appeared as a thick and dangerous barrier between Aldrekayn and anyone nearby. The person in front of him had been dumb enough to try and start an conversation with him, and between Aldresk’s deep growl and Rekaysk nearly lunging at them, they quickly exited the line to who-knows-where.

The younger bronze was at his right, muzzled of course, and snapping his teeth as much as possible within the muzzle at anyone close enough to be considered a threat to the weakened Aldrekayn. He would have left Rekaysk back at the Mine Hall, but he couldn’t be sure how long he was going to be gone or possibly quarantined, and he wasn’t leaving the particularly temperamental bronze alone with his sister.

He never worried about muzzling Aldresk, considering his typically calm demeanor, but Kayn was beginning to doubt his decision not to at this point. He couldn’t be sure what Aldresk might do right now, or what that might mean for Aldrekayn if no one would treat him with these two already prepared for a fight.

The sight of someone running from the line caught his eye, and he turned his head to watch the young woman disappear behind a screen. She might be hidden, but he could hear her emptying her stomach, and the sound caused his own stomach to twist and saliva to fill his mouth. Aldrekayn clenched his jaw, forcing his body under control. He would not throw up just because someone else had done so. Beads of sweat clung to his forehead and the side of his face as he struggled with his body. Even as his fought tooth and nail internally, his face remained stoic. Anyone looking upon him would think he was fine, though further inspection would reveal the sweat that was breaking out on his face or the small red rash beginning to creep along the back of his left arm.

Universal Events / Re: [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:26:26 AM »
Well, that's ironic. I've just been ill too...

I tossed a dice and apparently T'veck isn't feeling too good.

Added: Inki

Universal Events / Re: [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:22:36 PM »
Randomizer has chosen Aldrekayn to be sick. Aldresk and Rekaysk will both be with him at the Healer Hall and likely in the way or intimidating any Healers or fellow sick persons who approach him.

The rest will be fortunate enough to have no signs or symptoms and will either stay out of the way or assist as requested.

Code: [Select]
[{Aldrekayn}] || [{Kmar}] || [{Callista}] || [{Mkale}] || [{Ztai}] || [{Phaedralena}] || [{Niko}] || [{Kharismene}] || [{Saleizo}]
Added: Inki

Absences / Moving House!
« on: April 16, 2018, 03:38:35 AM »
So, I have just been told that I will/should be getting the keys to my new house on Monday (23/04) this means my availability has basically gone down to low-nil and depending on that happening, I will be losing the net shortly afterward as I need to get it connected again and that usually takes up to four/five weeks depending. That will be fun.

I am very excited! Although my net presence will understandably be diminished until everything settles down again and things are connected. I will do my best to keep you up to date etc. However, with only limited mobile connectivity, my options will be very limited. So, after this weekend I will be taking on no new threads.

J’dan was brought into a curtained area and made to sit on a cot, where he was then stitched and bandaged up. It didn’t take all that long and, in the process, one sweet apprentice brought a cup of juice and sweet roll. He needed to get some food and sugar in his system since he’d lost some blood and seemed faint.

Or so they said.

That’s how he was found by his dear brother, M’dak. Sweet roll in hand with a cup of fruit juice on a near by table. He certainly didn’t look like he’d nearly died of a hunter attack. Rather, it looked like his leathers had sustained more damage. Granted, his arm was now neatly bandaged.

J’dan made a face right back at M’dak. “I mean, I nearly fell off my dragon dismounting...” Well, that sounded down right childish and overly dramatic. Then, as a way to... apologize?... for not dying, J’dan extended the last bite of the sweet roll he’d been brought. “Thanks for running to my death bed though.” Grinning a little, he patted the cot next to him. “I’m not allowed to get up and move around just yet. Something about the risk of blacking out and bashing my head open on something. Care to keep me company a moment?”

Sionann stroked a hand over Tavi, more to comfort him than to reassure herself at this point, she might be past that point "It will be safe to ass-...assume that the Healers will, that's the honesty" the words were coming a little bit harder now and with some muddled up grammar and words but it would hopefully manage to make sense to the other woman.

At least that was what she was hoping for but it could end up not working out "I have better, my head..." she sighed and moved that hand from her firelizard to her forehead as she spoke, not moving her head but otherwise it would have been a shake of it as well to make the point perfectly and entirely clear even without adding her own bout of her own nausea to make an appearance and add to the overall not-good feeling that was currently bothering her so much.

"She is... umm lovely" Sionann had to say something about the wher, it seemed right to do that. Although was it? The pain in her head was making it a lot harder to think clearly or at all.


Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: April 13, 2018, 06:13:36 PM »
Lyrisiveth screamed as the Hunter’s claws snagged in her flesh. As jagged and sharp as its teeth had been, they tore deep gashes in the Green’s sides and flanks. It was only through sheer will that she avoided thrashing wildly to get free. But with her rider still in danger on her back, Lyrisiveth knew she couldn’t afford to flail.

Summoning all her strength, she ground her teeth against the pain and pushed down and out with her wings, the Hunter’s talons dragging through her legs. The Green knew that if she did succeed in getting away, landing was going to be no easy feat. Not when it felt like her own body was going to collapse underneath her.

Hang on, darlin’!

Jo couldn’t even gather the coherence to answer. Not when she could feel—and see—the buckles and straps starting to give way. The Hunter snapped at her where she was nearly hanging from the saddle, and Jossekayne could feel its hot breath on her back—the stink of it wafting over her and turning her stomach.

Even breathing hurt, and she’d guess it was because some of her ribs had broken when the beast had dragged them backward. It felt like her arms and legs were burning too from the pain radiating out of her dragon. Scrambling to get a grip on the saddle, past where the straps were weakened and fraying, another jolt was enough to dislocate one arm from its socket—but at least she managed to hold on with the other as Lyrisiveth managed to break free.

What of her she left behind, neither of them really wanted to know.

As soon as she was clear, tail whipping past the Hunter’s hungry jaws, she went Between. Almost dangerously so, but she did emerge again in the Weyr Bowl, low and crashing to the grass as she crumpled in an ichor-covered pile with her rider still clinging to her back.

Spoiler for OOC:
I don’t want them to die, so. 8D

Universal Events / Re: [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 13, 2018, 04:23:17 PM »
Some RNG has determined that T'ghen, of all people, is going to end up sick. XD It'll be serious enough that he'll warrant watching, and even Sinestath will be concerned, but not life-threatening. I'm also going to endeavor to throw Niphredon into the thread for obvious reasons.

Added : SirAlahn

Even though she had suffered from colds as well as the occasional and more serious virus, it had never been the kind of thing that she had been all that worried about or really sought out a remedy. Hard work and concentration had always been more than enough.

This morning, Sionann had been distracted by the throbbing pain that seemed to be centered on the left side of her eye. Tavi had refused to leave like he would normally when she was having her breakfast. Instead, he had curled up in front her and watched like some waiting predator all set to pounce.

If it had been any other circumstance than Sionann would have been amused and even entertained by it all but that wasn't the case as she simply couldn't get her head around to thinking that clearly or really at all. It was hard to even follow the words of the announcement, instead, Sionann had blinked rather blearily in the direction of the man and had to patiently replay it in her head.

Now she was in the line waiting to be seen and ...there was some woman who apparently was more worried about looks than her need if the rapid dash to go behind a privacy screen was any indication. It really wasn't the kind of thing that was helping with the sensation of rolling nausea in her own stomach diminish in any way and Sionann ended up covering her hand over her mouth. Tavi now on her shoulder, holding on but not too tightly as he tried to comfort her with a clearly worried look on his little face - at least she thought he looked worried. But that might be the way she was feeling.

"Are you alright?" she asked, looking at the other woman, not sure if the words had come out right or even if she would respond, there was something both arrogant and distance at the same time.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@inki and whomever else...
Sionann is sick, nothing that means she would be dying

Universal Events / Re: [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:59:34 AM »
Sionann shall be sick!

Added : SirAlahn

Universal Events / Re: [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 13, 2018, 08:35:38 AM »

Nealros will probably be up in the Hall for most of, if not all of, Tressie's treatment. Can't trust them Weyrfolk around his sister, after all.

The rest have managed to escape the epidemic, at least this time around.

Code: [Select]
[{droissa}] || [{nieve}] || [{penderton}] || [{cdus}] || [{saviavi}] || [{nealros}] || [{bekareni}] || [{ferro}] || [{trel}] || [{rael}]
Added : SirAlahn

Absences / Re: Update
« on: April 10, 2018, 09:33:25 AM »
Thank you.

On April 6th I went into the hospital. I was having shortness of breath, chest tightness with a little bit of pain, dizziness, and coughing. Feeling only slightly better with the breathing, though no chest issue.

Come to find out I have a possible blood clot, and I have a little bit of fluid in my right lung, more like between the layers around the lungs but on the right side.

Feeling horrible now though. I'm hoping to have this figured out this coming Thursday, April 12th, so I can get back into posting here! I miss you guys.

Universal Events / [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:57:07 PM »
Murphy’s Law

29.3.2591 // 8:25 am

So far in the history of Southern Winds, the Pernese have had to deal with Snakes, Hunters, Skycoursers, Sharpfish, lethal Hatchings, cursed Wingleader positions, a lack of food—and, most recently, a sandscab infestation. But of all the things they’ve had to endure, rampant disease was not among them. However, though it might not be widely known among the general populace, the Healers have been braced for something like this for a while. Outbreaks of disease were an inevitable part of life at Fort Hold, with so many people crushed in together—and their records as well as the older members of their Craft would remember that the warmer Southern Continent always seemed to have more diseases than the North…

Flush fever was fairly uncommon in the South, and this is the first outbreak of it—much less any tropical disease—in significant numbers on the island. Because of the long incubation period before symptoms appear, the Healers aren’t sure where the outbreak began, especially since it’s affecting riders, weyrfolk, and even Crafters alike, but it’s serious enough to warrant an announcement in the Weyr. Wingleaders will have already informed their Wings earlier in the morning when gathered for duties.

During breakfast, Healer Craftmaster Brigan, under the approval of the Weyrleadership, issues a state of emergency. Those exhibiting symptoms are highly encouraged to check in at the Healer Hall for screening and treatment. While individuals with relatively mild cases may recuperate in their weyrs, they are likewise encouraged to have healthy friends or relatives check in on them from time to time. The Hall has already encountered a few cases that have developed into more advanced and life-threatening stages.

While this is going on, the Weyr will be operating with something of a skeleton crew, and some activities may even come to a halt. Movement between the Weyr and Hold will proceed as normal since flush fever is not contagious among humans, and dragonkin cannot catch it.

Flush Fever –
Spoiler for Information & Symptoms:
Flush fever is a tropical disease characterized by high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, and the symptom that gives it its name—a reddened skin rash. Symptoms usually begin three to fourteen days after infection, and recovery usually takes between three and seven days after onset. Even after recuperation from the disease, feelings of fatigue can last for many weeks.

In rare cases, symptoms can worsen as the fever diminishes, resulting in severe bleeding and associated anemia, low blood pressure, and shock. This potentially lethal form of the disease is more common in children and young adults.

(For those interested in this sort of thing, the vector for this disease is mosquitos, and it’s modeled after Dengue fever.)

IC Thread

Elrethra || Tresrissa

Checked In
Eimerra || Rinneir || Tolanna
Droissa || Nieve || Penderton || C'dus || Saviavi || Nealros || Bekareni || F'erro || T'rel || R'ael
T'ghen || Niphredon
Aldrekayn || K'mar || Callista || M'kale || Z'tai || Phaedralena || N'iko || Kharismene || Saleizo
J'ken || T'veck

Standard event participation practice applies. Post in the event thread or here giving us a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing at this time. If you miss 5 events in a row, your account will be deemed inactive. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember : we do not require IC participation. Simply post here under your Player account and let us know what's going on with your character.

Healer Hall / How's Your Temperature? [ 29.3.2591; 8:25 AM ] || Event
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:56:57 PM »

After the announcement and a brief breakfast, Brigan returned to the Healer Hall. He did not look hurried exactly, because he never did—looking hounded or ragged simply wasn’t in his nature—but his eating of his meal had been quick, efficient. He was not a man who wasted times at the best of them, and certainly not now.

Nor had he gone to the Weyrleadership lightly. By and large, they left the Healer Hall alone to run itself as the Masters saw fit. Allied as they had been during the Pass, any political maneuvering had died along with Brigan’s predecessor. That sort of thing was best left to the Harpers, he’d always felt—harkening back to the days before the Ninth when their Hall had done exactly that. Healers were meant to be the ultimate neutral party, as Brigan saw it, treating both Weyr and Hold indiscriminately and thus keeping out of any more entangling affairs.

So the relationship between the Craftmaster and the Weyrleadership was one of neutral, quiet respect. When he went to them with a concern, it was a rare enough thing that they knew well enough to listen.

The Healer Hall, as he stepped into it, was a buzz of activity, though his fellow Crafters parted in his wake almost subconsciously as he moved through their ranks. With suspect patients now dutifully filing in, the place was only going to get busier. Those dragon riders who had felt ill enough had already been screened and processed. Now, though, everyone else in the Weyr would be showing up at their doors.

It was going to be a long week.

Spoiler for OOC:
Who doesn’t like having to deal with illness? 8D Just about anyone can participate in this thread, since people from all ranks and walks of life are liable to be infected. Feel free to post with any characters you want to be ill, and/or with those who might think they are but ultimately aren’t. (Or at least not yet.) Just indicate in your post if you want them to ultimately pass the screening.

You’ll all be free to arrange just how serious your character’s illness gets otherwise, unless you want to arrange something with the staff for extra tension. :love:

As always, you can check in here if you prefer.

Announcements & Events / Custom Firelizard Template
« on: April 03, 2018, 08:58:48 PM »
Firelizard PSD Commission

Another new art update! We now have our own custom firelizard template, created by cweinman, the same artist that has done our Hunter, Beach Snake, Sharpfish, Wher, and Hatchling art.

These are for SWW only, but we're happy to let other people color and use these templates for their characters here. Should you wish to get the PSD file, simply PM the Southern Records account or pop on Discord in the Admin Help channel and we'll get you the file.

Beyond that, at least the staff will be using this for any firelizard clutches we host in the future. :3 We hope you like it!

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: April 01, 2018, 09:43:47 AM »
Hatched new bahbies. 8D

Free to you gais.
Spoiler for Dragums:
Boy :

Boy :

Holders / Oppesine [ 2553 9th Pass / whoremaster ]
« on: March 31, 2018, 11:30:37 PM »

Play By:
Sara Loren

Date of Birth:
21.06.2553 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Weyrmate or Spouse:
No. Of course not. Who would suggest such a thing? Saleizo "It's complicated"

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Standing at a modest 5'5", she still manages to seem taller than she really is. Her personality fills whatever room when she walks in, be it with a smile or the loud snap of her anger. Nothing about Oppesine is mellow, demure, or understated. She likes bright colors - or what passes for bright on Pern - so reds and oranges, and generally in dress form of various cuts and designs. She's not overly picky about clothes so long as they meet the previous criterion. Her dark brown hair is naturally wavy and she leaves it down, where it reaches just past her hips.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Oppesine is of the firm belief that there are those strong enough to use other people, and then there are those meant to be used. This was never more apparent than during the Pass, when things were at their worst. Rather than become one of those that would be used, Oppesine became one of those that orchestrated the use of people at the profit of her and her family. While she wouldn't have been able to do it on her own, having the backing of her family enabled her to thrive where others might not have. And she's perfectly fine using people.

Response to dragon color mutations: She wished that fire lizards came in different colors. Is there a way to make them change too? Because that would be neat to her. Otherwise, she doesn't really understand what the whole fuss is. It's just color.

Who are you...

Attention : Oppesine flourishes under attention, like any experienced harper during a play. She quite enjoys when all eyes are on her, even if it might not be for a good reason.

Music : She doesn't have an ear for it, or the ability to play herself, but Oppesine has a weakness for music when it's played well. She absolutely hates when it's not though and she'll loudly let you know if you're terrible.

Gifts : Especially flowers. They don't have to be elaborate or anything like that, especially since flowers can be hard to find currently, but she likes flowers. Their fleeting beauty is a treasured marvel to her. She will accept just about any and all presents though.

Family: Obviously, but she does quite like them as people too. She'd do a lot for them, even if she'd complain the entire time.


Babies / children : of any shape, size, or relation. Even her own. They're loud, they're demanding of her time that she doesn't want to give, and they're dirty. She's pawned her children off on her whores because she can't be bothered.

Flit Eggs : To eat. It might be a thing that some Holders have picked up out of necessity, but it's a barbaric practice that she heavily scorns. Having 4 flits of her own, she's not about to allow such a practice around herself.

Wher Fights : She doesn't really like watching the fights - they're too brutal for her - and she just ends up feeling bad for the poor wher that ends up losing. She'd much rather not watch, or be around, for the fights.


* MEMORY : She says she has a perfect memory, which is a beautiful lie, but she's not far from the mark. She has a great mind for faces and even better at putting names to them. Cross her, in any way, and she'll remember you for turns and turns to come. It's the quickest way to make an impression on her.

* MASK : Her whores call her the Actress. Not because she's a performer or has harper training, but because there are layers to her moods and masks she hides behind. She might be angry and you'll never know until she's manifest it in a way that benefits her. False smiles seem real, she can cry on command when it benefits her, and her moods firmly under her control - even if it might seem contrary to the case.

* EDUCATED : With only a basic harper education that everyone else received, she's actually quite good at mental math and a quick study. There's a reason she was selected to 'managed the books' so they say. Between her memory and retained education, she's rather book smart.

* SILVER TONGUE: She's charming, when she tries. Whether it's because she has a pretty face, an easy smile, or an infectious laugh, she's just easy to be around. Small, unthreatening, people are disarmed and find themselves smiling right along with her. Especially since she flatters easy and it seems genuine.

* CLEAN : It's important to her, and in her line of work, that things be clean. People, clothes, rooms, whatever it is, she's got a pretty high standard. And if people don't clean themselves, she'll do it. And you won't like it.


* ALCOHOL : She is an alcoholic with a real problem. She has little tolerance and can become quite belligerent. Her 'class', if she had any to begin with, and composure are a thing of the past when she starts drinking. And she does so enjoy drinking.

* SHAMELESS : One could argue this is a strength, but her family and friends would argue otherwise. She doesn't understand the concept that there are just some things, personal business and the like, that shouldn't be aired in public. Public displays of affection aren't taboo to her and social norms have never meant anything to her. It's almost like she needs a handler to remind her that some things are best left behind closed doors.

* WEAK : Her bark is infinitely worse than her bite. She talks a good game, and she can certainly pull strings to get things done, but she doesn't know how to fight. She's a 'lover', not a fighter. At least, at base.

* VIOLENT : With an explosive temper and that she has no idea how to fight, the fact that she can be moved to violence is not something in her favor. At all. But she's quite satisfied in hitting, screaming, and taking her anger out on things. Whether they deserve it or not.

* ESTABLISHING BOUNDARIES : Once she has decided to trust someone, or let them close, she had trouble establishing any sort of healthy boundaries. The people near and dear to her can easily take advantage of her, and she will allow it. Though she might huff, puff, and scream, she can be quite easily manipulated if people know how to play her - or they just push enough.

Describe Yourself:

* HEARTLESS : It takes a certain flavor of person to manage people and sell them to other people. There is a close group of people that she cares about, but beyond that, she is quite heartless. Easily disassociated from seeing the people she manages as anything other than property, which enables her to manage them quite well and not get hung up about it.

* PASSIONATE: Oppesine feels everything deeply. Love, hate, happiness, betrayal. The whole gambit of emotion runs through her hot and on a wide spectrum. When she does feel things for someone or something, that is.

* COMPARTMENTALIZED: Business is business, friends are friends, and family is family. She doesn't have problems keeping these things separate. Don't think for a second just because she's friendly with you that you matter to her if you're a business associate or if you're one of her whores. Conversely, she'll do just about anything for family because they are family - if it were life or death, of course. Getting into one of these 'groups' in her mind is difficult - just as it's difficult to fall out of them. Friends are friends, for better or worse, and she'll martyr herself for family.

* FOLLOWER: She enjoys managing people and she'll protect what assets are hers - in a round about way, but she doesn't like making really big picture decisions. Especially if those decisions affect people she perceives as friends. She can be wishy washy, indecisive, or procrastinate. It's best that someone else make really big decisions - she'd rather manage her whores and have fun.

* SELF CENTERED: Oppesine's world revolves around herself. Her time, her actions, and everything she does is to further her own schemes, ploys, and plots. She doesn't frequently go out of her way for others - not even her own children - and will only do so with prompting and prodding by her siblings.

The Magic Touch: As noted above, Oppesine is an alcoholic. This was easier to manage while they lived in Fort, a bit harder since moving to the weyr but like a true addict she's found ways to get it. Most likely from previous contacts in the brewer hall.


Mother: Odeline – Born 2536 – Journeywoman Herder – Died 2567
Father: Kyppesin – Born 2534 – Field Labourer/Hold Farmer

[{Name}] // Sister - Born 2550 - The Leader - Kyya
[{Dolynsine}] // Brother - Born 2555 - The Recruiter - RaynePOTM
Ryneppa // Sister - Born 2567 - The Fighter - Inki
Kindolin  // Sister - Born 2560 - The Logistician - SirAlahn

Extended Family:
Keassa – “Aunt” – Born 2546 – JM Herder – SanctifiedSavage
Tunarii – Sister-in-Law – Born xxxx – [{Dolynsine}]’s Wife – NPC
Tunydol – Niece – Born 2569 – The Healer – NPC
Dolarii – Nephew – Born 2577 – The Bard – NPC
Arysine – Niece – Born 2585 – The Babe – NPC


b. 2576 Orreine - given away shortly after birth.
b. 2579 Odriane - given away shortly after birth and raised to be a sibling to another child.

Tell us a story...

Meets Saleizo when he's 18 - 2570

* 2553, Born Born a squealing, bright eyed babe to excited parents. Though they already have one child, they're eager to welcome this new addition to the family. She's a needy, loud babe that demands a lot of attention - but she laughs as readily as she cries.

* 2555, 2 Oppesine isn't spoiled, but she's still a needy little girl. Clinging to her mother skirts, babbling away even if some of it is nonsense. When her mother becomes pregnant again, she's overly interested and invested in the comings and goings on involved. Up until the new babe [{Dolynsine}] is introduced to her. Oppesine never sees her siblings as a vie for attention, or someone she has to compete for but rather, someone she has to look out for and help take care of. Delighted at the addition to the family, she's as much underfoot as she is a help.

* 2560, 7 Oppesine sees herself as the unofficial 'mother' of her siblings, second only to [{Name}] ( played by Kyya ) often following their lead, tattling on [{Dolynsine}] if they get out of line and taking some pride in being the good girl. And if she makes a mistake, she's quick to blame it on anyone or anything else besides her - frequently failing to take responsibility. When her mother becomes pregnant again, she takes it upon herself to take care of her mother as she did before. This time with a bit more success than before. She welcomes Kindolin to the family gladly.

* 2563, 10 Oppesine struggles to deal with a headstrong Kindolin while still acting the motherly sort to [{Dolynsine}] and shadow to [{Name}] ( played by Kyya ). She's trying to find her own place in the family and has many different 'masks' or faces depending on who she interacts with. To their parents, she's turning into the ideal marriagable daughter. To her younger siblings, a bit of a disciplinarian and dramatic tattletale, and to [{name}] a trustworthy ear and dependable friend.

* 2566, 13 Her parents pass out some eggs to the children and Oppesine, being an older child, ends up with two. One is a Gold she names Proper and another is a sweet, tiny Green she immediately names Polite. It's to help her keep an eye on her younger siblings and meant as a pre-wedding gift. They want her to marry a friend of the family, but the plans sort of fall through as the Weyr falls on hard times from Thread and her intended is killed. Her mother becomes pregnant though, so Oppesine doesn't really mind all that much and she directs her parents attention to that. They can always talk about her getting married after the newest babe is born.

* 2567, 14 The youngest child and her sister, Ryneppa is born. It's a rough time for their mother until the babe is finally born, much to the delight of Oppesine. Another sibling is another sibling, after all. A new addition to the family. Losing her mother Odeline, however, is a blow that makes her lose a bit of pep in her step and it's hard for her to really bounce back quickly. She's a bit withdrawn and smiles are hard to come by for a time. She pulls away from Ryneppa when she's younger, not because she blames the little babe, but because she's painfully reminded of the loss of her mother.

* 2570, 17 It's been a rough transition for Oppesine. Losing her mother, losing the weyr, moving to Fort Hold... It's a mess. But after a turn or so of closing herself off, Oppesine starts to grow up. Not trying to fill in for her mother, but trying to provide a sense of stability and love that she feels is missing now that their mother is gone. Moving to Fort Hold is a shock to her system. It's a rough and tumble place of terrible people that she initially scorns. She wants nothing to do with but her family seems to sense opportunity. Wanting nothing to do with the rougher side of it all, Oppesine ends up befriending some ladies and forming what she likes to call a 'loose social circle'. Others would call them whores. She makes a sweet face at her family to ask for 'protection' for her 'friends' while they sell themselves for favors.  It's later in this turn that she meets Saleizo. He amuses her to no end when he prepositions her like she's one of her 'loose' friends. She later ends up sleeping with him. Much to the eventual disappointment and chagrin of her family.

* 2571, 18 Two of her 'friends' gift her two eggs as payment for the protection that Oppesine and her family afford them. They hatch into two sister Greens, completing her fair of flits : Pristine and Precise. She sticks with the P naming convention because it amuses her. She is quite delighted at the present though and readily accepts the darlings as payment.

* 2572, 19 Their father, in an attempt to insert some normalcy, tries to talk about marriage with both Kindolin and Oppesine. Sweet Kindolin deflects by saying she wants to go into a crafthall and Oppesine says she doesn't have time to be married while she's helping to look after Ryneppa. Sometime later, she finds herself, drunk, with Saleizo. They have a very public fight - and make up - about how stupid it would be if she got married and how he wouldn't be caught dead marrying anyone. Her father is quite upset when he hears about it and finds it difficult to pair her up with anyone after that. Much to Oppesine's pleasure.

* 2575, 21 Oppesine is really settling into her role as 'Actress', as some people are taking to call her around the place. She's not overly involved in the fighting side of things, but she has a handful of 'friends' that stick around her that she keeps safe. In exchange for favors, gifts, and the like. She lives rather well vicariously through these 'friends' and extends these same gifts and favors to her family, in turn they keep her whores safe.

2576, 22 Oppesine has her first child, Orreine. She finds out quickly that she both doesn't want to be a mother - babes are a lot of work that she doesn't want to be a part of - and that she can't really provide any manner of life for the little boy. She's not about to tell Saleizo that it's probably his, because he wouldn't likely care and they were having a fight round about when the babe was born. So it's something she's not likely to bring up, unless it's in another heated argument with him. She ended up giving the little boy to one of her 'friends' to look after.

2579, 25 Oppesine has her second child, a little girl by the name of Odriane. By now she's fully aware that she needs to give the little girl up and readily does so shortly after she's born. It's far easier this second time than the first since she's utterly convinced this is not only the best for the babe, but the best for her too. She gives the girl to one of the whores who just had a babe too and they're raised as siblings.

* 2580, 26 At some point in her life, Oppesine realized she was a whoremaster. How it really happened, she's still not sure. But between cultivating 'friends' she used for favors in exchange for protection and setting up a brothel in the tunnels of Fort, it just sort of ended up being a thing she had. While certainly not the largest, it's still a clean, wellkept place that she's quite proud of. Certainly a side business in amongst everything that her family does and it's something that is hers.

2583, 29 She's actually drawn to the fact that Ryneppa has been getting into some wher fights. She finds out since Ryn looses her Green wher. It upsets her somewhat that her youngest sister is getting involved in such things and she gets quite drunk finding out - gets in a stupid, public fight with Saleizo - but she doesn't really have much to say TO Ryn about it all. What are the real alternatives in a place like Fort Hold?

2587, 33 Thread stops falling and she things that everything will be grand. Right up until the call to uproot and move to the weyr is made. She's pretty much drunk for most of the move and doesn't sober up until they've already well and truly moved. It feels like a bad dream. Everything they've known and worked for just... Up and gone. Her 'friends' scatter to the winds, seeking new opportunities at the weyr. That and she sorta lost touch when she was black out drunk.

2590, 36 Moving to the Mine Hall is the happiest she's been in awhile. The weyr has always felt too stuffy. Even if there are giant monsters out in the jungle. She'd rather deal with them than the weyr's rules any day.

Since arriving at Fort Hold, the place just seemed full. Too many people in such a small space – even if that space was a Hold. She missed High Reaches, she missed home. But this would have to do. It’d been some turns since her mother had died and, after a turn of her passing, Oppesine had sworn that she would do her best to smile.
To not be the storm cloud in the room.
If anything, she was quite the opposite. Smiling in a dyed red dress of a semi-modest cut, she couldn’t imagine a party like this back at the weyr. Alcohol passed between people and so many had already offered to buy her drinks. She wasn’t an idiot. She understood the subtle request for more attention, more from her, but she took the drink and didn’t offer any more of herself.
Yet they kept passing their earnings her way. If she didn’t actually have to work for it, all the better.
Some enterprising harper, or at least someone with some skill in music, plucked a bouncy tune that she idly swayed to while someone chatted her up. He was saying something about a dice game that involved people taking their clothes off every round if they lost. Oppesine suspected it was weighed heavily in the man’s favor.
Then, quite suddenly to her, there was someone new at her side. Not clearing their throat or trying to slyly get her attention. He was an imposing, commanding figure that, once he caught her attention, he damn well had it. “You there. You interested in some work?”
The question was so outrageously bizarre that she smiled a moment before laughing. Oppesine? Work? Hardly. She lifted the fourth free drink she’d received that mark alone and winked at him. “Dearheart, do I look like someone that works for a living?”

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Just how it sounds. 8D
Date of Birth:
2566 9th Pass
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High Reaches Weyr

General Appearance...

She's a lithe and pretty gold. With bright highlights and a brilliant metallic hue, Proper is well named for her 'proper' namesake. She is a Gold through and through. Big, but not bulky, and vibrantly gold.
 ( I'm using this place holder color palette until we get the flit template for me to color ) 


Mind Voice: Proper doesn't share much - food, space, or mental pictures or emotions. She keeps a lot to herself unless she's well and truly distressed. Then she bites.

Her own personal space : She's not a friendly flit, but she's not overly mean either. Just don't pet her, don't mess with her, and all is well. She's Lord over her domain and no one touches her unless she wants them to. And she never wants them to.

Watching : Proper has an eerie way of watching people. Unwavering, unblinking. Almost like she's staring you down. She just really like watching people. They fascinate her.

Family: She can be a bit more accommodating to Oppesine's family. They can get away with being a bit close, maybe a pat on the head, a scratch over her eye ridge. Maybe.  She likes them enough to occasionally tolerate the invasion of personal space. Or at least warn them before she bites them.

Whers : Some have tried to eat her before, so she doesn't have much patience for any of them now and won't linger in their company unless Oppesine is there. And even then, only if she feels like her bonded might be in some trouble.

Children : They're noisy, touchy, and don't understand rules. Generally. So she's quick to bite and set them straight.

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2566 9th Pass
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High Reaches Weyr

General Appearance...

Polite is a small Green of pale hues and darker markings. She's quiet and reserved, preferring to spend most of her time curled up on someone than flapping about. Since she's small, she's easily out of the way and frequently forgotten. ( Using a color swab until we get new template for me to use. 8D )


Mind Voice: Polite is an 'out of the way' flit. She likes being near people, but she's so quiet and unobtrusive people often forget she's around. She's not demanding, enjoys attention but doesn't seek it, and doesn't make a fuss - either mentally or vocally.

Warmth : She's a tiny thing and she likes curling up against people, dragons, or whers - if they're friendly - and relaxing.

Oiling : it's akin to a flit massage. It's her most favorite thing in the world and she's easily bribed into doing things she might not otherwise - like running errands - if it means a nice oiling after.

Loud voices : They make her uneasy and she'd much rather be elsewhere. Shouting especially sets her off and she'll be quick to pop between and retreat to Oppesine's bedfurs.

Golds / aggressive flits : Polite is a tiny flit and she isn't aggressive by any means. She's very easy to chase off and dislikes it when it happens, chirping protests all along the way. But she won't fight.

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2571 9th Interval
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Fort Hold

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Precise is a bright forest green with speckling of a paler green along her body and darker green shadows. She would blend in really well in the jungle, were she so inclined - but she's not. ( Color palette is a place holder until we get new template )


Mind Voice: Precise likes to share images she thinks are important, impressing them upon Oppesine regardless whether they've been requested.

Digging : In the dirt. Like she's some sort of wherry searching for truffles or worms. Precise take great delight in finding creatures in the dirt, or prizes. It's a game to her - and one Oppesine plays with her. Best she stays away from farm land.

Rain : She wants to attack all the rain drops, like they're buzzing insects trying to get away from her. They most certainly cannot!

People that Oppesine likes : She's utterly incorrigible and nosy. She wants to know what they're doing so she can show Oppesine.

The Dark : Her hearing isn't the best so she doesn't like being left alone when she can't see things right.

Boys : They're usually a bit rough around the edges ( given Oppesine's general company ) so they're her least favorite of people and take the most to win her over.

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Fort Hold

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Pristine is a dark green flit of an average size. She, like her sister green Precise, would do well in the jungle if she wanted to live amongst the leafed canopy. She doesn't have any special markings but she does have an over all darker coloration than her sister Pristine.


Mind Voice: Pristine is the most vocal of Oppesine's flits, purring and trilling in turn depending on her mood. She can be excitable, which will reflect in her chirps and trills, or she expresses her pleasure with someone with purrs. She relies on Precise to show images, but she will if it's expected of her.

Exploring : Pristine is a relatively independent flit. She might be bonded to Oppesine, and sleep in her bedfurs, but she's out and about as often as she's not. Whether it's flying around the island, fishing on her own, or sneaking about the tunnels - she likes being out and about.

Presents : In that she likes bringing back things to Oppesine. Fish bones, spinners, shiny rocks... Whatever she's found that she thinks is neat, she'll bring back.

Grooming : much like a wild flit, Pristine likes to be groomed and to groom other flits. Proper, Precise, and Polite are her favored flits to groom, but she'll do it to anyone that she'd made 'nice' with.

Orders / Authority : While she can be quite the nice behaved flit, Prestine doesn't like being ordered around. She's a 'free spirit' and wants to just do what she wants to do. If she doesn't agree with what she's been told, she'll go between. Good luck finding her until she wants to be found.

Clutches : She's a tiny terror, not only to her own, but to others she might find. Raiding them to eat and destroy.

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Zeph popped from between chattering and flapping, scattering a few sheets of the records he'd landed on. He was projecting hunger at Eimerra, but without any actual want. He seemed somewhat distressed, but he was prone to pranks and, for a flit, was oddly good at deception to pull them off.

With an irritated huff, Eimerra scooped up the stormy blue flit and set him on the floor. “Go on, I don't have time for your tall tales, Zeph. I need to finish these then meet with a couple Crafters.” No sooner had the petite woman picked up papers and resumed her work than a knock on the open door frame interrupted her (again). “Yes?” she asked, turning to find a young apprentice from the Fisher Hall, by the smell.

“The Master Fisher sent some of us to the Weyrleaders…”

He seemed a shy, so Merra smiled, “Well, you found one of us. What happened?” He wasn't out of breath from running or panicked, so surely it wasn't something catastrophic. “Come. Let's head back out there and you can tell me on the way.”

The flits are all chattering about stolen food, mine. Zeph wasn’t up to mischief for once! /Stolen food?/

The young Fisher cleared up the confusion right on cue, though he couldn't hear the Gold. “Sandscabs got into the barrels, Ma'am. You don't have to come down, but we were told to notify you.”

“Well, I needed the break, anyway.”

~~~~~~~ }<^ˇ> ~~~ <ˇ^>{ ~~~~~~~

On the beach, apprentices and candidates were already rolling barrels in a steady line, no doubt heading for a spot for a good bonfire. Eimerra's stomach knotted at all the contaminated stores, then churned at the smell carried on the breeze. She crinkled her nose and kept her walking pace as her young escort ran off to catch up with a friend.

It looked like her break would be extended; she would stay to help roll barrels, though the thought of the smell once they started the fire…Well, she might have to head back to the Weyr for that.

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Mine Hall / Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
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Three Turns, he’d been cautious. Three Turns, he’d forced himself and his brother to remain under the radar from the Weyrleadership’s control. The riders thought too highly of themselves and their authority over the rest of them, but also wasn’t a fool. No man stood face-to-face with a dragon and could live to tell about. At least not with his balls intact.

If not for the dragons, the Weyrleadership wouldn’t be such a force to stand against. Regardless of that matter, he’d had to wait. Day in and day out, he’d been forced back to the doldrums of daily life without any sort of power to keep himself above the rest. He was just as dirty and insignificant as the drudges that pulled weeds or slapped whatever food they had onto others’ plates.

He’d tried to keep in contact with the members of the gang and the whores that had worked for him. Most of them had decided to try things their own way, in knowing that any chance they had at reviving their “business” would be quickly squashed by the Weyr. Some had remained loyal. Some continued to exchange secrets with his promises of a future. Or if he had anything to spare, he’d offer it to them. Material items were of no use to him.

Now finally, they were apart from the Weyr. The Mine Hall was like a breath of fresh air. An air of hope. He and his brother wasted no time in identifying who from their old gang was still around and who had decided to stay at the Weyr versus who moved to the Hall. It didn’t matter where they were. They could be useful in either location. The next weeks were spent planning and celebrating, a hidden container of alcohol never far from his reach.

Once he caught wind of the underground wher fight, it confirmed all of his hopes. He may not be a wher fighter himself, that was more his brother’s sort of thing, but it would be good intel to see who showed up, which Peacekeepers were aware and let this slide, as well as who didn’t show up from the old gang. There was plenty for him to gain by attending, even if only as a spectator, so he passed the word along to those he knew could still be trusted and waited for the event.

He arrived shortly after the first fights had already begun, having checked the perimeter to see which Peacekeepers were on duty nearby first. Now he stood off to the side, clearly not involved in the evening entertainment, but close enough to show him as an interested party. Byrd was curled firmly against the back of his neck, his head perking up every so often at the sound of a particularly nasty scuffle from one of the fights, before trying to ignore it and get some sleep. Slade, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. Sal had him on patrol duty tonight, consistently checking all of the entry points to this area so he could alert Saleizo of any unwelcome visitors that might ruin this night.

His brother was already here, likely just as excited as the rest for his whers to get some “exercise”, as he called it. There were a few others he recognized, like family members to a certain person—whom he doubted would show considering the night’s events, some old members of the gang, and other contacts he’d come across in the past. He made no move to interject himself among any of them, though, as he was here to gather information, not socialize.

Plot and Scheme / Re: Lyndi's Plotter
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Updated 03.29.2018 with newer characters, character summaries, and wanted ads <3

N’iko helped the young girl up on Astaroth first, being naturally inclined to assist ladies first, and offered her a polite smile as she shared her name. He turned to the next candidate, although not before catching the rhythmic taps she began on her thigh. Others might have dismissed any thought or consideration of it, or more than likely wouldn’t have noticed it at all, but music had been a big part of his past. His previous weyrmate had done something similar any spare moment she had, as if there was always a tune or melody to be played through in her head.

The sight of that drew a more genuine smile from N’iko, but he was already focusing on the second candidate. He didn’t comment on the small stumble, although the bows drew more of his attention. Perhaps he’d been away from the Weyr too long to remember that as formal practice, but the idea of someone bowing to him was…odd. Still, the candidate was very polite for a boy of his age, and N’iko couldn’t have asked Drakon to pick out better help.

The apology from one candidate to the other, though, was interesting. Once Calladren was also astride Astaroth, N’iko patted the bronze’s hide. “Nice to meet you, Ysveta and Calladren. I’m N’iko, this beast here is Astaroth, and the flit in front of you is Drakon. We’re going to be working together today to collect as many supplies as we can before returning here and unloading everything, so be sure not to wander off.”

He mounted Astaroth and gave a curt nod to Drakon. The brown fire lizard blinked between, preparing to greet them at the other side. “Hold tight,” he warned, waited a moment to make sure they were ready, before Astaroth launched into the sky and went between. He breathed in the three seconds of frigid air before they were hovering over the Weaver Hall.

Astaroth glided to the ground, parking them in a spot that gave the candidates plenty of room to hop down. Drakon was already back on his perch on the bronze, chirping another greeting to the candidates. N’iko quickly slid from the saddle before reaching an arm back up to assist the two candidates safely down. “Do either of you come from the Weaver craft?” It would be useful if they had, but no problem if not. He could already see other riders and their small groups splitting up to take different areas of the Hall. The more area they were able to cover, the more supplies they could hopefully bring back.

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@Red @Inki   suuuuuper delay, but for Calladren and Ysveta

Universal Events / Re: [ 34.5.2590 ] New Supplies
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If any Mountain Riders wanna bounce into the thread now, to show up and help transport stuff... It's gonna be a LONG flight back. XD Conversely, they can cart over some weavers too.  :bird:

The ruins of Pern were always hauntingly beautiful in their own way. A remnant of a past that they’d all survived. Echoes of what they might one day reclaim. Thread shouldn’t return for some time. If they survived the island, they might very well take back their former glory.

If they could find a way to deal with the stead fall of thread when it would invariably come back again.

W’sar tried not to think too hard about all that. He’d be gone when Thread returned.

When the Weaver opted to lead, W’sar took up a respectful step behind. Venture, however, flapped ahead and sought to ensure no spinners dangled in the way or brave tunnel snakes thought to threaten the path. That was generally his job on such excursions, after all. He was always chirping and trilling so that even if they couldn’t exactly see him, they’d always know he was near by and ever vigilant.

Getting to see what she saw, though, and W’sar didn’t know what to think. They looked like silly, albeit pretty moths. He never would’ve thought they were overly important. Interesting that they’d survived of course, but nothing really special. Protected from thread and wherry, the only thing that had been able to overly harass the creatures had been spinners and tunnel snakes. Of which there was web aplenty. Though W’sar couldn’t say what it belonged to – the moths or the spinners.

At the Weaver’s instructions, W’sar nodded a little. He wouldn’t be doing any of the digging up or prep, but he’d see to it that his Riders were mindful of the things they took back. “If you and your apprentice want to start gathering up what you will, I’ll go back out and get my Riders ready.”

News traveled fast. Bad news traveled faster. One of the things Halirina got to oversee was the weyr’s food. It was important. Rationing was more so. When word of the infestation of the fish reached Halirina, she waited oh so politely until her aide had closed her office door before she up ended the contents of her desk on the floor in a flash of rage.

It was childish but damn it. If it wasn’t a hunter attack, if it wasn’t beach snakes eating people, then this?! She ran a hand over her face, through her hair, then walked out of her mess of an office with the intention of going to see for herself. Maybe it was all a cruel joke she could have someone tossed into the ocean for.

It’s not, her Gold supplied helpfully. Observing from her place in the weyrbowl, where the dragon had landed to scope it out without being in the way. Even from this distance, Kalestath’s eyes rolled into an irritable yellow at the smell.

So much prepped fish. Salted to last. A waste of minerals, time, and just.... a waste.

When she arrived, Halirina stood a moment to stand and survey the mess. She’d want an accurate count of everything lost, but that could wait too. She passed a hand over her face once more before sighing and moving to help. It wasn’t like she was going to get anything else done this morning with this on her mind. Her aides would no doubt fall in line and help once they tracked her down too.

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