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Plot and Scheme / Re: Baby Whers
« on: Today at 02:59:31 PM »

Weyrling Announcements / 2590 Classes Training Thread!
« on: Today at 02:51:04 PM »
Hiya everyone!

I'm back with a little Weyrling lesson. Every Weyrling from 2590 can get involved in this one, and I've left it as open as I could. Because we'll have quite a few Weyrlings in this thread, make sure to tag whomever you're directly replying to just to keep it easier for everyone.

You can find the thread here: A Little Learning Goes A Long Way

If you have any questions, as always, you can ask me, check the Weyrling Guide, or ask W'um!

Romance / Life Long Lovers with a rocky past
« on: Today at 05:10:03 AM »

"We’ve been together since the beginning, and we’ve come so far."

N'dar // Jungle Wing // 26

About the Character:
N'dar and Ivonai have been running together for as long as either of them can remember. From orphaned thieves in Fort, to dabbling in wher fighting right up until N'dar is taken away to the weyr to Impress, these two have struggled through life to get where they’re at. Their brief time apart while N'dar is away, impressing dragons and growing up, is rough but he returns for her. As promised.

Their history is full of rough and tumble stories, but with a bit of a happy ending now that everyone is at the weyr.

Wanted ICly:
Someone to pick up N'dar. There’s a lot in their history that would be fun to play out, and current events and dramas to play through. :3

Wanted OOCly:
Pretty much the same ICly. Exploring their story, playing out things. Someone who wants to invest in them as much as I am. :3

Hit me up if you're interested.

Journals / Re: Suggested Face Claims
« on: Yesterday at 04:49:10 AM »
Another lovely lady for you all: Aiyana Lewis! There's a couple of PCs who I think she'd make a great sibling for :3

Weyr Bowl / Re: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« on: February 20, 2018, 06:26:43 PM »
Mauddra slipped silently through the slowly building crowd. Dragonrider attendance wasn't as high as it could have been, but that was to be expected, this wasn't their boat after all, and the invitation hadn't been extended through any official correspondence.

Regardless, those whom she saw spattered throughout the waiting crowd were all interested in the goings on of the crafthalls in one way or another. Through their pasts perhaps, or through loved ones, perhaps simply through a new found love of being connected to the other aspects of Pernese life. Whilst her heart had always lain with the Weyr, Mauddra could understand the appeal.

A shape in the sky brought her gaze up to the Weyrbowl, and Kalestath's incredible figure lazily landing to deposit Halirina for the event. The sight of Queen and Weyrwoman always made Mauddra's guts tighten, sure, the other Golds had their beauty, and in different ways from the aesthetic of Pern's Weyrwoman, but there was something different about Kalestath. Something... which spoke of the horrors, the trials and tribulations of the Pass, all tied up with the success and prospering of their island. The awe of Pern's golden queen had never faded for Mauddra, even if her appreciation for Halirina had changed over the turns. Not lessened, no, not by any means, but changed. She was human, just like the rest of them, an extraordinary one to be sure, but human.

Weaving her way through the crowd, and pulling her jacket tighter against her frame to ward off a particularly frigid gust, Mauddra kept one eye on Halirina, and the other on the boat. She'd compare notes with Quitrix later, after all, crafter relations were the younger woman's expertise. Five fishers it seemed, unless Phenust was intending on travelling with them, then that would be six. No apprentices, no they'd been shooed away from the set up not long after she'd arrived. The supply list had been reasonable, and it seemed that the right amount of sacks and crates had been packed away.

Fingering the stylus behind her ear, she resisted the urge to take more notes than necessary. A tally of fishers and supplies had already slipped their way into her wherhide journal, she didn't need to be using up any more of the precious space contained within.

By the time she made her way over to Halirina, the Weyrwoman was occupied, and so Mauddra thought it best to not approach. She prided herself on always being present when needed, and discreet when not, so she simply caught the Weyrwoman's eye, nodded, and waited to see whether or not her presence was required.

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 20, 2018, 03:44:06 PM »
Hunters, at the Hold, Adakhanyth informed his rider urgently, but still managing to drawl as if the bronze considered this part of their daily routine. Thank Faranth, it wasn't, but this certainly wouldn't have been the first time that the Hunters had attacked them. We are to help.

Of course. That seemed to be their job, nowadays, as a Wing. Hunt and save everybody else's arses. Who's on duty? He asked as Adakhanyth wheeled back towards the rest of the Wing to regain formation before they would between.

Prairie. Oh shells. Not only were Prairie completely inexperienced with Hunters, they were also chock full of the newly graduated Weyrlings, who'd not had to respond to a crisis of any kind yet. He tried to keep the image of shredded weyrlings out of the reference image he conjured for Adakhanyth. We go!

Emerging high above the Hold, they could have come out anywhere. Only the sight of the rest of Jungle Wing to either side of him reassured J'thir that they had indeed come out in the right place. That, and the distorted cries and screams that floated up through the fog. Diving as one, they could eventually make out the Hold, the forest, the odd swirl in the fog of dragon wings showing glimpses of the destruction that was masked previously.

The Wing split, each aware of what they had to do to help. Adakhanyth wheeled off toward where they knew the gate to the hold to be, hoping to head off any Hunters that may try force their way in. A panicked dragon's scream drew Adakhanyth's attention off to the left even as J'thir caught sight of the gates, banging back on their hinges, a hunter disappearing inside. Ada- he began, but the bronze's concentration was on the blue before him, pinned under a hunter.

Swooping in at a low angle, the bronze slammed into the side of the hunter's chest with a defiant scream, intent on barrelling it over and off of the blue. Pinning his wings quickly into his side to protect them, he grappled with the hunter, trying to establish control of its head before it could turn around and bite him with it. Fly! he bellowed at Fae's blue. The sooner the blue got away, the sooner he could get away himself.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Holy carp, a post! Quick one, but it's a start to the year, yeah?

@RaynePOTM Tag Faennilin! Magic number 9!

Rider Weyrs / Re: Ride The Wild Wind [01.02.2591 // 5am]
« on: February 19, 2018, 05:24:14 PM »
Utaith bugled a mocking laugh as a quick glance behind her brought her attention to the near miss of Bronze and Brown. Whilst she mocked them for their inability to tame the wind as she was, the green was slightly impressed by the quick thinking of both dragons to avoid collision, and, it had to be noted that both returned to the chase. Slightly behind their previous positions, but not giving up the chance for her affections.


Pulling higher and higher into the cloud cover before levelling out, Utaith took the opportunity to look behind her. Some hadn't been able to keep up, smaller dragons, untested ones, but quite a few still remained for her to test. A check in all of their boxes for now. Let's see how the boys dealt with this?

A swift change in temperature told her of the downdraft ahead of her, and flipping wings onto her back, she dove. Diving perpendicular to the ground at a terrifying rate, bugling a challenge to her chasers to follow if their dared. The howling of the wind preventing her from hearing their coming, dulled her senses as to their location, and she simply let herself be taken away by the sensation of freefall. Condensation building on her hide. The ground started to get closer in front of her, and eyes, purple and red with lust and challenge, closed itself to the sight.

J'sen for his part, as taken in by his green's flight, managed to find himself enough to speak through their bond, instead of out loud. Utaith... He said warningly, as the ground rose closer in his own vision.

And suddenly, Utaith's wings flared, pulling her out of her dive in a long arc, the strain on her joints sending a piercing slash of pain through both her and J'sen. And in his Weyr, J'sen sat down heavily, although he hadn't realised he'd stood. The dive was difficult enough, even for a green with such a low body mass, but for the larger males? Well, she wouldn't be surprised to hear the satisfactory thuds of a few dragons too taken in to pull out of their dive quick enough.

Spoiler for Hidden:
This flight is open until the end. So don't worry if you didn't get a post in this time around. One post will make your dragon applicable for the randomisation.

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 19, 2018, 12:51:30 AM »
With Kensk so large, some of her apprentice duties extended beyond the caves. Whilst it wasn't her favourite thing, Kenna much preferred actually scouting and being able to put her training into use, she didn't generally mind being able to get outside and do some hard labour. And it was true that most of the hard work was up to Kensk, but Kenna liked to think that she was helping as well.

Rell was notably absent as both Kenna and Kensk took their breakfast in the communal hall at the front of the Mine Hall, the firelizard likely making himself discrete in a nook just out of the general ear shot of the room. He didn't like all the hustle and bustle like Kenna did, and would simply stay out of the noise until Kenna summoned him. Slumped at her feet, Kensk leant heavily up against her legs, looking like a big lump of muscle and flesh seeping into the ground. The wher truly relaxed at being in such a familiar place, in such close proximity to Kenna for once.

As the call went up for the workers to head towards the entrance, in preparation for the loads of the riders, when they opened the heavy doors, Kenna and Kensk wandered their way over. Not needing to be in the thick of the door opening process, but wanting to be handy enough if a rider stuck their head through searching for a pack-wher to load up.

Roughly scratching at the hide behind Kensk's headknobs and ears, she propped her shoulder up against the wall, waiting. The fog that seeped through the opening door made Kensk huff with annoyance, knowing that it would be cold outside, and Kenna gave him a pat on the shoulder in sympathy, feeling his body stiffening up, which she assumed to be in preparation for an uncomfortable morning. "We're only on duty for a few-" And then the piercing cry of a dragon echoed through the Hall. "What the fuck is that?"

Kensk shook himself beside her, and the Hall began to erupt with disorganised activity, they shoulder their way through the crowd to see what was going on. It was the dragonrider's cry of Hunters that made her freeze. Her mind seeming to go blank with the revelation. Hunters? But... there are dragonriders out there. She seemed to think absently. Oh... And the doors are open.

A tug on her clothing brought her somewhat back to reality, with Kensk trying to rip her back to him. However the swift emergence back into reality only allowed the fear of the situation to set deep in her bones. "Shit. Fuck. Kensk. What the fuck do we do?"

A woman's sharp tone brought her attention to the gates, which had men pressed up against one side, and a Gold wher up against the other. Well, they need another wher to close the doors then. With something to do, Kenna nodded firmly at the woman, and a quick point and a firm instruction had Kensk helping to close the gate on the opposite side of the Gold and her handler.

But it seemed the Hunters had other plans for them today, and the two were flung to the ground from the force of the blow. Kenna watched from the ground in horror as the Gold was pulled up, her back clasped between the Hunter's jaws, "Kensk!" She screamed, pointing at the Hunter for him to... do something! And do he did, as dutiful as ever, the fear which pulsed through their bond turned to rage in the bronze's body, as he felt pure rage at the Hunter who dared to get near his. With the Hunter's neck and chest exposed, Kensk raked heavy claws down the creature's hide, baring his teeth as the Gold fell to the ground, and planting his body firmly in front of Kenna's still prone body.

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Number 16

Journals / Suggested Face Claims
« on: February 18, 2018, 01:59:29 AM »
Suggested Face Claims

We have a lot of character creation resources listed here. The point of this thread is for people to suggest face claims they think are interesting, pretty, different, neat, etc that they think other people will like or might find perfect for their character.

We do have a couple guidelines for posting in this thread :
* Make sure they're not already claimed here.
* List the first and last name of the suggested claim.
* Include at least one SFW picture of the claim - max width of 500px.

To make a claim from this list, reply here with the linked application.
As with the adoption bank, it's first come, first serve. This means, the first to complete an application and post it in the character creation board with a claim is the one who gets it.  :love:

Below, we'll index the suggested claims alphabetically by last name with the supplied image  in a spoiler tag so you can browse. 

A through E

F through K

L through P

Lewis, Aiyana
Spoiler for image:
Nyong'o, Lupita
Spoiler for image:

Q through V

W through Z

Mine Hall / Re: Breakfast Chitchat [ 21.10.2590 / 6:30 AM ] || Open
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:42:10 PM »
Cet had been prepared for those less inclined to early mornings to just grumble and ignore him. He wouldn’t take it as an insult, long since understanding that some people simply didn’t start functioning until after their second cup of klah. Even so, it seemed a good start to the day that he’d gotten a friendly response rather than an annoyed one.

“Oh, I don’t like to assume,” he said, smiling brightly again as he soaked up some of the breakfast gravy on his plate with the half of roll he held. “I’m sure there’s someone here that hasn’t actually gone to sleep yet.” Some of the Peacekeepers, perhaps, since he knew that a few patrols were on hand during the night just in case something went amiss. And the cooks who had prepared the morning meal had no doubt gotten up before most others in the Hall. “Anyway, I envy you that. It’s always an early morning for me, what with needing to get all the children ready for the day.”

Not that he would trade that for anything. He and his wife were blessed to have as many children as they did, and all of them healthy and having survived the Pass.

“Buuuut, I can’t complain.” He wolfed down a bite of food before offering his free hand; he’d not be so rude as to accidentally get gravy on anyone else. “I’m Cetorex, by the way. I don’t think we’ve met.”

Spoiler for OOC:
No worries at all. <3 I hope you’ll forgive me for a rusty response as well.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Help Wanted [19.08.2590//8.03am] Vicymus
« on: February 17, 2018, 07:36:30 PM »
Most of the time, Vicky didn’t directly deal with the Candidates that got assigned to the Hall. Just being an apprentice, he had no say in where they were sent or what chores they were involved in; if they ended up working on the same thing, he’d be his usual cheerful self. But when they did invariably wander by, he didn’t pay them much mind.

That morning, he was idly humming to himself as he waded into the surf. Pants rolled up past his knees—though it didn’t much matter, since it was almost inevitable that he’d end up completely drenched anyway. With a sleeveless and low collared shirt, he didn’t look exactly the perfect picture of a dutiful Fisher. At least he was wearing his knots, even if they’d been tied to one sleeve with a length of twine. And at least the knots were secure.

When a voice addressed him from the direction of the beach, Vicymus turned with a smile to greet them. She was a pretty thing, all ample curves and thick dark hair.

“Sure thing, honey.” He’d always take company for a task rather than doing it himself. He’d looped the handles of a burlap sack over one shoulder before wading out into the water, and he shrugged it off to hand it to her now. “It’s nice to meet you, Cabryn. I’m Vicky. Be a doll and hold this?”

In his other hand, he idly spun a long-handled tool that looked much like the hoes Farmers used for tilling soil. “We’ve gotta dig for stripeshells today, and this’ll be easier if I can use both hands.”

Spoiler for OOC:
Is all good. <3 Since I haven’t written my unintentional guide to the mollusks of Pern yet, stripeshells are clams. 8D I wanted something simple but non-Terran they might have called them, and that seemed pretty consistent across species.

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 10:31:25 PM »
All K'rez could do now was rely on instinct. There were no orders being conveyed between Denoth and K'rez. They simply relied upon the other to do what was necessary, to save lives, including their own. It reminded him of threadfall in that way. He had always felt that the riders were more of an accessory, a tool with which to give their dragons the best chance to fight their natural enemy.

Thread had been replaced by Hunters, Beach Snakes and Sharpfish. But the concept was still the same. Their fragile human bodies were useless when it came to the powerful ones of the dragons which they bonded with for life. And it seemed that the Hunters had figured this out as well.

Denoth braced to take the Hunter attack, needing to hold his position, just long enough to allow the passenger laden green to take off and get back to the safety of the Weyr or even, just the safety of the skies.

Growling as they attempted to pull K'rez from his back, Denoth snapped at the Hunter's exposed neck, stretched out in the aimed strike at his rider. Sinking teeth into the hard muscle, his mouth filled with the sour taste of ichor. But his strike back left him open for the claws which went to distract him, trying to keep Denoth focused on his own injuries, as the Hunters jabs made their way far too close to K'rez.

For K'rez's part, all he could do was hunker down against Denoth's neck. Making himself as small a target as possible, and weathering the pain which streaked through his open bond with Denoth, trying not to feel as if it was his own forearms, stomach, and neck that were being clawed at. 

Spoiler for Hidden:
Looooove potion number 9

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 09:55:11 PM »
Tresrissa enjoyed the bustle of an early morning, when the miners and holders were out in force for breakfast, and the rider's with their daily deliveries were imminent arrivals. It meant she could watch some new people, and make a note of those she had already seen. It was just to see whether she could try to piece together who their family was and what they were at the Mine Hall for. If she couldn't do so reliably, she was also perfectly content to just make it up. An interesting backstory was much more interesting than the real one in most cases.

As usual, Tressisk was right by her side, pressing her shoulder against Tressie's seated side as she ate breakfast. The creaking of the doors, and the whoosh of dragonwings announced to her that Prairie had arrived. Swinging her legs over the bench, she turned to smile at the entrance, waiting to see what awaited her entertainment for today.

Tressisk froze beside her, before raising herself quickly from her stiffly seated position, and tugged on Tressie's sleeve, urgently enough so that her bonded started moving before she even realised what was happening, following Tressie back towards the caves with a surprised laugh. "What's gotten you all riled up?" She asked surprised, quickening her step as Tressisk's eyes reddened and she started to trot faster away from the centre of the dining cavern. The scream from outside the now ajar doors almost made Tresrissa trip, as she turned, open-mouthed to stare back at the door. "Hunters?" Tressisk just yanked harder, ripping the sleeve of Tresrissa's shirt.

By the time Tresrissa had turned the first corner into the Holder caves, she heard the scream of a much closer, much louder Hunter. Tressisk spun around, placing her head on Tressie's butt, and the two of them ran.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Tressie be #1

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 09:34:31 PM »
Vironethian really should spend more time at the mine hall, if he did, he would've have known exactly what to do in a situation like this. Would have known to call Virosk over to help close the door, although it was unlikely a blue such as him would have been able to give the push that the Gold now did. And thank Faranth that she did, but it was still closing too slowly, the cries of dragons, hunters and humans were merging together outside the gate, still sounding, the encounter was far from over.

Too slow. We're too fucking slow. "Virosk!" But his call was too late, what little the blue could have done as he raced to find his bonded, now free from the frozen state that accompanied the proximity of Hunters, was for naught, and Vironethian was flung from the door, skidding across the ground with the force at which the door was hit.

Sparks shone in front of his vision as the back of his head cracked against the floor, he needed to get up, he couldn't get up... What was happening... Where were the Hunters? What had happened to the men beside him? The woman and her Gold? Shaking himself, he tried to stand, one hand going to the back of his head, it came away wet.

There was something by his side, sharp teeth digging into his arm, he swung widely, trying to bash the Hunter in the head... But it wasn't a Hunter, it was Virosk, dragging him back away from the rampaging Hunter, and Vironethian pulled his blow as the blue swum in his vision. Virosk's grip readjusted to the material at Vironethian's shoulder, and he started to drag him backwards, away from the Hunter while they still could.

"Virosk. We've gotta... The gate... The riders..."

Spoiler for Hidden:

Universal Events / [ 22.2.2591 ] Damerinth's Flight
« on: February 15, 2018, 07:06:33 PM »
Damerinth’s Flight

22.2.2591 / 4:45 am

Just as the sun breaks the horizon, Jungle Green Damerinth calls out to those who might chase her. She’s playful and only flies once a turn, so she’s interested in making the best of her Flight. Male dragons of all stripes are welcome to chase.

For non-riders, this may still have some effect on inhibitions, though not to the degree as a Gold Flight. For riders, please note that Damerinth is not a Force Catch, and will thus be picking her winner from among the contenders. She does like being impressed, however, so the responses of each individual male to her antics will weigh heavily on her choice. For this particular Flight, I’m choosing to fade to black.

:3 Everyone is welcome to check in even if you’re not participating. If your character is choosing to do so, however, please fill out the form below. Good luck!

Code: [Select]
[b]Rider & Dragon:[/b] Their names
[b]Aftermath:[/b] Depending on your preferences and what your character might do, are you interested in RPing out any aftermath? The caveat here is that [{Meyelthra}] [i]will[/i] be coming back to kick the winner out of X’hos’ weyr.

Clearing up confusion: Unlike what we do for Gold Flights, if you post your character here as participating, it's because they're participating in the Flight and have an opportunity to win—since a character has an opportunity ignore a Green Flight for various reasons IC reasons. We just ask that you specify whether or not you'd want to RP anything out should they win. Of course we'd never ask you to RP a thread that you have no interest in RPing.

IC Thread

X'hos of Damerinth
H'vier of Kadoreth
Z'ryr of Rhymoth

( Meyelthra... sort of. )

Checked In
B'lye || T'stann || Nishi || W'lleni || C'bryn || Galve || Tiynnalacia || Kyareena || Omenya || Neriherem || Keron || Vorianna || Qailyx
Pythia || Vanelwynne || N'aen || Noa || Ellariel || Syrena || Ionei
Droissa || Nieve || Penderton || C'dus || Saviavi || Nealros || Bekareni || F'erro || T'rel || R'ael

Standard event participation practice applies. Post in the event thread or here giving us a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing at this time. If you miss 5 events in a row, your account will be deemed inactive. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember : we do not require IC participation. Simply post here under your Player account and let us know what's going on with your character.

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 06:08:13 PM »
It was hard to listen to any spoken, or shouted word. Again and again the cries of dragonkin cut through the fog. R’ael was entirely reliant on Uramaeth’s ability to receive and relay information. She learned through him that the Blue wasn’t sure he could fly, one of his wings was at an odd angle and, at best, sprained. There was too much movement, too many bodies large and small to safely between. She thought their best bet was to just get as close to the mine hall entrance as possible.

It was eerie, in those few moments. The fog made R’ael feel isolated, like they were on another plane and could hear everything, but not see. She did not like it, but they didn’t have a choice.

I think there’s- Uramaeth couldn’t finish the warning, the hunters were already on them. R’ael watched with helpless horror as the Blue was snatched away from her Brown’s protective wing. She hoped he could hold out, they could still save him and his rider.

The hunter directly before them was a problem. R’ael herself could do little more than keep an eye on the surroundings. She was safest here, on Uramaeth’s back, and knew if she unseated herself that she’d be an easy target. Still, she gripped her dagger for all that it was worth and if a tail or leg happened her way, she’d certainly lash at it.

This was Uramaeth’s fight, and also the first time that he had been so close and personal with a hunter. This wasn’t a beach snake whose range only extended so far. He couldn’t just fly a little higher. Instinct told him to keep his belly low and to tuck his chin to protect his neck. His wings knit close to his body, turned in such a fashion that they might protect R’ael a little more than usual. The hunter swung at him, and Uramaeth ducked under it and then came up with force, issuing a great growl even as he tried to bite into the chest and neck of the offender.

Uramaeth was certainly aiming to maim, but there wasn’t enough time for him to follow through with a kill. He was wholly expecting a retreat, that was fine, because the real goal was to get to the Blue before it was too late.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I always forget how much control I can have over the big bads, so I’ll leave this pretty open for now!


Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:17:04 PM »
Penderton sat in his corner in the dining hall that morning. His two wher, Onsk and Endersk, dozed at his feet while his firelizards loitered at their preferred stations. Pen still felt a little odd with his menagerie, even though the minehall was nearly overrun with beasts these days. He offered awkward, apologetic smiles to anyone that had to walk around his brood and was at least thankful that they were all Greens. And, at least the lot of them were hard workers and earned their keep.

He was taking his time with breakfast today. Early weather predictions pointed to a foggy start and it wasn’t a favorable thing to move heavy rock in low visibility. That, and, it was harder to keep watch on the jungle. Likely they’d just start a little later than normal, but the solid decision was to be made after Prairie’s first team landed with the day’s visitors.

Speaking of.

He could hear the great creaking of the doors of the hold, the wingbeats of dragons beyond. The air that rushed into the stagnant halls was indeed damp, carrying moisture that would cling to the walls. Rabble, one of his firelizards, noticed this too. She liked to lick the condensation off of the rock when the opportunity came.

Penderton kept his eyes open for the first folk to enter, to see what they said. His attention shifted, however, when Onsk suddenly became quite still. Endersk began to shiver. A dragon screamed outside. A veteran of events like these, Penderton quickly looped his wher’s leashes around his arms. He stood and with soft, encouraging words, tried to coax his girls into moving. The continued cacophony outside meant this time they weren’t going to scrape by without many injuries and the dining hall would be needed for triage.

A rider’s yell sounded much closer, screaming for the gates to be closed. Penderton felt the blood drain from his face. He could see people now, gathering near the gates, trying to do as told. In kind, he began to tug at his wher with a little more force. “We need to move,” he said, trying to instill some courage into them.

Rabble, Rubble and Digger played around in the air around him, but he could tell by their high pitched chirrups that they felt the stress of the situation. He considered, too, that their close position to him and that they refused to fly anywhere else but between him and the doors meant that they were trying to herd him away.

Finally, the wher regained their senses. Before they could take their first steps, however, the boom of the minehall doors being forced entirely open stopped them once more. The sound reverberated in the hall and seemed to shock all six of them. And then that sight- a hunter full grown with one of the bigger Golds of the hold in its mouth like a chew toy, after already ripping through two unfortunate souls. Penderton’s jaw was still dropped when he found his muscles again and forced himself, and his wher, to move.

He lead them to the main tunnel, but his path was slowed as he scooped a child up, and then another, and shouted at everyone still staring to move. If they stood any chance of defending the hold, all of these excess rubber neckers had to get out of the way. He knew that his own crew were nothing better than meat shields, even if Onsk and Endersk had been full grown they stood no chance against the large hunter. His firelizards could have used their agility and dexterity to at least distract and annoy, but the three of them were terrified of the jungle and all of its inhabitants. They didn’t stand a chance, paralyzed by fear as they were.

“Head deep into the tunnels if you cannot fight! Secure your children, your elderly!” Hide your kids, hide your wife, they’re eatin’ errybody out here.

Spoiler for Hidden:
wordcount of 660 or somethin for Premium Poster I, andddd number 5? Not sure if he's in too much danger but you never know n__n

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
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True to the Hunter’s nature, when it was time to attack, they did so in force with ferocity. Large Hunters the size of Bronze dragons began to charge out of the fog or, worse yet between in the foggy clearing to raid the dragons as they had landed. What had been a quiet, air heavy morning with a thick, blanketed cloud soon turned into a churning mess of animal sounds – both of pain and challenge as dragon and hunter alike clashed violently.

When the bigger dragons tried to put themselves between the smaller ones, they easily became targets for the equally large hunters. Denoth was certainly no different. Shielding a Green laden with people struggling to climb back onto the dragon for safety, a large green and brown mottled hunter slammed into his side. The animal was hungry, snapping at K’rez atop the dragon as though the bigger beast knew that the human was the weakness of the dragon. If only the Rider was pulled from the seat, snatched up, swallowed whole... Jaws closed close to K’rez on several occasions as the hunter, clawing at Denoth, tried to do just that – eat the rider atop the dragon.

Just as Rinneir was able to climb atop her dragon, the Bronze who had intercepted the hunter on her behalf went down. His keen pierced the early morning as his side was split and his rider was tossed from his saddle, rolling across the ground. The hunter that had tackled him scrambled atop the bronze, forgetting the dragon. Intent on the rider that lay, sprawled and dazed on the ground. Near enough to Rinneir – though the hunter hadn’t paid the smaller green much attention for favor of wanting to kill the bronze rider sprawled on the ground.

It was the scream of the Blue and her Rider that drew the attention to the giant metal gate. Like some sort of horrid magic trick, two large hunters pounced out of the fog near Fae. One collided into her dragon, rolling the Blue in the hunter’s attempts to tear Fae off the Blue’s back. Unsuccessfully, but only just. The dragon was saved serious injury from the much larger creature only because the hunter was so intent on tearing off the rider – who was now nearly pinned under their dragon, with a hunter trying to bite at them around their dragon’s body.

The other hunter, turning from the assumed soon-to-be-dead Blue spies the slowly closing metal gates and makes a break for it. The distance is short and the hunter is quick – big and powerful. Slamming into the metal doors before they can be closed fully and forcefully shoving the wher and people back who had been attempting to close it. One such man, who wasn’t shoved back far enough, disappears quickly in the hunter’s mouth before the monster pushes further into the entry hall – swiping at whomever is close, snapping at whatever wher is near. The two that had been attempting to push the gate shut are the closest target – and earn the attention of the hunter first. With a roar that shakes the tables, the hunter bears down on the Gold. Biting into the smaller creature’s back and lifting the wher from the ground.

Unluckily for the hunter, exposing it’s throat and chest to the remaining wher. It recovers as quickly as it may to attack, spurned into a rage by the intrusion. The aggression seems to catch the hunter by surprise and it drops the gold wher, squaring off with the other wher.

Back out in the clearing, where the fog churned with action and the roars and cries of pain became more numerous, the scene was simply chaos. Especially with the arrival of the other Wings to help. With limited visibility, the call soon went out amongst the Riders for the smaller dragons to get off the ground – to help who they could off the ground – and for all combat capable Browns and Bronzes to take to the ground. The only way they were going to get the hunters away from the Hall was to fight them off.

Jungle and Beach riders dropped into the clearing to add their experience and numbers to the fight, covering the retreat of the frightened and lesser experienced Prairie Riders. Some of which still had people they had been escorting to the Mine Hall to begin with.

Uramaeth and their injured Blue companion were certainly a target. Though the smaller hunters had pulled away, two larger ones soon took their place. Pouncing on the Blue while the other, large hunter attacked Uramaeth head on. Swiping at the Brown, trying to draw his attention away from the Blue that was, for all intents, trying to be dragged away by the second Hunter.

The smaller hunters seemed few in number is this particular attack, which made finding them and singling them out particularly difficult. The one Jossekayne attacked made a hasty retreat into the fog, dashing away from the claws of the Green. Into the waiting protection of a much larger Hunter that reared up on its hind legs to use both forepaws to keep Lyrisiveth from the smaller hunter. But that wasn’t enough for the bigger creature, which snapped at the Green’s legs. Catching one of her front legs when she tried to pull back and pull away. She could either fight the hunter, now that her foot was trapped, or try to pull her front leg free – possibly shredding it since it was caught.

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While Tavianna had no rank to speak of, she still liked to be a part of the comings and goings on in the Hall. That meant being up when the doors were open, seeing what was being dropped off, and who opted to leave. And who was coming back. Small, social things that she liked to keep an eye on. While most were grateful for the smattering of trade between the Weyr and the Hall, Tavianna found herself wondering if there was ever going to be a catch, if there were strings being pulled, or if the weyr would cut the Hall off again.

For as long as they relied so much on the Weyr for Harpers, Healers and their supply, even weavers and farmers, she couldn’t help but feel like the independence was somewhat of a farce. Sure, they could breathe easier. Things were starting to feel a bit more normal, more like home. How they should be, but still. They were very reliant upon the good will of the Weyr leadership. Anyone with half a brain could see as much as the doors were pushed open by dutiful weyr to the gray fog outside.

It was a miserable morning to reflect her grim thoughts. Not that Tavianna echoed such things aloud to anyone. Not even her husband. No good would come of it – they were just the things she thought about while she stood around with so many others and waited to see what the day would bring. As always, her Gold wher Tavisk was just behind her. Content to watch and wait, feeling nothing about the thoughts that plagued her bonded. Nor did she feel any way about the other wher that kicked into motion as dragons began to arrive. Tavisk was a passive creature until motion or action was expected from her. Mornings like this were largely uneventful.

Watch people move around, chat up some familiar faces, maybe make some social plans, then go back to her family’s space to tend to the little ones. That was all Tavianna had planned.

Commotion beyond the gate didn’t even really draw her attention. Not really. Sometimes wher got uppity around dragons or some commotion of reunion would make people a bit louder in the morning.

But no, this was something else. Tavianna frowned as people began to fan out, away from the large doors of the entry way. Then Tavisk tensed. That, in and of itself, told her something was really, very wrong. Then, the cry of dragons. A shout. Close the gate! Hunters! Close the gate now!

Tavianna looked around and didn’t see where the wher assigned to the gate had gone. Out into the fog? Vanished into the tense, uneasy crowd? If there really were Hunters out, beyond the gate...

Tavianna shoved past a couple of familiar, but pale, faces and had Tavisk loping after her. She snapped her fingers at a leather clad man near by – someone who had been near the doors but was now staring into the fog beyond them. Where darting shapes and dragons existed. Her snap got his attention. She gestured to her big Gold. “Do the wher just push the door shut?” She asked, right up until she heard a pained cry from in the fog. At that point, Tavianna didn’t care what it belonged to or the proper way to get the giant metal door shut. Grimacing faintly, she wordlessly commanded Tavisk to put her weight into the metal door. Helping the men that were trying but, frankly, did not match the strength of a wher.

Her Gold did just that, shoving with her shoulder to slowly begin to push one of the doors shut. Tavianna turned back to the crowd, spied the first large wher, and indicated the other door with a sharp gesture. “Get over there.”

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As the cry of pain rang out across the Mine Hall, everyone seemed to be stuck, frozen in fear. Just for a brief moment of course, until the reality of their situation settled in to everyone's minds with almost an audible click, before people started pushing and shoving at each other. Those attempting to flee backwards, further into the recesses of the Mine Hall and away from the terror occurring outside, were impeding the efforts of those attempting to get to the entrance. Why would anyone want to go towards the entrance? They wouldn't have any chance at helping the riders on the other side? They wouldn-

"Shit shit shit shit shit." Perhaps too late to be of assistance, Vironethian realised what those few fighting their way to the front had. The door was still open. Swung cheerfully on it's newly forged hinges to allow the riders their daily supplies visit.

Wading through the terrified people was like trying to fly through a tornado. Everytime he thought he was getting closer, he'd catch an elbow to the stomach, a shoulder would barge into him, or he'd have to stop to return a scared child into his mothers arms. But they needed to get that ruddy door closed. Despite their incursions on their new life here, Hunters were still a largely unknown menace to them all. Whether they would be distracted by the rider's efforts, or whether they were intelligent enough to know the significance of a Hall full of people, no one could know.

Vironethian growled at a man, whose shoulders were twice as broad as his, shoving his way back towards the Hall. Running. He caught himself eventually, realising that the smart thing would be to run. But fuck it right? Going towards the danger was the choice he had made.

"Fuck. We should have made lighter doors." Vironethian cursed as he finally pushed to the front, reaching  the heavy door. It had been a good idea at the time, with the Hall so close to Hunter territory, but the idea had always involved the door being a good safeguard whilst closed, not while open.

With a few other men, he began to push.

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Event response will be getting posted up sometime after Valentines.  :love:

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Fisk was excited to see the ship off. The hall had been working their arses off attempting to get the boat finished by the scheduled date. Not that they had anything in particular that they needed finish it for, it was mostly just pure craft pride, but it had all worked out in the end.

As one of the Senior shallows specialists, he'd also been considered as one of the potential fishers to go out on the voyage, but with Isk and Yinsk still under a turn old, and Isk having already very clearly revealed his distaste for the deeper waters, Fisk had informed the masters of his wish to stay on land. Technically they didn't have to listen to his request, but they had, and now he was able to watch the incredible voyage from the beach.

Isk on Fisk's left, was sat strictly in the correct position, rivalling Yinsk's flopped posture nearish to his right, with tail dragging from side to side in the sand, making little ripples which engaged him far more than the large boat ahead of them.

With waking up next to Yinaya this morning, and watching this boat get ready for its first trip, Fisk was incredibly... happy. Some of the apprentices, who had been pushed back from the ship, would've likely been surprised by the genuinely happy smile with which he greeted the Weyrwoman, and whomever else glanced positively in his direction. Their gruff journeymen being positively mellowed by his new creatures, mate and successful craft events.

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On the beach, the morning was dawning with some promise. There was cloud cover but it was shifting often enough to allow shafts of sunlight to filter through. The jungle’s fog didn’t reach these waters. Beach Wing was prepping for the day’s haul. Fishermen and dragonmen alike were unfurling the great nets and baiting expansive lines. A few deep sea pots were filled with leftover kitchen scraps to entice crustaceans into their clutches. The pots didn’t get much use, but when the season was right it was worth having a dragon haul it out and leave it for the day. Uramaeth had been picked for such a task and he was gingerly mincing around the thick rope and attached buoy. These things were relics of the fishercraft and he didn’t want to be responsible for ruining such a prize.

//Ease up, bud. With Southern Hope sailing I heard they’re beginning to produce new cages. These will get scrapped soon enough.// R’ael’s advice fell to deaf ears. The day that Uramaeth trampled anything worthwhile and precious was the day he’d between out of shame. Okay, maybe not really, but he’d certainly sulk in his weyr for days.

The Brown’s careful movements came to a standstill when he, along with the rest of Beach, were alerted to the attack. Hunters, he said, accompanied with a very raspy hiss that had the hair at the nape of R’ael's neck standing on edge. Their commands were predictable and the rider vaulted onto Uramaeth’s back in anticipation. The Brown pushed himself unceremoniously up in flight, away from the sand, expertly parted himself from the pot, and waited tense for that brief moment before the wingleader gave the signal.

For R’ael, the emotion of the moment was reminiscent of threadfall. She only wished the hunter attacks were as predictable, as mathematical. She hated going into a situation blind, but she didn’t have long to think about it. Between was brief but it shocked awareness into her. //Here we go,// she relayed with a grim satisfaction.

She was expecting a blood-strewn scene (and, indeed, had prepared her nerves for it). The fog coiling around the treeline, engulfing the manmade structures and obscuring any obvious movement threw her off. Uramaeth took over. His keen eyes could see the shadows of beasts, friend and foe, below. His superior hearing helped zero in on a dragon in need. We’re diving. Two hunters, small, trying a Blue. R’ael unclasped her knife from her belt, though it felt terribly feeble in the face of hunter claws and jaws.

Proximity cleared the scene and the arrival of the Brown turned the tide in favor of dragon, at least for the moment. The hunters released their hold on the Blue and retreated out of sight. The Blue would survive, it seemed, though his tail looked tattered and one of his legs was badly scored. Uramaeth kept pace with the pair, acting escort, but their movement was slowed by the Blue’s injuries.

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All the rushed classes up until the day of the clutching hadn’t really prepared Sethunya for being on the Hatching Sands with the eggs. It was one thing to walk amongst them, to idly touch the eggs while they were still, and the day was calm.

Quite another while the dragons hummed and people watched expectantly from the newly carved out stands. Sethunya wouldn’t say that there was added pressure, but there was certainly an added sense of anxiety and… well. Fine. There was certainly pressure. Too many eyes, too many people. Even dragons crowding around the outside, peering in to watch the little dragonets break free and pick the one person out of the entire line up they wanted to be bonded to.

Of everyone selected, Sethunya had been left to walk off the sands alone. Not only her, of course. There was an entire class of Candidates that didn’t impress. There would, hopefully, always be more people than eggs. But that meant a whole batch of people far more disappointed than joyous.

It also meant she was too keyed up with disappointment to actually sleep. She should, she knew. While Sethunya was usually one for rules and fully understood the bedtime rule, she just… couldn’t. Being on the sands, so close to the small dragonets…. And being left wanting made her chest ache in a way it never had before.

So, she was sitting in the classroom. It was empty, of course. Lit by the single glow basket she’d snatched on her way in. O’sir would probably be upset with her if he found her, but she hoped – given the circumstances of the day – that he’d understand and cut her some slack. Or just assign extra chores tomorrow. Whatever the case may be.

Sethunya was still in her Candidate robe, sitting cross legged on one of the tables. Not really staring at anything in particular but just… lost in thought. She wasn’t really used to this odd feeling of rejection. Having worked in the Smith Hall previously, she’d certainly knew what it felt like to be told to redo something, or rework on a piece. But to be flatly denied in such a profound way was… well. Runner shit.

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When Kyareena had told her that her wher was going to clutch soon, Tia couldn’t help but be excited. She’d never really been friends with anyone that had a wher before; both of her parents were dragon riders, and while they might know some handlers, she didn’t. And she was hardly going to come across other children who had any. She’d heard that Holder children sometimes bonded to them before they turned twelve, but that wasn’t typical for the Weyr at all.

Anyway, she was eager to get a chance to actually see a wher clutch. Tianaice had seen dragon eggs from afar a few times, on the rare occasion that children as young as her were allowed to peer into the Sands to catch a glimpse of them. That, and the few times her father or mother had taken her to watch a Hatching -- though that had ceased when the events started turning deadly.

Shy as she was, she was a bit nervous just about asking Kyareena to see the eggs. And Tia knew too that the Queen wher herself might refuse. Kyarsk was nice enough to her, but Golds were notoriously protective of their babies. She wouldn’t be offended, but disappointed? Sure.

More than that, she was nervous because there was something else she wanted to ask the Farmer too. Though she wasn’t given to anxious fidgeting normally, Tia’s hands twisted the fabric of her shirt as she made her way toward where the wher caverns were. Twist, release. Twist, release. As though she could somehow work out all the worry and mingled excitement by squeezing it out of the cloth.

Tia had always known she wanted to be either a dragon rider or a Farmer. Following in her parents’ footsteps was an idea she liked very much… but the thought of working with plants and crops all day did too. And she couldn’t have both. A person couldn’t bond to both a wher and a dragon, couldn’t be a rider and a Crafter too.

If they could, that was what she would choose.

But young as she was, Tianaice was precocious too. And she’d been doing a lot of soul searching in the past several months. Was being a dragon rider something she could see herself doing? She’d been exposed to that all her life. She knew what it entailed. But the fact that Hatchings were dangerous now too, and that she’d have to face down the Hunters and Snakes day in and day out… Tia didn’t know if she was that brave.

She would, if that’s where life took her. But with her growing friendship with Kyareena, she’d learned more about the Farmers too -- less from afar and more directly. And the more she learned, even tangentially, the more she wanted to join them when she was old enough. Missing out on a dragon was sad, but this… felt right.

Supportive though they always were, she was still terrified that her parents would be disappointed in her if she wasn’t a dragon rider. Much of her trepidation had been in wondering what they would say. But they’d both told her it was okay, that there was nothing wrong with wanting to be a Crafter instead. So long as she was happy, so were they.

So this was something she wanted to try. And if either Kyareena or Kyarsk said no, then… there was always time, and other clutches. Maybe it would even be a relief to have the decision put off?

Soon enough, she arrived at the wher caverns and took a breath to steady herself. Tia wasn’t sure if Kyareena was there already or not, but she wanted to be at her best regardless. Squaring her posture and forcing her hands to be still at her sides -- after she’d smoothed the wrinkles from her shirt as much as possible, of course -- she peered past the doorway into the cavern. Tianaice knew better than to set foot somewhere where a brooding Gold resided without an invitation. Curled around her neck and shoulders, Sprout crooned some and bumped her nose reassuringly against her cheek.

Spying Kyareena, she did wave a bit and pitched her voice above a whisper so it would carry some. “Hello…”

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