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Plot and Scheme / Re: Bee's Plotter
« on: Yesterday at 10:21:51 PM »
Thank you everyone for joining me!!!  :love: (I meant to respond sooner, but today was Do Chores Like A Functional Adult Day, so here we are.)

@SanctifiedSavage your excitement nourishes me! I would love to play with you at some point. I will rifle through your characters, too, and see if anyone jumps out at Kiki.

@Inki, I adore your disaster lesbian. I think she and Kiki would be good at rumbling together, or spurring each other on during initial training? Or maybe just some cute stuff with their new babies since I think it's hilarious that this is such a red batch of weyrlings. I also think for whatever overlap their candidacies had, Kiki probably would have admired her and tried to be her friend/bask in her power, for whatever back-dated stuff you might be interested in.

@Kyya Oh man, Tayvelle sounds exactly like someone Kiki would crush on (hardass with a soft center, very good). Kiki had a gf for the very tail end of her candidacy, but if Tayvelle would like to make a new friend with a precocious fancy for her, I'd love that, either back in the candidacy or even now. I can definitely see Kiki going out of her way to try to make Tayvelle happy. On the Wa'by front, I would love time with a Weyrlingmaster! I think it would be funny for him to make a bet with a very determined Kiki and watch the whole thing spiral out of control.

@Spiffy I think he and Kiki would be hilarious in training together, or clamoring after their dragons, OR using their absolutely intolerable free time to invent a grand mystery to solve/have an adventure.

Family & Friends / Re: Grn + Brnz = Bros4Life [Filled]
« on: September 19, 2018, 06:45:51 PM »

They didn't write our names down. They've been listening in.

Come to think of it, Ysveta had felt some foreign mind brushing her own, she'd thought it might've been the unruly reds. But it was him?

Quite likely.

Ysveta had to take time to think on that. Was that something everyone could do? She didn't remember that from etiquette classes. But she definitely knew that she didn't like it. Her bond wasn't meant to be something everyone else could understand, that was for sure. Ysveta rarely felt angry, and she didn't feel so now. But she certainly felt... violated.

Something was truly hers and someone else had been peeking through a window she didn't know was there. "Why were you listening?" She asked, not angrily, but certainly with a hint of accusation in her voice. In all honesty she didn't understand, perhaps it was just something she should have prepared herself for. But now the strange pushes and pulls that had been perpetuating her and Oskith's first moments were feeling decidedly not nice.

Oskith raised his head from his hands for a moment, squeezed his eyes tight shut and opened them again. It's alright.  I know him now, it won't ever happen again. And he projected the next matter-of-factly to D'zel and Rohbarth as well. Thank you, we are off to bed.

He nudged his snout into Ysveta, now sleepy again. It's just us two now. I need to sleep... And his eyes blinked closed, Ysveta looked at the Weyrlingmaster one last time, nodding her understanding of his instructions, made her decision about him, and walked from the pavilion with Oskith in her arms. 

Room 5...

Spoiler for Hidden:
Quick question, Rohbarth is listening in to everyone? Cause if so, I've gotta have Derraseth act accordingly as well :3 If anyone touches their mind they'll certainly feel it

Weyr Bowl / Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« on: September 18, 2018, 12:28:09 PM »
C’ace wouldn’t say that he was the best of friends with O’sir, though he would say he was friendly with the man. Granted, C’ace would say he was friendly with everyone. Even people he hadn’t yet met. They’d certainly had plenty of opportunities to run into one another over the course of the turns though – with C’ace being a Search Rider and O’sir being the Candidate Master. C’ace liked that the Brown Rider seemed to enjoy his job and the Blue Rider certainly did his.

Or rather, his dragon did. C’ace was more a tag-along in that respect.

Rather than have the boy lingering behind C’ace, he hooked an arm around his shoulders and hauled Zarenaak up next to him. With a grin, he announced, “A new Candidate, of course. Just plucked him off the fields just a moment ago. Zarenaak, meet O’sir. Candidate Master and Brown Rider of Saibrasoth.”

Trying to be helpful, Reesskith did add directly to O’sir, He was nervous when we led him to you. While most usually were, the Blue Dragon didn’t always make a point of saying as much to O’sir unless it was particularly noteworthy.

Weyr Bowl / Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:20:27 AM »
Zarenaak managed a jerky nod of acknowledgement; he didn’t quite believe strangers would so readily accept him into the fold, no matter what he’d agreed to, but C’ace seemed sincere at least and the sentiment was appreciated. It was just hard to imagine.

He had spent his entire life on the fringe of a community where his inclusion should have been a forgone conclusion. He knew a lot of it had been his father: he was an opinionated man surrounded by like-minded friends, and anyone that didn’t agree steered well clear of them and anyone associated with them. (If he’d just been able to be more like his father wanted--) But even still, he couldn’t help but wonder what it was about him that made it not worth the risk, the effort, afraid that it was a trend that would continue despite a change in location. Not being alone wasn’t quite the same as being accepted, or belonging, and Zarenaak desperately wanted to belong, even if the desire made him feel a little bit pathetic and angry.

They seemed to have finally reached their destination, though, and Zarenaak dragged himself out of his spiraling thoughts to consider the door as C’ace knocked. There weren’t many doors in the weyr, and something about it just seemed--vaguely ominous. It was a very physical, very real divide between everything else--being a farmer, Belara, his father--and becoming a candidate. This was the moment where everything became just a little bit more real, became official, for better or worse.

He took a shaky breath, steeling his nerves, and followed C’ace through the door, taking in the room's sole occupant with no small amount of trepidation. O’sir, he presumed.

Spoiler for ooc:
Yes, welcome!  :excited:

Oskith started to chew slower and slower as Ysveta fed him pieces of food from the bowl. She was actually feeling tired, which was strange because she was so intently focused on Oskith. It wasn't until Oskith yawned widely, flicking a long tongue and snapping his teeth together on close, that she realised it was his tiredness accenting hers.

The next piece of food she handed him he nosed away, and shifted to lay his head down on his front paws, blinking slowly.

Do you think we could go to sleep soon? Because I am very sleepy.

"I know you are. I shall attempt..." And she trailed off as she looked around the feeding pavilion. All the adults that she had observed writing on that little board were talking to other people. If she just kept... looking at them, eventually one of them would look up and see her.

It might be a little creepy for them to turn around and see her staring at them but she couldn't think of any other way to not disturb their work.

Oskith of course, was the one to spot that Vassatiere had moved away from D'zel, and that he was free to ask questions of. Excuse me, sir. Could we please get our room number? Ysveta and Oskith by the way to add us to your list.


Rider Weyrs / Re: How Time Flies [ 32.02.2591 / 8:30 ] O’sir
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:34:35 PM »
She knew he had to say it as much as Sethunya knew that he had to go. Didn’t mean she liked it. Just when she’d gotten a room all to her own and things seemed to really be progressing, there was still that reminder that... well, she was still a weyrling. Still had some waiting, and growing on behalf of Tyrriath, to do. If he were awake, Sethunya was certain he’d not understand why she was waiting on him.

Usually it was the other way around. But on this... there was no budging. Normally she’d be anxious because he didn’t even seem interested in other dragons, but really, it was just a relief. Sethunya didn’t want to deal with Flights. No matter that it might mean she could finally be with O’sir again. It just didn’t seem fair that was the stipulation.

Maybe she could convince Tyrriath to lose. That it wasn’t all that important. To just... chase but not really care? It seemed unfair, and every time Sethunya even entertained the idea, she felt rotten and guilty.

She might be taking to a lot of other things just fine – the drills, tending to her gear, she was even getting better about climbing around her dragon – but this? It was still something that just loomed over her.

“This means tomorrow evening... You’ll meet me out in the weyrbowl?” She wanted to clarify. It was a date, after all. Even if it would mean training.

Rider Weyrs / Re: How Time Flies [ 32.02.2591 / 8:30 ] O’sir
« on: September 17, 2018, 08:09:36 PM »
Sethunya shoved at his shoulder again, grinning. “I don’t think I’d let you fall asleep around me anyways,” she teased back. Especially if they really did get to spend some of their time together in the evening.

It was just now dawning on Sethunya that, even after all of this was said and done, she wouldn’t even see him in a Wing. He was separate. A Candidate Master. The evenings would really be the only time she could spend with him. This was going to have to be something she’d have to get used to.

All in all, it wasn’t so bad. And meal times, she supposed.

After a long yawn, Sethunya laid back on the bedfurs and stretched. Just barely missing Grace as she did so. Her own room. Time was passing so quickly. Eventually... Well. Eventually things would get back to something like what it was before. Cept there would be another dragon in her life. “It’d be really inappropriate for you to stay with me, hm?” she asked lazily, already knowing the answer. Even if they didn’t try to do anything. Even if all she wanted was to sleep next to him.

Weyr Bowl / Re: A Tentative Friendship [ 11.1.2591; 7:30 PM ] Daysa
« on: September 17, 2018, 06:44:51 PM »
Daysa watched her flit chase after the little red dragon. It really was quite comical – Moss was so tiny. If anything, that did make her smile more so. It was sweet that someone didn’t think her fire lizard was a nuisance. Moss always meant well and all her actions were done with innocent, playful intentions.

It just happened to annoy other people. That it didn’t bother Sayimith or Erieen at all was nice. She could actually breath without worrying they’d get upset at what she was doing.

“It’s really hard to say. Moss is growing up but her personality hasn’t changed at all.” Daysa couldn’t say how similar flits were to dragons, but it was the only observation she could offer. “Even if she doesn’t always want to play, I’m sure she’ll always be playful.” Such things rarely changed so drastically.

Weyr Hall / Re: Unspoken [ 24.03.2591 // 8:45pm ] Jo and J'dan
« on: September 17, 2018, 06:07:46 PM »
J’dan wasn’t sure what was going on. At all. The fact that this guy happened to know Jossekayne didn’t really excuse whatever the fuck it was he was doing. J’dan went from mildly confused to straight up annoyed. It didn’t matter so much that he’d not dismissed the man outright, but now he was being the runnershit, and J’dan didn’t expressly like that.

The bronzer watched him a moment as the man turned away from him and asked Jo if he could join her for dinner.

Her response was nice. J’dan could’ve played nice too, but he didn’t. It was one thing to ignore J’dan’s unspoken go away. Maybe the man was dense as firestone. “I don’t think we’ll be lingering here much longer, anyways. We’ve already eaten and...” At this, J’dan looked at Jo, “If you’d like to take this conversation elsewhere, it’s already getting late.” To accent his point, he did stand to put himself near Jo. He was tired of their additional company.

Sometimes people don’t know when they’re not wanted, he rumbled into his rider’s mind.

J’dan couldn’t agree more.

Weyr Bowl / Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:27:05 PM »
Reesskith escorted them as far as he could go, then he promptly laid in the grass to wait. It wasn’t like he was going to run off to drills alone. He’d have to wait for C’ace anyways.

Once they were in the tunnel, there wasn’t much by way of other people. Most of the Riders were busy at this time of day and weyrfolk were doing various chores or jobs. Even crafters were off in their respective places. The only people they did pass in the short walk toward the Candidate Master’s office were those going from one job to the next. Though they did glance at both C’ace and Zarenaak, it wasn’t immediately obvious he was a soon-to-be-Candidate without the giant Blue dragon following along. It just looked like a Rider leading someone – could be anyone, really.

He glanced at Zarenaak when he confessed his family was traditional. C’ace hadn’t grown up amongst such, but he knew from others what that entailed. He doubted that the boy’s family would be happy with his decision, then, which him all the braver for taking it. “No matter what happens, just remember you aren’t alone. Between O’sir, the other Candidates, and even me... You’ve got a lot of people in the weyr you can talk to now.” C’ace did mean that. When Candidates were pulled from their family, they were brought into the Weyr. C’ace had never felt lost or displaced. Then, after a smile, he added, “Yeah, we’re almost there.”

O’sir’s office was near the large classrooms carved into the mountain, though it was clearly marked as an office. Since the classrooms were empty, and it was the middle of the afternoon, the Blue Rider naturally assumed that O’sir would be in his office. He tapped on the door – one of the few doors in the weyr – before he just walked in. It didn’t occur to C’ace that he should wait to be called in.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SirAlahn feel free to bring in O'sir

Family & Friends / OOC Grn + Brnz = Bros4Life [Filled]
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:20:44 PM »
The Desire:

In Kalestath’s latest clutch (2591), Bronze 001 helped Green 001 out of her shell and turned me into a pile of goo. These dragons need to be bros, and their riders need to be bros; I need it like burning, and am looking for someone who might be interested in playing this out with me. (If someone else was already planning this, just let me know so I can quietly stalk you into eternity!)

The Specifics:

My initial thought is that Xaeybl, who I had planned to app as a candidate, would instead app as a weyrling and impress the green. That being said, if someone is more interested in the green, I’m sure I could come up with someone to impress the bronze instead.

I don’t have anything specific in mind for their dynamic; they could complement each other, temper one or the other, or be a total odd couple. They don’t have to start off friends, it might be more interesting it they don't, only reluctantly interacting because of their dragons to begin with, but end-game would them becoming close friends, most likely in the same wing. And, of course, they should both be adoptable. :>

Post your interest here, and then we can hammer out the details either through pm or on discord! *tempts*

The Dragons:

Bronze and Green bro interact here, melting my heart.
Spoiler for introductions:
Another handful of minutes passed after the Black dragonet had made his choice, he and his brothers all exiting the Sands and leaving the clutch further diminished. But though many of the young dragons had hatched already, there were yet more clusters of eggs remaining where Kalestath had protectively kept them, gleaming in the light with the promise of what they held within. So many more chances for the Candidates on the Sands to step away as a bonded pair.

Just enough time had passed for some, perhaps, to get impatient, when the top of an egg near the front cracked off, an almost clean shear as the baby within simply pressed their head up through the weakest part of the shell. Their claws were soon to follow, crumbling the front of the muddled grey and violet egg [14] until it gave way and spilled them out in a rush of fluid.

The second Brown of the clutch—certainly not an inauspicious addition to the clutch, even if he wasn’t as flashy as a Bronze. That distinction didn’t seem to bother him any, and his large body had a certain near-predatory quality to it as he flicked his tail, shattering what was left of his former prison, and moved to the Candidates.

He stopped near Harsaia for a moment, eyes narrowing up at her thoughtfully, and then moved on. His long, thick tail left a furrow in the sand as it dragged behind him, rasping over the ground in a way that might have seemed distinctly menacing where his hide black instead. Such as it was, he simply seemed thoughtful.

Ultimately, he selected his future rider without fanfare. The moment might even be lost as a red-shelled egg [5] tipped against the speckled blue one beside it [4], almost knocking its fellow over before slipping off and sliding against the mount of sand that had been keeping them in place. Though it was somewhat difficult to see from behind the other eggs still shielding it, a back leg emerged first—glittering with a distinctive metallic sheen that seemed rather coppery against the more golden color of the Sands. A few moments later, the Bronze struggling to crack the thick egg finally forced his way out of it, inadvertently backing up into the same blue egg he’d knocked into previously.

Peeping could be heard from within that one, an almost piteous noise like a cry for help. The Bronze cocked his head a moment as he listened to it, even glancing up at his mother questioningly. But when Kalestath didn’t move toward the egg and the distressed-sounding dragon inside, he turned his claws to the shell instead.

Perhaps a tense moment as those razor-sharp talons tore at the outside of his sibling’s home, scoring the shell and eventually peeling at it and the membrane beneath once it began to crack. The peeping had intensified, the creature within maybe sensing that another was helping them. With the Bronze’s assistance, the thick, hard outer husk was left in shards on the ground and a little Green tumbled against her brother’s legs. Her foreclaws appeared duller than his, perhaps the source of her difficulty in breaking through on her own.

Beyond that, though, she seemed healthy. The two of them shared a short, trilled conversation—and her voice rang out in the heads of the Candidates near to the front of the group: Thank you!

The Bronze simply rumbled his acknowledgment, licking some fluid from along her jaw, and then nudged her with his snout to urge her toward those waiting for them.

She wasn’t a graceful creature, exactly, but she seemed energetic despite her struggle with emerging from her egg. Wings flopping comically along beside and behind her, she bounded across the sand—her brother following along more slowly behind, as he paused to sort out his legs from his wings—and nearly bowled into Sionann on her way to her actual bonded. He helped me! I think we’re friends now.
And Bronze is attacked by a rude Black before impressing to his rider.
Spoiler for rude:
The considerate Bronze had not quite crossed the halfway point of the space between eggs and Candidates when the next dragonet hatched. This one burst from his egg, leaving the speckled grey shell in shatters on the sand [15]. From it was born yet another Black dragon, this one a thick mass of muscle and eyes aflame with an acrid orange that quickly shifted to a redder hue as he spotted the Bronze before him.

He didn’t bother to roar a challenge as his older brother had. Instead he hissed, the sound nearly a snarl as he darted forward, trampling the remains of a previously hatched egg. Fortunate for his clutchmates, perhaps, that he was near the front of the grouping. It seemed nothing was going to stop him from getting to the dragon he had instantly recognized as a rival—maybe even for a future bonded.

His charge caught the Bronze by surprise, who screeched in pain as a raking set of foreclaws drew lines on his flank. Ichor bloomed against his hide, and he spun to face the Black in a shower of sand.

Their battle was brief but fierce. Though the reason for the fight escaped him, the Bronze seemed determined to give as good as he got—gouging at the Black in return for clawmarks and bites, until the Black pushed him away and now favoring one leg. The two eyed one another for a tense moment, teeth bared, until the Black seemed to catch sight of something interesting behind his brother.

Just as a Candidate stepped forward to claim the darker dragon, so too did one summoned by the Bronze’s voice as they each reached out to their riders. Neither of them had the energy to fight anymore.

Almost meekly as they were led off the sands, an pale tan and brown egg near the back began to break apart [29]. What emerged from it was a tiny thing, almost as small as some of the Reds that had been in the cavern earlier. But instead, this was a pretty Green lady, who slunk forward submissively to claim what was meant to be hers. She skirted wide around the spilled ichor between her and the Candidates, eyes whirling yellow in fear of the lingering atmosphere in the wake of her brothers’ fight.



Vassatiere knew D’zel by sight, even if they’d never been formally introduced. She’d have been a poor candidate indeed if she didn’t know the Weylingmaster. Even so, she blinked at him several times while she worked to process exactly what he was saying. Injuries? Was she injured? No, no. And Ysolth certainly wasn’t. If he had been hurt in any of his playing, Vassatiere was certain he’d have said something.

Or at this rate, she’d have felt it herself.

Yawning, she nodded again and repeated under her breath over and over so she wouldn’t forget, “room six”.  Why did that seem so hard to remember right now? Why did she feel so... so slow?  If this was what it was going to be like every time Ysolth went to sleep, she was just going to give up functioning when he was.

For now, though, she carefully scooped up her precious Red and slowly, concentrating on eat placement of her feet, began walking towards the weyrling barracks. She’d had to adjust her course a couple of times because she’d list off to one side, but she eventually did make it.

Room six, room six, room six.

They made it and, not even bothering to see if there was something to change into, she just curled up on the closest cot with Ysolth and promptly went to sleep. She’d deal with other stuff later. When sleep wasn’t so appealing.

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 17, 2018, 10:09:41 AM »
The wait for the final three was anxiety inducing. She fidgeted and let her hair down once more until her neck became intolerably hot, and then dithered between the bun as before or perhaps just a ponytail. She didn’t think dragons even took notice of human appearances, but maybe if she looked a little less severe that would help.

Eventually, and truly it had felt like ages to her, an egg began to show promising signs. Then the dragonet appeared and it was large and dark and Savi’s hands loosened from the fists they’d clenched into. Five Black dragons to three Bronze, but altogether they’d be an impressive show of force as adults. Again, however, she knew this dragon couldn’t be hers and so she looked to the final two eggs.

This one, though, this one looked promising. The Green wasn’t the greenest but her hide was nonetheless lovely. She approached the group and Savi felt her heart rate increase. The ponytail had been a good idea, she told herself. A feeling, dissimilar to the invasive prying of the Reds but.. still disappointing. It was there for a breath and then gone, a little like passing nausea or the itch before needing to sneeze without the followup. The Green chose another.

One more chance, one more dragon.

The final egg revealed a Blue. Maybe, like Ysveta, she could still Impress this one. He appeared meek but she thought that was okay, she’d be able to coax him along. He didn’t come her way though, not like the Green had. He moved toward his chosen until he was physically unable to walk further and that was that.

There was a familiarity about not Impressing that was both welcome and alienating. She stood there for a little longer than some and did not hasten her walk when she finally turned to leave. Her routine would go back to normal after today and, likely, her firelizards would be relieved to find her whole and well and their lives unchanged. Those that Impressed were given mental farewells for she knew they’d be too busy for a long while to continue casual friendships. Karou’s death still hovered in the air but soon she’d be known as the single casualty in an otherwise successful clutch. A necessary evil, and weren’t they so lucky it was just one this time?

Her robes were wrinkled and stiff in places where sweat had intermingled with sand. A bath, yes, she wanted a bath. Walking after standing in place for the duration of the hatching had her legs tingly and the desire to stretch making her pause and do so. Her joints popped in a satisfying way and rolling her neck felt gloriously freeing. The tension in her shoulders lessened and a smile graced her lips. Returning to her routine was fine, she decided.

Rohbarth passed on the message from Tadriath and D'zel looked up from the waxed tablet he was using to figure out who might work with who. Without causing any fights. He could just imagine the trouble if he put a black and bronze in the same room if they'd scuffled on the sands. Or weyrlings that hadn't got on before they'd impressed. There were a lot more things to think about than just shoving them into a room and hoping they got along. Stress was not good for a newly hatched dragon so minimising it in any way possible was the aim.

Keeping the reds together seemed most logical otherwise they'd likely drive the less hyperactive colours to distraction. Maybe together they could also wear each other out so their weyrlings could get enough rest. He quickly scribbled down the names Rohbarth was providing and separated them out. He scooped the tablet up and wound his way to... he checked the list again. Vassatiere and Ysolth.

“Hello, all done? If you're sure he's got no injuries you'll be in room six.” He said as he gave a smile at the sight of the sleeping red. At least they were small enough to carry. They'd likely have to wake a bronze or black that fell asleep.

Spoiler for ooc:

Rider Weyrs / Re: An evening in [10.02.2591 7PM] Jossekayne
« on: September 17, 2018, 05:01:02 AM »
“Shards. Busted.” He said with a sly grin. “You've seen through my plans to escape you all.”

We do not have a plan like that. Do we? Tadriath sounded confused as he twisted his head as far round as it could go to look at them both. A faint hint of alarm showing in his eyes.

J'ken couldn't help the laughter that escaped him as he reached out to pat his dragon. “You can be so literal at times.” He said as the alarm faded and Tadriath huffed. I'm just teasing her He glanced over at Joss as he tried to keep from laughing again. “My plans are apparently so well hidden even Tadriath doesn't know about them.”

Plot and Scheme / Re: Jarak's plotter
« on: September 17, 2018, 03:38:10 AM »
That evening sounds good. Seems more in keeping with their relationship to not wait.

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« on: September 16, 2018, 06:13:53 PM »
The clumsy Green was comedic in a different way, compared to the Reds. Where they had been all energy and unpredictability, this one was the opposite. Stumbling and uncoordinated, she nonetheless collapsed in a similar fashion to her sibling before her. Savi kept her eyes trained on it, still but straining internally. If she tried hard enough, maybe she’d hear it, right?

Another candidate stepped forward to answer the call and she visibly slumped. Eight more. And the next two that hatched, more magnificent Blacks, they wouldn’t be hers, either.

Their antics were less amusing but it seemed their natural urge to fight was reserved only for their Bronze kin. Though they tangled, they came apart no worse for wear and seemed more keen to avoid each other than continue that path. They reminded her of crechelings with their back and forth and she realized she wouldn’t enjoy Impressing a Black if they were all so childish.

She felt leagues away from the girl she’d once been, and especially distant from that obedient child she had tried so hard to be. Maybe that was her issue, she was no longer the same girl that had been Searched all of those turns ago. Maybe the new her wasn’t compatible.

The next dragonet arrived quickly after the twin Blacks. The Brown was as he should be, steadfast and self assured but without ego. A Blue followed and Savi, while appreciative of pretty things, didn’t quite enjoy the snow-capped pattern to his hide like some might. She didn’t miss the cold halls at Fort, nor the snow that brought chill to the furthest recesses of the tunnels.

While the two of them stretched their limbs and walked where they must, another egg revealed a Bronze and then an exuberant Green. The four of them were a rainbow of whirring eyes and hides, a miniature collection of what Pern once was. It was nice, in a way, to see these predictable colors all assembled. Still, Savi could no longer think of a weyr without the shadow of Neisoth beside Kalestath, nor the multitude of Reds that were steadily dominating the ranks of weyrlings.

Things were certainly different now.

And maybe, these ever evolving differences meant that there was hope for her changed self, too.

The Green ushered in the slew of Impressions and Saviavi clapped softly when the Blue went to Ysveta. She didn’t watch the new weyrlings exit the sands but instead moved her head from egg to egg, counting the last three. These weren’t odds she favored, but she’d take them nonetheless.

Plot and Scheme / Re: Jarak's plotter
« on: September 16, 2018, 03:45:49 PM »
He'd probably go seek her out - but that would be once the weyrlings are all settled - so she'd probably have heard by then. So anything running from that is good for me, I don't mind who does the finding :D

Oiling a real dragon, rather than a practice flit, was a wildly different experience. Not because Ysolth was really bigger, but because he was subtly directing her. She could tell when he was unsatisfied with the spot she was working on, when something was still itchy, and when she could move on. All wordless, though he was making soft purring noises of contentment while he lay, and roll, on the bench.

He was just... adorable. Beautiful. Perfect.

Yes, yes I am, he added lazily, his voice a whispered caress in her mind. Vassatiere could listen to him talk all day and never tire of it.

That had him feeling quite good about himself. Save that there was a heavy weight of sleepiness on him, which in turn made Vassatiere feel suddenly quite tired herself. She’d have been certain she was too excited, too thrilled that she’d impressed to ever sleep. Ysolth had other plans. Now that he was fed and oiled, the little dragonet just wanted to sleep. Where are we supposed to... he asked, murmuring in that whispered way he did. Trailing off while he quite literally fell asleep on the bench.

Having half of her asleep was an odd feeling. Like she was in a waking dream, and all her limbs were sluggish. It took her a moment to stand, steading herself on the bench a long moment, before she looked around. Was there a room assignment and... could someone carry both of them there? Cause that would be perfect.

Hatching Sands / Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
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This was a wonderful reason to miss drills. Getting to see all the little dragons breaking into the world and pairing up with future riders. She couldn’t really remember what it was like to be a candidate, but Yinaya would always remember the day she’d impressed to Rantasyth. It was a darker time to be a Candidate during the Pass, but she was no less thrilled or in awe of what it felt like to have another mind touch her own. The significance, the realization, that no matter what they were in this together.

Always, her dragon agreed, humming into her mind.

While Yinaya would’ve been happy for Ysveta either way, and she intended to be there for her should she not impress, she did hold her breath every time one of the tiny creatures even got close. Maybe that one? Or the other? A green? What color would suit Ysveta the most? Maybe Yinaya was biased, but she did happen to think that Green was the best.

When it did happen though, there was no mistaking it. Yinaya grabbed ahold of Yisk and near shook him, wanting him to see. “That Blue, that one there!” There could be no doubt! She was too far to hear what Ysveta said, but she was among those that did cheer that another impression had been made. She was certainly the loudest.

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Daysepona smiled down at Guard while he rubbed on her. He was such a sweet creature when he wasn’t glaring at other people. While she didn’t look at Erieen, she did respond to him. “I think there must have been... something about you that made you special if you ended up becoming a candidate, and now a dragon rider.” Then, she did glance up. Just briefly. “The fact that you are a dragon rider at all is pretty special.” It wasn’t that Daysepona was envious, or jealous. It didn’t occur to her that she’d ever be able to be such a thing, or that it was capable to want it for herself. Such things were for other people who had more going for them.

She did look up to follow Sayimith and frown a little. “I’m not sure I understand... the differences in the colors. Is it just because they’re a different color? Does that mean so much?” Maybe he wasn’t the right person to ask, but she just didn’t get it. A color was just a color, right? Did it all really matter that much? Either way, “She’s a delightful dragon.”

"Come on, this way." Na'va said with a laugh, as it seemed Derraseth was more than happy to barrel his own way from the sands. For her part, Na'va was happy to get of these sands as soon as damn possible, leaving candidacy behind her forever, and that continuous uncertainty. Besides, it might be fun to watch the anarchy of the reds as someone who'd been there and done that ya'know?

Not really. Derraseth interjected as he gave what could only be construed as a derisive snort. They entered the tent, and Derraseth paused only briefly before heading towards an obviously already over-occupied bench space.

"Hey, there's people already sitting there."

Yeah but that's where I want to sit. The red responded simply. Na'va considered that for a moment and shrugged.

"Works for me." Why shouldn't Derraseth get the bench he wanted? It's not like it had their names on it. If they didn't want to sit with him, then they could go move to another spot. Na'va sat down in the only free bench space, and Derraseth leapt up lightly onto her lap, spreading himself out across her like a cat, showing off the tail that looked just a little shorter than it was supposed to be. Not like Na'va cared one bit.

Where's the food? Derraseth projected loudly to anyone nearby that was close enough to hear.

Oskith kept his wings raised all the way off the sands and onto the grassy floor of the feeding pavilion, stepping carefully which each move, a fact which Ysveta greatly appreciated. It meant her measured steps didn't look to out of place. She'd never been one to wander or meander, after all, they had places to be.

Right. It's they now.

Of course it is. Oskith said matter-of-factly but without a hint of insult in his words. Somehow he didn't make her feel stupid for not catching on quickly enough, he was just... helping her out. It seemed she had talked to him as well, either that or this was just him understanding her thoughts, rather than exact words. That was what O'sir said happened right?

Exactly. He said simply.

She too, it seemed, was experiencing what Oskith was, as her stomach cramped invisibly due to hunger emanating from Oskith. "You did say you were hungry. Here."

Ysveta went to a bench she picked at random, but Oskith headed towards a more strategically placed one. Not too far away from others in the tent that it would seem like they were distancing themselves, but not too close that they were intruding on any of their neighbours should they not wish to familiarise themselves with the pair of them. Whilst Ysveta hadn't... thought of that initially, somehow she found herself understanding the choice, without either of them saying anything.

Scooping Oskith up, she placed him on the bench beside herself, although it was likely his tall, spindly legs would have gotten him up there himself eventually. But standing herself, she quickly crossed the room to grab a bucket of meat, conveniently placed for the Weyrlings to grab apparently.

Because you are a Weyrling now. Oskith added to her thoughts when she came back to him, his eyes swirling orange with hunger, beading upon the fresh bucket.

"Here." She fed Oskith a bite before turning her attention to his feet, sand having stuck to him from his journey to find her.

I would appreciate not having that there if you could help.

Wordlessly, Ysveta grabbed the hem of her robes, and started to wipe away the sand, revealing the softly smudged white patches. "Well you are gorgeous." She said, with no hint of artifice. Ysveta rarely had any at all. Oskith nuzzled his head into her hand, and automatically she moved to scratch his eyeridges as Rantasyth had taught her, even as she reached to feed him with her other hand.

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I'm so in love.

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Ysveta stared attentively out over the sands, the eggs were slowly but surely whittling down to only a few remaining. But she refused to panic. She'd survived the reds attempts just last turn, she'd survive waiting a little longer it she had to. Ysveta knew with her whole heart that she was meant to be on these sands. It would have been foolish of her to give up everything she'd worked for if she hadn't been so... faithful. An obscure concept that she'd eventually just given up and accepted.

It helped that she was getting to know her mother a little bit more. Seen what being a dragonrider was actually like, and cement that it wasn't just some foreign concept meant for everyone else. What hadn't helped was how she still kept herself a little removed from the rest of her class. She'd never seen someone she really cared about walk off the sands.

Regardless, she couldn't spend her whole life worrying. This is what she was going to do until she couldn't do it anymore.

Each dragonet made it's way into the world in it's own unique way. Whether it was being ejected by their siblings, or chipping slowly, or even smashing it's way out like the beautiful blue which was making his way forcibly into the world. Ysveta was expecting him to be a little more rushed, given how quickly he'd decided to get out of his shell. But the dark blues movements were anything but rushed, and instead he took his time, spreading his wings to dry them so that the whole of the hatching grounds could see his beautiful colouration.

He was even polite too, and Ysveta smiled when he chirped his greeting to the bronze that had hatched before him.

Ysveta was distracted momentarily from the blue, bronze, and the slowly hatching brown, by the green which sped her way around her clutchmates, apparently trilling them a greeting although she didn't stop to give them the time of day. There was a slight flinch of remembrance of going down underneath a dragon's claws, but the green and her new bonded seemed completely fine. And so Ysveta turned back to the dragons looking to impress.

I don't mean to rush you, but I am quite hungry, if you don't mind.

If Ysveta's eyes could bloom rainbow in impression they would have, instead they filled with such awe and happiness that tunnelled her vision right down towards the blue still walking towards her, wings held aloft, fanning out from him like the night sky.

"Of course you are." She said with a smile, reaching her hand out to take his cheek in her palm, "We shall have to get you some food presently, Oskith." Because of course, it was Oskith, it would be nothing else.

And they walked from the sands.

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