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Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: March 21, 2019, 03:28:51 PM »
It was not in the vocabulary of a dragon to mutter a curse when something went wrong, and so, that was up to Y'tol do to when the Bayorth/him hybrid that formed during flights, watched as Lyrisiveth went shooting upwards and away from them, her frame taken easily by the thermal. Bayorth had not been too far behind and did approach the air current not long after Lyrisiveth, but it had weakened by the time he had arrived, and he was simply buffeted by the changing air pressure. Even more unfortunately, he had to watch as some of the blues and browns managed to catch the last vestiges of the current with their smaller bodies.

Now Bayorth would have to find a way to manipulate the situation.

He hoped more of the chasers would follow Lyrisiveth, and clear the space below her, leaving him the opening to swipe her from the air when she inevitably descended again. If he had managed to catch the current, Bayorth might have had a chance by simply muscling his way through the other opponents, but that option was no longer available to him.

Instead he chose to circle below her, not paying attention to any of the other chasers anymore, eyes firmly kept on her in the hope that he would be quick enough to follow her fall. And that everyone else was slow enough to not catch her before he got the chance.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Smile, or Else [ 3.9.2590; 11:45 AM ] || Sequa
« on: March 16, 2019, 11:19:09 AM »
Se’qua swayed, ever following her brother’s lead when it came to the music. It just wasn’t something she could understand. The beat seemed foreign and her body didn’t respond as another’s might. Rather, she relied on Q. Leaning against him, pressing along the lines of his body so she could use him rather that the music. Se’qua could always read him better than she could music anyway.

When he agreed that he owed her, though, her smile remained and she laughed a little more. She made a show of considering, her eyes searching his face, before she said under her breath, “Likely a massage later. I like getting you to do things to, and for, me.” Having her brothers dote on her was easily one of Se’qua’s favorite things, especially when she could be lazy in return. Now that Thread was no longer falling, she saw no point in straining herself of doing all the monotonous chores the Weyr insist they do – she’d much rather spend the day lounging or in bed.

She pinched his hip a little and added, “Maybe even tonight, hm?”

Reesskith was utterly oblivious to the fact he had been momentarily left to his own devices while both humans were off gathering supplies. He splashed, snapped at the water that was kicked up, and swirled his tail in the crystal waters. It was such a nice day, it was difficult for him to focus on anything that resembled work. He just wanted to play, to have a bit of fun, even if it was with just himself.

When Vicky returned and splashed at him, Reesskith responded in kind with a draconic splash in the fisher’s direction. Trumpeting his amusement when he invariably drenched the other person in salt water. Not that it would matter shortly, since Vicky would be setting traps in water.

C’ace returned to the pair of them still messing about in the water. Rather than insist they stop, he chuckled and dodged a wave. He was likely to get just as wet as Vicky before the day was over – and he didn’t overly object to it – but it was in the spirit of fun that he at least make it a little difficult for Reesskith to splash him.

With the bait and rope collected, C’ace easily scaled the side of his dragon and, once up him, offered Vicky a hand. “Let’s get out and bait some traps, hm?” No matter how much he might not like the smellier side of fishing work, C’ace absolutely loved being on Reesskith on the water.

A delightful surprise, to her. Dragons had always been in the background of her life. There, but not really present. Even riding over on one hadn’t really made them seem as real as Zuraneth was to her, in that moment. Especially because he spoke to her! Which only made Faytona blush with delight and squeal a little, softly. Of course Bl’yx’s dragon was going to be as lovely as he was!

He was incredibly warm and soft to the touch, her fingers gingerly exploring his snout that was far bigger than her small hand. “You’re so beautiful,” she murmured, a bit awe struck.

Faytona did shoot a brief glance back at Perun when he made mention of Zuraneth looking like the night sky brought to life. Her eyes went a bit wide when she looked back to the dragon because, well, she completely forgot that he could fly! “Oh, I am sure you are even more majestic in the air! I hope I’ll be around for the next time you are. I’ll be looking for you when I’m in the weyrbowl during the day.” Which she fully intended on doing. She’d never known a dragon personally to look for, but now? Well, now she wanted to see if she could actually spot him out from the others. It might’ve been such a childish thing to say, but Faytona was entirely sincere.

She was also oblivious to whatever looks Perun had been throwing Bl’yx’s direction, quite wrapped up in her interaction with the handsome Blue.

For Faytona, it would always be enough just to be around him and, now, his dragon. What they did in that time together didn’t matter as much to her. She leaned into the touch without thinking about it, her attention mostly on the little dragon that would one day be unable to fit in the room they were presently in. She had a hard time imagining it!

When Salnoth clarified as much, Faytona giggled a little and smoothed her hand along his snout and jaw. “Oh, I know you’ll grow so big. So big that Perun won’t know what to do with all of you.” Such a thing was most definitely a compliment. Perun was big to her. Of course he’d impress the largest colored dragon in the weyr. Granted, she’d have thought whatever he’d impressed was perfect for him. Obviously, though, Salnoth was because that’s who he had impressed to.

What was better; she was going to get to see Salnoth grow! Zuraneth was already an adult dragon, and had been when she’d met him. Though imagining the blue as a tiny thing was adorable. As her thoughts drifted to the Blue, she excitedly said, “Oh, just wait until you meet Zuraneth! I’m sure he will find you just as amazing as I do! Though I don’t think he’ll be able to see you two until later today...” She trailed off, glancing at Perun for confirmation. Did he already know what his day was going to be like? “Maybe even for dinner?”

P'run snorted but smiled down at Faytona. Of course she would think that he needed friends. He got along with people when they weren't idiots. When he was a candidate he had tried to help out when he could get away with it without really being noticed. As one of the older candidates he'd had a reputation to maintain. The one that meant annoying little chits would leave him alone because they were scared of him. But he'd never been the kind of person to stand back and watch something happen to someone who couldn't help it. Simple things made the difference. He didn't care if no-one else knew it. Besides, Faytona and Bl'yx had always seemed to notice.

His thumb made small circles on her shoulder. The small motion helping him to focus and keep himself controlled. The little things like that would make all the difference for his celibacy over the next two turns. Since he'd been alerted to such joys of sex, he'd barely had a few sevendays in between sessions. The longest time he'd waited in recent turns had been when he, Faytona and Bl'yx were... sorting their shit out.

Two turns. Good thing he didn't have a choice. As much as he hated the lack of control, he did find some solace in the idea that he had no other option than to wait. It had to be done. So it would be done. That was that. It was the same mindset he had to maintain whenever he thought about Faytona and Bl'yx without him for the next two turns. Everything would be okay, because it had to be okay. P'run considered no other possibility.

Salnoth, luckily, was enjoying Faytona's attention enough that his own contentedness quickly covered over the undercurrent of uncertainty. Instead P'run couldn't help but feel the welling up of love seeing two of the most important beings in his life together in front of him.

Yes. I like her too. Salnoth, sensing P'run's own positive emotions towards Faytona decided to reassure P'run that they wouldn't have to disagree on this one. He did puff up a little, however, at her noticing how small he was. I may be small now. But I'm exactly the size that I should be. He might be smaller than Dakrith, but the other black was in the other room now, so surely she wouldn't hold that against him.

Well Perun wasn't going to crack and ask what was going on if Bl'yx wasn't. Although they had never exactly been the type to compromise. They just worked. They'd never had to discuss anything before. Whatever arrangement they had together and just developed naturally. Which was a major reason why he enjoyed being with Bl'yx so much. Well... not with Bl'yx, but well... with Bl'yx.

He couldn't help but notice when the rider brushed past him. And it bothered him that while his skin heated at the slightest touch Bl'yx was as cool as ever. Now his skin flushed in frustration too. Luckily his dark complexion betrayed little, but the observant eyes would likely notice. He tried to settle his face blankly but wasn't sure the effect would pay off.

"You haven't seen Zuraneth in his full glory yet either. He looks like the night sky brought to life." Was he... trying a pick up line? On the dragon? On Bl'yx? On Faytona? Yeesh.

Regardless of whatever crazy words were coming out of his mouth he did hope that it presented an opportunity for him. For as he stood, still near the entrance to Bl'yx's weyr, watching as Zuraneth pressed his nose into Faytona's hand. Her stark whiteness standing out against the dark blue of his hide. His eyes then turning to Bl'yx, watching her, ignoring him. He knew he had to talk to Bl'yx, or maybe just talk at Bl'yx. Whichever one he could get out while Faytona would hopefully be occupied for a moment or two.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 25, 2019, 04:05:37 AM »
Kaladesi stood, confidently, in the weyr. She found no need to lean against a wall for support or to close her eyes to focus on her bonded's actions; her and Rodeth were as one at all times, as Mother Pern wanted. Kaladesi looked about the room at the other gathered riders. Maybe, if her swift blue did not when this flight, she could find her way home with another dejected hopeful. She smirked at the thought, but quickly turned her thoughts back to Jossekayne. She did not want her errant thoughts to distract or influence Rodeth after all.

She needn't worry, however, as Rodeth paid her no mind. The squat blue was focused on one thing only, and that was the green gem of a dragon in front of him. He grumbled deeply in his chest as another blue pressed in on top of him and made his own way to the front of the pack. If he was sure of one thing, Rodeth knew that he was faster than most other blue dragons; his squat form gave him a boost to aerodynamics and speed. Rodeth strained his wings to their maximum and beat them faster and stronger as the green rose throuhg the air. He would not let Aeleroth be the first one to be beside Lyrisiveth, he would fight for that right. Rodeth, knowing that he and the other blues would leave the bronzes and browns behind initially, barrel rolled around Aeleroth and intentionally buffetted the other blue with his tail. He would keep it civil, no claws or teeth, But, he would not fly nicely, but he would win this flight. He did not care if he had to beat out blues, browns, bronzes, or even blacks. All green dragons were his to shower with his attention.

Mine Hall / Re: Drink and Be Merry [ 02.07.2591; 8 PM ] || Event
« on: February 19, 2019, 06:41:57 PM »
Catyra entered the cavern just behind Tavianna, a member of her entourage and fully looking the part. Her hair was swept up in combs and curled where it was not. Her dress was a heavy, navy colored material, high-necked and long sleeved but snug at her waist. She wore delicate white gloves that matched the white drops dangling from her ears. Not her finest, but certainly still fine, and she quite enjoyed the murmur’d rustle of her skirts as she moved across the floor.

Social gatherings of this sort had never been Catyra’s forte. Sure, she loved to be around her people and to pointedly exclude herself from everyone else, but not in this setting. It was a marked occasion, of course, and she told herself that something so special as this was noteworthy enough in itself. Nevermind that the revival of the brewer crafthall meant general public access to alcohol and spirits. It was another step toward independence from the weyr, and that was enough. And maybe having a learned group of people regulating how the hold’s booze supply was made would spare the denizens from their own private experiments with moonshine.

She tipped her head toward the brewers as she passed them, her fingers coiling around the stem of a glass as she raised it just a touch, the smallest of cheers. She’d hold it to her chest, cradling it like it was precious, but if one watched her closely they’d see that though she brought the drink to her lips, the contents inside the glass remained unchanged. It did smell nice, but amongst so much drink Catyra decided it best to keep her head.

Tracing Tavianna’s steps, she found herself in the company of the Lady Holder, present with her two wher and already accompanied by a few peacekeepers with their own beasts. She knew many of them by association, but here and now she didn’t want to just be Notkerric’s sister. She was a holder in her own right (she even had her own Gold wher!), and though she might be standing in her sister-in-law’s shadow at the moment, she was still standing on her own two feet.

Catyra made a space for herself so she wouldn’t be drowned out by the various wher and folk that were surely collecting in the cavern. Lhamoire demanded such attention, especially in the current climate of upheaval. Everyone wanted to sort themselves on the totem pole, and she was of like mind. She didn’t yet speak, for it wasn’t yet her moment, but the small smile that played across her lips suggested she had things to spell out in due time.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 15, 2019, 03:39:23 AM »
Bayorth hadn't the kind of personality to truly give over into fun, but a green flight such as this was certainly interesting. Gold flights were a test of a true strength and power, only the strongest made it to the end of the flight, and only the strongest won. A feat of biology which surely was only flawed in its choice to include the black dragons in its decision making.

On the other hand, green flights such as this were an entirely different 'kettle of fish' as some humans might say. Sometimes the winner was the dragon with the most endurance, sometimes the fastest, sometimes the one with the best schemes, or the one with the most luck, occasionally the sweetest talker, but always the best at something. It meant piddly blues were in for a chance, and perhaps upon the maturation of reds they might be in for a chance too. The thought of that particular colour winning flights away from him definitely bothered Bayorth.

He rumbled angrily only momentarily before forcing himself to turn his attention back to the flight, but as Lyrisiveth shot upwards into the air. All his thoughts focused in on her, his plan at the moment was to toe the line between catch her from brute strength and wooing her into his wings. After all, Bayorth had to figure out the right tactic to catch her.

Speeding after her as fast as he could, although her smaller frame made her swifter than he, Bayorth took after her, no thoughts for where or what the other chasers may be planning.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 13, 2019, 04:30:54 PM »
Aeleroth could be as playful as any Blue, when the mood was right or struck. This morning, though, wasn’t one such morning. He chased after Lyrisiveth with a sort of predatory focus. There might be some hanging back, conserving their strength and stamina, but Aeleroth was not one of those. He was a powerhouse Blue and he, much like his Rider, didn’t know the meaning of waiting or patience.

If he could catch Lyrisiveth before any of the others began to matter, then their dawdling would be all for naught.

Tactically, that was sound. Not that Aeleroth was thinking strategically at all. Rather, the Blue saw his prize ahead of him and he pushed with all his speed and strength after her. As a Green, Lyrisiveth might be faster than he, but Aeleroth would be able to out fly her. He counted on it, counted on his powerful wings to bring him to her before any other. The rest of the dragons in the sky didn’t matter, didn’t exist.

K’eeda found a chill place against the wall to lean and was along for the ride. She’d never think to tell Aeleroth how to chase, and he wouldn’t listen anyway. As stubborn as his rider could be at times, he was caught up in the chase and K’eeda was naught but a sigh in the wind when it came to ordering him around now. K’eeda might normally be the authoritative one of the pair, but not when it came to chasing.

Now was Aeleroth’s time.

Mine Hall / Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:30:30 PM »
The tentative drum beats of harper apprentices beckoned the holders into the depths of the tunnels. Beka followed them, too, swaying her hips with the rhythm and making do with the stuttering stops and uncertain starts. These kids probably didn’t remember the old life, they were easily distracted by so much skin.

Starting over usually meant a return to tradition. Upon moving to the island, most of the holders had clung to their laws and their morals, pretending the last few decades had never happened and that they hadn’t slipped so far into debauchery. Beka never had such illusions. She missed her sisters, even the ones that weren’t so friendly. She missed feeling valued and wanted, and knowing that she was in charge of her own destiny. Well, mostly in charge.

She cast a glance to where Haleene lingered over the proceedings. Not her old employer, but one she was familiar with, and now one of the first to step back into the underground. It was important for Beka to build new bridges and take advantage of every opportunity. The decision to work for Haleene was an easy one.

And speaking of work..

Bekareni was in full regalia, which in reality meant little clothing but a whole lot of accessories. Gold paint highlighted her skin, dark kohl rimmed her eyes, and her hair was threaded with wire and braided with yellow cloth. At her ankles, waist and wrists she wore delicate bells that announced her every move with the murmur of metal-on-metal. Sheer ribbons articulated the sweeping motion of her arms and fluttered around her with every twirl and step.

She danced her way through the gathered crowd, not lingering for long near any particular patron but making sure most of them did, in fact, see her. Her expression was coy, as if at any moment she might burst into a fit of giggles, or that she knew your darkest secret. Finally, she found a post somewhere near the harpers where their music continued to encourage the bump of her hips.

Universal Events / Re: [ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights
« on: February 11, 2019, 12:34:24 PM »
Weyrfolk R'ael, C'dus, F'erro, T'rel, Saviavi, Gheinvrixic and Nieve are all unaware of the underground workings of the mine hall. R'ael might wander in one day, if she hears about it, but only to reunite with old buddies who have a place they can safely gather finally.

At the Hold, only Penderton is caught unawares. He'd be too shy to even consider an evening at the brothel, anyway.

Catyra will have heard of it, just as she's heard of the gambling ring, but it isn't a place she wants herself or her children to end up in. She remains aloof about the whole thing.

Nealros has never cared for whores, but association with them isn't really avoidable considering he likes to dabble in all of the other underground activities. Still, he won't be there tonight, and probably not for the next few nights until he figures appetites have slowed down and he won't be accosted at the door.

And then there's Bekareni. Finally she has her home back. She willingly enters service under Haleene and is in full decor for the evening. She'll be dancing mostly, but would never turn down an offer for some private entertainment.

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Mine Hall / Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 11, 2019, 01:08:03 AM »
Kyrrinsk chuffs, her head swivelling to watch everybody coming and going. -Excitement!- is bleeding through the bond as Kyrrin leans casually against the wall. One hand resting on her knife hilt and the other gripping the loose chain connected to Kyrrinsk's collar. Not that it's necessary, Kyrrinsk knows better than to move without permission, unless of course she spots a threat. She's taken down a couple of knife weilders Kyrrin hadn't even noticed until they were on the floor before now.

Still, it reassures the patrons to know that the Wher is clearly under control, and a happy, relaxed customer means they'll spend more marks. More marks coming in means she gets a better cut. Simple and easy, the better a job she does, the better she gets paid.

They both enjoy door duty, it's easier than patrolling and she was happy to see their names down for the first part of the night when she checked in for their shift. She enjoys people watching, guessing what's brought everyone here. Cheap ale for some, others are clearly here for the whores, some just seem curious. Plus side though she's not spotted anyone who looks like they want to cause trouble. Kyrrinsk will be disappointed but Kyrrin would quite enjoy a nice relaxed night.

-?...!- Kyrrin pushes herself off the wall, nodding briskly as Kyrrinsk huffs happily at the other Wher that's taking over their position. She hadn't realised how late it had gotten. Time to go stretch their legs.

It's crowded inside, but not enough that it's impossible for a small Wher to fit through and the crowds open up as they pass. Sure there's a few scowls aimed their way, but most appear happy that there's security around should things turn nasty. Cassaval is taking no chances with these projects and Kyrrin approves of his caution and tactics. He's a man that seems to understand the lay of the land and is using it well. Still, just one half of her shift to go now and then she'll be free to grab a drink herself. She nods to her Boss as she swings past the bar, attention mainly on the customers as she watches for trouble.

Universal Events / Re: [ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights
« on: February 11, 2019, 12:43:25 AM »
I'll throw Kyrrin into this I think.

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Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 10, 2019, 06:00:48 PM »
The early hour wasn’t enough to deter the flock of dragons and riders that were taking to sky and weyr. Uramaeth’s chances were never great in force catches, and with so many suitors the odds were not in his favor. Good thing he wasn’t the type of dragon to turn away from a challenge. As Lyrisiveth brushed against his mind he fed her warmth in response, and then actually abandoned any notion of continuing his usual routine of sweet-talking. He wanted full concentration on his wings and the air and the wind, and how best he might take advantage of the situation.

He didn’t want to exert himself just yet, allowing those that would to overtake him while he maintained an almost careless pace. He wanted minimal effort for this first part of the chase, gliding on the thermals that frequented the island and only flexing the sails of his wings when gravity became an issue. He did hum for her, a throaty noise that was the opposite of his mind-voice, but with distance between them it likely wouldn’t reach her ears.

R’ael didn’t direct him. His instincts had saved them both time and again, and he was an old pro at fights regardless. Flights weren’t just for his benefit, though. Being swept up into the head of a focused, flying dragon was discouraged normally. The exception, of course, was during a flight and R’ael lived for these moments as much as her Brown. Their worries faded, put on hold while this moment dominated every thought.

She gave the weyr a final glance over and then closed her eyes, settling into Uramaeth’s head like a tourist. His wings were her fingertips, and she flexed them with each downward stroke. She was annoyed that he’d chosen to fall back and she urged him, //Faster,// because though they were no Bronzepair, she at least wanted to give this a fighting chance.

He resisted, he knew these skies much better than she. Soon.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 09, 2019, 04:06:05 AM »
“You going to chase her?” D'zel asked, well attuned to Rohbarth's thoughts as his dragon swung his head round to look at the green dragon that was staring upwards on her ledge. It was early enough the weyrlings wouldn't miss him and it had been a while since Rohbarth had decided to chase anyone.

Yes. I will. Rohbarth replies as he turns his head back to D'zel, pushing his rider towards his neck. D'zel huffs, patting his muzzle before climbing up with little grace and a curse. He doesn't often ride without straps, and he's getting older, getting astride a dragon with only one arm isn't as easy as it used to be.

They have to twist out of the way as Lyrisiveth takes to the sky, Rohbarth swinging aside without upsetting D'zel's balance before Rohbarth drops him off at the ledge, making sure he's upright before pushing off for the sky. He's a little way behind, but he's not at all bothered by that. He's chased a lot of greens, he's happy to stay at the back and fly steadily and conserve his energy, no use exhausting himself with flashy manoeuvres and silly acrobatics so early in a flight.

Good morning. He replies, as he pushes himself a little harder, Lyrisiveth doesn't seem to be looking for acrobatics anyway as she wastes no time in speeding away.

Ysveta found it slightly disconcerting to have the green's voice in her head. She'd heard dragons talking to her before, but it had always been an unique experience. Saibrasoth had taken some getting used to, but his timing was usually predictable given it was usually centred around important Weyr events that you couldn't miss. Rantasyth had been... wonderful. Getting to know her mother and her mother's dragon at the same time always gave her a bit of a thrill. But other than that, it was quite rare to have voices other than her own in her head. Now with Oskith taking up a part of her brain that she didn't even know existed, it felt just a little wrong to have someone else talking to her.

The discomfort of the feeling made her scar itch, and her hand crept up to her cheek to lightly scratch at the remembrance of candidacy she'd keep for life.

It's not wrong for her to want to share. Doesn't mean we have to. Oskith reassured her calmly, despite Ysveta not even realising she had been wanting some sort of reassurance. Ysveta considered that for a moment while Oskith lounged happily, swinging his tail slowly back and forth like a pendulum off the edge of the bed, every now and then nudging Ysveta's hand as a prompt to give up the piece of meat she was holding.

"It would be quite strange if we were not getting along very well, would it not?" It may have sounded accusatory, perhaps a little defensive to the girls in the room, but Ysveta certainly didn't mean it that way. She was simply trying to understand the point behind Zarenna's question, and smiled when she remembered that it was polite to return a smile with one of your own.

And by that she means, we're learning how perfect we are for each other. He answered matter-of-factly to Zarenna, including the others in the room for politeness sake. Even as he asked a question to Ysveta alone, multitasking the two conversations quite nicely. Can I have this a little bit smaller please? Pushing the meat she had been holding out to him back towards her with his nose.

She complied happily, enjoying the fact that at least he seemed to understand what she was getting at.

Narvia hadn't actually though that she would be this late. Scooping up Kadynoth in her arms, she ran as fast as she could to the commons, hoping to reach as soon as possible to avoid being any later than she already was. All the while she was rushing both of them to meeting location, the blue dragon was humming to himself, pleased with being carried in her arms. This feels good. I like being in your arms. That's good, because you'll be getting plenty of it while you still can.

He trilled in delight at her words.

She knew that she wouldn't be able to carry him anymore once he grew too big for her arms, so she was definitely going to take any opportunity she could to carry him just how he liked.

Fortunately, she arrived just in time to hear J'ken tell them to mingle around, have a chat and get to know her fellow Weyrlings. Kadynoth leapt out of her arms, walking around as he studied the other riders and his fellow brothers and sisters. Narvia went to take her seat on one of the unoccupied seats next to Zarenna and her green, who was talking to a guy with a red dragon.

Smiling warmly, Narvia greeted both Zarenna and R'kan . "Hello, I am Narvia and this is Kadynoth." You look great when you smile. Do it more. Just as she spoke his name, Kadynoth slowly made his way beside her and sat on the floor. "Good Evening to you. All of you look lovely." Narvia beamed in pride at Kadynoth's response. Such a young gentleman(or dragon) he was.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@SirAlahn @Tyriani  I hope you two don't mind me joining!

IC Informational Lists / Info Currently Accepting PCs
« on: February 07, 2019, 06:41:58 PM »
Weyr Ranked
Weyrleader S'bok
( Adoptable )
Jr Weyrwoman Vanelwynne
( Adoptable )
Jungle Wingleader H'vier
( Adoptable )
Weyr Headwoman Lorna
( Adoptable )
Prairie Wingsecond K'rez
( Adoptable )
Beach Wingsecond Y'an
( Adoptable )
Prairie Wingsecond

No limit on traditional colors
Black Weyrling T'vil
( Adoptable )
Red Weyrling B'gos
( Adoptable )
Red Weyrling Sa'se
( Adoptable )
Red Weyrling Carayia
( Adoptable )
Red Weyrling Saidra
( Adoptable )
Red Weyrling Ionei
( Adoptable )
3 Red Weyrlings from
Kalestath's 2591 Clutch
3 Black Weyrlings from
Kalestath's 2591 Clutch

There are no limits on canditates - they stand for all colors they are eligible for and impress to the colors requested in their profile.

There are no limit to the amount of weyrfolk. They are the backbone of the weyr workforce. Kitchen staff, farmers, creche workers, laundry workers, etc.

Hold Ranked
Lord Holder Maeron
( Adoptable )
Hold Headwoman Xuline
( Adoptable )
Hold Steward Prost
( Adoptable )
Head Peacekeeper Notkerric
( Adoptable )

There are no limits to the amount of Holders - and they come from all walks of life. Upright, honest, and hard working to former gang members, drug dealers, and wher fighters.

There are no limit to the amount of journeymen or apprentices in each crafthall.
There are 2-3 Masters available in each major craft hall. These are different than the singular Craftmasters that supervise the entire Craft :
3 Healers, 2 Harpers, 3 Smiths, 3 Miners, 1 Weaver, 2 Fishers.
Healer Craftmaster Brigan
( Adoptable )
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Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:58:38 PM »
P’ar settled on the edge of his bed and leaned back on his hands. Relaxed. There wasn’t anything pressing at the moment and, though he would normally invite Rinokan – now R’kan – to sit with him, that didn’t seem appropriate now. So, instead, he gestured toward one of the seats across from him at the small table.

Then, he mulled over his time as a weyrling. So long ago. Zeketh had always been as he was now. Studious, hard working, but quiet. That had been rough for them, as the Blue had been growing up and during training. Some of their teachers hadn’t taken well to his ponderous words and during some training, they’d not faired as well.

P’ar had long since come to accept their place in the Weyr, though, and adored his dragon for who he was. So, he shook his head a little with a small smile. “No, no. I suppose not. He’s been like this ever since he hatched. I think he even laid on the sands for marks after he hatched from his egg.” Those in the Stands had murmured some about the blue who hadn’t moved for so long – and he hadn’t until all the others had spilled from their shell. To complain about sand and hunger. Taking his time, as he did in all things. “Quite the opposite of the Reds hatching, I suppose,” he added, his smile widening.

Weyr Bowl / Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« on: February 06, 2019, 07:31:35 PM »
Niskyleth let his tail weave through the water with more motion than was necessary, creating smaller waves that rippled out from his body. A dragon playing in the water, idly. Were he a younger dragon given to restlessness, this task would likely drive him mad. But the Brown was dutiful and didn’t mind the shallow guard. He didn’t need to be near the other Brown but it didn’t hurt to have two large dragons patrolling the area either. Company not withstanding, snakes would certainly keep away from the pair of them.

He hummed his amusement at the reply that it was ‘detoxifying’, a thing he had never heard from B’nyn. Must be a human thing, then. And a select human thing, at that. He wouldn’t bother his Rider with it. At least, not then. If he remembered later, he’d ask. I do like the rain. Flying in it can be a joy, too. Especially when it’s warm like this. he answered, peering up as Uramaeth did. The younger brown couldn’t really remember snow or cold, but B’nyn did. And he knew that his Rider did not like such things, so clearly he wouldn’t either. Do you like napping in the rain?

B’nyn was certainly one of those Riders who could exist in companionable quiet. He wasn’t even aware his dragon was being chatty – not that he’d mind. He returned the wave and kept a quiet vigil over the water. “I am hoping for a nice, easy day,” he added, sparing a look for his fellow Brown Rider. “A nice day for nice weather.” At least it wasn’t windy and pouring. They’d all likely be drenched from the day, but that was usually unavoidable this time during the turn.

When R’ael gestured toward the unnecessary display from the Bronzer, he shrugged a shoulder. B’nyn didn’t see the point. “No. I’ve always been assigned watch duty, not.... whatever that is.” Then, because it was only polite, he returned the question. “You?”


Weyrling Barracks / Private Looks Red, Tastes Blue [29.06.2591, 8:34 PM] R'kan
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:12:51 PM »
What are we doing?

//We’re looking for Rinokan.//

Oh, the Blue trotted alongside Droissa, his head tilted as he tried to make sense of her sudden desire to be social. We’ve never looked for anyone before.

//Don’t you think it’s time we started?// Saebrith’s silence meant he accepted this turn of events. Any excursion into the world of friendship was a welcome one, in his opinion.

The new group of weyrlings made the barracks feel crowded. Kalestath, as ever, had produced a large clutch. Add the late hour and it meant the halls and commons were overflowing with still-awkward dragonets and their still-new-to-all-of-this riders.The pair of them were quick on their feet though, sidestepping unaware hatchlings and Droissa herself going so far as to smile at the new faces she passed by. She’d been in their place not even a turn ago.

While she was sure that her new peers were full of a new-found hope, she wasn’t sure where that put Rinokan. Was he out here, mingling? That didn’t exactly sound like him. Neither did she think he’d be actively avoiding everything in his new room. Maybe somewhere in between?

There are many Red dragons here, Saebrith noted as they rounded a corner. That was about as much as she knew about Rinokan now, that he had Impressed one of the Reds. Dro’s fear of the mutations had long since been lost, and all that remained of the Kalestath 2590 clutch was the occasional nightmare. She had tried long and hard to forget the events of that day, and that task had gotten much easier with Saebrith’s birth.

Sitting in the stands the following year had been nerve wracking, but seemed to mark a turning point in dealing with the mutations that Rinokan had benefited from.

//He’s here, see?// And he was there, involved but not, which meant Droissa could approach him without feeling like she was interrupting something. Saebrith, ever social, stayed fast beside Dro and trilled a greeting to Hisketh.

“Hello,” she said.

Hello, he said.


Mine Hall / Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« on: February 05, 2019, 07:35:30 PM »
The tension of the moment hung between himself and Rossk like the frailest of threads, each fiber gradually fraying until the whole thing threatened to snap. The ringmaster had the official say when things started, but Nealros was sure he wasn’t going to argue if a wher got a little overeager.

Not them, though. They knew how this went.

Their opponent was intimidating in the sense that his size far exceeded Rossk’s, and likely his experience, too. Nealros knew, however, that what made his Brown special was not the amount of battles, nor the bulk of his body. It was his resistance to pain, his thoroughly stubborn and steadfast rock-headedness that kept him biting and ripping when other wher might’ve tucked tail and fled the arena. Meyelthra and her Meyesk had the number advantage, but Neal and Rossk had time on their side.

The terms were stated. They were a little vanilla for Nealros’s taste, but he wasn’t going to argue this moment away. It did, however, drastically reduce their chances of winning. At least he’d been smart enough not to bet, not this early into the game.

Rossk’s eyes spiralled toward red and no verbal command from Nealros was needed. With the flick of the swish, the Brown was pure muscled momentum as he charged to meet Meyesk halfway.

The Bronze’s intentions were obvious. Had Rossk been a more agile beast, he could have dodged and taken advantage of Meyesk’s speed to inflict damage on his unguarded back and sides, but such wasn’t the case. Rossk could only brace himself as the Bronze’s height allowed him access to Rossk’s own back, and head and neck. He wasn’t going to let it happen easily, though. As Meyesk loomed, the Brown turned his fat head up and let his gaping jaws rake along the Bronze’s flesh as he moved. If the other beast dropped his weight down, it’d certainly leave Rossk at an uncomfortable angle, but it’d also drive his teeth into the other’s hide.

Spoiler for Hidden:
oof. I think we discussed the outcome of this and it was either Meyesk wins or they draw? Idr, but I’m fine with either outcome. Let me know if anything needs changed <3 @SanctifiedSavage 

Savi listened with mute emotion as Oarlen and Ysveta pledged their respective selves toward the betterment of the next Kalestath clutch. Hadn’t they already done what they were told? Immovable Ysveta and dutiful Oarlen, and Savi herself had never really stood a chance from the get-go. She wasn’t sure what else they could do, or what they might accomplish in the future, but regardless she nodded her head. At least a unified front provided some strength. “I’ll do my best, too,” she promised, banishing those dark thoughts away for the time.

Falling quiet again, she allowed her eyes to track her fellow candidates and their teacher as a few more questions were asked and ideas panned out. As expected, no further concrete plans could be made though. They were just as inexperienced with this as O’sir and the weyrleadership. The difference in their circumstance was just.. A little more dire.

She felt an itch somewhere, probably a tightening stitch or a sore muscle, but the numbness of her lower body didn’t let her identify exactly where. It was a weird phantom sensation and it had her twisting around as much as she could, as if resettling would scratch it. Her flits chirruped their concern and restlessly flicked their tails and wings until she found a more comfortable position that they, too, could nest themselves in once more.

Oarlen then asked something that she hadn’t even considered- had dragonets been hurt? Her brows knit and she waited for an answer.

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