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OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising - Share your dragons <3
« on: May 21, 2019, 03:08:17 PM »
I bred a really pretty spiral and I just want to show her off, so here, http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=dragon&id=146831&did=51806186

Spoiler for Hidden:

Also thinking I need to thin out some of my dragons, so if anyone sees any they like, let me know.

2539 // 24 turns
Searchrider - Blue Quorith
Physical Description:
*Tall and lean
*Dark almost black hair, dark brown eyes
*Wearing well worn leathers, but clearly still in good condition.
*Curious - He loves seeing and visiting different places. He's often wistfully thought that it's a pity he wasn't born a hundred turns earlier.
*Sarcastic - He's quick witted and any less than intelligent comments will gain a witty response, because he just can't let the moment pass by without making sure he's rubbed in that they said something rather silly.
*Hot headed - If there's something going on he'll often be the first to respond to it as he jumps without thinking and only regrets it later when his brain has had chance to catch up.
D'rak, (called Dirakal), was born in High Reaches Weyr, his mother was a cook in the caverns, his father was a brown rider. He was searched at the age of 12, but didn't impress until he was 15. As is usual he was immediately in love with the blue dragon which tripped to land face down in the sands at his feet and he couldn't quite remember why he'd even dreamed about riding a bronze. His Quorith was tagged as a search rider when he started giving D'rak hints about who to put marks on for impressing.
Searching and collecting Tithe is getting more dangerous to be sure, but this was just another routine pick up. The children that presented themselves, often refugees from the look of their clothes, were generally quick to accept a search, no doubt thinking of the tithe that was going back to the Weyr. They had a solid group gathered that Quorith liked and D'rak was looking forwards to getting back to the Weyr.
Intended Outcome:
Whatever happens, happens.

“It’s not too bad.” D’rak said as he slid down Quorith’s side. He probably spoke too soon as the world spun, and he leant into the blue hide to steady himself. “L’ok’s worse.” He protested as he was pulled away. He didn’t have the strength left to actually resist the tugging. He blinked slowly as he was pushed to sit down, a healer prodding at his arm, the voices above him mingling together. Bloodloss and missed vitals and stitching. He didn’t need to be worried though. He was going to be fine. He just needed to sleep but he’d be fine…

Quorith swung his head between the healer talking to him and D’rak. The healer would know. Healers always know. D’rak says so. The Healer says D’rak will be fine. He doesn’t need to be worried. The Healer says he just needs sleep. He can sense the heavy presence of one of the Queens at the edge of his mind, she says the same thing as the Healer. D’rak will be fine.

He absently shifts, about to move out of the way to wait for D’rak to wake up again, before realising there’s still a presence on his back. The candidate hasn’t moved yet. She’s too small, she barely weighs anything, she should eat more. He gently reaches out, not entirely sure what to do with her.

Qirelai? She doesn’t feel too injured. Should he move with her or tell her to get down? He doesn’t know. D’rak would know what to do but he’s sleeping now. Would you like to wash? He can feel the tacky drying sensation of blood on his own hide, and on his strapping. He wants to wash so maybe she will want to as well? The Healers won’t let us in right away. Or maybe they would let her in, Qirelai is small, she would fit.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I'm still up for it. Left this pretty open as Quorith is a little confused as to what to do with this candidate he's been left with.

How had she gotten herself into this mess?

She closed her eyes tightly when the dragon said they were going between, appreciative of the warning. Why exactly did she close her eyes? Qirelai had no idea, but it seemed like the right thing to do. She'd never flown adragonback before, there could be... particles... or space bugs flying around in between to get in your eyes. Besides, she couldn't see around the larger frame of the worse-off dragonrider to follow suit with the two who actually knew what they were doing.

The cold of between convinced her to definitely not open her eyes, but soon enough, the sun made her eyelids shine red again as light once again returned, and she could only stare at the vast expanse of the Weyr below her.

Unfortunately, she didn't have long to admire, as the blue dragon below her smoothly, but quickly made his descent towards the courtyard. She had just enough time to think over her next few steps, before they had landed in the bowl. The sight of the darker blue barrelling towards the ground made her heart jump to her throat, the healers rushing from the cave exit looking tiny in comparison to him.

Quickly Qire fumbled at the straps she had haphazardly thrown over all of them, letting the final knot loose just when the healers had made their way towards them. If either of the men in front of her decided to fall off the dragon instead of climbing off, at least they had a crowd of healers to break their fall.

"They both got stabbed at Nabol!" She informed the healers, tucking her knees up to her chest so that hands and arms could yank the two riders from their positions with her skinny arms and legs safely out of their way.

She felt very small now, perched on top of a dragon, seeing her hands wrapped around her knees covered in blood, the efficiency of the swarm of healers below her.

Spoiler for Hidden:
For some reason I didn't have this on my list. But this is neat... 8D so if you're both keen to keep going with this that's great! If not, all geezy. My bad for forgetting to write it down.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Ichor in the Water [ 26.5.2591; 5:10 PM ] || Event
« on: May 16, 2019, 03:10:43 AM »
Spoiler for OOC:
Forgive the rustiness - I just needed to respond to this one. Also... please let me know if I took too much liberty with the beach snake!

M'lan had heard his fair share of terrifying things throughout his life, and when Corvath first started being able to kill his own prey the weyrling had suspected the sounds the black made then would be about as bone-chilling as the dragon could get. With a beach snake tearing into his hide now however, M'lan realised those noises were comparatively pleasant when compared to the hissing, almost inaudible growl Corvath was doing in response.

For a very brief moment, M'lan understood how the black dragons could strike fear into the hearts of those that weren't accustomed to them, those that had ended up on wrong end of an angry Black. Just as there were those that feared Kalestath for her aggressive protection of her clutches, there was reason to fear should a dragon like Corvath ever direct such rage at another being, dragon or human alike.

Any further musing that could be managed between the life-and death grip on the saddle-less dragon and the continued attempts at clawing the beast off himself was interrupted by the menacing elation that surged through their bond as Corvath's talons finally found purchase on the creature, the black bringing his leg down as quickly as possible in an attempt to tear him off and crush him into the cove floor as promised.

Even as he attempted to finish the snake that had attacked him, he was looking for his next target, ready to further satiate the bloodlust he felt despite his rider clinging to his back. Had the blue dragon not interrupted them with a downright perplexing image there was every possibility the two could have fast tracked themselves to the same fate the weyrling had encountered earlier.

As it was, they weren't out of danger yet, and with Corvath's curiosity piqued, M'lan was able to put the full force of his own command into the dragon's instructions. Can't take on Sharpfish and snakes boy. We need to go. The fact the Sharpfish were technically helping was something M'lan wanted to put aside for investigation later, but for now they needed to go.

We can watch- Corvath started, mental voice still holding onto the ferocity of a battle not quite done but with the taint of curiosity at the image the blue had passed on. To see the shipfish when they were hunting other creatures would be interesting at least, though the urge to join them lingered in his mind like a hunter preparing an ambush.

M'lan was having none of it, steeling his own mental voice as he reaffirmed the command. "We still have to worry about the beach snakes." He added, verbally this time, and tried to stifle the relief as Corvath shifted to comply.

Hold on. he instructed, tone somewhat more akin to his usual severity before he was attempting to get into the air. If they were lucky, the beach snakes would be too occupied with the oncoming sharpfish to take advantage of the blacks preoccupation, but the tension in M'lan's grip wasn't entirely about staying in place.

Spoiler for Number:

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: May 13, 2019, 06:31:58 PM »
For all of his planning, he had not predicted this. Lyrisiveth went up and was suddenly so much further out of reach. Uramaeth tried, with all of his might, to follow her path but the space he had sacrificed meant that he, too, missed that thermal. And his wings were large, yes, but that just meant that his ascent was a clumsy one. His frustration bled red into his eyes and his polite, calm self wavered. He felt R’ael, too, quietly pissed and itching now for some kind of resolution to this situation.

He decided to wait.

R’ael’s teeth began to grind in a very unhealthy way.

The brown didn’t hover, but instead also flew wide circles beneath where the green had risen so high up, half turned on his side so he could keep an eye trained on her. He didn’t trust himself to be the coy and confident lover and so he remained quiet mentally speaking, however the half-swallowed snarls that built in his throat were anything but.

Down here, where the atmosphere was kind to such large beasts, it looked as though it was just himself and a larger bronze. That didn’t bode well, and so Uramaeth tried to gain just a few lengths on Bayorth, to hopefully put him above the bronze unless this began a game of king of the skycastle.

Feeling as though time was the greatest enemy here, he finally lipped a succinct, Come back to me, to Lyrisiveth. It wasn’t a soft suggestion, but not quite a full on demand, either.

She wasn’t sure that she’d ever get used to the size of the Red dragons. Her flit, Wander, was nearly Hisketh’s equal. She didn’t voice these thoughts, she knew enough weyrfolk said it with more sinister undertones, but she did let her eyes linger on the small dragon as she was resettled with more grace than expected from a hatchling. Hisketh’s presence of mind was a gift after they’d just struggled through the waves of lesser-developed weyrlings.

Rinokan looked pleased to see her, though she felt a bit guilty for stirring him from what had looked like a very comfortable position. He inched over and gave up the space for her, and she inclined her head in thanks before climbing onto the couch and sitting cross-legged, facing him. Saebrith sprawled out below her, his limbs lazily relaxed but his head held up with polite interest.

“Hisketh,” she greeted, bowing forward as best she could. “It’s lovely to meet you. This is Saebrith,” her hand made a casual flourish toward the blue. Dro then straightened her posture and looked back up at Rinokan with a wry grin, “She’s a very healthy shade of red, isn’t she?” Like wine, or blood. “And not a black dragon like I’d guessed, guess I lose that bet.”

Yes, he said back to the red, his tone bright. I am Droissa’s Saebrith. It’s good to meet you, I hope we will be friends. His knobby head tilted to the side and his tail swung this way and that with long, lazy strokes.

“She suits you, though,” she added, her voice just a touch softer. That he’d Impressed a mutation still fit what she knew of him, however her own previous prejudices had her feeling a bit of guilt. Saebrith touched her mind briefly, soothing that remorse until she stopped frowning.

“So, are you still Rinokan?”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: May 13, 2019, 04:20:05 AM »
D’zel settled against a wall, his sight half of bodies pressing into the room, more often on the tantalising flash of green hide ahead. It’s obscured by other hides, blue, brown, even a few bronzes. A solid turn out which did make his chances of catching her somewhat less. That though was not the point. Though he’d certainly be happy to catch her, Lyrisiveth was in fine health and spirits, he simply wanted to fly today.

That didn’t stop D’zel from being competitive though, and the underlying excitement passing between them pushed Rohbarth on when Lirisiveth hit a thermal and used it to fling herself skywards. Neither of them are stupid, thermals shift too quickly, being to the back of the pack it’ll be gone by the time he reaches it.

Her option wasn’t his and he simply went for another, not too far out from the chase. It would take him wide, round the pack that had been close to her, he’d be able to dive after her when she fell without getting tangled up with anyone else. A chance. A small chance, but with years of flights behinds them they know it’s as good as any after a late start.

Weyr Hall / Re: Hair of the Dog [ 1.1.2591; 5 AM ] || Open!
« on: May 10, 2019, 06:59:50 AM »
“Good morning.” T’kos said politely to the rider that was in the dining hall. The weyrfolk got small nods. Enough to show that he appreciated the work they did so that he didn’t have to, but still noting the fact that they didn’t have a dragon.

Jairynth had woken him because of a persistent itch, so of course he’d had to sort that straight away, now it wasn’t worth going back to bed. Given the party last night, not that he’d been able to drink, he was feeling a little more tired than he liked. Which meant one of the pots of klah had his name on, and if he could manage it, some of the pastries that might have been left over.

Luck was with him as he found a tray with a couple of the small berry tarts on them, a pot of klah was easily obtained and he tipped as much of the sweetener in as he dared take. The bitter taste just wasn’t something he was fond of.

Now he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. A day off (well, sort of, no lessons or useless chores, even if the usual dragon related things were still there. Not that he counted caring for Jairynth a chore).

He stopped beside the bench with the rider, eyes passing over her knots and smiling slightly. A green out of Jungle wing. Good company then. “T’kos of Bronze Jairynth, Weyrling. May I join you?”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Ichor in the Water [ 26.5.2591; 5:10 PM ] || Event
« on: May 10, 2019, 06:42:55 AM »
Z’nel gasped as the water roiled, washing over her in a wave. She could feel Allieth’s fierce glee and pride as her strike made contact. The snake thrashing around in it’s death throes.

Get to the rider. She directed as the snakes surrounding them made for the easy meal, the dragons and humans forgotten in favour of the dying snake. They needed to get them out of the water to assess their injuries and get a healer.

Faelith says her rider is gone. Allieth’s voice cut through the keen from the other green. A reciprocated sound starting from her own dragon. Z’nel gritted her teeth as the green gathered her rider and went between. Just like flying thread, sometimes you try everything and it’s just not enough.

Get back in the air or get to shore. She ordered, feeling Allieth twist beneath her as her dragon made the decision on what to do. Z’nel just had to trust that Allieth would know which would be easiest, she was the one with the wings. The snakes wouldn’t be occupied forever so whichever put them farthest out of reach would be best. See if there’s anywhere else we’re needed. Grieving could come later.

The unfamiliar voice that suddenly entered her mind made her jump, though the message itself was welcome. Would swimming for deeper water be easier?

She could feel Allieth hum slightly before making a decision and starting to move.

Spoiler for OOC:
14 if we go another round, and turn Allieth whichever way you want.

Weyr Bowl / Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« on: May 10, 2019, 06:19:22 AM »
T’veck swept his eyes along the beach, pausing on a bronze as his rider used him as a springboard to dive into the ocean. They were clearly out fishing, a much more appropriate job for a strong dragon and rider.

I am much better than Redrenth. Baleth said smugly. T’veck let it slide, he had no clue who Redrenth or his rider were beyond names on the list of riders assigned to Prairie. They’d never spoken, which suggested the older bronze was indifferent, resentful or angry with them for existing.

T’veck adds the items down before he forgets them, as Baleth certainly won’t remember. “We’ll live.” He says absently, much of his new duties are a disappointment. This is just another thing in a long list that he needs to get by before he’s proven himself.


“I’m sure you will. Just got to wait for your dragon to hatch.” He says, how could a dragon not like Ehrran. “Did I hear that you had a son?” He thinks it was her. Possibly.

“I’m good.” He says before giving her a wry smile and a rather pointed head tilt at his black shadow. There’s some things that are better hidden, especially when Baleth’s response to anything bothering him is violence first and talking second unless T’veck is paying attention enough to reign him in. “Very busy with all the extra duties. And still figuring out things with Eimerra.” He can’t stop the smile at the thought of her, part fond and part pride.


Anedaith huffed, pulling her head from around the door to stare back at D'via. One day she will be bigger so she can carry D'via so she won't be so slow. There are eggs? She swung her head back round, trying to peer between the legs milling around. But not eggs?

"Eggs but not eggs?" D'via said as she caught up, confusion clear in her voice.

Anedaith tilted her head as D'via absently reached out a hand to pet her. Yes. Eggs. But they do not feel like eggs. She shifted again until another itch was soothed. Ask them why the eggs are dead but not dead.

"Um," D'via made a strange humming sound before tapping at the nearest arm, "sorry, Anedaith wants to know what's going on?"

Meyelthra glanced at the space made for her, recognizing the invitation for what it was. Her gaze then flicked around at the other Riders at the table. She wasn’t quite ready to consider herself apart of them, either by association or proximity. This was X’hos’ world and she was perfectly content to keep that part of his world across a clearly defined line.

Meyel would always be a holder, through and through. Riders were a different breed. X’hos? Well. He happened to be a Rider she’d plucked out of the air and brought to the ground for her pleasure. Not the other way around. So while she didn’t outright refuse the invitation, the fact she didn’t sit down was enough. Neither did she walk away, either, because she didn’t miss the touch from the woman next to him.

Fuckin’ dragon riders and their obnoxious, physical closeness. If another woman had touched X’hos like that, Meyel could easily guess the meaning and call her out on it. But this? Who the fuck knew? For all Meyel could guess, the girl could be a younger sister. With as casually as they treated contact amongst one another, it was difficult to determine what they thought was too much and what wasn’t. While Meyelthra wasn’t the timid sort, she also didn’t like being the fool. Making a big deal out of something that wasn’t in front of a table of riders would make her the fool.

So she clenched her jaw, glared at the woman, and said in a hot, clipped tone, “Bedmate for tonight.” That’d clear up just about any confusion about where this girl should keep her hands and where X’hos would be going once he got up from the table. Her hand remained on his shoulder, too. A tad possessive without being entirely obvious about it. All the while resisting the urge to break the other girl’s overly familiar hand.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Tinker @SirAlahn
Meyel has entirely normal responses to totally innocent actions >_>

Plot and Scheme / Re: Tinker's Plotter
« on: April 20, 2019, 12:11:48 PM »
Oh my gosh this would be so fun! I am more than happy to have Essie lashed! She would have thrown some nice ladylike punches for sure. Broken a few noses. The bitching would be through the roof after that!

I can get something started, or if you would rather, I will wait for you!

Family & Friends / Traditional Brothers for a Traditional Green
« on: April 20, 2019, 11:24:26 AM »

"Two Worlds, One Family?"

Eldessen // Jungle Wingrider // 30

About the Character:
A dutiful, traditional Jungle greenrider. Eldessen takes her job as seriously as death, but once the leathers come off, she is very warm and social, especially with her wingmates, all of whom she adores. She was born in Harper Hall at Fort Hold and was apprenticed to the craft just like her parents. Had she not been Searched and Impressed, she would have specialized in composition. Even though her dreams of being a journeywoman harper were pleasantly dashed, she often sings and writes songs for lost loved ones and heroes. Songs and traditions are the best ways to keep people from forgetting the past, and Essie likes to keep them alive. She stubbornly sticks to her beliefs, to the point of severing relationships over them, and has a fierce distrust of mutation dragons. While she is exclusively committed to her weyrmate, also in Jungle Wing, she is a vain tease and enjoys jealousy games.

Mialeyth is a mercurial and obedient green who prefers to have her decisions made for her. Making choices herself is seriously anxiety-inducing (no wonder she's a force catch!) and she tends to ignore those issues until someone else takes over. She hates red dragons, finding them annoying, but is weak for any smooth-talking bronze, brown, blue...maybe even black if he caters to her vanity enough.

Wanted ICly:

Gang Member/Wher Fighter Esserin of Gold Essesk - Born in 2556, Impressed in 2584
Esserin and Eldessen were once very close. He saved her life while they were living in Harper Hall at Fort Hold, while she was attempting to "run away." Already a gang member at that age, he prevented men from a rival gang from doing terrible things to his baby sister, killing one. He also stepped in and helped convince their parents to hold off on arranging a marriage for Essies. Between 2577 and the move to Fort Island, the two did not see each other at all. It was during this time that Esserin Impressed to his gold wher, rising up in the ranks of his gang and fighting Essesk in the pits. No one in the family but Essie is aware of his history and continued involvement with the holder gangs, and even Essie has little idea beyond that glimpse as a child, their little secret. What he does as his "proper" job (or if he has one at all) is open for debate. The recent conflict between the Weyr and the holders has destroyed the relationship between brother and sister. They do not speak, despite their harper brother's attempts for reconciliation. Esserin is not a fan of the Weyr's involvement in Hold matters and wants a place for the holders to be happy (where his gang and his wher fighting prospects can thrive).

Jungle Wingrider D'kin of Blue Onnalath - Born in 2558, Impressed in 2578
D'kin is Essie's closest brother now. They were Searched together in 2577, and he Impressed a Turn later. His last visit to their family at Harper Hall was in 2580; he was freshly-graduated and would have taken Essie, but she had just Impressed Mialeyth. After that, it was Threadfall after Threadfall. The family reunion at the end of the Pass was bittersweet--the two rider siblings had to learn of their mother's death birthing a stillborn child. He and Eldessen were placed in Jungle Wing upon moving to Southern Winds, which strengthened their bond beyond belief. Like all Jungle riders, D'kin is traditional. He also has a bit of a mocking sense of humor and has had a similar falling out with Esserin due to the elder brother's holder "brainwashing."

Journeyman Harper Daekim - Born in 2559
Like Eldessen, Daekim took up their parents' craft at Harper Hall, apprenticing as soon as he could and devoting himself to preserving Pern. He is a rather traditional-minded crafter, but also serves as a mediator between his rider siblings and their holder brother. Between 2577 and the move to Fort Island, Daekim only saw D'kin once and Essie never, but he was overjoyed that they survived the Pass. I don't have as much on him as I do the other brothers, so he is a very clean slate!

Wanted OOCly:
I would love to see this dynamic of two traditional dragonriders, a traditional crafter, and a traditional holder. Daekim mediating between Eldessen/D'kin and Esserin would be so fun to explore! Whether or not Essie/D'kin do reconcile with Esserin is open for plotting, and I'm not against a brother dying if his creator chooses so! There is so much we can do!

Fort Island was still new enough that Eldessen sometimes felt she was in a dream. Surrounded by her still-new wingmates, eating a proper enough meal for dinner, Mialeyth tucked up safe and sound in a wallow on the beach... Things were not yet good, not by normal standards, but they were good enough. Esselden sat with D'kin on one side and X'hos, a fellow greenrider, on the other, a warm content low in her stomach. One of the Beach wingriders had been making eyes at her for a few days now, and she was certain that she would bring the bluerider home tonight. The chase had just about run its course. But right now, she only spared the woman a few glances across the crowded Hall. Right now was for her brother, her friends, her wing.

"Have you seen Esserin?" she asked her brother, frowning for a moment. Her brother joined them often enough, but she had a sad feeling that the dragonriders of Jungle Wing made him nervous. He is just acclimating to the Weyr. He will be alright. Perhaps he needed more time with Mialeyth and Onnalath. Hadn't that helped her grow accustomed to his gold Essesk?

He must be very stupid to be afraid of us. Ah, Mialeyth in a mood was a pure joy to bespeak. Essie wasn't sure what had done it this time, but a sudden vague irritation in her eye suggested that it might have been an insect in her green's face.

He's not stupid. He's just... She felt X'hos shift a little closer and turned from D'kin to flash the other greenrider a smile. The flirtatious note to her voice was evident, but harmless. "Getting cozy, are we, X'hos? Well, I suppose you're not too terrible to look at." She placed a hand on his arm, natural as breathing to her, and her gaze slid to the pretty blonde woman beside him. "And who is this? A friend? A..." She trailed of suggestively, arching a perfectly-manicured eyebrow.

Spoiler for OOC:
I hope this is ok!

A normal clutch will do us well. Essie wore her flying leathers, cleaned and oiled, to congratulate Vanelwynne and B'ron. She had not missed one clutching since the move to Fort Island, not even after Neisoth and Maelboroth had claimed Kalestath and Imyth, and she was not about to start now. Among the group of Jungle riders who arrived together, Essie clasped hands with her weyrmate as the group bowed together to Oriath, Vanelwynne, and B'ron. "A wonderful clutch," the greenrider praised. She smiled sweetly at the Jr. Weyrwoman and the man who, in her silent opinion, ought to be Weyrleader.

My congratulations as well, Oriath. Leremith.

Respects given, she tucked herself under her weyrmate's arm and winked at J'dan before the arrival of a young man made her smile. "I hope I was more...dignified in my excitement as a candidate."

"You weren't," D'kin assured her, folding his arms across his chest. Her blueriding brother snickered at the boy, shaking his head. "What a mess. You see his face?"

"Be kind, D'kin," Essie chastised, amused. "Someday that might be your nephew." Her expression soured visibly when two of the blackriders arrived. One of them the new...Weyrsecond. She shuddered to even think of that title for the man, T'veck. The other one, a weyrling, she did not know his name nor care to. The hands on her upper arms rubbed soothingly, and she leaned into her weyrmate, frown still plain on her face. D'kin muttered something under his breath, standing taller, and J'dan was moving away with some of the others. What is... Oh...

To say that Essie wasn't proud of her Bronzer friend and those who'd gone with him would be a flat out lie. She chuckled deep in her throat. Let them keep that weyrling away from her. Minath should be caught by a bronze. By one of ours.

Spoiler for OOC:
This is open! I just wanted to throw her in to comment on the Jungle Squad heroically protecting their pure baby queen!  :happy:

Her curls were sleek and tamed with a sweet-smelling oil that she reserved solely for occasions like this, and Eldessen knew she was gorgeous in the fitted red dress she had pulled out for the Bet. Her weyrmate had wandered off with some wingmates, no doubt to get a closer look at the eggs, and Essie was happily chatting with a delicately-built harper man that one of the Prairie riders had brought. The man seemed a little nervous, and Essie couldn't entirely blame him. He was surrounded by Pern's elite. And Prairie. Her lips curled up into a broader smile as Mialeyth's mirth bubbled through their link.

They aren't all inadequate.

Eldessen saw a momentary flash of dark bronze before her eyes, and she took a sip of the...ale, that's right...in her cup. Jenrath is a pretty sight, isn't he? She left her green to her flirtations, knowing there would be plenty of them throughout the night. It was all in good fun. Her harper companion's voice brought her back to present, and before she could ask him to repeat himself, she felt a warm arm around her waist. Thicker than her weyrmate's, and she glanced around to greet J'dan with a warm grin. Leaning into him was natural, and she glanced into his cup as she did, wrinkling her nose. The clear stuff was always too strong for her. "Well, gorgeous, that depends. Do you think you'll be able to get hard after drinking that poison?" The harper before them spluttered, excusing himself with a bright red face, and Essie giggled. "Sweet innocence."

With a melodramatic sigh, Essie took another sip of her ale, batting her eyes at the Bronzer. "Alas, you've frightened my conversation away and my love is more interested in eggs than me. You're more than welcome to steal me away." She stretched up to peck his cheek and wiggled free of his grasp, eyes gleaming playfully. "Did you see A'yara with M'rek?"

Spoiler for OOC:

Universal Events / Re: [ 4.8.2591 ] Cracking Eggs
« on: April 16, 2019, 04:45:30 PM »
I've only got my two, Elrost and Cinnacai, that are appropriate for this thread, and I will follow up with a Cai post when I can.

Elrost is intrigued/excited/pleased but also concerned for everyone and everything's safety. He just hopes it all goes well and that nothing too bad happens.

Cinnacai was one of the few who retrieved these eggs. I hadn't planned on her wanting an egg, because it doesn't quite suit the role she currently holds in the farmer crafthall. But she (and I) are starting to think that she's suited to the Courser role, and maybe she can just have a new role. The farmer craft is small anyways. I'M WAFFLING. So when I decide what's up, Cai will get a post.

Added : SirAlahn

Elrost stood sentinel across one of the lengths of the barn, alongside the other senior craftsmen of their hall. Not that there were many of them, so they didn't exactly overwhelm the proceedings, but they were certainly keeping a watchful eye.

In his craft, Elrost had to become accustomed to some degree of chance. Sometimes calves were stillborn, sometimes the prime mother didn't get studded in the round you had been planning, and sometimes none of the females in the herd took to the bull you had been rearing for the season. Occasionally, you discovered a cause after the problem had been mitigated, other times it was simply the luck of the draw, and Elrost had... contented himself with that fact for the most part.

But everything about these skycoursers made him feel completely in the dark. The little they did know about the creatures was that they were dangerous and violent. Elrost felt the lump of warmth against his side where Harrier was curled up inside his shirt, her head just poking above his collar to observe the proceedings. He had considered leaving her behind, not knowing what would occur today and whether or not it would revive any unwelcome memories for the lizard.

But the hall had decided. They were going to attempt the skycourser endeavour, and as a senior journeyman, it was his duty to carry out the halls wishes. And so he stood and watched. Ellsk at attention beside him, although even now she was beginning to fidget, young Sensk attempting in vain not to be distracted by his older sister. And finally Harrier, watching the crafters being ushered into the barn with narrowed eyes.

He gave a few of the apprentices approving nods should they meet his eye, but mostly he thought of the upcoming imprinting and what it meant for the future of their craft.

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*maniacally rubs hands together*

RL happened this weekend but I am determined to write!

If I can ignore my desire to make R’mor and a very unhappy wherhandler

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This is for Essie, X'hos, and Meyel. So they can all make faces at one another. 8D

It was almost surreal for Meyelthra that, while so many were working around the Weyr to make it habitable, no one bothered her. Whatever it was about being in a Rider’s Weyr, they seemed to assume she either had something to do or... there just wasn’t anyone that kept tabs on the mated weyrfolk.

Not that Meyelthra would say that’s what she was. But she did get to stay in his bedfurs for most of the morning, get up when she wanted, and roam about the Weyr. She pitched in the kitchens a couple of times, but that’d been out of boredom. Not necessity.

Whatever the reason, Meyelthra rather liked her new station in life and wanted to keep it. Things were comfortable. Relaxed. Coming from the tunnels and darkness of Fort, it was such a change that she considered it a vacation from her old life. A vacation that didn’t exactly have an expiration date since X’hos didn’t seem about to kick her out.

While Meyelthra wouldn’t say she had a routine down, she did know that toward the end of the day, most of the riders turned in for dinner. That seemed as good a time as any to collect X’hos. She was feeling a bit restless. With the Weyrhall full of tables, and riders slowly occupying them, it took her a moment to find him. Already seated with what she suspected were some of his wingmates. Meyelthra didn’t particularly care about other dragonriders. They weren’t X’hos, she didn’t know them, so they didn’t matter.

She didn’t even look at any of the others as her hand slid along X’hos’ shoulders and she said, by way of greeting, “Did you just sit down for dinner?”

A’yara sipped her drink while eyeing the eggs. The candidates for this clutch must be excited. They didn’t have the constant reminder of Thread in the sky above... Rather, they could graduate into Wings that were fishing or ferrying people around. Easy work. Not exactly life threatening. Only those particularly brave would seek to join Jungle.

“I was born in the Miner Crafthall, but I don’t really remember anything besides Fort. No place ever really felt like home until I’d arrived at the Weyr.” She smiled a little and glanced his way. “Born to be a Rider, I suppose.”

Then, she gestures to the eggs with her drink. “Is there a trick to guessing?” Playfully, she adds, “Does size matter?”

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I’ll start a few threads today I think! Thank you guys for helping me get started! :excited:

Plot and Scheme / Re: Tinker's Plotter
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Iralye: I need! Reading through Iralye’s history and it looks like they Impressed AND got pregnant the same Turns! They were in different weyrling classes but perhaps there was some interaction in the barracks, and then being placed in Jungle at Southern Winds! If their pregnancies overlapped, Essie would have taken soooo much comfort in having someone to share the “suffering” (aka the boredom of not being out hunting). Iralye’s humor probably perked her up on those days when she felt like a sick bloated Deep One! Maybe their boys are friends too? Creche visits together!


X'hos: A backdated thread with Essie fighting the urge to epically facepalm over moony-eyed X’hos would be hilarious! Or a present time one if you’d prefer! I am okay with either! And yes I am officially in love with the idea of her looking out for him while he’s oblivious! Let her love you! I am also very much down for a thread of them with Meyelthra and all the dagger eyes that come with it!

Nikota: Oh don’t get her started on her weyrmate, Nikota. She’s got a harper’s tongue and will gush your ear off. Along with some Cosmo-level greenie gossip about her woman’s...assets. Lol she will happily ask about whichever piece of big man-meat Nikota’s most recently bedded too! With a playful “I just din’g know what you see in him!” And if they don’t get into a spat with some holders I will be sorely disappointed!

L'nal: Yes please! Give me both the twins! Just let me know how wingmates should interact in Jungle! I’d hate to accidentally write a faux pas because I’m ignorant! Respectful is a given, of course! She wouldn’t dream of stepping out of line!


Meyelthra: I am so so excited! Someone hold Essie back. Or gag her...no she’d like that...

A'yara: A’yara best give Essie all the juicy details! Essie is going to be all “dayummm girl how do they fit?!” Giggling gossipers.

K'eeda: Lol! Back tunnel brawling? Don’t you tempt her K’eeda! Poor Mia is going to have a heart attack...unless she’s in a MOOD. Then Essie might come to drills all bruised and hope they buy the “weyrmate and I really went at it” excuse.  :fear:

L'ale: Essie would love to encounter some hunters with her wingsecond(s)! What a way to prove herself! Though she will be so worried until they meet up and she can physically see that they are in one piece. Don’t die on her too boys!

J'dan: This is such a go! Essie has her wingeoman hat on! She has his type down pat and aims to please! “Oh you are lucky I’m a taken woman, else I would be taking her home, gorgeous.” She will flatter him too much because he is such a pretty man. They are going to be a riot!


Let me know what you would like me to start!  :love:

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