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Healer Hall / Re: Sweet Rolls for the Injured [15.01.2590 ~ 8pm] S'bel
« on: April 17, 2018, 07:38:56 PM »
Inanna sighed a sad sigh, but smiled sweetly to soften it. "Oh I know." And she leaned to kiss him on the forehead, brushing his hair back from his face. She knew how helpless you felt, stranded in a hospital wing and wanting to just get up and run away. Even though she hadn't spent time in the wing for a hunter attack, or threadfall, Inanna's own stays in the hospital wing had been stressful enough. She wouldn't wish it on anyone, and certainly admired those who chose to basically live in the hall for their profession.

It's true. Cremath assured Rilraneth, she didn't want the truth being misconstrued for some sort of helpful white lie. That wasn't how she worked. The pair had made progress, and whilst it hurt Inanna and Cremath to see their friends laid out like this, it helped not seeing them everyday. They were able to see the improvements that were made, watch Rilraneth's colour return, S'bel's tan become less grey as time went on.

I'm sure she would. But just to make certain, the green got her rider to clarify as well.

"Well then my dear, Cremath has guaranteed that I'll return with the baby, so I should probably get to bed to make sure the baby does come." Awkwardly extracting herself from cots and blankets, Inanna rose, hands going to the painful ache in her lower back. "I'm so glad to see you looking so... you S'bel." She said sincerely, her smile not wavering.

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: April 13, 2018, 12:38:25 AM »
Free bab

It wasn't until after Mauddra had climbed all the stairs to Halirina's office that she discovered the Weyrwoman wasn't there. She grimaced at the news from the other aide, and knew what her day was likely going to be filled with now. But, the stairs were always going to be there, so there was no point delaying any longer. In all honesty, she wanted to tidy the office, but she could always slip away when Halirina started to make noises of departing the cleaning up process of the fisher's stock.

Besides, she wanted to be on hand to double check the counts before they were handed over to the Weyrwoman. Quitrix would probably bring her light to the occassion, the younger woman never seemed to balk at crafter work. With a sigh, she started with quick (but not rushed) strides out of the Weyr proper.

Face purposely blank, although she wanted to shy away from the acrid stench of decay on top of the usually unpleasant fishy smell, Mauddra stepped to help, after she'd appraised herself of Halirina's own presence. The Weyrwoman was helping, and yes, so would she.

Keen eyes tracked the modicum of a pattern that the helpers had going, and so rolling up her sleeves, Mauddra stepped into the flow of barrels beside Halirina. "Weyrwoman." She addressed respectfully. In such company, it was only fit to stick to the formalities.

Spoiler for Tags:
@SanctifiedSavage for Halirina
@Kyya for the Trix mention

Adoptables / Re: Creature Bank
« on: April 03, 2018, 09:33:39 PM »
This template is so easy to use and I'm in love

Code: [Select]

Announcements & Events / Custom Firelizard Template
« on: April 03, 2018, 08:58:48 PM »
Firelizard PSD Commission

Another new art update! We now have our own custom firelizard template, created by cweinman, the same artist that has done our Hunter, Beach Snake, Sharpfish, Wher, and Hatchling art.

These are for SWW only, but we're happy to let other people color and use these templates for their characters here. Should you wish to get the PSD file, simply PM the Southern Records account or pop on Discord in the Admin Help channel and we'll get you the file.

Beyond that, at least the staff will be using this for any firelizard clutches we host in the future. :3 We hope you like it!

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: April 01, 2018, 09:43:47 AM »
Hatched new bahbies. 8D

Free to you gais.
Spoiler for Dragums:
Boy :

Boy :

At the candidate's reassurance of his firelizard's understanding, X'rine raised her eyebrow at her own. The green seemed to have accepted his words, and wrapped herself tightly around the X'rine's forearm, her eyes glowing in the darkness of the room. Now that I've got her permission, I guess we'll go in.

You taught her.

Waiting only slightly for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, X'rine took stock of the room, peering down to the left and right to reassure herself that the arrangement of this room seemed to match the understanding she had of the building. When it seemed to corroborate the image in her mind, X'rine's eyes searched over the nearest shelves.

Taeghen was unrolling a scroll, and the ease at which his long fingers slowly rolled open what could have been crumbling under a harsher grip, X'rine was reassured of his training. Not that she doubted what he had said previously, but there was a difference between just being an apprenticeship, and excelling as an apprentice. Whatever Taeghen had been, he seemed to have absorbed his teachings.

She did the same, on the opposite shelf, carefully unrolling the most intact scroll there. "Class schedule." She said, turning to look enquiringly over her shoulder at Taeghen, wondering what his had revealed.

Absences / Actually Not About My Internet
« on: March 29, 2018, 05:57:57 PM »
I just didn't want to make a new thread! The internet situation did get resolved, but then I got thrown headlong into research hell so I've been very slow except for getting events up on time and the occasional post here and there.

My project draft is due Monday and then I have two weeks where I can't work on it, so I should be a little more regularly active. <3 And then soon ... graduation and quitting my job. I can almost taste it. Concepts probably don't taste very good, though, so I'm not too worried about actually tasting it.

I have not slept in a while, I apologize for how dumb everything I say is. :P

Zeph popped from between chattering and flapping, scattering a few sheets of the records he'd landed on. He was projecting hunger at Eimerra, but without any actual want. He seemed somewhat distressed, but he was prone to pranks and, for a flit, was oddly good at deception to pull them off.

With an irritated huff, Eimerra scooped up the stormy blue flit and set him on the floor. “Go on, I don't have time for your tall tales, Zeph. I need to finish these then meet with a couple Crafters.” No sooner had the petite woman picked up papers and resumed her work than a knock on the open door frame interrupted her (again). “Yes?” she asked, turning to find a young apprentice from the Fisher Hall, by the smell.

“The Master Fisher sent some of us to the Weyrleaders…”

He seemed a shy, so Merra smiled, “Well, you found one of us. What happened?” He wasn't out of breath from running or panicked, so surely it wasn't something catastrophic. “Come. Let's head back out there and you can tell me on the way.”

The flits are all chattering about stolen food, mine. Zeph wasn’t up to mischief for once! /Stolen food?/

The young Fisher cleared up the confusion right on cue, though he couldn't hear the Gold. “Sandscabs got into the barrels, Ma'am. You don't have to come down, but we were told to notify you.”

“Well, I needed the break, anyway.”

~~~~~~~ }<^ˇ> ~~~ <ˇ^>{ ~~~~~~~

On the beach, apprentices and candidates were already rolling barrels in a steady line, no doubt heading for a spot for a good bonfire. Eimerra's stomach knotted at all the contaminated stores, then churned at the smell carried on the breeze. She crinkled her nose and kept her walking pace as her young escort ran off to catch up with a friend.

It looked like her break would be extended; she would stay to help roll barrels, though the thought of the smell once they started the fire…Well, she might have to head back to the Weyr for that.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Fishy page break XD

Mine Hall / Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:57:24 PM »
Three Turns, he’d been cautious. Three Turns, he’d forced himself and his brother to remain under the radar from the Weyrleadership’s control. The riders thought too highly of themselves and their authority over the rest of them, but also wasn’t a fool. No man stood face-to-face with a dragon and could live to tell about. At least not with his balls intact.

If not for the dragons, the Weyrleadership wouldn’t be such a force to stand against. Regardless of that matter, he’d had to wait. Day in and day out, he’d been forced back to the doldrums of daily life without any sort of power to keep himself above the rest. He was just as dirty and insignificant as the drudges that pulled weeds or slapped whatever food they had onto others’ plates.

He’d tried to keep in contact with the members of the gang and the whores that had worked for him. Most of them had decided to try things their own way, in knowing that any chance they had at reviving their “business” would be quickly squashed by the Weyr. Some had remained loyal. Some continued to exchange secrets with his promises of a future. Or if he had anything to spare, he’d offer it to them. Material items were of no use to him.

Now finally, they were apart from the Weyr. The Mine Hall was like a breath of fresh air. An air of hope. He and his brother wasted no time in identifying who from their old gang was still around and who had decided to stay at the Weyr versus who moved to the Hall. It didn’t matter where they were. They could be useful in either location. The next weeks were spent planning and celebrating, a hidden container of alcohol never far from his reach.

Once he caught wind of the underground wher fight, it confirmed all of his hopes. He may not be a wher fighter himself, that was more his brother’s sort of thing, but it would be good intel to see who showed up, which Peacekeepers were aware and let this slide, as well as who didn’t show up from the old gang. There was plenty for him to gain by attending, even if only as a spectator, so he passed the word along to those he knew could still be trusted and waited for the event.

He arrived shortly after the first fights had already begun, having checked the perimeter to see which Peacekeepers were on duty nearby first. Now he stood off to the side, clearly not involved in the evening entertainment, but close enough to show him as an interested party. Byrd was curled firmly against the back of his neck, his head perking up every so often at the sound of a particularly nasty scuffle from one of the fights, before trying to ignore it and get some sleep. Slade, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. Sal had him on patrol duty tonight, consistently checking all of the entry points to this area so he could alert Saleizo of any unwelcome visitors that might ruin this night.

His brother was already here, likely just as excited as the rest for his whers to get some “exercise”, as he called it. There were a few others he recognized, like family members to a certain person—whom he doubted would show considering the night’s events, some old members of the gang, and other contacts he’d come across in the past. He made no move to interject himself among any of them, though, as he was here to gather information, not socialize.

Plot and Scheme / Re: Lyndi's Plotter
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:27:47 PM »
Updated 03.29.2018 with newer characters, character summaries, and wanted ads <3

Past and Possibilities / Black Hole [05.01.2589 5 AM] || Erieen
« on: March 29, 2018, 11:47:19 AM »
They lost. Again.

M’kale couldn’t be sure if it was his anger that rushed him back to his body in the weyr or if Hakurath had forced the disconnect in his own feelings of bitterness. But he was definitely back in the weyr, and with annoying timing to watch the moment the inexperienced, sliver of a boy moved to claim the Senior Weyrwoman. A boy who was not only fresh from weyrling graduation, but rode a dragon of a color that should not exist. The only black dragon of its kind.

When it had hatched, M’kale knew it was a mistake. Something was wrong since they’d all had to move to Fort Island, and this was a sign of that. He didn’t expect it to survive very long, as there was obviously something wrong with it. But it did graduate. And, without time to put any amount of experience in his bones, he was winning a Senior Gold Flight and therefore stealing the highest rank of Weyrleader. He couldn’t decide what was more insulting: the age and lack of experience of the kid now entitled to running the last active Weyr and Pernese population, or that a repulsive black dragon had won over all the strong bronzes who competed.

All of it was insulting. M’kale spun on his heel and stormed out of the weyr. A brief attempt at reaching Hakurath was met with firm resistance. The connection between them during a Flight was still there, hanging just out of reach, but until the large bronze had some time to cool off, he wouldn’t be speaking with anyone, his own rider included. What link he could feel with Hakurath was filled with the bronze’s anger and resentment, and it only served to fuel his own negative emotions until the man was nothing more than a black hole for any fucks given.

Normally following a failed flight, he would seek out one of the greens in Jungle Wing, who were always ready and waiting for the Jungle riders that lost in the chase. But not today. It didn’t matter that his dick was hard or that having that sort of relief might actually do wonders to his mood. He was a risk, right now, until he or Hakurath calmed down a bit. He didn’t feel like playing nice with a woman. He felt like hitting something. Breaking something. Forcing his control over something so he would know that this wasn’t over.

He’d lost before and been furious, but this time was different. This time, there was no reason why he and Hakurath didn’t beat a child and his newbie dragon. It was infuriating. M’kale slammed his fist into the wall. He sucked his breath between his teeth as pain snaked from his hand up his arm. The stone wall wouldn’t budge, of course, but the feeling of pain was the only thing apart from anger that he could feel. It was a start. He struck the wall again, harder, this time his knuckles coming away scraped and bloody. Other hand. Again. Again.

Spoiler for OOC:

This was what her body had been craving all along. Her hormones had been making her near-desperate for physical attention to the point where she was expanding potential bedmates to those that were breathing, in the same room as her, and available. But none of it had even touched on slaking that need. None, until now.

She should have known better that her body had been craving only the best attention. She’d been with the twins so many times that her body had been conditioned to them, where only they could satisfy her. The realization hit her as a wave of pleasure rolled through her in response to his words and rough kiss. Any space between them was too much, as her body fought to be touched in any way by his. Her belly, by now larger than her swollen breasts, lightly grazed against him while her hand continued to tease and massage at his member underneath.

Callista moaned into their kiss, breaking it off momentarily so she could catch her breath when his fingers slid between her legs. Her hips automatically twitched forward at the touch, craving whatever he might give her like a recovering alcoholic being teased with a bottle of the best liquor on the shelf. She needed no further encouragement and widened her stance while her hand tightened its grip on his length to pleasure him with earnest as she became lost in another rough and heady kiss.

Ariyath and Tanilith moved with practice grace and skill, having flown together so many times before that they needed no mental nor verbal communication between the two of them to be able to react to one another’s movements. One of them needed only to move a certain way before the other responded in kind, either by accelerated action to keep their distance from the handsome bronzes or to entice them with fluid, tantalizing dancing in the sky.

The green dipped down towards the water, wingtip grazing the surface just enough to force a spray of water to follow in her wake. Ariyath twisted upward and back toward the stars to reclaim the distance between herself and the bronze predators. In an ordinary flight, she wouldn’t waste her advantage of speed at playful maneuvers like these, but at times like this is far more fun to tease and tempt whilst enjoying the chase.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Anything for You [2.1.2590 // 8 PM] || L'ale
« on: March 29, 2018, 09:58:19 AM »
Callista languidly stretched on the bed as she watched L’nal fill himself a glass of wine, a playful smile teasing at her lips. Her body was warm and fuzzy, as if the nerve endings throughout her body had gone to sleep in the aftermath of an orgasm well spent. One might think she would be done, then, with her body seemingly sated. But the numbing heat was lessening with each moment that passed, dancing with the line of feeling and not like a fickle mind.

It was at this point that she craved touch even more. To push her body to feel again to more overwhelming heights. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long. The wine he’d poured was quickly down his throat before he moved to join them. Her lips parted in appreciation as he relieved himself of his shirt, but before she could verbalize said appreciation, her face was drawn into a kiss that demanded her full attention.

Callista responded eagerly to his kiss, her tongue and mouth giving him everything his asked for. Her hands ran along his chest, stroking and then pulling her own bare skin against his. Her breasts, swelling a bit in size since pregnancy, pressed into him while her hands moved to tug at whatever grip she could attain in his hair. There was no control or demand in the tug, only a fierce show of her need of him and that she was willing to meet his roughness in kind.

Deep Cave System / Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« on: March 29, 2018, 09:38:13 AM »
Callista waited with baited breath for what would happen next. Whatever happened, she would accept it. When L’ale’s hand reached toward her face, she neither flinched nor stiffened. Her body would be receptive to anything for them.

The gentleness of his touch surprised her, but it was the unexpected kiss that caused her eyes to widen in surprise. Her body responded instantly to the kiss, however brief it was, even while her mind raced to understand. They weren’t…upset with her? Her gaze switched from L’ale to L’nal as they each took their turn to speak.

Their words began to sink in, and as they did, her feeling of worry and disappointment in herself melted into a feeling of foolishness. She and the baby were safe, weren’t they? And that was what mattered. She repeated their words back to herself in her mind, re-iterating the fact that she’d only been trying to stay active and healthy and a mistake happened. Her hands moved to her stomach, where the small bump was beginning to push through and make more of a statement.

Sometimes, if she waited long enough, she had been able to feel the baby moving. It wasn’t a frequent occurrence, yet, but the sign of life was all that was left she needed to know that she could truly relax. She smiled at the twins. “Thank you, both. I’m alright now.” Even though there was no kick or movement now, she trusted it would come with some time.

Callista picked at more dried food on the plate, nibbling at its sweetness before she attempted to change the topic of conversation. While she was overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness at their attention to her, she was uncomfortable with how weak and fragile she had appeared today. “I hope you didn’t end up missing anything of great importance from today. Were things quiet at the construction site?”

Ysveta too, had been some of the unlucky candidates to be roped into the chore. As much as she hadn't been regretting the duty, the waft of rotting flesh that hit her nostrils when she approached the doors of the storage house had her almost turning on her heel to retch. But the feeling was only momentary, like any difficult odour, her brain eventually blocked out the smell enough to get rid of the visceral reaction of a warehouse full of ruined fish.

Once she had managed to get herself under control, Ysveta found a spot in line, restraining from commenting about Calladren's quip. She had been about to tell him what sandscabs were, but her previous encounters with the fellow candidate had made her learn that she frequently misinterpreted what he was saying. Better keep quiet in case this was one of those times. If he really needed to know, he could ask a fisher, they would surely be able to inform him accurately.

See? She was learning.

The song he sang however was interesting. Not one that was currently being circulated in the Harper Hall to be sure, but she'd come across the score in her studies before. It wasn't the most intricate of songs, nor anywhere near to something that she truly enjoyed, but it had a certain charm to it. Ysveta couldn't help thinking about how much nicer it would be with accompaniment and contented herself with arranging a pipe trio accompaniment to the tune in her head.

No work was quite so bad when there was a song in the wind.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Decompressing [ 29.3.2590; 7:30 PM ] || Callista
« on: March 28, 2018, 07:44:19 PM »
Even while recounting her day to L’nal, her eyes never left the work being done to his leather. His every movement was slow, deliberate, drawing her in so much that she could almost imagine that the touches she gave herself were being delivered by L’nal and his oil. Callista drew her bottom lip between her teeth, inhaling sharply to catch her breath, before she finished. The admission of black weyrling gave her a chill that almost soured her mood.

She had hoped not to fixate on that detail, since it was one encounter she didn’t intend on repeating in the future, but his question drew her back. As much as she hated to admit it, she was going to have to deal with them more in the future in some capacity as that annoying Weyrleader’s dragon just kept producing more of the ominous-colored dragons. The Weyr had seen one black dragon reach graduation already, and it had completely turned the Weyr upside down by catching the Senior Gold at his first attempt.

Callista had thought it dumb luck the first time, but now that it happened again, they were a cause for concern. The bronze dragons were the top males. They were the best of them all. A black dragon needed to learn its place and start at the bottom—although her honest opinion would rather they nor the reds exist at all.

When L’nal asked for the names, she knew he wasn’t asking about the two riders’ names. A green was nothing to worry about. It was the black pair he wanted. “J’hal and Lesserath,” she recited back to him. She hoped that would be the last time their names would come up, but one Weyr was only so big. Would blacks only try to fly Golds? Or would some of them trying to fly her Ariyath? The thought paled Callista and the hand touching herself ceased. She couldn’t---wouldn’t---.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« on: March 28, 2018, 07:11:17 PM »
Callista was lost in Ariyath before the first competitor arrived in her weyr. She’d succumbed to the green as easily as giving in to sleep. It felt like falling into place. Here they were one. They were whole. The weyr fell away from view, and she was no longer thinking of the challengers who would enter her space or who might claim her tonight as a prize. Her feverish body stood by the bed, its only movement caused by the thick, excited breaths that tasted like fresh mountain air.

Ariyath didn’t waste any time waiting to see who would follow her. The more air she put between herself and the others, the more of a challenge it would be to make it to her. It wasn’t only her speed and agility as a Jungle green, who spent most of her time weaving through the Jungle and trying to catch wherry, but the wind that would make this morning a true contest of strength and will.

A burst of wind ripped through the mountain, tearing down and forcing her to the right. Her wings angled and pushed into the current, using her wings as sails to propel her forward before she barrel-rolled out of it. Ariyath climbed through the sky, bringing herself higher and higher over the sea now. She could finally see those that followed, though she’d heard a few of them at the start of her flight.

Her two favorites, Illoth and Skeleeth, were present, and although she enjoyed their company above any others, that favoritism played no part in her Flights. They knew that they would have to fight equally as hard as the rest to catch her. She wouldn’t be satisfied until the best dragon that chased her pulled her from the skies. She would not give in easily to any of them and would have to be forced to give in for this flight to end.

Another Jungle bronze, Goranth, sang sweet words to her. He was younger, but a Jungle rider and dragon were always counted as fierce competition. A brown, Uramaeth, praised her skill and taunted the wind. Had the sun been awake, Ariyath would have likely glowed momentarily from their attentions. However, it was the quieter dragons that drew her attention. Those who would take her flight seriously and know that any effort spent should be in finding the best way to catch her. Whether it was by speed, strength, stamina, or even strategy to catch her unsuspecting. The bronze from another Wing and the familiar Adakhanyth, who showed their intent by the force of their wings and silent conviction.

Rider Weyrs / Re: I Can Do This [24.02.2590] [8pm] ~ L'ale and L'nal
« on: March 28, 2018, 04:36:36 PM »
L’ale took the moment to watch her go. If she was going to make it so interesting, he might as well. Besides, he wasn’t rushed. Her walk away from the twins drew amused chuckles from a couple other riders near them. They didn’t have to hear the entire conversation to guess what might’ve transpired. With Wing business done and over for the rest of the day, what could be left but a bit of fun?

Especially with the way the Bronzers watched her.

L’ale walked with his brother in wordless, companionable quiet to the bathing pools.

He actually chuckled softly when they arrived and found her so relaxed. Getting in the water and relaxing did appeal heavily to the bronzer, so he mirrored his brother in tugging off his shirt and shucking his boots and pants. The twins were none too shy about undressing in front of one another – they shared a weyr after all. Once L’ale was in the water, and sitting along the edge to relax himself, he said simply, “You mentioned something about expressing appreciation?”

He was quite curious what she might have in mind and what sort of woman she might by now that she had them both in the water with her.

News traveled fast. Bad news traveled faster. One of the things Halirina got to oversee was the weyr’s food. It was important. Rationing was more so. When word of the infestation of the fish reached Halirina, she waited oh so politely until her aide had closed her office door before she up ended the contents of her desk on the floor in a flash of rage.

It was childish but damn it. If it wasn’t a hunter attack, if it wasn’t beach snakes eating people, then this?! She ran a hand over her face, through her hair, then walked out of her mess of an office with the intention of going to see for herself. Maybe it was all a cruel joke she could have someone tossed into the ocean for.

It’s not, her Gold supplied helpfully. Observing from her place in the weyrbowl, where the dragon had landed to scope it out without being in the way. Even from this distance, Kalestath’s eyes rolled into an irritable yellow at the smell.

So much prepped fish. Salted to last. A waste of minerals, time, and just.... a waste.

When she arrived, Halirina stood a moment to stand and survey the mess. She’d want an accurate count of everything lost, but that could wait too. She passed a hand over her face once more before sighing and moving to help. It wasn’t like she was going to get anything else done this morning with this on her mind. Her aides would no doubt fall in line and help once they tracked her down too.

Family & Friends / Best Friend for Impulsive Thrill-Seeker
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:31:49 PM »

"We've got the vision, let's have some fun"

Kharismene // Candidate // 15

About the Character:
Kharismene is a candidate who had spent her life as a drudge and gang member fighting for survival and her own happiness. She doesn't care what others think of her and won't fight for friendships if she says something to upset a potential friend, which has left her without any friends, save for one. She thrives on fun and danger and is hardly ever sitting still, unless being forced to study since she is so behind everyone else in reading and writing.

Wanted ICly:
No name - b.2574 - Candidate || This friend has been with her since the beginning, or at least as long as either of them can remember. He joined the same gang as her and they became partners in crime, always seeking the other one out before doing something fun. He is the only one to ever put up with her sometimes-flippant attitude and knows exactly how to either snap her out of it or reel her back in. He should be an easy-going guy that goes with the flow (very flexible because she is so impulsive), but he can also be dominant when needed to put his foot down with her. They are both very honest with one another, even to the point where he'll tell her when she's being a bitch. They aren't afraid to say anything to one another, although Khary has been known to get pissed and storm off. He will give her some time, but eventually he'll go find her again and they are back to normal without saying another word.

Wanted OOCly:
I'd like 2588-89 threads when he is Searched before her and the drama that ensues from there and then current threads of their time as candidates, either having fun/getting into trouble or him helping her with her studies. I don't have a preference of if he actually Impresses or not in the future. There's also a bit of sexual tension between the two of them. They are best friends, but there's always been an air of possessiveness hanging between the two of them since it has only been them for so long. Anyone else intruding on their bond is typically met with annoyance by the other person. They have seen/do see other people on and off, but have never actually tried anything with one another. This is an avenue I would consider based on how their current timeline threads go versus them just staying overprotective best friends whose future partners will have to fight for their acceptance.

Please let me know if you're interested before starting a profile and make him adoptable <3

Fisk gave the room a glare as Phenust gave his instructions. It was all that could be expected from a sandscab infection, Fisk had tried in vain to not entertain an idea of hope. They'd all heard of infections, those who worked out of Ista had always been very cautious with the state of their shipments, you never knew when a single scab would wiggle their way into the turn stocks.

With the Master's instruction, Fisk got to work. The first disgraced barrel within arms length had it's slid slammed back on, and the rolling began. Soon enough the dragon riders would be in here to lend a hand, as this would surely halt production until the stores were completely rid of the vile creatures.

He didn't even detest insects all that much, but the thought of scabs, paired with the now very clear image of a turns worth of fish gone to waste, made his skin crawl, and if their spiky little legs were crawling all over his arms and legs.

His nod to Phenust as he passed was one of simple understanding, Fisk may not be a Master like the other man, but he'd spent his entire life in the craft. Fisk understood the scope of this infestation, and what it would mean for the entirety of Fort Island. The fact that the Weyr and Hold relied so much upon the fisher craft was both a boon and a curse it seemed.

Passing along Phenust's order to the nearest dragonrider, Fisk started back for the next barrel.

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: March 24, 2018, 05:13:07 PM »
Aaaand I hatched two babies that look a little too similar to their parents for me to keep them. Free to SWW kids, otherwise I exalt because the Earthshaker is a good dad.

Spoiler for Behold!:
Inki stole this one

I am famous for my ugly snappers

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: March 24, 2018, 04:43:49 PM »
I have an open space now, because I finally exalted one of my first gen babies. Thank you <3

OOC Hang Out / Re: Flight Rising
« on: March 24, 2018, 04:38:22 PM »

Can I pretty please have the bottom one? I'll love you forever.

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