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OOC Hang Out / Re: NaNoWriMo
« on: Yesterday at 04:39:16 PM »

It's all going so wellllllllllllaoseustahoceuou

Announcements & Events / News Event Pause
« on: November 15, 2018, 11:16:33 PM »

Event Pause

I’m sure if you gais have been checking into the forum, you’ll note that we haven’t put up any new events. We’d just thought we should probably communicate that it’s been intentional. A lot of people have been hit with life things – classes, family stuff, etc – and we don’t want to put up a lot of events or progress the site timeline when so many are away and unable to participate.

That being said! We are still here, we’re still checking in every day. <3 

We’ll kick back into our normal schedule as people find time. Thanksgiving and end of terms is always a slower time for us, and we didn’t want to try and progress too much when so many of our members are scattered and dealing with life at the moment.

If you gais have any questions or concerns, hit us up.

As always, we’re floating around discord too. ^_^

OOC Hang Out / Re: NaNoWriMo
« on: November 14, 2018, 11:42:44 PM »
Just wanted to celebrate hitting 26k. :3 Over halfway done!! November is turning out to be hella busy. Especially with thanksgiving coming up and all that entails. Hope everyone is still truckin' along and making sure life isn't being too much of an ass. <3  :love: <3

Absences / Sporadic Bee
« on: October 28, 2018, 10:11:58 PM »
I've been pretty scarce the last week or so and will likely be very blarrrghhh for the coming week as well! I am very sorry. I had


and continue to have


that have been extremely worthwhile but also extremely taxing. The bulk of the stress should be done by Thursday.

Beach Wing was a station that she did not resent one bit. The island was a welcome change from the cold landscape at Fort and the coast offered everything that her old home had not. The sands were sprawling, lovely and warm, and the ocean stretched for as far as she could see. Nothing felt confining here, and everything seemed possible.

The morning was beautiful. Uramaeth hadn’t been so cheerful in a long time and his focus shifted readily from task to task. While grounded, he fanned his wings out as much as possible so that he might also soak up the sun’s shine while dragging nets. His wings also offered a brief reprieve to those more sun-sensitive, and he was amused to find a few children dashing around his shadow presently. He minced his steps, mindful of them as he backed up along the beach with his net in tow.

Truly, this place was paradise. It felt too good to be true, after all they’d gone through.

Enjoy it, the Brown’s commentary broke R’ael’s thoughts. The work is physical and long but this environment.. I don’t think I ever knew real plants. These untamed spoils, nothing artificially farmed or coaxed into existence. He lifted his head and inhaled deeply, treasuring the scent of life.

R’ael smirked at his words. He’d certainly learned to say pretty things over the years, probably the result of too many chases. She didn’t deign to respond but flicked some fish scales his way. They landed short, but he got the message.

This had become their routine in the short time they’ve been at the island. And so it would have continued, had an abrupt turn of events not unraveled so quickly.

R’ael only saw a brief flurry of activity- water and sand and nothing else. Those closer reacted with panic and so she turned to Uramaeth to see if he’d seen what happened.

No, I don’t know. He crouched on the sand and a few children hugged close to his sides. R’ael left her post but kept a grip on her descaling knife. “Head back to the weyr,” she shouted toward them, figuring getting them out of the way might at least ease the process of figuring out what was going on.

More people were shouting and it seemed that their general intention was to get away from the water. R’ael shook her head and looked up, scanning the skies. There were some clouds but nothing ominous there, what was the issue?

Absences / OOC In and out
« on: October 25, 2018, 01:36:16 PM »
Just checking in to say I'm still here. Work was crazy with 12 projects going live 10/1, then dealing with the fallout of 1 of them that is still not yet resolved. I've got another business trip in two weeks, then taking a road trip the week of Thanksgiving, so after all of that things should be settled. I'll try to post here and there when muse calls and I have the time (my poor weyrling is mad I keep making him miss everything  :fear:).


Faytona wasn’t worried or nervous, wondering if Bl’yx would believe her or not. Words were frequently just that, to some people. Words. Actions then, would be what proved herself to him and she was fine with that. It’d come with time and everything would, eventually, sort itself out. In that, Faytona would and could be eternally patient and infinitely kind. Especially when it came to the two people she loved most in the world.

She’d waited so long to be with Perun, she would not likewise rush or ruin things between her and Bl’yx because he had his own worries and fears. Everyone did.

It wasn’t like Perun had believed her so long ago when she said she’d loved him too. Understandable, though. She’d been a little girl and drastically inexperienced in what life meant and had to offer. Faytona had grown and while she was still clueless when it came to some things, she’d only become more certain in others. This was one such thing.

Faytona knew what she wanted, who she wanted to be with.

Her eyes partially opened when she felt him move and smiled some when it was to lean down and kiss her. Which was lovely. One of her hands lightly brushed against his jaw and she encouraged him to linger in it, but she didn’t hold him to the kiss. Then, she murmured lazily, “Do you still want to have dinner with me?”

She wasn’t ready to go into the weyr yet. Let it air out. That’s just what she needed. Some time away from all that and to go to a place that would be theirs for however long she wanted it to be. Without invoking images of anything else.

It wasn’t that she hated him or his dragon for what had happened. She knew it. Had already come to terms with it. But accepting the idea of it and having to just sit while someone she’d quite clearly put a stake on, a claim on, was...

It was a very holder bred, non-rider way of thinking about things and she couldn’t help that. She didn’t have a dragon and Meyesk wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want him to do, Run or not. Chase or fight. She was utterly in control. Generally, she got to tell even X’hos what to do, but there were very static lines drawn that she already knew about.

Coming face to face with them was a little different than having to verbally accept them.

Meyelthra stripped before she’d even really entered the private pool area, tossing the shirt off to the side and slipping into the water. Anything to distract from all of it and just... let herself relax. The hot water on her skin was nice.

She knew he’d come. It didn’t even occur to her he wouldn’t. They wouldn’t be together if he wasn’t the sort to not show when he was told to.

Announcements & Events / Re: New Bookmark Mod
« on: October 25, 2018, 12:43:27 AM »
I'm excited about it.  :love: Save all the info threads! :bird:

OOC Hang Out / Re: Dragon's Code by Gigi McCaffrey
« on: October 20, 2018, 06:20:59 AM »
So I forgot about this because I was poor this last month. But I have just ordered the book and it should arrive just after my final exams. So hopefully I can pick it up and lock myself in my room until I've finished it  :excited:

J'ken had thought that might be what was going to be asked, which was why he made the offer to speak in private. Rooms were very carefully selected, despite how it might appear. Candidates that already didn't get along had to be assessed and in some cases thrown together and in others kept apart. It was a balancing act in making the weyrlings work together and stopping any fights that would distress the dragons.

He had to flick through his notes to find Thrane's roommates, another bronze whose rider was fifteen and a green with a thirteen year old. Younger as he said, yes, but they weren't the excitable reds who might actually drive him out.

“They are younger yes,” J'ken agreed as he grabbed another chair so he wasn't looming, “however they are at the exact same point in their life right now.” He paused, putting his notes back on the table. “It doesn't matter whether you are twelve or twenty, right now you're weyrlings.”

This was perhaps one of the biggest things to adjust to and why the first month was still light on training, with most of it going to be ettiquette and protocol, which would incidentally help with the adjustment. “Whatever you may have been before, Theolth is what defines you now.”  He gestured at the bronze. “He will determine what you can be. It might be for you to work for things, but he has given you your place. You are a bronze rider. Getting along with your wingmates during drills will be the very least of the skills you need. Theolth will rise when he's of age to catch the Queens. If he catches Kalestath for example, will you actually care for all your riders as people? Will you interact with them and understand them? Or will you be a distant weyrleader that only interacts when he absolutely has to? Speaking as a wingrider, I can assure you that does make a difference.”

J'ken smiled, trying to take the sting out of the rebuke. “Learning to be a good leader starts now. You say you have nothing in common with them because they are younger. Talk to them and find something in common. If nothing else you are all dragon riders now. There are very few reasons to change rooms around, one night of cohabitation is not one of them. Remember the friendlier you are, the more likely they are to accommodate you.”

He stands back up, “I'll have to return in case anyone else has questions or wishes to talk to me. I would suggest you go back and talk too but I will not force you to interact, only highly recommend it.”


OOC Hang Out / Re: Whatcha Watching?
« on: October 15, 2018, 10:40:46 PM »
 :excited: I love the haunting of hill house. They're doing so many things right. I've actually had to pause it a couple of times, or hide behind my hands, because I just... know.... it's gonna be bad. Or I jump and freak out. XD

OOC Hang Out / Re: Whatcha Watching?
« on: October 15, 2018, 05:08:55 PM »
Ahhh I started watching The Haunting of Hill House today and it seems really good but really spooky. I had to turn it off once it started to get dark so the bent-neck Lady didn't get me. I'm definitely going to enjoy it during daylight hours though. I'd also recommend Hold The Dark for Netflix spooky stuff.

I try to watch my favorite bad & classic horror movies every October. I watched the original Ginger Snaps this weekend and am trying to find a couple of the others online.

Vassatiere wasn’t sure how she felt being between two people who were having a conversation, but it wasn’t so bad since she knew one of them and it wasn’t really a conversation if they were just exchanging a few words, was it?

Ysolth was quite content with his little game because it meant he could stay right where he was and, really, it required a fair bit of concentration, skill, and coordination. The best games of all. He didn’t feel as antisocial as his Vassatiere, but he also was near violently determined to stay with her. She was his, after all.

When Na’va made mention that someone had left, she did frown. “I think the implication is that we’re supposed to stay, and get to know... one another?” Her words were a little rough, clearly disproving of someone who had just walked out even though she certainly didn’t want to stay. She didn’t want to get in trouble even more and she certainly didn’t want to seem like a lazy person, or slacker. Neither did she think pretending was a viable option.

Which meant, well, she had to talk to them. Looking down at Ysolth on her lap, she ran a hand along his back before she said, “There’s no reason we can’t just talk to eachother.” It sounded snippy. Vassatiere certainly didn’t mean it that way, she just frequently sounded that way when her words came out quick and clipped.

It was just her way.

Counter to her supposed waspish statement, she looked at Na’va and asked, “Do you have family at the Weyr?” It was a safe question, generally. A normal one. Right? She glanced at D’via and hoped the other girl would understand the question was also posed to her.

@Jarakrisafis @Inki

OOC Hang Out / Re: Whatcha Watching?
« on: October 13, 2018, 02:42:19 AM »
Tis the season for horror movies and I've been on a kick.


I absolutely loved this movie. Loved it. It is definitely not the normal horror movie since it's set in the colonial, very religious times and it preys more on those fears than, say, slasher movies. But it does so very well. Also. The ending, man. The ending. :happy:


I should preface this with I love almost all the saw movies. They're definitely twisted, certainly gory, and I like them for that. This movie is no different. I also felt like this movie was a call back to the original movie ( hence the name? ) and I really like it for that. There was about... 5 mins toward the end I didn't like... but beyond that, it was a nice, solid horror movie.


There's a couple things about this one. The name is sorta stupid, it's by IFC Films which, when you've seen as many horror movies as I have, is usually an indication you're in for... well, a "movie". It's a pretty cliche set up - goth kid is goth. (( She's wearing a H.I.M. shirt in one shot. I enjoyed that >_> )) And a lot of it comes across as.. whiny? Not really horror-movie esque. But it ramps up and some of the creepy parts are legit creepy.

Also, I really enjoy how it ended. Definitely a good movie just for that.

and Fourth

I digged this one. It did some neat stuff, had some of those creepy "oh look, weird shit is happening in the background" moments. Love the atmosphere of the movie and the scares are good.

Next up? Netflix has The Haunting of Hill House >:3

Meyelthra had really debated whether or not she’d bother to show up. Gambling just for the sake of it wasn’t really her thing. It was a droll affair, really. It lacked the rush, the violence, of a wher fight. And, as far as she knew, there wasn’t going to be any wher fights at the gambling den.

Which didn’t surprise her, but it did disappoint her. X’hos had been a bit leery about leaving her there overnight since the last time she’d come home with an injured wher, but she’d just waved it off as a run fight. A locked run, so he had nothing to fret over. She always explained that she just got drunk and had a good time with her friends for the run which wasn’t always a lie. Meyelthra didn’t run off to the Hall just so she could sleep around. She was quite fulfilled in the sex department and wasn’t some thrill seeking holder wife who needed to sleep with strangers to feel better about herself.

But, she felt a certain sense of nostalgic obligation to go. People she knew would be there. It’d be like witnessing a part of her past coming to life. If nothing else, she’d grab drinks with friends then be on her way. Find a friend’s bed she could pass out on eventually until morning, when her dutiful green rider would come scoop her up and she could spend the entire day in her bed.

What a plan.

Arriving at the Gambit felt like taking a step into the past. The dark, quiet tunnel that led to the din of conversation. The steadily rising noise, the brightened glow that revealed the door. It was all so... It really was like Fort. Meyelthra might as well have never left.

She waved at the ‘doorman’ and just sauntered in. A woman like Meyelthra clearly belonged. After a quick survey of the place, she actually threw her arms up and loudly, happily shouted, “Heey! My favorite drinkin’ buddy! Kyrrin!” She actually meant it too.

"Tresspassing" Veryk purred with a sly smile, happy that their roomate seemed inclined to play along. It wasn't wholly inaccurate either, technically by indulging in the weyrlife since arriving, as opposed to focussing on craft and hold was the reason they'd ended up a candidate. They did exhale softly through their nose at the introduction, pausing ever so slightly before taking the offered hand in a soft grip. Had they been standing, they would have been inclined to cutsey, the continuing smile tugging at the corner of their mouth as if they had a secret D'vik didn't know about.

"Veryk of Karrimuth. Though I'm sure we managed names if nothing else before our dragons dragged us to sleep." they teased, retrieving their hand from his to brush their hair back behind their ear before bringing it back to the table and resting their chin in their hand.

They regarded D'vik from their vantage point, though their features did not give away too much, glancing for a moment to the red that had darted away to play tag with one of its clutchmates. "You're the twin, aren't you?" they asked, their voice soft but easy to hear at such proximity. All attention was for the red weyrling now, intense perhaps, if one did not enjoy that sort of thing.

"Karrimuth is a twin too." They added smile growing wider at the black dragon's response to that specific concept. It wasn't entirely untrue. All the hatchlings from the one clutch were technically siblings in the way twins would be, but they referred more to the black dragon that had hatched almost exactly when Karrimuth had. To make their entrance into the world at roughly the same time while sharing the same hide colour had to make them more twin-like than others. Though the same could be said to the reds who all hatched at just about the same time.

Karrimuth was idly listening in, responding to the comment about the sibling that stumbled over him on hatching being more than just a clutchmate earning Veryk a huffy rebuke. More importantly, however, was the desire to not be stepped on when one of the reds who occupied the room he slept in started running around. Keep your games away from me, Heppath he warned, sliding his tail closer to his body just in case it proved too tempting for the playing dragons.


"I guess it was." Na'va shrugged in response to Vassatiere's greeting. They hadn't been much for words so far which suited her just fine. She did, however, enjoy D'via's words. "Works for me, but you know, we could probably just leave... He did." Na'va jerked her head in the direction of the door that J'ken and Thrane had left through.

Derraseth did consider Anedaith's offer, cocking his head at her with a penetrating stare. Eventually, the other red received a Nope in response. It had been nice of the other red to offer, but with two of them already careening around the room, he didn't particularly feel like blending in with them.

Na'va raised an eyebrow questioningly at Derraseth. Well, they've made themselves very obvious haven't they? While she didn't precisely know how she understood what he was getting at, she did. A little different from Na'va's own want to just do whatever everyone else didn't, Derraseth seemed to just want to keep others on their toes. She was down with that too.

Instead, he enjoyed playing his quiet game of cat and mouse with Ysolth. Both of them could sit comfortably in their bonded's laps, but Derraseth would dangle his tail and attempt to pull it out of the way before Ysolth could reach it. He squirmed a few times when he misjudged Ysolth's speed, causing Na'va to hiss at him to digging his claws into her, but Derraseth just hissed lovingly back at her before continuing his game with Ysolth.

OOC Hang Out / Re: What does your username mean?
« on: October 12, 2018, 03:23:05 AM »
Soooooo I needed a forum name that sounded like a name. Cause I'd seen some which didn't really feel namey to me, that always just felt weird calling a person whatever it was. AND it was Pern forum. So I thought of the -th suffix. And then I was like... writing... quill motif... ink... Inkith!

So originally the name was Inkith, and still is across other non-RP sites that I joined like deviantart and such. Then the natural nickname Inki came out of it, which is very close to my real name and seemed to suit. Therefore, when I moved over to SWW I decided to go with the shortened name 'cause it's cute.

That's my story! Reading that a lot of the above are people's real names is very cool since mine morphed that way eventually. (YOUR NAME IS BEE?! It's lovely)

OOC Hang Out / Re: RPG Personality Test
« on: October 12, 2018, 03:14:11 AM »

*snorts* Who woulda guessed Sanctified and I got the same?

OOC Hang Out / Re: RPG Personality Test
« on: October 12, 2018, 02:55:48 AM »

I'll go with this. I do usually play more support type characters.

OOC Hang Out / Re: What does your username mean?
« on: October 12, 2018, 02:52:23 AM »
Mine originally came from star wars cosplay, I needed an alien name and came up with Jara'kri'safis. But most online things don't allow the apostrophes so that got shortened to Jara or Jarak which tends to be how I go by online.
Or using the centre of the name you get Kris, which due to a misunderstanding in university I got introduced as, so there are now very few people that know me by my legal name (which I'm not unhappy abut because I hate it but don't have the spare cash to change it).

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: October 12, 2018, 01:10:28 AM »
Meica trilled her delight when Rinokan remembered her. Not that it was expected he would not, but she liked being acknowledged and rubbed her little cheek against his before flapping back to her spot near Zeketh. She had to prepare for the long journey too, after all!

P’ar waved away Rinokan’s concern about overstaying his welcome. It was still early, as far as he was concerned. “Don’t worry. I’ll get enough sleep.” The Blue Rider was responsible, and certainly wouldn’t be staying up too late. Beyond that, he added, “You shouldn’t be up too late anyway, hm? Weyrling training is bound to get more difficult.” P’ar kept to himself as a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth when Rinokan added it was nice to see him.

The Blue Rider was not the pining sort. He would certainly miss the companionship he’d found with Rinokan, but he wasn’t about to lament about that aloud. It’d be a disservice to the candidate-now-weyrling and P’ar didn’t want him to feel any manner of guilt about Impressing. All of this moment should be a happy thing. P’ar intended to be around in the next two turns. If they were still friends then, they could pick up at that time.

For now, P’ar understood that nearly all of Rinokan’s attention needed to be on the delightful little Red. Which didn’t bother him at all.

“You’re always welcome to visit,” he said. It didn’t occur to P’ar that Rinokan shouldn’t be there or that he might get in trouble. There was absolutely no risk of anything happening.

Zeketh continued to study the much smaller dragon. Her apology seemed to be met with approval, but it was extremely difficult to tell, even for another dragon, how Zeketh felt about much of anything. He was quite a closed off Blue and preferred it that way. Then, his attention shifted to Rinokan, like a stone weight being dropped on the other, younger Rider. Tell yours that I have missed him. he slowly said, words dragging through Hisketh’s mind like a thunder storm might linger over the island. Not intentionally loud, just present.

P’ar didn’t hear what his dragon was saying, but it was almost like he knew Zeketh was actually talking. He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at his Blue briefly.

OOC Hang Out / Re: What does your username mean?
« on: October 11, 2018, 10:14:09 PM »
I call myself Bee because my name is Bee!

I'll use hatefulhoneybee if three letters is too short a handle for the domain, or if plain old Bee is already taken.

IRL I often introduce myself as "Bee like the bug" since a lot of people hear Dee or Vee, or think it's short for Beatrice and spell it Bea.

OOC Hang Out / Re: What does your username mean?
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:31:35 PM »
I've used tonnes of names in the past but Kyya stuck since it's uncommon enough that I rarely have to change. Variations include KyyaStorm and KyyaStormlord. But since I named my minion Kyya I now go by LordRah or OverlordRah (if Lordrah is taken) which is literally just a play on my name. My nickname irl is Rah ^^

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