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Absences / Re: I'm a butt
« on: Yesterday at 12:59:04 AM »
My immediate reaction to the title was "You're a butt!" except that was redundant.

I hope you get a hold of your changes at a pace you're comfortable with. Faranth knows change can be hell on earth, no matter if it's for the better. I miss you... but I never mind waiting for your posts. They're certainly worth it... And totally not worth putting undue pressure on you.


Because Kyya's opinion is the one that matters the most o.c.

Edited to say that any pressure clasifies as undue pressure because I feel like everything I'm typing at the moment makes me sound like a knob but I really just wanted to squeal with delight that you were here posts or no posts because I missed you too ._.

Absences / I'm a butt
« on: Yesterday at 12:02:02 AM »

I'm sorry I didn't post before I left, I'm just all over the place at the moment. As of this coming Tuesday I should be able to get back into the swing of things. Just been a lot of changes for me recently and I hadn't quite got the gist of it yet.

But I'll be back soon, I miss you all <3

Iralye mounted up on Rallekath, barely stopping herself from wrinkling her nose at the foreign riders that had joined their ranks today. She might have been more tolerable if she'd only had to deal with Beach Riders who had crawled their way up from the sand today, but Prairie riders? Ugh. She wondered how many wherries they were going to lose today because of their entirely untrained wing members.

They were Jungle Wing for a reason, 'cause they trained to go into the Jungle each and every day, and get back out as well. Faranth forbid the Jungle should be overly dangerous today, because she wasn't sure she had it in her to keep her mouth shut when the foreigners realised they were completely out of their depth... That wasn't true, Iralye was a dutiful Jungle Green if she was anything, and no matter what happened she'd keep trap shut to make Jungle Wing look good.

Rallekath too was not entirely happy to be rubbing shoulders with so many women from other wings. She barely tolerated the competition of Jungle Greens and now she was supposed to try and deal with the other wings females as well.

With both women looking particularly haughty, they lifted with the rest of the wing as L'nal raised his arm, giving the signal to blink between. As their group alighted above a section of Jungle, Rallekath's lyrical voice with just a hint of edge sounded within her.

Ready to show them what Jungle Wing can do?

You bet. Poised and ready to undertake their typical flushing technique, the two waited eagerly for the signal to release.

@SirAlahn for L'nal's group mention.

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:10:15 PM »
The whoosh of dragons wings, followed by a thump and screech of an irritated Hunter heralded the arrival of a rider come to their rescue. Using the moment of the Hunter's distraction to scramble utop Denoth once more, K'rez's thighs tightened to a death grip, the straps that would usually enable the pair free reign in their moments dangling uselessly down the brown's side.

K'rez waved an arm back at their rescuer. "I'm fine-" But whatever he was about to continue to say was ripped from his throat as Denoth dived onto the now exposed Hunter. Tearing at the neck that thrashed and extended backwards in an attempt to get at Tasuroth, who wisely kept himself back from the depleted jaw.

But even now the two of them in their bond could feel the burning hot trail of ichor as it slid down Denoth's belly. They couldn't abandon N'syn and Tasuroth to the Hunter beneath them, but they needed to make quick work of the beast if they were going to successfully between to the safety of the Weyr. That was all K'rez could decide without truly knowing how bad the injury was, but Denoth's fighting did not seem greatly hindered by the injury, as the brown continued to dart in and out of range of the pinned Hunter, slicing and ripping at any exposed flesh.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@SirAlahn for the timely rescue <3

It didn't take long for H'riel to join the rest of his wing in the bowl, though when the news first broke that Beach Wing would be joining Jungle in the Weyrbowl he had needed to take a few moments to assess whether his preparation the night before would be adequate for the new assignment.

This will be a good opportunity for us. We will be able to see how well we fly with Jungle. Dwalath rumbled as H'riel settled himself into position, the rider tense with the uncertainty of what lay ahead. He was interested, of course, and understood that they were being called to join in so as to increase the food they would be able to bring back... but it's not like they'd flown with Jungle Wing before.

They'd been fully fledged riders for almost five months now, and he felt as though he was well suited to his position in the wing. The few weyrlings that had made it into the wing with him had given him some semblance of familiarity to ease him into it... Jungle wing was another level entirely.

Saissith and hers have managed it. Dwalath interrupted, reinforcing the sense that it was a good opportunity as he landed. And we'll have our wingmates with us as well. He added, though his attention was all for the Green dragon that had hatched the clutch before his. Had they been sunning themselves while their riders did drills, or otherwise free to socialise, the Brown would be asking all sorts of questions, both in preparation for his own maiden voyage to the Jungle, and to know just what Saissith had been doing since her wing placement.  Perhaps afterwards there would be time to catch up. He'd been rather occupied in getting to know his wingmates, that he'd altogether forgotten to enquire about the other rider's that had been part of his classes for nigh on three turns.

H'riel gave Dwalath a gentle stroke to acknowledge his words, breathing deeply before is attention focused outwards, to the other riders in the group he had been assigned to. He hadn't been late, though other beach riders had certainly managed to beat him there, which meant only a few more moments of uncertainty before they were being signaled to rise, and then, given order to go between.

H'riel shivered as they reappeared, this time above the bright, deceptively calm greenery that was the jungle proper, the fierce cold followed by the return of the almost stifling humidity, disconcerting. Trill and Chirp will be joining us. Dwalath warned quickly, the words immediately followed by the appearance of the green and blue firelizards, their own bubble of cool air dispelled quickly as they situated themselves on the saddle.

It was a testament to the work he'd put into training the two young flits that they did not cause a fuss, flattening themselves as much as possible as Dwalath angled his body with the rest of their group. H'riel had needed to make sure that the firelizards could be trusted to work in tandem with he and Dwalath, without the constant reinforcement that other flits may require. It meant he could trust them to disappear when things got dangerous rather than sticking around and trying to help, minimizing the possibility that H'riel may become distracted trying to protect them.. not to mention that helping may cause more harm than good.

Spoiler for OOC:
Tag for @SanctifiedSavage because I mentioned Saissith (hope you don't mind) and I haven't specified which group H'riel is with because I suck at decisions. So do with that information what you will.

B'ron hated these first few months of the turn, where all of the Golds seemed to take it upon themselves to fly within months of each other. And B'ron himself had three tense months between losing Kalestath's flight, before reclaiming Oriath. His own victory always dampened by the knowing that Kalestath was egg heavy with the mutations eggs yet again.

But hating things was not something new for him, and it was definitely his duty to congratulate the Senior Queen on the children she supplied yet again for the betterment of the Weyr... although if she continued to reproduce such large clutches, the Weyr may have an overpopulation problem on their hands.

Stiff and stonefaced, B'ron entered the hatching sands sands, eyes flickering across the sands to calculate how many Kalestath had produced this turn.

Another Pass sized clutch. Great, just enough for S'bok and the mutation to let their heads get even bigger than they already were. It was a wonder the black could fly. He sincerely hoped neither of them seriously considered that it was their doing causing Kalestath's larger clutches, and realised that it was obviously the prerogative of the Gold and no one else.

Bowing to Kalestath and Halirina, with a jerked incline of his head to S'bok, B'ron duty was almost over. Striding to one side of the sands, he settled with arms crossed over his chest to observe their future Weyr members.

J'ken remembered - vaguely - his mother taking him to view eggs at Telgar, her voice patiently instructing him that it is polite, no matter what your rank, to go and congratulate the Queen and rider. To not do so is akin to suggesting that you are not grateful for what they do for Pern. And that goes doubly if you are a rider, since your dragon had to be hatched sometime. He had never forgotten that, especially when he impressed himself. Without a Queen having a clutch he wouldn't have Tadriath.

And since that wasn't a concept he could really recognise anymore, (he'd been J'ken and Tadriath for so long that he knew he'd choose to follow his blue if he lost him), that he set off for the hatching sands without a pause when Tadriath told him that Kalestath was no longer apt to throw him out for intruding.

He skirted round the candidates as he entered, waiting till they had all given their respects and moved off to one side a little. He smiled at the whispers echoing around the cavern and shook his head, he couldn't remember being as small and eager as some of them. Tadriath helpfully flashed him a memory, one that his blue hadn't forgotten, of a young J'ken standing on the hatching sands right before they had impressed on each other.

“Weyrwoman, Weyrleader. My congratulations on your clutch.” He said with a bow. Just because they moved to a new Weyr was no reason for the old formalities to be lost.

One dining hall was the same as any other really when you're hungry. That thought was something that Kyrrin would rue as a scuffle started a few bodies behind her. I mean, she'd been thinking in terms of food provided and places to sit. In terms of civility and calm here should have been, well, calm, when compared to some of her other haunts. Seriously though, is eating in peace too much to ask for? She huffed, overtly ignoring the fight, although her body was turned to keep them in sight and her hand rested on her belt knife.

Kyrrinsk snorted, sitting back on her haunches, wings flaring along with a mental sending of concern/surprise/anticipation at the same time as somebody stepped back with a scream. The belt knife was out of it's sheathe in a moment as Kyrrin put her back against the wall.

She didn't expect a small blue wher to barrel into the fray but she had to give his handler credit for such a speedy response and for accurate targeting as the knife wielder went down.

The brown joining in was what did it. Rule one: don't bring a knife to a fistfight. Rule two: Don't attack a smaller wher that's doing its job. The sharding browns handler is an idiot, the blue had everything under control. Kyrrinsk growled and Kyrrin didn't even have to speak, the green had already worked out what her handler wanted, lunging towards the brown to help the smaller wher get free.

Kyrrin was left behind by a few steps and had only enough free time to register the irony of the situation: the blues handler was a sharding peacekeeper, and possibly more important; did he just punch a wher?

Universal Events / Re: [ 24.04.2591 ] Necessity Breeds Teamwork
« on: July 15, 2018, 01:10:17 PM »
R'ael joins the hunt with Beach wing. That this is out of her normal routine, and that they're diving into the jungle head first, has her feeling uneasy. Nonetheless, she and Uramaeth must help the weyr.

Weyrlings C'dus, F'erro, T'rel and Droissa are all eager to pitch in and help clean kills in the weyrbowl.

Nieve also finds herself put to task in the area, ferrying cleaned meat into the kitchen stores and later on, dealing with all of the unpleasant leftovers before it invites any unpleasant wild things into the bowl.

Saviavi is busy with candidate things. Hold folk Nealros, Bekareni and Penderton are likewise unawares, this is just a normal day for them.

Code: [Select]
[{droissa}] || [{nieve}] || [{penderton}] || [{cdus}] || [{saviavi}] || [{nealros}] || [{bekareni}] || [{ferro}] || [{trel}] || [{rael}]
Added : SirAlahn

There were a few things that separated Nalata from the rest of her peers, things that reinforced the difference between her future role in the weyr and theirs. It was somewhat easier to ignore originally... she had extra lessons, of course, but it could be brushed aside as extra curricular, a not uncommon practice for many weyrlings. As Minath reached maturity and their lessons became more specific, however, the gap between herself and her classmates were getting larger. It had reached a point where Nalata felt as though what drills and lessons she attended with the rest of the class were purely for her benefit, called away to other duties whenever a lesson did not relate directly to her's, or Minath's own development and future role.

Times like this it became even more apparent. Along with other clutchmates, she had been allowed to assist in the hunt, by cleaning kills as they arrived. For other classmates it was potentially a glimpse into their not too distant future, particularly when some of the beach riders, and even jungle had gotten there right after weyrlinghood... But it wasn't a future she would share. It was a sobering realization, though one she had experienced many times before.

All thoughts for another day - perhaps some she could voice to A'lori that evening. Right now she would need to simply wait for the first batch of riders to return, prepared to assist wherever needed and not at all concerned about getting her hands a little (or a lot) bloody in the process.

Minath herself had found a sunny patch nearby to settle down in, close enough to observe her bonded but far enough away that she wouldn't be underfoot once the hunting wings returned. It was possible she may be asked to assist innweyrling drills or the like, but with Nalata occupied, or soon to be occupied, chances were she would be able to simply enjoy the sun while the weyr worked.

Gavita chuckled a little as she walked with the Rider, her pace relaxed. The end of the day was the time to socialize and relax. She rather liked the Rider so far, too.

At the follow-up question, she shrugged a shoulder and glanced at Finna. “Or that’s the very reason.” All to be playful. Of course they were going to stop by the hot springs first. The tunnels leading down to them were humid and glistening around the glows. It was warm and muggy, but Gavita always thought it felt good. The signal to the end of a day, her body already subconsciously relaxing.

Once they were there, Gavita simply stepped into the large public pool area so she could quickly undress. A nice scrub down before they actually had some food. While Gavita might be a crafter, she didn’t mind taking her clothes off in front of the Rider. Not when it was just for a quick bath. Nothing more.


So she intentionally kept her eyes to herself and climbed into the public pool, where they certainly weren’t alone, to quickly scrub down.

Blue, like a good wher, remained in the tunnels beyond. He knew better than to go gallivanting around in the bathing pools.

Haithen would never get used to going to the Jungle. He was still new to Jungle. Months had gone by and he was still fresh to the Wing, but that didn’t make him any less determined to show that he could, and would, be a vital member.

Saissith too. So when it was time to go hunting with the others, Haithen felt the thrill of nerves tingle down his spine. Not only would he be hunting with his wingmates, but Beach as well. While he knew that not everyone was watching him, he still felt some added pressure. Like he was being watched.

He was trying not to be anxious, so he fiddled with his straps for something to do while he waited on the others to arrive. Checking and rechecking the leather he checked the night before.

It’s ok. We’ll do great, just like we always do. she cooed with the aim to calm her Rider. Haithen grinned at her, rubbed her shoulder, then climbed up onto the saddle. When the signal was given, they lifted up into the air and went Between with the rest of their Wing.

Coming up and out over the jungle was always a rush. So much green and life that just didn’t exist over the rest of Pern. Coming from Fort, it was beautiful and vibrant. It felt like enough vegetation and life, surely enough, that they could last however long. Could sustain the Weyr and Hall.

Now, though, it was time to hunt. Saissith thrummed, happy, before she dove into the jungle.

K’eeda quite liked hunting. It was new and different. A change in the normal routine of fishing and net hauling. It was exhilarating going into the jungle and flying around, snatching at wherry from the air. Aeleroth certainly got a kick out of it. So when news reached them that they wouldn’t be joining the fishers on the beach but that they should gather in the weyrbowl with Jungle, K’eeda was right as rain and perky. Gearing to go.

Strapped checked twice over, K’eeda was on Aeleroth long before the others. Waiting for the rest of the Wing to gather up, get in position, and prepare for the entire mess. Some were nervous, some, like K’eeda, were eager.

When the signal went for them to go up and Between, K’eeda did just that. Aeleroth launched himself up and the cold darkness of Between was a rush. Especially bursting out of Between over the very green and vibrant jungle.

Time to go to work. At least this was fun.

Moss had absolutely no qualms in not holding back, racing around both chasing and being chased in the weyr bowl with the Red. It was all great fun! Especially because the dragon wasn’t being aggressive or angry about anything. Rather, she was quite enjoyable to play with. Moss was always close enough that the Red could touch her – always making the game fair – because what would the point be otherwise? She also twirled and dipped low, sometimes forcing the Red to dip down and get close to the grass.

Seeing the Rider smile in such a way put Daysepona further at ease. No one could smile like that and be upset, not even hiding it. That smile was genuine. When he said that his dragon looked like a flower, she looked at the little Red and considered the statement before shrugging a little. “I wouldn’t really know, to be honest. Not really havin’ seen much myself. But she is a really nice color, not havin’ seen much of a color like that. Since most are all… natural-like colors, ya know?”

Meyelthra watched him through narrowed eyes as X’hos moved over her, as she’d pulled him to do. Balanced over her but not a looming, overwhelming presence. He just blocked out the rest of the world while he leaned down to lightly kiss at her jaw.

His murmured words made her smile lazily. Her hands lightly gripped his shoulders and she grunted a little to acknowledge his words. Meyelthra didn’t need the reassurance because she didn’t think, for a moment, he wanted anyone else there. He was too busy tending to her, doing what she said. X’hos’ schedule frequently worked around her own, especially if she wanted to go down to the Hall. Between being a busy Rider – a Jungle Rider at that – and being with her in the evening he didn’t really have the time to pine away for someone else. He just didn’t have the head space for it.

“When is it supposed to happen?” she murmured, closing her eyes and allowing the relaxation of the day to sink back in. She did want to sleep soon and now that all that unpleasantness was done and over with, she probably would.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Extracurriculars [ 23.4.2591; 8:45 PM ] || Open
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:40:38 PM »
It had been almost a full month since Sokon's clutchmates had been given their own groundweyrs, and the ability to escape the sometimes overwhelming activity of the greater weyr was immeasurable bliss- for both rider and Dragon. Tasik was better able to visit them now, without Sokon worrying about his presence causing issues for any fellow weyrlings, and the rest of her family members too. Teeahn, of course, and Jyndith tended to be the most frequent visitors, but that wasn't a surprise to anyone.

It was almost enough to make you lose sight of the end game - to play at being a fully fledged rider, obligated to fulfill your wing duties and nothing more. But truth be told Sokon and Creath were still just another weyrlingpair, and had a great deal more growing to do yet.

Which is why they were out on the training field that evening. As per their standard routine, Creath had been holding her wings out, enjoying, almost, the familiar stretch that it caused. now that she could fly whenever she wanted, it was almost unnecessary, her wing strength not needing the extra nudge to minimise the chance of injuring herself. It was still a part of their routine, however, and they'd long ago expanded on their evening sessions to incorporate other areas they felt needed improvement. Some nights it meant flying, practicing their part in one of the drills D'zel or Wa'by had them working on. Other nights the training was a little more... intense.

I will only share once more tonight. Breath deeply. the green hummed tenderly before projecting a sense of intense cold on her rider, trying to dull down what she could hear and smell, and closing her own eyes so that she couldn't see. It was the best approximation of between the green dragon could do, based on Sokon's memories of her own jumps between and what Wa'by and Vicith had explained in lessons.

Sokon was settled into her riding straps on Creath's back, a piece of cloth covering her eyes, with smaller scraps stuffed into her ears and nose to try and approximate the lack of sensory stimulation caused by between. She would then embrace Creath's mind to further separate herself, while the dragon worked to further limit what input Sokon received, both of her own surroundings, and her mind.

It was somewhat distressing for both of them, Sokon not quite as panicky as she was when they first started practicing it, but still anxious enough to make things tense. Creath would wait until Sokon counted out the pause before letting everything come back in a rush, filling her rider's mind with what she could hear and smell and feel. By leaving the blindfold and other suppressants on, Sokon was able to get somewhat used to the situation, and except for their between approximation, Creath kept up a constant dialogue about what she could see - even if it was just counting dragons entering and exiting their weyrs.

It worked to strengthen their bond, and Creath was rather good at expressing her own limitations, uncomfortable with pushing Sokon too far when they did such drills in much the same way Sokon wouldn't let her push herself with her wing strengthening exercises. With that final exercise, Sokon removed the items being used to dull her senses, taking a deep breath of the fresh air and sighing as she exhaled.

Wordlessly, having already come to the understanding that they were both finished for the evening, the two of them started back accross the bowl, Sokon jogging ahead slightly while Creath did her odd hop-skip after her, flicking her wings to her side and letting the bulk of the sail rest on her back as she was taught.

Feel like some company? Sokon asked as she changed her course slightly, recognizing the Green dragon before she even saw the rider. Other green weyrlings, in her year group and otherwise were an... odd sort. For many, Sokon felt there was a sense of kinship and comeraderie, but for others it was more rivalry than anything else... When half the dragon population of the weyr (or more) were green, it sometimes got difficult to distinguish those who would happily chat, and those that would rather be left alone - but A'lori was unmistakably the former.

"Evening A'lori, Queriluth." Sokon returned the greeting with a smile of her own and a nod to the other green, noting the rather dishevelled appearance of the green rider and adding; "Are there more tests coming up?" The possible implication that A'lori wouldn't bother to train unless there was a reason for it only crossed Sokon's mind after it had been said, and her cheeks darkened slightly at the possible embarrassment... but she didn't correct herself, hoping instead that she hadn't offended the other weyrling.

Creath hummed a soft reassurancenin her head before finding her own part of the weyrbowl to sidle up against, rumbling a greeting to Queriluth without reaching for the other dragon's mind. She knew Queriluth well enough from lessons where they had needed to interact, and was under the understanding that a mental touch, even in greeting, would not be well met.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SirAlahn I have made assumptions - if you don't approve, let me know. I also got carried away and hope you don't mind me invading another one of your threads ^^;

Mine Hall / Re: They Do Move in Herds [ 14.02.2591 / 06AM ]
« on: July 12, 2018, 08:46:56 PM »
Spoiler for early OOC:
Tag for @Spiffy aaand number 1 again (if we're still doing that)

I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm still here. Fyenoruth had escaped injury, but the burning pain in K'zaya's side echoed through their bond, and the dragon's anguish and fear had escalated as he reached for their connection, to ensure the rider still lived. Neither would understand that the hunter's attack could have sliced him in half, though the instinctive terror and pain flooded the rider's system with adrenaline. There was an odd sense of urgency to his injury, a gut feeling that he should do something about it, particularly with his heart beating so furiously, but the Bronzerider refused to let the jungle pair fend off the hunter alone. Their deaths would not be because he and Fyenoruth abandoned them.

I can hold on a while longer. K'zaya added as Fyenoruth's concern and desire to fly off with his bonded there and then fought with K'zaya's own desire to stay and help, the adrenaline that fogged K'zaya's mind to his injury managing to make them seem somewhat less dire to the dragon. The unspoken reassurances - that it was only one strap - that the leather had protected him somewhat and that they would leave once the other dragonpair were safe - flowed through their bond, reinforcing K'zaya's thoughts and pushing for Fyenoruth to continue to fight.

The conversation was over in a moment, the hesitation life threatening had Adakhanyth not charged in to attack the hunter before it could retaliate against them. In that action alone, the other Bronze had probably saved Fyenoruth's life, either through the survival of his rider, or the dragon himself. It was the older bronze's command that was the final push towards staying and fighting, if only for this single battle.

Fyenoruth hesitated no longer, surging forward with not-quite-the same speed or flair that the hunters possessed, but with all the determination he could muster. The fog swirled around them as he got a proper view of Adakhanyth and the hunter, his own angry rumble sounding from deep in his belly. He longed for firestone, to fight off the hunter as he would have thread - from a somewhat comfortable distance, not entirely certain about engaging in close quarters again with K'zaya injured, and the straps damaged.

We've got this buddy. I'm gonna settle in for the ride, and you and Adakhanyth are going to drive off this bastard. K'zaya reassured him, cockiness, or delirium giving his words a ring of truth, though Fyenoruth felt the straps tighten as K'zaya did just that, sinking as much as possible into his seat and letting their bond with one another dictate how he was to move. Riding with a broken strap, at least, was something that they had covered in drills... albeit in much more favourable conditions.

Fyenoruth acknowledged Adakhanth's order, letting the hunter be distracted by the other Bronze as he snaked his way forward. He opened his jaw's and struck, aiming to sink his teeth into the creature's throat, though not entirely certain as to just where the best spot to do so would be. So long as he could taste the beasts ichor, and K'zaya remained as much out of harms way as possible, he would be satisfied. If he got a good enough grip, he may even be able to use his forelegs to flip the beast over, exposing its belly to his fellow Bronze and giving them the upper hand. The quicker they coudl end this, the safer K'zaya would be.

Universal Events / Re: [ 24.04.2591 ] Necessity Breeds Teamwork
« on: July 12, 2018, 01:14:34 PM »
H'riel will  be joining the hunt with the rest of beach wing
K'zaya is going to stay behind- ferrying at first but seeking permission to clean the kills (It'll make a nice change from drills
D'mir is going to join in on the hunt
Sokon and Nalata will be helping clean kills
Wa'by Is going to be looking after the rest of his weyrlings, and making sure only those who were given permission are absent from the days' lessons.

Not 100% sure what everyone else is doing, but I think those guys are the important ones. Hopefully have posts up at some point. If any choice doesn't seem feasible let me know.

Added : SirAlahn

Spoiler for OOC:
Oh my I failed completely at responding to this one! Apologies for the delay guys!
Spoiler for Spoilerception:
Aitorith is.... 10.56m long, 2.1m tall (wow) and has a 16.5m wingspan (4 mth)

Four months into weyrlinghood and Aitorith was growing at a pleasing rate. He asn't as big as some of the other dragons, but that didn't matter. He was towering over most of their clutch, and while he never seemed fully capable of getting from point A to point B without stumbling in some way, shape or form, T'vye simply took it as the dragonet coming to terms with the rapid speed with which he was growing. It would be difficult to cope with growth spurts so close together, and Aitorith certainly had a lot of growing to do yet.

Unfortunately... it was starting to slow down his ability to be the first person out of the weyrling barracks... Or anywhere really. Which, together with the Bronze's request to sit near one of the smaller dragons instead of next to a more appropriate bronze, or perhaps even a brown had landed the pair of them next to Galve and their red.

Need the extra room, and she is not using it. the bronze justified as he stretched out between T'vye and whoever was next in line, forcing T'vye to stand that much closer to Galve, while simultaneously blocking his line of sight for the person on their other side.

It could have been worse... They could have ended up next to one of the black weyrling pairs. He didn't altogether trust the small red's ability to relay the correct message to Aitorith, but it was a sight better than what he assumed would come from the mind of one of the blacks. The less interaction between Aitorith and his mutant brothers the better. Besides, the weyrling next to him, was most likely thrilled to be graced with Aitorith's. Bronze weyrlings were outnumbered almost two to one in his clutch group, so it was always a good idea to mingle with the others - remind them why Bronze dragons were the best match for the golden queens.

Not that he'd cared much about who settled in beside he and Aitorith, too occupied with glaring up the line at the mutations that had managed to get in before him. Poor T'rel had managed to get a place near the start... but so too had many of the mutation pairs, and with so many between the two of them, T'vye's doubts about the message that Aitorith was going to be receiving shortly.

Will be fine. Just need to wait for Weyteleth to - Aitorith's reassurances were cut off by the touch of the unfamiliar mind, the connection between he and T'vye almost cold with the speed at which he'd pulled away to listen to the message.

T'vye frowned at the feeling, not at all comfortable with being excluded from Aitorith's mind, no matter how brief, relaxing only when Aitorith rumbled an acknowledgement and allowed his mind to be open to T'vye once more.

Exactly as you were told Aitorith. We won't be the one's to ruin the message. Had he been next to T'rel or W'lleni, T'vye might have announced such a thing for the benefit of the rest of his group, but the red dragon cast a shadow on his usually infallible confidence, and he didn't want to give anyone the opportunity to say that he was the one to ruin the message.

Yes, T'vye Aithorith rumbled as he turned to see who it was that was beside him, not unfamiliar with inviting other dragons to join his conversations in general, and perhaps slightly more at ease than others in his class at the unfamiliar brush of another's mind to their own.

Are you ready? He asked first, his mind voice as bright, and perhaps overwhelming had the dragonet next to him not experienced it before. Compared to Weyteleth's voice, Aitorith's was rather high pitched, though the message he sent once given the OK from his sibling would be unmistakeable... If perhaps not at all like the original one Liramyth had started with.

The moment he was given the go-ahead, he reiterated, word for word, what Weyteleth had said, not aware that some of the words should have been ommitted and rather pleased with himself once he had managed to do so.

Ummm, Okay. The wher on the beaches. Is proceeding, within the Jungle... No... Yes... Okay.

T'vye's features darkened slightly at what Aitorith passed on, wishing for the first time that lesson that he could see who the bronze was addressing.

Was that not correct? At his bonded's uncertainty, Aitorith had swung his head around to look at his bonded, eyes whirling in concern as he sought clarification.

No, Aitorith T'vye said, speaking for his bronze alone before adding aloud "Well done. You passed it on perfectly" . He didn't need to know what Weyteleth had said to know that Aitorith had done well. His dragon wouldn't fuck something up that badly.

C’ace and Reesskith always took their winnings, or loss, in stride. That they’d won a Flight at the end of the day also meant there was generally no rush to get going afterwards. Not unless the Rider they’d won the Flight of had plans, or someone they shared a weyr with. If that were the case, C’ace was certain he’d be made aware of it.

Until then, he was quite content to idly doze now that it was all said and done. Reesskith felt quite the same. Since the green lady wasn’t trying to chase him off either, he remained tangled up with her on her ledge. He was more asleep than C’ace, barely stirring when Queriluth did. Only shifting enough that she could move without trouble.

C’ace didn’t open his eyes when A’lori moved, but he was aware of it. Awake, but not really wanting to be. There was some heat to the air and he felt another layer of stickiness to him that hadn’t been present before. Faranth, but he was filthy. The work of the day, the stench of the ocean and fish, now sex...  When he was certain the weyrling... now rider?... was awake, C’ace grunted a faint, “’M sorry. I usually like to be more presentable to bedmates.” His eyes were still closed and he was still sprawled, relaxed and quite naked. He might be sorry he was sweaty and a mess from the day, but he’d linger for a bit longer if there were no real objections.

Moss wasn't being overly unfair in the fact she could, and did, fly. Rather, that was just how she was able to be so quick! But she was always within tagging height for the little Red. That's what playing a game was about, after all! It wouldn't have been fun or fair if she'd just flapped up and out of reach for the entire game so Sayimith just couldn't reach. She much preferred the fun back and forth of a real game of tag.

Daysa clasped her hands behind her back and chewed on her lower lip, a bit anxious and nervous. The Rider seemed genuine in what he said. Not angry or annoyed that his dragon was indeed being pestered by Moss. Her attention wandered to the little Red and her game of tag with Moss. Daysa knew that Moss was enjoying herself - she could feel the delight from the little flit - but dragons were always  a wonderous mystery to Daysa. Even if she got to see M'kale's bronze so frequently. It wasn't like they got to converse or the like. She was always respectful of the dragon, but she could never envision him playing like the Red was.

"D-don't worry about it," she managed, some of her nervous stammer still lingering. Dragons always seemed more aware of their riders than anything else. Or at least to her, that was the perception. She wouldn't have expected the Red to introduce herself to Daysa at all. "She... Uhm, she's very...p-pretty." It wasn't just a polite compliment either. The little Red was quite graceful and gorgeous chasing after Moss.

Moss was utterly immune to Daysepona’s panic. She knew that her bonded was frequently worried about social interactions and such things just didn’t bother the Green. Especially when she was having such a good time. If the boy happened to be mean to her Daysa, that would change. But that seemed highly unlikely when the dragon was being so nice too!

That, and Guard was there. Eyeing Erieen with red tinted eyes of suspicion and irritation. He just didn’t like people interacting with his Daysa.

When he didn’t seem to mind that his dragon was being bothered by Moss, Daysa breathed a heavy sigh of relief and some of the panic subsided. She knew all too well that Riders had busy schedules. “You’re too kind,” Daysa murmured, and she meant it. He could’ve been really annoyed Moss was there at all.

When he introduced himself, Daysa’s face heated up and she offered a timid smile. “Oh. Uhm. Name’s Daysepona. That’s Moss. And this little grump is Guard.”

Whatever tension that’d existed in Meyelthra eased as his hands worked up her thighs, hips, and sides. There was not point in staying annoyed. It wasn’t like the flight was happening right now. She could be mad at him later on, when it was. Now, she wanted to go back to being relaxed. Nearly asleep. Both Snaps and Meyesk agreed with that. Her irritation was threatening to rouse them awake and neither wanted that.

That he reinforced that there wasn’t a choice didn’t help her mood, but it didn’t further sour it. Meyelthra had already known that. She just didn’t particularly like hearing it either. When he clarified that no one would be dallying in their weyr longer than necessary, she nodded a little and gripped one of his wrists, giving a tug. Wanting him over her. “I wouldn’t think you’d want anyone else here. Not now.” She said it all with utter confidence in her place in his life. If X’hos had planned on kicking her out, it would’ve been awhile ago.

The Green Rider was hopelessly hers.

Oarlen didn't hesitate when Saibrasoth announced that the eggs were able to be viewed, dismissing his faire of flits with a wordless thought and darting on towards the hatching cavern, with little concern about the group of candidates he was with.

Saibrasoth's excitement was contagious, and it sparked his own bubbly eagerness to see the eggs and wonder which one would be his. He noted O'sir nearby, slowing slightly to ensure the candidate master would enter first, remembering his lessons and falling into a more orderly line as the candidates that had arrived before him mimicked their teacher in paying their respects to the gold clutchmother and her bonded.

The sight of Kalestath was enough to sober Oarlen's excitement entirely as he bowed low to her and the weyrwoman. "Congratulations" He said softly, before moving slowly towards the stands, both to minimise the burning of his feet despite his shoes, and to give the gold a healthy distance between them.

He had left the last hatching early, the scars from that red dragonet's over-eagerness evidence enough as to why. It left an odd little weight in his belly though. He'd been injured, and talk was this clutch would produce more of the little reds. He thought he knew how to handle them though... but Kalestath. He'd never worried about the gold dragon before.. but a friend had been killed by her hand. It could have been prevented, had the candidate not panicked the way she did... But what if it happened again?

Oarlen took a big breath, trying to quell the thoughts that kept rearing up. Fear of the gold wasn't good... not when you had to be approachable for the dragonets. So he'd have to work on that. There was still time for that, and he'd stood for Oriath and Imyth's clutches without any harm coming to him.

He glanced around, wishing for a heartbeat that C'bryn was still here... But she had obligations to her dragon now... and he could always just seek her out later if it pursued... His gaze fell on a few candidates, but he was looking for something more familiar than what he saw at first. Many of them were new... that tended to happen with Kalestath's clutches being so large.. but he recognized Rinokan staring intently at the eggs, and without further thought, made his way towards him.

"Hello Rinokan" he said, mimicking the other candidate's posture and already feeling more at ease. He wasn't a threat to Kalestath's eggs from the stands, and he was able to properly see the eggs from the vantage point.

"Another big one..." he murmured, awe and a teensy bit of excitement colouring his voice. "Have you counted?" He asked the other candidate, trying to count the eggs himself even as he asked.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@siralahn for Rinokan if you like.

Either Guard was having difficulty locating Moss, or Moss was intentionally being obtuse. Whatever it was, Daysa felt like she was walking in circles in the tunnels. Going past the kitchens twice, near the store rooms, and eventually out into the cool, darkening air of the wayrbowl. She was about to throw her hands up and go back to M'kale when Guard trilled and flared his wings near her heel, impressing upon Daysa in his  forceful way the image of Moss.

Playing with a dragon.

Quite literally.

The Green lady was quick to make friends in the exact opposite way that Daysa was and had found the Red dragon a delight. Tag was exactly the sort of game Moss loved, especially when the participant was so enthusiastic about both running and chasing her. Guard was a lump when it came to playing and she wasn't about to try and play with M'kale or his Bronze. The darling Sayimith, though, was the perfect playmate and she happily ignored Daysepona to continue their small game of tag without a care in the world. No matter how desperately Daysa might try to call after her.

Guard, now that Moss was located, landed near Daysa on the ground and contented himself. He wasn't about to chase after the much faster Green either. Instead, he just watched with blue eyes.

Daysa was so caught up in her hopeless irritation at her flit she didn't even notice the boy walk over to her and ask if that was her flit. Panic and shame laced up her spine and she dipped a quick bow and stammered an apology. "I-I'm s-s-so sorry! I-I’m sure s-she's just..." and she didn't even have an excuse for Moss' behavior. The Green was so willful and flighty. No matter her attempts at training her!

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