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Even if W’sar didn’t really have a lot to do at such events, he just liked being present. Seeing the eggs, the activity of the Weyr. A flit on the cave wall, so to speak. Being a part of the comings and goings on and fulfilling his duty as Wingleader, even if he didn’t always understand what all that really was nowadays. He should just retire a Harper and call it a day.

That just seemed too cruel to B’lye, though. He couldn’t very well leave his friend to catalogue Pern on his own.

As he was standing off to the side, idly admiring the eggs, Wa’by came up to him. Caught him off guard. As the Blue Rider usually did. Since he didn’t interact with the man every day, it took W’sar a moment to process just what it was Wa’by was saying. The Weyrlingmaster Assistant had unique way of looking at the world and translating it to words. How anyone ever got lessons out through the man, W’sar wouldn’t ever guess. If anything, he was more impressed with the Weyrlings taught by the man. It took a lot of listening skills to pick up what he was really talking about.

W’sar was fairly certain that Wa’by had asked him a question, he just wasn’t sure how to answer it. So, rather than give an answer to something he wasn’t sure, what it was, he just quirked a brow and said, “It’s always a pleasure getting to see you, Wa’by.” Which was the truth of it.

He did get the bit about the invitation to visit and sample whatever concoction Wa’by had dreamt up, which did make the Mountain Wingleader smile through his thick beard. “Of course. I’ll let you know when my next free days are.” Since he followed a different schedule than the others, he’d be able to pass along such a thing to the Blue Rider. He waved off Wa’by when he wanted to go see B’ron, though. W’sar wasn’t about to go bother the Bronzer.


Hatching Sands / Re: Some Blessed Tradition [ 20.7.2591; 8:15 PM ]
« on: Yesterday at 08:27:06 PM »
There seems to be some kind of chaos going on at the sands. Go see so I can see. "Say please and maybe I will." The little green dragonet huffed at her and waited a few moments. She was being stubborn and regal like, which seemed to be growing from her more and more as of late. Please Zarenna. I am curious but there are too many people and too many people means chaos. Zarenna chuckled as she closed her notebook and she leaned over to the little green and kissed her head. "Just for you my dear." Zarenna made sure that she looked somewhat presentable, though she could feel the look of disdain coming from Atissyth. Zarenna ignored the look though and she left the room, heading in the direction of the hatching sands.

Perhaps Oriath just clutched. She did fly some time ago. Either way, too many people will be there. I am content to look through you. Zarenna was starting to feel like the green would be this way for the hatching of the eggs too if there were any. She noticed that Atissyth was right though, there were quite a few people showing up to the sands at the moment, and the only real reason would be that Gold Oriath had laid some eggs. She was curious to know how many were in the clutch, though she was also pretty sure that she wanted to be no where near them. She didn't need her green getting jealous or anything.

Once she reached the sands, she saw the gold body of Oriath and she bowed before her. "Greetings Oriath, this looks like a fine clutch you have. I am happy for you." As am I Oriath Zarenna knew that she had bespoke so that the Gold could hear her, so she didn't feel the need to repeat what the green had just stated. As she rose, she took a good look at the eggs that were on the sands. She counted the eggs, and there were fifteen. That was still a good sized clutch, though it was only half of the one that her own Atissyth had hatched from. But she figured that neither the rider nor the dragon needed a reminder of that little fact.

Instead of lingering on the sands for too long, she moved over to the stands. There, she would still be able to get a good look, but she could also see who came to greet the new clutchmother.

Hatching Sands / Re: Some Blessed Tradition [ 20.7.2591; 8:15 PM ]
« on: Yesterday at 08:12:06 PM »
With the leisurely pace of a bloke with nothin’ to concern him at such an hour, Wa’by had entered the hatching sand and offered his respects to the queen and her bonded, a soft phrase or two that was about as easy to understand as words written in mud offered to each, with Vicith clarifying with the dry sarcasm that was his default tone, even with the reverence held within when addressing his superiors.

“How’sitgoan, Chief?” the bluerider asked as he caught sight of W’sar, aware enough that the general weyr population was present and just managing not to clap his old wingleader on the back and pull him ino a hug. He’d noted some of his weyrlings filtering on in and it wouldn’t do to encourage such familiarity in a formal setting. He’d manage to track him down later in any case. “Just imagine. Give it a few flicks and some of these little ankle-biters’ll be old enough and ugly enough to replace those bloody dickheads who keep waggin’ from your wing. You’d think Ol’ faithful’d be able to keep us in line but he’s about as useful as tits on a bull with that, don’tcha reckon?” Apart from the overly animated facial features, it’d be hard for anyone not involved in the conversation to discern just what Wa’by was saying to the Mountain Wingleader, and even then they’d have to be used to Wa’by’s particular ramblings.

“Fuck me dead if Jazza ain’t doin’ a top bloody job though. Makes it look like a piece o’ piss.” He added as he scanned the gathered weyrfolk once more, offering a friendly grin to those he knew before his eyes fell on the ever so slightly relaxed features of the junior weyrleader of the hour.

“I gotta go give B’ronny a proper hello, but pop on in and say g’day won’t ya? Grog’n I have managed a doozy of a brew. Just gotta see if it’s worth a piss-up.” As a no longer practicing brewer, Wa’by’s creations lacked a certain level of finesse… and while the invitation to catch up might be appealing, the prospect for sharing a drink not yet approved by the qualified brewers was certain to be a dealbreaker. B’lye might be more inclined to subject himself to that torment.

Waiting for only so long as required before W’sar finished with him, Wa’by waltzed on over to Vanelwynne’s weyrmate with a grin. “Mate! You gotta be right chuffed at those little rippers! Lerry and Ozza’ve done us a good one, right?!” He crowed, the hand held out in formal greeting belying the familiarity in his tone. Clutches were to be celebrated just as much as successful hatchings, and with his mannerism’s at least in line with proper rider etiquette, his tone could at least be interpreted as just an over-enthusiasm for another successful night in the weyr.

Not always wise to poke a tunnelsnake… Vicith cautioned privately, though Wa’by’s amusement laced his own tone as well.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SanctifiedSavage for W’sar, @RaynePOTM for brief mention of B’lye and @Inki for death

With all things, Changes can be made if I've made too many assumptions... PArticularly with W'sar, Savage ^^; I kinda ran away with it.

She was late. That was a first for her, and she was not glad about it. It wasn't that she had been sleeping, no, she had been writing down what she had done for Atissyth that day. But now it night, and she was basically sprinting to the commons, all the while holding Atissyth on her arms. The green had tried to climb on her before she left. You simply can't just keep me away. This is a chance to talk to everyone. I don't think I would have been able to leave you behind no matter what I did. She smiled softly as she entered the commons. She was thankfully in time to hear J'ken's speech on what they were to be doing for the next years. She looked at all of the new weyrlings and she took a deep breath. You will be fine! You just need to strut in with confidence. Like a Queen!

She watched at Atissyth climbed out of her arms, and seemed to do a regal little walk into the commons with the others. Zarenna quickly followed behind her, and found an empty seat next to R'kan and his red. She looked at R'kan when he said hello and she smiled softly. "Hello, I am Zarenna, and this is Atissyth." Right as she spoke the green's name, the little hatchling seemed to crawl up Zarenna and into her lap. Good Evening to you as well. Atissyth turned her attention to all the playing and as she wanted to think of it at the moment, chaos that was happening in the commons. Zarenna though was looking at R'kan before she looked around. "There seems to be a lot of us."

A lot of chaos bringers it seems. I am now regretting coming. Can we leave yet? Zareena couldn't help but shake her head with a small smile on her face. Now do you understand why I tried to leave you in the room? The green looked at her rider and seemed to give a small huff before leaning into her, to try and stay as far away from all the chaos as she could. Zarenna looked back at R'kan then and offered a small smile. "I am sorry, she seems to hate crowds, and she is calling all of this playing, chaos." She chuckled softly while the little green seemed to try to burrow herself into Zarenna to try and sleep.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@SirAlahn  I hope you don't mind Zarenna joining R'kan!

Adoptables / Re: Ranked NPC Adoptables
« on: Yesterday at 09:03:40 AM »
I would love to snag Lady Holder Lhamoire!

Oskith, who had been resting his head sleepily on Ysveta's lap, hoping that this meeting was going to be on the shorter side, instead blinked intently at the schedule as Ysveta did the same. Perfect. Whilst both hadn't had any time yet to worry about living a life free of schedule, now that it was placed in front of them, a subconscious weight was lifted.

Ysveta had always liked things to be just-so, even if timelines weren't exactly high on her priority. But she'd learnt to schedule her time as a Harper, and the candidate's daily lifestyle had suited her for the time being. Oskith's need was more simple. Everything needed their place. Including them and their day-to-day activities.

Speaking out loud, but to Oskith more than specifically anyone near her Ysveta said quietly. "I don't have any questions for the Assistant, do you?"

Not for now. Which means our task is to socialise. He said matter-of-factly, even though his mind was still heavy with the want to sleep. At 8pm, a post-sunset meeting was not exactly ideal for Oskith. The blue carefully surveyed the room, searching for someone who seemed to have an opening for them, even as Ysveta's finger's went to tapping a drummer's beat nervously on her thigh.

Come on. This pair looks nice.

Spoiler for Hidden:
All of the current PCs look occupied, but wanted to get some more experience with this pair. So for now they're approaching an NPC. But feel free to claim the spot if it seems to suit.

Hatching Sands / Re: Some Blessed Tradition [ 20.7.2591; 8:15 PM ]
« on: January 14, 2019, 09:53:59 PM »
Oriath has finished. The gold dragon's voice held no affection or even warmth at the prospect, almost dismissive of the other gold's achievement in the way the name wrapped around Nalata's mind. Still, the slightest hint of propriety offered an underlying request in the statement. Though they were still weyrlings in name, Minath and Nalata had a certain reputation that needed to be upheld, and particularly at such a late hour, there was no valid reason not to pay their respects to the older queen. Though it was a respect born of obligation rather than any affection towards Oriath, none in the weyr would be able to accuse the youngest gold and her rider of inappropriate behaviour.
"That's awfully convenient of them." Nalata mused as she finished rubbing oil into a particularly dry spot just behind Minath's forearm, using the rag to wipe off the excess oil from her hands before folding it and placing it back in the spot from which she had retrieved it. "Will you be coming as well?" she added with the faintest curve of her mouth. Minath was bristly enough with the other golds that even the thought was enough to have her rumbling with discontent, though she was more than aware of her place in the weyr and not as stupid as she may have once been to actually let one of the other golds know.

Nalata simply chuckled in response, giving the gold another firm pat before busying herself with making sure her attire was appropriate for a public appearance. There was little doubt in her mind that much of the weyrleadership would be present, as well as innterested weyrfolk, and this close to graduating she wasn't about to be an embarassment. Not only would she be representing Minath, but the future weyrleadership. Satisfied with her appearance she made her way to the sands at a brisk pace, careful not to appear rushed, but not wanting to be accused of dawdling. A quick assessment of who had already gathered implied that she had not been too delayed in her own arrival so as to be seen as rude and her posture relaxed ever so slightly at the achievement.  A clutch to be proud of. Minath offered respectfully, the warm croon to her tone a stark contrast to how she had announced Oriath’s success to Nalata.

Oriath’s bulk shielded most of the eggs, but it was clear from the murmuring as she sought to stand somewhere out of the way while still being actively present should any of the attending weyrfolk wish for her attention that it was a perfectly proportionate amount considering they were in the midst of an interval. The records indicated that Oriath always laid smaller clutches than the senior gold, but these past few turns they have been smaller again, a fact that reassured Nalata far more than Kalestath’s own larger sized clutches did, the lore behind clutch sizes enough to  counteract the excitement of a hatching whenever the larger clutches had been laid.

Spoiler for OOC:
I’m never going to get this post right so forgive the crappy. It took me two weeks to be somewhat OK with what I’ve got so far and I’m gonna post it before my nerve dies again.

When Jo pulled back, Quenneca smiled a little. Her cheeks were flushed a pretty pink – not just because of the Gold Flight – and the hand not on Jo’s hip moved to run across the Green Rider’s jaw. Others might easily lose themselves in the lust in the air, but Quenneca sort of floated on it. It all felt good, granted, but Quenneca could still think for herself.

She liked Jo, of course. They were quite good friends, and it had been more surprising than anything that the Green Rider would want to spend the evening with her.

The hand on Jo’s hip slid to the Rider’s lower back, applying some pressure to draw the other woman closer. “No, of course not,” she answered. “I’m just surprised, that’s all,” Quenneca clarified, taking steps back toward her bed and drawing the other woman after her.

Quenneca stretched out on her back, arms over her head, while she peered up at the brilliant, open sky. Wondering just what she would say. What was her craziest wish for the next turn? There wasn’t a lot to wish for. There were some regrets she had, but couldn’t do anything about, and things were as good as they seemed they were going to get.

She had her own room, of sorts. She’d start growing things once again and she’d started helping in the weyr bowl. It was hard work, but satisfying in its own way.

After a moment of contemplation, she shook her head. Thinking wasn’t all that easy in that moment. “I don’t really have a crazy wish. Maybe for a broad stroke thing. Fewer deaths. A peaceful turn. Things like that.” Quenneca really only had herself and her brother to look out for. Everything else was... well. She didn’t have any other family left alive to think about or hope for.

At that, Quenneca’s head rolled to regard the Rider. “You’ll have to come up with something crazy for me. I’m not good at this.”

Deep Cave System / Re: Baths and Bitching [ 25.6.2590 / 9PM ] Jo
« on: January 14, 2019, 05:37:32 PM »
K’eeda was no stranger to bedding women, though she frequented K’rez’s weyr more than any other. As a Blue Rider who chased after Greens, it was a thing that happened. Neither was she always kicked from the furs as soon as the Flight was over. With as open as the Weyr was regarding such things, K’eeda hadn’t ever felt a reason to get stuffy over it.

Except when it came to her Brown Rider. She got first access to him. What he did when she wasn’t around was his own business.

When Jo mentioned she had a few, that drew a pleased grin from the Blue Rider. Always nice to have options. Though the smile did falter a little when she was told the girl was Holder stock. That didn’t usually bode well. “Haven’t heard of her. You sure you know what you’re doing with a holder?” It was a prompt for more, of course. K’eeda wasn’t really doubting what Jo did, or who, in her off time.

While Tyrriath appreciated the compliment, he wasn’t a dragon that ran off with such things or read too much into it. All that really mattered to him was what Sethunya thought – though O’sir and Saibrasoth was a close second, and just because they mattered so much to his bonded. Still, he thrummed his appreciation of A’lori’s remark. Even if he was being polite, Tyrriath thought he should be too.

At the suggestion that they should eat together, Sethunya grinned even if her cheeks turned a little red. “Ah, I mean, lunch wouldn’t be so bad. I usually eat outside with Tyrriath anyway. You’re always welcome to join me...” Sethunya hesitated a moment before adding, in almost a murmur, “I usually have dinner with O’sir.” The Candidate Master usually had his lunches open and at his office in case the Candidates needed him.

Tyrriath found her blushing amusing and nudged her shoulder with his snout. She always seemed embarrassed about affection, and her feelings for people.

Rider Weyrs / Re: With Gloss and Glitter [ 6.4.2591; 7:06 PM ] || Flight
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C’ace was easy, in multiple definitions of the word. When A’lori suggested one of the private pools, the Blue Rider easily made his way into it. Hands already dropping to loosen his pants so he could pretty much step out of them. He kicked them off to the side, unconcerned and uncaring, before he slid into the hot water with a pleased groan.

Nothing like a hot bath to ease his muscles. Flights, though he couldn’t usually remember how they went, were still a rough and tumble affair. Not to say he didn’t enjoy them, though. C’ace certainly did.

His arms rested along the ledge of the pool while he relaxed back against the warm rock. It was a long moment before he thought to say something. “Nice to have your own weyr and all, hm?” he teased a little. It was too long ago for him to even think about what it’d be like to share so much space with other people and not be able to have any sort of fun. Didn’t sound like a good time at all.

Mine Hall / Re: Drink and Be Merry [ 02.07.2591; 8 PM ] || Event
« on: January 14, 2019, 05:06:54 PM »
There was going to be a party, which meant that Oppesine had to be there. She’d been at the grand opening of the Gambling Den and there was no way she’d miss something as monumental as the Brewers setting up show. Even better that it’d be far away from the Weyr. Or as far away as one could get on the island and not tucked somewhere in the jungle.

She’d dressed properly in a nice, form hugging dress and brushed out her hair to shine. It wasn’t like she was trying to impress a certain someone or draw any particular attention – she just liked to look nice. It was just a bonus if he happened to show. Likely not, given how public and official this occasion was. Didn’t mean that she shouldn’t represent her family well or look nice for her friend that had been supplying her alcohol under the table, as it were.

Not like Oppesine could make her own throughout the Pass, when everything was scarce.

Her flits had been dismissed, for the time, to linger in her room. Didn’t seem the sort of thing to bring her little faire, so they could wait for her to be done. She wandered from the Main Hall and into the Brewer’s cave, savoring the distinct smell of various alcohols already being made.

There had been tables set up for finger foods and small cups of sample drinks that had been made for the occasion. That was where she went first. She’d say hello to other people after she had a couple drinks, even if they were small drinks.

Spoiler for OOC:
If anyone has a brewer, or wants to make one 8D, to be Oppesine’s supplier throughout the Pass, lemme know. <3

Rider Weyrs / Re: With Gloss and Glitter [ 6.4.2591; 7:06 PM ] || Flight
« on: January 12, 2019, 08:14:55 AM »
Nothing like ending the day with some good company in a bath. C’ace grinned more so as he slid off the bedfurs, though there was an accompanying reluctant groan. There were still some aches from the Flight in his limbs that would feel so much better after a soak.

Never mind the heat itself making things stickier than they had been previous.

C’ace only bothered with his pants, and only loosely tied them. He was going to be shucking them soon enough. He briefly passed a hand through his dyed blue hair before he turned to regard his companion for the evening, to wait until A’lori was ready to go.

They walked down together, C’ace’s feet cool on the bare stone on the way down. The hotsprings itself was warm and muggy, but it was a sort of clean warmth, as opposed to the sticky, sweaty warmth that came with a humid night. The place always made C’ace feel so much better afterwards. He didn’t want to assume, though, and let the other Rider decide if they were going to end up in one of the more private pools or the larger, more public one.

She couldn’t help but feel a small sense of awe. Domnitissa couldn’t really comprehend how different a wher would be, but she imagined it would. They were so much bigger, and they usually made her feel quite uneasy. There were too many times in Domnitissa’s past where she’d seen them used to put people down, or maul them. Whers were ferocious creatures, not like flits. Not like Dusk, who was an adorable companion to keep her company and help her navigate the halls for the few times she was out and about by herself.

So, of course she was a bit anxious too. Her own wher wouldn’t be mean to her... right? That didn’t happen? She’d never heard stories of such a thing and if it were a Gold, that meant it would be the biggest, and thus keep other wher  from bothering her...

Domnitissa nodded as he explained when the Gold would hatch and that she would eat a lot. Where the meat would come from or how she’d get it never crossed Domnitissa’s mind. Of course Ophy would get it – that just seemed as natural as when he provided everything else for her.

With his boots off, she idly slid her hands up his calves and let her head rest on his lap. “Thank you,” she murmured. There really wasn’t any other good words to say how much she appreciated that he took care of her. Domnitissa was better at showing it anyway.

Quenneca had been in the Weyr long enough to know what a Flight was. Shards, everyone in the Weyr did. Green flights were pretty common and Gold flights were usually a special occasion. Not because it made everyone in the Weyr a little hot and bothered – though there was that – but because it did grant a bit of time off.

It was late in the evening, now, so it wouldn’t really be a day off. Just an evening suffused with the wash of want that a Gold projected over the Weyr. Usually, Quenneca spent this time in her room. It wasn’t because she was a prude so much as she felt it was a Weyr event, and she wasn’t exactly a member of the Weyr. Neither did she particularly feel like wandering off to someone’s weyr or tussling around in a stranger’s bed.

So. This was a uniquely new opportunity because someone was in her room. Quenneca fully expected Jo to excuse herself so she might find someone to spend the evening with. That’s what Riders did for Flights, after all. Certainly Gold flights.

She was about to let her friend know she didn’t mind, and that she understood, but then Jo was kissing her. Not a timid press of lips, but a confident kiss of a Rider committing to an act.

Made warm by the lust in the air, Quenneca’s breath caught and her hand settled on Jo’s hip. Not to push her away, but neither was she pulling the other woman closer. There was a bit of hesitation as she tried to process what this might lead to. Was Jo trying to… be with her? It sounded silly that she’d stumble over such a base thought, but it had never occurred to Quenneca that the Green Rider would want to, let alone bother with doing so now when she could go find another Rider.

Plot and Scheme / Open Plots and Things
« on: January 11, 2019, 12:04:15 PM »
Dis new year...

Another year in SWW and it didn't exactly start off how I wanted, but life is slowing down after the holidays and I'm available to start creating threads should anyone be floating around to do so. There is also a chance I have missed a reply, but I'm going to be workin' through my Tracker just to make sure in the next day or so.

I'm also gonna be updating my character apps, but that's gonna take a bit of time.

Either way, all of my characters are up for threads. ^_^ So we can kick off writing. :love:

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: January 03, 2019, 11:59:05 AM »
The Blue Rider snorted a small laugh at the cavalier attitude that R’kan had now that he had Impressed. That was how some felt, though. Now that they had their dragon, there was a sense of being invincible. Nothing could be done to them now that their dragon was in their life.

It was a new attitude, P’ar thought, of those that Impressed during the Interval. While there had certainly been those during the Pass who had felt the same, there had been far more who Impressed with a sense of purpose and duty – less a sense of rebellion. He didn’t fault R’kan, or even judge him for any of it. That just wasn’t P’ar’s way. If anything, he found it adorable. Just another facet of the Red weyrling’s personality.

R’kan seemed to think he caused trouble wherever he went, though he’d yet to kick up any manner of fuss with P’ar. Maybe because P’ar was notoriously difficult to make a fuss with? It was hard to say.

Zeketh settled where he was, stretching his wings as much as he could, before laying his head down with the intent to sleep. Being in the Weyr was a time for rest, now that he’d said as much as he was going to say. Which had been quite a bit, for the generally quiet and ponderous Blue. Even Meica was getting in some rest before it was time to go to work.

“I look forward to said future meals,” P’ar said, earnestly. It was always nice to have someone to look forward to. The Blue Rider wasn’t aware he was looking forward to so much with R’kan, but he didn’t generally think so much about his actions or what they all meant. If someone wanted to spend time with him, and he wanted to be around them, then that was that. Or as far as P’ar was concerned. There didn’t need to be anything more complicated or complex to it. “Maybe having an active dragon in Zeketh’s life will get him to play too, eh?” It was a teasing jab at his dozing dragon, who didn’t respond at all.

Which in and of itself was a response, to P’ar. Zeketh would always be how he was. Reserved where P’ar wasn’t. Quiet where his Rider was not.

A’yara didn’t know M’rek well enough to know what had happened to his face, though the scarring was different from threadscore so she could guess it hadn’t been that. Riders had been injured in thread falls by flame from other dragons, though. Being in the air with so much smoke and commotion occasionally got hectic and messy. Swooping in to save another oftentimes resulted in the wounding of the savior. Her base assumption was that it had been dragon fire that had caught him.

It wouldn’t have occurred to her that it’d be anything other than that. A’yara sometimes forgot people had lives outside of being a Rider, if only because she felt like she’d been one for several lifetimes. The Pass had that affect on some – certainly her and her nightmares.

Rather than asking what the drink was, since it wasn’t likely something she’d track down on her own, A’yara contented herself to enjoying the sweet alcohol and standing near M’rek. She knew what rum was, or could guess. Not that she was interested in trying that, either, but she’d not begrudge someone their want of it. A’yara wasn’t that sort of person.

Instead, she let her attention wander the crowd once more before she idly made her way toward the eggs. The Bets had always felt like something of a reprieve from life during the Pass, but a somber reminder that the future was laid out on the sands in front of them. That more people had to impress, to fill the gaps in the sky, to keep them all safe.

Now? Now they were quiet eggs on Sand. Set for an unknown future. What did Riders do in Intervals past when there had not been jungle monsters to fight? Despite their hardships now, it seemed like an incredibly boring time to be alive. In that, A’yara was thankful for now. That she’d survived for this Interval.

“Given enough time, I’m sure we’ll be able to start setting up other Holds and Halls, hm?” she eventually said, glancing at him. Her thoughts trailing off from his remark about Boll and Ista. Places she knew of by name only. “You weren’t born in Fort, were you?” She was referencing either Hold or Weyr.

A’yara hadn’t been. Not that she remembered anything other than both places.

'Oh dear'. Is indeed the first thing that flashed through his mind when he looked up at the faint swish of his door curtain and the glare he's being pinned with. That... Yeah. That'd be what he forgot to do. He'd been going to let father know after his soak today that he'd shifted positions and then track down his siblings. A soak that had been interrupted by the hatching.

He got as far as saying her name before she spoke and he winced when he realised she wasn't shouting. That didn't bode well. Nor did the lack of a greeting of any type.

“Ah.” He put the tablet down and raised both hands. “I was planning to. Honest. I just had to finish up the survey I was on with Mountain before they hatched so I wasn't even here for a while to tell you.” He ran a hand through his hair as he stood up and edged round the desk. “Then ah, well, they hatched?” He finished with a slight shrug. Surely she can't blame him for the hatchlings deciding to arrive today?

Also, how did she even get down here without him getting a warning, wasn't Tadriath waiting just outside the barracks still? Tad, are you...

I am. Lirisiveth asked me not to tell you Jossekayne was coming to see you.

Ah, so that was why he had refused to say anything more. Traitor. J'ken says without any heat, of course Tadriath would do what the green asked, because J'ken never minded Joss dropping in to see him, same as any of his siblings. For that matter, Let me know if any more of my family turn up. Better to be on the safe side with that, hopefully they'll all be busy tonight so he only has to placate Joss.

OOC Hang Out / Re: Happy Holidays <3
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Aaaaand a happy new year.  :love:

Lookin' forward to another year here. <3 Hopefully things will begin to settle as the holidays wrap up and life resumes something resembling normal.  :para:

OOC Hang Out / Re: Happy Holidays <3
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Same to you!

OOC Hang Out / OOC Happy Holidays <3
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Just a lovely shoutout to people pokin' around.  :love:

Hope everyone is havin' a not so hectic time around family, friends, and all that good stuff.

Hatching Sands / Re: Some Blessed Tradition [ 20.7.2591; 8:15 PM ]
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The last few months for B'ron had not exactly put him in a good mood. After the introduction of another black into the Weyrleadership, this one just as inexperienced than the last, he had been spending his spare time in a state of blackened fury. Only Vanelwynne really suffered the repercussions of his mood, but it wasn't like Wynne had ever known B'ron when he was in a good mood.

As for the rest of the Weyr, they likely noticed little difference in him. Above all else, he knew how to control himself in front of the Weyr. Duty demanded it.

Leremith for his part however, was perfectly content. Oriath's clutch was healthy. His dragon memory remembered little about the details of clutch sizes, but his instinct informed him that the size was perfectly proportionate for the time. And so how could he not be content. The compliment from Kalestath, despite being conferred between the dragonpairs every hatching, nonetheless also made the father quite chuffed.

Halirina, W'sar and J'ken all received a nod of acknowledgement, and a few of the Jungle Wingriders who arrived together B'ron made eye contact with as he acknowledged their attendance. Despite S'bok's supervision on the Wing, in all they made him rather proud.

Leremith's cheerful mood was leaking into B'ron, and so the Weyrsecond's expression loosened marginally. If only relaxing his face just slightly enough as to not scare the pants off every one of the well-wishers. He did however narrow his eyes slightly at the stain on the candidate boy's cheek. But such minute details were below him to point out. The embarrassment of realising later on would hopefully make the boy not arrive in such a state in the future.

Hatching Sands / Re: Some Blessed Tradition [ 20.7.2591; 8:15 PM ]
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Riders didn’t have to go look at the new clutch on the sands. Didn’t have to translated into a lot of things, depending on which wing a Rider was in and whether or not they cared about what others thought of them. While J’dan didn’t particularly care about what others outside of his Wing might think, it was rather important to him that other Jungle Wing Riders think, at least well, of him.

Tradition dictated that Riders should go and congratulate the Queen Rider and look at the eggs, so he would do just that. J’dan wouldn’t say he didn’t care, because that wasn’t it. He just didn’t feel a way, either way. There was some hope that the clutch would be healthy, but since it was B’ron’s and Vanelwynne’s, he wasn’t really worried. There wasn’t a reason to be. If anything, he didn’t feel a way about the clutch because it should be a normal clutch. There wasn’t a reason to kick up a fuss or be worried.

This was a normal pairing. No mutations to be expected, no abnormal sizing. While no one was going to run about the Weyr accusing Kalestath of laying too many eggs, J’dan certainly didn’t understand the disparity.

It probably had something to do with the Black Dragon that kept catching her. That was his assumption. Neisoth was throwing everything off. Had been doing that since he’d taken the position of Weyrleader.

He arrived as some of his other Wingmates did – in a small cluster of Jungle Wing Riders who all dipped a short bow to both Oriath and Vanelwynne, as well as acknowledging B’ron. The man certainly deserved recognition – if not for the clutch, but because he’d been the one to really lead them all through the Pass. No one would say that Halirina hadn’t done her part, but when it came to flying Thread and issuing orders, B’ron had been the first one a lot of the Riders had either heard from or came into contact with. Halirina had been about keeping the Weyr in order – B’ron had kept the dragonriders in the air.

With respects paid, J’dan stood out of the way with some of his Wingmates and eyed the glistening eggs. Hard to imagine, not all that long ago, his own dragon was so terribly small.

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