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It had happened to him more times than he could count, the world being turned on its head. Since he was a child it hadn’t stopped, and with alarming regularity they were here again. And just like before, there was nothing he could do about it.

Not true.

If Y’vis was disturbed by the events of the past month, the bronze was positively incensed. The way things were and should have been had been disrupted for both of them, though this was perhaps far more personal for Xnyeth than the previous events had been.

I should have flown her, he sent, and Y’vis could imagine his tail lashing. You should have forced the hatchling to between before it impressed.

Y’vis made no argument against it. They had both failed to stop this from happening when they could, and now everything was different and corrupt and wrong. And there was nothing to stop the disease from spreading.

Y’vis ate quickly, as he had done most nights previous, and later than most, seeking no desire for company from his wing. Though none of them were thrilled with the new situation, their collective ire did little to soothe his own, quite the opposite, and that troubled the bronze rider. While they might agree that this scourge upon weyr life and the traditions that had kept them safe for millennia, many lacked the experience of having the same thing, ripped from home, from loved ones, from culture and tradition and sense, happen over and over again. It was exhausting, debilitating, soul-wrenching to keep getting back up each time. Eventually, Y’vis worried, he might not be able to get up at all, and slowly those who remember the old world would be gone and nothing would remain but a name, and barely a memory.

Most who understood now were condemned to silence, by the same traditions and custom they must maintain. Find order from chaos, somehow. Any conversations, meetings, rendevouxs with weyrleaders and the old guard would be seen as - and invariably be - an undermining of the new authority, and such a thing would not be tolerated. It was maddening, to watch it play out before his eyes, now, when he was denied action.

When he could no longer bear staring at his empty plate, he rose to return to his quarters, tucking the still-warm flask of tea he’d brought with him under his arm. He dodged a few candidates skirting the bounds of lights out without notice, making a beeline for the weyrbowl so Xnyeth could fly him to their weyr, if the bronze was so inclined, and not caught up in his own brooding.

Spoiler for OOC:
@RedShoesWrites I hope this is okay! I figured Naza could catch him before he gets too far.

Universal Events / Re: [ 16.8.2590 ] New Food Source
« on: August 11, 2017, 03:15:09 PM »
Roxalin will be on the beach and thinks fish is food not friends =|

Added : SirAlahn

Green Riders / Re: Calinaza - [15.09.2527] - Green Rider
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:48:19 PM »

Weyr Bowl / Re: An Off-Key Note [03.08.2590 // 10 a.m.] - Tyldas & Janna
« on: August 05, 2017, 07:40:16 PM »
Most of the time Tyldas didn’t mind sharing an office and workspace with other Masters, but there were definite downsides to it. Such as when one of them needed the space for some elaborate project that they’d had a bolt of inspiration for. He hadn’t necessarily been doing anything important himself, but trying to focus on anything while the other Master was holding an animated conversation with a Journeyman was largely impossible. Which was what, ultimately, had led to Tyldas excusing himself from the tiny space to take a mid-morning walk. Things had settled since the Green Flight earlier in the morning, and the Bowl was largely quiet save for those tending to crops, livestock, or chores.

So the faint sound of lute strings in the distance drew his attention easily, though it took him a moment to figure out where it was coming from. Particularly since it ended abruptly with an off note. The beginning of the tune was one that Tyldas easily recognized, but the slight mistone made it stand out even more.

Moving in the direction it had come from, he soon recognized one of the Hall’s newer apprentices laying back in the grass with the instrument cradled across her chest. Evidently taking a break from her practicing, or perhaps frustrated with the endeavor.

Tyldas wasn’t sure if she’d seen him approaching, so he was slow in taking a seat in the grass with her. Startling the girl wasn’t his intention. Nor was chastising her. So his smile was soft as he gestured to the lute. “Having some trouble?”

Plot and Scheme / Re: Alahn's Plotter 2.0
« on: July 30, 2017, 09:04:43 PM »
@RedShoesWrites Certainly! She won't have official private lessons with a Master in her chosen specialty until her third turn in her apprenticeship, but I see no reason Tyldas wouldn't take her under his wing in an unofficial sort of way. ^_^ He's all for helping people find their place, and would be perfectly willing to answer her questions, be a sounding board for her, or anything else of that nature.

With arms crossed and a frown on her face, Tayvelle wasn't making it any easier for Janna as she chatted away. Blue was eager enough, though whether he helped the situation at all was yet to ne seen.

Tavlesk grumbled as he reached out with his head to sniff the offered hand, ambling around her slowly without paying much mind when he brushed against her – thankfully without enough weight to do much damage, though his tail lingered around her ankles for a moment more before he returned to Tayvelle's side, back on his haunches and mental chatter once more playing through his bonded's head.

He was simply reiterating Janna's presence, though his eyes shifted to a pleasant blue even if he didn't move to reassure the other apprentice himself. Tayvelle stood still for a moment longer, very clearly looking the girl up and down before offering a smug smile and a hand.

“Tayvelle, Tavlesk, and Blue” she offered by way of greeting, nodding at her wher and jabbing a thumb at the baby firelizard on her shoulder. Once the hand was shaken, she would lean against the wher as one would a close friend, about as relaxed a position as she cared to take up now that she knew the woolbeast would be fine.

“Could've come a bit earlier or tracked one've us down. Make things easier for all of us.” She retorted, condescendingly, though it was perhaps without as much heat as would be expected. She enjoyed a good fight, but the girl was proving difficult to bait, and it was a lot of effort and not alot of fun to keep pushing when they just sort of... rolled over.

“They can do, yeah. Prey animals'll do that. Let's ’em run away quicker.” She whirled around then, clucking her tongue and watching as Tavlesk moved towards the fluffy beasts. “The one that Tavlesk just passed, he's awake and watching... see?” the beast bleated softly as Tavlesk's tail brushed against him, shifting away though it was less a nervous motion than just habit. Most of them had known the wher a long time... they did not fear him unless he was trying to get them moving in one spot.

Tayvell leaned around, pointing out a small group and gesturing Janna closer.  “Those guys are sleeping. Just a little dragon nap for now, but they're pretty comfortable since we're here and they're not on the outskirts, which is why they're lying down, and those two over there are taking turns watching.” She explained, Tavlesk already snaking his way around the group with all the attention in the world, going as far as to touch noses with one of the sentries and huff gently at her.

“There are a few groups that'll lie down. But many of ‘em'll remain upright. This lot over ‘ere are dozing, though you’ll see ‘em stir when Tavlesk gets up to ‘em until they recognise him. He usually-“ she smiled as the wher hummed, a low, gravelly sound from deep in his chest, the woolbeast fidgeting less when he got near “-Yeah. Like that. So they know it’s him.”

She was smiling when she gave Janna her attention once more. She may have had dreams of becoming a Courser one day, but only because it would give Tavlesk a break from watching the woolbeast during the day... and who didn't want a giant deathbird by their side?

“Holder's never cared much ‘bout sustaining the stock we got to carry us through the pass... Sometimes a hankerin' for something other than fish ‘n tubors brings ‘em around here – to see if there’s one that won't be missed – so we gotta be alert, see?” with Tavlesk wandering among the beasts, and someone to chat to, there was no concern about falling asleep at their post, so it was an easy enough thing for Tayvelle to start properly talking without worrying that her charges would come to harm.

“Well get on then. Lurkin' in shadows is a good way to get yerself in the shit.” Tayvelle called back in response, telling Tavlesk to sit and heel as they waited for Janna to step closer.

While he didn't move from his ordered stance, when Janna stumbled, the bronze growled menacingly, all his attention focused on the stranger as she approached. When she greeted them, he did calm somewhat, though the red didn't quite leave his eyes.

Quite contrary to the disapproval from both Tavlesk and Tayvelle, Blue, having woken now that the rocking motion had stopped, unfurled himself slightly, eyes an amusedd green as he trilled a greeting to the young girl, a close approximation of his bond with Tayvelle pressed against their bond innwhat the young woman had managed to translate previously to mean friend!

“’course we do. What of it?” She retorted, ignoring the blue's excitement and instead addressing the harpers question.

She didn't manage to get to introducing herself though, tutting when the girl moved to the side and caused Tavlesk to return to a standing position, head lowered and growling with greater volume than before.

“Do ya bloody research before comin' gallavanting around out here at night- where'd the harper hall find you?” She was moving closer, grumbling herself more than actually talking to the other apprentice. “Sharding dimglow's are gonna get themselves killed.- Com'ere”

Tavlesk had remained where he was, and Blue was chirruping merrily despite his bonded's irritation, but Tayvelle herself had gotten close enough to reach out and grab Janna's arm, trying to yank her closer to the Red-eyed wher.

“Tavlesk is gonna need you to come closer. If I'm with ya, he won't hurtcha. But if ya must get closer to the woolbeast yer gonna hafta let him get a good looksie.” She growled by way of explanation, trying to manhandle the harper close enough for Tavlesk to catch her scent as well as a better idea of her heat signature.

“Tavlesk. This is Janna. She's a –“

FRIEND! Blue interrupted with an excited trill, the myriad of images and emotions that meant “friend” pushed into Tavlesk's head as well as Tayvelle’s.

Tayvelle, meanwhile, grunted in annoyance before continuing “- friend. She'll not harm ‘em”

Her tone was matter of fact, though the glare she offered Janna as she added the last bit would be unmistakeable. She wasn't one to lie to her bonded, and wouldn't let a kid prove her wrong.

Tavlesk eased up slightly at Tayvelle's words, though he was sceptical  as she got close enough to catch a scent- even with his not-so-great nose. It was her voice and heat signature that he would rely on the most, and so long as she made no moves towards the woolbeast until he was satisfied he knew her, he wouldn't move to prevent her getting closer.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@RedShoesWrites   Hope that works for you. If you're uncomfortable with any of it please let me know and I'll adjust

Plot and Scheme / Re: RedShoes' Plotter
« on: July 22, 2017, 09:31:59 PM »
I was gonna offer up Tayvelle as a good start since they're both apprentices, though Tayvelle is older by a bit.

HOWEVER! I noticed you posted in her open thread which works for me!

If you want something with any other charries of mine let me know. I'm a slow responder but up for anything as long as its IC ^^

Crafters / Re: Janna [ 12.04.2578 // Jr. Apprentice Harper ]
« on: July 22, 2017, 03:18:08 PM »

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello, Everyone!
« on: July 22, 2017, 05:26:53 AM »
*Eyes name.*

Well, well, well...... *Steps fowards. The metallic clang of boots spurs chime* This town ain't big enough for the two of us.

*steps forward again and stops.* So, I'm gonna call you "Shoes."

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