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For a moment, Iskelaith’s attention strayed from Quorith and his passengers. While his bond with L’ok was still secure, it was growing ever more tenuous. And between that worry, that borderline panic and the adrenaline of the situation, the Blue was simply focused on pushing back those that had chased them into the courtyard. Distantly, he was aware of other riders rushing past him, their leathers setting them apart and saving them from his red-eyed rage. But he scarcely noticed whether or not there were other Candidates with them also intent on escaping the chaos of the Hold.

At last, Quorith’s voice reached out to him again. The other Blue was already in the air, clear and away from the crowd. And as other dragons rose into the sky as well, Iskelaith knew he had to leave. He couldn’t linger—nothing in him would let him stay behind while L’ok Betweened to whatever fate awaited him at High Reaches. He would be there, whatever happened.

But without his rider conscious enough to give him an image of their Weyr—again Quorith was his savior, sharing the image that D’rak had managed to summon to mind. I’m here, he told the other Blue, to confirm he was not being lost.

Blinking Between was almost painful. Now that they were away from the site of the violence, Iskelaith’s anger was rapidly giving way to fear. When they finally emerged, he could tell that L’ok was still alive… but he was still drifting between awareness and what felt like a dream.

Don’t leave me, he begged, and shot toward the ground near the entrance to the infirmary. He spotted someone wearing Healer’s colors, as the medics rushed out to greet the returning riders. Propriety, for the moment, didn’t matter as he reached out to them: Help us!

Vassatiere wasn’t sure how she felt being between two people who were having a conversation, but it wasn’t so bad since she knew one of them and it wasn’t really a conversation if they were just exchanging a few words, was it?

Ysolth was quite content with his little game because it meant he could stay right where he was and, really, it required a fair bit of concentration, skill, and coordination. The best games of all. He didn’t feel as antisocial as his Vassatiere, but he also was near violently determined to stay with her. She was his, after all.

When Na’va made mention that someone had left, she did frown. “I think the implication is that we’re supposed to stay, and get to know... one another?” Her words were a little rough, clearly disproving of someone who had just walked out even though she certainly didn’t want to stay. She didn’t want to get in trouble even more and she certainly didn’t want to seem like a lazy person, or slacker. Neither did she think pretending was a viable option.

Which meant, well, she had to talk to them. Looking down at Ysolth on her lap, she ran a hand along his back before she said, “There’s no reason we can’t just talk to eachother.” It sounded snippy. Vassatiere certainly didn’t mean it that way, she just frequently sounded that way when her words came out quick and clipped.

It was just her way.

Counter to her supposed waspish statement, she looked at Na’va and asked, “Do you have family at the Weyr?” It was a safe question, generally. A normal one. Right? She glanced at D’via and hoped the other girl would understand the question was also posed to her.

@Jarakrisafis @Inki

Meyelthra had really debated whether or not she’d bother to show up. Gambling just for the sake of it wasn’t really her thing. It was a droll affair, really. It lacked the rush, the violence, of a wher fight. And, as far as she knew, there wasn’t going to be any wher fights at the gambling den.

Which didn’t surprise her, but it did disappoint her. X’hos had been a bit leery about leaving her there overnight since the last time she’d come home with an injured wher, but she’d just waved it off as a run fight. A locked run, so he had nothing to fret over. She always explained that she just got drunk and had a good time with her friends for the run which wasn’t always a lie. Meyelthra didn’t run off to the Hall just so she could sleep around. She was quite fulfilled in the sex department and wasn’t some thrill seeking holder wife who needed to sleep with strangers to feel better about herself.

But, she felt a certain sense of nostalgic obligation to go. People she knew would be there. It’d be like witnessing a part of her past coming to life. If nothing else, she’d grab drinks with friends then be on her way. Find a friend’s bed she could pass out on eventually until morning, when her dutiful green rider would come scoop her up and she could spend the entire day in her bed.

What a plan.

Arriving at the Gambit felt like taking a step into the past. The dark, quiet tunnel that led to the din of conversation. The steadily rising noise, the brightened glow that revealed the door. It was all so... It really was like Fort. Meyelthra might as well have never left.

She waved at the ‘doorman’ and just sauntered in. A woman like Meyelthra clearly belonged. After a quick survey of the place, she actually threw her arms up and loudly, happily shouted, “Heey! My favorite drinkin’ buddy! Kyrrin!” She actually meant it too.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:41:34 PM »
Wow, rude!

The dragon's voice was distraught, and he curled into her as she wrapped her arms protectively around him. Ki'ki clenched her fists in the effort to hold back a punch, upset that her dragon was upset, upset that her dragon was eating her upset and getting more upset, and the bad feelings fed on each other like a snake eating itself.

But. She would have to let Aellath down to start a fight, and really, she was here to make friends, right? They were playing poker. They were having a very good time right now playing dragon poker. She made a mental note, though, to challenge some of them to honorable combat at dawn, weapon: fists. She thought that, once defeated, these boys would also be pretty good friends. They just had to get the business first.

"It's okay," she told Aellath quietly, as Ysveta mercifully dealt them a hand. "Sometimes when people who think they are very important all get in one place, they have to see who is most important, and it's a very stressful time for them. What none of them know is that you are the most important."

Honestly, who let boys do anything. All of them may as well just yoink out their privates and start measuring them. She was willing to bet none of them had successfully satisfied a woman.

Aellath sniffed and propped himself up, little claws on her wrists, trying to look at the cards. She had the makings of something not-terrible here.

"Are we betting anything?" she asked, eagerly.

Thrane started as a voice broke him out of his focus. Looking up, he saw one of the older black weyrlings, their Weyrsecond to be exact, and sighed. " No... He willingly went into the pit of firestone... I wish he had not, since I'm the one who has to clean him again, but I guess I can't quite fault him for his reasoning." He will turn back to look at his little bronze before going to scrub at another dusty area that was particularly well ground in. "He was trying to make a point, I guess... Some of the other weyrling bronzers made a real ass of themselves last night and he was ashamed that he shared the hide of those idiots..." He said as he scrubbed.

Theulth looked up at the black dragon, poofing up a little in the vain attempt to make himself look bigger. He looked ridiculous, but the effort was at least cute, right? I did want to change my color for a little while, so I did... But now my Thrane and I have decided it would be better if I were bronze so we can show the other stupid male sparkle-butts how a real bronze should act! His voice was broadcast locally to include the riders in his proclamation as he rolled over, effectively caking dust to his just cleaned side.

Thrane sighed and stood, giving himself a break so that he did not yell at the bronze for just making himself dirty again. He turned and offered his hand to the other rider, eyes locking with his. "I do believe I remember you from our candidate classes. It's a pleasure to be introduced properly. I'm Thrane, and this little rebel is my bronze Theulth. " He will turn his gaze to the black and nods. "Likewise to you, Baleth. I apologize for never congratulating you both for finding each other."

Just when he was about to turn back to his dragonet to start cleaning him again, another rider turned up to put in his two marks about Theulth's comical appearance. Thrane could not help but smile a little at the laugh, admitting to himself that his bronze did look a little ridiculous. "A bit, but I think we have it sorted now..." He will wipe his hand on the rag he was using and offered it to the other blackrider. "Thrane of Bronze Theulth. I think I remember you from candidate lessons a few turns back, but forgive me that I don't remember your name." His voice is calm and honest, as he usually was with people. He personally had no issue with any rider, regardless of the color they rode. Gold-hazel eyes looked at the other man, wondering if his attempt at being friendly would be denied.

His bronze, on the other hand, had much less inhibitions. It is not a joke! Some of the other male sparkle-butt riders were being mean to my clutchmates and tried to make me sound mean too because I am bronze... The dragonet will sit on his rump and looks over at Lesserath with yellow-tinged eyes. I mean... Every dragon and rider has a place here, right? Thrane believes that all riders should contribute to the good of the Weyr, no matter who they are. I just don't understand why we all just can't do our best to help out the Weyr, each in the way we were born to. With all that said, Theulth will settle back, finally sitting still long enough to let Thrane finish wiping him down and start the process of reoiling him.

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Take a look at this Lesserath prompted his rider, lifting his wing away from where it was obscuring J'hal's view of the spectacle the black had observed, pausing for the moment the act of having the underside oiled to a high shine. J'hal turned, oilcloth in hand, peering around and finally spotting the tiny little black-smudged bronze being wiped down by his rider.

J'hal, lacking the same level of restraint that T'veck possessed, expressed a very audible guffaw of amusement at the sight. What on Pern happened to him?

One would hope that he's merely envious of how fabulous and superior we obviously are, but I think it more likely that he tripped on a wing and fell into the firestone pit, Lesserath replied with an air of mistrustful amusement. He didn't exactly trust bronzes, even ones as young as Theulth.

This had better not be some cruel joke on our behalf, little bronze Lesserath rumbled to Theulth across the distance between the two of them as J'hal ambled over for a better look.

"Got a bit of colour envy here, have we?" he remarked, coming to stand beside T'veck, who looked to be holding back a chukcle of his own. J'hal wouldn't have considered T'veck a friend exactly, more of an ally in the somewhat ludicrous game some members of the weyr seemed intent on playing with them. Still, he was comfortable enough around the classmate-come-Weyrsecond to express his amusement at the situation.

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@Phoenyx @Jarakrisafis And I hereby present (probably) SWW's least refined blackrider. At least he's the same age as Thrane, right?

Weyr Bowl / Private Trying to Be Something You're Not [31.6.2591 l 7pm] T'veck, J'hal
« on: October 10, 2018, 06:12:33 PM »
"Did you really need to roll in the firestone dust...?" He asked his dragon as he hauled another bucket of oil outside into the waning sunlight. He had already brought out several buckets of oil to the other riders, who were still oiling their dragons. He put down his bucket of oil before going to get a wash bucket as the very dirty bronze dragonet sprawled out on the warm ground.

Yes, Thrane, I did... I am ashamed of the fellows that share my hide color... That showing last night made me want to change my hide color... So I did.

Thrane sighed, but could not reprimand the bronze. The older bronzers last night at the card game were way out of line. Thrane had regretted going to the meet up the instant the other bronzers walked in. First he was an outcast of this clutch because of his age, and now these older idiots had put a bad light on bronzers in general. He hoped that his fellow weyrlings did not lump him in with those bronzers, since Thrane was not so...colorist.

Thrane came back with the wash bucket and set it beside his dragon. "As much as I appreciate the sentiment, Theulth... We need to make a better name for the weyrling bronzes by being the shining example of our rank. That and you will not like how itchy your hide will become if you leave the dust there." He knelt beside his bronze and took the rag out of his bucket to start cleaning off the black soot that covered his bonded.

I guess you are right... Now, please clean me up. As much as I want to stand with my black bretherin, I want to be bronze again. Chop chop. The bronze will stretch to let his rider clean him up again, ignoring the muttered curses that the bronze just wanted to be cleaned again.

All in the days work for Thrane.

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@Jarakrisafis @Spiffy Have fun playing with Thrane

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 05:11:08 PM »
The young ones are planning something. The Bronze sounded intrigued, and perhaps a little put out that he hadn’t been the one to extend a social invitation. We ought to go, make sure the unnatural things behave themselves.

Ever since Kalestath’s last clutch, the pair of them had been on a renewed edge. Sure, things had gone pretty good, but how long would that luck hold out? T’rel was sure that having some fifteen plus Red dragons running around was bound to cause chaos of some form. Not to mention the age of some of them that had Impressed. He knew not to underestimate younger weyrlings, not when T’vye and T’kos were exemplary in their own right, but they were Bronzers for a reason. They weren’t just the riffraff that every other respectable dragon had passed up.

/In a sec, my dude. Can’t be the first to show up to a party, am I right?/ T’rel tousled his own hair, still damp from his evening bath and decided on a clean but tattered shirt whose sleeves had gone missing and whose hem ran a little high so that one might glimpse his (in his opinion) spectacular abs. Paired with his riding leathers and bare feet it was any wonder his mother had ever allowed him out in public.

A short whistle summoned Stud, who was then instructed to keep a very good watch on their room. “We’re off to battle,” he told the Brown, solemnly. “Hold down the fort, but mourn for me if I don’t return. Never forget me, little bro.” He fist bumped one of the flit’s head knobs, receiving a musical and determined trill in response.

After some more hair tousling and a final glance at his room, perhaps memorizing where each and every thing was, he and Nynath waltzed down toward the commons. It was his luck to walk in just in time to hear an “Oi, fuck off” and the rest, to which his attention snapped to the one speaking and then to whom he was speaking at. He wasn’t especially surprised that T’vye had garnered such attention, but he wasn’t happy about it.

T’rel continued his slow, loping pace until he stood beside his roommate. His hands clenched and relaxed, a brief gesture that might be missed, but he hoped not. A lazy smile spread over his face but he didn’t say anything. Nynath, similarly, sauntered to where Aitorith had lain.

The room was a weird blend of emotion. At the very least, T’rel knew enough about young dragons to know that a situation like this could easily escalate and then easily confuse the new hatchlings. Even Nynath wasn’t quite old enough to be deemed safe from such a disruption. He didn’t want to add to it, but then again he’d never been one to back down from a fight.

Fighting them would be stupid, Nynath observed. We are piteously outnumbered.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 05:01:02 PM »
D'vik stumbled back with a start as the young bronze surged towards him, instinctively going to brandish the chair he was holding in front of him as a form of defense before Thrane stepped in front  of him. Shards and shells, a week ago he'd been fully prepared to protect himself from onrushing dragonets but he'd thought the need for that long over now. The strange voice crashed into his head with the force of an onrushing migraine, but vanished again just as quickly, leaving only a strangely tingly trace reminiscent of Anedaith bespeaking him directly. Heppath dashed out from under the chair and came skidding to a halt against his knee, flaring her wings at Theulth and hissing at the dragon twice her size.

S'ok Hep, hush, he thought to her, nudging the tiny red with his knee whie holding up his free hand in supplication and surrender to Thrane. "Sorry man. No harm intended," he said, stepping back even as Thrane turned away.

Note to self: No touchy the bronzerider.

Retreating to his spot next to D'via, happy to forget the whole incident, he leaned in with interest at the mention of poker. "Don't worry," he said quietly, knowing that she wasn't a big player. "You can team up with me, I'll show you how it's done."

Ysveta had barely gotten into explaining how the game was played (which he knew already, but he was happy for her to do the telling since it was her deck) before his ears started burning. Unsavory company? He turned, frowning, to the strange bronzerider that had so loudly condemned their entire group even as R'kan (Faranth bless his heart) swore over all their heads. Fucking shards, he needed some popcorn.

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@Jarakrisafis @Phoenyx

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Dragon poker sounded great. He hadn’t played it in a while—probably not since he’d been Searched, unless he missed his guess. The decks R’kan had been familiar with before had belonged to family members or other Miners, but never to him; and during Candidacy, he’d never really known (or cared) enough about his fellow students to insert himself into their games. But now with things being what they were, trying a little harder probably wouldn’t go amiss. And with more and more of his classmates coming out of the woodwork to lend themselves to the game, it’d be as good of a time to be more social with them as any. Doubly so since they’d be engaged in an activity that he actually liked.

Hisketh too was intrigued since the intention seemed to be that they’d both get to play. That way you can’t cheat off me, she crooned to him as they neared the table and gathering weyrlings. R’kan spared her a glare, and was treated to her mental laughter for it.

He didn’t often bother trying to reach her telepathically, but this time it’d be stupid to say anything out loud. //I don’t cheat.// Assuring his dragon of that wouldn’t invite much confidence from the others. And while he really didn’t, R’kan wasn’t stupid. Opening himself up to that kind of suspicion would just add tension to a game that was meant to be relaxed.

R’kan again got the sensation that his dragon was picking through his thoughts, though her touch left something to be desired since she wasn’t yet old enough to have learned finesse. (A thought which earned him a nip to one ankle.) Maybe not. But I wouldn’t put it past you trying to pull something over on me.

All good-natured and in jest.

Neither of them had really expected anyone to snag a specific spot for them, but Hisketh purred happily when Karrimuth reached out to her, appreciative of the larger male’s apparent politeness. We’d love to, she thrummed back, and directed R’kan that direction like a mother wher herding a hatchling. How thoughtful of you. Whether it really was or not, she didn’t much care. The short amount of time they’d been living together, she’d already observed Karrimuth’s preference for his personal space. And as small as she was—and intending to sit on R’kan’s lap so she could see the table anyway—she would hardly need the extra space.

“Hey,” her rider greeted as he sat next to Veryk. “I think someone said dragon poker.” Moments before the girl with the deck—Ysveta?—confirmed that’s indeed what they were going to be playing.

Seated where they were, it was impossible to not overhear the conversation between the Bronzer in their class and the other weyrling. R’kan didn’t really know who the other one was, but his attitude caught the ex-Miner’s attention right quick. Turns ago, he might have not agreed with the kid per se, but he mightn’t have said anything against his little rant either. Now, though, with his bond to Hisketh so fresh, and his love of her so strong, he found words coming out of his mouth before he had a chance to really stop them. (Not that he would have in the first place.) They hardly needed a Bronzer to defend them, which sparked his brief, almost gleeful anger even more. “Oi, fuck off, you ugly tunnel snake. No one cares about your fucking opinion.”

R’kan judged the matter settled then—whether it rightly was or not—and turned his attention back to Ysveta as she dealt their hand. He could tell Hisketh was a mix of amused and exasperated with him, but she was quickly distracted as he let her climb into his lap, within the circle of his arms, and showed her the cards they’d been given.

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@Kyya for Karrimuth and T’vye :bird:

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 04:22:06 PM »
Ysveta blinked around, unoffended by Thrane's lack of understanding about the game. Perhaps he hadn't had much experience in other walks of life before, it wasn't his fault he was uninformed. So she simply responded airily to the room at large and Theulth's words, "It is not a child's game. It is played all across the crafts by everyone, but if you do not wish to play that is entirely your choice." And she turned back to those who seemed interested in actually playing and following the instructions of 'socialising and forming bonds within your clutch'.

After having helpfully added all of her details, she continued, "Now. If everyone who wishes to play would like to pay attention, I shall deal out your hands." And Ysveta started to explain the basics of how to draw, how each turn was carried out, and what the details were for each of the potential winning hands. The betting explaining left... a little to be desired. She'd never particularly enjoyed that part of the game herself, but the rules were all there.

Oskith for his part was enjoying observing everyone, adding a few comments about people to Ysveta which only slightly distracted her from her instructions.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 03:37:38 PM »
Thrane sighed as the red started shouting at them as soon as he sat down. Farnath help me... I understand the dragons being childish since they are very young, but their riders too...? He thought to himself as he waved a hand. "I am sorry but-"

Thrane and I don't want to play a child's game. The bronze cut in, broadcasting to everyone in the commons. He then looked at Aellath and snorts once, talking to her directly. And no, I will not die of sadness... I don't see the point of games and there are already too many dragons... Oh... But thank you for the invitation. The bronze added as an afterthought as his rider gave him a sour look.

Thrane was about to ask if they all could excuse his crabby dragon when another of the weyrlings slapped him on his shoulder, right over where some of the worst of his scarring was. Thrane winced as the sensitive skin stung, a sharp breath whistling through his teeth. He took a second to let the twinge pass before he said something under his breath about keeping hands to themselves.

Theulth, on the other hand, took offense and surged at the other weyrling, eyes whirling red-orange. No hurting my Thrane! He has ouch spots over his shoulders and- The dragon stopped short as Thrane moved in front of him, eyes meeting his. There was a short mental conversation before the bronze backed off and slunk back to the table. Thrane will turn to D'vik at his dragon's retreat. "Please excuse Theulth. He is just a little overprotective of me. You had no way of knowing of my old injury... My apologies on his behalf." He will turn to go back to his seat with a nod, eyes following one of the older bronze weyrlings as he entered the room.

Making a fool of himself... He would be the one offending the reds and blacks in a room full of them... He thought to himself as he began work again on his carving. But before he got too involved, the bronzer sat next to him. He will glance up as he is introduced before his eyes fall back to his carving. "I know who you are, seeing as we were candidates together, all be it briefly. I do not forget names." He will ignore the outstretched hand for a moment, then will set aside his belt knife to take it. " I assume you know that I am Thrane, and this is my partner Theulth.

He will pick up the knife again to chip off a few more flakes of wood before setting down the carving, eyes moving to meet the boys as he says with quiet intensity. "And if I were you, I would watch your tone when it comes to the new colors. They are our wingmates as much as any other color and should be treated with common decency. Besides, no one would respect a leader that was not at least civil with all those under him." His voice is low so that the others can not hear, and the intensity in his gold-hazel eyes unwavering. He would not stand for such animosity against the new colors from a child who is barely out of the creche himself. " Which brings about a better question, why are you down here? Don't you and your bronze have duties to finish?"

Theulth sulked next to his rider, eyes on T'vye. He did not get a good feeling from the rider, making him unwilling to speak with him. Let Thrane handle him... He will turn his attention to the older bronze when he is addressed, yellow-green eyes looking him over. You were once... You have just had more then a few days to get bigger. Don't worry, I will be bigger then you when I grow up. The younger bronze says with self-assurance. He would be bigger, he just knew it!

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@Jarakrisafis @Kyya Enjoy!

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: October 10, 2018, 01:30:21 AM »
Aitorith would forever wear a reminder of his clash with Dakrith along his hide, though time with a dragon healer had left him mostly together. There was a tear in his wingsails that had healed, but a small, rather insignificant portion hadn't been saved, so he'd forever have a notch in it. Beyond that it was just a few marks along his side that were bound to fade with time, though some of the deeper furrows would continue to bear witness to his clash.

The incident had delayed further progression for Aitorith so far as flying training went, and they were making up for it in the afternoons and evenings by practicing the drills as assigned by W'um and D'zel. With their permission of course. It wouldn't do for a bronze rider to shirk authority and risk their dragons life by training too hard. Though he was certain Aitorith would do just fine even if he did add on some extra extra training.

It was pretty standard for them to come into the barracks when they were done, though T'vye's decision to stay among the present company largely depended on whether he felt they deserved his presence. A summons though, from a largely untempered and very much unwanted source had him frowning as he entered the common room, Aitorith shuffling along behind and giving an uncertain rumble at the amount of people sprawled about.

The weyrling barracks were large enough to deal with multiple growing dragons at once, but it didn't make it any less crowded when so many, especially new, excitable dragonets were wandering around. "Come on Aitorith. I can think of plenty of places I'd rather be than sitting amongst so many abominations." T'vye sneered, not caring at all about whether he would be heard or not as his faze passed over the red and black hides that marred the otherwise perfectly practical dragon colours present. Neisoth once again catching Kalestath had produced yet more of the unsavoury brutes, and with another black siring a clutch that turn, T'vye had little hope for their future... So long as Aitorith was unable to chase.

Will go where you go. Aitorith responded, slight confusion in his tone at what T'vye had said but not curious enough to enquire further. Had that been the end of it, T'vye and Aitorith would have simply retired to their room, leaning on the familiar presence of proper weyrlings rather than mingling with riff-raff. Except they were summoned once again by the broadcasting little red, and where Aitorith simply pushed back with a bright Am not coming. T'vye glowered at the various bodies, trying to locate the offending red before miraculously (in his mind) finding a bronze dragon instead.

He was quick to piece together the two weyrling sharassing the bronzerider into joining in on their childish endeavour, and didn't even care that there were some perfectly normal dragons spotted about that intended to play as well. Fraternising with the mutations was a no-go in his book, and it wasn't like there was truly any capacity to prove themselves better by joining in.

So when D'vik insisted the bronzer join them, T'vye moved to step between, Aitorith already enchanted by what he deemed a far too small dragon when compared to his clutchmates and thus occupied scooting closer to the table where Thrane and Theulth.

Rather than speak directly to the younger weyrlings, however, T'vye simply pulled up a seat next to Thrane, glowering once more at the table of weyrlings before his full attention was for the other bronzer. "I'm T'vye, of Bronze Aitorith. Nice to see there are still suitable candidates for Bronze Dragons coming through the ranks. They should know we have far better things to do with or time than entertain such unsavoury company." He said by way of introduction, holding a hand out as was proper when introducing oneself and allowing the disdain he felt towards the mutations colour his voice.

T'vye didn't have quite as many turns under his belt as Thrane did, though he was a turn ahead in his training, and was, as far as he was concerned, the superior weyrling. He had more of an understanding of what it was to have a dragon after all, when compared to barely a week out of the shell for Thrane and his. It couldn't be said that T'vye didn't work hard to ensure his "Position of authority" was understood from the get go, with his knot proudly worn and kept as clean as possible considering the training they underwent and the swagger of someone who'd been bonded to a dragon far longer than he actually had. Despite the drills he and Aitorith had just finished, he was only slightly unkempt, but any commentary to such was bound to be responded to with a rather lengthy recap of why he wasn't quite as pristine in appearance as he could have been.

Aitorith was far less intense in his attentions to Theulth, though he was slow to find a suitable spot with which to stretch out in, away from where he expected other dragons to be moving about but still able to be part of any conversation that took place. Do not remember ever being as small as you. he rumbled directly to Theulth, though not quite as short-range a beam as he probably should have used. So long as the conversation remained interesting, Aitorith didn't mind having other dragons join in, though he would not directly hail a rider unless asked to by T'vye or the rider themselves.

Spoiler for OOC:
Tags!  @SirAlahn if its enough of an opening for R'kan - It's alright if not. Looks like I'll have plenty of opportunities.

Also Tag @Bee and @Spiffy  since T'vye was in part responding to their determination to pull Thrane into the game.

And the important person: tag @Phoenyx for Thrane and Theulth. Have fun.

And because it's T'vye... Please fell free to make of him what you will. He doesn't mind being overheard, and I'm all up for anyone who wants to interact with him. Just know he's pretty condescending, can be quite rude, and has enough arrogance for forty men <_< He's loads of fun!

After something akin to a slight scolding for not chewing, to be countered without hesitation with Give me bigger chunks and I will. Veryk and Karrimuth found an easy rhythm in the feeding process. It was strange to feel the hunger that they coukd feel but which was certainly not theirs start to decrease as Karrimuth ate, though the sheer amount the black had downed so far leant Veryk to think he'd grossly underestimated how much meat to grab.

It was good timing that they were approached then, Karrimuth still sharing his hunger with Veryk, though it was far more subdued than the pangs they'd felt on impression. The bowl had only a few more chunks, and they suspected it wouldn't quite suffice... a feeling that was backed up by the way Karrimuth glanced at each remaining chunk while he ate with an almost irritated disdain.

J'ken's approach had gone unnoticed by the black, though Veryk immediately went to speak when Karrimuth did instead. And you are? he countered, mimicking the blueriders tone though with an emphasis on "you" that wasn't perhaps as polit as it could be. ... Neither Veryk or the black were concerned though. This was all new, and Karrimuth's preferences were just as important as their own.

"A weyrlingmaster..." Veryk confirmed with a glance to J'ken's shoulderknot. "... assistant it seems." they added, though the words were directed to the dragon and not the rider.

"This is Karrimuth." they answered, scooping up another chunk and offering it to the black as they turned to give J'ken their attention. "I think we need another bowl." They added with a nod to the dwindling supply. Their name wasn't quite as important as establishing that Karrimuth needed to eat still. They were sure the hatchlings were meant to get sleepy when they were done eating, but at the moment Veryk felt no change except for the slightly less nagging hunger.

"I'm Veryk." They finished, not stumbling over the name Karrimuth had given them like others might do. It implied their mame hadn't changed, or hadn't changed much once they impressed, though should J'ken be familiar with the lists of candidates it may have caused slight confusion instead. Veryk had already come to terms with it being simply the black dragons perrogative not to give them an honorific, just as other dragons chose to give on to theirs.

Getting up early wasn’t new for Vassatiere. Candidates didn’t sleep all day either. But waking up with a sleep dragon was still hard. Ysolth was sluggish and slow, insisting that she not leave him behind, which just made her own thoughts feel fuzzy. Not as bad as when they’d first connected – but it was still noticeable. He was tired and she knew that. He didn’t have to tell her. Vassatiere could also, somehow, tell that it was her dragon that was tired and not her. It was an odd sense of detached sleepiness.

It still made focusing difficult. Especially since Ysolth just kept talking to her in that sly whispering voice of his. That was not the voice of a young dragon, but the tempting murmur of someone that was going to get her in trouble. Always. It didn’t matter that he was just talking about other people, he just always sounded like he was up to something.

Hearing him never failed to make her smile.

I don’t understand why you have to do things if I’m just going to be asleep. What if I want to be apart of what you’re doing? he complained and not for the first time as they both made their way into the commons. He hadn’t wanted carried this morning, insisting that walking would help him wake.

It didn’t make sense, but Vassatiere was nearly overwhelmed with emotion that he was so insistent on being there with her, for her. He wanted to be apart of everything she did. Sleeping, eating, and in this case, morning lessons. Ysolth couldn’t fathom sleeping in a room that she wasn’t in and it... that sort of affection, unspoken and so utterly upfront, had caught her off guard.

Vassatiere found a seat toward the back. She didn’t want to try and navigate around others. Ysolth climbed up her, mindful of his claws, and settled on her lap. Vassatiere resisted the urge to pull him to her and simply laid her hands on him, settling for touch. “You really don’t have to be here,” she murmured softly. She had yet to master talking to him mentally.

Ysolth tilted his head and eyed her. She felt like she was being scolded with just a look. Disapproval and annoyance radiated from him. I said I wanted to be here and I am. Quit it. He ended with a nip to her knee. It hurt – his teeth were sharp – but she smiled more so for the stinging reprimand and snappy disapproval.

He was so sweet.

When the Weyrlingmaster Assistant started talking, Vassatiere dutifully paid attention. Ysolth tried for a couple of moments before he simply settled on her and drifted off. Scheduling was hardly something he cared about and he would rely on his more attentive bonded to remember such things.

Looking it over, Vassatiere found herself mentally repeating it so she would remember it. When he said to socialize, her eyes went a little wider and she glanced at those closest to her as though afraid they might try and talk to her.

She was awful at talking to people.

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Ki'ki had marginal experience with card games--truth be told, it had taken a long time for her to learn to sit still and care enough to get the rules down, and afterwards these stationary games tended to be a death match between her competitive desire to win and the entire rest of her brain, which told her she should throw the cards in the air and go climb a tree. Among peers, though, excitedly rustled from sleep, she felt the pull of a great game, and more importantly, the chance to hang out with people.

Aellath bounced happily in her arms, apparently in the process of getting up to speed on what Ki'ki knew of the game. For her part, Ki'ki leaned a bit over to D'via, who was looking all kinds of mortified about her dragon's outbursts.

"Don't be embarrassed!" she stage-whispered. "He's just friendly. I wanna start playing too!"

She was distracted by Ysveta dragging a table, jumping up to lend her a hand as Aellath scrambled to get on her shoulders, providing an exceptional amount of absolutely zero help to the entire endeavor. When she was moving around, she noticed--ah! Another of their number, one of the bronzes, lingering in the distance like he didn't know how to be friends.


And oh, saddest of all, his dragon was looking over at them, in what Ki'ki could only assume was a secret desire to join them.

He needs us! With complete conviction, Aellath added, He will die alone of sadness if he does not play with us.

Ki'ki thought Aellath might be projecting a little, but it felt right.

As Oskith prepared to get the party started, Ki'ki waved an arm and said, "Hey! Thrane! It's not too late to join us, we'd love to trounce you!"

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Phoenyx if you'd like to be DRAGGED OVER. Living my best life, living my dreams.

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Ysveta apparently hadn't really considered just how many other people her idea would bring on. Or perhaps she had considered it, after all, that was the point, she just didn't truly register what that meant. But Oskith was enjoying watching the rest of the Weyrling class slowly trickle in, and Ysveta had never really experienced anxiety around other people, she was just well aware that she messed up in social situations a lot.

Regardless, her plan had been to socialise like the Weyrlingmasters had said, and it seemed like she'd jumped right in the deep end. What a better way to get stuck into homework!

She gave a wave and an 'evening' to Vassatiere, a nod and a smile to Ki'ki and before long, she was just smiling a greeting to everyone rather than trying to make it more individual. Ysveta did however, confirm D'via's answer with an easy, "Indeed, dragon poker."

Oskith leapt lightly from her lap and onto the ground as Ysveta stood to start dragging another table forward, she would likely be able to do it herself, but it also wouldn't hurt to have a hand either. When the table was in place, she swung a chair back onto the side for herself. Oskith climbed up onto her lap, and placed his front claws up onto the table.

Everyone should be able to take a seat now. He said to Ysveta before broadcasting the next to the rest of those who seemed to be assembling. Shall we begin?

Spoiler for OOC:
Just to put in some interesting terminology, I thought these rules would be fun to use. There's no need to be super strict about the details and rules, but you could mention what "hand" you're trying to make, or you do make.
I think with this amount of players 5-card draw makes sense.
If anything doesn't make sense in terms of realistic poker and the amount of cards or whatever let's just... suspend disbelief and make it work 8D
We could bet with marks or chores or... something else? sticks? leaves? We can figure it out as we go along through this next 'round.

Ummm, what else, no need to wait for the person who posted ahead of you to post again or something, live your dreams, if you wanna post post, if you wanna skip then that's cool too.

I'm happy for someone else's character to describe how to play if you want, otherwise I'll have Ysveta do it in my next post :3

TLDR: Live your dreams

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"What in the shard-"

Anedaith. Apparently we are done sleeping.

Like numbweed over a cut Karrimuth's voice immediately soothed the headache building in Veryk's mind. They weren't sure of the details, but having the red dragons talk directly to them (or broadcasting the voice as seemed to be the case) hadn't resulted in the same, comfortable acceptance that Karrimuth's voice provided. Even on the sands, Karrimuth's black brother had sparked a slight irritation in their mind where Karrimuth's voice had felt natural, no matter the slight delay before he chose them.

"Aparently so..." Veryk mused in return, giving the room a quick glance to take in what information they could. R'kan had left already, though it wasn't an unusual thing. Over the past sevenday, their dragons had adhered to their own schedules of eat, sleep and demand oiling, which was also why being urged to hurry up seemed so unusual.

"Do you need to be oiled?" they asked Karrimuth, glancing over to the stone couch where he was crouching, eyes tinged with a faint swirl of red that wasn't unusual given the irritation that coloured his voice when he explained who had woken them. It faded quickly as the black regarded Veryk, the blue-green colour whirling slower in thought. The growing amusement and curiosity gave away the response well before Karrimuth said anything, and Veryk was already moving to make themselves presentable when Karrimuth's voice filled their head once more.

I do enjoy letting you oil me... He purred, stretching himself out to his full length - a significant contrast to the reds who shared their room - and adding, But I do not itch... and they're clearly being murdered out there to demand our attention more than once.

Veryk snorted, not surprised innthe slightest by their dragons sarcasm but certainly amused. They had never considered whether their bonded would have a sense of humour but it just felt normal as if there really had been no other option for theirs.

Except for running their fingers through their hair so that they were somewhat presentable, Veryk didn't bother delaying their entrance to the common area much further by putting on something more appropriate for company. Their sleeping gown covered up all the essentials and they didn't need to be in riding leathers to be social. Besides, their curiosity was urging them to leave their room and actually see for themselves what had demanded such urgency.

Truth be told, it wasn't at all what they expected, but it was easy enough to see what was about to happen. "What are we playing?" They knew a fair few of the common games that could be played with the deck of cards, and with Karrimuth forging a path towards the collection of dragons and weyrlings it was a quick endeavour to actually reach Ysveta's table and claim a spare seat, Karrimuth quickly slipping in beside and claiming the other spare for himself with the front half of his body.

If you and yours are to play, we have claimed a spot for you.  Karrimuth only knew a few of the dragonets well, and Hisketh had proven to be... a comfortable associate so far. Wtih dragonets apparently joining theirs in... whatever it was they were about to do, the black would much prefer the company of someone he knew would not step on his toes than the others. There was something of a request to his tone, though Hisketh would notice the expectation there as well. Whether she obliged would be entirely on her, though he would not concern himself if she refused.

Spoiler for oops:
I wasn't done yet. I went to preview and clicked post. let me finish! And done. tag for @SirAlahn as Karrimuth is speaking to Hisketh

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Thrane... One of the bothersome reds is demanding our presence in the commons. Should I just ignore her? I would really rather not deal with them...

Thrane sighs heavily as his bronze lifts his head out of his basket of yarns. Thrane will put down his lap loom and will quietly start to wind up his shuttles. "We really should put in an appearance, Theulth... As much as you don't like them, these weyrlings might be our wing brothers and sisters one day. We need to make sure they trust us as their future leaders." He will quietly go to fix his clothes and wash his face before going to the door.

Oh... When you put it that way...

The bronze will stand up and stretch before hustling to the door. Thrane will join him and they both will walk down to the commons with purpose. Upon entering, they are immediately greeted with the chatter of reds and their riders all getting tables together to play some sort of card game. Tisk... Shouldn't we all be getting ready for lessons tomorrow instead of wasting time with a child's cardgame? He will glance down at his bronze and the beast will nod. I was thinking the exact same thing...

Thrane will shake his head once before going to take a seat at a table near the game, but not near enough where it looked like he wanted to play. Theulth will go to settle next to his bonded, eyes watching the others with a hint of distaste. Thrane will take a small knife out of his pocket and takes out a small chunk of wood he had procured from one of the hunters a while back. He then will continue to carve it into the likeness of his bronze, just waiting to see if anyone would bother to notice them.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Feel free to bother Thrane and his growly bronze. He and his bronze just really really hate frivolous things like games. So grumpy pants will make an appearance to be grumpy (especially since he is several turns older then most of them ;) )

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R’kan didn’t think he’d ever done so much sleeping in his life. Not all at once, certainly. On the occasions when he did emerge from constant napping, it was only ever for a short time—to feed Hisketh, oil her if she was itchy (which she usually was), wash her so she’d stop bothering him about that too, and then maybe grab some food himself. All before tipping back into bed with her curled up in his arms. Strictly speaking, Hisketh was meant to be on her sleeping couch, but since when did R’kan care about tradition? Both of them were far happier if she was draped around or on top of him, and he fully intended to keep sleeping together that way until she was too big to stay on the bed with him.

Then they’d probably both just move to the couch.

He knew that he was supposed to be social too, but there was just too much sleeping to be done for much of that. R’kan had at least gotten a little acquainted with his roommates, though—D’vik and Veryk. Things seemed pretty relaxed between the three of them, at least for now, for which he was thankful. Getting roomed with someone he couldn’t stand—like a Bronzer maybe?—would have just pissed him off.

R’kan had just finished his usual routine of feeding and tending to Hisketh, stifling a yawn as he felt her getting drowsy too, when she perked up at the sound of another dragon nearby. They’d stepped out of the common room to take advantage of the nice weather in the Bowl, but it hadn’t escaped Hisketh’s notice that others were gathering just inside the barracks. We are being told to hurry up, she announced, a little perturbed at the presumption of Anedaith’s projection—more commenting on that, since R’kan had been included in the other Red’s radius of influence.

“Yeah, I heard it.” He shook out the rag he’d used to oil her and scratched under Hisketh’s chin before getting up out of the grass. “What for?”

I don’t know.

Well, they’d have to walk through there anyway. She was close around his feet as R’kan made his way back into the common area, tucking the rag and pot of remaining oil onto the shelf where they were stored with the rest of the similar supplies—all for ease of access by the growing weyrlings. Then, with Hisketh bright eyed and curious as she watched the others, R’kan glanced over at the gathering group of weyrlings from their class.

The sight of cards made him grin. That was something familiar from among his family and the other Miners; whatever battered and stained decks they had were precious, and used for a variety of games. And when Hisketh picked up on his thoughts, she seemed excited too. “What are you playing? If you’re open for someone else to join.”

Probably more polite and less direct than he would have been normally, but he could tell Hisketh approved. It would be a good chance for them to socialize, which she seemed bent on him doing when they had time, and his tiny Red lady was determined to teach him the manners she seemed to think he lacked.

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KI'KI WAKE UP! Our friends want us! We have to go, this is very urgent!

Ki'ki had fallen asleep curled around her dragon, and was drooling pleasantly into a clump of her own snarled hair; she startled abruptly to Aellath shoving his snout against her cheeks and neck. This had become something of a routine. Aellath went down easily enough for his naps, admitting that his wee growing body needed the rest, but it was an uneasy peace, under constant threat from the slightest outside stimulus. He woke as easily as he dropped off, excited to play, and then Ki'ki became excited to play with him, and then they were sleeping again.

She sat straight up. Fortunately, she woke as quickly as her dragon, and needed little time to adjust to being conscious. This had served them both--well?--for what turned out to be a heavily punctuated sleeping schedule. "Well obviously this is an emergency. For what grand purpose are we summoned?"

Who cares! We gotta do it!

He raised a very valid point. They really had no choice but to rush to the commons as soon as possible.

Aellath didn't give her much chance to adjust herself before heading out; he latched onto her, ready for transport. He had been like this since their bonding, more or less: dedicated to being attached to her at all times, threading between her legs when she set him down, like if he went too far from her he'd simply be sucked into the Between and never seen or heard from again.

She thought he might be a little more independent if given enough time with his siblings, especially his fellow reds; but at this stage she was also perfectly content to keep him close and tell him constantly how much she loved him. She was a social creature too; she understood.

She got a good grasp on Aellath, who snorted happily when Ki'ki said "Aaaaaaaand...BOLT!" and dashed from the room.

They came to a quick stop in the common area. The table was already getting stuffed with her fellow weyrlings, who seemed poised to engage in some kind of card shenanigans. This must have been what the dragon-signal was about. Aellath was right; it was a very important summons. Ki'ki perked up and grinned.

"Ah, hi, everyone! Are we playing a game?"

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Vassatiere couldn’t remember a time in her life she’d slept as much as she had. Or been so tired. Though she’d learned pretty quick that complaining about the amount of time that Ysolth slept would get no sympathy from the little Red either. He’d snort, bite at her fingertips and toes if she didn’t move fast enough when he was ready to go, then tell her to quit her whining because there were things to do and things to see.

The world was a fascinating place to Ysolth and he desperately wanted to see it all with her. Like an excitable child tugging at the hand of an exasperated, reluctant parent. The tunnels, the glows, the desks, the chairs, other rooms, other people’s things, cots, different patches of grass, different insects, clouds, other dragons. It didn’t matter. Ysolth was curious, had no concept of personal space, and didn’t seem to hear when others complained he was too close. Instead, he was too busy wanting to show Vassatiere as though she had never seen such things before either.

Then, when his energy seemed to hit a low point, he’d just find a spot and sleep. That left her to carry him off to their room, feet heavy and eyes half open, so she could sleep too. Only to be woken up by his nips and excitable chatter. It was exhausting but lovely. Having someone so active and invested in her life was wholly different and, in a way, sweet.

Vassatiere was sprawled on her cot from one such return from an adventure and he’d just woken up. It was time to get up! Ysolth stretched, flared his wings, then literally pounced on his bonded. The wind rushed from her and she grunted in both surprise and at the weight of him hitting her. Not the greatest ways of waking up, but she wasn’t overly annoyed either.

She was up though. Let’s go. I want to go outside.

There was a moment where she futilely ignored the little red while rubbing her eyes and yawning. Needing just a second for herself. He chirped and clawed at her cot some. Not destroying it, but kneading it in his restlessness.  “Yeah, yeah. I’m moving,” she murmured.

As soon as Vassatiere was on her feet, he dashed from their room and down the hall. Leaving her behind only a moment before he was back, then repeating the run. Before they could go outside, though, he informed, There are others in the common area... This was said hesitantly. He was always unsure about others. Whether or not they’d be fun. Whether or not they’d get along or they’d be bothersome.

Vassatiere could understand that.

She entered and smiled some, watching a moment, before offering a small, “Evening.” The had been encouraged to socialize. Something Ysolth didn’t really understand but Vassatiere would make an effort on. If only so her dragon wouldn’t forever be the odd one out. She wouldn’t have cared if it was just about her.

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Their days so far had mostly been filled with eating and sleeping, uncharacteristic for Ysveta to be sure, who had usually found herself waking in the morning at a desk instead of in her bed in the candidate barracks. But she couldn't do that any longer. Not with Oskith falling asleep at her feet at all the reasonable hours, and his slumber eventually dragged her away as well, with them being so connected.

They hadn't quite worked it out yet. Because instead of Ysveta realising that she should probably head back to their new room together at a reasonable time, she frequently found herself carrying Oskith back, half asleep herself, at some time in the early hours of the morning. She was trying at least. Tonight she planned to allow Oskith to take them off the sleep at a reasonable time in their room, rather than at one of the study desks in the barracks.

As a whole, their Weyrling class hadn't had much in the way of lessons as of yet. Less than a sevenday in, it seemed their schedule revolved around eating and sleeping, as the dragonets grew every day. But they had been required to attend a few meetings, where they were all encouraged to socialise together, to bond as a group. Apparently it was something in important. Academically, Ysveta could understand why, but she'd still felt a tinge of anxiety to begin with, knowing her attempts in the past hadn't always gone the way she'd thought. Oskith for his part had navigated them both through any sticky situations, and Ysveta was definitely realised they were a match made by Faranth. As she supposed all rider pairs must be.

I will enjoy when we have more of a defined schedule. It had bothered the little blue not to have everything so firmly put into their respective places yet, but luckily eating and sleeping had made those moments few and far between.

Tonight, Ysveta and Oskith had decided to be available to play a game of dragon poker. It was one of the few games that had been easy to transport across to the island. There hadn't been much room for anything that required a board or more complicated set, although Ysveta supposed that some may have been created in their turns here, she just didn't personally have access to one. Dragon poker however, had been a staple in the apprentices of the harper hall, so at least she knew the rules, even if her poker face left a lot to be desired.

Spoiler for OOC:
Open for Weyrlings, keen to keep playing our new babs

OOC Hang Out / OOC SWW Trivia
« on: September 28, 2018, 10:16:17 AM »
This was something I was idly thinking about, and I think it's been tossed up a couple of times, but we thought it might be neat to do a couple different quizzes. I'd thought about running it through google forms, so the answers won't be posted publicly or anything, and we'd just award eggs ( because that's how we roll  :happy: ) and people can PM us questions they think would be neat to include. This way, new people could eventually participate - if they wanted, since the answers wouldn't be public anywhere - and it'd just be something fun.

I'd probably want to restrict the questions to things that could be found on the site since Pern information in general can be so conflicting and contradictory. Buut... other than that, whatcha guys think?

With not quite as much chaos following this hatching as the previous turn, it was almost calming being one of the riders wandering among the new pairs, offering answers to questions if they were asked, and oil or meat as necessary. But this wasn’t his group of weyrlings, and as was right and proper, Wa’by had made sure to step back as much as possible to let Jazza wander on through and get himself acquainted with the newbies.

That hadn’t stopped him from actually lending a hand however, it couldn’t be said that the blue rider was a bludger after all, but it was a little less… intense as what he’d imagined he’d be experiencing the following turn once his current lot had graduated. He’d been trying to figure out where he may be needed next when someone spoke behind him, his face lighting up at the sight of the fella who’d impressed first and a grin spreading across his face as he gave him his full attention. Wazza, Big D and Jazza had had all the luck with this lot, but it’d be hard to forget the voice of the little red when she had a go at ‘em for snooping without asking.

Big D’s perogative of course, but Wa’by wasn’t nearly so inclined. “Gotcha yourself a real beauty over there mate, but I reckon you’re right. She’s lookin’ bloody rooted. Nice bit of oilin’ though. If I could manage to whip up grog that looked like ‘er I’d be spewin’. Bloody ripper of a partner you got yourself.” He had been scanning the slate as he chattered, his  voice filled with excitement. He was complimenting the pair, though it might not have been easy to tell as much. He stopped on the name he thought was theirs, but wanted to give R’kan the opportunity to tell him himself.

“What are we calling you nowadays anyway mate? You and your Sheila over there.” A brief hesitation between the question and his next words, “She is a sheila, not a bloke? Can’t always pick ‘em from mind voices alone and Vicky’s about as useless as tits on a bull for that sorta thing.” He only whispered the last bit, though there was a low rumble from the blue to acknowledge the jest. Last thing he wanted was to fuck up like he’d done with the fella from the last turn… Thankfully he hadn’t minded having his dragon referred to as female, and he’d not made the same mistake twice.

Wa’by did wait until R’kan provided their names before answering the thing he’d come to ask about in the first place. “We’ve popped you down in room four. If he’s not still hangin’ about here, you’ll probably find Dicko and his little blue-blood floatin’ about in there already. Either way she’ll be right. Anythin’ else you need?” As he spoke, Vicith passed the message on to the other blue’s for their riders to note down. He didn’t give out the room assignments per-say, but it wouldn’t do to give a weyrling the same information four times in a day. He’d imagine that could get rather annoying. He’d wait to answer any further questions the new weyrling may have, but he wasn’t going to linger longer than necessary. He’d end up working a little bit with the weyrling classes that weren’t part of his own official group, but for the most part they were gonna be Jazza’s responsibility, and anything that might need special attention would be directed to him as appropriate.

Spoiler for OOC:
An explanation: Dicko = D’vik. Wa’by calls Red’s Blues because he calls Vicith Red. Jazza, Wazza and Big D are J’ken, W’um and D’zel in that order. I haven’t decided on a nickname for R’ken and Hisketh yet, but It might be Rocko and Hissy depending on future interactions… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED @SirAlahn I think I’ve managed not to mangle too much, but if there’s any issues, please let me know and I’ll adjust. Any post with Wa’by is bound to be happy fun times ^^;

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