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OOC Hang Out / Re: NaNoWriMo
« on: November 14, 2018, 11:42:44 PM »
Just wanted to celebrate hitting 26k. :3 Over halfway done!! November is turning out to be hella busy. Especially with thanksgiving coming up and all that entails. Hope everyone is still truckin' along and making sure life isn't being too much of an ass. <3  :love: <3

OOC Hang Out / OOC NaNoWriMo
« on: November 03, 2018, 03:25:57 AM »
It's already started, but I wanted to give a heads up ( and shout out ) to those that were going to participate. I'm going to try to remain caught up and still post, but I'm going to try and complete this year too. Try to make it a two year streak. 8D

Here be my profile on the site if you'd want to add me as a writing buddy. Good luck to those also writing and to those that are busy with life. :3

Weyr Bowl / Re: Was the sacrifice worth it? [ 30.6.2591 / 8AM ]
« on: September 24, 2018, 08:50:25 AM »
Remira had been called up to the Weyr for some reason. Everyone from the Hall had been, though they wouldn’t say what. She assumed lessons, since it was quite literally all the farmers and herders. Some major announcement, maybe. Whatever it was, message had gone out through fire lizard last night and she’d been told to be ready in the morning.

So she was. There were few things that Remira took as seriously as she did her craft responsibilities. Maybe her whers. Definitely Aly. That was mostly it. Nothing else particularly mattered so much. The animals she looked after relied on her, and she liked that sense of dependency and responsibility. All the lessons and work it took to get where she was at was worth it.

And she was quite happy to be an Apprentice. To Remira, anything more took her away from the hands on work and more into teaching and things she just didn’t want to do.

So, she gathered up like all the others and waited to see what was going on. When she saw Keassa, and a couple others in front of the stable, a lace of panic shot up her spine. Had another runner been slaughtered? No... no... no. Keassa would’ve looked somber, the people behind her would’ve been upset. Rather, there was an energy in the air. Excitement?

When Keassa started talking, Remira frowned a little. Unsure where it was all going. Wherry to guard the rabbits and chickens? They’d been attacked by large, fuck off wherry. Remira remembered that particular incident rather well. Though the more she talked, the more interested Remira became.

Apprentices did occasionally stumble on such records. Details of some wherry and what they were used for, but such things had never been part of their lessons for obvious reasons. There were no wherry to train. To teach. But now?

It wasn’t just about reintroducing the wherry back into Beast Craft. Remira was smart enough to recognize that. It was about returning something lost, something the Pass had taken from them. Beast craft had been struggling to be recognized as a Hall once more and this would go a long way in helping.

Remira nearly jumped out of her skin when Keassa then said they had extra eggs. She damn near ran forward to claim one for herself without a second thought. Aly would understand.

Plot and Scheme / Plotter Bee's Plotter
« on: September 19, 2018, 06:17:32 PM »
Oh yesssssssss. After clawing my way to completing a character and SUPER MISSING THE MAIN THRUST OF NOT ONE BUT TWO WEYRLING GROUP FESTIVALS (go me! *flex*), I would love to get my RP action on.

IN GENERAL: In the immortal words of Ice Cube, I am down for whatever.

Since none of my other character ideas have seen the light of day yet, today we are serving up a piping hot bowl of


Here's the main score: Kiki is a very enthusiastic nature-lover/bruiser who is ready to get up to some Shenanigans, help people in need, and test her skills. She's good-hearted and likes just about everyone, but can be a little weird and a little much.

I would love to RP with my fellow weyrlings, both past threads as candidates and current stuff! I have noticed that Kiki and R'ghal are to be roomies so @Lyndi perhaps in the near future? :'D That said, any plausible thread would be great, with anyone!

I'm FAR too excited and EXPRESSLY too lazy to code a plotter profile right this hot second, but rest assured that Kiki and Aellath are looking for friends and fight-friends and hot girls to get crushes on and not do anything about because weyrlingship makes her a contractual Useless Lesbian.

Completed and Discarded / OOC Grn + Brnz = Bros4Life [Filled]
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:20:44 PM »
The Desire:

In Kalestath’s latest clutch (2591), Bronze 001 helped Green 001 out of her shell and turned me into a pile of goo. These dragons need to be bros, and their riders need to be bros; I need it like burning, and am looking for someone who might be interested in playing this out with me. (If someone else was already planning this, just let me know so I can quietly stalk you into eternity!)

The Specifics:

My initial thought is that Xaeybl, who I had planned to app as a candidate, would instead app as a weyrling and impress the green. That being said, if someone is more interested in the green, I’m sure I could come up with someone to impress the bronze instead.

I don’t have anything specific in mind for their dynamic; they could complement each other, temper one or the other, or be a total odd couple. They don’t have to start off friends, it might be more interesting it they don't, only reluctantly interacting because of their dragons to begin with, but end-game would them becoming close friends, most likely in the same wing. And, of course, they should both be adoptable. :>

Post your interest here, and then we can hammer out the details either through pm or on discord! *tempts*

The Dragons:

Bronze and Green bro interact here, melting my heart.
Spoiler for introductions:
Another handful of minutes passed after the Black dragonet had made his choice, he and his brothers all exiting the Sands and leaving the clutch further diminished. But though many of the young dragons had hatched already, there were yet more clusters of eggs remaining where Kalestath had protectively kept them, gleaming in the light with the promise of what they held within. So many more chances for the Candidates on the Sands to step away as a bonded pair.

Just enough time had passed for some, perhaps, to get impatient, when the top of an egg near the front cracked off, an almost clean shear as the baby within simply pressed their head up through the weakest part of the shell. Their claws were soon to follow, crumbling the front of the muddled grey and violet egg [14] until it gave way and spilled them out in a rush of fluid.

The second Brown of the clutch—certainly not an inauspicious addition to the clutch, even if he wasn’t as flashy as a Bronze. That distinction didn’t seem to bother him any, and his large body had a certain near-predatory quality to it as he flicked his tail, shattering what was left of his former prison, and moved to the Candidates.

He stopped near Harsaia for a moment, eyes narrowing up at her thoughtfully, and then moved on. His long, thick tail left a furrow in the sand as it dragged behind him, rasping over the ground in a way that might have seemed distinctly menacing where his hide black instead. Such as it was, he simply seemed thoughtful.

Ultimately, he selected his future rider without fanfare. The moment might even be lost as a red-shelled egg [5] tipped against the speckled blue one beside it [4], almost knocking its fellow over before slipping off and sliding against the mount of sand that had been keeping them in place. Though it was somewhat difficult to see from behind the other eggs still shielding it, a back leg emerged first—glittering with a distinctive metallic sheen that seemed rather coppery against the more golden color of the Sands. A few moments later, the Bronze struggling to crack the thick egg finally forced his way out of it, inadvertently backing up into the same blue egg he’d knocked into previously.

Peeping could be heard from within that one, an almost piteous noise like a cry for help. The Bronze cocked his head a moment as he listened to it, even glancing up at his mother questioningly. But when Kalestath didn’t move toward the egg and the distressed-sounding dragon inside, he turned his claws to the shell instead.

Perhaps a tense moment as those razor-sharp talons tore at the outside of his sibling’s home, scoring the shell and eventually peeling at it and the membrane beneath once it began to crack. The peeping had intensified, the creature within maybe sensing that another was helping them. With the Bronze’s assistance, the thick, hard outer husk was left in shards on the ground and a little Green tumbled against her brother’s legs. Her foreclaws appeared duller than his, perhaps the source of her difficulty in breaking through on her own.

Beyond that, though, she seemed healthy. The two of them shared a short, trilled conversation—and her voice rang out in the heads of the Candidates near to the front of the group: Thank you!

The Bronze simply rumbled his acknowledgment, licking some fluid from along her jaw, and then nudged her with his snout to urge her toward those waiting for them.

She wasn’t a graceful creature, exactly, but she seemed energetic despite her struggle with emerging from her egg. Wings flopping comically along beside and behind her, she bounded across the sand—her brother following along more slowly behind, as he paused to sort out his legs from his wings—and nearly bowled into Sionann on her way to her actual bonded. He helped me! I think we’re friends now.
And Bronze is attacked by a rude Black before impressing to his rider.
Spoiler for rude:
The considerate Bronze had not quite crossed the halfway point of the space between eggs and Candidates when the next dragonet hatched. This one burst from his egg, leaving the speckled grey shell in shatters on the sand [15]. From it was born yet another Black dragon, this one a thick mass of muscle and eyes aflame with an acrid orange that quickly shifted to a redder hue as he spotted the Bronze before him.

He didn’t bother to roar a challenge as his older brother had. Instead he hissed, the sound nearly a snarl as he darted forward, trampling the remains of a previously hatched egg. Fortunate for his clutchmates, perhaps, that he was near the front of the grouping. It seemed nothing was going to stop him from getting to the dragon he had instantly recognized as a rival—maybe even for a future bonded.

His charge caught the Bronze by surprise, who screeched in pain as a raking set of foreclaws drew lines on his flank. Ichor bloomed against his hide, and he spun to face the Black in a shower of sand.

Their battle was brief but fierce. Though the reason for the fight escaped him, the Bronze seemed determined to give as good as he got—gouging at the Black in return for clawmarks and bites, until the Black pushed him away and now favoring one leg. The two eyed one another for a tense moment, teeth bared, until the Black seemed to catch sight of something interesting behind his brother.

Just as a Candidate stepped forward to claim the darker dragon, so too did one summoned by the Bronze’s voice as they each reached out to their riders. Neither of them had the energy to fight anymore.

Almost meekly as they were led off the sands, an pale tan and brown egg near the back began to break apart [29]. What emerged from it was a tiny thing, almost as small as some of the Reds that had been in the cavern earlier. But instead, this was a pretty Green lady, who slunk forward submissively to claim what was meant to be hers. She skirted wide around the spilled ichor between her and the Candidates, eyes whirling yellow in fear of the lingering atmosphere in the wake of her brothers’ fight.



Adoptables / Re: Creature Bank
« on: September 14, 2018, 01:34:06 PM »
Just messing around, trying to see how well I can translate hatchling stuff into adult stuff.

Hex Codes : #062f05, #5c995b, #bff291, #57a200
This is what your dragon's voice could look like.
Background: #bff291; Text: #062f05

Black Riders / Re: R'ghal [02.05.2574 9th Pass || Black Weyrling]
« on: September 13, 2018, 03:10:23 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ RINN-tohth ]
24.06.2591 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 35.7M
Mature Height: 8M
Mature Wingspan: 61.2M

General Appearance...

Rintoth's hide is as black as coal, and it's remarkably consistent across his body. The only real variations on him are occasional fogs of a smokier grey that seem to shift across him as he moves, like dark clouds across a nighttime sky. In bright lights, a few more noticeable markings will appear. In particular, his feet are just a few shades darker than the rest of his body -- and he bears a very subtle pockmarking that almost looks like scales.

From the moment he hatches, Rintoth is an imposing mass of muscle. He's not a long dragon, but he's built like a tank and will only get stronger as he grows. His legs, neck, and shoulders are particularly powerful, making him built for fighting and capable of propelling his bulk through the air. A bit taller than most his size, he nevertheless has an average wingspan with broad sails better suited for keeping something as big as him in the air. There will always be a heaviness that characterizes his gait, and landing is never going to be a moment of grace for him.


Mind Voice: Much like the rest of him, there's nothing subtle about Rintoth's mental presence. It's a heavy, forceful sort of intrusion when he first connects to his rider's mind, and there's forever going to be a thick, sturdy backing in R'ghal's head that only quiets some when Rintoth is asleep. When he speaks, it's as low and rumbling as thunder.

Protecting Others : Rintoth isn't just about aggression for the sake of it. He fully recognizes that he's larger, stronger, and meaner than most, and he feels that there's a certain responsibility inherent in that. Even if it might be for a cause he doesn’t care about, or to benefit someone he doesn't like, Rintoth wants to put his strength to good use making things better. He very harshly judges those who have the capability but don't follow through.

Shade : Basking in the sun is just too hot for Rintoth, given that the color of his hide means he absorbs and retains a lot of heat. Once he and R'ghal graduate, he'll demand that they get a weyr on the shady side of the Bowl, and he'll follow the shade as it moves as much as he can. By the same token, he much prefers nighttime for similar reasons.

Other Male Dragons : Sure, he has a categorical and particular hatred for Bronzes, but he isn't particularly thrilled with any other males of his species. Rintoth sees them all as rivals, and it will take a lot of time and exposure for him to make a friend among them.

Politics : Rintoth just can't wrap his mind around some of the reasons people get upset, nor the confusing and backhanded ways they act because of it. He feels like it saves a lot more time to just be upfront when you dislike someone, fight, and get it all out of the way.


* COLLABORATIVE : For all his faults, Rintoth doesn't have an issue with authority -- which will probably serve him well given his rider's ambitions. He might grumble about people or dragons he doesn't like on a personal level, but he's perfectly capable of putting that aside to achieve a common goal, and he can actually be quite charming when he's involved in such a thing. Just don't expect that courtesy to extend after the effort is over.

* RELIABLE : One of the few things that will ever temper this dragon's impulses are promises. If he's made one, he will do his best not to break it -- even if it goes against something he really wants to do. In that, he's not a flaky dragon nor prone to flights of fancy. If you give him a task, he'll get it done… even if he doesn't like it and complains the whole time.


* LUMBERING : It's going to take a while for Rintoth to get the hang of his body, and his rapid growth in size will extend the problem while he's still an adolescent, since he'll always seem to be off balance. Even once he's grown, he's never going to be a graceful creature, and he'll maintain he's far more useful as a blunt force instrument anyway. But it does mean R'ghal will have to get used to how heavily Rintoth lands, and his feet may get stepped on a fair bit while his dragon is still small.

* RASH : Rintoth is very much an "act now, talk later" sort of dragon. Headstrong and with a quick impulse for violence, he thinks the best way to solve disagreements is through fighting them out. After all, if he's strong enough to win, surely that means he's right? And when it comes to risk-taking, he's never going to look before he leaps, meaning either R'ghal will have to learn to reign in his dragon, or the two of them are going to be a menace together.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #1b1b21; Text: #9493a7

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.

We hope you like him! :love:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

New Members Introduction / Why hello there!
« on: September 10, 2018, 01:30:34 PM »
I already jumped into chat, but thought I should probably make a formal introduction! I'm Bee, and I have been without a suitable RP outlet for many moons, so I am very excited to take up residence here. It's been a while since I McCaffrey'd, so I'm busily re-familiarizing myself with some of that sweet sweet Lore, but I look forward to RPing with you all!

Journals / Re: Slow Going WIP *gasp*
« on: September 07, 2018, 02:59:11 AM »

Play By:
Bae Su-ji

Date of Birth:
10.03.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Vassatiere is a small, slight girl at 5’1”. She looks sweet, innocent, and when she keeps her mouth shut, she can easily stand out of the way and blend in with just about everyone else. She’s pretty, when she’s cleaned up, but she’s never looking to draw attention to herself. Her clothes are always bland colors and hide any manner of feminine shape, her long hair is frequently pulled up in a tight bun, and she doesn’t frequently meet anyone’s eyes.

There is some wiry strength to her, from turns upon turns of chores and drudge work, and she’s very quick on her feet when she wants to be. Since arriving at SWW, she’s been able to fill out just a little and gain some color in her face. Otherwise, she’s a bit pale and the sun isn’t her friend.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Vassatiere survived staying out of the way, stealing what she could, and making sure whomever touched her when she didn’t want it, paid for it in blood. She’s got a sharp mouth when provoked, but she didn’t really have the bite to back it up. Not upfront, anyways, so she spent a lot of her time running and hiding. Sleeping in dark nooks and occasionally taking advantage of the few good people in Fort.

Response to dragon color mutations:
The more dragons the merrier, right? She’s always liked the unbridled energy of the Reds and the impressive growth of the Blacks in the weyr. She’d never begrudge someone a dragon though – that’s the ticket to the good life, after all.

Who are you...

Independence : Vassatiere will do what she’s supposed to, to get by, to blend in, but she really likes her free time and treasures the ability to decide what to do with it.

Physical Activity : Vassatiere wasn’t ever trained by a harper like some and missed out on those fundamentals – which were supplemented when she became a candidate, but it’s always made her feel inferior to those around her. Thus, she much prefers physical things in which she can be more on par with her peers.

Swimming : In the underground lake, in particular. Getting there might be a little treacherous at times, but it’s always an adventure. The cold water is a reward and the dark tunnels remind her of a safer Fort. She’d never want to go back there, of course, but she likes the sound of water bouncing off of stone and the privacy there. Even better that she frequently swims.

Farming Work : Vassatiere burns easily in the sun. While she won’t complain – aloud – she doesn’t enjoy working on sunny days outside because her fair skin just turns red and hurts.

Gossip : For as opinionated as Vassatiere is, she hates listening to the opinions of other people because she thinks they’re flawed, wrong, or ignorant. She doesn’t have time to listen to hearsay or rumors.

Comments about her height : She knows she’s short. You don’t have to point it out. It ain’t funny or cute.


* FAST : For her size, Vassatiere is quick on her feet and quick with her hands. It’s what kept her alive during the Pass – having relied so much on only herself.

* DETERMINED : There’s a way to get everything done, even if it isn’t obvious at first. If there’s a problem, she’ll figure a way around it. It might not be morally great or honest, but when she wants something, she’s set about getting it.

* ACTIVE : While she’s fully capable of relaxing, Vassatiere entered Candidacy relatively fit. It’s something she honestly enjoys and a wholesome way for her to spend her time – swimming, training, etc. It’s replaced other, less desirable ways of spending her time like drinking or gambling.

* ROUGH : Growing up in the dark tunnels of Fort wouldn’t be complete without knowing how to fight. She can handle anything sharp that she must to defend herself, and she can react well to attacks to her person. She’s not about to overpower anyone and her reach is very short, so she relies on a quick move or two to disable someone and get out of a situation quick.

* ADAPTABLE : She rolls with the situation and doesn’t really plan ahead. She might have vague wants and wishes, but Vassatiere very much lives and reacts in the moment. This means she thinks well on her feet and doesn’t frequently crack under pressure.


* HONEST : Don’t ask her a question you don’t want a jaded, waspish answer to. She’ll be honest, but it’s always from her perspective and she rarely has a good opinion of anyone or any situation.

* DECEPTIVE : Vassatiere looks a lot nicer than she really is. Appearing small, approachable, and even friendly, that immediately changes when she opens her mouth to talk to someone. She doesn’t want anything to do with people unless they have something to offer her.

* ANTISOCIAL : Vassatiere has a hard time working well with other people or even admitting she needs help, especially once she’s impressed to the very willful Ysolth. She’ll need friends, or at least a support system, and learn how to rely on wingmates. It’ll be hard given her past.

* FLUSTERED : When she does become upset or angry, either because she’s frustrated by a particular lesson that isn’t a physical thing ( oral or written lessons ) or an interaction with a person that isn’t going well – and she’s forced to interact with them - she can become easily flustered and frustrated. Her face heats up, her eyes water ( which she absolutely hates ), and it’s hard for her to talk past the lump in her throat. It’s not that she gets sad, it’s more she’s so flustered and upset and becomes further so by her reaction to it.

* PESSIMIST : Life hasn’t been kind to her and she has a difficult time seeing the good in people. Coming out of candidacy with no friends didn’t help ( not that she was friendly >_> ) and she’s always felt like she had to fight against the world. She’s seen too much lying, cheating, stealing, and murder to think the world could ever be a better place.

Describe Yourself:

* SECRETIVE: It is incredibly difficult to get close to Vassatiere. She’s spent a lot of her life keeping to herself and she quite likes it that way. Most don’t know anything about her and when she is approached, what she has to say is to keep people away.

* PROUD: It’s hard for Vassatiere to admit when she’s done something wrong, especially when she’s trying to save face in front of a peer. She’ll come up with excuses, lie, or insult, but she doesn’t want to admit fault.   

* QUIETLY AMBITIOUS: Impressing a dragon was something Vassatiere always hoped for, but wasn’t ever really sure it would happen. She wants to be better. To be more than she is, even if she has no idea how to do that or go about it. Being able to impress Ysolth really made her aware that maybe she’s worth more than she thought.

* ENVIOUS: She believes that there are some people who have just had it better than her, and she hates them for it. This stems from a deep rooted envy, having felt her own life was so much a struggle and not having any family to rely on. She’s particularly envious of people who did have a family and she’ll be quick to lash out at them in particular.

* CLEAN: Now that the choice is hers and the opportunity there, Vassatiere always keeps herself clean. Her clothes might be boring and roll, her hair frequently up and out of the way, but she wants to feel good about herself.

The Magic Touch:
It isn’t that she likes alcohol, but she used it as a method of escape. Gambling was just a way to pass the time. She’s not the best gambler either, nor can she really hold her alcohol.


Mother: Rank, birthdate, deathdate if applicable. If she was a dragon rider, we need to know the turn she Impressed and the name of her dragon.
Father: Rank, birthdate, deathdate if applicable. If he was a dragon rider, we need to know the turn he Impressed and the name of his dragon.

Siblings: Name, rank, birthdate, and deathdate if applicable. If any were dragon riders, we need to know the turn they Impressed and the name of their dragons.

Children: Given the nature of Pern, most dragon riders will have some manner of children, especially around the ages of 14-16, as that is generally when holders begin to pair off and get married. It is highly unlikely, and very rare, that someone will make it to the age of 20 with no children.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* year, age Event

* year, age Event

* year, age Event

* year, age Event

* year, age Event

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.

Member Info...

Created By:
What you would like to be called on the board
Other Characters:
List, please.
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC, kill them off, adoptable, or have them fade away?
Mauling Permissions:
Look here for the different options!
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make. If you would like your character listed as nonbinary, please note it here.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 20M
Mature Height: 5M
Mature Wingspan: 36M

General Appearance...

From the moment Ysolth burst from his egg, he was fully in control of his appendages and ready to play. Rough and tumble, the color of deep red wine, there was absolutely no variance in his coloration. He was just a dark dragonet chasing his siblings. As he gets older, he'll lighten up and taken on a richer hue in his wings.


Mind Voice:
Ysolth sounds like he's always telling you a secret that you shouldn’t share, and you're both about to get in some wicked fun trouble. There's still a roughness to the sound, some untamable wilderness lingering in the sound of him that could grate on some people's nerves.

He's nosy : He wants to know things. Everything, but mostly pointless things. Things people don't usually want to share. Secrets are the best, and he wants to know everyone's. Things that are well known around the weyr have little interest to him.

Chasing things : Ysolth is an active dragon, and has been from the moment he hatched. While his wings are quite proportioned for his body, he still likes to dash about. Flits are his favorite to chase. He promises not to eat them.

Fighting : He calls it wrestling. Others would call him a bully. He doesn't say mean things, but this Red likes to put his claws and mouth to good use.

Gold's Command : It's a good thing that a dragon's memory isn't too long. He doesn't exactly remember Kalestath's hold on him from birth, but it's left a lasting disdain for being forced into anything - he doesn't like not having a choice.

Whining : Ysolth doesn't have time to listen to anyone complain, and he definitely doesn't care to hear it. He loses interest and will simply exit the conversation.


* SCRAPPY : Ysolth isn't afraid of much. Bigger dragons? Being hurt? Monsters in the jungle? Crazy Golds? Nope. He'll charge head long into all of it with an eagerness bordering on suicidal. He doesn't really have a sense of fear or self-preservation, but he's quite willing to do just about anything that sounds fun or dangerous.

* ENERGETIC : Ysolth has the stamina of a dragon much larger than him. When his wings wear out, he'll be quick to transfer to the ground and keep going. He wants to show that he can keep up with the best of them - and he will be able to do well for a dragon his size when he gets older.


* WILLFUL : Ysolth has a real problem with authority. Whether it's outright disobedience or taking it all a joke. He really doesn't like being told what to do and it's like trying to hold onto sand sometimes.

* WASPISH : Ysolth has a temper, for a dragon, and he can be snappy to those that annoy or bother him - which can be easy to do if you're trying to strong-arm him into doing anything he doesn't want to or whining about him trying to play.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #2e060d; Text: #ff220c

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He's so chipper.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Announcements & Events / Re: August Overview
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:56:31 PM »

Look at all you bein' amazing and shit.

Another lovely month with you ppls is great. <3 Also, shout out to the new ppl that have joined us, and the other people that are coming back from RL eating them. I love you. :love:

Announcements & Events / News August Overview
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:30:16 PM »
Recent Events

18.05 - Deltiath’s Flight - OOC
Late in the evening, A'yara’s Deltiath rises and calls for chasers. She is caught by J'ken and Tadriath.

18.05 - Kyrrinsk’s Run - OOC
Meanwhile, at the Mine Hall, Kyrrin’s Green Kyrrinsk summons other whers for a Run. She is caught by Kenna and Kensk.

26.05 - What Lurks - OOC
As the weyrlings are scrubbing down their dragons in the Cove on a foggy day, the alert goes up – Beach Snakes!

32.05 - Last Gambit - OOC
The stirrings of the underbelly at the Mine Hall, a relic from old Fort Hold, have produced a now-permanent gambling den deep in the tunnels, with Miners paid off and Peacekeepers looking the other way. Those who can be trusted have gathered for its grand opening.

08.06 - Let’s Have a Picnic - OOC
Despite setbacks and the continued threat of Hunters, the Holders and Crafters celebrate the halfway point of wall construction with an outdoor picnic.

18.06 - Egg Touching & Rider’s Bet VII - OOC Egg Touching & OOC Rider’s Bet
With Kalestath’s Hatching approaching, the Candidates visit the hardened eggs for the ceremonial Touching. Later in the evening, the riders likewise gather for the customary bet and celebration.

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SanctifiedSavage & SirAlahn

She thought she was really getting the hang of it. Figuring out what she was doing and gaining a bit of confidence in the act itself. Quite enjoying what she was doing to Aly and the sheer wickedness of getting to do it too.

Remira would worry about the consequences of her actions later.

There was a spike of cold worry that shot down her spine when he told her to stop. Physically made her stop. One of her hands reflexively gripped his thigh, preparing for an argument she thought she’d have to have. If he was going to make her leave...

But no. Aly pulled her up and over him, into a consuming kiss. The tension melted out of her shoulders and back when it became apparent he was pleased with her, that he still wanted her to stay. Especially with his big hands started to roam her own feverishly hot body. She was perched over him, one leg on the bed as she gripped his shoulders, eagerly kissing him as she’d always wanted to, when one of his hands slipped between her legs.

Remira’s breath caught against his mouth, taking a moment to process exactly what he was doing. She was used to him touching her – even if this situation was different – but his hand between her legs was... Well. That was of course different. Remira reflexively parted her legs a little more to give him space to touch her, breathy against his mouth while her fingers gripped his shoulders a little harder. She kissed him, hard and needy, when his fingers finally pushed into her.

It wasn’t like Remira got to experience this all the time. Aly chased people away from her, wouldn’t let her see other people. She might get to touch herself, but it just wasn’t the same. Having any part of him in her was preferable. She rocked her hips into the motion of his fingers, making it more than apparent she was quite eager to have him in her. As if the wetness wasn’t telling enough.

OOC Hang Out / Re: Character Play List
« on: August 28, 2018, 12:30:26 PM »
Amen by For King and Country

I like the song for Remira and Aly. It's a great beat to write to for her and the words are... great.

Count to three and say a prayer
Down for love and up for air
Underwater, overjoyed
Water for a thirsty soul
Water for a thirsty soul

Baptize me into Your love
Oh my spirits overcome
Body, mind, and skin, bone
Love Him, wanna make it known
Love Him, wanna make it known

I'm comin' alive with You
I'm comin' alive with You
I was livin' a lie 'til you
I'm comin' alive with You

You're in my blood, my veins
In every word I pray
You gave it all for me
I'll give it all for You
Oh, I'm in love with You
Overwhelmed by You
And if the world is listenin'
This is my confession
You are my obsession

Remira would never be a big proponent of drug usage. She wasn’t a big fan for herself, but she was actually quite thrilled now. If this was how Aly might behave when he wasn’t wholly aware that it was her... Well. It would probably make her particularly evil to take advantage of him, but she was going to.

More than this singular time, if she could.

Getting to hear him so pleased, unrestrained, and gripping her hair with want was exactly what Remira needed now. To soothe over the rejection from earlier and replace it with quite the opposite. Getting to have him in a way she hadn’t before and, in a strange way, somewhat at her mercy. Remira felt like she was the one in control for once. Not moved by a Run, not trying to seduce him, but driving this moment and utterly responsible for how much he was enjoying himself.

Which, in turn, had her own heart racing and body flushed with want in return.

His prompting for more encouraged her. Remira wasn’t so bold to try and swallow him completely, right away. She had to work up to it, to build her confidence as he slid in and out of her mouth. Working on how to breathe between thrusts and adjusting to the pressure in her mouth and, invariably, the back of her throat. It was definitely a different sensation, but if that’s what he wanted, Remira was happy to give it to him.

It took her a little to get there, but she’d find a way to take all of him in her mouth.

Deep Cave System / Re: House Training [22.05.2590 12 PM] || Remira
« on: August 28, 2018, 12:20:02 PM »
Remira didn’t think it was so odd, anymore, that Aly was so overbearingly involved in her life. Before, she’d rebelled quite a bit. Wanting to find some independence. She’d wanted to have someone court her, like so many of the other girls she’d known. Maybe a boyfriend or three. It wasn’t until she’d really gotten involved in the Crafter Hall that she realized Aly wasn’t going to let that happen.

That had pissed her off too. Initially. As much as Remira had wanted him in her life, and had certainly been possessive of him in her own way, she’d still wanted more and he’d always been there, preventing that.

Remira wasn’t sure at what point she’d just really accepted it. Maybe once they’d settled in the weyr? The less she fought against Aly, the happier they both seemed to be. The less stressed he was and she just... didn’t like fighting with him. Not all the time.

A small part of her still wondered if he might find someone for himself, or even allow someone for her. It was highly unlikely, but it was a quiet lingering question that floated around when she was left alone at work.

She made a sound of agreement when he said girls change more over time. That certainly seemed to be true in their case. Either that, or her memories of him had just been adjusted to what he had always been to her. Not to say all her memories were fond, but she didn’t really remember him as different, just when they might’ve heatedly disagreed.

When he added the remark about having others not know what he was thinking, she actually laughed softly. “I doubt that is something you’ll ever have to worry about, Aly,” she reassured. If her brother had any friends, she couldn’t imagine they were close. Even Remira had trouble reading him sometimes. Leaning back into the feel of his hands on her, she murmured, “It’s hard for me to figure out what’s going on in your head sometimes.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« on: August 26, 2018, 02:55:54 AM »
Z'ryr felt like he should care. But he really didn't.

It was too early to get annoyed about something that he had no intention, nor an avenue of changing. He was a wingrider, and he had no intention of being anything else, who or what decided to catch Golds had nothing to do with his every day life. Rhymoth (and he) liked Greens, and so they'd only ever had to chase senior queens. Who won those flights had nothing to do with him.

Sure, it might have been nice if someone he knew and respected, like Z'tai or the Wingseconds, had won the flight. Then it would've meant something different for Prairie Wing, but as it was, whichever Weyrsecond oversaw their Wing had rarely been much of presence in Z'ryr's life personally. The chain was long between them still.

Z'tai would have made a great Weysecond.. Rhymoth for his part, liked when things when the "proper" way. And in their experience, those bronzes who had shown themselves as leaders or seconds of Wings, had likely caught golds. Blacks were still... an unknown. Rhymoth was coming to terms with their position in the hierarchy as much as the rest of the Weyr was. But with Neisoth catching Kalestath again, it was hard to dispute the niche blacks were creating for themselves.

Regardless, Z'ryr was interested to see if this was going to be anything more than simple courtesy. 'This is your new wingleader. You may not have seen him before, because technically he hasn't graduated yet. But I guess now he has. *insert the name of the blackrider here*' The name of which Z'ryr couldn't exactly remember considering it was earlier than their usual starting time. Z'ryr brain usually didn't wake up until it absolutely had to.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« on: August 25, 2018, 10:07:55 PM »
Bl’yx wasn’t usually early just for the sake of it. While he wasn’t one of the Wing’s problem riders in that he was always late either, it just wasn’t high on his list of priorities. So long as he arrived when he was meant to, he saw no reason to rush about. Often, he had other, more important things to do instead. Such as staying in bed with Faytona for as long as possible in the morning. It was just inevitable that he’d always have to get up before she did, being a rider, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to snag every extra moment that he could.

But he hadn’t appreciated being threatened with latrine duty just because some weyrling had succeeded in catching a Gold and Z’tai wanted to make sure they were respectful. And Bl’yx would rather be dead than having to pull that kind of chore. So though he hadn’t been thrilled by it in the slightest, he’d dragged himself out of bed early to grab food and klah and then make his way out to the Weyr Bowl.

Faytona herself, he would let sleep in. Keeper would rouse her on time no matter what, and he had no doubt she’d be visiting P’run before the day in her Crafthall really started. Idly, Bl’yx wondered what the other man thought of yet another Black dragon like his own succeeding in securing a Queen.

More than that, though, it worried him. Black dragons were proving they could compete with even the biggest Bronzes for the dominant place in the Weyr—which on its own didn’t bother him—but to imagine Salnoth catching a Gold… that made him feel like he was going to be sick. P’run was ambitious, he knew. Always wanting to be the best. There was no rank higher than that of Weyrleader or Weyrsecond, and now it seemed that he was poised to be able to claim it in a few turns if that’s what he wanted.

Would he decide that was more appealing than staying with Bl’yx and Faytona?

Suffice to say, Bl’yx wasn’t in the best mood as he leaned against Zuraneth’s foreleg, waiting and then watching as Z’tai led the new Weyrsecond out into the Bowl. He had no prejudice against the color the man rode, but what he represented made Bl’yx hate him. Not only was he so much vastly younger, and now in charge of what was supposedly the ‘easiest’ or ‘lazy’ Wing. His age wasn’t winning him any respect from the Blue rider, nor was his inexperience. The man hadn’t even graduated weyrlinghood, for Faranth’s sake!

But it was the unspoken threat that one day, he might be staring down P’run’s own rise to prominence that really made him sour.

Zuraneth himself wasn’t exactly impressed either, both because of the rider’s age and the fact that his win was upsetting Bl’yx. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll listen to Z’tai, the Blue commented in his smooth voice. And things for our Wing will not change.

They might not be the ones to actively rock the boat or defy him, but they both knew there were others in Prairie that would. Bl’yx couldn’t help but agree with his dragon’s assessment.

OOC Hang Out / Re: Character Gifs
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:04:32 AM »
8D I actually found some that I liked and were appropriate.

Spoiler for Giiiiiifs:
This one is just Kindolin in general.

This one is directed at Oppesine. >_> Specifically about Saleizo.

And I like to think this one is O'sir processing something incredibly stupid someone else has said.

Deep Cave System / Re: House Training [22.05.2590 12 PM] || Remira
« on: August 24, 2018, 02:50:37 PM »
Leave it to Aly to make her feel silly over such a meaningful question. Though it was in a good way. The almost smile brought one to her own lips and she made a show of actually pondering on the question he asked her. As though there might be a time when he chased after someone other than her.

Ultimately, though, there didn’t seem to be a time when he wanted to leave her. Maybe he’d been bored at the weyr, but even then he’d wanted her to be happy. Wanted to stay with her. Whether because he thought she was pretty or because, as he said, he couldn’t have her being unattended. In the event she might skip out and find someone else to dote on her. That he said she was prettier now than back at Fort made her feel better. Remira liked to think she was growing into a beautiful woman and less the scrappy girl then. Thought she’d always say she had been pretty, there was certainly a difference between the girl she’d been then and the woman she was now.

For whatever reason, other people looking at her had always bothered him. That someone else might take his place in her life, perhaps, and be the person to lavish attention on her. Like there was only one person who could in her life and no one else was good enough to do so.

Pleased with the answer, Remira used both hands to pile her hair up on her head so her back was fully exposed to him. She considered a long moment before she added, “You’re still a lot like I remember you. Always bigger than me. With big, warm hands.” Remira glanced over her shoulder with a grin. “Usually expressionless. No fun.”

Remira had very little experience when it came to this sort of thing. Aly certainly made sure of that. Not to say she was utterly innocent in what needed done, just that she wasn’t skilled. In that, she went slow. Encouraged by his response to her, his groan, and her own desire at getting to do something to Aly. Something new and exciting.

Whatever happened later she’d deal with.

Now, well. This was just thrilling. Having him respond to her in such a visceral way... Just because of her mouth on him. When his hand tangled in her hair, she reflexively moaned around him. It was such a sweet touch, so familiar, it made her shiver. Made things twist in her, made her ache.

But. She could take her time. Savor this moment. The thickness of him sliding in her mouth, working her tongue over him in all the various ways she could. Wanting to explore because, in all likelihood, this was probably the only time she’d get to.

Remira wanted to test her own limits. See how much of him she could take, mindful of not upsetting her gag reflex in doing so. It was just so... wickedly exciting.

Being quite petulant, she didn’t move once his clothes were off. Didn’t even care that they were off. She’d become so accustomed to seeing him that now that he was naked in front of her, that didn’t set off any alarms. Didn’t do anything more than incite her anger further. Was he messing with her? His words thus far had been clipped and short but... that was how he was sometimes. Curt. That hadn’t ever bothered her. It was what he chose to say in those short, few words that did. How he could be so damning and dismissive, so hurtful.

It wasn’t until he started directing them, moving her and sitting on the edge of the bed, did the situation seem off. He seemed off. Not quite focused but still fully intent on her. Remira’s thoughts and anger at him took a backseat to how she studied him, wondering exactly what was going on with her brother.

When he directed her to kneel, it started to click into place. She’d seen him high enough times to know when he was. A lot of people would only be able to tell from the pupils, from some confused words. Aly didn’t talk much anyway, so it’d be hard to tell from that. But she knew him. Aly was there, but he wasn’t... he wasn’t quite there. Wasn’t all there.

Did he think she was someone else? That didn’t make as much sense. They wouldn’t have brought him expressly to her room. He’d have tracked her down, like he always did.

Maybe he’d finally relaxed enough to just... be ok with them. With what she wanted from him.

Remira watched him a breath. Sitting in front of her, hard and available. Most likely high. Would he be upset after? Probably.

Did she care?

Not at all.

One of her hands slid up his thigh as she scooted just a little closer, watching him just in case her guess had been wrong. But when it seemed he wasn’t going to shoo her away, and he was indeed going to let her do as he’d requested, a wicked smile crawled across her face and her own hand slid down his hard length before that was quickly replaced with her mouth.

She slowly tasted him. Let him sink into her, no matter how eagerly she wanted him this way. Remira’s mouth wasn’t all that big and she didn’t to gag on him. Not right off, anyway. She explored with her tongue while she pulled back and used one hand to lightly stroke just at the base, near giddy and wickedly thrilled that she was getting to touch him.

Remira was about to collect her top when the door opened. Her mouth was open to shout at the guard, her anger hot and coiled in her belly... but the words died in her throat. Aly? Was he the reason the whore had been chased away? He was the reason, yet again, she was denied any fun. Remira was so... so pissed off she couldn’t even think straight. Words failed as she clenched her fists and glared at her brother, even as her own vision became watery.

He was messing with her. Driving her insane. Making her feel special then pushing her away. Remira didn’t know what to do with him and, keyed up from what she’d just been doing, she was in no mood to deal with him right then and there. She’d expressly come here to get away from him. Because it would’ve been the last place he’d have looked for her. Even so, he’d still hunted her down.

There was no getting away from him.

Remira was about to tell him to fuck right off, because it was all she could think to say, but he just walked up to her. His warm hands caught her, then he kissed her. Really kissed her. Pulling her against him that killed her protest yet again. No matter how angry, no matter how much she wanted him to go away, Remira desperately wanted Aly’s approval. Wanted him to think she was special, that he adored her. That what he’d said before wasn’t true and things didn’t have to go back to being so awkward and estranged.

When his hands ran over her, she shivered. Still tense but unmoving. Watching him like he might tell her to go at any moment. Tell her to get dressed and leave. When he told her to take off his clothes, her movements were stiff and her hands trembled a little. Remira was so conflicted. Worried, wanting, angry and vulnerable. He didn’t make any sense to her but maybe he had come to apologize? Maybe he’d realized how upset she was?

Her thoughts and emotions were too much a mess to begin to sort out now, so she simply undressed him. Efficiently but certainly with no grace or finesse. Not when she was half distracted by her own mind, by the fear he would chase her away yet again and create yet more distance between them. It didn’t matter that he was touching her. That hardly was convincing. Aly touched her all the time.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:35:40 AM »
B’nyn was never late. If anything, he was frequently early. That was just how he and Niskyleth operated. He couldn’t conceive of a world where he would show up when he wasn’t supposed to. So, when Z’tai and the new Weyrsecond were making their way out, he was idly rechecking the straps on his Brown, who was laying down so B’nyn could easily climb on him to do so.

Niskyleth watched passively. The brown dragon didn’t feel any particular way about the mutations, or about T’veck winning, at all. Neither pair were ambitious at all and quite happy with their place in Prairie Wing. If anything, B’nyn preferred it. He might not be the most social of people, but he liked helping. He and Niskyleth were a competent dragonpair that would offer their time, and aide, to anyone that needed it. He’d also been through weyrling training with S’bok and considered the man a friend. Of sorts.

B’nyn didn’t make friends so easily, even if he was friendly.

When Z’tai and the Weyrsecond took up their place, B’nyn slid off of his dragon and nodded his greeting in kind. Niskyleth stood, shook himself some, and moved back so he wouldn’t be in the way. Think he’s nervous? the brown asked.

B’nyn clasped his hands behind his back after opening his rider’s jacket. It was going to be a warm day and he was already feeling the heat. //Probably. We’ll be on our best behavior.//

That brought a snort of amusement into B’nyn’s mind and prompted a small smile. When are we not? His rider quite agreed.

Deep Cave System / Re: House Training [22.05.2590 12 PM] || Remira
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:05:25 AM »
For the moment, her scratch was forgotten and Remira simply enjoyed eating a quiet meal with just her brother. It wasn’t like she didn’t get to frequently eat with him, but when it was just the two of them, it was different. Somehow. At least, to her it was. Aly was never going to be the expressive sort, but she just liked having him all to herself. Even in something as simple as a meal. It meant that he was a little more open, a little more susceptible to her touching, her teasing. It always felt, to Remira, that he seemed more on guard as soon as they were in any manner of public place.

Which she didn’t like. At all.

Already used to Aly’s particular hovering when it came to her meal, she smiled prettily when she picked up a piece of fruit and popped it in her mouth like a good girl. It just entertained her that he fretted over her so much. Well, that and she liked the attention. Some of the other crafters asked her if it bothered her so much that he seemed so involved in her life. That he might be smothering her.

Remira quite liked it though. Better that he should be fretting over her, paying so much attention to her, than anyone else. Chasing after other skirts or seeking some manner of escape in substances. This was far more preferable than that. It made her feel... loved. Wanted. Adored. That hadn’t always been the case, but over the turns they’d worked out some kinks.

Aly might not want her with anyone else, but he wasn’t chasing after anyone else either.

Only after she’d had her literal fill did she push the remainder of her food back to him. “Shouldn’t let it go to waste,” she teased. Remira had put a dent in what he’d brought – she had been quite hungry – so there was only a bit left for him to finish.

Now that some time had passed, she leaned over to inspect the scratches. They had scabbed over some, which meant the scrubbing in the water was likely to sting – but it was necessary. Just to make sure it was all clean. The sight of it all did make her sigh a little. Accidents happened, this one was just... well. Unpleasant. But what accident wasn’t usually?

Without bothering Aly, she stood and tested her weight on it. Obviously the bone itself was fine, it was just bending and walking that made the move of the skin flare up with renewed pain. In all likelihood tearing the scabs that had formed. Remira did flinch reflexively but she’d survive. It was just an annoying pain. “I think I’m ready...”

As far as people went who she’d had to interact with, he was at least easy. Even if he’d said a whole handful of words to her for the entirety of being in her small shack. Still, there’d been worse encounters and so long as he had no complaints when it was all said and done, that was really all that mattered. Quenneca needed this job, needed the stability of a place to stay. If she’d annoyed him too much it would likely get back to the Dealer she worked for and he’d be inclined to kick her out.

Quenneca did not want to live in the tunnels. She didn’t have to know everything that went on in the dark of Fort to know that it was a place she didn’t want to be.

So she was pleased with his ‘thank you’ even if he didn’t smile or seem otherwise pleased. Because he didn’t seem... angry? Upset? With her. Just... in general. Like, that was either how he was all the time, or just what his day had done to him. It didn’t occur to Quenneca that he just might be really good at hiding exactly how he felt, because she didn’t know anyone that was so closed off.

What would be the reason for such a thing?

She stood in the quiet of her shack after he’d left, processing that brief encounter while Quensk moved to place himself at the door and Lakkahl returned to guarding the crops outside. Her bonded were quick to return to business as usual, finding nothing odd or contemplative about the encounter. They were just happy he was gone.

Eventually, with a shrug, she turned back to her work.

Spoiler for OOC:
He’s so happy all the time. XD It was interesting to see him around other people though. Lemme know once you’ve seen this and I’ll close this up. <3

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