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Weyr Bowl / Re: Extracurriculars [ 23.4.2591; 8:45 PM ] || Open
« on: October 01, 2018, 10:04:23 AM »
Haithen didn’t think of himself as special and certainly didn’t think anyone would recognize his name, let alone who he was by his placement at graduation. There were others that had been placed in a wing besides Prairie, so it didn’t occur him to have a big head about it. There wasn’t much of a reason and, besides, he was far too busy with all that there was still left to do.

It was certainly an achievement, of course, but it was Haithen’s achievement. Why would anyone else care except the few people in his life that he considered friends or more?

So the stammered greeting from A’lori didn’t seem all that out of place. Not everyone was suave and charismatic at first ‘hello’, Haithen included. Let alone his often demure dragon. He also smiled a little at Sokon and nodded to confirm her own question of ‘jungle wing’.  To hear that they were training for Wing placements, though, well that was something he could relate to. Showing an interest and attempting to be friendly, Haithen asked, “What Wing are you training for?”

Saissith, true to form, was not the chattiest of dragons. While she would always encourage Haithen to be social and interact with others, she frequently was unsure how to do it herself. It wasn’t because the other Greens intimidated her, or she didn’t like them, it was more because she didn’t want to be a bother and felt she had nothing interesting to say. While she was attentive, and receptive to conversation, she didn’t have much to offer.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 06, 2018, 07:54:54 PM »
Saissith hadn’t seen a Hunter either, but other dragons around her had. Other fire lizards had. So she knew, vaguely, what they were. The size comparison would probably be off, but she still shared her mental image with Sinestath. Dragon-like sans wings. It was the closest thing she had by way of understanding them. Except they were usually green and brown. Jungle colors. They like fighting, she added softly. They are quick to chase, so we must be quicker.

It was a serious, dangerous thing they were trying to prepare for. She wasn’t the sort to go chasing after such a thing, but she wasn’t going to shy away from it either.

Haithen smiled a little more. “It was disquieting to me, at first. I didn’t realize she was aware of nearly everything I was thinking. While I never thought of it as an invasion of my privacy, I did quickly accept that there are just some things there’s no point in hiding.” Really, the only thing Haithen had tried to hide was his rather heated involvement with people. Beyond that, his mind had become quite open to Saissith.

Now, there just didn’t seem to be a point. When he’d first impressed, Haithen had tried all manner of ways to keep some things to himself. It had been reflex, a sort of defense to suddenly being so exposed. But she’d never used anything she’d learned against him and had become… safe. Incredibly safe. Haithed did lightly add, teasing, “I’m almost jealous he gets to know what you’re thinking all the time.”

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Wolf at the Door [ 34.4.2590 / 8 PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 04, 2018, 07:38:17 PM »
The answer, so casually delivered, never the less surprised Haithen. He knew he meant the world to Saissith, and he was quite confident in himself, but it never occurred to him really that anyone else might pay him any mind. N’syn? They were close friends. Probably the only real friend that Haithen had.

But Taeghen? Never in any bet would Haithen have guessed he’d have meant anything to the other man. Not enough to keep tabs on, certainly not enough for Taeghen to mark his progression through his weyrling training. They’d had an intense fling when Haithen was a Candidate, but...

That felt like so long ago.

They were fond memories, of course, but they were also memories that Haithen had intentionally not thought about since he’d impressed. While he was free to dwell and recall such moments now, he didn’t... really... want to. That person wasn’t Haithen anymore. It was with some relief, and a fair bit of pride, that Haithen felt he could let go of who he used to be and become the Rider he was meant to be.

He just wasn’t sure where that put him and Taeghen.

So, with his face heating up a little, he eventually answered with a soft, “Ah, no. I’d have thought you’d forgotten about me once I impressed. Found someone else to...” To what? Spend his time with? It wasn’t like Taeghen and Haithen had a relationship. So.

He didn’t know how to end the sentence.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 04, 2018, 06:27:35 PM »
The question was an easy one for the Green to answer. Not only because it was something both she and Haithen had discussed, but because dragons could be gossipy even around those they didn’t know. Saissith knew what the dragons in Jungle Wing did because she’d been around them – and because her Rider had studied the Wing and their responsibilities. We’ll be hunting along with the rest of the Wing. Chasing wherry out of the jungle and diverting the attention of hunters away from wingmates. She flared her wings a little. While the idea of being bait, as some had put it, was a bit nerve wrecking, she was bolstered by how much they were preparing. That was the point of training after all.

If not Hunters now, it would’ve been Thread during the Pass. It wasn’t that Saissith didn’t understand, or feel, fear, just that she recognized that the Weyr would not function if every dragon didn’t pull their weight and do their part. Fear or otherwise.

Haithen smiled a little more at T’ghen’s thought out answer, then fussed with some of his loose hair. Tucking it back. There’d be no hope of getting it in a braid at the moment. “We’re usually out here... Before it’s time for weyrlings to retire. I don’t want to push the weyrling master too much, nor do I want to stay up too late. It’s a tiring life as is.” Then, glancing at Sinestath, he asked, “How are you adjusting?”

Taeghen had long been a topic that Haithen couldn’t readily discuss with his dragon. Saissith knew that the man was important to Haithen, that there were memories involved, but Haithen had spent a lot of his time around the man intentionally not thinking about his past.

As far as Haithen was concerned, before Saissith wasn’t important anymore. He was different now. Which was certainly true. He would be a rider soon, too, which would be another way he would be different.

Now, there was no reason to hide why Taeghen had been important to him. What they’d meant to one another, in a sense. That there was history here. A rough history, but one that wasn’t bad.

The singular word made Haithen shiver and not quite look at Taeghen. Why was it whenever he spoke like that Haithen couldn’t help but feel so... so demure. So quick and eager to please. There was no reason to, of course. Haithen could tell Taeghen to leave. He knew that. But... he didn’t really want to send Taeghen away, either.

There’s no reason to, if you like him, she thought, soft and quiet. The green dragon might not understand all the complexities of Haithen’s relationship with the man, but she didn’t want Haithen to be so conflicted either. There was something here to work out and sending it all away wouldn’t really solve it either.

If they were going to aim for Jungle Wing, they couldn’t really run from something that might be challenging. That quietly scared Haithen.

At that prompting, Haithen glanced up at Taeghen and murmured, as soft and sweet as his dragon, “Have you been paying so much attention to my progress?” Admittedly, it was a baited question. Haithen wasn’t the directionless candidate anymore. He didn’t want the heated flings of before. There was a plan for a future, for Haithen, and people that might want to simply use him didn’t have a place in that future. In that, Haithen wanted to know just how far Taeghen’s interest in him went.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:18:35 AM »
Haithen had been with other people before. He wasn’t a stranger to sex, but Flight Lust sex was something else entirely. As with the chase, it was still an out of body experience. With N’syn but still losing himself to the rush of his dragon’s need. He wasn’t really thinking about N’syn, he just needed him. Knowing that this was the Rider, the winner, the one he should be with.

For as long as Tasuroth kept Saissith in the sky.

The end of the flight was like coming down from an alcoholic binge. Haithen felt worn out, bruised, and faintly out of body – but it was nice to feel like he was in his own head. Coming to, he felt foggy and stiff, with a very familiar ache of being fucked. For a first time, Haithen was glad he’d just asked N’syn. While it hadn’t been terrifying or disconcerting, he’d found it was… far more relaxing to rouse next to someone he knew so well.

Propped up on his hands, Haithen took a minute to take stock of himself. He was, indeed, bruised. Not badly, in a way he hadn’t been since impressing. It actually made him smile. He’d almost forgotten what it was like to have sex.

Saissith was quiet and content, asleep and nestled with Tasuroth. Clearly her favorite dragon in the weyr. Even if there had been other dragons chasing her, they wouldn’t have won. She’d have picked him regardless. Haithen knew that now.

Haithen actually smiled when Rinokan bounced right up. If there was any doubt whether or not he really wanted to help, it was gone now. That being said, he started the slow walk toward his weyr. There was no rush in the oppressive warmth, at least not to Haithen. Saissith, in her own way, felt the same. It was warm, though she didn’t mind it in the same way her bonded did. It just made certain places on her body dry out fast and thus itchy.

In that, she didn’t like it.

At the appearance of the brown flit, Haithen’s own popped out of between and trilled their greeting. Depth didn’t stay in the air for long, quickly landing on top of Saissith’s head. He was a lazy little blue and if he didn’t have to carry himself, then he certainly wasn’t going to.

Now that they weren’t flying all over the place, Dusk was happy to join them. More to the point, he was curious about the new person. The light brown with seemingly pinkish highlights near flew into Rinokan’s face – until he was pulled out of the air by Haithen, who was quick to apologize. “Ah, sorry about that.”  Already warm, Haithen’s face heated up some. “He usually leaves me alone when I’m doing some practices but now… well, he likes people.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:51:43 PM »
Saissith contented herself with watching the little Black and her Rider’s conversation. It was nice when he could socialize. While they worked very hard, it was nice to take some breaks. Even if it was just for a moment. At the question, Saissith answered soft and sweet, I want Haithen to achieve everything he wants. Our eyes are set on Jungle Wing, which means we must practice and train every day so that we will be worthy. While she would not think it a failure if they didn’t, Saissith was whole-heartedly supportive of her Rider’s ambitions – even if they were not her own.

Hearing T’ghen’s answer, Haithen couldn’t help but smile more so. To hear that he wanted Jungle Wing, though. That was a bit of a surprise. But, then, Mountain? Clearly T’ghen had already thought about this, so he didn’t want to question why. That would seem like T’ghen didn’t know what he was doing. Instead, Haithen said, “If… we can ever do anything to help you, be sure to let us know. Training, questions, drills…”

Haithen didn’t want to come across like he was better than T’ghen – that was hardly the case – but he did have an older dragon. If there was anything they could do to help, though, Haithen wanted to.

Saissith echoed the sentiment, quietly thrumming.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Extracurriculars [ 23.4.2591; 8:45 PM ] || Open
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:44:43 PM »
The added training had paid off and Haithen had been accepted into Jungle. It was quite literally everything he had hoped it would be, and more. Though it was very, very tiring. All the extra training and pushing themselves for all the months of their training had proven to be necessary. Just so.

Looking back, Haithen almost wished he’d have done a little more. If that was even possible. One of the things he hadn’t even thought of, but that he appreciated the most, was the sheer comradery he found in a wing. Being mentored by another Green rider for his first couple of months, to teach him exactly what was needed, had been a whole different test, and one that had occupied their entire lives. Even so, Haithen had felt… really a part of something bigger. A part of the Weyr. Training to become a Rider, he’d never really understood what that meant until he’d started flying with Jungle Wing.

Now, he didn’t feel like they had to spend their evenings training. They were pushed hard enough during the day. Instead, Haithen wandered out with Saissith so they might enjoy the evening and he could oil some dry spots in the weyrbowl.

It was during oiling one of her wing joints that Saissith pointed out the other dragons training. Not in so many words, but she nudged him with her snout. Haithen smiled a little, feeling a touch nostalgic, before he pushed at her nose. They were like us, she cooed.

He nodded a moment before rubbing at another dry spot. //I mean, they might be practicing some sort of drill.//

You should ask. N’syn helped us. she suggested softly. He understood what she was getting at, but even so he hesitated. Wouldn’t it just be weird to wander over and interject himself in their conversation? They might just be messing around.

Saissith snorted a little, amused, and added, Did you do extra laps for fun?

//Yeah, yeah. I get your point.// Then, because it was only fair, Haithen thought, //If I have to be social, so do you.//

His shy, sweet green hadn’t really come out of her shell, so to speak, just because they’d joined a wing but there were a couple of dragons in Jungle Wing that she’d become fond of. Saissith would never be a chatty creature and Haithen was fine with that, but if she would insist he be so, hen he was dragging her along.

That seemed to give her pause before she stood, flared her wings a little, and started walking over to the other two greens. Haithen would’ve thought it was a confident strut save she held her head low, as she usually did when meeting new dragons. Good evening, she thought softly to Queriluth and Creath. She didn’t get too close either, respecting both lady’s personal space while giving herself some.

Haithen had to walk quickly to keep pace with his Green, but he waved a little as he approached the other two. “Hey. I saw you flying. Practicing drills?” This was directed to A’lori, since that’s the only one he’d seen. After which, he added, with a small smile, “I’m Haithen.”

Spoiler for OOC:

Imma just jump in here. Dun mind me.

It was one thing to fly over the jungle canopy, it was quite another to dive into it. Saissith dove head first into the greenery and folded her wings along her lithe body so she could land on the jungle floor. Not for the first time, Haithen was thankful she was so very green, in dark and mottled shades that would make it difficult to see her from a distance.

If anything, Haithen was the one that stuck out.

Beneath the sheltering branches of the trees overhead, the jungle was still humid and sweltering. Sweat made his clothes sticky, but Haithen would deal with that later. For the moment, it felt like he was holding his breath while they both took a careful look around. Just to see if there would be a problem.

Hunters always came in greens and browns. Which meant, if a rider or dragon weren’t careful, they could easily overlook them. After a tense moment, Saissith started moving. Picking her way through the trees toward the chirping sound of wherry in the trees overhead while Haithen couldn’t help but keep an eye around them. If they were hunting wherry, it only made sense the hunters might be as well.

Hot days like this often drew them out.

Haithen would never get used to going to the Jungle. He was still new to Jungle. Months had gone by and he was still fresh to the Wing, but that didn’t make him any less determined to show that he could, and would, be a vital member.

Saissith too. So when it was time to go hunting with the others, Haithen felt the thrill of nerves tingle down his spine. Not only would he be hunting with his wingmates, but Beach as well. While he knew that not everyone was watching him, he still felt some added pressure. Like he was being watched.

He was trying not to be anxious, so he fiddled with his straps for something to do while he waited on the others to arrive. Checking and rechecking the leather he checked the night before.

It’s ok. We’ll do great, just like we always do. she cooed with the aim to calm her Rider. Haithen grinned at her, rubbed her shoulder, then climbed up onto the saddle. When the signal was given, they lifted up into the air and went Between with the rest of their Wing.

Coming up and out over the jungle was always a rush. So much green and life that just didn’t exist over the rest of Pern. Coming from Fort, it was beautiful and vibrant. It felt like enough vegetation and life, surely enough, that they could last however long. Could sustain the Weyr and Hall.

Now, though, it was time to hunt. Saissith thrummed, happy, before she dove into the jungle.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: February 17, 2018, 09:32:16 AM »
Saissith felt an odd sense of freedom in her Flight. Like the sky was hers and time ceased to be a factor. Living purely in the moment and dragging Haithen along for the ride, it’d been far too long since the Greenpair had experienced anything purely for the joy and rush of it. They’d spent so long training, thinking about the future, wondering where they might end up that this was a much needed break. Not that Saissith minded, or complained – but a change of pace, a playful tumble in the air? Certainly needed for the pair of them as well.

Haithen was having difficultly trying to keep sane. The sky overlaid his weyr more often than not, his thoughts didn’t feel like his own, and the sky felt vast and all around him – while the bedfurs were grounding at his back. If Haithen hadn’t been prepared for this, he’d be freaking out. Even knowing what was going on, he resisted surrendering himself to his dragon. It was terrifying losing himself in such a complete way. Not knowing where he was, what was really going on, or even who was around him. Vaguely, he knew it had to be N’syn. There was only one dragon chasing after them – after Saissith – which meant only one Rider in his weyr. That he wasn’t wholly aware of who was there was still... it was almost too much.

Saissith, sensing the mounting distress of her Rider at the way the Flight was being drawn out, knew she had to bring it to a close. Though the Green could’ve gone on for much longer, she didn’t want to torment her Rider with his fear of the unknown – of what was going to happen now. Of what was currently happening. With a trill, she called out to Tasuroth, Come and get me! She was fast – most Greens were – and she suspected she could sprint away from him for a bit.

Invariably, though, the Brown’s greater stamina would win out and he would easily catch her when her burst of speed began to die out. She gave up on the flips and playful spins. Saissith shot up and away, as fast as her wings would carry her. Letting Tasuroth know this was it – she did want to be caught now.

When the sky leveled out for Haithen, he actually breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Though he was tense, like his own body was straining in the Flight, at least he could orientate somewhat and not everything felt like it was spiraling out of control.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: February 10, 2018, 01:04:13 PM »
While Saissith was generally a shy creature, the Flight brought out her hidden playful side that only Haithen only saw. And only on occasion. But now, with excitement and a rush of biological exhileration, all she wanted to do was play and fly with the Brown she was familiar and comfortable with. He wasn’t a stranger, but a dragon she’d done countless training sessions with.

Having him tumble in the air after her, an uncharacteristically playful display on his part, sent her spirits soaring as high as she did. Trilling her pleasure at his willingness to comply, to partake in the game, she continued her rolls, flips, and summersaults midflight. Not wholly expecting him to copy the more agile maneuvers, but doing them because it felt good. It felt right. It was fun.

While there was always this base desire to maintain some distance away from the Brown until she’d tired herself out, Saissith didn’t feel compelled to really flee from him. Not quite, but rather, she wanted to fly with him. To play and dance in the air.

It was difficult, awkward, and trying but Haithen managed to get most of his clothes off. He felt drunk, his limbs heavy and not fully doing as he wished. It was difficult when he kept getting lost in the flips and rolls in the air that his dragon kept doing. It’d have been far easier of his dragon would just… fly straight. But that didn’t seem in the agenda.

Eventually, Haithen gave up when he was in nothing but his pants and one boot. The laces had become overly complicated with the last boot and he just huffed and fell back, staring up at his ceiling that occasionally became the sky.

It seemet like it was forever ago he’d been a candidate. A world away, before impressing Saissith and everything became shiny and new. Better. Not that Haithen was going to say all that either. It seemed almost cruel to go on about how amazing it was to be bonded to a dragon to someone who hoped one day to be so – when it might not happen.

Haithen certainly hoped that every candidate would find the dragon for them, but he knew that some aged out. That was just the reality of Candidacy.

Even so, he did add, “I’m sure you’ll find a dragon for you.” Whatever manner of dragon that might be. If Haithen could impress, anyone could.

Saissith thrummed pleasantly at the conversation, and the good will her Rider felt toward the other.

He hesitated only a moment before asking, “Would you like to come along? Saissith’s wings are a bit dry so… If you’d want to continue to talk or the like…” Haithen didn’t want to press gang the poor Candidate into helping, he understood candidacy was already full of chores. But he certainly wouldn’t mind the company while he tended his dragon.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:13:46 AM »
Haithen was quite attracted to Taeghen… or rather, T’ghen… when he projected that cool, calm, confidence. A true shame he was newly impressed indeed.

Instead of doing anything untoward, Haithen settled his hands in his lap and smiled more so. “I’m sure you two will give them plenty to see. And I’ll have plenty to be proud of.” That much was true. Haithen couldn’t imagine that T’ghen would settle for anything less that what he wanted – the best – for himself.

Saissith bobbed her head a little, a draconic nod, before she thrummed happily. I think it is a common trait that our Riders share. All we can do is help them be more forthcoming. An amusing thought considering that Sassith herself could be as shy as he was.

Haithen did shrug a shoulder a little and ask, sweetly, “What are your plans for the future? I’m sure you already have everything mapped out.” It might have been patronizing to anyone else. To T’ghen, it was certainly a compliment.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:43:57 AM »
Saissith let loose a giddy trill when Tasuroth finally pursued her. There was a mix of heat, of want, and a desire to be away. But more than that, she wanted to have fun with him! In the recesses of both Haithen and Saissith’s mind, they knew for certain that Tasuroth could outfly them. How many training sessions had the Brown done just that? But in the rush of the moment, in the air with the wind playing over her fevered, glowing hide, that didn’t really matter to Saissith. Which meant it didn’t matter to Haithen.

When the Brown crooned to her and called her sweet, Saissith tumbled gracefully in the air and challenged, Show me how nimble you are! It was perhaps the only thing that the Green had on the larger dragon, if not outright bursts of speed.

Haithen was vaguely aware that N’syn had entered his weyr, in the same way that he was vaguely aware that there were clouds and the sweep of evening sky in his weyr. It was hard to tell, visually, what was real. Logically, he feverishly knew he wasn’t in the sky. Not really. He couldn’t be. Saissith was. Haithen was in his weyr.

On his bedfurs.

But fuck it was hot.

Haithen chewed on his lower lip as he peered up at N’syn when he offered to help. He wanted to say yes but Saissith recoiled at the prospect that anyone would touch her, no them, until the moment was right. Until she was caught!

Wordlessly, Haithen shook his head and managed to struggle out of his riding jacket. Hopefully N’syn wouldn’t think he was being rude – he would understand. Or so Haithen hoped, because he was having a hard time understanding himself.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 16, 2017, 10:09:31 PM »
Saissith thrummed softly, amused at the little Black and rather enjoying the conversation. Apparently, she got along quite well with the mutations. At least, of the Black variety. Saissith could not remember what Haithen was like when she’d impressed him, as that was simply far too long ago for draconic memory, but she knew that he’d been someone else.

Haithen, himself, reiterated that often enough. That she’d changed him for the better.

He will, soon enough, she cooed, confident it would be so.

When T’ghen fixed Haithen’s hair, he watched the other weyrling a moment. Not intense, nor curious, but with a sense of familiarity. They were hardly strangers to one another, after all. Haithen watched T’ghen study his own dragon with a faint smile, saw him mull over the words.

It’d be an effort, Haithen knew, to get T’ghen to relax. He wasn’t sure the man ever had. Not that it was necessarily bad, either. “It’s not like the entire weyr will be watching to see what you and he do.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 16, 2017, 09:40:05 PM »
Saissith flared her wings in a gesture of amusement. Haithen adjusted well enough, she said by way of reassurance. I’m certain your T’ghen will have no problems either since he has you. Saissith nudged her snout a little closer, eyes shifting a brighter green as her voice pitched a little higher in playfulness. Sometimes I think they would be lost without us. Said like a secret but she included Haithen and T’ghen in the teasing thought.

That only made Haithen smile all the more. “Almost four,” he agreed, not saying anything about what his dragon had just shared. “And I think we’ve shared enough that it’d be hard to consider you a stranger unless you wished to be one, T’ghen.” He said it casually, like they were talking about oiling their dragons and not something meaningful.

That was all belied by the fact Haithen glanced away, watching his dragon. The smile was still there though. “He is adorable. And good for you, I think. Really good for you.” Haithen glanced at T’ghen then, an almost sly, playful look. “Try not to be too hard on him, hm?”

Haithen glanced at his dragon when she let him know she needed oiling, idly eyeing her wings. As much as he didn’t relish the idea of such a task in the warmth, he couldn’t very well leave her in discomfort to go rinse off either.

His attention was brought back to the... Candidate... when he admitted he liked watching them train. That actually made Haithen blush a little. “I wish you luck then,” he answered, because that seemed appropriate. “Though watching drills doesn’t seem all that interesting. Maybe because I’m part of them?” Haithen teased a little.

At the compliment, Saissith lowered her head and her eyes shifted to a deep blue. A demure act on her part. He’s sweet, she remarked quietly to Haithen.

“She thinks you’re sweet,” Haithen translated for the Candidate, since her terribly sweet but shy dragon wasn’t about to talk to him. Which was fine too. Most didn’t talk to anyone but their Rider.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:14:35 PM »
Asking had been embarrassing, admittedly, but his shy Saissith had asked Haithen to ask. He couldn’t really deny his dragon that much. She didn’t want a handful of strangers chasing her in the sky. That she had the forethought of that even as she became proddy meant Haithen had to suck it up and ask.

Of everyone, N’syn was the one. The Brown pair had become easy friends with them and Haithen had hoped this wasn’t taking advantage of that friendship. Or that it would make it awkward. Haithen didn’t have many friends, after all.

Watching the change that came over Saissith was both amazing and nerve wrecking. He’d always thought she was a beautiful dragon, but the sheen that came over her as she neared her Flight was enchanting all in its own right. The encroaching sensation in Haithen’s mind was utterly distracting. They managed well enough through out the day, knowing that N’syn wouldn’t be available until the evening. Or at least suspecting.

Maybe... once evening truly fell, things would not be so...

Haithen... She crooned to him, shifting just outside their weyr. She wasn’t watching him through. Rather, her eyes had bled into the telltale purple of Flight and her head was pointed skyward.

//Go, have fun,// he said, sitting on the edge of his bedfurs. Anxiety ate at his stomach. Part of Haithen had been dreading this moment. When she’d be full grown, when she’d take to the sky and he’d lose himself. What would it be like?

Needing no further prompting, Saissith did just that. It wasn’t like being swept off his feet or falling into the ocean from up high. Rather, it was like he took off with her... but didn’t. Haithen was fully aware he was still in his weyr, but his stomach dropped like he’d taken off. The sudden onslaught of heat through his veins could only be the Flight lust.

Saissith eyed the herd beasts, felt the hunger and want gnaw at her belly. Only then did Haithen’s will kick in. No. No, love. Up. He couldn’t fully lose himself. Not yet. She needed to go higher. That was all he could think. Up. Nothing else articulate.

She hovered, eyeing the animals a moment longer, before Haithen’s direction won out and Saissith started climbing. Though she rose for her Flight, Saissith didn’t announce it like another Green might. Instead, she twirled and looked for her suitor.

Tasuroth. Seeing the Brown rise to join her had her spirit soaring. The urge to fly and be chased slammed even harder into the pair of them. With a trill of excitement, she was off. Come fly with me, she purred, an echo of her shy self laced with so much want calling to him.

Then she was off, taking Haithen with her in a way he’d never experienced his dragon before. Seeing the sky partially through her. He shook his head like that might clear his vision. Why was there sky in his weyr?

Nothing felt right. Like Haithen was part dragon – flying but grounded. The wind playing across his feverish skin but he was clothed.

Clothes. They needed off. Fumbling and awkward, his fingers stiff and unyielding, Haithen started pulling off his leathers from the day.

Spoiler for OOC:
Years later, man. Years later. :P

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 15, 2017, 03:37:07 AM »
Saissith continued her low thrum, the sound akin to a soft purr. Not loud enough to bother the Rider’s conversation, but still present in a calming way. Perhaps it does because you’re still young and this is all new. There was some adjustment for Haithen and I when we were growing together. Learning new things all the time.

Having a dragon confirm things that seemed so long unspoken between T’ghen and himself, now suddenly out and aloud, was just... surprising and, frankly, amusing. It seemed the little dragon was not only more social, but certainly more expressive.

Whet T’ghen admitted that the Black wasn’t what he expected, Haithen couldn’t help but laugh. It was a soft sound, though. “I imagine so. He’s already revealed more in the first moments I’ve known him then you have in... well, how long have we known each other?” He said it without accusation, just a simple statement. Then, because he felt the need to comfort T’ghen, Haithen added, “Saissith was an adjustment too. She was.. very shy. Very demure. She still is, around strangers.” He glanced at Sinestath. “Well. She doesn’t really consider him a stranger.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 15, 2017, 01:59:48 AM »
Saissith thrummed with amusement at the little Black. She thought he was quite adorable and thought as much to her Rider. I often find it hard to think about a time before me when it comes to Haithen too. He says ‘such things don’t matter anymore’. she said, conversationally and relax. Her own wings were near touching the ground as she settled, content for the moment to allow Haithen the time to reconnect with T’ghen.

Haithen actually giggled at the little Black, but it wasn’t a mocking sound. Rather, he found the tiny dragonet quite cute and immediately decided he agreed with Saissith’s assessment. How T’ghen had ended up with such a social creature was beyond him, but Haithen immediately thought it’d probably be good for him.

“It’s nice to hear that T’ghen likes me so much,” Haithen teased softly, whatever tension he’d been feeling – that he’d not been aware of – leaving him. Not even T’ghen’s scowl at the little dragon dimmed his smile. Instead, Haithen closed the distance, though stopped himself from reaching out to him.

Funny how things worked out, sometimes. “I’m glad you seem to be doing well, though. And your dragon.” He added gently. “I’m glad you impressed.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
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Saissith settled on her belly, wordlessly letting Haithen know that she wouldn’t be whisking him away from this conversation. It also put her at a better height to talk to the smaller dragon. She never saw any need to posture and even lowered her head to be level with him.

I’m Saissith and that is Haithen, she greeted, then further explained, They are close friends. Whether it was because she knew that he was young or because she didn’t know of any other way to phrase it, that seemed the best explanation. She thrummed when he said it was nice to meet her and her eyes lit up just a little more. It’s a pleasure to meet you too. Normally she’d have been shy, but someone so connect to a person Haithen knew? Hardly.

Haithen fretted over the stray wisps of hair that had freed itself from his braid, feeling all at once dirty and anxious to be standing in front of T’ghen. Not that it made any sense to. When he said he’d been hoping to see Haithen, that actually gave him pause. “Ah, you have?” Then he smiled a little at the Black and nodded. “Sinestath? I’m sure my Saissith has already told you my name. It’s nice to see you close up. I was in the stands for the hatching.” For that, Haithen shot T’ghen a glance.

Not like he’d miss something like that.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 14, 2017, 11:11:27 PM »
Haithen was definitely feeling the pressure. Only a handful of months would pass before graduation and, well, anything could happen then. Ideally, he wouldn’t end up in Prairie Wing. That was all he was hoping for. Not to be put in the training wing.

Which meant not letting up in their practices in the evening. Socializing be damned. Haithen’s future felt like it was looming all too quickly on the horizon and would soon be crashing down around them.

Saissith was just as focused. She understood just how important this was to Haithen and made no complaints when he insisted, time and time again, they practice a particular maneuver so they had it just right.

They were in the midst of doing just that when she received the greeting from Sinestath. It didn’t cause her to break her concentration, but she did bank her turn and come to a gentle landing sooner than she would’ve otherwise.

Saissith knew T’ghen. Haithen blinked as he regarded the other... Rider. It took him a moment to process that, yes, T’ghen had impressed. That the little Black trotting toward them was invariably his.

Hello, she crooned back, eyes a mellow green as she regarded the smaller dragon.

Haithen slid off of his own and offered the little Black a smile before he looked toward the Rider. “It’s... It’s been awhile. How have you been?”

Haithen chuckled a little when the newcomer remarked about the heat. He wasn’t wrong, not by a long shot. The island certainly had a nice way about being so humid that, well, sometimes it did feel like Haithen was in the springs.

Since Rinokan wasn’t a familiar face, Haithen assumed they must be a holder or crafter. Though that didn’t exactly matter, it was just idly noted. Haithen smiled a little more so before he asked, “Did you come out here to escape the heat? I fear there’s no real way to get away from it, though I suppose the Springs is a bit of a relief.” Haithen was certainly looking forward to scrubbing the sweat and grime of the day away once they were done.

Probably soon too.

Saissith trotted near by, coming up short so she didn’t overwhelm the poor boy. No one particularly liked when a dragon loomed over them. My wing joints are itchy, she informed, none-too-subtly letting Haithen know that oiling would be required before he sought out a bath.

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