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Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: February 17, 2018, 09:32:16 AM »
Saissith felt an odd sense of freedom in her Flight. Like the sky was hers and time ceased to be a factor. Living purely in the moment and dragging Haithen along for the ride, it’d been far too long since the Greenpair had experienced anything purely for the joy and rush of it. They’d spent so long training, thinking about the future, wondering where they might end up that this was a much needed break. Not that Saissith minded, or complained – but a change of pace, a playful tumble in the air? Certainly needed for the pair of them as well.

Haithen was having difficultly trying to keep sane. The sky overlaid his weyr more often than not, his thoughts didn’t feel like his own, and the sky felt vast and all around him – while the bedfurs were grounding at his back. If Haithen hadn’t been prepared for this, he’d be freaking out. Even knowing what was going on, he resisted surrendering himself to his dragon. It was terrifying losing himself in such a complete way. Not knowing where he was, what was really going on, or even who was around him. Vaguely, he knew it had to be N’syn. There was only one dragon chasing after them – after Saissith – which meant only one Rider in his weyr. That he wasn’t wholly aware of who was there was still... it was almost too much.

Saissith, sensing the mounting distress of her Rider at the way the Flight was being drawn out, knew she had to bring it to a close. Though the Green could’ve gone on for much longer, she didn’t want to torment her Rider with his fear of the unknown – of what was going to happen now. Of what was currently happening. With a trill, she called out to Tasuroth, Come and get me! She was fast – most Greens were – and she suspected she could sprint away from him for a bit.

Invariably, though, the Brown’s greater stamina would win out and he would easily catch her when her burst of speed began to die out. She gave up on the flips and playful spins. Saissith shot up and away, as fast as her wings would carry her. Letting Tasuroth know this was it – she did want to be caught now.

When the sky leveled out for Haithen, he actually breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Though he was tense, like his own body was straining in the Flight, at least he could orientate somewhat and not everything felt like it was spiraling out of control.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: February 10, 2018, 01:04:13 PM »
While Saissith was generally a shy creature, the Flight brought out her hidden playful side that only Haithen only saw. And only on occasion. But now, with excitement and a rush of biological exhileration, all she wanted to do was play and fly with the Brown she was familiar and comfortable with. He wasn’t a stranger, but a dragon she’d done countless training sessions with.

Having him tumble in the air after her, an uncharacteristically playful display on his part, sent her spirits soaring as high as she did. Trilling her pleasure at his willingness to comply, to partake in the game, she continued her rolls, flips, and summersaults midflight. Not wholly expecting him to copy the more agile maneuvers, but doing them because it felt good. It felt right. It was fun.

While there was always this base desire to maintain some distance away from the Brown until she’d tired herself out, Saissith didn’t feel compelled to really flee from him. Not quite, but rather, she wanted to fly with him. To play and dance in the air.

It was difficult, awkward, and trying but Haithen managed to get most of his clothes off. He felt drunk, his limbs heavy and not fully doing as he wished. It was difficult when he kept getting lost in the flips and rolls in the air that his dragon kept doing. It’d have been far easier of his dragon would just… fly straight. But that didn’t seem in the agenda.

Eventually, Haithen gave up when he was in nothing but his pants and one boot. The laces had become overly complicated with the last boot and he just huffed and fell back, staring up at his ceiling that occasionally became the sky.

It seemet like it was forever ago he’d been a candidate. A world away, before impressing Saissith and everything became shiny and new. Better. Not that Haithen was going to say all that either. It seemed almost cruel to go on about how amazing it was to be bonded to a dragon to someone who hoped one day to be so – when it might not happen.

Haithen certainly hoped that every candidate would find the dragon for them, but he knew that some aged out. That was just the reality of Candidacy.

Even so, he did add, “I’m sure you’ll find a dragon for you.” Whatever manner of dragon that might be. If Haithen could impress, anyone could.

Saissith thrummed pleasantly at the conversation, and the good will her Rider felt toward the other.

He hesitated only a moment before asking, “Would you like to come along? Saissith’s wings are a bit dry so… If you’d want to continue to talk or the like…” Haithen didn’t want to press gang the poor Candidate into helping, he understood candidacy was already full of chores. But he certainly wouldn’t mind the company while he tended his dragon.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:13:46 AM »
Haithen was quite attracted to Taeghen… or rather, T’ghen… when he projected that cool, calm, confidence. A true shame he was newly impressed indeed.

Instead of doing anything untoward, Haithen settled his hands in his lap and smiled more so. “I’m sure you two will give them plenty to see. And I’ll have plenty to be proud of.” That much was true. Haithen couldn’t imagine that T’ghen would settle for anything less that what he wanted – the best – for himself.

Saissith bobbed her head a little, a draconic nod, before she thrummed happily. I think it is a common trait that our Riders share. All we can do is help them be more forthcoming. An amusing thought considering that Sassith herself could be as shy as he was.

Haithen did shrug a shoulder a little and ask, sweetly, “What are your plans for the future? I’m sure you already have everything mapped out.” It might have been patronizing to anyone else. To T’ghen, it was certainly a compliment.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:43:57 AM »
Saissith let loose a giddy trill when Tasuroth finally pursued her. There was a mix of heat, of want, and a desire to be away. But more than that, she wanted to have fun with him! In the recesses of both Haithen and Saissith’s mind, they knew for certain that Tasuroth could outfly them. How many training sessions had the Brown done just that? But in the rush of the moment, in the air with the wind playing over her fevered, glowing hide, that didn’t really matter to Saissith. Which meant it didn’t matter to Haithen.

When the Brown crooned to her and called her sweet, Saissith tumbled gracefully in the air and challenged, Show me how nimble you are! It was perhaps the only thing that the Green had on the larger dragon, if not outright bursts of speed.

Haithen was vaguely aware that N’syn had entered his weyr, in the same way that he was vaguely aware that there were clouds and the sweep of evening sky in his weyr. It was hard to tell, visually, what was real. Logically, he feverishly knew he wasn’t in the sky. Not really. He couldn’t be. Saissith was. Haithen was in his weyr.

On his bedfurs.

But fuck it was hot.

Haithen chewed on his lower lip as he peered up at N’syn when he offered to help. He wanted to say yes but Saissith recoiled at the prospect that anyone would touch her, no them, until the moment was right. Until she was caught!

Wordlessly, Haithen shook his head and managed to struggle out of his riding jacket. Hopefully N’syn wouldn’t think he was being rude – he would understand. Or so Haithen hoped, because he was having a hard time understanding himself.

Weyr Bowl / Re: So much to celebrate [ 37.10.2590 / 6PM ] J’hal
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:05:41 AM »
Haithen glanced at J’hal a little when he said he wouldn’t worry. Which was a good thing, certainly. Was it because J’hal was just that confident in Haithen? Even the most diligent and experienced of Riders ran into accidents.

Was Haithen trying to convince himself now that something was going to happen? Jeez.

Graduation jitters were a very real thing.

When J’hal sighed, it pulled Haithen out of his lingering thoughts. Gave him something else to focus on. That was definitely a good thing. When he said Mountain Wing, that was a bit surprising. Initially, anyways. J’hal wasn’t exactly the most social of people though so maybe he’d like the seclusion. Why did Haithen seem drawn to people who would otherwise rather be alone? Taeghen momentarily came to mind.

Neither did J’hal seem particularly set on either Beach or Jungle, as both were met with a shrug. Haithen could remember getting quite fixated on what Wing he wanted when they were explained in weyrling lessons, but he had been one of the few exceptions. Some of his fellow weyrlings had been lucky to focus on lessons, let alone their future. Perhaps such things just weren’t J’hal’s thing. He idly wondered if J’hal was still being tutored separately or if that had fallen through when R’sin had been... lost... to Between. It was still a rough thing to think of. Accidents certainly happened during training, but to have lost someone so important then...

Haithen sighed softly before glancing at J’hal again when he was asked a seemingly simple question. J’hal made it seem like things were all done now. ‘What now’ indeed. It actually made Haithen giggle in how cut and dry it all felt in that moment. He was in Jungle, but just getting in the Wing was only just the beginning.

It’d be so easy for them to shift him to another Wing if it proved to be a mistake in the coming weeks and months.

We proved ourselves thus far. We can continue to do so, she swore, soft, sweet, but determined.

Of course they would.

“There’s still a lot of work I have to do now that I’ve been assigned. It’s really just started. Getting into the Wing was really just the beginning,” Haithen said by way of an answer, studying J’hal. Then, because he couldn’t help himself, he pressed, “You really don’t care what Wing you end up in? Have you stopped your extra lessons since... ah... since...” Haithen wasn’t sure how to finish that thought.

Weyr Bowl / Re: So much to celebrate [ 37.10.2590 / 6PM ] J’hal
« on: December 08, 2017, 02:07:52 AM »
Haithen shook his head a little at J’hal’s response to the saluting. There was no way he could think about anyone saluting him, let alone a dear friend. As they walked into the tunnel leading to the weyrhall, the noise from the gathered weyrfolk was like a low hum that steadily got louder the closer they got.

Not that they were approaching quickly. It was nice, being alone in the dim glow-lit tunnels. The shadows hid the faltered smile, though Haithen felt himself perking up more so at what J’hal had to say. Haithen certainly felt like he’d worked hard, but it made his chest warm that J’hal thought so too. Obviously the Wingleader and Weyrlingmaster Assistants thought so. “I’m sure I’ll be fine. You needn’t worry over me.” Haithen was attempting to be both playful but reassuring. Then, after a soft sigh while looking up at the dark ceiling – an introspective sigh – Haithen asked, “What about you? Time is going to go a lot faster than you think. Where do you see yourself ending up after graduation? Where do you want to be when you graduate?”

The question could be innocent enough. They were just talking about Wing placements, and that was all J’hal could take from it. Certainly that was all they’d really agreed to think about – the here and now. With Haithen’s arm linked through J’hal’s though, the Green Rider couldn’t help but think about the future just a little.

Not that he’d say any of that aloud.

Weyr Bowl / Re: So much to celebrate [ 37.10.2590 / 6PM ] J’hal
« on: December 05, 2017, 03:08:17 PM »
Haithen didn’t want to linger too long in the weyrbowl. N’syn and the others were likely waiting on him and Haithen didn’t want to make a terrible first day impression. There were so many vaguely familiar faces, people he’d seen around the weyr for sure but he’d never really put names to, that he’d now be working along side. They’d be relying on him, as a Green Rider. Haithen wouldn’t say he had the most important job in the Wing, but it was certainly vital to the function of Jungle.

He needed to get out of his own head for the evening. Haithen wouldn’t be drinking too much since he knew tomorrow would be an early start to the first day as a full Rider.

Just before Haithen could slip into the dark tunnels that led into the weyr itself, he was surprised to see J’hal seemingly appear at his side. Haithen was still wearing his riding gear from the graduation ceremony, cutting a very slender figure in the form fitting leather. No matter the amount of training he’d subjected himself to, muscle wouldn’t bulk him up. Just make him lithe and wiry strong. Unable to help himself, Haithen smiled at J’hal. “Salute me? Is that what you do to the other Riders?” The mental image of such a thing was entertaining.

Haithen slipped his arm through J’hal’s and tugged the weyrling into the tunnels and slowly toward the Weyr Hall, not rushed. Happy to just be walking with him. “Jungle Wing, did you hear? I couldn’t believe it when they called me over for graduation. Tomorrow is going to be crazy.” The next several weeks were going to be as Haithen was adjusting to their schedule.

Weyr Bowl / So much to celebrate [ 37.10.2590 / 6PM ] J’hal
« on: December 04, 2017, 03:45:02 PM »
It was odd to think that he was going to the End of Turn Celebration not as a weyrling, with a bedtime restriction and ban on alcohol, but as a member of Jungle Wing. He’d already met a handful of his fellow Wingmates, some of which had been quite friendly in welcoming him, and it still felt surreal. Like he’d wake up tomorrow still in his weyrling weyr, for the same drills, to help W’um or Wa’by with some class...

Life had a funny way of working out.

So, of course, Haithen wanted to celebrate. He tailed the group of Jungle Riders who had been the most receptive to him – one of those being N’syn while he simply took the time to take it all in. Haithen understood that the following days were going to be trying, stressful, and dangerous, but that’s what he and Saissith had been training for. Preparing for in all their off time. If anything, he was ready to go now. Waiting was going to kill him just as much as waiting for his name to be called this afternoon had.

You should take the evening off, she cooed, now situated on their new weyr ledge. It was a lower weyr, small but comfortable. A green dragon didn’t need as much space as the bigger colors and that was fine by both Haithen and Saissith. They were moved into a real Rider’s weyr. Their own space. Her own ledge. Haithen had long been an adult, but he’d never really felt like one until, well, now. Not with tending to Saissith and having the weyrlingmaster assistants presiding over them like mother flits.

Haithen was almost going to miss them and their attention, he was surprised to find. Having someone, or a handful of someone’s, so invested in their wellbeing. Not that he didn’t think L’ale, L’nal, or H’vier weren’t, but they were effective strangers at this point. Haithen had spent two turns, every day, with the weyrlingmaster assistants. He supposed it was only natural he’d miss them.

He lingered in the weyrbowl and looked around. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t be training in the weyrbowl anymore. Jungle still had a schedule that’d bring him back there. Just... not with the others. Certainly not with the weyrlingmaster assistants. While Haithen was incredibly thankful to have proved himself capable of being able to graduate into Jungle, he would miss the familiarity of his old life. His old routine. He’d spent so much time looking ahead...

You’re sweet, she crooned, playing through his nostalgia with him. Since she didn’t have the memory he did, this was the only way she too could look back. Was I ever really so small?

Haithen grinned to himself as he slowly began walking toward the entrance to the Weyr Hall from the weyrbowl. //You used to be small enough to follow me around everywhere. Small enough to sleep with me. Now I’d have to sleep with you on your ledge.//

That seemed like forever ago.

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Weyr Bowl / Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:20:16 AM »
For the longest time, Haithen had felt like this day wouldn’t come. Now that it was here, it felt rushed. Too fast and too soon. Where had the last few months gone since Saissith had Risen? So much like dragon flight, it was quick and now... now there they were. Dressed like Riders in their gear, everything packed up from their weyrling weyr. Haithen’s flits, acting like adults, were perched on his things and acting like the well behaved darlings they could be. Depth and Dusk understood how important today was, and how serious. So they’d just sit on his chest of personal effects – clothes mostly – and wait for it all to be over.

Not that Haithen nor Saissith were expecting it to last overly long. Really, the nerves leading up to it all would likely kill them. Haithen had worked himself and Saissith as much as he dared, dreaming so much that he would be placed in any Wing besides Prairie. Not because he thought less of them but because... that just wasn’t the Wing for him. Haithen’s heart didn’t soar with those that were still in training and neither did it belong with those that were cutting and gutting fish. If he was told to, Haithen would do whatever he was ordered. Duty to the weyr above all. But... The jungle called to him. He wanted to serve the weyr. He wanted to feel like he was really contributing to the future of Pern. Ideally, he’d never fly Thread in his life. So if facing the dangers of the Hunters was what could be asked of a Rider, Haithen felt like he was ready.

Not to say he wasn’t afraid. Anyone with half a brain would be terrified of a monster bigger than a Green with a mouth full of teeth. But the world wouldn’t function if those that could didn’t do what they must.

Haithen took his place with the other Weyrlings he had trained with. Dressed appropriately with his long black hair braided back as he might for training. Saissith stood back, as was expected, with her head held high and expectant. Nervous but she hid it well.

The list of names was long. Obviously, but with every name Haithen felt like he was going to jump in place. The wait would kill him. He gripped his hands in fists at his side but that was the only outward indication he was anxious. He remained still, waiting.

Then W’um called his name. Then Saissith’s. Then.... Jungle. Jungle?! JUNGLE?! Jungle. she confirmed softly. Sweet and shy all at once. It actually took Haithen a moment to process the information before he suddenly started moving. Like in a dream, he had to remember to breath. To move. Not to trip. Blessed Faranth, if he fell walking to his new wing?!

Then he was there. It wasn’t a dream. He had been assigned Jungle. Haithen ran a hand over his face and swore to himself over and over he wouldn’t cry. Not now. He’d scream and cry and dance around in his new weyr when it was all over. For now, he stood. Stoic. And tried very, very hard not to grin like an idiot.

He half succeeded.

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Haithen on the inside :

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 16, 2017, 10:09:31 PM »
Saissith thrummed softly, amused at the little Black and rather enjoying the conversation. Apparently, she got along quite well with the mutations. At least, of the Black variety. Saissith could not remember what Haithen was like when she’d impressed him, as that was simply far too long ago for draconic memory, but she knew that he’d been someone else.

Haithen, himself, reiterated that often enough. That she’d changed him for the better.

He will, soon enough, she cooed, confident it would be so.

When T’ghen fixed Haithen’s hair, he watched the other weyrling a moment. Not intense, nor curious, but with a sense of familiarity. They were hardly strangers to one another, after all. Haithen watched T’ghen study his own dragon with a faint smile, saw him mull over the words.

It’d be an effort, Haithen knew, to get T’ghen to relax. He wasn’t sure the man ever had. Not that it was necessarily bad, either. “It’s not like the entire weyr will be watching to see what you and he do.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 16, 2017, 09:40:05 PM »
Saissith flared her wings in a gesture of amusement. Haithen adjusted well enough, she said by way of reassurance. I’m certain your T’ghen will have no problems either since he has you. Saissith nudged her snout a little closer, eyes shifting a brighter green as her voice pitched a little higher in playfulness. Sometimes I think they would be lost without us. Said like a secret but she included Haithen and T’ghen in the teasing thought.

That only made Haithen smile all the more. “Almost four,” he agreed, not saying anything about what his dragon had just shared. “And I think we’ve shared enough that it’d be hard to consider you a stranger unless you wished to be one, T’ghen.” He said it casually, like they were talking about oiling their dragons and not something meaningful.

That was all belied by the fact Haithen glanced away, watching his dragon. The smile was still there though. “He is adorable. And good for you, I think. Really good for you.” Haithen glanced at T’ghen then, an almost sly, playful look. “Try not to be too hard on him, hm?”

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Port in a Storm [13.08.2590 8.45PM] Haithen
« on: September 16, 2017, 02:52:54 PM »
Haithen watched J’hal, patient and waiting to see what the other would decide. Whatever it was, he’d be fine with it. When J’hal said it wasn’t that simple, Haithen didn’t say anything to correct them.

They both knew that wasn’t the case, obviously. More to the point, apparently J’hal had more to struggle with than Haithen did. Or he had problems letting go that Haithen didn’t. At the question, Haithen looked to the ceiling of his weyr as he considered.

There was knowing someone, and there were ways that people had known Haithen. No one, not even J’hal, really knew all of him. The distance created because they were weyrlings, and perhaps the lingering innocence because of it, prevented that. In some ways, N’syn and T’ghen knew parts of Haithen better than J’hal. Shared things with him that the Black Rider didn’t.

N’syn was his friend, in the purest form. T’ghen was... complicated. J’hal made Haithen feel good about himself. But no one in Haithen’s life knew him like Saissith. Nor had anyone ever. Invariably, Haithen slowly shook his head as he brought his attention back to J’hal. “No, unfortunately. Before Saissith, before Impressing, I didn’t really have friends.” It was said simply, without any sadness or lingering remorse. That was the past and Haithen did not live in the past. He had rough one-night stands and loose acquaintances. No one had been close to him.

Haithen hadn’t realized just how lonely he’d been until her.

Haithen glanced at his dragon when she let him know she needed oiling, idly eyeing her wings. As much as he didn’t relish the idea of such a task in the warmth, he couldn’t very well leave her in discomfort to go rinse off either.

His attention was brought back to the... Candidate... when he admitted he liked watching them train. That actually made Haithen blush a little. “I wish you luck then,” he answered, because that seemed appropriate. “Though watching drills doesn’t seem all that interesting. Maybe because I’m part of them?” Haithen teased a little.

At the compliment, Saissith lowered her head and her eyes shifted to a deep blue. A demure act on her part. He’s sweet, she remarked quietly to Haithen.

“She thinks you’re sweet,” Haithen translated for the Candidate, since her terribly sweet but shy dragon wasn’t about to talk to him. Which was fine too. Most didn’t talk to anyone but their Rider.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: If Only [33.4.2590 9 PM]
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:41:37 PM »
Haithen smiled a little when J’hal talked about becoming a full Rider. A Wing. His own weyr. Those things seemed both looming, ready to crash around Haithen, and so far away still. Saissith had just become an adult... They still had some time before he’d be released into a Wing.

Not much.

The self-depreciating comment about the queue of women dimmed the smile some though. Haithen was going to point out that they’d met not all that long ago and, well, here they were. Things happened. People did change over the course of their weyrlinghood. Especially as their dragons matured. Haithen wanted to reassure J’hal that if things did happen... He’d understand.

Instead, picked at the grass but the little smile remained. “Things are supposed to be pretty casual for Riders anyways, hm?” Haithen added, a little playful. “It’ll probably be easier... for both of us... once Lesserath is a little older.” In that, Haithen could readily admit that he did want J’hal in that way.

Though he wouldn’t say that he relished Flights, being able to think freely without worrying about how Saissith would react was nice.

You thought I was so fragile, she teased gently.

//I just wanted to be careful,// Haithen answered, glancing at Lesserath. The Black was already quite big and he imagined Lesserath would get quite a bit bigger. He just hoped the dragon didn’t mind Saissith as he grew.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Maiden Flight [ 32.4.2590 / 8:15 PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:14:35 PM »
Asking had been embarrassing, admittedly, but his shy Saissith had asked Haithen to ask. He couldn’t really deny his dragon that much. She didn’t want a handful of strangers chasing her in the sky. That she had the forethought of that even as she became proddy meant Haithen had to suck it up and ask.

Of everyone, N’syn was the one. The Brown pair had become easy friends with them and Haithen had hoped this wasn’t taking advantage of that friendship. Or that it would make it awkward. Haithen didn’t have many friends, after all.

Watching the change that came over Saissith was both amazing and nerve wrecking. He’d always thought she was a beautiful dragon, but the sheen that came over her as she neared her Flight was enchanting all in its own right. The encroaching sensation in Haithen’s mind was utterly distracting. They managed well enough through out the day, knowing that N’syn wouldn’t be available until the evening. Or at least suspecting.

Maybe... once evening truly fell, things would not be so...

Haithen... She crooned to him, shifting just outside their weyr. She wasn’t watching him through. Rather, her eyes had bled into the telltale purple of Flight and her head was pointed skyward.

//Go, have fun,// he said, sitting on the edge of his bedfurs. Anxiety ate at his stomach. Part of Haithen had been dreading this moment. When she’d be full grown, when she’d take to the sky and he’d lose himself. What would it be like?

Needing no further prompting, Saissith did just that. It wasn’t like being swept off his feet or falling into the ocean from up high. Rather, it was like he took off with her... but didn’t. Haithen was fully aware he was still in his weyr, but his stomach dropped like he’d taken off. The sudden onslaught of heat through his veins could only be the Flight lust.

Saissith eyed the herd beasts, felt the hunger and want gnaw at her belly. Only then did Haithen’s will kick in. No. No, love. Up. He couldn’t fully lose himself. Not yet. She needed to go higher. That was all he could think. Up. Nothing else articulate.

She hovered, eyeing the animals a moment longer, before Haithen’s direction won out and Saissith started climbing. Though she rose for her Flight, Saissith didn’t announce it like another Green might. Instead, she twirled and looked for her suitor.

Tasuroth. Seeing the Brown rise to join her had her spirit soaring. The urge to fly and be chased slammed even harder into the pair of them. With a trill of excitement, she was off. Come fly with me, she purred, an echo of her shy self laced with so much want calling to him.

Then she was off, taking Haithen with her in a way he’d never experienced his dragon before. Seeing the sky partially through her. He shook his head like that might clear his vision. Why was there sky in his weyr?

Nothing felt right. Like Haithen was part dragon – flying but grounded. The wind playing across his feverish skin but he was clothed.

Clothes. They needed off. Fumbling and awkward, his fingers stiff and unyielding, Haithen started pulling off his leathers from the day.

Spoiler for OOC:
Years later, man. Years later. :P

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 15, 2017, 03:37:07 AM »
Saissith continued her low thrum, the sound akin to a soft purr. Not loud enough to bother the Rider’s conversation, but still present in a calming way. Perhaps it does because you’re still young and this is all new. There was some adjustment for Haithen and I when we were growing together. Learning new things all the time.

Having a dragon confirm things that seemed so long unspoken between T’ghen and himself, now suddenly out and aloud, was just... surprising and, frankly, amusing. It seemed the little dragon was not only more social, but certainly more expressive.

Whet T’ghen admitted that the Black wasn’t what he expected, Haithen couldn’t help but laugh. It was a soft sound, though. “I imagine so. He’s already revealed more in the first moments I’ve known him then you have in... well, how long have we known each other?” He said it without accusation, just a simple statement. Then, because he felt the need to comfort T’ghen, Haithen added, “Saissith was an adjustment too. She was.. very shy. Very demure. She still is, around strangers.” He glanced at Sinestath. “Well. She doesn’t really consider him a stranger.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: Typical Bad Luck [ 2.7.2590 / 8PM ] || Haithen
« on: September 15, 2017, 01:59:48 AM »
Saissith thrummed with amusement at the little Black. She thought he was quite adorable and thought as much to her Rider. I often find it hard to think about a time before me when it comes to Haithen too. He says ‘such things don’t matter anymore’. she said, conversationally and relax. Her own wings were near touching the ground as she settled, content for the moment to allow Haithen the time to reconnect with T’ghen.

Haithen actually giggled at the little Black, but it wasn’t a mocking sound. Rather, he found the tiny dragonet quite cute and immediately decided he agreed with Saissith’s assessment. How T’ghen had ended up with such a social creature was beyond him, but Haithen immediately thought it’d probably be good for him.

“It’s nice to hear that T’ghen likes me so much,” Haithen teased softly, whatever tension he’d been feeling – that he’d not been aware of – leaving him. Not even T’ghen’s scowl at the little dragon dimmed his smile. Instead, Haithen closed the distance, though stopped himself from reaching out to him.

Funny how things worked out, sometimes. “I’m glad you seem to be doing well, though. And your dragon.” He added gently. “I’m glad you impressed.”

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Saissith settled on her belly, wordlessly letting Haithen know that she wouldn’t be whisking him away from this conversation. It also put her at a better height to talk to the smaller dragon. She never saw any need to posture and even lowered her head to be level with him.

I’m Saissith and that is Haithen, she greeted, then further explained, They are close friends. Whether it was because she knew that he was young or because she didn’t know of any other way to phrase it, that seemed the best explanation. She thrummed when he said it was nice to meet her and her eyes lit up just a little more. It’s a pleasure to meet you too. Normally she’d have been shy, but someone so connect to a person Haithen knew? Hardly.

Haithen fretted over the stray wisps of hair that had freed itself from his braid, feeling all at once dirty and anxious to be standing in front of T’ghen. Not that it made any sense to. When he said he’d been hoping to see Haithen, that actually gave him pause. “Ah, you have?” Then he smiled a little at the Black and nodded. “Sinestath? I’m sure my Saissith has already told you my name. It’s nice to see you close up. I was in the stands for the hatching.” For that, Haithen shot T’ghen a glance.

Not like he’d miss something like that.

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Haithen was definitely feeling the pressure. Only a handful of months would pass before graduation and, well, anything could happen then. Ideally, he wouldn’t end up in Prairie Wing. That was all he was hoping for. Not to be put in the training wing.

Which meant not letting up in their practices in the evening. Socializing be damned. Haithen’s future felt like it was looming all too quickly on the horizon and would soon be crashing down around them.

Saissith was just as focused. She understood just how important this was to Haithen and made no complaints when he insisted, time and time again, they practice a particular maneuver so they had it just right.

They were in the midst of doing just that when she received the greeting from Sinestath. It didn’t cause her to break her concentration, but she did bank her turn and come to a gentle landing sooner than she would’ve otherwise.

Saissith knew T’ghen. Haithen blinked as he regarded the other... Rider. It took him a moment to process that, yes, T’ghen had impressed. That the little Black trotting toward them was invariably his.

Hello, she crooned back, eyes a mellow green as she regarded the smaller dragon.

Haithen slid off of his own and offered the little Black a smile before he looked toward the Rider. “It’s... It’s been awhile. How have you been?”

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The silence between when the question had been asked and when an answer was delivered seemed to be painfully long. Had Haithen misread their relationship? Maybe they were more like he and N’syn. Well meaning friends. Or… Haithen was at a loss and thoughts beat at his brain, trying to pick over past interactions for the thing he’d overlooked. Rather, for the thing he’d read too much into.

Then, J’hal actually answered and Haithen couldn’t help but giggle softly. Especially when he began to list a litany of things that simply didn’t matter. “We both have some things to go through, hm? You and Lesserath more so than me and Saissith, but… graduation, getting settled… A lot could change.” Haithen had to be open to that possibility – that whatever might be between them, fragile and sweet as it was now, could break by the time J’hal realized there were a lot more options than just… Haithen.

Especially once Lesserath started showing interest in other dragons.

Instead, Haithen reached for J’hal’s hand and lightly kissed his knuckles. Quickly, with the barest of touches from his lips, before he released his hand. Not wanting to linger in what could be an intimate contact. “I’m not asking for all that, J’hal. I just… I like you.” Haithen shrugged a shoulder and glanced at the grass again.  It seemed so interesting and safe to look at. “Things might… change, as you and Lesserath change, but… for now…” Then, Haithen did look at J’hal and smiled sweetly. “For now, this is good.”

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The gentle squeeze went a long way in convincing Haithen that it really would be ok. Though that didn’t last too long since J’hal then snatched his hand away, like the prolonged contact was… too much? That it was bad.

Haithen cupped his hand in the other, on his lap, and looked down to hide the flush of embarrassment that colored his cheeks. Maybe he should be a bit more careful about reaching for people? In that way, some things were easier with N’syn, the Jungler who he had a very easy friendship with, and even Taeghen. But that wasn’t fair. Not to J’hal and not to Haithen either.

Just because things were difficult didn’t mean it was something to flee from.

Finding some resolve in that admission, Haithen looked back to J’hal when he said Haithen wouldn’t want to know. In truth, he would only press if J’hal wished it. “I do, if you want to tell me.” In the interest of creating some space between them, Haithen leaned back on his palms but didn’t look away from J’hal. “We both… are sort of different people than when we’d impressed, yeah? So if it’s important to you, for me to know, to talk about it, then I do want to know. But my past… who I was before Saissith, doesn’t really matter to me and I’ve no interest in talking about that. But that’s… me, J’hal, and I’m not going to pretend to be you.” Haithen offered another small, encouraging smile. “If you want to talk about your past, we can. If you want to forget about it, that’s ok too.”

In that, Haithen would always be fine. He’d be seriously fooling himself if he thought he was the same, silly thing he was before he’d impressed. Saissith had changed a lot.

For the better, she cooed sweetly.

//Always,// he agreed.

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So much for subtly. Haithen blushed further when J’hal shifted so he could actually look at his face. That definitely made it worse.

Ah well.

Saissith thrummed her amusement as she watched Lesserath. I don’t think you made your question obvious enough, she said to Haithen.

//Obviously// he huffed back at her before running a hand over his own face, partially hiding himself from J’hal. Why was this so embarrassing! Riders had Flights all the time! It shouldn’t be so hard to just… ask!

After a breath, a moment to compose himself, Haithen looked to J’hal. He’d wanted to sound less anxious and more collected, but his words were soft, “When Lesserath is old enough… do you want to be with me?”

No confusion there, at least. It was hard to keep looking at J’hal though, so Haithen looked to the grass right after he’d asked. He’d understand if J’hal didn’t want to, or if he was unsure. Shards, Haithen knew they were friends. Good friends? But this… well…

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Port in a Storm [13.08.2590 8.45PM] Haithen
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Haithen remained sitting at J’hal’s feet, patiently waiting to see what it was J’hal would decide. What he would reveal, what he would say. If he wanted to be quiet about what upset him was certainly fine as well. Haithen understood that sometimes there were things that needed to remain unsaid until they were processed.

When he finally did say what it was, Haithen was struck with the realization that neither of them really knew much about the other before they’d met as weyrlings. Was that… good or bad? Ideally, it didn’t matter. When they’d impressed, they’d entered into a different world. Became, in essence, different people. Did who they were before now, before they’d met, really matter?

To Haithen, it didn’t. Past choices belonged firmly in the past. Who he was before Saissith was a different person.

He chewed on his lower lip a moment before reaching up to take one of J’hal’s hands in his own. Comforting physical gestures were always a careful line they had to watch. As much as Haithen wanted to be close to J’hal, especially now that he could, he knew that J’hal still couldn’t. It created some tension in Haithen he was always aware of when he reached for J’hal. Wanting but unable to have.

What a bother. “I’m surprised it took this long to run into someone from your past,” he murmured with a small smile. “Even so, it’s in the past yeah?” Haithen searched J’hal’s expression, trying to figure out how much this meeting had affected him. “Did… you want to tell me who it was? Talk about the meeting?”

Saissith thrummed when Lesserath moved to join her. She didn’t stand to greet him, but she did rub her jaw along his neck. A small greeting, one reigned back by Haithen’s quiet warning. They couldn’t be so open about their affection with J’hal and Lesserath – not yet, anyways.

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When Haithen was pulled closer to J’hal, his face heated up a bit more. Thankful that J’hal couldn’t see the darker blush. That was good.

Would you have wanted him to win? she asked idly.

//It wouldn’t have been so bad, hm?// Haithen asked in return, glanced at his dragon.

At that, Saissith glanced at Lesserath and studied the Black. When J’hal clarified that he liked him, that too had Haithen wondering. Would things have been different… would that have meant more…? Was that why it’d bothered him?

Haithen didn’t adjust their position since he was quite content to lean against J’hal. Instead, he asked softly, “Did… when Lesserath is old enough…” He was afraid to say more, both because of what J’hal might say and how it might bother his dragon.

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