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As Dro settled to his side, R’kan leaned back against the couch, propping one elbow against the arch of it as he got comfortable. Hisketh was content to remain on his lap where she was, though the absent flick of her tail made it clear she was quite focused on the newcomers and their conversation. They were interesting, in no small part because her rider had taken a shine to Droissa long before Hisketh herself had even been an egg laid on the sands. That made them worthy of the Red’s attention, in her own mind.

You must have a thing for Blue riders, she teased him privately, and R’kan only barely avoided shooting her a glare.

He eagerly seized upon the topic at hand then, to quickly forget about what his dragon had implied and avoid blushing some uncharacteristically. “She is, right?” He certainly thought Hisketh looked rather fetching. “Nah, she’d be the tiniest Black ever if she was.” Already, he could scarcely imagine her growing up into a full-sized, if small, dragon—much less something as big as what the Black dragons grew up to be. He’d certainly spend less time oiling her than some of his classmates would on theirs, with time.

“Thanks.” R’kan’s smile was quieter then. As much as some of the others were disapproving or downright insulting about the mutations, it was nice to have someone in his corner who wasn’t. Despite the injury that Droissa had suffered at the claws of one of the Reds in an older class, it meant a lot to R’kan that she didn’t hold it against Hisketh.

Her question did make him blink though. “Oh, right.” It was weird, having to re-introduce himself to people he already knew. Even getting used to the honorific was weird, and different, and would take some time. “She calls me R’kan, so I guess that’s what I go by now. I’m still me, though.” He couldn’t resist that little half-joking addendum, given the way the question had been phrased. Things might have changed, but he was still him. That seemed important.

On his lap, Hisketh hummed a happy note to the older Blue. I would like that very much. Saebrith seemed mellow, which was something she could appreciate.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Onwards Together [30.06.2591 / 8:15pm ] Open
« on: April 02, 2019, 03:28:52 PM »
Part of R’kan had been itching to hear what the other weyrling would shoot back, spoiling for a fight even though he could tell that Hisketh was exasperated with him over it. It didn’t even occur to him that potentially getting into a spat with T’vye would confuse her; even for as short of a time as he’d had her, the little Red had seemed as confrontational as he was. The way she’d taken Rohbarth to task about listening in on their conversation had certainly cemented that for her rider. And though she might not think T’vye was worth it, R’kan got the sense that she’d not fret over him like some sensitive idiot.

But when T’vye pointedly ignored him and continued his conversation with Thrane, R’kan just shrugged and let it go. Getting to play dragon poker was a much more attractive prospect at the moment, and he’d already said his piece. Not that it stopped him from cackling a laugh at Veryk’s purred comment.

“I think it’s a requirement to Impress one,” he agreed with a wicked grin, uncaring who heard him. Maybe he was biased because he was roommates with the one next to him, but it seemed to R’kan that he’d prefer the company of a Black rider to a Bronzer any day.

He looked to his cards then, tilting his hand toward his lap so Hisketh wouldn’t have to crane to see them. //It’s not a… terrible deal,// he told her, fanning them between his thumb and fingers as he inspected what he was holding. //Almost got a sequence here.//

A sequence?

R’kan tapped some of the cards. //I’d need the 7 here for it to actually be anything worthwhile. But maybe we’ll get lucky.// And then he indicated two different ones as he shifted them to the side. //These won’t work for anything with what I have, so that’s what I’m going to trade in.//

“Two cards, please.” He smiled a bit at Ysveta and then eyed Veryk as the other weyrling bet. “I’ll put up the same,” he affirmed with a chuckle. Might as well make things interesting.

Spoiler for OOC:
I’m personally hopeless at poker, so here we go. XD

Sheaves: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Holder[14], Steward[15], Lady Holder,[16] Lord Holder [17]
Hammers: Ace , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Baker’s[13], Student[14], Apprentice[15], Journeyman,[16] CraftMaster [17]
Dragons: Ace, 2, 3, 4, Clutch[5], 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Weyrling[14], WingSecond[15], Weyrleader,[16] Weyrwoman [17]
Wild Cards: Harper 1, Harper 2, Harper 3

The smile and squeeze to his thigh went a fair distance in reassuring Rinokan, just as P’ar’s words did. Faranth, if only everyone could be as honest and straightforward as this Blue rider. The world would surely be a lot less fucked up and complicated if that were the case.

His smile returned a little then, quiet but no less genuine. “Thank you.” Rinokan meant it quite sincerely. “That means a lot.” It might be a simple favor, even a non-issue for P’ar, but that didn’t make him appreciate it any less. He might be many things, but Rinokan wasn’t so self-absorbed as to not feel grateful when someone did something nice for him—and this certainly qualified. Doubly so for being willing to stay at the Hold for a while, given he might not know many people there.

Absently, Rinokan couldn’t help but wonder what his family would make of P’ar. He knew they had some mixed feelings about his Candidacy, but they weren’t prejudiced and bigoted like some. After all, they might be Crafter folk, but they had lived in Weyrs for a long time, until recently. Their protest was really more about his not following in their footsteps rather than any dislike for the rider way of life.

Despite P’ar’s lazy expression, it was evident enough that he was interested in the proceedings. Really, it all just fascinated Rinokan; this was a far cry from the heated desperation during the Flight. More deliberate and careful, which made his cheeks burn a little with the sudden clarity of it all. This wasn’t something he could blame on Flight Lust later, but he found he didn’t really want to either. Wasn’t making his own choices and pursuing his own path one of the reasons he’d accepted the Search in the first place? This wasn’t so different when it came to his motivations.

So he continued to touch him, increasing the pressure somewhat but keeping his movements unhurried. As long as P’ar would stand the teasing, Rinokan would continue to explore—fingers gliding over the other man’s length, teasing the underside of him and then other places in search of what was most sensitive. The motions of his hips and any hitches in his breathing might be subtle, but they were still quiet clues to point him in the right direction.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: March 13, 2019, 01:12:29 PM »
When P’ar gestured to the small table and its narrow chairs, R’kan readily sat down in one. He hadn’t been sure just how much time his friend would have this evening, and hadn’t wanted to impose on him to much if he was going to be leaving bright and early in the morning. But judging by this, the other rider had enough free time that it wouldn’t be putting him out any.

Hisketh moved to climb into his lap once he’d settled, and R’kan reached down to lift her the rest of the way so she wouldn’t have to dig her claws into his legs. She thrummed her approval, a quiet noise that he felt in his hands more than heard, and curled up there happily. And with her half of their bond clouded by increasing sleepiness, R’kan had to stifle a yawn with one hand. The other rested comfortably on the dragonet’s back.

He did smile again at the Blue rider’s reflection about his own dragon. “Really?” He couldn’t imagine what it must have been like watching a dragonet stay in one spot for marks without Impressing. The Hatchings themselves might take quite a while sometimes, but most of the hatchlings R’kan had seen seemed as eager to bond to their riders as the Candidates were. And it seemed so anathema to the way Hisketh herself had emerged into the world, making him chuckle a little as P’ar voiced what he himself had been thinking. “I guess he just needed to take his time.”

Scoria chirped a brief greeting to the other two flits when they appeared, but he remained on Rinokan’s shoulder even when Haithen’s Brown near launched himself at them. Polite though he could be, the flit hadn’t ever been much of one for socializing.

For what it was worth, his handler just smiled in response to the Green rider’s quick redirection of her fire lizard. “No worries,” he told her with an easy shrug—of the shoulder other than the one Scoria was currently perched on. “At least you caught him before he landed on me.”

He did hold out one hand, though, palm up and fingers relaxed, to allow the newcomer Brown to sniff him if he wanted. With as many flits as there were in the Weyr, meeting new ones wasn’t uncommon, really. And he’d certainly learned the best way to introduce himself to them while he’d still been a Miner, given how many in that Craft used them as well as whers. Though their eyesight might be vastly better than that of the landbound beasts, they were still an animal. A nonthreatening demeanor and opportunity for them to investigate of their own accord could go a long way.

Idly, Rinokan wondered if dragons were the same, deep down somewhere.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: Looks Red, Tastes Blue [29.06.2591, 8:34 PM] R'kan
« on: February 06, 2019, 07:06:45 PM »
R’kan was glad, at least, that Hisketh wasn’t demanding that he be social. As much as he might know that he was going to have to get to know the people in his class—and there were so fucking many of them!—the idea of doing so all at once was… overwhelming. He’d never been a social butterfly, and that had never bothered him; it was a relief that HIsketh didn’t seem fazed by it either. He’d gotten the impression that all she wanted was to make sure he knew who the others were, because it would be important information.

That was something he could understand. But as hyperactive as some of the other Reds were, R’kan figured he’d lucked out. Hisketh seemed to have hatched with a surprising amount of maturity, and even his restless energy had its limits sometimes.

So though he wasn’t hiding in their room like some hermit, he was content for the moment to just let the others’ antics move on around him without his participation. Like a stone anchored in a swift riverbed, he’d claimed one of the ratty couches situated around the periphery of the Commons and settled in it—laying on it, really, with his head on one arm and his feet propped on the other.

Hisketh was curled up on his stomach, half asleep, and Scoria draped over the top of the sofa. Fascinated as he still was by her dark red hide, R’kan had just been running his fingers over it. But as someone approached, first his firelizard and then his dragon woke more fully. The former recognized who it was, and it was Scoria’s polite hum of acknowledgment that first made R’kan look up just as Droissa spoke.

An actual grin broke out on his face then, and he sat up hurriedly—snagging Hisketh and easily shifting her to his lap as he did so. Graceful and composed as ever, she simply moved with him rather than flailing about at the abrupt position change. Her eyes, previously an easy blue, became a green-hued teal in wakefulness and curiosity.

“Dro! Hey.” Part of him had worried what this meeting might be like. Awkward? But now that she was there, he was too excited to feel any of that. Scooting to one side of the small couch, he indicated the space he’d made if she wanted to sit.

They hadn’t seen one another as much since she’d Impressed, and he’d missed her company.

Absently smoothing his dragon’s wings against her sides to make sure they weren’t out of place after he’d moved her, he half presented her, shifting her more forward on his lap. “Meet Hisketh.”

Hello, she purred in response to the older Blue, and folded her front feet beneath her like a feline might. The greeting was extended to Dro as well, a brief and polite brushing of their minds. Then, just to the other dragon, she commented, You must be Saebrith. I’m Hisketh. She’d picked up the name from R’kan’s memories; Droissa and P’ar were the two people he thought of most beyond his family, and she’d already met the latter. His thoughts had indicated he didn’t know Saebrith as well; she supposed that meant it was her responsibility to fix that.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: February 05, 2019, 08:11:19 PM »
His already buoyant mood was showing no signs of slipping away. Though R’kan hadn’t been aware of any weight on his shoulders, it seemed that one had lifted anyway—knowing that even now that he’d Impressed, his friendship with P’ar wasn’t going to change. With everything else in his life so suddenly and drastically different, it was comforting in a way he hadn’t anticipated. Relaxed and tired though she was, he could tell that it amused Hisketh too.

If it was comforting to her rider, then she was glad of it.

He did eye Zeketh dubiously then, at P’ar’s teasing, and laughed. “Maybe. It’ll be something worth seeing, if so.” R’kan didn’t know the Blue nearly as well as he did the dragon’s rider, just by virtue of how all that worked, he supposed. And the fact that Zeketh hadn’t ever spoken directly into his mind often. That just wasn’t who he was. Now, with how Hisketh already felt about it all, R’kan guessed that was probably a good thing. Nevertheless, he couldn’t imagine the sedate Blue playing or doing much of anything energetic.

Playfully, since he was comfortable enough with P’ar to jest about such a thing, he asked, “Did he even do that when he was a weyrling?” It just seemed so contrary to what he knew of the other man’s dragon.

He nodded slightly when Zarenna commented she was glad Atissyth had hatched, but he wasn’t sure what else there was to add. Everyone in the class had to be happy that they’d finally bonded, no matter the circumstances of another slightly bloody Hatching. Still, he could empathize with saying such a thing when talking to someone he didn’t really know. The only people he’d ever really tolerated small talk with before were Droissa and P’ar, and that was only because he’d been curious to get to know them better.

This was all going to be an adjustment.

To her answer to his question, his eyebrows rose. “You were a Journeyman?” Had he been Searched after getting to walk the tables, R’kan wasn’t sure he would have accepted. Absently, he reached down to stroke his fingers along Hisketh’s neck, as though to reassure himself that she was still there. Even if he’d wanted to accept, his family might very well have all but killed him for abandoning the Mine Hall after so much time had been devoted to his education. They already nearly had as it was. “What Craft?”

He was less graceful in answering her return question. “Er. Sort of? I grew up in Fort Weyr, but my family is all Miners.” It had made more sense for them to live at the Weyr where they were excavating for firestone, which had meant something of a mixed upbringing between Crafter, Holder, and Weyrfolk.

Hisketh’s head lifted slightly when Atissyth addressed her, and her eyes whirled a little quicker in amusement. But she wasn’t offended by the question. Just between the two of them, she commented to R’kan, It seems I’m going to have my work cut out for me tending your reputation.

Out of reflex, he did frown and glance down at her then—and it took focus to speak to her internally for a moment. //What are you talking about?//

Someday, others will know who we are, was her cryptic response, before she responded to Atissyth. Of course he does. Emphasis on the present, just as the Green had done. And I’m sure that will only grow with time. She had nothing but utter faith in her bonded, and saw saying such a thing not at all as arrogance.

Weyr Bowl / Private Talk Shit Get Hit [ 26.7.2591; 4:23 PM ] || T’vye & J’dan
« on: January 27, 2019, 08:49:11 PM »
Though it had yet to rain, the sky had been threatening precipitation all day. A thick blanket of dark, angry storm clouds hung low over the island, close and oppressive enough that it almost seemed like anyone could reach out and touch them. The deep, gloomy grey and purple of something approximating a bruise, they were accompanied by an endless rumbling of thunder, like some giant dragon growling its displeasure to all of Pern.

Not exactly a day when most would want to be outside, but at least it wasn’t wet like the constant drizzle that had persisted throughout the previous one. It was that alone that had coaxed R’kan out into the Bowl after the afternoon’s classes had ended. Hisketh was fed and oiled but still awake, bright-eyed and alert with no signs of tiredness yet creeping into their bond. As rare a thing as that was proving to be so far, this early in her life, her rider was eager to take advantage of such an occasion—even if all they used it for was to relax together and watch the Wings at their work.

Sitting perched on a low outcropping of stone, R’kan had leaned against the bracing slope of the volcano that housed the Weyr. Hisketh was pressed close to one of his legs, wings slightly fanned out, as he absently rubbed along her headknobs. The relatively cool weather didn’t seem to bother her much, but R’kan was thankful to still have a wherhide jacket he’d been given as an apprentice Miner. While originally intended to provide some protection to his clothes in the mines—and to him in the event of falling rock—it was serviceable in otherwise blocking the wind that tugged this way and that at his short hair.

For the moment, his attention had been drawn by the reappearance of Jungle Wing in the Bowl, their daily hunt cut somewhat short though he didn’t know by what. Maybe wherry were harder to flush in such weather? Whatever the case, he’d been enjoying observing them from a distance, and thinking on the future. With Hisketh at his side, he could imagine no other Wing he’d want to be part of—and though the young Red didn’t yet know much of the world, she’d wordlessly made it known that she supported him in striving for the best.

But a scowl crossed his face, and he turned to the left when the wind carried a voice to him that he recognized. When they’d first had their run-in at the game of dragon poker, R’kan hadn’t known the other boy’s name, but now he did—T’vye. He’d made a point of learning it after the fact. It paid to know who your enemies were as well as your friends, and there was no doubt in his mind that the Bronze weyrling was among the former. His attitudes about the mutations had made that clear enough.

He was younger than R’kan, but a much older Bronzer’s arrogance seemed to have come standard with him. Largely, R’kan had been intent on ignoring him on the few occasions that they did cross paths in the common area of the Weyrling Barracks or elsewhere. After all, he had more important things to do than bicker with the fucker at every opportunity. But sitting on his perch slightly above the proceedings, he was treated to T’vye’s audible diatribes as the wind continued to carry them to him.

Anger blossomed in him, quick and easy and familiar. The longer he listened, the more it grew. According to what the boy was saying, the combined influence of the Reds and Blacks in the weyrling classes made it impossible to learn, requiring him and his dragon to do extra training to make up for the distraction. The former made nothing but messes, and the latter were pretenders to what the Bronzes were meant to be, and nasty besides.

“Stupid fucker,” he muttered, vitriol burning inside him like a flame, and Hisketh was inclined to agree.

As far as R’kan was concerned, he’d done a remarkable job of keeping his impulses under control—that was, until T’vye launched into another series of complaints about Reds in particular to the man he was speaking with:  a Jungle rider, if the distance hadn’t misled him about the color of the man’s knots. As the wind flicked the latest complaint in his direction, though, R’kan found himself rising and jumping down from the ledge where he’d climbed.

”At least firelizards aren’t completely useless.”


He knew Hisketh was right behind him, dogging his heels despite his longer strides, but that was a far away thought as he stormed over to where T’vye and the other man were talking. Eyes dark with anger, he stopped just short of T’vye, not realizing that his hands had already balled into fists at his sides.

“Hey. What the fuck is your problem?”

What answer he expected, he didn’t really know. After all, he’d spent the last several minutes listening to exactly what T’vye’s problem was. But with the blood thrumming in his ears, he hadn’t thought that far ahead:  just to confronting the pretentious little fucker and putting him in his place.

Someone more capable of being objective in the moment would have recognized that he was looking to pick a fight.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Kyya @SanctifiedSavage Let me know if anything needs changed. >:3

R’kan did return Zarenna’s smile, the expression a lopsided and crooked one for him like usual. “Nice t’ meet you.” He didn’t really know what J’ken wanted them to talk about with one another, and small talk had never really been his thing, but he’d try. If only because the thought of it seemed to make Hisketh happy, the little dragonet idly purring in his lap the surprisingly deep vibrations reverberating through his legs.

At the other weyrling’s comment, though, he did chuckle some. “If she hates crowds and chaos, I think she hatched into the wrong clutch.” A teasing notion, and not one that was meant to be prejudicial or mean-spirited. Certainly not when his own Red lady was sitting rather primly across his thighs. To be sure, he could tell that her attention was not wholly lost on the others playing, but her sense of wanting to observe for the moment was satisfied by staying where she was.

He, too, watched the others cavort for a moment before venturing, “Were you Weyrfolk?” An innocuous place to start a conversation where they were probably supposed to ‘get to know each other’ or some such thing.

I’m so proud of you, she crooned to him, half playful and half sarcastic.

Spoiler for OOC:
Not at all! 8D

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: January 02, 2019, 04:32:30 PM »
Someone less practical than R’kan might have been upset that P’ar was going to miss some of the milestones of his and Hisketh’s life, as he’d said. But he’d never been the sort of person to be overly sentimental about such things—and the second half of what the Blue Rider had said was just as true. P’ar was a Mountain rider, which meant this was just the way of things. But there was no reason they couldn’t celebrate together and share that when he did return.

If anything, it might end up easier on both of them that way. R’kan missed P’ar when he was away, more so than he ever thought he would. That just wasn’t really his thing, at least not previously. Now that he had Hisketh, though, his schedule was sure going to be busy. There just wouldn’t be any time for him to even think about being lonely, with all that he would have to do.

You aren’t alone anyway, she reminded him sleepily, and he couldn’t help but smile a little as he glanced down at her.

“Sounds like a deal to me,” he said with some finality. “We can eat together whenever you get back, and I’ll tell you about all the trouble I’ve gotten myself into.” R’kan actually grinned a bit at that then. He didn’t know if he was going to really get up to mischief, but even if he did, what could they do to him? Physical work didn’t scare him, and he’d already Impressed. No one could take Hisketh from him now.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: November 19, 2018, 12:31:31 AM »
R’kan had no worry that P’ar didn’t mean the offer. In the time he’d known the man, there had never been any indication that there was that kind of habit in him. When P’ar said something, he meant it—yet another thing that the newly bonded Weyrling appreciated him for. People who spoke plainly and truthfully, even if what they had to say wasn’t nice, were something he far preferred. Not to say that he’d ever really heard P’ar ever say something mean.

When the other rider teased him about the noise, he had to laugh. “Well, at least maybe you’ll get some better sleep without me bothering you all the time.” A sly remark, but one he didn’t dwell on. He couldn’t afford to now, not for the two turns that Hisketh would be growing. But that seemed a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things to have her with him for the rest of his life. And then he practically beamed with the compliment. “Thanks. I’m pretty happy about it myself.” Seemed he was in a mood to tease. And why shouldn’t he be? It was a good day.

Satisfied that she had greeted both P’ar and Zeketh, Hisketh returned to R’kan and curled herself around his ankles. Her energy only lasted so long with her being so young, and with the initial excitement over, she was starting to feel sleepy. But she would be content to sit with him until he was done speaking with his friend.

“Yeah, I’d love that.” It would save him trips up there when his schedule would be even tighter than it had been previously. Then, a bit more quietly, if not quite shy, he, added, “I’m glad you were here to see me Impress.”

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: November 18, 2018, 11:48:47 PM »
“Yeah, I suppose that’s true.” R'kan glanced between Hisketh and P’ar again. Even with the constant bond that existed between himself and the Red, he couldn’t help but want to watch her at every moment. Still, it seemed so hard to believe that she really was real. Nevertheless, he didn’t want P’ar to think that hew as completely distracted either. After all, he’d gone there specifically to see the Blue rider.

And P’ar was right. Weyrling training, from everything he’d learned during Candidacy, was going to be the hardest thing he’d ever done in his life. After the experience of being amid rough Miner apprentices, and hauling stone like a working wher, that seemed hard to believe. But dragons were a lot of work, even small ones like Hisketh was bound to be.

The comment about being able to visit whenever he liked prompted one of his lopsided smiles from him. “I appreciate that. Really.”

I will, Hisketh told Zeketh, practically purring in approval. She was pleased that others seemed to appreciate her rider—certainly not as much as she did, but there was no way they could love him as much as the little Red. Politely waiting until she sensed that there was a lull in the riders’ conversation, she relayed after a moment, Zeketh wants me to tell you he missed you.

R’kan’s smile turned into more of a grin at that. “I missed you too,” he said, smiling up at the Blue. More than ever before, he could appreciate that dragons were not just an extension of their riders, but their own self-contained beings. And it made him happy to know that P’ar’s bonded had missed him too.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:52:43 PM »
“Hey, Meica.” He might not have interacted with the little Green as much as P’ar or even Zeketh, but it was still nice to see her. Familiar. So when she flapped over to him, R’kan was happy enough to greet her. He could feel Hisketh’s attention stray toward him briefly, but there was no jealousy in her. Not for him saying hello to a friend.

It was a relief, too, to see the introductions so far go just fine. Not that R’kan had really been worried; P’ar was laidback enough it hadn’t ever entered into his mind that he might be uneasy about the color he’d Impressed. And Hisketh had no reason to dislike the man. She’d seemed to largely accept whatever opinions her rider came with about other people that he already knew.

“I guess I won’t keep you long, then.” His lopsided grin was back as he glanced back up at the Blue rider. Surely P’ar would want to get a fair bit of rest before having to leave for another assignment so early in the morning. A little more softly, he did add, “It’s nice to see you, though.”

Hisketh was curious when the older dragon peered into the weyr, studying him just as she had his rider. She even leaned back a little where she’d sat, as though from the force of the Blue’s words filling her mind. But she wasn’t bothered, and was precocious enough even fresh out of the shell to take the hint at what he said. Yes. There was no point in denying what he’d said. I’m sorry if we were bothersome. We didn’t know how rude we were being.

She’d learned that right quick with another dragon poking around between her and R’kan. And her own words might be much faster than Zeketh’s, but she didn’t mind waiting for a response either. So far, she was just curious to meet those that she’d already learned were important to R’kan.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:41:57 PM »
There’d been a moment where R’kan thought he’d been too late. But when Scoria didn’t reemerge, and when he heard P’ar’s voice, it was a relief. He pushed through the curtain at the same moment Hisketh grumbled, Put me down, but too late. The other rider had already seen him carrying her. For his part, R’kan wasn’t sure why that mattered. He liked getting to touch her so much, but he did set her on the floor once he’d entered the room.

He took a moment to glance around at it then, half expecting it to seem different too after so much in his life had changed in the course of a few days. But it was much the same as when he’d seen it last, which was just… how things were. Neither reassuring or not. But certainly a reminder that as far as the rest of the world was concerned, things hadn’t changed.

“Wanted to catch you before you left again,” he said then, smiling some as his gaze flicked between P’ar and his own dragon. “Since I wasn’t sure when you’d be back.” And he could hardly spend his evenings waiting in the man’s weyr as he had on previous occasions. “This is Hisketh,” he added, before she could chide him for not introducing her.

R’kan got the distinct feeling that the tiny Red was studying the older rider a moment, as well as Meica. But whatever she was surveying them for, it seemed they passed. It’s nice to meet you, P’ar, she said, sharing her words with R’kan too for ease of conversation—though she did keep her contact brief with the other man out of politeness.

Rider Weyrs / Private Red Climb [ 26.6.2591; 8:17 PM ] || P’ar
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What was that saying? Time flew on dragon wings? Things had always seemed slow to R’kan in comparison, most of the time. But the last few days had definitely taken on a weird quality that was somehow both all at once. He just hoped that he wouldn’t be too late.

Getting used to having someone else reading his thoughts all the time was still an adjustment. R’kan had been thinking about when he might get to visit P’ar all day, knowing that the Blue rider wouldn’t be in the Weyr long. He had been at the Hatching, but that didn’t mean anything about tomorrow, or even today if he was unlucky. And while in reality it might not really matter, for some reason it was important to him that his friend meet Hisketh as soon as possible. What few other friends he had were by and large already Impressed, or were off doing their own thing at the Mine Hall. P’ar was the only full rider he really knew.

But Hisketh hadn’t said anything about it. Not until after dinner, after their chores, after he’d finished oiling her in the Bowl and she simply rolled to face him, eyes a lambent green, and said, Where do we need to go to meet your friend?

Just as matter-of-fact as you please. “Didn’t think you’d been listening,” he’d remarked after a moment of eying her, and Hisketh had just huffed at him.

Of course I was. I’d have to try not to hear you. But you just kept thinking about it and never fucking asked.

Hearing her swear was still a new experience too. Startling, but not in an unpleasant way. R’kan had never considered that dragons might, but it seemed to suit her. Even if he got the distinct feeling she was throwing it back in his face, in a way. “Well, fine. It’s a bit of a walk though.”

Amusement, then. I’m not afraid of a walk, R’kan.

That had turned into stubbornness, after he’d returned the oil and rag to the barracks and led his tiny Red out into the tunnels. As full of energy as she was, it flagged quickly now that she was fed and oiled—but Hisketh would be damned before she admitted she was tired. He knew that too, in an odd way. So though she never said anything, he did end up scooping her into his arms and carrying her up the rest of the walk through the back tunnels leading to private weyrs.

If nothing else, it allowed her to rest some, more awake once again by the time they arrived. Scoria had been idly following them in that protective, borderline-proud way he’d adopted since his bonded’s Impression, but didn’t bother to wait—pushing past the cloth door and invading the Blue rider’s space with a chirp of greeting.

R’kan himself shifted his hold on Hisketh and knocked on the stone of the doorframe. “Hey, you in?”

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If he gets in trouble, so be it. :bird: But he’s an idiot and it wouldn’t occur to him that he shouldn’t just go traipsing off to his friend’s private weyr.


It was difficult to reconcile that he’d had Hisketh for such a short time. Before Impressing, R’kan would have thought the first morning after Impression would be disorienting, as he realized all over again that there was a new presence in his head that he’d have for the rest of his life. Rather than that, though, it had just felt right; it had taken the darling little Red insistently telling him that she needed fed again to really get him out of bed. Even seeing the shapes of other people in the room wasn’t really unusual, since Candidacy had mandated roommates too. These were different ones, but nothing new beyond that.

Nevertheless, it made him a bit wistful to think someday he and Hisketh would have a weyr all to themselves. R’kan had never really known what that was like. He’d always had to share space, and often hand-me-down belongings from his older brothers since he was so much younger. But things would be different now, and not just because of his dragon.

The rest of the day had largely consisted of more feedings, oiling Hisketh’s itchy patches, and naps. No matter that he’d gotten more than a full night of sleep at the end of the previous day, he still felt exhausted. No doubt that was her influence, his Red bonded’s own post-hatching sleepiness bleeding over into him still. For someone like R’kan, who was usually full of restless energy, it was almost a relief that he didn’t have to be awake without her.

Getting summoned for their first official meeting as weyrlings had been its own brand of interesting… until R’kan realized that there wasn’t much to it. Their dragonets were still too young to be taught anything meaningful, so not having a solid plan for now did make sense… but that didn’t disappoint him any less. The entire world had seemed to open up around him the moment he Impressed to Hisketh. Having to wait now to begin his actual education as a rider was excruciating.

Leaning back in the chair he’d claimed, R’kan propped his feet on the desk and tucked his hands behind his head. Might as well get comfortable given they were being left to chat now while J’ken dealt with whatever the Bronzer wanted. Shifting on his lap, Hisketh curled up once again so that she was better balanced, tail absently flicking as she watched the other Reds running. But at least for now, she had no interest in taking part. Instead, she greeted the next nearest dragonet with a mild, Good evening, the same moment R’kan addressed their rider: “I don’t think I caught your name.”

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Whoever wants to be the pair they’re talking to, bring it on. Figured it’d be a good way for someone else to jump in if they wanted. :D

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Dragon poker sounded great. He hadn’t played it in a while—probably not since he’d been Searched, unless he missed his guess. The decks R’kan had been familiar with before had belonged to family members or other Miners, but never to him; and during Candidacy, he’d never really known (or cared) enough about his fellow students to insert himself into their games. But now with things being what they were, trying a little harder probably wouldn’t go amiss. And with more and more of his classmates coming out of the woodwork to lend themselves to the game, it’d be as good of a time to be more social with them as any. Doubly so since they’d be engaged in an activity that he actually liked.

Hisketh too was intrigued since the intention seemed to be that they’d both get to play. That way you can’t cheat off me, she crooned to him as they neared the table and gathering weyrlings. R’kan spared her a glare, and was treated to her mental laughter for it.

He didn’t often bother trying to reach her telepathically, but this time it’d be stupid to say anything out loud. //I don’t cheat.// Assuring his dragon of that wouldn’t invite much confidence from the others. And while he really didn’t, R’kan wasn’t stupid. Opening himself up to that kind of suspicion would just add tension to a game that was meant to be relaxed.

R’kan again got the sensation that his dragon was picking through his thoughts, though her touch left something to be desired since she wasn’t yet old enough to have learned finesse. (A thought which earned him a nip to one ankle.) Maybe not. But I wouldn’t put it past you trying to pull something over on me.

All good-natured and in jest.

Neither of them had really expected anyone to snag a specific spot for them, but Hisketh purred happily when Karrimuth reached out to her, appreciative of the larger male’s apparent politeness. We’d love to, she thrummed back, and directed R’kan that direction like a mother wher herding a hatchling. How thoughtful of you. Whether it really was or not, she didn’t much care. The short amount of time they’d been living together, she’d already observed Karrimuth’s preference for his personal space. And as small as she was—and intending to sit on R’kan’s lap so she could see the table anyway—she would hardly need the extra space.

“Hey,” her rider greeted as he sat next to Veryk. “I think someone said dragon poker.” Moments before the girl with the deck—Ysveta?—confirmed that’s indeed what they were going to be playing.

Seated where they were, it was impossible to not overhear the conversation between the Bronzer in their class and the other weyrling. R’kan didn’t really know who the other one was, but his attitude caught the ex-Miner’s attention right quick. Turns ago, he might have not agreed with the kid per se, but he mightn’t have said anything against his little rant either. Now, though, with his bond to Hisketh so fresh, and his love of her so strong, he found words coming out of his mouth before he had a chance to really stop them. (Not that he would have in the first place.) They hardly needed a Bronzer to defend them, which sparked his brief, almost gleeful anger even more. “Oi, fuck off, you ugly tunnel snake. No one cares about your fucking opinion.”

R’kan judged the matter settled then—whether it rightly was or not—and turned his attention back to Ysveta as she dealt their hand. He could tell Hisketh was a mix of amused and exasperated with him, but she was quickly distracted as he let her climb into his lap, within the circle of his arms, and showed her the cards they’d been given.

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@Kyya for Karrimuth and T’vye :bird:

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R’kan didn’t think he’d ever done so much sleeping in his life. Not all at once, certainly. On the occasions when he did emerge from constant napping, it was only ever for a short time—to feed Hisketh, oil her if she was itchy (which she usually was), wash her so she’d stop bothering him about that too, and then maybe grab some food himself. All before tipping back into bed with her curled up in his arms. Strictly speaking, Hisketh was meant to be on her sleeping couch, but since when did R’kan care about tradition? Both of them were far happier if she was draped around or on top of him, and he fully intended to keep sleeping together that way until she was too big to stay on the bed with him.

Then they’d probably both just move to the couch.

He knew that he was supposed to be social too, but there was just too much sleeping to be done for much of that. R’kan had at least gotten a little acquainted with his roommates, though—D’vik and Veryk. Things seemed pretty relaxed between the three of them, at least for now, for which he was thankful. Getting roomed with someone he couldn’t stand—like a Bronzer maybe?—would have just pissed him off.

R’kan had just finished his usual routine of feeding and tending to Hisketh, stifling a yawn as he felt her getting drowsy too, when she perked up at the sound of another dragon nearby. They’d stepped out of the common room to take advantage of the nice weather in the Bowl, but it hadn’t escaped Hisketh’s notice that others were gathering just inside the barracks. We are being told to hurry up, she announced, a little perturbed at the presumption of Anedaith’s projection—more commenting on that, since R’kan had been included in the other Red’s radius of influence.

“Yeah, I heard it.” He shook out the rag he’d used to oil her and scratched under Hisketh’s chin before getting up out of the grass. “What for?”

I don’t know.

Well, they’d have to walk through there anyway. She was close around his feet as R’kan made his way back into the common area, tucking the rag and pot of remaining oil onto the shelf where they were stored with the rest of the similar supplies—all for ease of access by the growing weyrlings. Then, with Hisketh bright eyed and curious as she watched the others, R’kan glanced over at the gathering group of weyrlings from their class.

The sight of cards made him grin. That was something familiar from among his family and the other Miners; whatever battered and stained decks they had were precious, and used for a variety of games. And when Hisketh picked up on his thoughts, she seemed excited too. “What are you playing? If you’re open for someone else to join.”

Probably more polite and less direct than he would have been normally, but he could tell Hisketh approved. It would be a good chance for them to socialize, which she seemed bent on him doing when they had time, and his tiny Red lady was determined to teach him the manners she seemed to think he lacked.

Pleasure. Mine is R’kan. With both of them seeming to be settling toward sleep, Hisketh didn’t prolong the conversation. But she approved of how it had gone nevertheless. Short, sweet, and perhaps she’d made a new acquaintance if not a new friend.

R’kan, for his part, was perplexed and then immediately delighted by the flood of words headed his way. While he’d heard of the Weyrlingmaster that spoke differently, he’d never had reason to interact with him before—but there was no doubt this must be him. And fuckin’ Between, R’kan had to pick through what the man was saying to even begin to understand it at all. Even then, he only could manage broad strokes; but everything seemed like a compliment, and he couldn’t help but grin. Still riding high on the joy of having Impressed Hisketh, hearing someone else agree that she was a great dragon was an easy way to make him happy.

“Thanks. She’s pretty, ain’t she?” Hisketh purred sleepily as she listened in on his conversation. “I’m, uh… R’kan. That’s Hisketh.” Right. Hopefully he’d get used to that sooner than later. It wasn’t out of a sense of it not fitting. It was just new.

If his guess wasn’t off, the Weyrlingmaster was asking if Hisketh was a girl. Which made sense, since the Reds were the only color that could be both. “And yeah, she’s a girl.” The rest of what Wa’by said, he had no idea about. Who was Vicky?

“Room four?” Great. Whoever Dicko was, R’kan had no idea. And had he Impressed to a Blue then? He supposed he’d find out, one way or the other. After thinking for a moment, he shook his head, glancing reflexively back at Hisketh where she was watching them lazily. “Nah, I think that’s it.”


All else aside, Hisketh was pleased that her brother had the class to actually ask her name. Even if it wasn’t in so many words. I’m Hisketh, she announced, pleased and near-proper though with enough of a burr in it to not really be prim. What’s your name?

Rubbing the last bit of oil under her chin, R’kan eyed her and then the pair that had joined them at the table. “You talking to someone?” he murmured to her, curious since he felt her focus shift away—but he couldn’t identify where. Maybe she was chatting with the other Red, the one with the pale splotches on him?

Hisketh didn’t answer him directly, but her voice was an amused and almost sultry purr. Jealous?

She was teasing him, but R’kan still scowled down at her. “No,” he grumbled, “just curious.”

You mean you’re being nosy.

“Whatever.” Lifting her off his lap once he’d set the oil aside, R’kan stood and set Hisketh back down on the bench. “Just got you,” he shot at her, in an echo of her sentiment earlier, “so I ain’t keen on sharing. Now stay put. I’m gonna go get our room number.”

Mmm, I won’t go anywhere. She seemed pleased at having gotten a reaction out of him. The little Red certainly looked sleepily, eyes half closed as she just sprawled on the vacated space. Watching him, she knew R’kan wouldn’t go far; she’d demand to accompany him otherwise. But right now, all she wanted to do was sleep—though she was still unopposed if the Red nearby asked her more questions.

R’kan had to stifle another yawn, and then moved toward one of the Weyrlingmasters—though not J’ken since he seemed occupied at the moment. “Uh, I guess I need my room assignment now?”

Spoiler for OOC:
@Inki for Derraseth

Whoever can be the WM to give him the room assignment. :happy:

R’kan wasn’t sure if it was possible to over-oil a dragon, but there was something mesmerizing about working it into Hisketh’s hide. She’d been a gorgeous thing already, but the oil seemed to polish her as he spread it, exposing the very subtle variations in shade that played along her when she moved—and then brightening the already stunning sunset colors of her wingsails. As small as she was, he ended up propping her half in his lap, utterly unconcerned about the fact he was getting oil all over his white robes. He was never going to wear them again.

Hisketh herself was practically dozing, thrumming a low and soothing purr as R’kan paid her attention. The effect of it was making him sleepy too, and as he worked he started to stifle more and more yawns. Coaxing the tiny Red to fan out one of her wings, he gently used the fabric of the rag to spread a little more oil there, marveling at the way the membrane folded and shifted so flexibly as he experimentally flexed her wing.

She cracked open one eye then, which was a deep and tranquil blue as she peered up to look at him. Entertaining yourself? There was a sharp bit of teasing there, but he could tell she didn’t really object. Rather, somehow he just knew that she appreciated him more or less fawning over her.

“Couldn’t have even dreamed you up,” he muttered to her, and then felt his face flush. Since when did he wax in any way poetic?

His dragon just purred all the more. Mmm, I like that. I’ll be able to teach you manners yet.

Another voice nearby projected at them, and it took on a weirdly muffled quality through the protective shell of Hisketh’s mind against his. But when she realized the other dragonet wasn’t attempting to invade their bond specifically, she relaxed it some and the voice grew louder. Only then did R’kan realize that someone else was aiming to squeeze into a spot at the table where they’d sat.

Blinking slowly, sleepily, Hisketh regarded her brother and simply answered, On the table. A hint of amusement tinged her voice, given that the bowls were in plain view. Or a table, anyway. The meat on this one might all be gone. Other weyrlings had already claimed it, after all, though she didn’t come right out and turn Derraseth away.


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That offer was definitely a surprise to him. Rinokan glanced sharply at P’ar then—not suspicious, but… well, he wasn’t sure what he was. Sure, he’d taken rides from Prairie before to go to the Mine Hall, but this was different. This was a rider personally offering to take him. And on a rare holiday and day off, no less. That was no minor thing.

“Are you sure?” he asked slowly. While he didn’t want to look a gift wher in the mouth, Rinokan also felt like he should make sure P’ar wasn’t just offering out of formality. People could be weird about shit like that sometimes. And while he didn’t really think that the rider would be, it was sometimes hard to tell with people. If everyone would just say what they meant and not offer things they didn’t really mean, it would be a lot simpler. But some people on Pern were just a fucking mystery.

“I’d like that,” Rinokan added, a little softer. “We wouldn’t have to be there long, or late in the day.” On the one hand, it would be nice to get to see his family on the holiday. On the other, it would also give him an excuse not to stay too long—or the night—since he wouldn’t want to put P’ar out, and had already promised to go to the celebrations with him.

“Will do…” R’kan hadn’t noticed any injuries on Hisketh, and didn’t feel any pain through their bond. But he did resolve to check her over during the oiling, just in case her play-fighting with some of her siblings had yielded scratches. Any spilled ichor would be pretty noticeable he thought, though, given the dark and vibrant red of her hide. It would stick out like nothing else.

“Thanks,” he added after a moment, making some effort to be polite. J’ken didn’t seem so bad. R’kan would much rather deal with him than D’zel, for sure. And Hisketh didn’t seem perturbed with him either, which was a good sign. But since the man didn’t offer anything else, R’kan simply turned to the task of oiling his dragon. Surely the Weyrlingmaster would be moving on to other pairs. He’d have quite a lot to go through yet given the amount of eggs that had been left on the Sands when Hisketh had Impressed to him. Even if R’kan saw that others had trickled out into the Pavilion in their wake.

Thank you. Her voice wasn’t exactly that of a proper lady, but Hisketh appreciated Tadriath’s politeness and offer of help. It didn’t come across condescendingly, so there was no reason to take issue with it. If we need anything, I’ll let you know.

She didn’t add that it would be only if absolutely necessary. Already, the little Red was confident that she and her rider could address whatever they needed to. But she still appreciated the offer.

Hisketh turned back to R’kan then, watching him as he removed the lid on the pot of oil and dipped the cloth in to let it soak up some of the fluid. Practicing on Zeketh would turn out useful, anyway… And as the thought crossed his mind, he heard her ask, Who is Zeketh?

“Uh.” R’kan wasn’t sure how deeply she could read his thoughts, so he did his best not to think about the certain associations he had with the topic. “He’s bonded to a… friend. Hopefully you’ll get to meet them soon.” Would that be weird? He had no idea.

Why would it be weird? Another rhetorical question, since she added, purring when R’kan started to oil her itching hide, I would like that, if they’re your friends.

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