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Deep Cave System / Re: Baths and Bitching [ 25.6.2590 / 9PM ] Jo
« on: March 09, 2019, 07:25:06 PM »
The other woman’s concerns were well-justified, given how the state of things was between Holder and Weyrfolk. But in this, at least, Jo felt that she could truly say that such worries weren’t justified. Chuckling some she waved one hand absently though the water, watching the steam above it swirl in response to the motion. “She’s not traditional for a Holder.” At least, not from what Jossekayne had observed, though in truth she might be surprised at just how nontraditional Quenneca was in some ways. “Honestly, I think the Weyr suits her more.”

That much, she felt confident saying. And Jo grinned a bit then, if quietly. “She has a sense of humor, for one.”

Other stuffy members of the Holder population certainly seemed to lack one. But at least this one was relaxed enough not to take every little single thing as an insult. She was fun, and Jo could appreciate that about a person regardless of their background.

Rider Weyrs / Re: An evening in [10.02.2591 7PM] Jossekayne
« on: March 09, 2019, 07:10:23 PM »
Jo’s eyebrows rose at that, and she made a show of looking her brother over, as though to make sure he really wasn’t injured. “You fell down a cliff?” It was a little funny to imagine him sliding down into the mud, but it easily could have been far more serious. Though a dragon’s ability to Between, as well as Mountain’s well-trained flits, meant that he wouldn’t have been helpless on his own for long, it was still something Jossekayne couldn’t help but worry about.

It was a solitary life, and a dangerous one. Every rider’s was dangerous even now, but Mountain was unique in that they traveled alone, and that carried its own unique risks.

Lyrisiveth considered Tadriath’s question a moment, and then narrowed her voice just to him in response. She sensed this was a more private conversation, and didn’t want to alert her rider to the fact that it was going on behind the scenes. She would, she began slowly, voice its customary drawl. She misses him and worries about him. But if this is what he feels called to, she won’t deny him that.

Fellow riders could hardly be coddled, even if Jo did fret. And Lyrisiveth knew that her rider wouldn’t insult J’ken by implying that he was incapable of doing what was necessary.

“A month?” The word came out in a low hiss, though she hadn’t really intended it to. That was quite a span of time to keep something from her and the rest of their family, unintentional though it was.

Had they not been where they were, around sleeping youngsters, she’d be half tempted to fight him. Certainly to yell at him, propriety aside. Instead, she took a deep breath through her nose and closed her eyes for a moment, waiting for the fresh wave of anger to pass. This wasn’t quite the confrontation she had pictured in her mind during the course of the day, but it would have to do. And J’ken’s apology did mollify her somewhat.

When he came around the desk and spread his arms in an open gesture, Jo quickly stepped close. She didn’t hug him right away though, aiming a quick jab of a punch at his upper chest:  solid enough to hurt some, but not hard enough to really do any damage. Just expressing all the thoughts she couldn’t raise her voice to vocalize the way she’d planned. Immediately afterward, she sighed and looped her arms around him in an embrace, resting her head almost in the same place she’d just hit him.

“That’s no excuse, you bastard,” she murmured. But he’d know the hug meant she wasn’t really holding a grudge.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: March 09, 2019, 06:44:46 PM »
It thrilled Lyrisiveth to no end to feel the subconscious press of those other dragons behind her. Though their minds did not have a sense of ‘closeness’ physically, her knowledge that they chased her urged the Green on in her delighted flight from them. At moments she imagined that she could feel them looming close, grasping talons nearing, and it pushed her to fly faster, farther, with more bursts of speed. Experienced as she was, though, she didn’t look back:  that would only slow her down.

When the time felt right, and she sensed the rising tower of another thermal coming up before her, Lyrisiveth folded her wings tight as she shot forward in another ‘sprint’—and then flared them out abruptly to catch the full brunt of the rising warmer air, which shot her straight upwards into the sky.

She used it to further what was otherwise going to be a relatively short Flight, giving her wings a rest as she allowed the air currents to do her work for her. But they pushed her unerringly higher—potentially almost too high, even for a dragon. With her heart beating fast in her chest, she cared not; spiking straight up into the air like an arrow fired from a bow, she’d go as high as she could. Some would follow her, she knew.

Would any of them be fast enough to catch her, she wondered? Perhaps just at the apex of her ascent, in the brief second where she would hover before falling back toward the earth? Or would another claim her as she fell, waiting below for her inevitable descent and getting lucky when they guessed her trajectory?

Spoiler for OOC:
One more round, and I’ll generate the winner with RNG. Sorry for the delay. <3

Weyr Bowl / Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:59:38 PM »
As Lyrisiveth’s did, Jossekayne’s attention turned to those entering her weyr as their dragons joined hers in the sky. She smiled at each, welcoming them how she could given that speech seemed pointless at a time such as this. The fact that they were there said enough—likewise that she had allowed such, rather than holding a closed Flight as some with weyrmates did. But since she had none, there was no reason to deny her bonded the full banquet of those who might chase her.

Lyrisiveth might not choose her mates as some Greens did, but Jo knew she still appreciated the variety, the thrill of the mystery in each Flight, not knowing who was going to emerge the winner.

The dragon herself laughed in delight at Rodeth’s words, appreciating the verbal wooing though she was no poet herself. Let’s see if you fly as well as you talk, she teased, but without any ill intent. She exchanged a purr with Aeleroth then, recognizing and welcoming the familiar Blue of her rider’s friend. The others each received a greeting as well, her wicked amusement brushing against Uramaeth and Bayorth in turn too. Good mornin’, boys.

Can you catch me before the sun is up? she challenged them all, and shot upward into the open air. The wind buffeted around her, but with no rain in the sky, it was at least a clear morning:  good for a chase.

There was little finesse to a Flight such as this. Lyrisiveth would not be swayed with displays of playfulness or acrobatics. Instead, she wanted her suitors to work for their victory. Scooping great wingfuls of air, she shot up and away, intent only on fleeing from them and racing the wind. If they wanted to grab her, they’d have to outlast her, or draw near enough to snatch her from the air before another did.

She still leaned into the touch to her face, but didn’t initiate anything more while she watched Quenneca. Without knowing whether the affectionate gesture was born of Flight Lust, or wanting to let her down easier, she didn’t want to presume. Not until she got a clear answer.

But when the other woman did reply, hand shifting again to press so warmly against her lower back and tug her not only closer, but toward the bed behind them, Jo’s expression bloomed into a smile. Readily happy to be near, she hooked her arms around Quenneca’s waist and leaned in to kiss her again—though not impeding their trajectory toward her bed. They would need that comfortable surface soon enough, but she couldn’t help but want to keep kissing this woman.

“How could I not want you?” she murmured against her mouth when she drew back slightly for another breath. It was partly teasing, part playful, but sincere nonetheless. “You’re beautiful. And kind.” The latter had as much to do with her attraction to Quenneca as the former.

Jo simply watched Quenneca while the other woman thought, her own mind drifting a little on the bubbliness of the alcohol in her system, and the joy of good and easy company. When Quenneca answered, though, she did purse her lips in a playful scowl. “Psh. All good wishes, but nothing really crazy.” Surely most on Pern would hope for such things after the sheer destruction that the Pass had wrought.

“Let me think.” Making more of a show of it than she strictly needed to, she made sure there was a thoughtful expression on her face and tapped the side of her jaw thoughtfully as she shifted position onto her stomach and cupped her chin in one hand. Then, she grinned, eyes brightening, and offered with yet more playfulness, “Fall in love a little, maybe?”

She had no idea what history Quenneca might have, or if she was already in love with someone. But it was a joyful, happy thing, and the sort of matter that it was impossible to predict:  in her mind, a worthy ‘crazy’ hope for the future yet to come.

Weyr Bowl / Flight Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: January 31, 2019, 05:03:15 PM »
When Jo first woke, she was assaulted by the familiar sensation of her long hair nearly wrapped around her neck and face. Wavy and untamable even at the best of times, it had only gotten more so since the move to Fort Island. The humidity played merry havoc with it, making it frizz and spread out like a spinner’s web, and the monsoon season in their new home was the worst of it. Clawing it out of her face and sitting up groggily, she was struck by just how warm she felt. Given the cool breeze that had started to whistle by outside late the previous night, and the comparatively colder temperatures at this time of the turn, it was unusual.

Trying to shake off the vestiges of sleep she’d risen out of so suddenly, she stared blankly toward the exit of her weyr. Slowly, shapes started to form as her eyes adjusted; she’d shielded the glows the evening before, and dawn had yet to even creep up toward the horizon in anything more than a vague greyishness to the light from outside. But as her mind slowly spun up into actual wakefulness, she realized that her Green was not curled up in their weyr—rather, she was outside it, visible through a gap in where the sheltering curve of the opening revealed the ledge beyond.

It was far too early for her to be sunning herself, and there was no promise that the weather of the day was going to be nice anyway.

Oh right!

//Almost time?// she asked simply, and ran her hands through her hair more determinedly in an attempt to smooth it. Jo wanted to look at least a little presentable, though she wasn’t going to bother getting dressed at a time like this. Instead, she remained nude as she had for sleep in the relatively warm weather, her sheets pooled around her hips as they had done when she sat up. Absently, she tugged it back up to cover her chest too. She might not be skinshy, but her mind wasn’t fully ready to disregard all decorum.

The Flight had yet to begin, much less be won, after all.

Soon, the Green purred, with an uncharacteristic sense of focus. She seemed to be staring at the sky, as though waiting for some kind of sign that this was the right time. Whatever she was waiting for, Jo didn’t bother to ask. They’d been doing this for a lot of turns, and she’d long since accepted that Lyrisiveth would do as Lyrisiveth saw fit for her Flights. And if she wanted to wait a little longer, Jossekayne wasn’t going to command her otherwise. Even though she was warm, and want was steadily creeping over her like a fever.

After what felt like an age, but was in reality only a scant, small fraction of a candlemark, Lyrisiveth spread her wings and pushed herself upward into the sky. It was a simple thing, born of long practice, to deny her desire to blood one of the herdbeasts below. No, this was a Flight she’d have to do without the extra energy. But early in the day as it was, she’d have the full of her own reserves, having spent none to do any work or drills.

Her smooth voice sounded delighted as she called, Come join me, darlings!

Spoiler for OOC:
A Green Flight! 8D This one’s a Force Catch. Good luck, and don’t forget to fill out the little form in the OOC thread if you have someone chasing.

Had she not been as angry as she was, Jo might have been placated somewhat by her brother’s unspoken gesture of surrender. With his hands up in front of him as though he was warding off a blow, it seemed he was at the very least aware that he’d fucked up. That did make her feel better a little bit in her righteous irritation. But it was dampened somewhat by the fact that she couldn’t really yell at him here. As loud and expressive as their family almost always was, it was unfortunate that she had to modulate herself to avoid waking the weyrlings. Or getting in trouble with her Wingleader for disturbing the peace. Jo wasn’t exactly keen on summoning D’zel and having him report her actions to the Weyrleadership if they were judged to be out of order.

But still. And it was even worse that J’ken was right, in a way. He could hardly control when the clutch hatched. No one could—not even the Queens in all their power and attention to their nests. The little dragons simply emerged when they were good and ready to, regardless of whether it was a convenient time or not.

In some ways, that took the wind from her sails a bit. Though J’ken’s excuse did make sense, and that angered her more, she couldn’t stay furious for long when confronted with such reasonableness. She might have been angry all day, having worked herself up into the state she was now, but it didn’t make sense to hold him accountable for what he couldn’t influence.

“You still should have told us,” she huffed at last, shoulders slumping some though her eyes were still bright and keen. And then, more shrewdly, she asked, “How long have you known?” That would really determine how mad she would still be with him.

Rider Weyrs / Re: An evening in [10.02.2591 7PM] Jossekayne
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:29:46 PM »
Jo scowled at her brother playfully then. “That’s just encouragement for me to come bother you more often, you realize.” That would show him, for wanting to stay away from them. But knowing that wasn’t really the case, she still resolved to tease him about it when she did see him in the future.

She couldn’t stop the smile that curved her mouth when J’ken reassured his dragon, though. “Then that must mean that you really are planning something.” With mock gravity, she looked up at Tadriath. “You’ll keep an eye on him for me, won’t you? We have to make sure he doesn’t run away and go become some wild man out in the wastes.”

Who ever said she couldn’t recruit her own brother’s dragon to mind him and make sure he still came home to visit his family?

Deep Cave System / Re: Baths and Bitching [ 25.6.2590 / 9PM ] Jo
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:04:27 PM »
She had to admit, K’eeda was probably right. Jo couldn’t imagine that even normally tolerant Beach Wing would have stood for the kind of comments the Holders had been making. Sure, she could understand that the situation was a difficult one, especially with some people bound to be worried about their families at the Mine Hall. But that certainly wasn’t an excuse to act like this was the Pass all over again, when chaos ruled the Holds. Or so she’d heard… having been weyrfolk all her life, Jossekayne wasn’t very familiar with what the Holds had actually been like, other than hearsay from those she knew that had been there.

But, it was a welcome transition to talk about something more pleasant. And contemplating someone she could spend the evening with did sound appealing. “I could think of a few,” she reflected, shifting slightly against the wall of the pool they were sitting in.

Who could she talk about that K’eeda didn’t already know? There was one individual in particular that readily sprang to mind. “I do have a particular friend who’s fun,” Jo added after a moment, expression half turning into a grin. “She comes from Holder stock, but she’s not an idiot or a prude. I think the Weyr suits her more anyway. Her name’s Quenneca.”

“Well, yeah.” The other woman’s continued playfulness again prompted her own. “What better time to start over and try something new?” She knew some people liked to make resolutions for the new turn, when it seemed that the next ten months of time were stretched out before them all pristine and full of promise. Not that there had been much promise or hope to hold onto during the Pass, but she hoped that would change now.

And previously, Jo had always been more about the present. That wasn’t likely to change, but maybe a little bit of planning for the future wouldn’t go amiss. “So what d’you think?” she prompted then, thoughts swirling some from the alcohol that she’d consumed—but she held on tenaciously to the train of thought they were pursuing now. “What’s your craziest wish for the next turn?”

The weight and heat of Quenneca’s hand on her hip was encouragement to Jo. It didn’t feel like a gesture meant to push her back, since there was no real pressure applied there—just a touch. But even though the fog of Flight Lust that she could so easily lose herself in if she wanted, Jossekayne recognized that not all was quite right. Her friend wasn’t returning the kiss, and she hadn’t reeled her in either. So reluctant though she was, Jo pulled back to study the other woman.

All she really wanted to do was keep kissing her, not only on her lips but all over her skin, to explore her and learn what sort of sounds she might make when consumed by want. But the Green rider was hardly going to force herself on someone who wasn’t interested. Disappointed she might be by that, but that just wasn’t who she was.

“Do you want me to leave?” she breathed, voice rough but not a growl. They could deal with any awkward fallout of it all later, once the Flight itself was over. Jo wasn’t about to apologize for being attracted to Quenneca, but she would be respectful of any boundaries that needed to be set. And now wasn’t really the time to have a nuanced discussion. For the moment, she only needed to know on thing:  whether or not Quenneca wished for her to stay.

Jossekayne took it at face value that even Quenneca might not know what the plants were called. With so much knowledge lost during the Pass, even of things that were gravely necessary, it was no surprise to her that things judged ‘less useful’ might have fallen by the wayside to a greater degree. The thought of it made her sad, but at least they had survived in some way:  her friend was growing them, after all, and today Jo was getting to admire them and even smell their sweet perfume. Maybe someday the name of the plants would be rediscovered, or a new one made by someone. Maybe even Quenneca herself.

She enjoyed, too, having her friend’s head resting on her shoulder. As easily physical and affectionate as Jo was, she liked having people she cared for close. And though they might not have known one another long, she already counted Quenneca among those.

Whatever relatively innocent train of thought she’d been intended for next wasn’t meant to be. All of a sudden, a flush of lust suffused her body, bringing color to her cheeks and making her feel abruptly oh so warm and very aware of the presence of the other woman next to her. For a brief, confused moment, she thought Lyrisiveth must be Rising. But the time wasn’t right—she already had at the end of the previous month, and she wasn’t due to do so again until the seventh month of the turn. So what…

One of the Queens, darlin’, her Green supplied, allowing Jo a glimpse of what she could see:  the pale shape of Imyth glittering against the evening sky as she rose after blooding her kill.

The Flight Lust washing over the Weyr might be lesser for Jossekayne than it would be for a rider bonded to a male dragon, but the projection of the Gold’s want still affected her too. “It’s one of the Golds,” she supplied in response to Quenneca’s question, her own voice sounding distant and mechanical to her ears, an echo of Lyrisiveth’s own answer to her unspoken inquiry. “She’s Rising.”

All of that seemed secondary, however, to the hot presence of another body so close to hers, and the shape of Quenneca’s lips as they had curved into a frown of confusion. They looked soft and appealing, and before she really realized what she was doing, she was leaning over to kiss her friend.

She’d been furious when she found out. Not because she thought the decision her brother had made was a bad one, but because he’d had the gall not to tell her. Or any of their siblings! It had been as much a surprise to them as it was to her, when she’d imperiously grilled them to find out if they had known before she had. Even their father hadn’t, though he’d been a bit more good-natured about it all, amused and wanting Jo to remember to congratulate J’ken rather than simply yelling at him the next time she saw him.

Which was going to be sooner rather than later, if she had her way. She’d had enough self-control not to simply barge into the middle of the post-Hatching proceedings, knowing that she’d just be causing a scene—not to mention distracting her damnable older brother from his duties with the new weyrlings. And as angry as she was with him, Jossekayne wasn’t about to interfere with that.

See? She could be reasonable.

But as soon as enough time had passed since the Hatching itself, when Jo judged that the weyrlings would largely be asleep and her brother in the possession of a few scraps of free time, she stormed her way to the barracks. Only once she neared did she actually soften her steps, though she wasn’t able to get her expression under control. Not when she’d spent the whole afternoon and evening mad about the damn thing!

So though her eyes flashed and her features were fixed in a scowl, she padded quietly through the interior of the Weyrling Barracks to the office that she knew would be his. It even had his name painted just outside the doorway now, the previous one washed away and ‘Assistant Weyrlingmaster J’ken of Tadriath’ now written there in someone’s neat writing. It would have been so much more satisfying if he’d had a door to slam open—not that she would have felt like she could with sleeping weyrlings so close by—but such as it was, the only barrier was a piece of canvas hung from the top of the frame.

Lyrisiveth had seen fit to warn Tadriath, at least, though Jo had asked her not to inform J’ken himself, and the woman trusted her Green not to break that promise. As it was, she was still unsure if he’d actually be in the office, or if the Blue had told on her and he was off somewhere else hiding from her temper. So when Jossekayne swept the cloth door aside, she simply eyed her brother with a glare a moment as she stepped inside, letting the canvas fall back into place. And then, voice pitched low so she wasn’t yelling, but still harsh in her anger, she began with, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell us!”

Jo could definitely understand the sentiment of not knowing what to do with the Interval. Beyond the two relatively simple aims she’d already listed, it was entirely alien to consider that she would never have to fly Threadfall again. Of course, she knew that the Weyr would make sure its riders remained fit, ready, and disciplined. But she would lose no more friends or Wingmates to those silvery filaments. Things were such that she couldn’t imagine the lot of them getting a full retirement, but surely all this would mean they would have more time to relax, to breathe, to live.

“I think that sounds like a great idea,” she added with another easy smile. What could be a more worthwhile, relaxing pursuit than learning how to really have fun? Jossekayne herself was looking forward to taking advantage of that opportunity too. She and her brothers had always been the kind to enjoy the present for what it was, and find enjoyment wherever they could, but a far more relaxed atmosphere sounded… amazing.

Her smile did turn into a bit of a grin then. “And I think tonight seems like a good start for all of that, don’t you?”

Weyr Hall / Re: Unspoken [ 24.03.2591 // 8:45pm ] Jo and J'dan
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:36:31 PM »
Jo didn’t need anyone to handle her business for her, but she was curious enough to hear Vironethian out, and playful enough to see how J’dan responded in the first place. Normally she wasn’t so testing, but it was quite obvious to her that Lyrisiveth’s proddiness was bleeding over into her. Oh well. She didn’t mean it maliciously.

The Bronze Rider’s dismissal was pretty clear, but the Smith barreled on past it nevertheless. Jossekayne regarded him with a half-frown of confusion, and even tilted her head some as she watched him.

He wanted to eat there? Before she even meant to, she glanced around at the Weyr Hall as though to verify that it wasn’t crowded. No, there were plenty of places where he could have sat instead, which meant he was about something else. What that might be, she had no idea. His expression was as grumpy as usual, and just as inscrutable otherwise.

Drawn in more so by her rider’s confusion, Lyrisiveth drew in closer to their bond to observe as her rider did. Maybe he’s tryin' to be friendly?

//If he is, he’s going about it strangely. This isn’t really the time.//

“I didn’t think you consorted with riders?” Half amused, her voice lifted up at the end in a question more than a statement. Jo wasn’t intending to be directly rude, but she wanted to know what he was up to. Anyone else, and she might have attributed it to loneliness after a long day. But Vironethian had never seemed the sort to willingly spend time around others if he didn’t have to.

Rider Weyrs / Re: An evening in [10.02.2591 7PM] Jossekayne
« on: September 15, 2018, 12:05:18 AM »
“If you say so.” Even flits aside, Jo had to repress a shudder at the thought of being away from the Weyr for so long. That was definitely something that she and J’ken didn’t share, for all their familial similarities. The idea of being that alone out there in desolate Pern was the stuff of her nightmares—a very real worry during the Pass, when she’d been so terrified of the idea that one day, she might wake up and her brothers or her father would be gone. Just as their mother had been. While Jo had adjusted to that better than some other riders she knew, it was still the kind of thing that left a mark on a person.

Being out there all alone… well, she worried about J’ken too, didn’t she? If something happened, sure, his flits would be able to carry a message and someone would go to his aid… but with no one else to watch his back, there was a very real chance that he might not return at all.

Even if it was a very minor one.

Still, she smiled some again as her brother seemed to be waxing poetic. “Is that the real reason you do it?” she teased. “You can’t stand us the rest of the time, so you have to be away for a while to offset that?”

Weyr Hall / Re: Unspoken [ 24.03.2591 // 8:45pm ] Jo and J'dan
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:41:33 PM »
“What makes you think that isn’t exactly my intention?” Truthfully, it hadn’t been—it wouldn’t have occurred to Jo to dance without music, but she was hardly opposed to the idea. An excuse to keep touching J’dan was one she’d gladly take in her present mood. Even though they were already doing such; she suspected that after a dance, pulling him off to one of their weyrs would be even easier.

Vironethian’s approach, though, was not what she’d expected. Initially, Jossekayne had thought perhaps he was just passing by… despite the fact that he’d more or less made straight for them. How was she supposed to understand his motivations? His behavior and attitude had ever been a mystery to her, even after their moment of commiseration in the Healer Hall. It certainly didn’t help that his smile was practically a grimace,  but she couldn’t imagine what he wanted.

“Hey…” Wary though she was, she simply watched as he introduced himself and then asked for J’dan’s name. So formal… and why? Prior, he’d shown no indication of really wanting to get to know her better, and this was a strange way for him to make friends if that’s what he was about. Especially given that he hadn’t really seemed the sort to cozy up to riders much. But she was curious enough not to interfere, if for no other reason than to see where this was going.

Jossekayne noted Quenneca’s smile, and returned it with a light in her eyes. “That just means everyone else is missing out,” she said, dragging Quenneca closer by their hooked arms so that she could move to look at the flowers more closely without pulling away. “I’m honored you wanted to share them with me. They’re…” Chuckling softly, Jo shook her head some. “Really something.”

As they neared, she leaned in closer to the plants to get a better look at them. Some of them had the tiniest white flowers, clustered near the top of the stalk and with thin, narrow leaves. Those were the ones she leaned in toward first, inhaling the sweet scent of the flowers, delicate and subtle though it was.

Next were the brilliantly purple ones, with a crown of darker filaments around the dark center, and underlaid with wider lavender petals. This type appeared to be a vine, growing around some makeshift trellises that had been set in the dirt of their pots. Those had a stronger scent, less sweet but almost fruity in aroma. Looking them over, Jossekayne glanced back at Quenneca after a long moment’s scrutiny. “What are they called?” She was smiling again, softly, and her voice was still borderline reverent.

Rider Weyrs / Re: An evening in [10.02.2591 7PM] Jossekayne
« on: August 20, 2018, 08:29:07 PM »
“Damn right.” She grinned at her brother when he conceded that she had won, quite pleased with that and ready to call a truce. It was only a matter of time before J’ken ended up getting the upper hand, and at least in this instance she knew to quit while she was ahead. Absently, her fingers played over the smooth, dark hide of Lyrisiveth’s front leg. It was warm under her touch, and soft enough it didn’t seem the Green would need oiled any time soon.

“I like Beach,” Jo continued with a wry smile. “I have no complaints about my Wingmates.” It was true she didn’t always get along with everyone, but in most cases those in the Wing could put aside their differences well enough to work together. Jungle Wing was another matter, but even among them there were some riders whose company she didn’t mind. But Jossekayne would fight anyone who thought to bad talk her Wing or imply that they worked any less hard. Their duties were just different.

She turned her attention back to J’ken after glancing out at the dark Weyr Bowl. “And you should know better than to think I’ll end up in Mountain.” Rather than being actually upset, another smile was playing at the corner of her mouth. “I don’t know how you do it, being away all the time. It sounds fucking lonely to me.”

Weyr Bowl / Re: She Burned Me Down [ 30.09.2590 // 8am ] Jossekayne
« on: August 20, 2018, 01:41:36 AM »
That sounded almost like he was thanking her again, but Jo still narrowed her eyes at his wording. Was he trying to blow her off again? Perhaps annoyed that he’d been assigned a meager woman to help him with the task? It annoyed her that she couldn’t tell whether he’d meant to be insulting or not. And it was almost worse to think that he hadn’t and came across that way still. She opened her mouth to give him a piece of her mind as to just what she thought about that when Lyrisiveth interrupted her with a mental nudge.

Maybe give him the benefit of the doubt?

It took all her self-control not to glare up at her dragon, but she managed it. Lyrisiveth was right, she supposed, and the entire morning would be much more tolerable if she didn’t start a fight with him right away. So Jossekayne decided that she would at least give him a chance to redeem himself.

“Nonsense,” she said, instead of what she’d originally intended to spit at him. “I’m out here to help as well as guard.” And this part, Jo absolutely hated having to say, but it wasn’t incorrect. And she’d hardly try to bluster through something she had quite literally no experience in just to spite him. “You will need to explain your process, but I’m perfectly capable of being an extra pair of hands.”

As they stepped inside, it surprised Jo to see the sheer openness of Quenneca’s weyr. Unlike the ones she was accustomed to, this one had a ledge that exposed the room nearly completely, with very little by way of shelter for anything inside.

Had she not known better, she might have thought her friend had gotten cheated of more comfortable quarters. Surely the rain and frequent storms on the island had to be a trial to deal with? Fall must be a nightmare. And if they had still been at Fort, where the winters got bitterly cold, Jossekayne would have thought it an even more serious issue. Even if she trusted Quenneca to be able to take care of herself, this seemed… strange.

She was about to ask, in a more or less teasing fashion, what had possessed the woman to stay there in the first place. But the words died on her lips as she spotted what must be the reason. Pots of plants, sitting where they would get natural water and probably sunlight too, if she didn’t miss her guess about the angle of the opening and how it would let in the light. The fact that those pots were filled with thriving plants—flowering plants—was testament enough to that.

“Oh, Faranth.” It was said in a reverent whisper, and Jo had to tear her eyes away from the purple and white flowers with difficulty to glance at Quenneca again. Absorbing the answer to her previous question in a distant sort of way. “They’re gorgeous, Quen.”

“You’re an expert as far as I’m concerned,” Jo said with a grin. She certainly knew nothing about growing things—could only guess at the different requirements they each might need. Or was that even a concern? She had no idea.

Content to keep her arm linked with Quenneca’s, she waited for the woman to push past the curtained doorway of her own room. She didn’t want to impose by more or less inviting herself into the space when she was being chaperoned. They weren’t close enough for that at present, though Jossekayne certainly wouldn’t mind if that changed, either platonically or in another fashion. Regardless, she could respect the sanctity of someone else’s space that should not be breached.

Curious, she ventured too, “Do they need different… types of dirt?” She smiled again, amused at her own lack of knowledge. “I don’t know one plant from another unless I’m cooking it, so you’ll have to start from the basics. I’ll do my best to be an attentive student.”

This might not be information she would ever need, but she liked learning about other people’s lives. Their professions and passions. It had been that curiosity that had initially gotten her Searched in the first place, so it was with a certain kind of fondness that she’d continued interrogating people about what mattered to them. Not only did it allow her to learn new things, but it was a good way to make friendships too. Other people were usually receptive to those who showed attention to their own interests.

Weyr Hall / Re: Unspoken [ 24.03.2591 // 8:45pm ] Jo and J'dan
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The month after Lyrisiveth’s injury had been a tense one for Jo. Not knowing, for the initial recovery, whether her dragon would end up losing one of her legs had worn at her energy and her patience, making her both waspish and exhausted. Particularly so since she’d been determined not to let her Green worry about it too. As far as Lyrisiveth knew, her rider had just been a regular level of worried, along with healing from her own dislocated shoulder and broken ribs.

Only after the Healers had told her that Lyrisiveth’s leg would be fine did she break down and admit it to her dragon at all. And that had been quite a fight. The Green had been furious with Jo for shouldering that concern herself. But neither of them could ever stay mad at each other long. Eventually, Lyrisiveth had conceded that she did understand why, even if she didn’t like it.

But surviving that together had, if anything, only bolstered their bond and their determination to do better. They’d both actually been listening to the Healers, for one, and doing the physical therapy as it was prescribed without pushing themselves too far. Lyrisiveth’s leg was still weak, but it was getting stronger. The limb would be scarred for the rest of her life, a constant reminder of what they’d almost lost, but her skin was healthy and free from infection. Another lucky break considering how touch and go it had been at the beginning.

Jossekayne hadn’t been sure if her dragon would be able to rise by the time her next Flight came up. But the Green had been proddy as usual when the time finally approached, and Jo felt confident enough in Lyrisiveth’s judgment to trust that she knew what she was doing. They’d been working on landings. Since she wouldn’t be doing that until after the Flight Lust was already burned off, there should be no issue.

Her wings were fine, after all.

So no matter the blow that the loss of the Fishers’ stores had been, Jo was in a remarkably good mood that evening. Lyrisiveth’s flirtatiousness was bleeding over into her, and she didn’t bother to try to prevent it. It was nice to feel happy, almost light for the first time in a long time. And though she was no simpering cocktease, she was unconflicted about enjoying the increased attention from other riders whose dragons had noticed Lyrisiveth’s impending Flight.

Lingering in the Weyr Hall after dinner, she’d been in a mood to be social, regardless of which Wings she mingled with. One in particular had caught her eye—an attractive young Bronzer, also with a mind for flirtation, and whose dragon had caught Lyrisiveth before. Her Green might not choose her winner, but there was nothing wrong with encouraging them.

Jo wasn’t quite in his lap, leaving heavily against J’dan while they talked and flirted and just shot the breeze. If the evening wound up with them going back to one or the other’s weyr, even better, but Jossekayne was in no rush.

She’d just been teasing him, laughing at a joke he’d made and brushing her fingers along his jaw, when movement at the corner of her eye caught her attention, announcing that someone was approaching. As Jo turned to see who it was, her eyebrows went up in surprise. Only her good mood prevented her from actually scowling.

Lyrisiveth herself sounded amused as she commented, Here comes trouble.

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