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Elsewhere / Re: Dog Paddle [ 27.4.2591; 9:15 AM ] || Open/Weyrlings
« on: January 31, 2019, 01:55:00 PM »
Un’taigo couldn’t help but feel self-conscious a moment in the wake of initiating a conversation and potential activity, even with one of their classmates. Though they were trying to get used to such things, it was still a challenge:  a far cry from flying under the radar as they had done most of their life. So when W’thir echoed a question at them, there was an anxious moment where they thought they’d misspoken. Had the words come out how they’d intended, or had they stumbled over themselves again?

It sounded fine to me, their dragon advised phlegmatically, which did assuage Un’taigo’s fears somewhat. But it wasn’t until the other Brown weyrling replied in the affirmative that the tension really left them. Smiling then, if a little nervously in their rush of relief, Taigo nodded. “Alright then.”

//Oh, thank Faranth.//

A dark shape in the water, Junosabeth swam over next to Kelsameth with a rumbled greeting that sounded far deeper than a dragon his current size had any business being. Good morning. If the other Brown wanted to maintain a companionable silence, Junosabeth wouldn’t be opposed. But he wouldn’t be impolite and refuse to greet his brother first either.

Un’taigo waded into the water then, the river growing deeper for them faster than it did with W’thir’s superior height. At least they knew how to stay afloat now, where when they’d first learned, they’d been terrified of sinking all the time. “Shall we?” they asked, and tilted their head briefly to indicate the other shore.

“Oh! Yeah, of course.” Un’taigo hadn’t expected to become the meeting point for both two clutchmates and two Weyrlingmasters, but Junosabeth’s firm reminders that he was still starving didn’t leave any room for further embarrassment. But they did gesture to a seat in the area as the second of the other Brown weyrlings approached. “Nice to meet you, W’thir. I’m Un’taigo, and this is Junosabeth.”

The introduction was cut a bit short when the man shot off to get some more of the cut up meat. Returning his attention to their dragon—their dragon—Taigo held out another piece that the Brown snapped up ravenously. They realized then that C’bryn had asked W’um a question, and tuned back in just in time to hear his answer.

It was good to know they wouldn’t be expected anywhere. Un’taigo already felt as though they barely had the attention to pay other people, with Junosabeth so alive and real and present before them. So there was relief in that—and comfort in the announcement that they would be sharing a room with C’bryn. She seemed nice, and Taigo knew the reputation most Brown riders. Surely that meant there would be little by way of clashing personalities between them?

“Thank you, sir.” The words were nearly mumbled as W’um walked away, and Taigo glanced up at the other two weyrlings as he continued to feed the slowing Junosabeth bits of meat. “I’m glad we’ll be close by…” Was that awkward to say?

There is no reason to be awkward with them. The Brown rumbled a greeting in return to the newcomer after his aside to Un’taigo. Hello, Kelsameth. You’re always welcome to join us.

Then, slightly less formal, he added to his rider, I itch. A lot.

“Right.” Un’taigo stood purposefully but then faltered. “Did either of you see where the hide oil was?”

Elsewhere / Open Dog Paddle [ 27.4.2591; 9:15 AM ] || Open/Weyrlings
« on: July 22, 2018, 11:23:21 PM »
Un’taigo still wasn’t really used to going Between. For someone that had lived almost their whole life at Fort Hold, they had only been on dragonback a handful of times before their Impression—and though sometimes they could scarcely believe how much Junosabeth had grown in the last few months, he still wasn’t large enough to ride. Seeing how at ease the Prairie riders who ferried them were with the experience, Taigo always felt… out of their element. Two turns was a long time, but how were they ever going to be able to learn everything between now and when they graduated?

But it helped that Junosabeth was calm about it, as he was with everything. Cradled gently in the paws of an older, larger dragon, the Brown repeated the phrase that had become his mantra for these situations over the past month. It will be fine, and it will only last a moment.

//I know.// No matter how many times it was said, it was still a comforting reminder—and Un’taigo was sure that was why their dragon echoed it each time. Buckled to the Prairie rider’s saddle as they were, arms wrapped around the other’s waist for added stability, at least no one would see their lingering embarrassment.

Counting helped too. When they and the rest of their classmates were taken Between, Un’taigo marked the seconds in their head each time. Even with the distance they were traveling, it never lasted any longer than the same six moments.

Emerging over Fort Weyr, it was still damnably hot. But it felt less so, after the cold of the void and the abrupt change in humidity. Where Southern Winds seemed to be swimming through the summer, Fort was at least dry. Nearly balmy in comparison—and much freer of storms, for which Un’taigo was endlessly thankful.

Both Imyth’s and Oriath’s classes were doing much the same exercises, leading their dragonets to the bank of the deep, slow-flowing river and instructing them to paddle from one side to the other. As the Weyrlingmasters had said, it was good exercise:  and if they used their wings to help propel themselves through the water, it served to strengthen those muscles as well in preparation for their eventual flight.

A month ago, Un’taigo had been reluctant to get into the water with Junosabeth. At the Brown’s question as to why, they’d explained—rather self-consciously—//I don’t know how to swim.// That, too, had been something they had no business knowing at Fort Hold.

Perfectly pragmatic, the young dragon had simply replied, Neither do I. We’ll learn together.

They were still a graceless swimmer, and tired out far faster than Junosabeth ever would, but they were making progress. Taigo had already removed their shoes to leave them in the sand, and slowly waded into the river.

Everything was an adjustment. Learning new things and stepping outside their comfort zone—which included making an effort to be more social. Summoning a small smile for the weyrling closest to them, they ventured, “Would you like to swim laps together?”

Spoiler for OOC:
According to my math, Imyth’s 2590 weyrlings would be about 4 months old now, and Oriath’s weyrlings from the same turn would be about 5 months. Since they’d both still be doing the water exercises at old Fort Weyr, I’m tagging all relevant people! 8D Especially since these weyrling classes are small.

I’ve also tagged the relevant AWLMs, though I haven’t tagged all the people with Prairie riders. Basically, if you want to participate, feel free! This thread is meant to be open, after all.

I also realized after writing this that… well, they’re in the other hemisphere. But I couldn’t find anything about whether Pern had alternating seasons like Earth does, and I’m pretty sure I’ve previously written it as the same thing… so I guess that’s SWW canon now. That’s how that works, right?

@Drewliet @Inki @Kyya @RaynePOTM

Un’taigo’s attention was pulled from the Weyrlingmaster when another of their clutchmates joined them. They smiled, the expression coming almost unbidden in response to the quiet swell of pleasure they sensed from Junosabeth. Tentative, not sure whether their dragon would really be able to hear them, Un’taigo ventured, //You like him?//

He’s another Brown, the dragonet answered, as though that explained it all. And as Un’taigo studied Junosabeth’s pretty brother while he picked out the most comfortable spot on the bench, he supposed it did in a way. Was it any wonder that Junosabeth would feel most comfortable around his own color? They usually shared something of an outlook anyway, from what Un’taigo had learned in Candidate lessons, so it made a certain kind of sense.

Either way, if their own dragon was going to make friends easily, Taigo was grateful for it. They couldn’t imagine being bonded to one that was moody or antisocial, like some of the Black dragons were rumored to be. No, they’d much rather have one that was relatively relaxed.

Returning the girl’s smile, they nodded some. “It’s fine. It’s nice to meet you both officially.” There was something comforting and familiar in having to introduce themselves with their new honorific, too, in contrast with the way C’ren had gotten lucky in his guess. “Junosabeth called me Un’taigo, so I guess that’s what I’ll be going by now…?”


Given something of a respite as C’bryn began to feed Otoloth, Un’taigo was content to sit in silence for the moment, likewise feeding their Brown. Only when she directly addressed their dragon did they feel blood burning in their cheeks—“Oh, sorry. Uh. This is Junosabeth.” Shards. Not the best of first impressions they could have made.

But Junosabeth himself just rumbled a reassurance to Un’taigo as he reached out to respond to C’bryn. Hello. Eyes having settled into a deeply serene blue, he just blinked. It was the right thing to do. Junosabeth didn’t think it warranted praise, but he was hardly rude enough to reject it outright.

At the approach of another older man, Taigo glanced up at him and inclined their head respectfully as he was introduced. Yet another Weyrlingmaster? Shards. “Th-thank you, sir. I’m Un’taigo, and this is Junosabeth.” They glanced at C’bryn then, and waited for her to introduce herself and Otoloth, before adding quietly, “I… don’t think I have any questions right now.”

Still reeling from Impression, Un’taigo nodded mutely as the man they’d addressed responded. In truth, they’d expected simply a yes or a no, maybe a little bit of explanation—and they had difficulty following everything that he said. Really, Taigo did their best to file away the man’s name and his dragon’s too, feeling a bit guilty that they hadn’t already known at a glance which Weyrlingmaster was which. “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” When in doubt, they’d found that being respectful was generally the best tack to take anyway. Hopefully that would mask how lost they felt.

Something to focus on. That would be good. Gaze flicking to the bucket they’d indicated, Un’taigo moved over to retrieve it, finding an unoccupied seat along the benches and tables, out of the way so that they could feed Junosabeth in peace. Their training as a Candidate had been ingrained in them enough that tearing apart the chunks of meat into smaller bits felt like second nature. Leave the Sands. Feed and oil your dragon. The lessons rang like an echo in their head, and only their Brown bumping his nose against their hand pulled them out of their thoughts.

It’s alright, he hummed, voice rich and calming. You’re doing fine. Pointedly, he took another piece of food from his rider’s hand and chewed it thoughtfully. The quick whirl of his eyes had given way to more sedate movement and color, fading from orange to tranquil blue as his hunger dissipated. That man is coming back.

“Oh!” Un’taigo turned at that, not wanting to seem rude, but then frowned faintly at the sound of their new honorific, still unfamiliar and a bit startling. They didn’t recall having spoken it aloud—had they made a mistake by not introducing themselves? Either way, the Weyrlingmaster had made a lucky guess on their name, and it was a bit surprising to Taigo that the man knew who they were at all. They wouldn’t have suspected that the riders in charge of the weyrlings would know all the Candidates’ names.

I’m sure it’s not a bad thing.

Un’taigo hoped so. “Yes, that’s me… Room 2? Thank you. Uhm.” They glanced down to their dragon as they fed him another piece of meat. “His name is Junosabeth.”

The Brown seemed to jump some then, and Taigo’s eyes widened in surprise, reflexively reaching out to put a hand on Junosabeth’s warm neck. “Are you alright?”

Yes, the Brown confirmed, but the confused sound of his voice didn’t necessarily reassure his rider completely. I think his dragon is speaking to me. I just wasn’t expecting it.

“Oh.” Un’taigo blinked and looked back to C’ren. “Sorry. I think, uh… Amsmith? just startled him.”

Ah… thank you. Junosabeth reached out tentatively to the older Brown, not yet used to the feel of a mind other than Un’taigo’s. The wash of information had been quick, and even for his stability he found himself unaccustomed to it. Not so recently hatched and still a bit hungry.

Hatching Sands / Open Midnight Snacks [ 34.10.2590 / 12 AM ] || Hatchling Feeding
« on: November 18, 2017, 03:21:47 AM »
Watching the sickly-looking little Blue struggle to hatch, Taigo’s heart had gone out to him. Any hatchling like that was always a tense thing, particularly after the debacle that had been Imyth’s last clutch. Desperately, they wished that the little creature wouldn’t Between—even if they weren’t destined to Impress to the Blue, Taigo hardly wanted to see its life end in such a quick death. Such as it was, they practically held their breath waiting for him to move. To go forward and claim someone as his.

But he didn’t. Nevertheless, Unteraigo breathed a faint sigh of relief when they saw another Candidate step forward toward him. But she stopped just the same, which meant… they hadn’t bonded?

Remembering Kalestath’s hatching that turn, they tensed again. What was she doing?
Taigo could hear their heart pounding in their ears, each moment seeming to drag onward into eternity. Another dragonet hatched—this one a Green—and then a Brown. He was a beautiful thing, all dark glory and subtle markings, and Unteraigo found themselves smiling as he moved over to his Blue brother, sniffing at him initially and then nosing at him to coax him to stand.

Watching the two of them make their way across the Sands was adorable, and Taigo had to resist clapping, not wanting to distract them or draw attention to themselves. Nevertheless, it was a weight off their heart to see the Blue finally Impress, even if it was with the help of their clutchmate.

It seemed very in keeping with the spirit of the Weyr, they thought.

As much as Taigo admired the helper Brown, though, they didn’t pay him much mind as he made his way down the line of Candidates to find his own intended. Such a gorgeous thing couldn’t possibly want anything to do with them. Unteraigo wasn’t sure what sort of dragon would really Impress to them—maybe a Green?—but that one seemed destined for someone far braver, far more social and flashy, even. A strong personality to go with a strong dragon.

Who else would I choose but you, Un’taigo?

Though they’d noticed the Brown drawing closer, Taigo still jumped at the sound of a voice that wasn’t their own, deep and mellow, resounding in their head. “M-me?” Their own voice practically sounded like a squeak, almost breathless. Looking into the eyes of the Brown that had paused before them, they saw the rainbows of Impression swirling there, and felt the sensation of something strong and stable clicking into place against their own mind—like half of a puzzle they hadn’t even known was missing.

Of course you. Always you. The Brown thrummed then, low and reassuring as he had for the Blue he’d led across the Sands. I’ll never leave you behind. I’m Junosabeth.

“Junosabeth…” It sounded so right somehow, and Taigo nearly sank to their knees, wavering a moment but managing to stay upright. Gingerly, they reached down to run their fingers over the Brown’s headknobs—their Brown’s. “We should get you some food…”

Please. I’m very hungry.

“I— I know.” That was a startling realization too, coupled with the ghostly sensation of their stomach rumbling, but really it was Junosabeth’s. Hand still on the top of his head, Un’taigo led them off the Sands, past the other Candidates, unaware of anything else in the world but that warm presence at their side.

As they crossed into the feeding pavilion, they saw tables set with bowls of raw meat nearby, with some other weyrlings already feeding their dragons. Abruptly unsure, Un’taigo glanced around until they saw one of the Weyrlingmasters. “Uhm. Excuse me. Can I just… take one?” They gestured to one of the bowls, and felt Junosabeth laugh echoingly inside their skull.

I don’t see why not. But it’s adorable you asked.

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