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Black Riders / Approved R'ghal [02.05.2574 9th Pass || Black Weyrling]
« on: September 13, 2018, 07:21:56 AM »

Play By:

Was Ren.
Date of Birth:
02.05.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Weyrling - Future Wing: He wants Jungle, but we'll see.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: He didn't have many clothes when he moved to Southern Winds Weyr, and since he was Searched by the end of that Turn, he wears whatever clothing is available to candidates. He doesn't wear it in any particular style, with the exception of sometimes ripping off any sleeves since they get in his way while working in the hot sun of the south. Otherwise, he leaves his clothing as is, being that he has no eye for fashion or care for his appearance. This also includes his hair styling, since he's not really sure what to do with it. As long as it doesn't get long enough to fall in his eyes while he's working, then it's fine. More often than not, his hair is cut long enough that when he constantly runs his dirty, oily, sweaty hand through it, it ends up sticking up in an almost beehive fashion. His fingers are the closest thing he's seen to a brush, so don't expect him to ever really maintain his hair beyond that. He has a few birthmarks on his body, though most are hidden unless you've seen him fully unclothed. One is on his upper, middle right thigh in the shape of an egg but the size of a quarter, and the other is hidden behind his left ear in his hairline and is the size of a pea. He has some scars here and there across his chest, back, and arms. The most defined scar is diagonal along the back of his right arm, where he'd tried to deflect the slash of a knife from his face with his arm.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Being on the younger side for most of the 9th Pass, he was oblivious to anything outside his own world. He saw the death by famine and diseases most often while living in the Hold, to the point where it was just the norm for him. He saw people as weak and frail, and felt that he had to keep himself strong if he wanted to survive. He mostly saw weakness in women, during his time, from his mother dying to his foster sister dying to his foster mother failing to protect his foster sister. This makes him believe that most women are weak, which is why he is far more inclined to befriending or looking after stronger women he meets and respects as they work hard enough as the rest of them and deserve his friendship. He is probably more harsh to weaker-willed people he meets, both male and female. 

Response to dragon color mutations: He doesn't really care about the dragon colors either way. So long as he Impresses one of them, he'll be satisfied. He doesn't have a theory about the new colors either. Just accepts it as what it is and doesn't think anything further on it. The Weyrleader on a black dragon is more inspirational to him due to his age at going so far rather than the color of his dragon.

Who are you...

- Fighting : He would love it if dueling or fighting were made a part of candidate training. This is one way he can prove himself, and aside from that, it's downright entertaining to him to participate in and watch.

- Having a job to do : He is not one who can just sit around and talk all day about nothing. Either they should be having a good time about it with dares or some game, or he'd rather be put to work. He enjoys having a task to complete. Not only because he feels good about putting his time into something productive, but it's a way for him to expend at least some of his energy. The more physical labor involved in the task, the better.

- Anything physical : Working, fighting, climbing rocks, swimming in the ocean or the lake, anything that involves moving around is usually fun for him. He likes to have a good time, take some risks, and get dirty whenever possible. The last thing he wants to do in a day is stay cooped up in a room with scrolls. He put his time in to learn to read and write and learn enough about the Weyr and history to make it through candidacy, but he's happy that is finally behind him.

- Drugs : He already feels a bit out of control all on his own and doesn't see the point in trying to take it a step further. He also hates the feeling of being forced to calm down. It's like something else trying to dictate how he feels, and he hates it.

- Helpless/Lazy People : He can't stand someone acting helpless or not even trying to accomplish something. Everyone had a rough time of it growing up, and if you made it this far you should at least have a backbone to show for it. It is far more likely that he'll respect and become protective over someone that has shown a backbone than someone who gave up trying.
- Dancing/music : They just aren't his thing. One might think dancing would be good as it is a way for him to work out some energy, but he was never really good at it. During a Gather or Weyr events, he's often found trying to put himself to work helping out with something instead to avoid being forced to participate in that way.

Strengths: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* FORGIVING : He's a very in-the-moment, type of guy, which means that he doesn't tend to hold grudges. He may react instantly with a hot-headed temper and act as though the world is about to end over something, and by the next day he'll shrug it off like he hadn't just been overly dramatic about it. He gets over things quickly once he's gotten his initial reaction out of his system and been able to move on from it. If he isn't able to react, then it may sit and stew for awhile until the next opportunity allows him to get whatever it is out of his system.

* HARD-WORKER : While his arrogance may tick others off, sometimes it isn't uncalled for because he does put 120% into everything he's been assigned. He doesn't take assignments lightly, and works to prove himself at every turn. This has caused him to a be a bit of a perfectionist in everything he does, further building his personal confidence and arrogance because he knows his work ethic is strong. This applies to things like chores as well as written or oral assignments. He doesn't slack off in any area.

* FIGHTER : Growing up, his life was filled with fighting. Most involved him getting his ass handed to him, but over time he learned how to get in a few good punches of his own. Or how to duck and dodge to allow him his chance at fighting back. He was beaten over the smallest of things, from being in the wrong place to thieving to just being around gangs. It seemed almost anything could be resolved with a fight, which has lead him to believe that this can still hold true. He's not the most articulate person, and when his words fail him, his fists never do. He'd much rather settle an argument in a duel style with fists or knives than with words.

* LOYAL : There aren't many people he considers friends, and those that have proven themselves by either sticking by his side during the hard times or even flaky friends who are just around to have a good time are fine by him. Once someone proves they can be trusted, or at least does something for him that he feels indebted to them, he'll be a loyal friend. That won't keep them safe from sarcastic or rude jokes at their expense, but they can know that he will always have their back to the point of being almost over protective if anyone else tries to hurt them.

* PERFECTIONIST : Over the Turns, he's learned that the only way to avoid poor treatment or to perhaps even qualify for special treatment, is to go above and beyond. This has driven him to become a bit of a perfectionist in everything he's assigned to do, whether it is his studies, chores, or other tasks given to him. If he has to work with a group, he doesn't trust them to get it done properly and would rather do it himself than let them interfere and fuck it up. Let him do it right the first time.

Weaknesses: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* PRIDE : He's overly prideful in his work and whatever he has accomplished, so he doesn't take well to criticism. Any comment made about something he has done that is less than positive, can sometimes be met with sarcastic or snippy replies as his way of defending his work. He can never just swallow criticism, even the constructive kind, without getting his own word in to show he disagrees.

* INDEPENDENT : While normally being independent is a good thing for knowing how to take care of oneself or get something done without the need of an external motivator, this has shown through candidacy to be a weakness of his. He does not work well with others, primarily because he doesn't trust others to do the work to his own high expectations.

* RISK-TAKER : His life has been all about taking risks. Taking chances at stealing food, marks, material things. Or fighting that bigger guy over a dumb comment that he really could have just ignored. Or exploring in areas he shouldn't be just to see if there was anything interesting on the other side. He spent his life taking risks, and this has continued into his teen years, where sometimes things aren't that fun unless there's a risk involved. He's always ready to jump right into something without a second thought for consequences at the chance to get his hands dirty. Life's too short not to live in the here and now.

* IMPATIENT : Living in the here and now leads to a particular drawback about him; he's entirely impatient. He's an instant gratification type of guy. He steals something for someone, he gets an immediate reward. He works hard on something, he gets an immediate reward. He has no patience for the long term, and thinks adults try and talk about the long term as a way of postponing rewards in the hopes that he'll forget. He'd originally thought he would Impress immediately, once he was up to par in his reading and writing and lessons. Waiting for a dragon is the longest thing he's ever waited for, and it makes him a bit edgier and rough around the edges each time a Hatching passes and he doesn't Impress.

* HOT-HEADED : He reacts quickly to things, like a ticking time bomb just waiting for someone to say the right words to set him off. Perhaps it's due to his impatience or because he's just bored waiting to Impress and fighting seems to be a good way to fill the time. But this makes him a bit volatile as a candidate and led him to less friends or relationships because of it.

Describe Yourself:

* ARROGANT: ----- He does a good job in what he does, he studies hard to know the answers, and this has caused him to feel that he knows nearly everything or does better at tasks than others. He's not afraid to let others know this either, and he'll defend his work or knowledge to his last breath, until finally proven otherwise, which he will brush off like no big deal.

* HONEST: ----- He's honest not because he's a good boy, but he doesn't see any shame or reason to obstruct the truth. He is blunt, straight-forward, and often speaks exactly what's on his mind without thought or concern for others' feelings. This has been both a blessing and a boon during his time as a candidate, since the Candidate Master never has to worry about him beating around the bush for anything. If he did something, he'll come clean right away. But it more often leads to trouble in him sharing his opinion of others or giving them little pet nicknames that he finds more fitting for them.

* STUBBORN: ----- When he's made his mind up about something, expect him to dig his heels in and plant roots in the ground. He will not budge. Getting him to agree to something after he's already decided against it is like trying to move a mountain. He can be very stubborn, especially when it comes to him making a decision for someone he may be protective over.

* PRUDE: ----- Only in comparison with dragon riders, as he never really had a focus on his sex life while growing up. It happened every so often, but it wasn't something he sought out. If it happened, it happened. He's becoming more accustomed to the normalcy of this since living at the Weyr, particularly during Flights, and will ride along with whatever happens. But don't expect him to try and seduce a girl he finds attractive just because his body reacts to her. He has shit to do.

* PRICKLY: ----- It doesn't take much to offend him. Not because he's sensitive or has an issue with himself in anyway. It's more like he just wants to pick a fight with anyone to see how they'll react back to him. So don't be upset if he snaps back at a comment that was hardly insulting; he's a bit tightly wound and more on edge than he'd like to admit.

The Magic Touch: He smoked passion vine in the past, but never really liked how much it chilled him out, so he quit soon after.


Mother: Unknown. Died 2576 of sickness.
Father: Unknown. Not known if alive or dead.

Foster Mother: Shaani. Journeyman Weaver. b 2528
Foster Father: Gesserin. Journeyman Weaver. b 2523 d 2550
Foster Siblings:
Sister -- Crafter -- b. 2542 (actual child of foster parents)
Brother -- Crafter -- b. 2544 (actual child of foster parents)
Brother -- Crafter -- b. 2547 (actual child of foster parents)
Sister -- Crafter -- b. 2548 (actual child of foster parents)
Brother -- Crafter -- b. 2554 (foster child)
Sister -- Crafter -- b. 2558 d. 2584 (foster child)
Brother -- (open) -- b. 2563 (foster child)
Brother -- (open) -- b. 2569 (foster child)
Sister -- (open) -- b. 2573 (foster child)

Children: None he knows of

Tell us a story...

* 2576, 2 Rendaghal is born in Fort Hold after the other Holds have already moved in and space, food, and resources are already extremely limited. He's taken care of by his mother during his first two Turns, before she's overcome with one of the many illnesses that sweeps through the overcrowded Hold and dies before his third name day. He's with her body for a couple of days before others realize his mother has died. While he doesn't completely comprehend what has happened, he's upset when she doesn't answer him and does feel a sense of loss as time passes when he never sees her again. Other women who knew his mother, he can't recall if they were drudges or just workers in the Hold, take turns trying to look after him and pass him food when they can. He's frequently unsupervised, and tends to wander as soon as he can.

* 2579, 5 By this point, he's explored every inch of the Hold he has access to and can actually find his way back without a second thought. The mothers who once cared for him now no longer have time for him, have their own children or sicknesses to worry about, and he finds himself extremely lonely even with so many people in the Hold. He spends most of his time trying to make friends with others while he wanders, but he's usually cast aside as a dirty brat and left to fend for himself for food. He ends up being accepted part-time into a gang. He's too young for the gang to fully accept him into their group, but he's so dirty and invisible as he wanders the Hold (others in the areas he wanders having gotten used to seeing him by now), that he makes for the perfect thief. He steals things for the gang, and anytime he makes a mistake in the item he returns, he's beaten for it. He learns quickly to get it right the first time.

* 2583, 9 He's caught one day while thieving from a lady, and instead of slapping or punishing him as he expected, she invites him into her family. He learns that her husband passed away from sickness, but she wanted more children and has since been trying to help as many children as she can between her work as a Weaver. She already has multiple children of her own, whom (name) feels she shows far more care for than the fosters, and he feels envious of their stronger attentions. He tries to prove himself to his foster mother by doing everything she asks, and while he does get some praises, they are nothing compared with the praises her actual children receive as they start and continue following in her footsteps as Crafters.

* 2584, 10 When doing everything he's told isn't giving him what he wants compared with what her actual children are receiving, he begins to act out and return to past habits. He returns to the gang, starts thieving, and is even taken in by some women in the hold just looking for company or a play thing. At least doing these things, he feels like he's doing something rather than competing for attention among his nine siblings. He watches one of his foster siblings decline in health until she one day passes. The sight of her body strikes a chord in him, though he can't understand why, and he lashes out at his foster mother, blaming her for not saving her. He doesn't understand that there was nothing that could have been done for his foster sister, and just assumes that his foster mother didn't care enough to save her. After pushing and yelling at his foster mother, she disowns him and forces him to leave. He spends the next three Turns back with the gang, stealing, and taking care of small tasks by women who found him cute, determined that he would work hard enough to find his way out of this shit hole.

* 2587, 13 Everyone moves to Fort Island and Ren finds himself now living in a Weyr, which has no gangs, no criminal activities (that he can find), and no place for him. He works hard to sell himself in finding work that he can do for others, regardless of their status so long as they would take him. He doesn't pay any mind to the new dragon colors when they're hatched, since they have no affect on him or his life. At the end of the Turn, one of the riders he runs an errand for, and sleeps with, ends up Searching him. He becomes convinced it was her seeing his hard work that resulted in him being Searched, and not that he would have been Searched nonetheless. He finally feels validated in all of his hard work, and decides to step it up in candidacy.

* 2591, 17 He spends the next three Turns working his ass off in studying, completing chores, and learning everything he can. He's determined that working hard will pay off, which has kept him isolated from the time he thinks it takes to maintain any sort of friendships. Instead of trying to make and keep friends, he focuses solely on doing his duties and nothing more in his single-mindedness. In terms of being a student, he's at the top of his class. As far as a person and taking criticism, he still has a lot to learn. He never gave up on Impressing, and at last his long Turns of working hard have yielded a dragon, just for him.

RP Sample
The joy and excitement for a hatching had left him long ago, as other, less worthy candidates were chosen to become someone important. Especially those who had been here after him or those who hadn't quite excelled at answering every question, completing every chore to perfection. Now the white robe that he once wore with pride just made his skin itch from the warmth of it coupled with the heat of the Sands.

This time, as the candidates all filed out onto the Sands once again, his eyes didn't even bother to scan the crowd that was filling in around them. He'd once looked to see which Weyrleadership were in attendance. Who, of actual importance, would be here to witness his great triumph as he forged a lifelong bond with a dragon. This would be the true beginning of his life. When they spoke of him in the future as a great, mighty dragon rider, he would tell them that this was his true birth. Nothing before this mattered anymore.

But that was during a time when he wasn't filled with bitterness after failing time and time again. There were three hatchings per Turn, and he hadn't managed to Impress in any of them for the past three Turns. Nine times he'd stood here before. And nine times he'd walked off the Sands a failure.

He did give the eggs each a cursory glance, debating which ones would have the stronger, better dragons in them. While he was impatient to Impress, he was by no means desperate. There was a strong dragon out there that he was just waiting to be born and hatch. He'd accept nothing less than a bronze, or even one of those blacks who seemed to be overpowering the once-kings of the Weyr. Ren folded his arms in front of his chest and widened his stance to push any candidates in line out from his personal space. It was best for them not to huddle together in a group, was it not? Staying in a group made it far easier for those crazy reds or clumsy greens to stumble and slash at the whole lot of them.

Besides the common sense of it, he wanted to stand apart. His stance was clearly one of being closed off, as if he were rejecting any hatchlings who might think to claim him. He would be the one to pick the dragonet, not the other way around. There was no way he would allow a silly green dragon to try and think she could bond with him. No, he would wait and watch for the best one, and then step forward--or do anything really--to catch his attention.

A hush fell over the crowd as one of the eggs began to stir.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
K'mar || Callista || M'kale || Z'tai || Phaedralena || N'iko || Aldrekayn || Kharismene || Saleizo
Inactivity Preference:
NPC until I'm back -- Adoptable since he'll be a Black weyrling
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
Black 002 Please

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Universal Events / Re: [ 18.6.2591 ] Kalestath's Touching
« on: September 01, 2018, 06:38:27 PM »
Will try to post Kharismene in here, though I don't want her Impressing at this hatching (need to play her more as a candidate and I have a planned weyrling already XD).

Added : SirAlahn

Construction Events / Re: [ 8.6.2591 ] Let's Have a Picnic
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:04:30 PM »
K'mar, Callista, M'kale, Phaedralena, N'iko, Z'tai, Kharismene don't live at the Hall and will be doing their usual stuff. Though Z'tai may assist with some Prairie Wing transfers and say hello to some peeps.

Aldrekayn and Saleizo, while they do live at the Hall, have no interest in sunny picnics and will not be attending.

Code: [Select]
[{Kmar}] || [{Callista}] || [{Mkale}] || [{Phaedralena}] || [{Niko}] || [{Ztai}] || [{Kharismene}] || [{Aldrekayn}] ||[{Saleizo}]
Added : SirAlahn

Announcements & Events / Re: 33,000 Posts!
« on: August 23, 2018, 12:31:50 PM »

Family & Friends / Re: Family for an Upbeat Bronzer
« on: August 18, 2018, 05:24:28 PM »
Thanks for reminding me to update this!

Universal Events / Re: [ 32.05.2591 ] Last Gambit
« on: August 17, 2018, 12:37:09 PM »
Both Aldrekayn and Saleizo will be present.

The rest will be unaware:
Code: [Select]
[{Kmar}] || [{Callista}] || [{Mkale}] || [{Ztai}] || [{Phaedralena}] || [{Niko}] || [{Kharismene}]
Added : SirAlahn

Universal Events / Re: [ 19.04.2591 ] Kalestath Clutches
« on: July 12, 2018, 03:39:08 PM »
Kharismene will be posted. 

Added : SirAlahn

Universal Events / Re: [ 24.04.2591 ] Necessity Breeds Teamwork
« on: July 12, 2018, 03:37:46 PM »
K'mar and Phaedralena will be present with Beach Wing.
Callista and M'kale will be present with Jungle Wing.
Z'tai will be with Prairie Wing.
N'iko will be assisting in the hunt from Mountain Wing since he happens to be at the Weyr and it sounds fun.

The others have no dragons and will be doing their usual things during the day:
Aldrekayn || Kharismene || Saleizo

Added : SirAlahn

Universal Events / Re: [ 7.4.2591 ] Imyth's Flight
« on: July 12, 2018, 03:22:36 PM »
Character: M'kale of Hakurath
Weyrsecond Contender: Yes (but really, no)

Character: Z'tai of Jenrath
Weyrsecond Contender: No

Character: N'iko of Astaroth
Weyrsecond Contender: Yes

Hopefully I can get some event posts up this weekend.

Checking in with the others who will not be participating directly (just in the indirect fun):
Code: [Select]
[{Kmar}] || [{Callista}] || [{Aldrekayn}] || [{Phaedralena}] || [{Kharismene}] || [{Saleizo}]
Added : SirAlahn

Announcements & Events / Re: Getting Back on Schedule
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:34:41 AM »
I chose other as well to go with majority. I'm traveling on business again this week, so no posting at least until next week, but I don't want to hold others back if they are ready to post and I can chime in with one of my characters after I'm home.  :love:

Universal Events / Re: [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:22:36 PM »
Randomizer has chosen Aldrekayn to be sick. Aldresk and Rekaysk will both be with him at the Healer Hall and likely in the way or intimidating any Healers or fellow sick persons who approach him.

The rest will be fortunate enough to have no signs or symptoms and will either stay out of the way or assist as requested.

Code: [Select]
[{Aldrekayn}] || [{Kmar}] || [{Callista}] || [{Mkale}] || [{Ztai}] || [{Phaedralena}] || [{Niko}] || [{Kharismene}] || [{Saleizo}]
Added: Inki

Plot and Scheme / Re: Lyndi's Plotter
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:07:37 AM »
Sounds good to me! I won't be home this weekend, so I can get the sample up and a response on Monday. And there are a few scenes in her history I'd like to play out too :3 Like the marriage argument. And when she finds out his group was behind the runner kills.

Other / OOC Brother, Criminals, and Whores
« on: March 29, 2018, 02:37:10 PM »

"We are not a gang; we are a business"

Saleizo // Holder (Business Man) // 38 Turns

About the Character:
Sal is a (seemingly) cold, calculating man who does whatever is necessary to reach his goal. His mantra is that the strong survive, so he's constantly fighting to stay on top and prove himself as strong. He and his brother organized a mutiny against their gang leader back at Fort Hold, where his brother took over and Sal became his second in command. They compete with other gangs in the Hold and even Crafters in their efforts to gain power. Saleizo ends up building a whore business as a part of the gang in 2570, and this is where he primarily spent his time before the move to Fort Island. Once here, he sidles back to construction and day labor, but keeps in contact with his previous whores, even getting some to continue their work as discreetly as possible. Now that he has moved to Mine Hall, he and his brother begin to set their gang back in motion.

Wanted Family:
Garren - Brother - b.2547
His older brother, Garren, is the actual leader of this "group". He's a strong-willed, violent man who finds physical violence as the best resolution to any problem. He forced Sal to join a gang and was a constant bully toward him, with the feeling that he was helping to toughen him up. Now he relies heavily on Sal for the more "business-esque" aspects of the gang. Since Saleizo enjoys information--gathering, organizing, and acting on it--he leaves many of the decisions up to him. Anything of a bigger matter, especially if it involves the image of their gang, will bring Garren to the forefront. He is all about image and refuses to let anyone connected with him be disrespected. He is a punch first, ask later type of guy, which is why the addition of his wher and inclusion to wher fights has become one of his primary hobbies. He thinks Sal will always have his back (because, family), but OOCly, Sal hates him and plans on taking him out of his position as gang leader.

Wanted Associates:
Anyone who was a part of the gang in the past or is currently being recruited since the move to Mine Hall. This can include members who were thieves, muscle, whores who worked under Sal (not literally--he managed this side of the 'business'), drug dealers, wher fighters, etc. Anyone who has less ethical hobbies or interests are welcome here. Sal will be reconnecting with those who were in the gang, whether they remained at the Weyr or moved to Mine Hall. He did keep in contact with some of his whores, so you can choose to be one of the ones loyal to him, one that accepts joining back in, or one that is happy with their new life and refuses this new opportunity.

Sal would also be interested in building relationships with any Crafters or Peacekeepers whose moral compasses may not point totally north in the opportunity to gain something for themselves. They can feed him information, look the other way when the gang does certain things, provide things for the gang, etc.

Journals / Re: Lyndi's Thread Tracker
« on: March 29, 2018, 02:01:14 PM »
I think I am now caught up on everything, so if I am missing something, please let me know!

Plot and Scheme / Re: Lyndi's Plotter
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:27:47 PM »
Updated 03.29.2018 with newer characters, character summaries, and wanted ads <3

Family & Friends / OOC Children of a Distant Mountain Rider
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:18:27 PM »

N'iko // Mountain Wingrider // 34 Turns

About the Character:
N'iko grew up as a prankster in the creche at Southern Weyr who was always getting himself and his peers into trouble. He used the pranks to get attention from the adults when he saw his crechemates getting visits from their parents or family members and yet no one ever came to see him. He is Searched and Impresses at his first Hatching at the age of 12 while at Fort Weyr. Fast forward to time as a rider and he falls in love with with a woman who bears him two children before she dies from Thread. He is devastated by this loss and closes himself off from long-term lovers. Now that everyone has moved to Southern Winds Weyr, N'iko finds himself hardly at the Weyr while he travels and documents findings while a part of Mountain Wing. His short visits back to the Weyr are spent visiting his children and working off sexual tension. He has no intention of becoming emotionally involved with anyone again and tends to seek out green riders who don't hold any expectations for him.

Wanted ICly:
His Children:
Tommniko of Bixenorth. Son. Born 2574. Impressed 2587. (shorten his name however you like)
(name). Daughter. Born 2578. Candidate.
Kolaimor. Son. Born 2583. Weyrbrat. 
Kaylianna. Daughter. Born 2585. Weyrbrat.

Wanted OOCly:
Looking for some of his kids to be adopted so he can interact with them while he's at the Weyr. They are starting to grow up now, with one of them already following in his footsteps and Impressing a brown and another as a candidate. I would like the youngest daughter to follow in her mother's footsteps and go the Harper route with a good singing voice (though I know she's still really young for that, but more a note for myself in the future). He'll dote on her the most as she is their last child and reminds him of her the most.

No specifications on them other than what is listed above. Please let me know here if you intend on adopting one of them so I can update the list. As always, please make them adoptable <3

Family & Friends / OOC Family? More like distant relatives
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:07:38 PM »

"I'm going to be the Weyrleader someday, just wait and see"

M'kale // Jungle Wingrider // 29 Turns

About the Character:
M'kale grew up as a drudge in Tillek Hold before becoming a whore and then dragon rider. His early childhood was spent under the hatred of a mother who blamed him for why the dragonrider who bedded her never stayed. Because he is forced to shoulder this blame, he grows up hating his father and anyone else attached to him. Especially other children he has, regardless if they had a similar upbringing of being tossed to the side or if they were cared for by him. He's a manipulative, brutal bronze rider who has a nasty temper and prefers violence to talking. Fortunately, Jungle Wing's duties help to channel him so his time around the Weyr is not always so moody. He's currently seeing Daysepona, a drudge of the Weyr, although he sees it more as "having" her than being "with" her still.

Wanted ICly:
Father: I'mek - rider of brown Ymolnth - B. 2534 I.2546
Brother: G'rell - rider of brown Wervynth - impressed 2572
Brother: H'nal - rider of blue Crealtynth - impressed 2576
Sister: Reissa - rider of green Imeranth - impressed 2582
Sister: Meliarsien - rider of green Verisynth - impressed 2588

Wanted OOCly:
Nothing specific, but it would be interesting for him to find out about their existence and see them interact. I do see one of the younger sisters trying to get his attention, pestering him, and working to clear the air between them, with him repeatedly denying her. Just a thought, but could be fun XD. So if you have a character in mind you'd like to make that has a semi-crazy bronze half-sibling to avoid/deal with/annoy, then this is the family for you <3

Let me know here if you're interested in making one of them so I can update the list.

Since this is from the Wanted Ad section, please make the character adoptable!

Family & Friends / OOC Family for an Upbeat Bronzer
« on: March 29, 2018, 12:51:06 PM »

"What's meant to be will be"

Z'tai // Prairie Wingleader // 35 Turns

About the Character:
Z'tai is, for the most part, a fun and upbeat guy. He tries to keep a positive attitude no matter what is thrown his way, because life is too short to worry about the little things. Most people think of him and Prairie as a joke, but Z'tai definitely has a serious side and believes in the Weyr first. He's also a perfectionist, nitpicker, good-with-his-hands woodworker (hobby), and has a love for all women.

Wanted ICly:
Mother: Zarinel, Creche Worker, b.22.03.2538 (53)
Father: Arziknar, Wood Crafter, b.19.09.2532 (58)
Brother: Azinel, Wood Crafter, b.06.04.2553 (37)
Sister-in-law: Marinalyka, Weaver, b.31.10.2557 (33)
Sister: Ikzarin, Creche Worker, b.26.09.2558 (32)
Brother-in-law: Fernashe, Harper, b.05.07.2556 (34)
Brother: Z'nar (Zarknar), Brownrider of Moreth, b.12.01.2561 (28), i.2577 (18)
Sister: Z'nel (Zikinel), Greenrider of Allieth, b.12.01.2562 (27), i.2578 (18) -- Played by @Jarakrisafis
Children: Anytime 2571-2590

Wanted OOCly:
I would just love for more of Z'tai's family to be around to interact with. I have no plot goals or specific intentions behind them, so if you're just looking to fit someone in that matches the age and rank, then go for it! Let me know if you intend to adopt one of them in this thread so I can update the list.

As always, please make any character from this list adoptable <3

Rider Assignments / Re: Gold Flight Contenders
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Character Name : Z'tai
Dragon Name : Jenrath
Age of Character : 35
I give the Staff of SWW permission to make Z'tai adoptable by submitting this and understand I may withdraw this permission at any time up until said character becomes ranked.

Character Name : N'iko
Dragon Name : Astaroth
Age of Character : 34
I give the Staff of SWW permission to make N'iko adoptable by submitting this and understand I may withdraw this permission at any time up until said character becomes ranked.

Completed and Discarded / OOC Best Friend for Impulsive Thrill-Seeker
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"We've got the vision, let's have some fun"

Kharismene // Candidate // 15

About the Character:
Kharismene is a candidate who had spent her life as a drudge and gang member fighting for survival and her own happiness. She doesn't care what others think of her and won't fight for friendships if she says something to upset a potential friend, which has left her without any friends, save for one. She thrives on fun and danger and is hardly ever sitting still, unless being forced to study since she is so behind everyone else in reading and writing.

Wanted ICly:
No name - b.2574 - Candidate || This friend has been with her since the beginning, or at least as long as either of them can remember. He joined the same gang as her and they became partners in crime, always seeking the other one out before doing something fun. He is the only one to ever put up with her sometimes-flippant attitude and knows exactly how to either snap her out of it or reel her back in. He should be an easy-going guy that goes with the flow (very flexible because she is so impulsive), but he can also be dominant when needed to put his foot down with her. They are both very honest with one another, even to the point where he'll tell her when she's being a bitch. They aren't afraid to say anything to one another, although Khary has been known to get pissed and storm off. He will give her some time, but eventually he'll go find her again and they are back to normal without saying another word.

Wanted OOCly:
I'd like 2588-89 threads when he is Searched before her and the drama that ensues from there and then current threads of their time as candidates, either having fun/getting into trouble or him helping her with her studies. I don't have a preference of if he actually Impresses or not in the future. There's also a bit of sexual tension between the two of them. They are best friends, but there's always been an air of possessiveness hanging between the two of them since it has only been them for so long. Anyone else intruding on their bond is typically met with annoyance by the other person. They have seen/do see other people on and off, but have never actually tried anything with one another. This is an avenue I would consider based on how their current timeline threads go versus them just staying overprotective best friends whose future partners will have to fight for their acceptance.

Please let me know if you're interested before starting a profile and make him adoptable <3

Universal Events / Re: [ 23.3.2591 ] Infestation
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K'mar and Phaedralena of Beach Wing will likely be helping out.

Z'tai will allow a small group of Prairie to assist, but the rest must continue with the Mine Hall transport duties.

N'iko will be out and about with Mountain Wing.

M'kale and Callista will remain with Jungle Wing for drills and hunting.

Kharismene will be one of the candidates drafted to help grab and move the barrels.

Aldrekayn is at the Mine Hall and oblivious of the situation.

Code: [Select]
[{Kmar}] || [{Callista}] || [{Mkale}] || [{Ztai}] || [{Aldrekayn}] || [{Phaedralena}] || [{Niko}] || [{Kharismene}]
Added: Inki

Holders / Re: Saleizo [ 22.08.2522 | Holder ]
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Image Credit:
Colored by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
13.03.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Byrd is on the smaller side for a blue flit, which makes it easier for him to snuggle or wrap around someone without being too heavy or much of a hindrance. He's a dark, almost navy blue shade across his body, which then lightens with scattered specks along his wings.


Mind Voice: Byrd has a very soft, soothing mind voice. It sounds like he's almost always on the verge of sleep, because it has a lulling effect to it. Even his emotions, when impressed on another, have been softened. So a happy noise will sound more like a hum of pleasure.

Snuggling with Sal: Byrd's all-time favorite past time is getting some snuggling time in with Sal. His commitment to making this happen has paid off to the point where Sal will no longer shove him away, and he takes full advantage of that. He prefers to curl himself or his tail around Sal's neck and will press against him like a permanent scarf.

Sleeping: When he's not with Sal, he is likely sleeping somewhere. It doesn't matter where, he will sleep anywhere that's quiet.

Attention: He loves receiving attention from anyone or anything. Whether it be a person, dragon, flit, wher or another beast, he is happy to be noticed. It doesn't even matter if he is receiving poor attention, such as from Slade. Byrd will still be happy about it and seek more attention.

Doing anything: When Slade is busy and Sal calls upon him to do something, he moves at a sloth-like pace to get it done. He hates doing things, but will if he must. He just takes his sweet time about doing it, and may even take a nap in the middle of the task if it takes long enough.

Loud noises: He will avoid loud areas whenever possible. Loud noises make him shrink down almost as if in pain from the sound. So anytime Sal is in the Weyr Hall (which is typically noisy) or even if Sal is in a shouting match with someone, Byrd will go off to find a quieter place to be. There is nothing and no one that can make him stay in a noisy location.

The rain/water: Byrd hates to get wet. Baths with him are a nightmare. This is the most movement Sal has ever seen from him is when he's trying to avoid getting wet. And rather than get loud and annoying like Slade might when he is unhappy with something, the blue makes an almost whimpering sound. On rainy days, which comes quite frequently on this island in certain seasons, Byrd refuses to go outside.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Holders / Re: Saleizo [ 22.08.2522 | Holder ]
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Image Credit:
Colored by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Same as it is spelled
Date of Birth:
13.03.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Slade fits in with the average size of bronze flits. He's neither exceptionally large nor small, but just right. His color is more of a "dirty" bronze and does not hold the glow or shine that some of the others have in the sunlight. His shading varies anywhere from a flat, dark bronze to varied bright areas along his spine and following the curvature of his wing structure, to a bright, mottled head.


Mind Voice: Slade's communication with Sal or anyone else is very short and to the point. He sends images as his primary form of communication. He only makes noise to get someone's attention, and it is a short, loud, and rough squak, as if to show how infrequently his voice is used. His mind voice is just as sharp and rough should he send a one-word thought and tends to induce a wincing reaction from anyone he may share a singular thought with.

A job to do: Slade is happiest when he is "working". He likes to go from place to place and report things back to Sal or to be given a specific task from Sal that he can go out and do. He wants to be busy and do things all day rather than feel like he is of no use.

Women: Perhaps this is because most of his time has been spent keeping an eye on Sal's whores, but he enjoys watching over women the most. They give him more attention, appreciate his protectiveness if a client is not behaving well enough, and always seem to be happy to see him even though they know he is reporting back to Sal.

Sitting around: If there is nothing for Slade to do, he will give everything that moves an attitude. He can't stand the thought of taking a break or taking a nap. If Sal has nothing for him, then he will go out and search for things that may be of use for Sal to see or know about so he can still do something. He sleeps during the day--typically when the whores had the least amount of work happening and were asleep themselves--but doesn't need more than a few candlemarks before he is ready to go again.

Distressed women: Anytime a woman is shouting, crying, or seems afraid, Slade will intervene. It doesn't matter if she works for Sal or not, he has learned to pick up on the emotions of others and will fight for them.

Other flits: While this applies especially for Byrd, it also extends to all other fire lizards. He doesn't get along well with the others, as he sees himself as all that is needed. The others, in his eyes, are lazy good-for-nothings and do not deserve his attention. He will either ignore them or give a sound of annoyance should another flit try to communicate with him.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Holders / Approved Saleizo [ 22.08.2522 | Holder ]
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Play By:

Sal - ay - zoh
Date of Birth:
22.08.2552 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Sal stands at just about six feet tall, perhaps an inch shy depending on the shoes or work boots he may be wearing. He has always had a solid build, even during the hard times with less food and the amount of alcohol he has consumed over time. It must be his genetics that have given him the firmness to his body and his training and fighting through the gang that complemented it with muscle. He isn't overly big or burly, and in fact he can be a bit misleading while wearing long sleeves to think he is an average joe shmoe. His muscles are tight and toned to his body and are only easily revealed when uncovered or during a fight. He keeps his hair short enough that it is difficult to grab, although there are times since being at the Weyr that he's let its length slide to maybe two inches long before he finally shortens it again. His face is shaved maybe once every week or so, and he tends to always have some scruff. He has few clothes and generally wears the same shirt and pants with boots day in and day out. Cold days will update his appearance with leather jacket similar to a rider's jacket. He has quite a few scars on his person through knife fights that scatter his body from legs, to torso, to back, to one on his right ear and one that intersects his right eyebrow.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: He considers himself a realist and that something like this was bound to happen, regardless of anything the dragonriders may or may not have done. In his mind, it is the strong who live and the weak who die. There were so many Weyrs and Holds and Halls that he half expected there to be some environmental event to cull the weak so that only the strong may survive and rebuild. Any weak persons who survived the 9th Pass, he determined, must have been protected by the strong and were lucky for that. 

Response to dragon color mutations: Sal could care less about who is Weyrleader or what color his dragon is. He has never been interested in rider affairs, and that didn't change when new colors hatched on the Sands. As long as they are still able to do what the other dragons do in burning Thread or taking down Hunters, then great.

Who are you...

Knowledge: Ever since basic lessons as a child, he has loved learning about as much as possible. He decided that there is a lot more power in knowledge than in material things and has worked toward gaining more with almost every action he takes. He even set up some of his whores to gather information from their clients that the gang--or just he--could use against them as leverage or blackmail. He's not against a good old-fashioned beat down for those who owe them money, but sometimes the message comes across a bit clearer when going after someone that person cares about more than themselves. Another reason why he keeps his distance from others--to care about someone else means to allow others easy leverage over himself that could make him weak.

Organization: This can also mean cleanliness, but for the most part he needs things in his life to be organized. A messy plan, a messy implementation, a messy room...they all get on his nerves and he feels the obsessive need to correct it. His room is a perfect example of his organization. There are no frills in his room, just the exact things he needs and they are all in a specific place. His boots, for example, must be against the wall and lined up together perfectly.

Klah and alcohol: To him, those are his major food groups. He hardly ever drinks anything aside from those two items, and even better when together. Although it has become more difficult to obtain alcohol since the move to Fort Island, he's kept in contact with a brewer he had worked with at Fort Hold who has continued to provide him with his favored drink. He always says to himself that he is not an alcoholic and that he can stop drinking, yet somehow by the end of most nights, he has some form of alcohol--usually enough to lose himself in by the bottom of it.

Flits: They've shown him how useful they can be, which is why he ended up stealing two eggs so he could have some use out of them. Not only are they good at long distance communication or finding someone for him, but they are the perfect spies. They are fairly common, especially at Fort Hold when a majority of the populace migrated there, so it wouldn't be unexpected to see flits from time to time. No one would suspect foul play just by seeing a flit flying around or relaxing somewhere, especially if they guessed that their owner must be nearby. He and his brother began to use them within the gang for keeping an eye on their men, on clients, the whores, and even to communicate between the two of them.

Sweet foods: He can't stand the taste of sweet, sugary foods like bubbly pies. They make his face twist in their unpleasantness, and he'll likely feel sick later in the day if he were to consume more than a bite.

Liars: Sal is a pretty upfront guy. If he doesn't like you, he'll say so. If he wants to manipulate someone into doing something, he'll be straight to the point about it. There is no trickery or underhandedness with him. Cut the bullshit and lets get straight to business of what he wants. When others lie to him, it ticks him off. It's annoying to have to get to the truth of something, which he plans on doing if he ever suspects a lie, and makes him even angrier than if he'd just been told the truth up front.

People: He doesn't like most people in general. Everyone he meets starts out at the bottom of a mental scale he has in his head. Everyone begins as a liar, dirty, selfish, or a fool. If he gets to know someone more through increased interactions, he'll adjust them on the mental scale and perhaps give them more allowances than he does to others, but never so much as to actually trust them. He believes that everyone is like him; out for themselves first.


* CONFIDENT : Despite what others may say about joining a gang, this actually is was helped him to build self-confidence. He'd been weak before joining a gang, both physically and emotionally. Joining the gang gave him physical confidence in his fighting ability, a purpose, and the strength to push himself once he began lessons and learned that he wanted to obtain as much knowledge and information as he could. His education and obsessiveness with learning gave him the intellectual confidence he needed on top of the physical.

* FIGHTER : His life has been full of fighting. Fighting with his father, his brother, his mother, gangs. He grew up learning how to dodge a punch and deal one back that will hit where it will hurt. Once he started harper lessons for basic education, he began to appreciate knowledge more than physical brutality, but he has never been able to shake his basic instinct to use his fists once words fail. He's learned how to take hits and keep getting back up from his gang to ensure that he never failed them. Any down time in the gang was spent fighting one another to make sure that everyone continued to get better. Even after he became the second in command of the gang, he continued to join in on these fights as a way to let out some of his anger at the world.

* DELIBERATE : The source of his confidence stems from him being meticulous in everything he does. No act is made without careful planning first. Once it is planned out and he knows in his mind that he will not lose, then he will act. When there is no time to plan and he is in the moment, his caution does tend to fly out the window and he lets instinct take over. This usually only occurs in daily encounters, of which he is less concerned with. He is deliberate only in premeditated endeavors.

* DEXTEROUS : He is quite skilled with his hands, and either one at that. Had he the opportunity to become a Harper, he would have been excellent at string instruments. He was born ambidextrous and he decided at a young age to make sure that anything he trained himself on one hand, he did with the other. This includes everything from fine motor skills and writing to fighting. A punch from his left hand will do just as much damage as one from his right. He's become quite nimble with his fingers, and stealing off of others' persons is a simple task for him.

* INTELLIGENT : He may not always put his best foot forward when speaking with others, but underneath that anger and rudeness, he is very smart. He picked up on reading and writing at an impressive learning speed during the standard harper education. He soaked up the knowledge he could from those lessons and even questioned things with the teacher after class in an attempt to understand and learn as much as he could. He appreciated these lessons far more than his peers, who didn't seem to understand that this was their only opportunity to make themselves stand on an equal level with the crafters or riders who received far more instruction. To keep up with his learning, he'll steal anything he can get his hands on--including written work by crafter students that they may have had to turn in.


* LONELY : This is something he would never admit, but at his core he is lonely. He has kept people at a distance his entire life, and he hates the family that isn't afraid to force themselves into his life. He craves a connection with someone who will understand him and has had similar hard times in their life.

* ALCOHOL : He does his best to avoid this when he's at his best, but finds himself returning again and again to the drink. He will always blame his father for this weakness rather than accept that it has become a strong part of his life. He drinks to escape his thoughts, to forget his past, present, and future, and to lose himself completely at the bottom of the bottle. This is a frequent problem for him, and his brother's particular distaste of his enjoyment in the drink has made him even more prone to turning toward it.

* TEMPER : It doesn't take much to set this man off. Being angry all the time tends to make it easy to light his fire. His temper usually involves a lot of yelling and getting hands-on with whomever incited it. He'll try to get himself under control, especially depending on if they work for him, which makes his temper hit fast and hard before he's already cooling down.

* BRAZEN : His confidence and lack of personal connections have led him to to be apathetic to the thoughts or opinions of others. He doesn't hold back what he thinks in a conversation, has no shame in yelling at someone at the top of his lungs in a room crowded of people, and if he's in the moment with a woman, he isn't about to stop just because there are people around. Why should he hold himself back for the feelings or opinions of people who don't give a damn about him and he could care less about?

* OBSESSIVE : There isn't much in his life to focus on, so when there is something at the center of his attention, he can become very tunnel-visioned and obsessive. His ultimate goal of ruining his brother and taking over the gang can sometimes make everything else--or everyone else--in the way fall to the background. The end justifies the means with him, and he won't stop. Once he is determined toward something, he'll think on it over and over again. It usually takes alcohol to give himself a break from his current obsession.

Describe Yourself:

* CONTROL FREAK: He has always needed to be in control of his work and life, which leads him to be organized, meticulous, and unforgiving when things do not go as he planned. Everything should work as he expects, people must act as he orders, and plans are to be carried out without mistakes. His mind is always running at miles per minute, going through lists of things to do, picturing a plan and possible variables that could interfere and how his plan will work to circumvent those variables, etc. This has lead to a serious case of insomnia, because he can never get his mind to quiet enough for him to actually get any sort of restful sleep.

* CALLOUS: His lack of love or care in his life has left him as a cold shell of who he could have been. He was hardly shown any compassion, and will therefore rarely give others any different consideration. He doesn't worry about others' feelings and will say exactly what he thinks about them without second thought. He enjoys looking for weaknesses in others and exploiting them whenever it will benefit him. 

* ANGRY: He has a permanent chip on his shoulder that he clings to. He is angry at the world for nearly everything that has happened in his life. Rather than take responsibility for some of it, he would rather blame everyone and everything else. This makes it easy for him to hate or be mean to others without any consideration for them. 

* DISLOYAL: The only loyalty he has is to himself. While he has pretended to be loyal to his brother, it is a farce. The only person he looks out for is himself at the end. Protect himself, and he'll never get hurt. Caring about others puts himself at risk along with them, and that isn't something he intends on doing. And while he puts a lot of time and effort into his work, he would drop it in a heartbeat if he needed to protect himself. The only side he is ever on is his own.

* MINIMALIST: Items and possessions don't mean much to him. They are just tools that can be used, stolen, or thrown away. They are short-term, and he doesn't worry himself over what he has or doesn't have. He is far more interested in the collection of information and knowledge. That is far more powerful and something that no one can steal or take away from him. If one were to see his room, he has the bare minimum of things, his clothes are the same day after day, and you'll also notice that anything he does have, is always in a specific spot (part of his control freak nature has him put everything in a specific location so a) everything has its own spot in a clean and organized manner and b) he'll know after a quick sweep of his room if anything is missing or has been moved--even just bumped).

The Magic Touch: Already mentioned that he is an alcoholic in denial, but otherwise does not do any drugs or the like.


Mother: Salinyra - Kitchen worker - b.2530
Father: Gareizen - Laborer - b.2526 - d.2580

Brother: Garren - Gang Leader - b.2547

Children: It is quite possible that he has children running around, but no woman has been dumb enough to approach him and tell him about any that he may have helped conceive. So he remains happily unaware of any at this time.

Tell us a story...

* 2552-2557, 0-5 Sal was born to a simple kitchen worker and laborer at Fort Hold, where their position and influence among others was, in his father's opinion, even lower than the whores and thugs of the world. His father was obsessed with the idea that he and his family had to be strong and hold power if they were to survive the world. When he found himself at a standstill in life, he decided it was then his role to raise strong children who would surpass him in all things. By the time Sal was a couple Turns, his father had become a drunk who beat his mother anytime he saw weakness in his children. She, in turn, would beat on Sal and his older brother as a means of "making them stronger" so she could fulfill her role to her husband in "raising them right". Sal spent most of his early Turns crying and bruised, until he learned that crying caused even more discipline because it made his mother angry.

* 2559, 7 Sal goes to his older brother, Garren, for comfort but his brother makes fun of him and hits him. Eventually, Sal teaches himself how to suppress any tears or to say anything his family would consider 'weak'. This reduces the abuse, but his mother still found reasons to hit him, whether it be not cleaning up after himself or just because it had been awhile and she had to be sure he was still toughening up. His father tells him that all people are like metal. There are those who are weak or brittle and break under pressure and then there are those that are malleable and adapt to that pressure, allowing it to make them stronger. Sal accepts this way of thinking, even though he has come to hate spending any time with his family at the risk of physical or verbal abuse.

He begins the basic lessons provided at the Hold for children like him and he falls in love with learning. He soaks in everything he can and asks for more as much as he can. He believes that this will be his way of proving his strength to his family. He even considers the dream of apprenticing as a Miner or Harper and how proud his parents would be of him if he were to become a Master one day. This idea of power coming from knowledge rather than brute strength drives him to push himself in knowing everything he can.

Later in the Turn, his brother joins a gang and he tries to get Saleizo to join by bullying him into it with his new gang friends. Sal refuses, believing he can prove how strong he is by becoming a crafter, and the gang jumps him. He goes home and both of his parents yell at him for being weak and not joining the gang with his brother. At least in a gang you can earn respect or power over others. Heartbroken that he's consistently a disappointment to his parents, he reconsiders and barely survives initiation. He ends up bedridden for weeks, and for the first time his mother takes care of him and nurses him back to health. This is one of the most memorable moments in his life, though he knows better than to see it as anything more than a reward for doing as was expected of him.

* 2564, 12 One of the gang members steals some of Sal's belongings, including the cloth his mother had used when taking care of him five Turns prior that he kept as a precious memory. He picks a fight with the member he thinks did it in the heat of the moment. The other member is armed with a knife, and Sal spends most of the fight trying to dodge and defend himself from the knife. He ends up with multiple cuts on his arms, back, and chest, one across his ear, and the most noticeable scar today from this fight is a diagonal cut midway through his right eyebrow. Soon after the fight, his brother starts talking about taking over the gang from the current leader. At first, Sal thinks his brother is doing this as a way of protecting him and agrees to the mutiny plan. He later asks his brother if he is doing this for him and learns that it is because Garren was embarrassed by him for having things stolen then calling on a fight and losing. He explains that Sal made him and their whole family look bad, and him taking over as leader would prove his and their family's strength. Sal can't decide if his brother leading would be better or worse, but decides to help with the small remaining hope that his brother does care about him and just doesn't want to admit it for fear of appearing weak.

* 2566-69, 14-17 The mutiny takes two years to plan and prepare for. Once they have enough members on their side, he and Garren set up the gang leader for a trap to take him down. Sal hated the way they ganged up on him rather than just showing their numbers against him and letting him step down, but Garren explains that leaving the old gang leader around as a loose end left them vulnerable to revenge plots. This, Sal understands, and he accepts that it was a necessary action they had to take. His brother names him second in command, even though Sal isn't sure what exactly he needs to be doing in that role at the time. His brother initiates a sort of fight club within the gang to keep everyone strong and practiced with fighting. Sal joins in on the fight clubs so a repeat of the fight two Turns ago never happens again. He focuses on using only his body for any fights rather than relying on weapons that can be knocked away. Over three Turns of practice, he becomes an exceptional ambidextrous fighter that even his brother has vocalized his respect. He also picks up on the same drinking habit as his father, usually using it as his way to 'settle down' after a fight. He particularly likes the way it seems to help him forget his old dream of becoming a crafter or memories of his childhood and help turn his thoughts to nothingness.

* 2570, 18 By this point, he is fully comfortable as the gang's second in command and in making sure that tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively. It gets to the point where he feels like his brother has taken a back seat to everything and only steps in when there's something "fun" potentially going to happen, which typically involves some sort of violence. Sal notices that their membership has lessened more than it has grown over the Turns and decides to branch off of their usual activities and add management of whores to their list of services. He starts this up from scratch and personally searches for candidates. During this time, his brother finally takes a more active role as leader and ends up with a wher egg. Sal is annoyed his brother didn't think to get him one and says so, but his complaint is quickly brushed off.

* 2572, 20 The gang tries to coerce beastcrafters into providing them with animals as their own personal food supply to resell to others for a high price. Since the demand for good food, and particularly meat, was so high in this time, it made selling meat an extremely profitable business if they could get their own private supply. His brother becomes determined to make this deal happen, but he is immediately shot down by anyone in the beastcraft he tries to coerce. With talks going nowhere, they plan to steal a runner instead and cut out the middle man.

Sal joins the couple of members selected to complete this task to make sure everything goes according to his plan. His brother ends up mucking the entire plan up with his wher and a bloody mess is left in their wake. Sal is less upset about the mess and more annoyed with the overkill of both the guard and the runner that was left behind. It had been the plan to tie up loose ends and kill the sentry as well as leave behind a runner as a threat, but his brother and the wher had gone far beyond what had been necessary and it could have risked the entire plan.

Once the meat from the runner they stole runs out, they re-approach the crafters with the hope that they had understood the warning. Sal is surprised they say no again, even knowing what the gang was willing to do. They slip out again at night a sevenday later and are met with more guards. A fight ensues, forcing them to retreat. Sal returns his focus to the whore business, but his brother continues to try against those guarding the runners at night.

* 2577, 25 Sal comes across someone trying to sell or barter with some flit eggs. He follows the man and waits for the opportune moment to snatch two of them. He would have taken more if he could, but these two were the easiest and quickest to grab. He offers the second egg to his brother in the hopes that they can use the flits to communicate with one another and keep an eye on their members, but Garren refuses and says that his wher is all he needs. Saleizo decides to try and sell the second egg--since they have a decent value if sold to the right individuals, particularly those who enjoy this sort of thing for eating--but, the darned thing hatches before he is able to work out the best deal. He didn't realize how old the eggs were at the time of stealing them--not that he would have been able to tell the difference had he considered it--and so he wound up with two firelizards: bronze Slade and blue Byrd.

He trains them both to follow his instructions in delivering messages or reporting back to him on specific persons, which was a trying task and lead to so many failures that Sal doubted for a long while that they would actually be as useful as he'd hoped. Finally, Slade picked it up and proved his worth, which was a relief to Sal. Byrd got the hang of messages and the like, but he was terrible at remembering who was who and a lazy flit at that. He far preferred snuggling with Sal than doing any sort of work. Sal fought with the annoying blue's affections for a full Turn before finally giving in and just ignoring it. He didn't show any affection back, but he no longer tried to stop Byrd's actions either.

* 2578-32, 26-30 The next handful of Turns, he and his brother can't be seen in the same room without fighting over something. At the top of the list of fighting reasons is Sal's clear addiction to alcohol. Garren thinks of Sal as weak for giving into alcohol like their father had, but Sal argues that the alcohol hasn't affected his ability to manage his tasks within the gang and is therefore none of Garren's business. Even with drinking alcohol, Sal believes he's a better leader than his brother. He doesn't see himself as addicted, just that it is his drink of choice and partly because it helps him sleep at night. It's only when he's drinking that he doesn't feel the ache of loneliness and regret for his family life, now that he's met others and learned how their families support one another.

* 2584, 32 His father is working and trying to transport some material from one location back into the Hold. The dragonriders are out fighting Thread as usual, but some still fall through and he's scorched. He dies out in the field before he can make it back into the safety of the Hold. Neither Garren nor Sal are fazed by their father's death. In their eyes, as they'd been raised to believe, their father was weak and he was meant to die. The fact that he'd lived as long as he did was surprising to them.

* 2587-89, 36-38 Everyone is moved to Fort Island, and Sal feels like everything he'd worked toward is taken away from him. He and his brother are knocked off their ledge of power and stuck back among the weak at equal ground. Any attempt to revitalize a gang is swiftly knocked down by the power of the Weyr. Seeing this, Sal convinces his brother to not make any bold moves yet. If they are to survive and regain the power they had lost, they would have to have patience and move slowly. The first few months are the most difficult and he hardly remembers them as he has no alcohol to turn to in this difficult time. Finally, his contact from Fort Hold for alcohol is finally producing some stock again after everyone has settled in the new location, and he picks himself back up. Sal goes into general labor, both to keep himself in shape and to see what working in the Weyr might afford him. He keeps in contact with the whores that worked under him at Fort Hold. Anything he might receive, he ends up giving to one of them in the effort of solidifying their dependence on him. Some continue to work, though infrequently and for nothing more than a warm bed or small goods in return. Sal encourages this so there will continue to be a client-base in the future. Even between general labor and visiting or helping his whores where he can, he still finds too much free time on his hands.

* 2590, 38 The Mine Hall officially opens for residents to move in and Sal is in one of the first groups to move. Any chance to get out from under the Weyr's authority is a move he will make without a second thought. He convinces almost all of his whores to move with him, but leaves some behind to maintain some intel on the Weyr side of things. He and his brother begin to talk to the old gang members again to discuss picking up where they left off and claiming territory before other gangs try to do the same. With the Peacekeepers reformed again as well, it sets them back a bit in having to be more careful, but they are still moving forward.

RP Sample - 2570
The dining hall within Fort Hold was packed again, as it had been for the past few Turns. With Fort and Tillek Hold as the last remaining Holds, and a majority of the survivors ending up in Fort, it was like this every night. The room was overflowing with noise, stretching the din through adjacent corridors of stone that echoed and shared the unintelligible sound even further into the Hold.

But that wasn’t what bothered Saleizo. Background noise, no matter the decibel, was something that he’d grown so accustomed to between the Hold walls and with the gang that to not have enough noise made him uncomfortable. When he can’t hear anything at all, he can stop worrying about what may come and just deal with it when it does. When he can hear small, intermittent sounds that could be coming from a rival gang or someone with ill intent, he becomes overly tense and wary of his surroundings.

So rather than shut himself away to consider the next steps to his plan, he found himself leaning against a wall in the dining hall; keeping to the outskirts of the activity, but still well within almost deafening clamor.

He’d told his brother of his intention to add whoring to their gang’s list of services and, to no surprise of Sal, Garren had been all for it so long as Sal took point on managing it. His brother had done far less for the gang than his predecessor and was already trying to take the back seat and reap the benefits without the work. He should know better than that. Strength wasn’t something that you proved once and then you got to stay on top forever. You had to keep working at it and proving yourself over and over again.

Well, Sal wasn’t going to let the gang fail. All he needed to do was start finding some willing women. His eyes continued to scan the crowded room. It was impossible to see everyone from this vantage point, but it was a start. Sal raised the mug of klah and alcohol to his lips for another swig. There. A young, dark haired woman with a smile on her face that he could see easily winning clients over. The foot resting against the wall at his back pushed off and propelled him forward. He wound his way through the crowd, ignoring the cursing of someone he’d likely bumped, until he stood at her side.

Never one for pleasantries, Sal cut straight to the point. “You there,” he waited until he was sure he had her attention. “You interested in some work?” 

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