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Weyr Bowl / So much to celebrate [ 37.10.2590 / 6PM ] J’hal
« on: December 04, 2017, 03:45:02 PM »
It was odd to think that he was going to the End of Turn Celebration not as a weyrling, with a bedtime restriction and ban on alcohol, but as a member of Jungle Wing. He’d already met a handful of his fellow Wingmates, some of which had been quite friendly in welcoming him, and it still felt surreal. Like he’d wake up tomorrow still in his weyrling weyr, for the same drills, to help W’um or Wa’by with some class...

Life had a funny way of working out.

So, of course, Haithen wanted to celebrate. He tailed the group of Jungle Riders who had been the most receptive to him – one of those being N’syn while he simply took the time to take it all in. Haithen understood that the following days were going to be trying, stressful, and dangerous, but that’s what he and Saissith had been training for. Preparing for in all their off time. If anything, he was ready to go now. Waiting was going to kill him just as much as waiting for his name to be called this afternoon had.

You should take the evening off, she cooed, now situated on their new weyr ledge. It was a lower weyr, small but comfortable. A green dragon didn’t need as much space as the bigger colors and that was fine by both Haithen and Saissith. They were moved into a real Rider’s weyr. Their own space. Her own ledge. Haithen had long been an adult, but he’d never really felt like one until, well, now. Not with tending to Saissith and having the weyrlingmaster assistants presiding over them like mother flits.

Haithen was almost going to miss them and their attention, he was surprised to find. Having someone, or a handful of someone’s, so invested in their wellbeing. Not that he didn’t think L’ale, L’nal, or H’vier weren’t, but they were effective strangers at this point. Haithen had spent two turns, every day, with the weyrlingmaster assistants. He supposed it was only natural he’d miss them.

He lingered in the weyrbowl and looked around. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t be training in the weyrbowl anymore. Jungle still had a schedule that’d bring him back there. Just... not with the others. Certainly not with the weyrlingmaster assistants. While Haithen was incredibly thankful to have proved himself capable of being able to graduate into Jungle, he would miss the familiarity of his old life. His old routine. He’d spent so much time looking ahead...

You’re sweet, she crooned, playing through his nostalgia with him. Since she didn’t have the memory he did, this was the only way she too could look back. Was I ever really so small?

Haithen grinned to himself as he slowly began walking toward the entrance to the Weyr Hall from the weyrbowl. //You used to be small enough to follow me around everywhere. Small enough to sleep with me. Now I’d have to sleep with you on your ledge.//

That seemed like forever ago.

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Hope this works, @Spiffy. Lemme know if I need to adjust anything. <3

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