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Weyrling Barracks / Private One Last Time [22.08.2590 / 8:30pm] A'lori
« on: August 31, 2017, 04:00:05 PM »
You're getting another firelizard? The green asked with disbelief and a little bit of humour tinging her ton.

Inanna, walking happily through the cave systems, swinging her arms with a spring in her step. Cremath's words did not phase her, she had made up her mind, besides what was one more? So she simply ignored her dragon.

This is the last one right?

Maybe, so what if I want one more?

You've already got three baby firelizards, soon to be four.

Inanna snorted at Cremath's seriousness, breaking her refusal to respond to Cremath's questions. This is the last one I swear, besides, Miss will be so excited to have another flitter in our little faire.

Yes, she will indeed.

The little Gold had turned out to be a right stubborn little thing, almost the complete opposite of her sweet tempered and shy green dragon. She was surely a formidable leader of the group that Inanna had assembled. Not that Inanna had had any choice with any of the firelizards, but she liked to think that she did.

Inanna had heard of a firelizard clutch by one of the Weyrlings. It wasn't uncommon for a clutch to be sitting on the sands at any given time in the Weyr. There were enough Golds flying around after all. But there had been something about the way they hadn't put a notice up on the Weyrhall board that made Inanna want to go help them out. After all, she didn't want them to be stuck with a faire of their own if they weren't distributed in time. That was it, she was doing it for the Weyrling's benefit, and her own procurement of a firelizard egg would be a convenient bonus.

Sure. The green sensed Inanna's direction of thought and the green rider was sure she would have heard a dragonlike snort if they were within hearing distance of the other.

Popping her head into the Weyrling barracks she looked around in the common room, taking note of those in the room. Unfortunately, Inanna hadn't found out the name of the firelizard owner through the gossip mill of the Weyr, and so she was pretty much on her own from here.

"Hello," she addressed those in the room brightly, "I'm looking for a firelizard egg, and I was told this is the place to be."


Rider Weyrs / Private It's Time [23.04.2590 // 11.30pm] ~ K'zaya
« on: March 17, 2017, 10:07:27 PM »
Inanna watched from her bed at Cremath's tail twitching back and forth across the stone of the Weyr ledge. Cremath had been snappy all day, and now, her disturbed sleep pattern made Inanna very sure that she would be rising soon.

The green always got a little more snappy and a lot more nervous when it came to her flight, she shrunk away from others, and didn't want to get close to anyone, in case they knew that she was going to rise and was going to bring it up to her.

But this time she was a little different, she had been a little more open about Inanna confirming to some that her flight would be coming soon, and had even mentioned it herself a few days ago to Fyenoruth, she was changing, still herself, but less... worried about everything all the time.

It seemed that she had waited until complete darkness to decide to rise, and as Inanna felt Cremath slipping slowly into wakefulness, she felt the lust creep into her as well. It was very like Cremath to rise in the middle of the night, it meant that she could blend in to the dark sky, and also meant that many would not bother to chase her. It was just a green's flight after all, sometimes sleep was more important.

And then she was awake, bright eyes glowing in the dark of night.

Cremath didn't bother to blood a kill, having eaten before going to sleep at Inanna's urging, knowing that Cremath would be rising in the middle of the night, and not wanting to inconvenience the beastcrafters.

The green threw herself off the ledge, plummeting to the floor of the Weyrbowl, before pulling gracefully out of her steep dive to call for her suitors. She changed in flight, and Inanna was exhilarated by the feeling.

Let's see who can catch me!

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@Kyya @K'zaya

Rider Weyrs / Private Tired of Waiting [07.04.2590] 5:30am // K'zaya
« on: February 15, 2017, 04:16:45 AM »
Inanna was sick and tired of waiting in her Weyr for someone to come seek her out. Enough was enough. She was a nubile, young woman, who deserved to have suitors barging into her room during a queen flight. And if no one was going to come a-barging, she was going to drag a loser into the nearest reasonably secluded area.

Stumbling out of her Weyr and into the corridor, she staggered towards where she vaguely knew, in the back of her mind, the failed suitors of Imyth would be soon stumbling out as well. Bronze, brown or blue. She'd take them all. Inanna didn't have any preferences, she really just didn't want to be alone during a flight like this.

Wouldn't you be so much more comfortable spending your night alone? Cremath, shy as ever, asked. Knowing that if Inanna brought someone back to their Weyr, that Cremath would likely have to share her ledge with the dragon of said rider, for a least a short period of time, while he was picked up later on in the day.

Cremath would have been much happier if she wasn't put in the company of any failed dragon at this point in time.

"Sorry Cremath. I have needs." Even if her own dragon didn't want the feel the pull, Inanna couldn't help it. She needed to take this flightlust out on someone, and flight losers were always worth their while.

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@Kyya Let me know if this is okay. You can powerplay if you have any ideas of where they want to go.

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