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Weyr Hall / If I Fell [ 37.10.2590 // 9pm ] S'nis
« on: February 28, 2018, 08:54:07 PM »
Tressie had managed to extricate herself from her family with only a modicum of resistance. She was just going to make the most of the night, see a few more of the folk whom she had made friends with when they had lived at the Weyr and hadn't followed for some reason or another. Who they were specifically didn't come up, and where she was going specifically, was carefully avoided as well. The Hall was just so loud with so many people celebrating after all.

The promise however, to return before it got too late was an honest one. Tresrissa just wanted to have a bit of fun, away from the constant overseeing of her brothers and parents. She didn't resent the company, not at all, her favourite moments in her life had involved her family, but that didn't mean that she wouldn't appreciate some space every now and then. Her family was typically quite happy to give it to her. After all, they had more than enough to do in their everyday lives than to constantly supervise the grown up Tresrissa.

As her eyes swept over faces and tops of heads, Tressie realised that she was indeed looking for a specific person. Seeing a flash of Red really was her hope in finding the pair. Her face creased up in consideration, would Masath be too large to come into the Weyrhall now? Tressie had to admit that she had never paid that much attention to a specific dragon and riders growth, they just hadn't... held her attention for that long. How big did they growth in two months? Cause it had been about that long right?

Tressisk nosed her leg, pulling her out of the way of the corridor as a man brought through a large serving dish stacked with used and forgotten cups and dishes, obviously intending to start the clean up process as soon as possible. Wrinkling her nose, she moved away, definitely not wanting to be roped in for any sort of cleaning duty.

"If you were a weyrling, Tressisk, where would you be, hmm?" The green just gave her a look, before turning back towards the crowded Hall. "Great. Not helpful at all." Tressisk didn't deign her grumbling with any sort of response.

Finally deciding that standing full heads shorter than most of the other occupants of the room wouldn't be helping her quest at all, Tressie pushed past Tressisk's always subtly defensive body in front of her. "I'm going to get a better vantage point." She said determined, striding forward to stand upon and recently emptied chair, and thanking the man who loaned her his shoulder for balance. Admittedly, he hadn't offered his shoulder to her, but Tressie didn't worry over such small facts.

"Aha!" She patted shoulder-man on the head, thanked him for his service, and slipped her way through table after table much more discreetly. "S'nis!" Tressie said brightly when she reached him. "I've been looking forever for you." It wasn't precisely true, but again, details.


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