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Past and Possibilities / Private Terrible Mornings [ 22.2.2588 / 5AM ] X’hos
« on: August 02, 2018, 01:51:13 PM »
Meyelthra didn’t like getting up early for a good reason. X’hos’ flight was not even close to a good reason. If anything, when he shook her awake and timidly told her that his dragon was going to take wing, she had to clench her fists and resist the urge to hit him then and there.

They’d talked about it. She’d knew this day was going to come.

The bastard was lucky she’d not been sleeping with anything pointy or sharp. The urge to gut him itched in her palms as she pulled on one of his shirts that served like a very high cut dress – just covering her ass. It’d pass for decent enough as she stormed out of the weyr, Meyesk and Snap hot on her heels. She wandered down the tunnel connecting to their weyr, intentionally not looking at the faces of the riders that pushed past her. The people intending on participating in the Flight, before she found herself far enough away there weren’t any more people around.

So she sat down, leaning against Meyesk as he laid down to provide some support for her. Snaps flapped off to steal something from the kitchens – just some dried fish from last night’s dinner – which gave her something to tear into while she just...waited.

She was wide awake, despite having been woken not long ago, but she tried very hard to keep her mind blank. Staring at the opposing wall in the glow-lit hall. Chewing on dried fish.

Waiting. Waiting.

It felt like she’d waited the whole day before Snaps landed on her lap and trilled to get her attention, pushing an image of the empty weyr and X’hos into her mind.

She didn’t get up right away. Meyelthra was still angry. Not at anything in particular, she was just... mad. After another short eternity, she shoved Snaps unceremoniously off her lap and she started walking down the hall. Not toward the Weyr, but toward the bathing pools. She needed to relax.

Snaps tumbled to the stone floor before he flapped up, chirped at her, then flew back to X’hos to let him know where his bonded was going.


Past and Possibilities / Private A moment to talk? [ 11.4.2587 / 1AM ] X’hos
« on: September 17, 2017, 02:24:13 AM »
This was a schedule that Meyelthra knew she couldn’t keep up, but one she’d happily continue for a couple more days. Honestly, the boy was just wearing her out. Though Meyelthra was often an endless supply of energy, several days of late nights were beginning to wear on her.

Eventually, they’d just have to sleep together. Her legs, back, and even arms were going to demand it. Shards, she was just raw. In a very good, very used, spent way. Now... Now all Meyelthra wanted to do was be dead to the world. Sticky and sweaty from their most recent bout, she flopped on her side and shamelessly nestled herself against his side.

Fuck it, she liked tangling herself up with him after. It didn’t matter that she was still so warm. Her muscles were languid and the idea of moving too far was just daunting. No. She wanted to just sleep forever.

Maybe she’d take tomorrow off. Just soak in the hotsprings, do some easy chores in the kitchen, and laze about the weyr. Recover some. That sounded like a great idea to her hazy, sleepy brain.

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