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Líok didnít always attend the Riderís Betsósometimes, at the end of the day, he just didnít have the energy for it. More often than not, feeling all the more like an old son-of-a-bitch because of it, he simply retired early and tipped into bed for some lovely sleep. Leave all that excitement for the younger riders who never seemed to stop moving or take a moment to rest.

But this had been a good day. His aches were relatively minor, and Líok didnít feel like he might be in danger of passing out on his feet if he did go. It would be a nice chance to socialize with other riders. And maybe, just maybe, there would be some wine. He knew better than to really hope, but itíd be nice if there was. So much of the newer stuff was far too rough for him; not to say that the Brewers and Vinters did a poor job. But they all had to make do with the materials that were available to them, and much of what they produced now just wasnít to his taste.

He was sure he wouldnít be the first rider to arrive, but this was hardly a formal event where he would be penalized for such. Inclining his head respectfully to Halirina and Síbok once he had entered the Hatching Sands, Líok was content to slowly mingle and even get a better look at the eggs in this clutch. He hadnít taken much opportunity to look at them before, but there was always an idle fascination there.

Iskelaith, for his part, was happy to settle in the Weyr Bowl rather near the entrance, looking forward to socializing as well with the other dragons that might linger after dropping their riders off. Do you think any more Candidates will die this Hatching? he asked, directing the question to the nearest dragon that he didnít recognize as belonging to a ranked rider. It might be a morbid line of inquiry, but heíd never particularly cared for polite niceties regardless.

Spoiler for OOC:
The time has come for yet another Riderís Bet! The OOC thread can be found here for those that want to check in and/or place OOC bets. Also, donít forget that any Candidates you play need to at least check into the OOC Touching if not post directly in the event. If they do not, they will not be eligible to Impress on this clutch.

If anyone wants Iskelaith to have addressed their dragon, live your dreams. 8D

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