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Absences / Re: Moving House!
« on: May 06, 2018, 08:56:19 AM »
So, we are all moved in!

Still, attempting to get the net sorted out mind you. Well, the net and the phone but I should be back online from the 15th of this month which means I will be good to go full time once more. So, excited about that. I don't think anyone is waiting for me per se but I just wanted to give you a heads up!

Universal Events / Re: [ 23.3.2591 ] Infestation
« on: April 18, 2018, 10:26:03 AM »
Velatha is already busy doing things

Added: Inki

Universal Events / Re: [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 18, 2018, 10:25:34 AM »
Velatha will be umm being under the weather but will blergh away from the hall and eventually realize it's not the same thing

Added: Inki

Romance / True Love? It never ran smooth
« on: April 16, 2018, 11:35:11 AM »

"Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you"

Sionann // Candidate // 20

About the Character:
Sionann has been around a fail, she has failed to Impress on more than one occasion and it has started to hurt just a little bit more than she would like to admit. I would dearly love to have someone who would take her out of her sadness as she watches friend after friend, as well as candidates younger than her going off with their new companion. She is a dearheart and very compassionate and empathetic. Originally, she wanted to be a Healer and at least a part of her still feels that kind of need to help and heal those around her, she is a very giving and pleasant person to be around.

With her single firelizard, she might seem like she would be envious of others with more, especially as she hasn't managed to Impress but far from it. Sionann loves Tavi and doesn't see any need or reason to add to her fair. She is the kind of person who will volunteer to help, even when it's not always the most pleasant of tasks.

Wanted ICly:
While a new character is fine, I wouldn't mind any current character you have that would fit or whom you just want to throw at her, while Sionann is confident she isn't particularly flirty and it would be a slow burn kind of thing with a few hiccups and pitfalls and just mistakes and assumptions - all the good stuff. I would want this to develop naturally and I don't mind the occupation of the person involved but obviously, she is still a candidate so bear that in mind.

Wanted OOCly:
As this is a wanted, please make them adoptable! -flutters eyelashes- I don't mind if this is a current character and ultimately this should be something that progress flows naturally between the individuals involved. I am more than to discuss and plan anything you might have in mind but I don't normally fix anything too rigidly in stone.

Absences / Moving House!
« on: April 16, 2018, 03:38:35 AM »
So, I have just been told that I will/should be getting the keys to my new house on Monday (23/04) this means my availability has basically gone down to low-nil and depending on that happening, I will be losing the net shortly afterward as I need to get it connected again and that usually takes up to four/five weeks depending. That will be fun.

I am very excited! Although my net presence will understandably be diminished until everything settles down again and things are connected. I will do my best to keep you up to date etc. However, with only limited mobile connectivity, my options will be very limited. So, after this weekend I will be taking on no new threads.

Family & Friends / There may be trouble ahead... (Crafter Family)
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:50:20 AM »
About Velatha
She is the youngest child and also the only daughter in the family. As such it has always been used as the excuse for why she needs to be protected and/or watched over so much. The family has very strong opinions about riders and that has resulted in their attempts to make sure that their daughter remains apart from them.

Obviously, this didn't work. She has had numerous arguments and out-and-out fights on this score but Velatha has determined that B'nyn makes her happy and that moving into his weyr.

Family Details

(Janet McTeer)
Sr. Journeywoman Weaver
Mother // Loyal

(Nathaniel Parker)
Master Weaver
Father //Bigoted

(François Arnaud)
Sr. Journeyman Weaver.
Brother // Responsible
Married to Saphise

(Aneurin Barnard)
Jr. Journeyman Harper
Brother // Playful
Married to Llenari

(George Blagden)
Jr. Journeyman Fisher
Brother // Brusque
Married to Pyria

Out of Character
There are more details on her application, Velatha if you would like to go and check that out. Although I will be happy to negotiate some details in terms of their crafts and wives as well as any children they might have had etc.

As this is a wanted ad; please make them adoptable. Other than that anything goes, I've included some images for inspiration and little details to help with ideas but I am open to talking out anything. Basically, I would love to have the dynamic of the family/Velatha and of course, B'nyn, especially now that she has moved into his weyr. 

Crafters / Re: Velatha [ 29.03.2574 ] Apprentice Weaver
« on: April 14, 2018, 09:30:05 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

as it's spelled
Date of Birth:
27.09.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This flit is a soft sage green in color, lightest along her head and the tops of her wings. The bottom half of her body, however, looks like she's partly in shadow, darkening her back, tail, and the trailing edges of her wingsails in a darker hue. Her wings are also scaled with speckles of the darker color like dappled light. The most notable markings on her body are her stripes -- of a dark pine green, they run from her forehead to her shoulders and then from her hindquarters to the tip of her tail, with a lateral one tracing her spine. She's a small creature, with a narrow head and wings.


Mind Voice: Calm and laidback, her mental presence and projections are all easy, unobtrusive, and even rather soothing. The messages she relays are usually in the form of pictures, as she's rather quiet even for a flit beyond that, but they are wonderfully vivid and colored.

Sunbathing : Her favorite thing in the world will be basking out in the Fort Island sunshine. The heat will never bother her, and unlike some flits, her hide won't dry out from long exposure.

Observing : This Green enjoys being involved in her bonded's life and knowing what she's doing. If Velatha is performing a task that this girl finds interesting, she'll be a very curious presence watching everything. When she's young, this may result in her getting in the way, but with time and training she'll learn to simply sit quietly and watch rather than interfering.

Loud Noises : She's a shy wallflower, and loud or overbearing things startle her and will drive her off since she finds them so unpleasant. While other jarring things will do so, this Green is most sensitive to noise.

Rough Textures : It's not that she craves being pampered or coddled; rather, there are just some surfaces she finds unappealing and will steer away some. Anything that's too coarse, she'll usually reject in search of something smoother, even if the smooth surface is harder than the coarse one.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
When she's physically mature, this Green will fly on 23.04. She will not be a Force Catch.

Born of Vanity's 2590 Clutch
OOC Distribution

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Crafters / Velatha [ 29.03.2574 ] Apprentice Weaver
« on: April 14, 2018, 09:28:07 AM »

Play By:
Jessica Brown Findlay

First Name:
Date of Birth:
29.03.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Not yet

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Velatha is usually dressed in clothing slightly too baggy for her. They're hand-me-downs from her brothers tailored as best as possible to her size, but they still don't fit too well. She has removed the sleeves from two of the four shirts she owns and wears those on the warm days she has to work so that she won't sew her shirt to her current project.

Her hair is curly and difficult to manage in the island's humidity, so she's basically given up on trying. It's either hanging wildly around her face or tied back haphazardly with a spare scrap of fabric. She's a slender thing as well, and is such a size that she can avoid wearing a chest wrap (saving more fabric, in her opinion). Shoes are also a rare sight on her feet, with her preferring to get as comfortable as possible while she works so she can do more in one sitting. She'll wear them around the weyr, but in her family's alcove or while with the Weavers, she's barefoot.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Velatha was relatively sheltered from the full effects of the catastrophe. While yes, she was born in Fort and grew up seeing the constant Threadfall, the disease, and the sheer amount of clothes that needed holes and score marks fixed, it never really settled in her mind that this was weird or something to be concerned about. It just...was. She never experienced death first hand (still hasn't, actually). Once the Pass ended and she moved in with the Riders, Velatha realized just how much she missed. Between her new found fascination with dragons and the sudden realization of what was lost, she's in awe that people could still act normal.

Response to dragon color mutations: A dragon is a dragon is a dragon. She could care less about colors and hides and who was weyrleader. She just likes the dragons. But don't tell her family.

Who are you...

Her craft: Velatha loves weaving. It's been her life (thanks to her parents and Shihion) and she wouldn't have it any other way. It's so satisfying being able to take a wounded article of clothing and repair it so it can be used again.
Meeting new people: Thanks to the number of people who need things fixed, Velatha has met a large variety of people. It's become a bit of a game to her, trying to guess what kind of job they hold and why they need their things fixed. She especially loves when riders come to visit, and can't wait until she learns how to repair their leathers so she can help them more.
The water: She got a few special chances as a child to go swimming at Fort Hold and fell in love with it almost instantly. Her parents won't let her swim at the cove now (because of the beach snakes), and while she's heard rumors of an underground lake, Velatha hasn't had the time (or the bravery) to go seek it out. She settles for floating on her back in the bathing caverns every so often, a little indulgence for the complete submersion in water she craves.
Fall: Fall on the island is monsoon season, which means rain, which is water, so Velatha loves it. She takes a childish pleasure in running through the weyrbowl after a fresh rain and splashing through puddles, or standing out in the middle of a milder storm to become completely soaked. She finds it so refreshing (and her family simply can't understand it).
Spinners: The little creatures fascinate her with the webs they spin. Velatha wishes they had a way of replicating their beauty, but between the complexity of the near invisible webs and the lack of thread, she has no way of attempting it. Instead, she tries to find large spinner webs and memorize their shape, preserving the beauty her mind until she finds a way to translate that to life.

Cooking: She tried it once, out of a stage of rebellion with her mother when she was tired of being made to stitch all the time. It was a disaster. She doesn't speak of it. Ever.
Tight spaces: Velatha got locked in a trunk by one of her brothers (she honestly doesn't remember now) as a joke, but it made an impression on her younger self and now she doesn't like tight spaces or restricting things. She doesn't wear a chest wrap (too tight, and really unnecessary in her case) and really doesn't like her family's alcove (since she has to share with her parents). The large cave where she works isn't too bad, but since all of the remnant crafts are stuck together it isn't her favorite place to be.
Snakes: Her fear and dislike mainly stems from the smaller tunnelsnakes. They can sneak up on you and strike quickly, and stories told by Lykor at night cemented that fear. She only recently learned that the beach snakes in the cove were also as dangerous, thanks to the attack in early 2590.
Rations: Velatha hates rations. The rationed food, the rationed supplies, and especially the weavers' rationed supplies. On a logical level she understands, since the Jungle is dangerous and they're still not quite sure what fibers live in the foliage, but it's annoying when she thinks about tapestries or capturing a dragon in thread or even just making a new pair of pants to perfectly fit her shape.
Shoes: Another part of the tight/restricting places thing, she doesn't like shoes. Sandals are her preferred article, but her parents (and fellow weavers) insist on boots so that she doesn't get a needle through the foot or even a tunnel snake slithering out of nowhere and attacking her ankle. Instead, she goes barefoot when in her family alcove or with the weavers in her chair.


* RESOURCEFUL : Due to the lack of supplies as a weaver, Velatha has become very resourceful in her craft. It's become her specialty, even, mending and sewing clothes while trying to figure out how to use as little thread or fabric as possible.

* APPROACHABLE : She kinda has to be, since her craft is a necessary one for riders, holders, and other crafters alike. She's always nice to people and is good at making small talk, and finds that she's more social and a people person than she realized. Being in the cave with the other crafts and not in their hole in Fort has made her hop of out her shell very quickly.

* QUICK : She's quick-witted and quick-minded, catching on to new ideas and conversations easily. Even if she's lost when she tunes in, Velatha can catch the tone and topic of a discussion and (hopefully) pop in a word if she has a stake in the conversation. She was always quick in her studies and takes to her craft easily, apprenticeship not nearly as daunting as she thought it would be.

* CARING : She cares about everything around her. Her family, her friends, her work, the other people in the weyr... She's quick to help anyone who seems like they need it and openly shares her time and talents.

* FOCUSED : When Velatha sets her mind on something, she focuses on it intently. When the mood strikes (which is often), she can sit and work on her studies and her craft from breakfast and through lunch. She also doesn't really...hear people when she's focused. A tap on the shoulder will gain her attention, but just a verbal call doesn't cut it.


* IMPRESSIONABLE : Because she hasn't seen much around her, she takes what people tell her at face value and doesn't question its validity without good reason. She's still developing her view of the world and the people in it, so how she's treated will do much to shape her future interactions.

* YOUNG : Due to her youth, Velatha hasn't experienced much of the world. In fact, she's quite blind to the way most of it works, and it's another tool people older than her use against her, ie. she doesn't have enough experience or simply wouldn't understand.

* INNOCENT : Sheltered as she is, Velatha hasn't been with any boy long enough to even be kissed. She does know about children and marriage and what would be expected of her as a wife, but her parents hold such high standards for who they select as her husband that she remains single. Her brothers, also protective of her, have kept her pure so that she'd be more alluring to anyone her parents liked. They all do it out of love for her, but it does seem a bit misguided. But her innocence leaves her open to teasing, jokes, and even manipulation.

* SECRETIVE: Thanks to how her parents and brother dictate the majority of her life, Velatha keeps her real dreams secret from her family. She's likely to open up to someone else, but she doesn't say a word of how she wants to learn about Pern and their past or even pick her own husband (gasp!). It'd just raise a fight she doesn't want to deal with.

* HER FAMILY : While her family exasperates her, bothers her, and even makes her angry, she'd do anything for them in a heartbeat (including those who she might welcome into her family later). There's no doubt about it. She loves her parents, her brothers, and her sister-in-laws.

Describe Yourself:

* CONTROLLED: ----- Her life has essentially been planned for her since the day she was born. Her parents want to find the perfect husband for her (they're still searching), they want to use her to rebuild the craft (like Shihoin), and they expect her perfect obedience in all things. She'd rather not live her life like that, but it's more difficult than she expected to make her own way in the remnants of the world.

* FLIRTY: ----- Surprisingly enough, even with the number of "boys" Shihoin, Lykor, and Pellas have shooed from her life, Velatha remains flirty. Half the time she doesn't even realize she's being that way (after all, she's never had practice), but her inherently friendly and open nature comes across as something else more often than not.

* OVERLOOKED: ----- Due to the nature of being in a lesser craft, an apprentice, and the youngest child, Velatha isn't used to having anyone focus on her. It almost makes her uncomfortable, to be the person who someone else seeks out, but the feeling is more strange to her than anything else.

* PROTECTED: ----- Sheltered could also be another word for it. Velatha hasn't been allowed the freedom to learn about the world on her own. Instead, her parents have searched for a (rather impossible to find, in her opinion) man that perfect for their daughter while her brothers act as guards to filter the people in her life.

* LOVING: ----- With all the care and devotion her family has showered on her, Velatha is a loving person herself. She doesn't know much else in life besides the comfort and support of family and friends, and she offers that in return to anyone who she calls friend.

The Magic Touch: She's a little innocent angel. Hasn't even kissed a boy yet.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Methalia, Sr. Journeywoman Weaver. B. 2541.
Father: Thirac, Master Weaver. B. 2536.

Shihoin, B. 2557. Sr. Journeyman Weaver. Married to Saphise, Sr. Journeywoman Healer.
Lykor, B. 2562. Jr. Journeyman Harper. Married to Llenari.
Pellas, B. 2567. Jr. Journeyman Fisher. Married to Pyria, Jr. Journeywoman Smith.

Children: none yet!

Craft: Weaver

Rank: Sr Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2586/12

Specialty: Mending/patching. She can take rags and turn them into wearable pieces of clothing with as little waste as possible.

Education Details: Being taught by her parents and her siblings, Velatha adopted their mentality of "waste not, want not" and learned to use the smallest about of thread or fabric to fix clothes. They often gave her the mending to do, and once they discovered she was good at it, the job stuck. Among one of the last weavers, she does her best to learn more by experimenting, but doing such projects unsupervised or without approval could lead to a waste of resources, and she wants to avoid that at all costs.


Tell us a story...

* Some background Methalia and Thirac were both apprenticed Weavers at 12. They met while inside the Crafthall and married when she was 14 and he 19. Their first child, Shihoin, was born a turn later. At the official collapse of their Crafthall, the two relocated with the rest of the Hall to Fort, where they set up what remained. The two apprentices continued their training, determined to be part of the preservation of their craft. They promised that their son would also become a weaver, and essentially raised him to think of nothing but weaving. He was apprenticed in 2569 and tapped in 2578. Their second son, Lykor, was born four turns later in 2562. He loved the classes the Harpers taught, and his parents were more than willing to let him become a Harper when he was old enough to be apprenticed. Lastly, Pellas was born five turns after Lykor, and as he aged he made Fisher friends and entered that Crafthall when he was old enough. Even while they had children, Methalia and Thirac were able to continue their training and learning. Thirac earned his Mastery in 2582, granted by the Masters for his work in developing alternatives type of cloth with the shortage of their normal fibers. Methalia never progressed beyond Sr. Journeywoman because of the time she had to take off for her children, but she doesn't regret it. Her parents also hold a grudge against the riders, mainly because a few of their friends were Searched from the Crafthall, became riders, and then promptly died in Threadfall. They never outright tell their children that they hate the dragonriders, but it is insinuated in everything they do.

* 2574, 0 Velatha is born early in the turn to the delight of her mother, who finally had a daughter to dote on. Even Pellas, as the youngest brother, realizes that Velatha is different than his siblings and will need looking after. Lykor is Apprenticed to the Harper Hall.

* 2576, 2 Methalia is mending some of her family's clothes one day and looks over to see Velatha copying the way the fabric is laying her lap and how her hands are folding it. Call it mother's intuition, but she's convinced her daughter will be another member of their family to carry on the craft.

* 2579, 5 Over the past few turns, both Methalia, Tharic, and Shihoin have been exposing Velatha to weaving by mending, sewing, and talking about the craft in front of her. She shows some interest by asking clothes of a certain type of weave and frowning when her parents gave her the wrong one. It was actually a test, to see if she could recognize the difference, and since she passed, they felt even more sure in their decision. Pellas is Apprenticed to the Fisher Hall.

*2581, 7 Lykor is Tapped and becomes a Jr. Journeyman Harper. Velatha and her family throw the best kind of celebration they can in the midst of the 9th Pass.

* 2582, 8 Velatha has her first awkward encounter with a boy not related to her. One day after classes in with the Harpers, one of her classmates asks her to walk back home with him. She agrees, and on the way he reaches out to hold her hand. She doesn't really understand but likes the way it feels. Once she gets home, however, Pellas, visiting on one of his off days, sees them and forces the two of them apart. He threatens the boy, telling him to leave his little sister alone, and shuffles Velatha inside to practice her stitches.

* 2584, 10 Velatha has gotten very good at the basic and even advanced stitches used in weaving and she can't wait to actually be apprenticed in two turns. She's set her eyes on another boy in her classes and the two begin to sit and study together, when her brother Lykor becomes a fill-in teacher when their usual Harper falls in. Velatha doesn't think anything of it and is excited to see her brother again, but he also forces her classmate away from her and insists she focuses on her studies and her future craft. Alone.

* 2586, 12 She's finally been officially apprenticed to the Weaver Crafthall (or what remains of it, anyways), and excels in her studies quickly. Her parents and Shihoin tutor her in things she doesn't understand and she easily flies to the top of her class.

* 2587, 13 The end of Thread and beginning of a new life. She can't believe that the Thread has actually, truly ended. Even with only one full turn of apprenticeship under her belt, Velatha finally understood the brevity of the situation when she saw the packs of Threadscored fabric and leather that needed mending. She almost feels it's too little too late for her understanding, but she just pushes that thought out of her mind and packs up her things with her family, ever the dutiful daughter. She is completely smitten with dragons once she climbs up on a strong brown to reach their new home. Once settled at the island, she helps the Weavers set up shop in the giant cave still too small to support the other hall-less Crafters and store all of their supplies. Pellas is Tapped once the Fishers get set up and he begins to work hard at supplying the weyr, holders, and crafters with food.

* 2589, 15 Being in such close quarters with the dragons has made her even more fascinated by them, especially the bronzes and browns. She'd love to have fabric to recreate their colors and weave tapestries like the stories of old. She wouldn't dare give up weaving to become a rider, but she enjoys seeing glimpses of their lives through the work she does and living in the same vicinity as them.

* 12.07.2589, 15 Velatha meets, B'nyn for the first time and also gets to hear an actual dragon in her own head as well, it is an achievement she never thought she would ever experience.

* 27.02.2590, 16 In the wake of a hunter attack, she starts to realize that B'nyn matters a whole lot more to her than she should probably allow herself to feel. Especially given her family and their general opinion of riders but she also realizes she doesn't want to stop.


If someone had suggested that she be sneaking around to spend time with a rider, let alone having heard the voice a dragon - and a brown one at that! - to Velatha at any point before the last two turns, she would have thought them in need of a Healer. She wasn't entirely convinced that she wasn't in need of one herself on some days.

On this particular one, Velatha didn't need to think like that; it was real and this was really happening! The doubts, the worries, and the arguments didn't matter.

Well, they did because Velatha still cared deeply for her family and she always would. Velatha had listened to a whole lot of talk about her shaming everyone, that her choice was somehow disagreeable and wrong or stupid or just well, some of the later words had ranged from unintelligent to outright rude and offensive to anyone who had to listen to it.

At the time it had been going at its loudest even her sister-in-law's had joined in and that was when Velatha hadn't been able to cope any longer, especially when it had been suggested that she was nothing more than a common whore who was doubtless, already carrying the first of the bastards in her belly, it wasn't accurate but it had still hurt.

That was when her mother had stepped in, bundling her off and passing an actual bundle to her and a soft kiss on her cheek. It was the closest that she would ever have to any kind of acceptance and Velatha wasn't even sure that it hadn't been more about getting her away to spare the rumors and gossip from their neighbors. Whatever the case, she had made her choice and ...now she had to live with it. Holding what little of her own worldly possessions she had in front of her Velatha had made her way to her new home.


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Original profile by lacihparg
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Bring it On!
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Universal Events / Re: [ 29.3.2591 ] Murphy's Law
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:59:34 AM »
Sionann shall be sick!

Added : SirAlahn

Plot and Scheme / Re: Wren's Plotter
« on: April 12, 2018, 12:12:09 PM »

Universal Events / Re: [ 22.6.2590 ] Kalestath Egg Touching
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:57:29 PM »
Sionann will be there!

Added : SirAlahn

Universal Events / Re: [ 20.06.2590 ] Tressisk's Run
« on: May 11, 2017, 09:49:22 PM »
Ellariel won't go unless Nealros insists. Otherwise she'll be with the kids.

As for the rest, all of them will be doing their thing in the Weyr really either unaware or uncaring or just too busy to notice; S'bok, K'rez, Vestanna, Arlais, Yolata, Sionann, Carayia & Tircin

Added: Inki

Announcements & Events / Re: Beach Snake Art!
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:11:26 PM »


Tircin and Ysmersa
1. End of day, work talk thread ->  Ysmersa admitting she doesn't want to be a Fisher
2. Chatting about extended family
3. The mess with the rider/holder business
4. Talking about the new flits
5. Thread with him struggling to understand/support  Ysmersa in her new ambition
-- just a few thoughts, let me know what you want to go with

S'bok & Halirina
1. Chatting about long-term plans
2. Admitting he did a good job (for some reason, mebbe?)
3. Trying to have a meal/be social with each other
-- again just some thoughts

Also I would love to get Yolata and Ellariel up and running if you're interested? I know Ellariel isn't really the sort to be exactly outgoing but I think it would be good for her to have some time with her extended family, even if it isn't likely to end up being sunshine and cuddles. As for Yolata it is just a general shout-out for any threads you might have in mind or just want to try out possibly. Anyone let me know!

Universal Events / [ 02.06.2590 ] Aryth's Flight
« on: April 26, 2017, 10:20:21 AM »
Aryth's Flight
02.06.2590 // 6 pm

Aryth rises for her Flight, in the late afternoon which as much as Arlais knew was happening still has her a little huffy about the whole thing. As with any other, Aryth bloods her kill and then calls out her challenge to the available males in her wing. She is a force catch to any of the Jungle Wing interested in taking the chance, while Aryth prefers bronze or brown and will in fact generally ignore the other colours as being unworthy.

Who knows if one might prove themselves truly capable? The younger and newly graduated pairs are unlikely to know that Aryth has her preferences. Basically everyone is welcome to join in, even those outside her wing if you want to join in.

Use the following to indicate your preference! :heart: Feel free to PM me, ping me on discord if you have questions or want clarification on anything!

Code: [Select]
Rider & Dragon: Their names
Mature Postings: Fade to Black/Play it out.
Aftermath: Vasalyth will be alone in her weyr, and as it’s late, she’ll want night-time company. I can do immediately after the Flight or the morning after when they head down to breakfast together.

IC Thread

Arlais of Aryth
J'thir of Adakhanyth
Y'tol of Bayorth
R'sin of Dekkath
Y'vis of Xnyeth

Checked In
Lokin || Zarra
Oarlen || Sokon || Nycolus || K'zaya || X'kis || Tayvelle || Berlya
B'lye || C'bryn || Nishi || Keron || Neriherem || Tiynnalacia || Omenya
Fisk || M'dak || Inanna || Paylae || W'um || Iralye || B'ron || Tresrissa || Ysveta || Elrost || Z'ryr || X'rine
Droissa || C'dus || Saviavi || Nieve || Penderton || Nealros || Bekareni
Arrobella || J'hal
Marika || Karou || Colvin
L'ren || Esclamonde || I'ryn || Isotarïne || Thiis || Velatha || Nalata || Notkerric
Kaladesi || V'len || T'nax || T'lor || U'thar || T'veck || Calladren || Kyohei
A'srian || B'ryn || K'ran

Plot and Scheme / Re: Drewliet's (actual) Plotter
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:30:35 PM »
Sounds like a plan! I'll get a reply up shortly on that other thread!

Plot and Scheme / Re: Drewliet's (actual) Plotter
« on: March 17, 2017, 11:14:14 PM »
So Ellariel is approved!

*noms for threads* When you're ready but I would love to have some with her hubby to get things established relationship-wise! @Drewliet

Universal Events / Re: [ 20.4.2590 ] Kalestath's Clutch
« on: March 03, 2017, 01:35:00 AM »
S'bok is there, cause apparently he's been dragged along.

K'rez, Vestanna, Arlais Yolata - all of them will pop along to congratulate and be generally nice and such. Way to go Kalestath!
Tircin doesn't care much

Carayia is interested but she'll not be there, unless the weyrlings are allowed and she manages to get some company (aka nerve) to do so!

Sionann will definitely be excited! and very much interested in when she can get up to see them as soon as possible, along with the Touching etc. Just generally squee!

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Plot and Scheme / Re: Wren's Plotter
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S'bok/Nalata? We had mentioned this. I can get a thread up.

Also. Yolata and I'ryn? Newly graduated Praire Wingriders! And they were in the same weyrling class. They could be friends? They're also both children of prolific bronzers who didn't really take an interest in their children...See? Lots in common :D


Yes for the S'bok/Nalata! I heartily approve, get it started and I'll reply.
Same applies for Yolata and Iryn! Get them started and I will aim to respond tomorrow.

Completed and Discarded / Re: As the muse strikes...
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Spoiler for for the hold:

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
04.08.2575 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Ellariel has never managed to stand out; even as a child she was more of a small wisp of her girl almost a half-forgotten member of the family among far more vibrant and usually loud siblings that she grew up with. There is a paleness to her appearance, almost making her look weak or fragile it was certainly suggested on a few occasions that Ellariel looked more sickly then sweet.

In order to off-set her failings in a physical sense Ellariel learned how to dress to promote what she had and improve it with careful touches here and there. As she got older Ellariel would learn to pad out in certain areas as she remained universally lean and largely flat-chested. She is also rather narrow waisted, which has caused painful problems in having her children but it has at least now provided Ellariel with the chest she had always been looking to possess.

Along with those changes are also stretch marks over her stomach and breasts as well as a slight sag from being pregnant so close together but it more of a little paunch than anything too gross and Ellariel has the skills to hide it from the casual observer - at least when she is fully dressed.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
We cannot hide behind high walls, our hearts trembling. For that is not life. We must accept the needs and the duties of each day, and face them one at a time
She experienced the death of his mother, and the loss of cousins and even a friend or two but Ellariel was able to cope with these deaths with more calm than many others. She believes that ultimately the lost remain in her heart and while she is able to remember them, they are not truly dead. In order to properly accept abandoning her home Ellariel has told herself many things, one of which that she had no choice in the matter. Something that has been true in so many aspects of her life. Ellariel wants to concentrate on making a place here, for her and most especially for her family.

Response to dragon color mutations:
The purpose of debates is to explore issues, not end them
Ellariel is shocked that these dragons have appeared, not outraged but they seem to be direct representation of all the changes that had been happening and she is not sure how comfortable she can be as a result even if she was more certain about it all. Publicly she has the same opinions about dragon-riders as her husband and given his own thoughts on the matter Ellariel has chosen to remain steadfastly neutral or at least say nothing about her thinking.

Who are you...

-- BEING A MOTHER ; ever since her first daughter was born Ellariel has been proud to be able to call herself a mother. She is both protective and caring towards the children, hoping more than anything to be able to provide them with a suitable role model they can live up to as they get older.
-- NEALROS BEING BUSY ; anything at all that distracts him from finding fault or a mistake with her or their children or their home. None of which makes her all that relaxed or stress free and can result in Ellariel being far more snappy in her manner as a result.
-- MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY ; she prefers to avoid confrontation and arguments. Basically anything at all that will make someone upset. In fact, Ellariel will do whatever she can to make someone happy, making a meal they love or fixing a special item - this applies most obviously to both her husband and often her extended family as well.

-- HER EXTENDED FAMILY ; aside from making her well and truly nervous Ellariel is also not comfortable with their lifestyle and the affect it has had upon her husband. More than anything else she wants to break free from this world and all of the damage it can have upon a person.
-- GAMBLING ; it seems to almost be the source of a lot of her problems. Well, a lot of the reasons why Ellariel is not as happy with Nealros as she would be otherwise. He loves the thrill of it all and it is one of the things that brings him back over and over. She'd prefer it to be over and done with really.
-- WHER FIGHTS ; Ellariel doesn't like to see how the animals are hurt, the training and especially the fights most of all. She'd happily never see another wher again, not because she hates the animals but because without them Nealros wouldn't have another wher to abuse with his training.


* ASTUTE : she is a woman who has often been in the shadows, quiet and unobtrusive overall. It has developed her ability to become more observant of what is around her both in terms of people as well as the small details about them and their character.

* PATIENT : Ellariel learned it was far better to plan a waiting game than attempt aggression. After all, she isn't the one that anyone is going to ever imagine as being dangerous or someone they should respect. Instead she is a quiet, still voice that provides good advice and cool logic.

* WELL-MANNERED : originally raised to be well-bred and polite, that is exactly what she is. Ellariel is above all else exactly what she is supposed to be. Namely an educated (to a degree) woman who can handle the role of wife and mother as well as the social aspects of that position as well. She knows how to plan events, and organise a household.

* FAMILY-ORIENTED : for her this is the cornerstone of her whole world. Ellariel is a woman for whom family always comes first. She is generous with her time and attention and the loving way she is with her children shows how much she wants to be a good mother.

* FOCUSED : while it is possible to assume Ellariel is more flighty in her character than a woman who is capable of handling the proper sort of concentration required to complete a task - the opposite is the case. She knows how to get the work done and done well. The last thing she wants to do is make a mistake and end up being punished as a result.


* LOW SELF-ESTEEM : as much as she is a wonderful woman and could indeed by a confident one that doesn't prevent her from having internal monologues which indicate how fully she doubts in herself as being capable or able-bodied. Ellariel will always end up questioning everything she says, or does.

* TENDENCY TO LIE : while not strictly necessary Ellariel is someone for the whom the truth is very much lacking. She'll lie not because she has to or it's necessary or even appropriate but because she is used to lying - especially to cover up a new bruise or else provide a means of remaining in denial about the cruelty if her husband and his family.

* PRONE TO DEPRESSION : due to the lack of esteem that she has Ellariel often has bouts of depression, this has happened both times after the birth of her each of her children. Although it has mercifully been short lived. The main result had been a reduced appetite as well as a tendency to want to spend time in bed - not that she does.

* POOR SELF IMAGE : she'll never see herself as lovely or even all that appealing. Instead Ellariel believes that she is merely an rather fortunate woman to have ever managed to secure a husband at all. She doesn't like the way she looks and will spend hours to make sure that everything is just so.

* SELF JUDGING : all tied in with everything else, Ellariel doubts pretty much everything that she says or does, although it has now often resulted in her questioning Nealros for reassurance that she is going the right thing, the way that he wants.

Describe Yourself:

* TAKES HERSELF VERY SERIOUSLY: ----- Ellariel might have enough of a sense of humour to crack a joke when it's appropriate but she doesn't apply that to herself whatever the occasion might be; she is a serious sort of woman and as much as she will smile it is never confident.

* TENDS TO SOCIALLY ISOLATE HERSELF: ----- She is absolutely not good at making friends, and the few she does win tend to find themselves being, not ignored but otherwise not given much in the way of time and attention. Ellariel will focus much more extensively upon her family.

* SEEKS APPROVAL: ----- While this used to be from her parents, it now rests almost solely upon the shoulders of her husband. Ellariel is not quite yet constantly seeking approval but it is fairly close, fairly consistent in her need to know that it is alright and being done properly.

* EMOTIONAL: ----- Generally she is able to handle herself, at least while in public and especially in social settings. Ellariel is however not without her moments of panic and tears, not to mention fretting and even brief sparks of anger - just not very often in her case.

* RESPONSIBLE: ----- She will also do what has to be done, getting up early and making sure it is all handled and arranged exactly as it should be and most especially the way her husband wants it to be done; no matter her own personal preferences.

The Magic Touch:
Ellariel is very much a battered woman, one who has a number of psychological scars many of which appeared in her childhood and have only been encouraged and allowed to blossom even further into her adulthood. Ellariel is always going to be more fragile than most but at the same time she is also capable of a possessing a core of strength; she is still young enough to be change and grow provided she has the opportunity to do so. It has started to show itself in the subtle ways she applies her influence over her husband or tries to at least.


Mother: Birellann, b.03.10.2558 (deceased)
Father: Riasaleren, b. 21.05.2549

-- Riren, (brother) b.2570
-- Salellann b.2572
-- Asellrenier b.2573
-- Sarell b.2576
-- Annria, b. 2577
-- Rellren b.2578
-- Ieasann b.2579

-- 2588, Nellarie (daughter)
-- 2589, Rovian (daughter)


Tell us a story...

* 2575, 0 born, she was the fourth child for her parents and marked the arrival of a second daughter into the family. Ellariel was largely an afterthought most of the time but she was noted for being very healthy as an infant.

* 2579, 4 the last of her siblings is born. In the wake of this her mother takes sick for a prolonged period of time, putting some pressure on the family to cope. Ellariel's mother never actually fully recovers from this incident and her fragility makes it a challenge for her to handle her large family as a result of which her father invites a younger sister (unmarried) to join them.

* 2580, 5 she spends more and more time learning her lessons in how to behave and less time in play. Ellariel is not always encouraged as fully as she should, as there is some lack of support due to her mother's illness and her aunt focusing more upon her elder siblings.

* 2583, 8 Ellariel is allowed to start attending some functions in a limited fashion. Mostly an effort to make sure that she fully understands her place in the world - generally to look pretty and make comments only when absolutely necessary but otherwise to be quiet.

* 2585,10 she is told that her marriage has been arranged but isn't given any kind of real details about her future spouse but instead given more instruction in how to manage a household.

* 2587, 12 this is the year she celebrates her marriage, along with the formal move to their new home. It is an unsettling period in her life, change and adjustments affecting a lot of how she acts for a long time. Especially as she has to meet and deal with her new in-laws, who actually manage to almost completely terrify her with their loud and ribald ways - it is in the wake of the move to the island that she discovers she is pregnant for the first time.

* 2588, 13 as she starts to learn more about the man she married, Ellariel gives birth to her first child and while she becomes rather depressed afterwards makes the decision to do her utmost to affect positive influences ahead of the foulness she senses from her extended family.

* 2589, 14 she has her second child, another daughter. Once more she has a bout of increased depression afterwards but this time manages to recover slightly faster.

* 2590, 15 As this new Turn begins Ellariel is keen to see more positive happenings but seems that things are not heading in that direction. At least not yet. She instead concentrates on her children as she starts to speak more candidly to her husband - when the opportunities are there.


"Yes, little one. That is the way...shall we add the spice now, hmm?" her eldest daughter Nellarie babbled in reply, only one word in three even managing to make any kind of actual sense but it was coming along and that certainly counted as a sign of how much she'd changed even in these last few months. Ellariel had never imagined how much she could love another person.

It was deeper and more true than anything she had experienced in respect of anyone else, even her husband. Although Ellariel carefully kept that knowledge to herself; there was no need to share that sentiment with anyone else. Especially as it might end up only causing her pain and certainly much more likely to be a reaction which she would hardly like or welcome at all.

No, she had learned the majority of ways necessary to make sure her husband was happy. That was always important. As she continued the cooking, watching her eldest in her secure place in their home, her ear was listening for the sounds of Rovian starting to wake up from her latest nap.

Member Info...

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Other Characters:
Sionann, Tircin, Carayia, S'bok, K'rez, Vestanna, Arlais, Yolata
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Anything Else:

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Announcements & Events / Re: New Staff!
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Which roughly translates as: Well done! And all the special kinds of awesome!

Construction Events / Re: [ 16.4.2590 ] Wall Construction Begins
« on: February 20, 2017, 11:26:49 PM »
K'rez he will know about it, he isn't going to be happy...at all. Like no, no, and more no. That is pretty much one giant-arsed headache and then some!

Vestanna & Arlais both women think it is yet more proof of how generally stupid the Holders are but at least there might be some possibility of them no longer being the problem of the Weyr and that could well work out as being a rather great thing in the end.

Tircin supports the overall idea but he doesn't believe it was handled right. In fact, he isn't sure if it isn't the worse thing to do in the wake of the fighting that was happening so recently but as he is more interested in the Fisher Hall and being out on the water he'll keep the majority of his opinions to himself...for now.

Carayia worries this might cause some kind of escalating response. Other than that she doens't have an opinion on the matter overall.

Sionann doesn't really care, but hoped some good will come out of it all.

Added: Weyrhandler

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Colour me interested....

Completed and Discarded / Someone to hold & love a lady who rides the Red!
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"Love is not about conquest, it is about surrender"

Carayia // Weyrling // 22

About the Character:
She is a hesitant woman when it comes to her affections. Carayia has been hurt before, emotionally harmed by the actions of a man who became cruel, domineering and with the potential for violence. It shook her psyche and left her heart in a fragile state.

Carayia isn't actually weak or naive, nor is she a virgin but the idea of a casual fling has absolutely no interest for her whatsoever. At the same time she no longer has the desire to necessarily put herself out and risk being hurt again.

For the time being Carayia distracts herself and gives her all to the red dragon she impressed. He might not the colour anyone expected and at times she retains so doubts but there is no one who could ever doubt her dedication and determination when it comes to caring for and training with Vesith. She originally trained in the smithcraft; sometimes it can result in a tendency to taciturn attitude particularly in large crowds as Carayia isn't really used to that sort of thing.

Wanted ICly:
Ideally, a rider who has more experience would be perfect. However, a relationship would naturally be on hold while her dragon continues to mature. Basically this would be a slowly maturing romance, one that develops over a lot of time. There can be an instant attraction but Carayia isn't going to be the one acting on it as she has been burned before by someone she trusted.

While a rider would suit, anyone who isn't going to have a negative bias in terms of her impression of a red - they can be neutral about it, or even moderately on the negative side as long as they can be persuaded to change their minds - and are able to understand what it is like to be a rider.

Wanted OOCly:
Should you take this up, it would be great if they could be adoptable. But there is room for negotiation.

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Stolen by Sanctified

Because Inki doesn't have original jokes

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