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Journals / Re: Suggested Face Claims
« on: May 15, 2019, 11:59:05 PM »
Hina Khan has a nice face

Absences / Re: Summer relative stuff
« on: April 25, 2019, 05:17:38 AM »
We can definitely feel your excitement bleeding through our screens XD I deeeeeeefinitely understanding that feeling.

Hopefully can find time to get away, and we'll catch you whenever that is. <3

Universal Events / Re: [ 4.8.2591 ] Cracking Eggs
« on: April 16, 2019, 04:45:30 PM »
I've only got my two, Elrost and Cinnacai, that are appropriate for this thread, and I will follow up with a Cai post when I can.

Elrost is intrigued/excited/pleased but also concerned for everyone and everything's safety. He just hopes it all goes well and that nothing too bad happens.

Cinnacai was one of the few who retrieved these eggs. I hadn't planned on her wanting an egg, because it doesn't quite suit the role she currently holds in the farmer crafthall. But she (and I) are starting to think that she's suited to the Courser role, and maybe she can just have a new role. The farmer craft is small anyways. I'M WAFFLING. So when I decide what's up, Cai will get a post.

Added : SirAlahn

Plot and Scheme / Re: Tinker's Plotter
« on: April 04, 2019, 05:24:59 AM »
I'm throwing in here that when I get back in a few weeks imma love to hit you up for something with Iralye and Eldessen if you'd be interested  :love:

Iralye is my grumpy Jungle greenie who pretty much only has a chance of getting along with fellow junglers.

Absences / Travelling <3
« on: April 03, 2019, 06:49:18 PM »
Hi friends!

As some of you know, my choir does this travel thing every 3 years, and the rotation has come up again! @RaynePOTM and I will be heading off to Japan for 3 weeks, leaving tomorrow :3

We might get some downtime to post while we're there, but we've both got studying which may sadly have to be prioritised in those spare few moments.

That being said three years is a long time so it's not like you're going to remember in 3 years and be like why aren't you travelling this year but whatever, this is actually our last trip with the group. I've been running the choir for a year now, but Rayne and I both have to make some time in our lives for jobs and partners and such, and it's been about 9 years with the group, so we're very content with our decision and it being the end of an era for us.

So that turned into both a travel AND a life update, so there it is :3

We'll see you at the end of this month <3

Journals / Re: Inki's WIPs
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:58:05 AM »
Slow going WIP while I get back into the groove and I wanna try out the new template


Play By:
Jennie Kim
Andie - Most popular nickname, used by most of her friends and closer acquaintances
Lil - Lovingly used by her parents, teasingly used by most other people
Date of Birth:
13.05.2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Not at the moment

Your Reflection

Andie spends most of her time in comfortable clothes, but she does have a small collection of just nice looking clothes. It's not huge, it's not extravagant, no one can really afford to be so after the catastrophe. But she had skirts handed down from her mother when she grew to fit them, and she has since commissioned one dress for herself during Weyrlinghood. She felt a little jealous her first time at a rider's event, where everyone looked so... comfortable but classy. That's not to say she doesn't enjoy her rider's attire, but she much prefers the worn in articles. Some people in her class jumped at the newer articles of clothing when the Weyr sent them to get fitted, Andie instead chose the soft, well-worn ones.

Lucky to have been blessed with hair that doesn't need much styling, she doesn't like spending much time on it. Artfully messy, her mother once called it, when the Harper was enjoying playing putting it into fancy styles. Her mother always preferred it when Lil kept her hair long and flowy, but Lilandie enjoys chopping it off to shoulder length every now and then.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Lilandie was shielded from the catastrophe most of her life by her parents and so she never really had to deal with what everyone else had to deal with. She didn't lose family members, she didn't lose any friends. It wasn't until she was exposed to dragonriders and got to know them that she had an understanding of the actual number of people who were effected.

Response to dragon color mutations: Lilandie isn't too sure to be honest. It all seems a little too... volatile for her to have an opinion. S'bok scares her to be sure. Neisoth and his reputation for violence even more so. But Halirina and Kalestath scare her too. And B'ron as well. Although Leremith and the other Juniors less so than the rest of them. But she thinks it has more to do with their personalities than what colour they are associated with.

Who Are You

Likes & Dislikes:

+ FLOWERS : While most people assume that Lilandie would only really like the pretty, girly, feminine garden plants, and she does like them. Andie is actually a big fan of the variation that can be seen in plants. She was really happy to see the variety of flora when they arrived at the more tropical Fort Island from the bleak Fort Hold.

+ SOFT THINGS : If Lilandie could, she'd fill her barracks with all sorts of furs and cushions and pillows and mattresses, and have everything padded for her own enjoyment. As such, it's a bit too much of a luxury for her to get her hands on. But it's a dream she has for a Weyr of her own.

+ HUGS : Lilandie's parents were big touchers. Not in a creepy way. But they were a family that liked to show their effection for each other by pinching cheeks, and hugging and holding hands, and being shoulder to shoulder. The trend has mostly rubbed off on her, and she's a good reader of physical interactions that way. She knows if she's hugging someone who needs it, or who really hates it, or who just needs a feeeeew more seconds to get used to it.

- FOREIGN EMOTIONS : Lilandie's parents didn't purposely try to hide her away from things that would make sure a functioning person, but by trying to protect her from the bad things that were happening (which were happening everywhere), they hid her away from a lot of the experiences young people are supposed to have. As such, she doesn't really know what to do with new emotions, either her own or others.

- VULGARITY : Language, actions, and otherwise, Lilandie was never really exposed to it, and she doesn't quite know how to respond. Is she allowed to be offended? Is she allowed to ask them to stop? Or is she supposed to just laugh if off because obviously it's not a big deal? If she sat down and really thought about it, she'd think most of it is just unnecessarily crude, but mostly harmless.


* EMPATHETIC : Lilandie is more than willing to put herself in other people's shoes. She likes the little puzzle of trying to figure out why someone is feeling what they're feeling, to her, all emotions are valid, even if they're scary or confusing or difficult at times, they're always VALID. In her opinion, anyone is allowed to feel what they're allowed to feel, and it's her job to try and alleviate emotions that she feels aren't beneficial and make people happy where ever she can.

* SINCERE : Overall, Lilandie is just a nice person. She wants to orchestrate goodness in the world. It certainly may rub some people the wrong way, but all in all they're likely in the minority, because it's hard to truly dislike someone as sincerely sweet and kind and Lilandie.

* BRAVE : Brave is certainly not something Andie would associate with herself, but any of her friends could tell you that she's stood up for them in big, and small, ways, whether Andie knew it or not. Whether by drawing the focus of a conversation to herself when it seemed to be getting a little too heated, or by matter-of-factly telling someone that Andie liked the person that was being bullied, or simply going and sitting with them while they were alone and everyone else was avoiding them.


* OBLIVIOUS : Given that Andie hasn't experienced a lot of things herself, she's a little oblivious when it comes to "reading the signs". Romantically is probably her most oblivious, but also when it comes to people about to fly into a rage.

* REPRESSED : Whilst her parents encouraged a lot of communication between the three of them, they had always tried to instil within her a more Holder-typical way of connecting with people. Not just romantically, but professionally. ??? this sounds dumb. what am I saying? do i want a whole personality trait on something mostly sexual. i'm dumb.

* INDECISIVE : Lilandie struggles to make decisions about the little things. It started from when she was a young child, when her parents gave her the opportunity to choose what toy she wanted to keep and which toy she wanted to give away. It wasn't that she didn't want to give something away, but the decision would have been far easier if she had just been able to give away both. It manifests still as an adult, she spends ages agonising over what clothes she's going to wear, what colour shoes to commission from the tanner, nothing truly all that important. Whilst some may think it's because she's overly vain, it's not. It's simply because she wants to make the most efficient and effective decision.

* SELF-SACRIFICING : Andie would much prefer to see someone else happy, because even if that sacrifice made her unhappy, seeing that person she helped be happy, would counteract her own unhappiness and make her happy. Or at least, that's how she explained it to her parents when they kept asking why she kept putting herself into situations she didn't quite enjoy. Perhaps it's because her mother gifts music to others as her job, and her parents impressed upon her the delights of seeing other people enjoy, but it also probably has a little bit to do with Andie's own innate fear of having to choose for herself, or do something entirely on her own. If she can say her decision was based around someone else's happiness, it makes scary choices a lot less scary. (did I explain this properly. it's a sub-conscious excuse. that's what I mean...)

Describe Yourself:

* IDEALIST: ----- She's the kind of person that believes if you work hard enough you can solve anything. Any situation can turn good, nothing has to be bad forever. It certainly doesn't mean she thinks solving the worlds problems is easy, but Lil definitely thinks anything is possible.

* OBSESSIVE/OVERTHINKER: ----- When Lilandie has the option to stop and think, her brain can really get away from her. She just wants the best solution for everyone (mostly everyone, she's usually last on the list). And she's more than happy to run through as many different options and change as many factors as she has to to try and make the best of any situation.

* SELF-DEPRECATING: ----- It seemed like a cute and humble trait for a young girl to have. A young girl who was quite good at talking to adults and getting along with other people, it was refreshing for her not to be completely arrogant. But in reality, Lilandie doesn't think much of herself. She's so proud of so many other people, in awe of so many things, that she can't help but think less of herself in comparison.

The Magic Touch: If thereís anything else youíd like to add, like habits or an addiction, please add it here.


Mother: Junior Journeywoman Harper Liania b. 2562 (29 turns) (Shockingly alive)
Father: Holder Carpenter/Handyman Andredore b. 2558 (33 turns) (Surprise! He's alive too)

Siblings: Liania suffered a few miscarriages before the birth of Lilandie, and whilst she has only fallen pregnant once since, the pregnancy didn't last to term.

Children: Given Lilandie impressed at such a young age, she hasn't had much of an opportunity to fall pregnant. She engaged in the fumbling experimentation necessary for a candidate to stand, but other than those few encounters she's been limited by Droth's youth.

Tell Us a Story

* 2576, 0 Born to a Holder-born Harper and a general Holder worker, her parents are very happy to finally have a child. They're a little overprotective, given that Lilandie was premature and and a little weak because of it, but eventually she grows strong and healthy and they couldn't be happier.

* 2581, 5 Her mother Liania is tapped to Junior Journeywoman status. The woman is a natural harper, with a voice of pure gold and a heart to match. Whilst Lil isn't really aware of all the details of why this is important, she is old enough to realise that her parents were happy, very happy, and that made her happy too.

* 2584, 8 Andie's parents gifted her a firelizard egg from their gold clutch for her eighth nameday. Her (very) small group of friends from harper lessons oohed and ahhed over the egg. One of the two children was particularly vocal about his sadness that his parents hadn't a gold firelizard, so he would never get a firelizard egg of his own. Andie decided to give her friend the egg instead of keeping it for herself. That's not to say she hadn't wanted it, in fact, she had been very taken with the idea of having a firelizard all for herself. But she saw the sadness in her friends eyes, and she'd been taught that being kind to people was the greatest gift you could give. So she decided to do both. Be kind by giving someone a gift.

* 2588, 12 Lilandie caught the attention of a dragonrider not long after her twelfth birthday. At the time, she had been in the middle of trying to decide which craft she was going to ask to apprentice to. For as much that only her mother had received the official craft education, both of her parents were excited that the current arrangement of Southern Winds Weyr left all options open to her.

Just as choosing a craft had been entirely up to her, Lilandie's parents let her have complete reign over whether or not she decided to accept search, although neither of them could really hide their shock and excitement over an opportunity that neither of them had ever thought possible. Ultimately, Lilandie was too awed and inspired by the opportunity to risk not taking it, even though it scared her.

And so Lilandie left the family to join in the candidate barracks, and it seemed none of them had been truly prepared for what was to come. The first came for her parents, who hadn't considered that their daughter wouldn't be able to conform to the courting rituals typical of the Holders. In order to be able to stand, Lilandie would have to have sex, and she didn't want to wait for someone to court her and "waste" her opportunities to stand for impression.

* 2589, 13 Lilandie was actually shocked when she impressed. She went through candidacy hoping that she was going to impress, but not really convinced that it was a real possibility for her. O'sir's speeches reminding them that not everyone impressed, not everyone was meant to, always seemed to be aimed at her. Not that she thought he was targeting her specifically, but she never saw herself reflected in the other dragonriders around the Weyr, could never imagine herself on the back of a flaming dragon running firestone drills.

That all changed when she impressed Droth. She had to imagine herself like that, because Droth allowed her to think little else. Andie knew they were meant to be together, a pair, bonded for life, that she was sure of, and Droth was sure of everything else... so that sort of filled in the blanks.

* 2591, 15 Lilandie and Droth are nearing the end of their Weyrlinghood. Both of them are excited to be going towards the next step, even if Lilandie is nervous about everything that will come with it. The fact that Wings have a firm schedule definitely soothes her, knowing that she won't be entirely thrown to the wind. None-the-less, the pair of them are excited to be graduating and can't wait to see which wing they're going to be assigned to. All intimidate her in their own way, but all have a vital role in the Weyr.

Quoted from Natural Events Hopefully None Of Them Between

Nearby, another egg starts to crack. This one is another of the larger eggs. The dragonet from this egg doesnít struggle as his sibling has and, instead, breaks free quite easily. Another handsome, strong brown that trumpets his arrival despite his awkward stance and eggshell that still cling to his hide.

Though his arrival is strong, his attention is drawn to his newly hatched sister. She remains in her shards, panting. Keening softly. The newly hatched Brown moves to her and nudges her with his snout. Helping her to stand, slowly. Her eyes never shift out of their dull grey color, though she does manage to get to her feet. Only then does the hearty Brown move away from her and toward the Candidates. Still awkward and gangly, but confident.

Moments later, the grey eyed Green goes Between. Without a warning cry. Only Imythís keen of despair notes her passing.

The Brownís impression is made in the wake of the cry. Itíd be a surprise if anyone noticed.

Lilandie's eyes pricked with tears when the first little green went between. She was... shocked to say the least. These things just weren't supposed to happen. Their were candidates on the sands! Why hadn't the little green just picked someone? Andie would've had her. She didn't care if whatever colour she impressed, she just didn't want to see any more of them go between. It was just so wrong.

She held her breath. Reverting to the technique that had always helped her in the past. It helped that Lilandie could watch other dragonets find the candidates that were meant to be for them. That reassured her at least a tiny bit. But why oh why couldn't all of them work out? What needed to be changed to fix this situation?

Her lower lip went between her teeth, and she worried at the skin there, pulling off flakes of dry skin that pulled just a little too deep. But she barely noticed as her eyes were drawn to a little green that just couldn't seem to make her way out of her egg. Andie wanted to run forward and help her, but the green hadn't called to her. Hadn't asked for help. And O'sir had always been clear that they weren't allowed to assist if they weren't sure it was theirs. He had said it far more eloquently, probably hadn't called a young hatchling an it. But Lilandie was too frozen on the spot to remember his exact words. She had the gist.

A small brown hatched so loudly that she giggled at his exuberant trumpeting. She choked a little on a further happy laugh when the brown moved towards the struggling green, helping her shakily to her feet, even if he wasn't exactly sturdy on his own new ones. She was up. Perfect. Now she could find her bonded all on her own, and they didn't have to lose another one.

Satisfied that the brown had helped his clutch-mate, Lilandie turned her bright eyes back to him, to praise him with a wide smile as he teetered towards the candidates. He was so brilliant. So kind. So smart to help out his sister.

[droth]Thanks![/droth] Came a chipper voice. It couldn't be drowned out by Imyth's keen, because it was in her head. Droth finally stopped in front of her, and she dropped to her knees as she pulled his wedge-shaped head towards her, the tears flowing freely now.

[droth]Can we go get some food now?[/droth] The brown's eyes were whirling a little too fast for him to be completely uninfluenced by the mood in the hatching grounds, but it did seem that his hunger was over-riding those emotions.

Lilandie let out a little laugh. "Yes, of course we can you get some food darling." As she buried her face in his shoulder one last time, before standing and allowing him to lead her outside.

Created By:
Other Characters:
.....a few
Inactivity Preference:
NPC - no kill pls
(adoptable if Lil's Weyrmate player asks for it)
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'em up
Anything Else:


Dragon Details
Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Date of Birth:
02.01.2590 9th Interval. (Class of '89)
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 30.5m
Mature Height: 6m
Mature Wingspan: 50m

General Appearance

Droth is certainly on the smaller side of browns, but it certainly doesn't make him any less enthusiastic. He's very content to be larger than the blues and smaller than the bronzes, that's exactly where he's supposed to be. Despite being small, Droth was handsome and strong upon hatching, and that hasn't changed much as he's grown up. Overall, he paled as he grew, the light rusty colour spreading across his chest, and the dark, rich brown containing itself mostly to accent his wingbones. But the darker stripe down his tail and around his feet that could be seen at hatching have maintained even as the canvas got larger.


Mind Voice: Droth is quite a concise talker, but when he does speak he exudes a cheerful but smooth tone.

Likes & Dislikes:

+ LOUNGING ABOUT : He enjoys just relaxing and chilling. Whilst he's not someone to laze about during drills and such, Droth makes the most of being lazy when he can afford to.

+ FIRELIZARDS : Cute, useful little critters, Droth especially enjoys it when he can convince a whole flock of them to join him for washing in the cove.

- REGRETS : It's more because he doesn't want Lil to regret opportunities she didn't take. Because his dragon memory prevents him from really being able to regret things.


* CONFIDENT : Droth is confident in Andie and everything she has to offer, even if she isn't. He knows what he's meant to do, what his role in the Weyr is, and he know that he and Lilandie will one day (without question) achieve those things.

* CALM : Whilst Droth is confident and a little outspoken, he's certainly not one to get riled up easily. A typical brown trait, he doesn't turn to aggression or frustration easily, instead he does what he wants and what he thinks is best, and if it doesn't work out perfectly, then that's totally fine. Not a big deal. Stop worrying.


* MEDDLESOME : Droth wants what he thinks is best for people. In doing that he'll meddle and meddle until he gets his way... for them... It's much more forceful than Lilandie, whose simple focus is on making people happy. Droth instead will sometimes turn the odds so someone who needs to be taught a lesson might end up in a less-than-admirable situation. It's never purely malicious, he thinks of it as beneficial for their personality.

* FICKLE : Never truly able to get settled on just one thing, instead Droth likes to keep his options open. He likes changing his mind about which green he is interested in, or whether or not he's actually interested in chasing at all. Luckily, the only thing he's not fickle about is what he thinks is good for Lilandie.

Dragon Speech Code:
Gradient Code : This is what your dragon's voice will look like.Text: #795B35; Left BG: #C4996C; Right BG: #D6B88F

Anything Else:
Brown 002

Spoiler for Wanted Ad:

"If the whole world was watching, I'd still dance with you."

[{Lilandie}] // Brown Weyrling // 15

About the Character:
Lilandie is a sweet, young brownrider. Everyday dazzled by the thrill of being connected to a dragon. A bond so much greater than anything she's ever experienced.

Raised in a loving household, admittedly slightly coddled by the parents who had always dreamed of a large family, Lilandie had never really thought of doing anything so grand as to change the world, save people, or fly a flaming beast through the sky. Impressing Droth changed her life, but he hadn't quite been able to change her perception that she's lucky to be where she is, and instead wants to simply impress on her that she is meant to be, and deserves to be where she is.

But she has spurts of bravery, outspoken moments where the courage of a few days has built up and spills over from some injustice. Which she only occasionally regrets. All in all is just a good person, who wants everyone to be happy. And if she can help that goal even a tiny bit then she's done good.

Older male person - any rank
*Cute simple love story
*Develop over medium-long period of time (she'll be oblivious)
*Fleeting looks across the room
*Gentlemanly courtship
*Experience teaching the inexperienced
*Her lack of confidence in herself making wires sometimes get crossed
*Her always being surprised when he wants to do something with her. Dance with her, sit with her, train with her etc. Because she just doesn't know why someone would choose her over... anyone else.

More specific ideas:
*I have this idea of a dance scene in my head. Her sitting sort of shyly by herself, maybe with some young post-weyrling friends, and *person* asking her to dance. Her being like 'what me?' *person* being like 'yeah of course'. Her blushing up A STORM. *Person* being all casual and eye-twinkly and nice.
*I've also really loved the below excerpt from Dragonsong. Now there's definitely no romance in this excerpt at all but I've always liked the gentlemanly image.
'Menolly?' The first oarsman held out a hand to her.
Startled by the unexpected courtesy to a girl her age, she was about to jump down when she saw in his eyes the respect due to her at this moment. And his hand, closing on hers, gave silent approval for her singing of the Harper's elegy. The other men stood, too, waiting for her to disembark first.

On Droth and flights:
Given Lilandie's quite passive nature, Droth is quite a bit more forthright and bold to balance her out. While I do like the idea of a little bit of flight related drama, I don't want it to be this long recurring issue in their relationship that keeps being this big issue. Lilandie will be worried about it to begin with so she'll require her partner to let her know that it's okay. Droth will chase, and will occasionally win. He's a bit fickle and not particularly skilled, but he's bound to win by sheer luck sometimes.

Thoughts on possible ranks:
*CRAFTER/HOLDER: They needs to eventually be accepting of the fact that they can't and won't be 100% exclusive when flights are concerned and that it should eventually be okay. But if that works out then that's good. As she's been raised by quite conservative crafters, they could have a lot in common.
*GREEN RIDER: I'm quite partial to the idea of a romantic green rider too whose green lady Droth will favour, but won't be 100% loyal to (and vice versa). Given their experience riding a green, can help teach her to enjoy flights and not see it as a big deal, despite her more repressed holder mindset.
*BROWN RIDER: I think the more calm brown personality could fit and complement Andie's personality. Browns are always a friendly pairing.
*BLUE/BRONZER: Their "typical" personalities are not what I've envisioned working, but I'm happy to be convinced.
*Oh, also, Lilandie is not-straight, so while I've been mentioning a male throughout this ad I'm open to more fluid ideas (although I have been envisioning a typically male-presenting person) BUT I'M OPEN.

Send me a PM or chat at me on Discord if you're interested <3

Spoiler for Gifs:

Universal Events / Re: [ 32.7.2591 ] Lyrisiveth's Flight
« on: February 03, 2019, 07:41:43 PM »
This afternoon I'll get Y'tol's post up - sorry for being slow

Name: Y'tol
Dragon: Bayorth
Mature Thread: Either/or

Added : SirAlahn

Universal Events / Re: [ 29.07.2591 ] A Day in the Life
« on: January 28, 2019, 02:04:57 PM »
M'dak || Z'ryr || Qirelai || Inanna Are in attendance for their beach/prairie duties.

Fisk is obviously there to fish

Oskendar is a little bored of being assigned to fishing chores, but isn't too fussed by it.

Code: [Select]
[{Mdak}] || [{Zryr}] || [{Qirelai}] || [{Inanna}] || [{Fisk}] || [{Oskendar}]
Added : SirAlahn

OOC Hang Out / Re: Doll Makers
« on: January 26, 2019, 04:28:26 PM »
Oooooh this is neat - I'm sort of addicted to doll makers

Spoiler for Ysveta:

Plot and Scheme / Re: Inki's Plotter v.2
« on: January 25, 2019, 04:23:41 AM »
Hey guys,

Giving y'all an update somewhere where it won't get lost. Unfortunately my Christmas/New Years time wasn't all that busy, but now I'm starting going back to uni again and trying to figure out my schedule and how to organise my study life and volunteer life and working to have food to eat and other job that doesn't pay and yet still have fun and not want to die.

SO. As a person who thrives off being busy, I'm aiming to do a few posts a week, and I'll be slowly going through my threads and seeing if there are any I want to archive so that I've got room to get on with some more on demand stuff.

Please bear with me and don't be afraid to hit me up with stuff still because I don't wanna get... forgotten? idk


I've got my to-do list below - don't hesitate to tell me what you want/don't want from me anymore. I'm still open for anything.

To-Do List:
Go through thread tracker and make sure is updated
Idea for Jarak - T'kos + Cinnacai

Plot and Scheme / Re: Plot With Tyri
« on: January 25, 2019, 04:05:42 AM »
Start with just after impression and then once we've wrapped that, the later one?

Plot and Scheme / Re: Plot With Tyri
« on: January 24, 2019, 02:43:10 PM »
I'm on board  :love: Tag me so I don't miss it <3

Plot and Scheme / Re: Plot With Tyri
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:54:09 AM »
Ah! I have your other room mate Ysveta - she's a pretty nerdy girl herself, and getting a lot easier to socialise with now that Oskith is helping her navigate social cues and the like. They'd probably get on quite well. I'm open to anything :3

OOC Hang Out / Re: Cbox in the New Year
« on: January 03, 2019, 01:18:35 AM »
I like the cbox. For me it seems to serve a different purpose? I like just chatting on Discord and having more site-related chats in the cbox. It also seems a little friendlier to have a cbox cause you can see what's going on without having to join the discord if you're just checking a place out.

That being said. I use both with equal measure. So it doesn't affect my personal use at all, just my two cents - keeping a simple cbox seems nice.

OOC Hang Out / Re: Happy Holidays <3
« on: December 23, 2018, 06:00:53 PM »

Same to you!

Universal Events / Re: [ 20.7.2591 ] Oriath Clutches
« on: December 19, 2018, 01:27:25 AM »
*flying by* When I get back I’ll be posting everyone that has the means to attend

Added : SirAlahn

Announcements & Events / Re: Resuming the Timeline
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:24:26 PM »
I changed my vote from ASAP to other after reading Sanctifiedís comment. Imma be replying to events whenever they go up, sooner or later, so I donít particularly mind when. I donít think more regular would make a great difference for me. Iíll be here in a week same as Iíll be here in some irregular number of days. So I changed to other to vote for: Whenever Alahn/Sanctified feel the vibe to putting the events up and it looks like people are replying to it.

New Members Introduction / Re: hi. everyone
« on: November 19, 2018, 03:12:43 PM »

and welcome!

OOC Hang Out / Re: Dragon's Code by Gigi McCaffrey
« on: October 20, 2018, 06:20:59 AM »
So I forgot about this because I was poor this last month. But I have just ordered the book and it should arrive just after my final exams. So hopefully I can pick it up and lock myself in my room until I've finished it  :excited:

OOC Hang Out / Re: NaNoWriMo Prep
« on: October 13, 2018, 05:49:51 PM »
NaNoWriMo always falls (and always will fall) in an impossible time of year for me, because it's Australian tertiary education exam time in November. This year in particular is super important for me being my last semester.

I will however, very much enjoy watching the progress of those who are taking on the challenge!

OOC Hang Out / Re: RPG Personality Test
« on: October 12, 2018, 04:52:17 AM »

OH and just out of curiousity cause I thought the quiz was neat - I answered the first time as me and the second time as my fav DnD char - Gnome Wizard Elywick Blimth - soooo this quiz is pree accurate.

OOC Hang Out / Re: What does your username mean?
« on: October 12, 2018, 03:23:05 AM »
Soooooo I needed a forum name that sounded like a name. Cause I'd seen some which didn't really feel namey to me, that always just felt weird calling a person whatever it was. AND it was Pern forum. So I thought of the -th suffix. And then I was like... writing... quill motif... ink... Inkith!

So originally the name was Inkith, and still is across other non-RP sites that I joined like deviantart and such. Then the natural nickname Inki came out of it, which is very close to my real name and seemed to suit. Therefore, when I moved over to SWW I decided to go with the shortened name 'cause it's cute.

That's my story! Reading that a lot of the above are people's real names is very cool since mine morphed that way eventually. (YOUR NAME IS BEE?! It's lovely)

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*snorts* Who woulda guessed Sanctified and I got the same?

OOC Hang Out / Re: Dragon Rider's of Pern Interview
« on: October 06, 2018, 01:19:41 AM »
An interesting interview - perhaps the new book release might re-stimulate current interest in the series and perhaps spur a new conversation about a movie. I know in the past it's been bought and things have been written for it and they just fell away in pre-production organisation.

When I get my payslip this week, imma order the new book  :bird:

Plot and Scheme / Re: Bee's Plotter
« on: October 05, 2018, 06:21:06 PM »
I'm a bit slow at the moment, but if you throw something at me with Ki'ki and Na'va I'll definitely reply eventually  :love:
Up to you whether you want to do candidacy stuff or something in their first few weeks of Weyrlinghood is coooool and fine with me :3

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