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Weyrling Barracks / Re: One Last Time [22.08.2590 / 8:30pm] A'lori
« on: April 21, 2018, 05:42:54 PM »
A'lori had an endearing blush about him it seemed. What exactly had brought it along Inanna wasn't so sure, but it was refreshing to see someone so expressive. She nudged him with her elbow. "You better! Us greenriders have gotta stick together."

She laughed easily along with the Weyrling. "Oh shards, I do not have high hopes for when Miss gets around to clutching." The queen winged over to her at the mention of her name, gracefully alighting her thin body on Inanna's shoulder, her dragon-like head dipping to rub against her bonded's chin. "But surely some of the other Weyrlings will take them off your hands. My mother always said that you always want to give more work to those who are already busy." Inanna said matter of factly. "They'll handle it better."

At the mention of the clutch, Inanna's grin widened. "Lead the way!" She loved the little asides that people always added about their firelizards. How easily their personalities became a part of their every day life. Alori's Vanity seemed like a fussy one, but she was part of Alori's... tribe. It was moments like these that had made Inanna decide to start her own faire.

Weyr Bowl / Re: The Weyr Provides [ 03.09.2590 / 9 AM ] Event
« on: September 25, 2017, 09:06:08 PM »
Inanna was a little mesmerised by the swirling colours and Galleweyne's expert hands. As she watched now, she noticed the tips of them stained lightly with dyes, obviously if painting wasn't his speciality, it would lay somewhere within the dyeing arts.

The green rider actually hadn't expected Ingor to look as good as he did. In the little get togethers she remembered from her youth, it was just child on child finger painting for the most part, so she supposed she should have expected a Weaver's art to turn out even a little bit better. But the colours were just... well they were beautiful, lightly sparkled, slightly metallic, enough so that despite Ingor not at all having a face shape reminiscent of a dragon, he was... utterly and undeniably, a bronze dragon.

"Does it look good ma?" He murmured through gritted teeth, obviously wanting to keep his face still, but determined enough to ask his question.

"You'll see shortly Ingor, now be still while Galleweyne finishes you up." She smiled at her son when he caught her gaze however, which seemed to satisfy him, and he stayed still for a moment. If Galleweyne ever took his eyes off his work, she'd be sure to give him a little wink for his good work.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@SirAlahn I didn't want to powerplay too much from here on, so by all means, you can powerplay Ingor if you wish, or I don't mind if your next one is only short, or I can just edit in some more with a lil' completion powerplay. Whatever you want.

Weyrling Barracks / Re: One Last Time [22.08.2590 / 8:30pm] A'lori
« on: September 08, 2017, 04:05:35 AM »
"Ah A'lori. Pleasure to meet you." Inanna couldn't help but admire his hair, she kept hers slightly longer than shoulder length just for ease of drills and tying it back, but boy did this Weyrling keep his in beautiful order.

After only a brief distraction, Inanna grasped his hand in the friendly greeting. "Inanna, Green Cremath." She added as traditionally one might, but Inanna just liked adding Cremath so that others knew. It had helped in their Weyrlinghood, the more that knew her name, the more socialisation the shy green had gotten.

"Trying? That seems like the operative word." Her nose crinkled with the smile, as she made friendly conversation. "How many have you managed so far?"

Speaking of... where are my three?

They all just blinked away, so I'm assuming they're on their way to you.

"Ah yes." Inanna assumed that Miss wouldn't want to miss out on this opportunity to give her opinion on the egg. "Here are mine now." Despite being the youngest, Miss had taken the lead, Terra only slightly behind, although his sharp movements looked annoyed, and Khaos flew lazy circles behind. "I assume they're all here to help me choose, since they seem to run my life now."

Weyr Bowl / Re: The Weyr Provides [ 03.09.2590 / 9 AM ] Event
« on: September 08, 2017, 03:57:03 AM »
Inanna could tell that Ingor was really trying to sit still, his little face, so serious in the moment, although when the brush first touched his face, in that expert swipe, she saw his little fingers twitch, and the corner of his mouth move.

"Galle it is."

He certainly did look like he was quite artful, although she supposed that was why most weavers were in the craft. From her limited knowledge however, she acknowledged that there could be some without the creative talents this weaver seemed to have. They always need carpenters and constructors for their large looms.

"So how long have you been a Weaver Galle, you're turning Ingor here into a mighty dragon, is that something you learnt in the craft, or are your hands just naturally experts at dragon art?"

Ingor huffed a little, "Ma, he needs to concentrate. You can ask him questions after when I go how my friends." Inanna smiled at the boy and held up her hands in response.

"Okay okay. I'm being quiet." Not something that came naturally to her, but she'd try for Ingor's sake. He was a little too headstrong for this to not have the potential to turn into a hissy fit. And despite Inanna spending quite a deal of time with him, she didn't exactly know how to discipline the son that she didn't raise.

Weyr Bowl / Re: The Weyr Provides [ 03.09.2590 / 9 AM ] Event
« on: September 02, 2017, 01:34:45 AM »
Inanna's smile widened at the wink she received from the Weaver Ingor had accosted. Oh, he's cute.

Cremath! Her rider chastised her, but it wasn't as if she wasn't thinking the exact same thing. He looked to be about her age, but beyond approximation Inanna couldn't tell any further, and he was definitely cute as Cremath had so blatantly noted. With a stained smock thrown over his clothes, Inanna could imagine how colourful he would look by the end of the day.

"I wanna be a bronze. Like my father." Inanna smiled down at the boy, and reached down to help him up onto a stool, but he squirmed away from her hands and scrambled up onto the high-chair himself. The green rider caught a brief flash of an apologetic look from her son thrown in her direction, as if to say 'Sorry, but I want to look grown up in front of these people.' So she narrowed her eyes at him only briefly in chastisement before softening it with a smile.

B'gor, Ingor's father, had never exactly been the creche co-parent that Inanna had wanted in a Weyrmate. Which is why they have never really gone further than their first child together, among other issues. But Inanna had never hidden who Ingor's father was, nor said a wrong word against him in front of her son. Let him make up his own mind as he grows.

"Do you think you should introduce yourself?" Inanna prompted her son.

"Oh! Yes, I'm Ingor. This is my mother Inanna. And I would like to be a bronze dragon, please." Inanna couldn't help but let out a tinkling sort of laugh at her son's seriousness. Obviously he was very intent on this man liking him and therefore doing a good job.


Weyr Bowl / Re: The Weyr Provides [ 03.09.2590 / 9 AM ] Event
« on: September 01, 2017, 06:13:00 PM »
Everything was so exciting. Inanna had been born and raised a dragonrider, her sister had been the only one to break the chain, and yet, she felt a keen sense of kinship with everyone, dragonrider, holder or crafter. They were all people, all citizens of Pern or however you want to say it, so seeing an event like this, put on by the Weyrleadership whom she respected greatly, just made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Cianna was still young, and so would probably only be overstimulated by the hustle and bustle of such an event, so Inanna had left the child in the capable hands of the creche women who raised her, but had brought her son Ingor with her this time. The 6 turn old would probably get sick of his mother soon enough, and want to go off and play with all his creche friends, but Inanna didn't mind. It was the nature of the creche after all, children weren't beholden and coddled by their parents, they were raised reasonably independent of everyone.

"Hey you wanna go get our faces painted by the Weavers?" And she pointed a finger across the Weyrbowl to where she saw their tent set up. Bright eyes shined up at her and she grinned in response. "I'll race you, three, two," and the boy took off, the cheeky little thing he was, "Hey no fair." She said grinning, and took off at a slightly slower pace than what would require her to win.

When they arrived, Ingor took charge. "I wanna be a dragon." He said excitedly to the closest Weaver to the two of them.

"You want to be a dragon, please." Inanna corrected.

"Yeah yeah, please."

Spoiler for Hidden:
Just a little introductory thing for a Weaver at the facepainting booth to pick up. You can powerplay Ingor as you see fit, he's just a cheeky outspoken little 6 year old.
So I didn't include this in the post and I'm dumb, but she's wearing fancy clothes, really nice top, and awesomely tailored fancy pants.

Weyrling Barracks / Private One Last Time [22.08.2590 / 8:30pm] A'lori
« on: August 31, 2017, 04:00:05 PM »
You're getting another firelizard? The green asked with disbelief and a little bit of humour tinging her ton.

Inanna, walking happily through the cave systems, swinging her arms with a spring in her step. Cremath's words did not phase her, she had made up her mind, besides what was one more? So she simply ignored her dragon.

This is the last one right?

Maybe, so what if I want one more?

You've already got three baby firelizards, soon to be four.

Inanna snorted at Cremath's seriousness, breaking her refusal to respond to Cremath's questions. This is the last one I swear, besides, Miss will be so excited to have another flitter in our little faire.

Yes, she will indeed.

The little Gold had turned out to be a right stubborn little thing, almost the complete opposite of her sweet tempered and shy green dragon. She was surely a formidable leader of the group that Inanna had assembled. Not that Inanna had had any choice with any of the firelizards, but she liked to think that she did.

Inanna had heard of a firelizard clutch by one of the Weyrlings. It wasn't uncommon for a clutch to be sitting on the sands at any given time in the Weyr. There were enough Golds flying around after all. But there had been something about the way they hadn't put a notice up on the Weyrhall board that made Inanna want to go help them out. After all, she didn't want them to be stuck with a faire of their own if they weren't distributed in time. That was it, she was doing it for the Weyrling's benefit, and her own procurement of a firelizard egg would be a convenient bonus.

Sure. The green sensed Inanna's direction of thought and the green rider was sure she would have heard a dragonlike snort if they were within hearing distance of the other.

Popping her head into the Weyrling barracks she looked around in the common room, taking note of those in the room. Unfortunately, Inanna hadn't found out the name of the firelizard owner through the gossip mill of the Weyr, and so she was pretty much on her own from here.

"Hello," she addressed those in the room brightly, "I'm looking for a firelizard egg, and I was told this is the place to be."


Inanna smiled at the question, he really was a kind man. So intrigued about her life and her child, and without seemingly any reason to be other than politeness. Inanna believed the best of people, but that didn't mean she was blind to other people's motives, so it was nice to just... have a conversation with him about idle topics, especially ones that were important to her.

"C'ace and I decided a few months ago. Cianna if a girl, Cannace if a boy." She snorted in remembrance of the conversation, "Admittedly, I think he just agreed with me and my plan. But he seemed happy enough in the end."

She didn't know anything about Erieen's family, so there was much she wanted to say, not wanting to offend through either talking or not talking, so she settled for what she believed was a happy medium. "Ah, I'm sorry. Childbirth is not the easiest process." Whilst Inanna had been quite lucky with her fertility in the past, she had known the fear of losing a pregnancy, and the heartbreak of choosing to end one.

Surprisingly for Inanna, Cremath was the one to answer. I do have a particularly uncomfortable spot, on my shoulder in front of you.

You're being very talkative today.

I like him, and you seem to enjoy his company too. Maybe if he likes me, he can come back again.

Inanna smiled at her green, eyes full of love, the skin around the edges crinkling. Let's hope so then.

Well, he is sweet isn't he?

You think everyone is sweet... But yes, I like him.

After her reasonably awkward descent, helped immeasurably by Erieen's hand. Inanna liked to take care of others to be sure, but it was nice to have someone who was kind enough to help without... without question she supposed.

Barely knowing the man of course, Inanna and Cremath had made what they believed so far to be a fair assessment of him.

Placing her hands on the small of her back, she groaned and waddled further into her Weyr, searching for a couple of pots of oil and rags for them to begin their work. At Erieen's question, she smiled over her shoulder at him. "I should say, it doesn't matter as long as it's healthy. But if I'm being honest, I already have a lovely little boy, I'd be quite pleased with a girl. Either way, as long as he or she gets out sometime soon, I'll be ecstatic." She winked.

"You have any siblings?" Inanna knew naught of Erieen's background, but knew that the pass had been a struggle for many. It was a risk to be sure, and she was curious, but would definitely not be offended if he decided that it wasn't a topic for so soon. Waddling back to Cremath, she handed him a rag and set the oil on the table nearby.

Rider Weyrs / Re: It's Time [23.04.2590 // 11.30pm] ~ K'zaya
« on: June 24, 2017, 02:43:07 AM »
She slid out of the bed, not bothering to take a sheet with her, unconcerned about her nudity. There came a stage when it didn't matter anymore, and after a flight like that, was one of them. It was a little disappointing that Cremath had flown so late the night before, it meant that she couldn't spend any more time with K'zaya than like it was just a normal night. Although, significantly pleased that Cremath hadn't flown in the middle of the day where they would have only had as little as a mark to spend together.

Regardless, it had been a nice night, but Rukbat was creeping higher in the sky, and soon they would be expected for drills. It would not do to dwell on things.

"A picnic sounds lovely, but you should go grab your things for drills no? I can go get the food and klah for us."

Slipping into her undergarments, Inanna scrounged around, trying to find the rest of her clothes, pants, tunic, loose vest, regardless, she would have to change into her rider leathers soon enough, but even crumpled as they were for a night spent on the floor, they would do for a trip to the Weyr hall.

Rider Weyrs / Re: Tired of Waiting [07.04.2590] 5:30am // K'zaya
« on: May 27, 2017, 06:44:54 PM »
"Well then, I'm pleased to tell you that I would have been the first non-cranky Headwoman." She retorted with a laugh.

Pleased that the sands were sufficiently warm, she returned to the side of the bed to pull on some clothes, having already gotten up and about, knowing that there would be no chance now of going back to sleep, despite how nice her bedmate looked.

Cremath decided not to respond. She couldn't deny him the typical bronze tendency to prefer Golds to Greens. Did it make her a little self-conscious? Yes. But was that any different from her normal mindset? No. She simply didn't say anything. Cremath would let him stay on her ledge, besides, she felt the pangs of hunger from her rider, and knew they wouldn't be staying for long now. She could tolerate the Gold-loving-bronze until then.

"No movement yet." Inanna responded as she pulled a long shirt on, "From what K'eeda said, they're still about a month out from hatching. We got them the morning Goldie clutched them." She waved a hand nonchalantly in the air whilst she searched for her pants. "Hard is good, and no movement is fine."

"Aha!" She said, finding her pants thrown over her work table, before she started to search for her undergarments. Surely they'd be in the same approximate area, at least? "Ah yes. I do." She cocked her head to the side as she searched for his presence in her mind. "He's... sleeping right now. Thank Faranth for that." Turning her eyes to the ceiling, she looked on the tops of doorframes, on top of her dresser, before spotting him curled up on the far side of the room on a little ledge high up. "There." She pointed out his tiny body.

Rider Weyrs / Re: It's Time [23.04.2590 // 11.30pm] ~ K'zaya
« on: May 27, 2017, 06:32:03 PM »
"Fancy meeting such a handsome man here." Inanna replied playfully, squirming over to cuddle up against him and rest her head on his chest, fling her around out across him abdomen and drawing small circles against his ribs. She was no stranger to affection, and she liked K'zaya, Inanna didn't want to feel self-conscious now.

"She really is something, isn't she?" Turning her head slightly, she gazed lovingly across the room to their two dragons, curled so... happily together. Cremath would usually be rousing by now, ready to kick out her suitor when she realised what had happened. "Fye isn't so bad himself. He's good to her."

Inanna groaned at the reminder, they had drills, they had to go eat breakfast. The plight of a greenrider was that she never got as much sleep as she wanted to when it came to flights. And she really wasn't a morning person. Although, waking up with a warm body next to her, did make it significantly better.

"I reckon we don't have nearly as much time as I would like. But if you don't want me to turn into a clutching Gold today, you better get a cup of klah in me soon. Raincheck on the 'without draconic influence'?" She added with a wink.

"I think that's a very reasonable assessment." Inanna said seriously. "Faranth knows I still learn new things everyday."

Inanna was glad that Erieen wasn't offended by her offer, and was pleased to be able to feed him, and mother him a little bit. He seemed nice, and if C'ace liked him, obviously there was something to the boy. She hoped that he did impress in the next hatching, knowing how hard it was to be left standing clutch after clutch.

Hello. Cremath replied in her soft voice, just a light touch in Erieen's mind before she retreated again. Not the most talkative of dragons, Erieen's politeness had certainly paid off.

"Thank you." Inanna responded with a light chuckle at his words assuring her that she didn't need to put herself out while pregnant. It was true, Inanna wouldn't be much of a help anywas. Regardless, she couldn't help but watch carefully, in case he was being entirely more confident that he needed to be. When it was evident that he really did know that he was doing, Inanna gave Cremath the cue to take off.

Cremath took it slowly, knowing how to handle Inanna's pregnant state by now. Do you mind helping my rider down?. The green asked her second passenger.

"Hey! I'm pregnant, not crippled." Inanna said in mock annoyance to Cremath. "But I will take a helping hand if you can." She said under her breath to Erieen, as if that would make a difference with Cremath being able to hear.

"Well, I would hope so. There's no need to be so polite, I want you to be able to ask me anything and everything," her face sank, only a little bit, as she considered how long Erieen had been a candidate for, "Although 2 turns, huh? You probably know everything you need to know. Even if you don't want to ask me anything, I do hope we can be friends." Was that too forward? Was she going to freak him out with her exurberance? She hoped not, but did think to tone it down a little bit.

I like him. He's polite.

Are you surprised about that?

Candidates are young.

So were you and I once

And I'm sure I was just as obnoxious as they can be.

Inanna has to stop herself from laughing out loud at that, Cremath was pretty much the opposite of obnoxious or loud that a dragon could get.

"Well come on then." She said to Erieen, turning to head back towards where Cremath was waiting, waving for Erieen to follow her. "Have you eaten? I brought up some food to my Weyr to share and was hoping you could help me oil Cremath." Smiling a little sheepishly at that, it was a little selfish of her to recruit Erieen to work with her, after all, he had probably had a long day of chores, adding one more onto the list probably wasn't the best idea.

"Or we can just eat and drink. Either way." She said happily. "Now come on up," awkwardly climbing up Cremath's extended forelimb to her spine, "Do you need a hand?" Inanna said panting slightly, 34 sevendays pregnant wasn't exactly the best first impression she could make on someone. "I swear I'm not like this usually and I will abstain from complaining and boring you to tears."

Spoiler for Hidden:
Now I remember why I wrote when Cianna was born in Inanna's signature >_> So I wouldn't forget it

Rider Weyrs / Re: It's Time [23.04.2590 // 11.30pm] ~ K'zaya
« on: April 21, 2017, 12:17:01 AM »
Cremath felt the rush of the air behind her as Fyenoruth closed the gap, and she couldn't even be angry that he had caught her before she had wished, before she had decided at least. Because as they fell, her smaller wings spreading out to buffet against the rush of air, dwarfed by his own, which were doing most of the work, she realised she desired nothing more than him to catch her the way she did.

I'm yours. The green whispered as he guided them towards the ledge and took her.

Inanna was lost by then, enveloped in her dragons mind, in the relief, in the passion, in the want, in the need. And so, as much as she wanted K'zaya herself, it was Cremath who had made this decision. Inanna felt sure in that fact. Fyenoruth had been the best dragon in the sky, and Inanna was going to be proud to wake up next to K'zaya the next day.

That was, when she finally stretched back to her own mind and realised all of this.


Eyes opening languidly, Inanna was surprised by how fully Cremath had taken her over. Usually the shy, docile green, provided even less of a pull, but last night, she had been sure of who she wanted, and had shoved herself into her rider's mind to get her to accept that.

Not that it took much prompting. She liked K'zaya, she wanted K'zaya, and it helped greatly that Cremath did too.

Rolling over, she spoke softly to her bedmate. "G'morning."

Rider Weyrs / Re: It's Time [23.04.2590 // 11.30pm] ~ K'zaya
« on: March 27, 2017, 04:13:15 AM »
Cremath glowed in triumph as she turned her head to look upwards into the sky and watched the slowly growing coloured arrows which denoted her chasers.

My beauty, my queen, let me have you, let me rest by your side.

Roaring in indignation at the thought that he would want her to finish her flight so quickly, Cremath pulled out of her dive making sure to keep an eye on the handsome Fyenoruth who was close on her tail. No that brown would not do.

At Fyenoruth's words the green seemed to glow even brighter. Oh such pretty words which made her ache inside with the want for him to catch her. But she wouldn't give in so easily. Cremath was known for her long flights, and whilst they weren't the most beautiful or aerobatic, she could give the males a run for their money with her endurance.

Sizing up her final few chasers, she spun in the air, once again starting a steep incline, whomever made it to the top of the mountain with her could have her.

They would tangle their tails and their minds and their hearts when they reached the topmost peak. But only then. If any wished to turn back, not wanting to complete this tiring flight, Cremath didn't care.

Do whatever it takes you say? Then follow me to the stars!

Spoiler for Hidden:
So if you find the right spot in your next post, you're more than welcome to powerplay to have Fye catching her. Or you leave it just before for me to cover in my next one. I dun mind  :love:

Rider Weyrs / Re: Tired of Waiting [07.04.2590] 5:30am // K'zaya
« on: March 26, 2017, 01:13:28 AM »
Inanna cuddled back into him at his explanation. It was a good one. Whilst she still didn't know whether she would have made the same decision, it did sort of make sense. Inanna knew what it felt like to feel like you owed people something, to feel like you wanted to do well by them.

"You're a good rider K'zaya. I think she'd be very proud of who you've become. So whenever you do tell her, I think she'll be very happy to know." She said softly, allowing him to change the subject after that, pleased that he had shared that with her, and not wanting to push him further than he wanted.

"I wanted to be the Headwoman once." Inanna admitted grinning. "I was never much into the crafts, I'm a Weyr girl born and raised. But the headwoman at Fort when I was younger. She was a wher of a woman, hating dragonriders and everything about them." She shrugged. "And so I had it in my mind, that if I didn't impress, then maybe I could take over from her. They all seemed to like me there, I knew how everything worked." Waving a hand dismissively she showed how little that mattered to her anymore. "But that's all in the past, I have Cremath now and I've never looked back."

Rolling over, she raised her long arms over her head in a stretch, pointing her toes as she did so to give every muscle a good move around. When she opened her eyes again, they went wide. "Oh!" Jumping lightly out of the bed, she raced over to the pot by her hearth, shoving a hand into the sand to check the temperature. "Sorry," she said, glancing over her naked shoulder at K'zaya as she knelt before the hearth. "I needed to make sure the sands were still warm." Her eyes widened as she remembered the day she had received her egg from K'eeda and remembered handing K'zaya's own over to him. "How is your egg going?"

Rider Weyrs / Re: It's Time [23.04.2590 // 11.30pm] ~ K'zaya
« on: March 22, 2017, 04:46:45 PM »
Cremath had basically been preening the past few sevendays, because there had been no way she could have missed Fyenoruth's antics of late. It made her feel wanted, desired, and so whilst she was still skittish, she was coming more into herself as time went on.

Inanna was happy with this, and was enjoying spending time with K'zaya whenever he had gone to the effort of seeking her out and taking his meals with her and her wingmates. The more time that went on, the more that Inanna truly enjoyed being in his company, and the more she found that they had in common.

And so surprisingly, with Fyenoruth's such obvious interest in Cremath, and K'zaya's... less so interest in Inanna. It was the rider who was more self-conscious this time. She was really starting to like K'zaya, and whilst she was very happy that Cremath seemed to be being brought out of her shell by Fyenoruth, Inanna wasn't entirely sure whether K'zaya was interested in her yet.

She didn't want the only draw to their sleeping together to be in Fyenoruth's interest for Cremath, she wanted K'zaya to like her too, for herself, not just for the mate of his dragon. It was strange, Inanna had always been so certain of herself, so sure about what she wanted, but with how quickly their dragons were being drawn to each other, and Inanna almost certain of who the winner of this flight would be, she found herself wanting more and more to not just be "Cremath's rider" to K'zaya and definitely more than his "Beach wingrider friend."

Dark in the night sky, Cremath roared as a challenge to the males of the Weyr, in direct response to Fyenoruth's own, seeming to be lost for words for his declaration, her mind filled with pure flight lust.

Taking off, she began a steady climb, her large, thick build giving her the strength that she needed to to drag her body skyward. Cremath wasn't one for agility, still a green's flight, it wouldn't be anywhere near as long as a Gold's but she would make her chasers work for the catching of her.

Buffeting her wings at a blue close on her tail, she was pleased to see the strength of the blow knock him off his path, and she watched him swing out into the night, peeling off from her slipstream and being knocked further back into the pack.

Fyenoruth had made his way further up the back by now, his larger size, and being one of the only bronzes in the chase, had been to his advantage. Cremath swung by him, taking care to stay out of his reach, noting his narrow frame and knowing that he could very easily out manoeuvre her.

You're all going to have a try a little harder. She crooned at her pursuers before she dived headfirst towards the ground, the Weyr which was now almost a speck in the distance, as she had pulled her chasers so high into the sky to follow her.   

Rider Weyrs / Private It's Time [23.04.2590 // 11.30pm] ~ K'zaya
« on: March 17, 2017, 10:07:27 PM »
Inanna watched from her bed at Cremath's tail twitching back and forth across the stone of the Weyr ledge. Cremath had been snappy all day, and now, her disturbed sleep pattern made Inanna very sure that she would be rising soon.

The green always got a little more snappy and a lot more nervous when it came to her flight, she shrunk away from others, and didn't want to get close to anyone, in case they knew that she was going to rise and was going to bring it up to her.

But this time she was a little different, she had been a little more open about Inanna confirming to some that her flight would be coming soon, and had even mentioned it herself a few days ago to Fyenoruth, she was changing, still herself, but less... worried about everything all the time.

It seemed that she had waited until complete darkness to decide to rise, and as Inanna felt Cremath slipping slowly into wakefulness, she felt the lust creep into her as well. It was very like Cremath to rise in the middle of the night, it meant that she could blend in to the dark sky, and also meant that many would not bother to chase her. It was just a green's flight after all, sometimes sleep was more important.

And then she was awake, bright eyes glowing in the dark of night.

Cremath didn't bother to blood a kill, having eaten before going to sleep at Inanna's urging, knowing that Cremath would be rising in the middle of the night, and not wanting to inconvenience the beastcrafters.

The green threw herself off the ledge, plummeting to the floor of the Weyrbowl, before pulling gracefully out of her steep dive to call for her suitors. She changed in flight, and Inanna was exhilarated by the feeling.

Let's see who can catch me!

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@Kyya @K'zaya

Rider Weyrs / Re: Tired of Waiting [07.04.2590] 5:30am // K'zaya
« on: March 17, 2017, 09:53:18 PM »
"What?!" She shoot up in the bed, gaping openly at him. "You haven't told your mother that... that you exist?" Inanna ran the name through her head Yinaya... Yinaya... "She's in the same sharding wing as you."

Wapping him lightly on the shoulder, she shook her head at him. "How? Why?"

Inanna couldn't imagine seeing her mother day after day and not telling her who she was. Whilst she didn't need her mother in her life anymore, she liked to know that there was someone out there for her, if she ever needed her.

Even her siblings, she went and visited them everyday, she needed them. Whilst she didn't necessarily think that K'zaya needed to... know his mother if he didn't want to, it just wasn't something that she could ever understand.

"I mean, you do you, I just... I'm surprised that you haven't told her by now?"

Spoiler for Hidden:
Sorry it's so short <3

We're going to see our mentee. Inanna said happily to Cremath as she leapt up onto the green's back, clipping into her riding straps just for safety. It wouldn't do to set a bad example for a future rider.

I know that. You should calm down. Don't want to scare them off and have them ask O'sir for a less exuberant mentor that makes their head hurt.

Oh shush you.

Inanna really was excited, she liked talking to people and look fondly back on her days of candidacy, but knew that it could be a little frightening, not knowing where your future would be. She had been told that her she was going to be mentoring Erieen, C'ace had said many good things about him, so Inanna was excited to have been paired up with him.

She had been told to meet him in the Weyr Bowl, so got Cremath to drop her off near to the entrance, spotting whom she thought would be her candidate.

"Erieen? Hi, I'm Inanna." She introduced herself with a grin.

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"The elite of the elite?" She snorted amusedly. "You bronzeriders." There wasn't any heat in her voice, just affection. Inanna knew he was joking, especially considering his dismissive snort when she responded, they got along well enough when they talked in the past. He was cute, funny, this was just his sense of humour and she liked it.

"Fye, your age doesn't show at all, I don't think of you as a sevenday younger than 5 turns." Inanna said mock seriously to the bronze. It didn't matter to her how old they were, K'zaya and Fyenoruth seemed happy in Prairie, sure, it was where most newly graduated Weyrlings were put, but he also just seemed to suit it there. Besides, there were all one and the same once they graduated.

Cremath too, did not mind one bit that he was young. He was big, and kind, and seemed to like her, so when he scootched a little closer on the ledge, she didn't move away from him, and thrummed happily in response to his comment.

"Most green riders are like that, since some of us don't get to pick and choose, we can't always end up with someone we like in our Weyr when we wake up." She shrugged. "And flighty isn't a bad thing, it's just not what I want, and from the sounds of it, not what you want either?"

"What about family? I've got my rider mother and brother as you know, and a crafter sister, but do you know your parents? I know a lot of stuff when down during the move over here, so heaps of riders don't know their parents."

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That's... Cremath hesitated, perhaps wondering how she was going to approach Fyenoruth's comment. That's very kind of you, Fyenoruth. She finished sincerely. Surprisingly enough, she believed him. Now, Cremath wasn't the most ordinary green, self esteem issues didn't really belong in dragons minds, but it did in Cremaths. Inanna had learnt to deal with it, be able to resolve her dragon's issue and move on before anyone could wallow in the confusing emotion for so long. But it seemed Fyenoruth too was... helping.

Cremath actually seemed to perk up a little more at the bronzes words and when his tail swung far enough to brush up against hers, she twined her own around his. She did turn her head away to avoid looking at him. But it was a start none the less. There was something about the bronze that made Cremath want to come out of her shell. Perhaps it was the optimism that oozed from him, but it seemed like it was brushing off on her just a little bit.

Now Inanna knew that Cremath was fine, she turned back to K'zaya with a smile, her head cocking to the side to listen to him as he answered her previous question. "I can understand that. A turn is a long time to get to know someone. Live with them. That sort of thing." She waved a hand vaguely in the air.

"So." She said, sitting herself upright next to him as well, resting her head on his shoulder and cuddling up against his warmth, Inanna hoped that he wouldn't move away from her, but she would respect the move if he did. "I know of you, but I don't know you. Tell me about yourself K'zaya." She said with a encouraging smile from her position on his shoulder.

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I suppose so. Cremath responded very primly. She was not going to feel guilty about what did or did not happen the previous night. Just because he couldn't win a gold, doesn't mean that she was just going to let him have what he wanted. A surprisingly stern and stubborn frame of mind for the usually more docile green.

And she supposed he was being polite, if a little petulant. So she stretched out on her side of her ledge, a little more relaxed in his company now, letting her tail fall over the side of the ledge in her relaxed position.

Inanna shrugged, but grinned at K'zaya's misconception. "I not so snobby as to stick to my own wing, I know that there are perfectly handsome riders in other wings as well." She finished with a wink. More honestly, it was because she really just wasn't that picky, the beach riders she was friends with in her wing, didn't want to settle down, which was fine with her, but had made her expand her horizons a long time ago.

"I'm fine." The question was sweet, so the response was laced with content, one of her hands coming up to trace the ginger scruff that lay on his jawline. "Thank you."

Fyenoruth's got a pretty voice. Inanna said, for Cremath's ears alone.

I suppose. If you like that kind of voice.

Cremath did. But she wasn't going to admit that.

Inanna's mouth formed a round o of surprise at Fyenoruth's news, that quickly turned into a grin at K'zaya's exuberant reaction.

"A strong brown, I'm sure. Are you really that against Queen flights?" She asked curiously, sitting up and pulling the furs with her, as she balanced herself on one elbow to look at him. It was an interesting take to be sure, K'zaya of the impression that now that one brown had caught one queen, that the odds had moved against him in winning a queen flight.

Cremath seemed to lose a bit of the fire that she had found at that news. If all the browns have their sights set on Queens now too. No one will want to chase me. This. Again. Was to Inanna only, however

Inanna looked from K'zaya to Cremath at those words, holding up a finger to stay any response to her previous question. She needed to sort out Cremath. Pulling off the top layer of furs and wrapping it around her, she walked out onto the ledge, and placed a hand on her dragon's snout, who was pointedly trying to avoid eye contact with her.

This she said aloud. "Now don't you be ridiculous. You're beautiful and strong. And just as many dragons are going to chase you as they did before. And I think you've won yourself another chaser here in Fyenoruth." Inanna kissed her dragon on the snout and felt the greens body relax into the stone of the ledge.

I love you.

I know.

Taking a deep breath, she walked back into her Weyr and slid into bed next to K'zaya, more awkward than it had been when they first awoke. "Sorry..."

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Inanna was pleased when it didn't take too long to find a suitable man for the night. She didn't even both to take a look at his face, just latched onto him not wanting to let go of him in fear that for some reason, he might be pulled away from her and she wouldn't be able to get rid of all this lust.

She almost growled in annoyance at the idea of having to walk back to her Weyr, she wanted him now. Not later. But she knew it was close, and so, with a fist clenched in the front of his riding leathers, she dragged him towards her Weyr, occasionally pushing him up against a wall to kiss him once again.

His rough handling pleased her. And she wasn't put off by the awkward fall, she didn't have enough brain power to think and process what was happening. Her clothes were gone and it was skin on skin and she was lost, letting the flight lust spiral her away.

Cremath shuffled as close to the edge of her ledge as she could as she watched Fyenoruth wing his way towards her. Why were these bronzes all so big? They took up all her room. And... he wanted her to? He... thought she would? No. Of course not, he hadn't even flown her before, she barely knew the dragon.

You... you... stay on your side of the ledge. The green demanded shakily, although admittedly, the bronze took up more than half of the space.

Fade to Black

Inanna woke later in the day deliciously sore. It seemed she had snagged a catch after all. Turning over to stare at the rider next to her, she was finally able to put a name to a face.

Ah... So how did Fyenoruth take the loss?

He complained. Cremath said simply, happy enough that he had stuck to himself for the rest of the night, not approaching her again after his initial complaint.

You can't blame him. He loses a Queen flight and ends up on a ledge with a beautiful green like yourself. Can't hurt him to try.

Cremath didn't respond.

"G'morning K'zaya."

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