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Elrost sprawled in the chair beside his bed, staring unblinkingly at the sleeping form of Harrier. His firelizard. His girl. Her wings fouled by wraps and wraps of cloth, essentially pinning her wrecked wings to her side. Trussed up like she was in a straight jacket. When she woke, Elrost felt none of the fire from their connection. None of the clear images that she usually used to communicate with him, whether just simply an image of her location to keep him updated, or one of the newborn Sensk to make sure he knew she was keeping an eye on him. Shards, she barely knew Sensk. The brown wher had been struggling with the anguish Elrost had been feeling in the past week, and so the Herder had been careful to shield their connection of late. He didn’t know how much it could be affecting their bond into the future.

He sighed, rubbing a hand across his face. Seng had been so good recently, but Elrost had barely had time to stop and… talk about everything. More often than not, he'd finished far to late to go calling for Forrikenth to take him up to Seng's weyr, and so he slept most nights in his crafter cave. His days working were spent keeping head down, trying to train Sensk as effectively as possible without Harrier… who had been his partner for so long. The brown wher had been trying so hard to make everything work. Since Elrost had watched the warm brown crawl from the remnants of his egg, they had both chosen each other. Sensk’s mind trickling into his even before Elrost had made the cut across his palm. His fist clenched over the scar at the thought.

Shards, it must be hard for the creature. He tried so hard, but in reality, he didn’t know what to do. He was a newborn for Faranth’s sake, but after Harrier had been injured, Elrost hadn’t had time to treat him like… like he should have. Elrost knew if Harrier had been herself, she would be scolding him for his failure. For not giving Sensk the training he deserved, he needed. He was a Beastcrafter, it was literally his job to do what was necessary for creatures who didn’t have the words to ask for it.


Her tail was the only thing not wrapped up in bandages, and it twitched restlessly back and forth in her sleep. The Healers had said it would be unlikely her right wing would ever recover its wing membrane. The left, would likely survive, but it would be nigh on impossible to fly with only one membraned wing.

Her eggs? They had no idea. Only four days post flight for such a traumatic injury, it was likely that they fellis they used to knock her out would have completed any damage the Skycoursers had started. And without her right wing membrane, it was unlikely that she’d ever rise again. But Elrost didn’t care about that. He knew some people who chose Gold firelizards in order to… have the advantage of a turnly boost in trade goods. He’d chosen a Gold because they were smart, large and damn good workhorses. And rising or no, Harrier would still be that. He’d make sure of it.

She’d made sure of it.

Ellsk padded into the room, returning from whatever midnight walk she’d taken Sensk on. However silly the green may be sometimes, her empathy was second to none. And that was the beauty of the creatures he’d assembled. Sure, Ellsk was sometimes more of a hassle than an advantage, but she calmed herdbeasts that snorted in fear when a human got to close during labour. Saved apprentices that would have been all but run down by a beast startled by a Hunter attack, or even a mating flight. Even now, she was protecting the little brown from Elrost’s emotions.

Crooking a finger at the two of them, he whistled the command to come. Sensk cocking his head to listen to the sound before following after Ellsk. Ellsk got a big cuddle, Sensk a deep scratch on the eyeridges. Both of their eyes swirling slower and bluer, their waves of calm bleeding into himself. Ellsk’s mind like one of the happily bubbling pools in the bathing springs, but Sensk’s like soft clay trickling through his mind.

“You know Harrier’s going to be just fine you two.” He assured them aloud, and three heads turned in the direction of the Gold. “But she’s going to need our help. Not too much of it to be sure, even you know that she won’t like that, Sensk. We’ve got to help her… in the way she’d like to be helped. Okay?” Neither wher seemed to understand the words he was speaking, but neither seemed wholly confused either. Whilst they might not have comprehended the exact nature of his words, both were looking at Harrier and their minds were slowly turning over... contemplating.

All of a sudden, Ellsk let out a happy bark, and turned away from them all. Padding to her corner of the room, walking in a circle to ensure she was placed just right in her little pile of cloth serving as a bed, and plopped down, closing her eyes without another word.

Sensk on the other hand, sat up straighter, deciding, it seemed, that he and Elrost were on watch then, and the little wher was apparently taking up his post beside his handler. Ah yes, Elrost may have done him wrong over the past two weeks, but they were none the worse for wear. And it wouldn’t happen again if Elrost had anything to do about it.

Harrier would recover, and Harrier would get back to work. With Ellsk and Sensk and him, a pair of wings or no. Elrost would talk to Seng tomorrow and tell them everything the healers had said, but that everything would be okay in the end. 

And so with a sigh of relief, Elrost could go to sleep. He crawled into the bed. Lying down, his head was level with the table Harrier was sleeping on. The one he’d pulled up right beside the bed. In case anything happened to her in the night, Elrost had wanted her to be within arms reach, and in all honesty, he wanted her close enough to hear her breathing even while he slept. And so, the length of the day, the conversations with the healers, the training, the skycourser worries… finally all bled into a sleep, made deeper only when two warm bodies crawled their way up beside him.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Your Gift is Hatching [ 9.6.2590; 8:30 PM ] || Elrost
« on: August 05, 2018, 11:33:48 PM »
Elrost snorted indelicately at the name. The somewhat mythical Skycoursers, considering how little anyone on the island had had to do with them, seemed to suit the hissing creature.

Watching Seng feed the little thing almost made Elrost reconsider the notion that Harrier just enough for him. The Gold would probably rip apart any hatchling that didn't pull their weight, for all that she tolerated Ellsk well enough. No, if anything would do, Elrost may consider adding another wher to the little family he was building. It might take some of the pressure off both Ellsk and Harrier, with neither of them having to do twice the work; Ellsk because Harrier was constantly nagging her, and Harrier because in all reality... Ellsk didn't pull her weight.

But it wasn't high on his list of priorities at the moment. Elrost had just gotten over dealing with Harrier's latest clutch, he didn't want to think about eggs for at least another month or so. Besides, he knew of a few Farmer and Herder whers who were near to running. It would be likely that the opportunity would present itself more readily than expected, if he didn't try to hard to seek it out.

Stepping away, Elrost sighed heavily, the importance of the evening finally draining from him, adrenaline no longer needed to power his actions. Seng's had been the last egg to worry about, and now, hale and hatched, Elrost could let the tension, of holding the lives of firelizards almost literally in his hands, go. He sat, staring up at Seng, the little Skycourser, Heron and Sparrow, with a smile.

Elrost kept quiet, not wanting any kind of mumbling clumsiness to spell the end of this. Just because they were going back to Seng's Weyr, didn't mean that anything beyond the norm would occur for the two of them tonight. Perhaps Seng was just wanting a little change of pace, a comfy place to lay back on rather than the hard rough stone that they had so frequently found themselves pressed against.

Accepting Seng's hand with a soft smile, Elrost allowed himself to be assisted onto Forrikenth's back. For all that the herder was merely using Seng's hand to balance himself more than anything else. Elrost was strong, and he was familiar enough with flying adragonback now to not need to same assistance he'd required to begin with. But he felt no annoyance at Seng offering their hand to him, just because he didn't need help, didn't mean that he didn't have to take it.

Ordinarily Seng may have been the one to sit behind him, but today Elrost slid behind the bluerider, enveloping him from behind. Pleased beyond a doubt to just be... with Seng. For all he kept worrying he would say something wrong tonight in front of Seng's friends, or knocking something over and embarrassing them on their first time being so open. For all that they'd never put a label on anything throughout the night.

When Forrikenth landed, Elrost slid off first, raising his arms to offer to lift Seng from Forrikenth's leg to the ground when they were within reach of him.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Blood and Guts [ 30.4.2591; 5:05 AM ] || Event
« on: July 26, 2018, 08:19:22 PM »
Elrost had already dove in to the fray and learnt all he could about the situation, but when the crowd had started to build, and other loud voices had brought themselves forward Elrost had slipped to the side of the crowd to observe until he felt necessary to intervene. Besides, he was no use to the Herder once the Healer had arrived, and no use to the runner from the beginning.

He turned at the tap on his shoulder to see a familiar face. "Kindolin." He greeted, pulling her away from the crowd slightly and speaking softly. Elrost wasn't trying to hide anything from anyone else, but putting things in words sometimes further incited a crowds anger. Those that were standing still in a little shock could likely be shook into more anger with an... absolute reflection of what was in front of them.

"Someone came through in the night. Knocked out of the night guard," he gestured towards the Herder being tended, "and slaughtered a runner. Butchering it for, presumably, food." His face turned grave, thinking briefly of how easily it could have been him, Ellsk, Sensk and Harrier on the shift. "The wher is gravely injured as well."

Harrier's head curled up from inside his shirt, where the Gold had made her new hiding spot. She'd never been self-conscious of her ugly colouration, but the devastation the Skycourser had made of her wings was a different story all together. Her now ugly wings were a result of her own failure. Definitely aware of the simmering anger deep inside of Elrost, she added her own disapproval to his thoughts. The creatures were her charges too.


The night had been perfect. Friends, Seng, laughter, happiness, all rolled into one brief moment in time, Elrost didn't think it could be any better, in fact, he was almost dreading the eventual brief kiss good night that he would have to give Seng before the rider took off towards his own Weyr, alone and without him.

When Seng whispered in his ear, he felt wherry bumps momentarily fly up his arms to his neck, before they dissipated, as Elrost allowed himself to be whirled away into the dark night. He laughed as he stumbled along a little behind the blue rider, neither of them being particularly the coordinated soft and both seemingly to be swept up in each other and everything that came with that.

Without glows lighting their way, Belior and Timor shed of soft light on the Weyr bowl, and the sparkle of the stars almost seemed to make the humid night swirl with colours.

As Seng's hand slid along the back of his neck, his own arms went to wrap around the blue riders body, lifting him up and off his feet as Seng reached to plant a kiss on his lips. With the two of them pressed so closely, and his heart beating so hard, Elrost wondered if Seng would be able to feel it through their layers of clothing.

When Seng pulled back, Elrost didn't let them go far, keeping his foreheard pressed up against Seng's as he breathed a little heavily than normal, lost in Seng's eyes. He didn't have much to say to that, a few things ran through his head, 'are you sure?' and 'oh please Faranth yes' to name a few, but all he was able to say was, "Okay." Nodding his head slightly as he agreed. "Okay." He repeated, before he swooped down to take Seng's lips with his, a brief, hard kiss, but conveying a whole lot more than just... 'Okay.'

The feel of Seng leaning back into him was just... perfect. They hadn't exactly been lacking for physical touch, having snuck away into nooks and crannies for some hot and heavy sessions. But as per a request from Seng, they hadn't gone any further. Not until Seng was ready. So despite their obvious familiarity with the other, Elrost still felt a thrill being able to be so... close to Seng.

Despite being in public, with Seng's friends watching nearby, it didn't deter him from the motion. It just felt... so right. They weren't exactly going to start making out in front of everyone, no Elrost had never been one to want to share quite so much, but being able to be open about it was nice.

Even Keassa's disapproval hadn't been as bad as Elrost had been anticipating. He'd been omitting the fact from his sister for so long, that finally, her knowing had outweighed the fact that she disapproved tenfold.  Elrost had come to terms with himself a long time ago, but it had taken a significant time itself, perhaps Keassa just needed that time as well. They were still brother and sister after all. But she didn't have to be happy for him to be happy.

"Easy." He leaned down to whisper against Seng's ear. "If I get more eggs right than you do. I get a kiss." Simple and sweet, but Elrost would be perfectly happy with the result if he did indeed win. "What do you want if you win?"

Weyr Bowl / Re: Your Gift is Hatching [ 9.6.2590; 8:30 PM ] || Elrost
« on: September 14, 2017, 06:21:06 PM »
Elrost hadn't been watching the firelizard, not after the first few seconds anyways. No, rather the expression on Seng's face as the bond slowly filled his mind, and the smile as the little thing hissed. That was what Elrost truly cared about. Sure, it was great that his gift had exhibited such a thing, but he'd have more than enough time to look at the bronze later.

Leaning forward, he couldn't help but lay a gentle kiss on Seng's lips, the... uniqueness of the situation filling him with such happiness. Elrost pulled away after only a small lingering, Seng did have a newly hatched firelizard to pay attention to, but he couldn't have resisted after the blue rider's eyes and smile had been turned to him.

"He certainly seems to suit the faire you're forming. Sparrow is going to have another big brother. Or... younger brother?" He laughed a little at the predicament. "What do you think you're going to name him?" Seng had obviously been going for an Avian theme with the other two, and despite this little bronze being a new addition, Elrost wondered whether the naming theme would continue.

Elrost loved all of Seng's reactions. He was just so visible. So bright, so happy, so easy to care for.

"I'm glad you like it." The egg seemed to fit perfectly in Seng's hands, the delicate shell colouration oh so perfect against the Seng's pale skin. "To be honest, I'm glad that someone more co-ordinated than I am is now in possession of it. Having... so many tiny little breakable things around me is a recipe for disaster."

He wasn't really that clumsy. It was only really in tight spaces, much like this one now. Which is why he had been very careful in his placement of the candles, Faranth knew that only he would be able to burn the entire picnic to the ground with a flick on an elbow. But with the combination of candles and glows, Elrost thought that a firey death was probably unlikely for them this night.

Reddening slightly at the kiss on his cheek, Elrost however, couldn't help but smile. "Oh, we should eat. I got a little bit of everything, seeing as neither of us are very picky." Learning little things like that throughout their times spent together had been something that Elrost had very much enjoyed. He had never really... spent enough time with someone before to learn about their little quirks, and their habits, so this was... refreshingly new. 

Weyr Bowl / Re: The Start of Something New [25.02.2590 ~ 7pm] Seng
« on: September 14, 2017, 06:04:18 PM »
"So you guys know how to do everything?" He asked curiously, eagerly, even a little exasperated at the idea that this wing were seemingly the lesser ones. Suddenly he realised he was probably being a little... intense, and the idea made him feel awkward, uncomfortable. Elrost had never really been one to have long in depth conversations with people, and the ease at which this stranger had made him slip into an almost animated persona was... strange.

Elrost was also incredibly aware of his naturally... overbearing nature. His need to protect everyone from everything, and the fact that it had been brought to the fore so quickly, just made him feel like he was being a bit of an idiot.

He tried to laugh it off, and chuckled as he leaned back from the table a little bit, rubbing the back of his neck and looking down as he realised his face was reddening. "Sorry if I'm asking too many questions." The conversation had been interesting, but for all he knew, he was just using up the precious time of a rider who was simply being polite. Educating some dim herder who had no idea how the world worked outside of his own little bubble.

"I just... I'm curious."

Elrost smiled at how easy this was. How happy he felt to simply be here with Seng, and even... contrary to popular belief, how proud he felt to be seen with the Blue Rider. For them both to be here together. The herder was still, almost a little shy around the other riders, he had never been one to get used to strangers easily, but being here with Seng made him want to do so. Want to meet everyone here and let them know they were a pair, they were together. Even if they hadn't been so in every sense of the word yet.

Seng's admittance that he didn't believe egg colour had any meaning in terms of the little dragon inside made Elrost curious about one thing. "Do you remember the colour of Forrikenth's egg?" He supposed that hatchings were probably a bit... hectic, and that it was highly probable that riders never actually saw the dragonets hatch. Whilst he hadn't seen many hatchings, he had seen enough to know that dragons didn't usually wait to be polite to their fellow clutchmates, letting them each have their own individual spotlight, they came when and how they wanted.

"And in the interest of being completely unbiased by colour, I'll say, that one," he moved closer to Seng, sidling up behind him to point the egg out over his shoulder, his larger frame blanketing behind him, "Is a blue." The egg [28] was red, there was no doubt about that, and so, he thought perhaps simple random betting would give him slightly better odds.

Weyr Hall / Re: Not Quite The Same [ 14.04.2590 / 12PM ] Elrost
« on: August 18, 2017, 05:21:32 AM »
"I'm sure he'll bounce back soon enough." If anyone was to know, he thought with their combined knowledge of beasts and the healers work with trying to fix them, that they should have a pretty good idea.

But whers and dragons were always fickle. Herdbeasts always seemed to recover, simply because they didn't have the mental capacity to know they had any other choice. Whers, and all the dragonkin on the other hand felt things deeper than simple beasts. They knew perhaps what the consequences might be, more so than a runner. "And if he doesn't, then he's got you and Braveheart." It was as simple as that. Regardless of what happened with the wher, Elrost knew that Keassa would always be there for him.

Content to allow the almost-shrug to move the conversation on, Elrost knew now that he had to be honest. She had outright asked him, or at least, it was as good as. And he was happy, happy with Seng. Happy enough that he so wanted to share this with his sister he just... didn't want to be a disappointment. Didn't want to be another thing that she had to worry about. But he wouldn't lie. That just wasn't the way he worked, and it wasn't the kind of relationship he wanted with Keassa. They had only really found each other again in adulthood, given their age difference, and as much as he cared for her, he couldn't be anything other than himself.

"Well." He cleared his throat slightly, although he had nothing lodged within other than the words he needed to say. "Actually, there is. I've uhm... I've started seeing someone."

Spoiler for OOC:
Would he know she's pregnant in this post? She's... 15? 16? weeks pregnant or something in this post. Unless she tells him, I'm not sure he knows the human signs of pregnancy as well as he does the beastly ones.

Weyr Hall / Re: Not Quite The Same [ 14.04.2590 / 12PM ] Elrost
« on: July 17, 2017, 05:40:22 PM »
Today had simply been one of the few days that Elrost had taken his lunch within the Weyrhall. Like most of the other Beastcrafters, he simply preferred to eat on the job, or, admittedly, not at all. Regardless, he had arrived not long before and took his place in the Weyrhall with the other Herders.

He supposed he could've waited until Seng arrived, and gone and sat with the bluerider, but he enjoyed spending time with the others in his craft. Just because they were courting now didn't mean that he wasn't going to spend time with other people... as much as he did actually want to be with Seng.

Slightly surprised that he and his sister had managed to make their schedules match up for once, without having to organise it beforehand, he greeted her softly and with a small smile.

"Good day, Kay?"

Elrost was pleased to see his sister, that was for sure. He enjoyed her company, and as adults, they had grown much closer than they ever were as children. But he hadn't exactly told her about Seng yet. It wasn't the fact that he was courting someone that Elrost was nervous about, it was the fact that he was courting a man.

It was his own fault. Elrost had never really thought he would meet anyone worth courting, and simply hadn't told his sister that he was... interested. He wasn't ashamed. No. It was who he was, and Elrost didn't want to change that. But he didn't want to be a disappointment.

Weyr Bowl / Re: Your Gift is Hatching [ 9.6.2590; 8:30 PM ] || Elrost
« on: July 16, 2017, 12:53:07 AM »
The chip of the shell fell away, and Elrost tried to peer inside the shell, hoping to catch a glimpse of the firelizard inside, but alas, the light of the glows didn't reach far enough inside to show the little firelizard to them.

But the firelizard inside didn't want to wait for very long, and the tapping inside got harder and more insistent, the tempo increasing as the creature inside got more and more annoyed with the length it was taking to just breaking the sharding shell. And suddenly, it came apart all at once, splintering to pieces as the firelizard within decided to push its wings against what was holding it captive, and so, a bronze was revealed, his large wings falling back into place beside him.

"A bronze?" Elrost laughed with the shock of it. Of all of Harrier's clutches, he had never got a guess so wrong. This bronze didn't even look like a small one. "How did he even fit in there?"

It seemed the bronze was not pleased with Elrost's talking and no feeding, so he hissed at the beastcrafter, instead, turning dark, thick body, in Seng's direction with a creel that wasn't so much requesting, but demanding food.

Spoiler for Firelizard Profile <3:

Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Anything you like.
How you'd say it.
Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

As much as Heron is lithe, this bronze is brawny. He’s all muscle and strength. A dark bronze, lightly patterned with tinges of the tell tale bronze sheen on the edge of his wings. On the larger side of the bronzes, this man will stop his growth at 1.75m.


Mind Voice: His voice is loud and abrasive, not being concerned about cutting in and talking over others, he feels like he deserves to be heard. An all rounder, he will communicate with words, images and emotions, although his native firelizard language would be his most commonly used speech habits.

*TALKING - He likes the sound of his own voice, and he thinks that everyone else should as well.
*GOLDS – But only when he wins, when they think they’re too good for him, he’ll get mightly huffy and upset, but if he wins, he strut about pretending like there was no other possibility.
*HIS FAMILY – Not that Seng or Sparrow need any more protectors, but this bronze is mightily proud of the little family they have created and won’t let anyone put that in jeopardy.

*DISRESPECT – To his family or to himself, he’s arrogant enough to believe that many things are a form of disrespect. He’s quiet easily offended.
*EASILY OFFENDED PEOPLE - He's a hypocrite, whilst he can get offended about every little thing, if someone else does, he’s thinks they’re absolutely ridiculous.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Elrost cast his gaze down to his feet, after noting Seng's expression and being not quite able to intepret it. They seemed happy, perhaps a little excited. But there was some... breathiness to the bluerider's tone which made him a little... doubtful.

"I thought it was time for... ahem... our first real date. Here," he said, quickly moving on from his statement, "Sit, sit, I've got a present for you too."

Waiting for Seng to take a seat within the nest of blankets and pillows, Elrost was slightly more careful when he sat. Not wanting to flail one of his limbs about awkwardly and knock a candle into the furs. Then they would have a very interesting night on their hands. Certainly, it would be one he was sure neither of them would forget, but it wouldn't be the way the he had planned.

Pulling the wherhide sack that held his precious cargo over to them, Elrost was nestled to Seng a little closer than what would be deemed proper. "Your present is in here." He held the sack open, either for Seng to peek in, and see the firelizard egg that lay inside, or to stick an arm in and pull it out. The shell looked like the blue of a bright summer's day, dusted with a marbling of white clouds. Hopefully... well... hopefully Seng would like it, because otherwise the question he had for the bluerider at the end of his evening would be mightily out of place.

Luckily Elrost wasn't one to blush, because the kiss on the cheek, and the subsequent thrill that he felt at such a public display, caused a rush of blood around his body. Calm, you're in public. It was just a kiss, it's not like everyone in here doesn't know what's going on between the two of us anyways, seemingly.

"You did just fine. I just don't have much choice in the way of nice attire."

He missed the studying, Seng having picked their time wisely, and when Elrost turned back to the bluerider, wanting another glimpse of those eyes, they were turned downwards at Seng's cup. "Thank you for making me want to be so easygoing."

It truly was. Elrost was reserved, single minded, and really quite self-conscious about embarrassing Seng in front of all the blueriders peers. So he'd be easygoing, because otherwise he was quite sure he was going to explode with the overstimulation of it all. As long as they didn't go any closer to the eggs, because a thought kept appearing in his head of him tripping, falling into the clutch, and squishing every single on of them on his way down, before Kalestath swallowed him whole.

Yeah, he'd be happy to stay over here.

"Hmm, well, are the colours supposed to indicate the dragons inside, or is that just wishful thinking? Because surely that one there," he pointed out a stripy green one [20] at the front, which reminded him of their newly planted bamboo shoots, "Is a green."

Weyr Bowl / Re: The Start of Something New [25.02.2590 ~ 7pm] Seng
« on: July 16, 2017, 12:25:47 AM »
That was a sobering thought to be sure. Elrost supposed that he knew it, but it hadn't really been something he had really acknowledged before. Thread was gone for now, to be sure, but riders still learnt the drills, still practiced flaming, continued to work every day as if thread could be back in a moment's notice.

Those alive now all believed they wouldn't see thread again in their lifetime but... what if?

Elrost cleared his throat and just tried to ignore the thoughts that the statement had triggered in his mind. Instead, turning his concentration back to Seng just in time to hear his final statement.

"Well what other drills are there? I suppose Jungle are the only ones to get hunting drills? Or does everyone learn everything, and only specific wings act upon it?"

Elrost appreciated Droissa's dedication, despite her obvious distaste for the chore, although he couldn't blame her. It wasn't what he would prefer out of all the tasks, but it needed to be done. And therefore, it would be.

Entirely uncertain of how to respond to Isalia's words he simply stayed silent. Luckily, Oarlen was a right ol' chatterbox, and filled the silence quickly, enough so that Elrost was able to return to his work and listen, given Ellsk a quick scowl which she responded to with a happy, and loving yip. Given that it seemed Oarlen didn't mind her rough housing, and that he was content enough to order her around, Elrost let him keep at it. Whers were to help work, if she'd listen to Oarlen then so be it.

"Maybe the bathing caverns wouldn't be such a good idea. But if you want, I can help you clean her up here before you go."

Ellsk knew what to do with the buckets, having been ordered to fill and bring them many times over, but it didn't meant that she remembered. Luckily, Harrier was there to fill in the blanks. The green trotted happily over to the bucket, and started to take it over to Isalia, as requested, before Harrier hissed, reminding her to fill it up on the way over.

Handle between her teeth, Ellsk dragged the bucket through a water trough, filling it reasonably cleanly, before pottering over to place it at Isalia's feet, a little water spilling over the side at her enthusiasm. She then trotted away, to sit by Elrost, rubbing her head against his calf until directed to do something else.

"Herdbeasts are... usually docile creatures, and yes they know me. But I can't guarantee they'll be calm just because I'm here. They don't have the senses that the rest of us do, come up behind them to quickly, and they won't hesitate to kick out, whether it is you or me."

The other statements didn't seem directed to him, and so he didn't respond, instead turning concerned eyes towards a heifer who was showing a little too much of the whites of her eyes to be comfortable.

Spoiler for tags:

"You look great Seng, if anything I'm probably overdressed, I wasn't entirely sure what I was supposed to be wearing." He smiled down at the bluerider on his arm, "I think we make a great pair."

He allowed himself to be steered towards the refreshment table and took the time to examine the hatching grounds as he did so. Whilst Elrost had attended a few of the hatchings in his time at Southern Winds, beyond a distant view of the proceedings, he hadn't had much time to actually examine the location. During hatchings, there was far too much to pay attention to than the natural architecture of the place.

Taking a sip of the wine, not particularly enjoying it, but being wanting to be involved in the excitement of the night, none the less.

"Don't worry about it." After calming down a little bit, Elrost had been able to review the situation and really wasn't offended. "If he knows everything, I wouldn't blame him for wanting to uphold that reputation." He patted Seng's hand to make the rider to make sure he really was convinced that it was fine.

Weyr Bowl / Re: The Start of Something New [25.02.2590 ~ 7pm] Seng
« on: June 15, 2017, 03:58:11 PM »
Elrost made a dismissive sound. "Hopeless cases? Full of riders that have the ability to train newly graduated Weyrlings to be good enough to go into those other wings?"

Honestly, he thought that all dragonriders had important roles to play. They could do things that no one else on Pern could do. They could travel leagues in seconds, trawl for more fish than the fishercraft had ever been able to pull for themselves, and hold together the island under onslaughts of Hunters and Beach Snakes and River Snakes.

Why should it matter if some went into the Jungle and others trained people to do so?

Elrost couldn't help but feel... angry at the idea of other riders insulting Seng. He admired the Weyr system, but there was a hierarchy which couldn't be denied and it was a shame that even here, where they all had to work together, that it had to be conveyed to the wings too.

"No need to be sorry. I understand. It'd be like the Harpers trying to tell me that all I do is sit in a field and stare at herdbeasts all day. You know what Prairie does for the Weyr, and it's a shame that not enough other people know that too."

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Elrost allowed himself to be pulled over to the brazier, watching as the egg rocked in its little cradle. Seng had set the egg up perfectly. "No no, I'm sorry. I should've thought, I wanted to be here with you. Forrikenth was perfectly gentle."

"Oh." Dipping his hand into his pocket, he pulled out some scraps of meat leftover from when he had been helping out in the bowl earlier, "Here. In case you need more, but I see you're already prepared."

Elrost truly hadn't thought about what was going to hatch from the egg. The Gold egg had already been taken by the time he had thought about giving an egg to Seng, so he hadn't even had to consider whether or not that was a good idea. It wasn't a very large egg, but it wasn't tiny either.

"Maybe a brown? Or a blue?" He'd be surprised if it was a bronze, and Seng already a bronze of his own, but Elrost wasn't sure he'd be disappointed. Another large flit to protect Seng and keep an eye on things? Elrost definitely didn't think that was a bad idea.

"It's a little small for a bronze, and a little big for a green, but after all these years with Harrier's clutches, I've still never been able to predict them very well. I'm sorry." Elrost slid his hand around Seng's waist, pulling them closer together as they watched the egg rock faster and faster.

"Me? Nefarious? Never." Elrost said mock seriously, with a stern, "Good," when Seng agreed to not peek at where Elrost was leading them.

Elrost enjoyed the way Seng felt pressed up against him, hands tight around his arm and, now with Seng's eyes safely closed, Elrost allowed a wide, pleased, loving grin spread across his face. The herder was excited. Nervous? Sure a little, but definitely excited.

Urging Seng into the doorway of the little alcove he positioned Seng to that when the bluerider opened their eyes, they would be looking straight at the little romantic picnic that Elrost had set up for them.

He took a quick glance over the room, and gave Ellsk the signal to scat from the room. But the wher rubbed herself up against Seng's leg as she left, not wanting to be left out, and not wanting to leave without at least greeting the blue rider.

"Thank you Ellsk, you can go now." He said almost exasperatedly at the green, who thrummed happily and took off as she was bid.

Everything seemed to be in order. Ellsk hadn't knocked any of the glows from their positions, cradled by nooks in the cave wall, and tucked up against bundles of blankets and furs which Elrost had pulled from his bed and nicked from the various common room areas communal seatings. Just for tonight, he was going to return them as soon as possible. He had wanted to create the perfect little cozy picnic for the two of them. Just for one night.

"Okay. You can open your eyes." Elrost made sure to watch Seng's expression, his eyes, when he first took in the room.

Elrost couldn't help but feel happy about how naturally Seng just fit in beside him, linking their arms together, so he planted a kiss on the bluerider's cheek. Chaste perhaps, but a definite public display of affection.

"Thank you." He said softly, enough so that it was for Seng's ears alone. "I expect we shall meet again Wingsecond," he said, bowing his head respectfully, "It was a pleasure." But Elrost wanted to focus all of his attention on Seng right now, and they walked arm in arm into the hatching sands.

"You look great, Seng." Elrost said sincerely when they were out of earshot of the others, and the beastcrafter couldn't help but be a little surprised at just how truly large the clutch, and the eggs themselves were. He supposed that he'd seen his fair share of hatchings at Southern Winds before, but it was different seeing them from up in the stands, in comparison to standing next to them.

"So B'lye is an... interesting person. He seems to be quite well-informed."

Elrost didn't understand, not really. He heard the tone he supposed, and from B'lye's enthusiasm, he just had to assume that the man at least knew that he and Seng were courting. Elrost guessed it wasn't a secret, they hadn't exactly been hiding the amount of time they spent with each other, or meeting up in secluded places.

So, he was still slightly unsure the extent to which B'lye was implying, but Elrost wasn't going to ask again. "I am indeed." Elrost extended his own hand to shake B'lye's. "Journeyman Elrost at your service. Ellsk is my wher, Harrier my working firelizard."

Once again, he saw the waggle of brows, he heard the tone, but indeed, did not assume anything nefarious. Elrost supposed that it was quite rare for a rider to be being courted by a crafter or holder, they usually kept to their own, if only for the sake of simplicity. So whilst Elrost knew he was missing something, he assumed politeness on B'lye's part, and simple interest in his budding relationship with Seng.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, B'lye. But I believe I have kept Seng waiting for too long, shall we?" He gestured to the entrance of the hatching sands for them to continue their walk.

As Elrost approached, he saw Seng in the distance, and quickened his pace at the idea of getting to see and talk to the blue rider again. Not that he hadn't seen Seng recently, he was pathetic, he knew it, but he couldn't help but enjoy every moment they spent together, no matter how frequent.

Before he was within earshot of Seng however, Elrost was distracted by the man speaking to him. It was hard to not know who he was, and a quick perusal of the man's demeanour, and leg, told him that it must be the Mountain Wingsecond, B'lye. He hoped, briefly, that there weren't many other legless riders hopping around for Elrost to make a fool of himself.

But the man's words left him puzzled. Personal Weyrs? He supposed they had spent time together in Seng's Weyr, but they hadn't done anything yet. Nothing he thought would be broadcast around the Weyr.

Smiling a little puzzled at B'lye, he responded, "I'm sorry? I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Seng invited me." He said simply. The two of them were taking it slow, Seng had asked him to. Not ready yet for anything more involved yet, and Elrost had promised to allow the blue rider the time he needed.

There was no heat in the words, just a little confusion, as he wasn't particularly offended yet. But he also wasn't entirely sure what B'lye was implying about his relationship with Seng, when really, it wasn't his business unless Seng had told him personally. Elrost didn't want anyone to make Seng uncomfortable by butting in where they weren't wanted. Even if they were the Mountain Wingsecond.

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Elrost emerged from the wherhandler caverns, stepping out into the Weyrbowl whilst adjusting his jacket. The beastcrafter had taken much longer than he should have to get ready, trying to decide what to wear even though he really only had one good item of clothing. It was a light, almost white jacket, a soft material and lightly padded for the cold. Light colours were not usually his style, he tended to browns that hid dirt and mud.

It had been his fathers, a jacket which he had had to grow into, in both personality and size. It had been everything else that had taken a long time. Which one of his many plain tunics had their stitches in locations that could be hidden under the jacket? And whether he should wear his faded pants, or his new brown ones, or the black ones which had a hole in the bottom. He had gone with the new brown ones, after all, he might as well make the most of them while he could, they weren't going to be new for very long.

Whilst Elrost knew next to nothing about the night and what it contained, the actual act of Seng "inviting" him, made it seem like it was a really important night. So shard it if no-one else were wearing their best clothes.

Luckily, on his walk to the hatching sands, Elrost spotted quite a few riders being dropped off by their dragons, and they all looked fancy enough, so his thoughts were calmed in that respect, at least he wouldn't look out of place by his dress. He was going to be unique as one of the few non-riders there, he suspected.

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Also what he's wearing

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