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Southern Winds has plotted events roughly every OOC week. This means our story is ever evolving and Southern Winds is changing. Events for the current month are listed here, once you've registered for an account.

Our roleplay time is pretty fluid. We allow you to play anything that may have happened in the past, but not in the future, as events that may affect the entire weyr may ruin futuristic plots.

We list Flights, Clutches, and Hatchings for both Dragons and Whers here, though not for firelizards.  There are Candidate events, Weyrling classes, Holder plots, and Crafthall developments -- a little bit of something for everyone.

See previous events here!

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Hello and Welcome!

http://southernwindsweyr.net/Images/news icon copy.png We are a mature, 9th Interval AU Pern. We've destroyed almost the entire planet in a catastrophic event. While we feature 2 new mutations, we stick pretty close to canon. We've Ranks, roles, and positions for just about anyone who wants to get involved, with a relaxed community. Play and post at your own pace. Swing by and say hello!

Southern Winds uses a subaccount system to distinguish between Players and their Characters. So REGISTER with your Player Account Name and the admin will assign you your Character Subaccount once your character is approved!

Southern Winds is a Mature Roleplay. This means we allow for sexual, violent content that would be found in a struggling, 9th Interval Pern. Sex is common place in the Weyr and terrible deaths are no stranger here. As such, our players should be 18+. These themes are to be handled maturely at all times.

Southern Winds Weyr

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Adverts / Re: Affiliates & Our Advert
« Last post by SanctifiedSavage on Yesterday at 04:47:11 PM »
I had to adjust your code to HTML, but I gotchu added.  :love:
Adverts / Re: Affiliates & Our Advert
« Last post by Groveborne on Yesterday at 04:41:08 PM »
Greetings! We've added you to our static bar on our new Heralds of Valdemar board!

Below is our button!

Code: [Select]
Thank you!
OOC Hang Out / Re: Whatcha Watching?
« Last post by SanctifiedSavage on Yesterday at 04:15:07 PM »
So I like cooking shows ( and I think there's a couple of us here that do too ) so I wanted to recommend The Final Table on Netflix. I've been watching a lot of the Great British Baking Show, so there's a big change cause DRAMATIC MUSIC and COMPETITION but, it's neat to see a lot of people cookin' some amazing food.

It always makes me hungry.
Absences / Re: On the flip side
« Last post by SanctifiedSavage on Yesterday at 01:34:52 PM »
I'm glad to hear that your exams went well and that you're able to catch up on the sleeps. I do miss getting to chat at you and rayne on discord so much, but I understand that everyone has gotta do what they gotta do.

We figured December was gonna be a bit of a thing for people to, family and holidays considering. ^_^

Look forward to writing with you. :love:
Adverts / Dragon Riders of Berk - A Second Generation HTTYD Roleplay
« Last post by DRoB Staff on Yesterday at 07:50:23 AM »

This is Berk.

It has been 27 years since the attack of Drago Bludvist and his dragon army. Hiccup and the rest of the Dragon Riders have retired and handed off leadership to a new generation. A whole new set of Dragon Riders, armed with their dragons and ready to defend Berk and the archipelago, must find a new outpost, explore further, and discover exciting new dragons while protecting their home. Unfortunately, a power hungry Hysterian now controls much of what used to be Berk's territory, including the Edge.

Join as a Canon character, as their realatives, or make an original!

Home | History & Plot | Canons | Advertise | Affiliate
Absences / Re: On the flip side
« Last post by Inki on Yesterday at 12:14:46 AM »
Since this thread is still open I'll just tag my next few things on here -

My exams are over and I passed them all. I managed to get a few posts in after that between my extreme bouts of sleeping to make up for the sleep debt I accumulated through studying, but I'm looking forward to event posts to get me back into the groove.

SINCE THEN I've had my birthday. Luckily all those celebrations have been over the past few days so that's not taking any more time.

RaynePOTM and I are graduating from our degrees on the 14th and then I'm going to be away on a holiday from 15-22nd of Dec, and will be back after that since our Christmas celebrations aren't incredibly extensive.

I've been a little quiet, but it's not because I haven't been here, simply because I just haven't been wanting to talk in Discord that much anymore. But I'm reading all the messages and have been (hopefully) been replying if y'all have tagged me.

- I'm here, just quiet, and am enjoying hearing about all your lives still <3
- Will be away 14th - 22nd Dec
Adverts / Rated R
« Last post by M00N on December 09, 2018, 04:34:53 PM »
Link Back & Accepted / Setsunai ✿ Fantasy Feudal Japan RP
« Last post by Elaysa on December 09, 2018, 11:28:52 AM »
Universal Events / Re: [ 2.7.2591 ] Drinks All Around
« Last post by Fiayra on December 08, 2018, 09:44:44 PM »
Larilla, I'drya, Narinae, Sarinea, and Yaina will not be there.

Yaina and Narinae will be in the creche mostly unaware of what is going on. Yaina is too consumed with her most recent ocean find and Narinae seems concentrated on something else.

I'drya is excited for the Miners and Crafters and believes this to be good news all around. Normally, she takes every opportunity to join a party. But she had her own plans.

Larilla is dutifully working in the Healer Hall.

Sarinea is tending to a sick Sarinesk.
Adverts / Fugue State [JCINK]
« Last post by Yukie on December 07, 2018, 03:41:25 PM »

JCINK Premium ♦ 2+yr old ♦ 18+ ♦ 20+ species

There was no grand ta da! No sudden realization that your neighbors could conjure fire or transformed at the whim of the moon. This world has never been anything other than what it is now, a free-for-all, a melting pot of species and people that have always been predisposed to magic.

It's not a sleepy little town, we're not tucked away in the mountains somewhere.

This is a the sprawling city of San Francisco, the city by the bay. Our city. A financial testament built around the import and export of goods and a naval hub that has a vast and rich history. A city foreshadowed by a prison that's 'not been used since forever' (a lie, to be sure) and a giant golden gate that's no more gold than it is supported solely on the hopes and dreams of your fellow man. This is the real world and we are its real people.

We are real and this is the story of our endurance, every gritty terrible day of it.

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