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Current Month
8.2591 A.R.
9th Interval

Southern Winds has plotted events roughly every OOC week. This means our story is ever evolving and Southern Winds is changing. Events for the current month are listed here, once you've registered for an account.

Our roleplay time is pretty fluid. We allow you to play anything that may have happened in the past, but not in the future, as events that may affect the entire weyr may ruin futuristic plots.

We list Flights, Clutches, and Hatchings for both Dragons and Whers here, though not for firelizards.  There are Candidate events, Weyrling classes, Holder plots, and Crafthall developments -- a little bit of something for everyone.

See previous events here!
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Hello and Welcome!

http://southernwindsweyr.net/Images/news icon copy.png We are a mature, 9th Interval AU Pern. We've destroyed almost the entire planet in a catastrophic event. While we feature 2 new mutations, we stick pretty close to canon. We've Ranks, roles, and positions for just about anyone who wants to get involved, with a relaxed community. Play and post at your own pace. Swing by and say hello!

Southern Winds uses a subaccount system to distinguish between Players and their Characters. So REGISTER with your Player Account Name and the admin will assign you your Character Subaccount once your character is approved!

Southern Winds is a Mature Roleplay. This means we allow for sexual, violent content that would be found in a struggling, 9th Interval Pern. Sex is common place in the Weyr and terrible deaths are no stranger here. As such, our players should be 18+. These themes are to be handled maturely at all times.

Southern Winds Weyr

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Suggested Characters

If you're unsure of what you should make, or don't have any ideas, we're here to supply some suggestions and cover the basics! Keep in mind, we have no requirements for Riders of any color beyond Gold, who will always be an admin guided Ranked position. You can also have as many characters as you'd like to create and you can post your Works In Progress ( WIP ) in the Journals.

Recommended Links:
Hold Life
     This thread details what life is like for Holders, both now and earlier in the Pass. It also goes over various occupations available to them.
Weyr Life
     This thread details what life is like for Weyrfolk, both now and earlier in the Pass. It also goes over various occupations available to them.
     This forum lists completed profiles of adoptable characters, both ranked and unranked. The ranked characters cannot be your first character.
NPC Adoptables
     This lists our Ranked Adoptables that are important to our plot. They don't have full profiles completed, which will need done should you wish to claim them. Again, they cannot be your first character as they are Ranked.
Bare Bones Concepts
     This thread has suggestions members have posted of character ideas they think would be interesting. Feel free to snag up any that inspire you.
Hatchling Bank
     Is a bank of colored Hatchlings available for pick up. If you have an idea for a weyrling but don't have a dragon to go with them, you can stop here to see if there's one to snag.
Wanted Ads
     This is the forum where all our members have placed their Wanted Ads, from romance requests, wanted family and friends, enemies to be made, and anything else they can think of!

The 'Factions' of SWW:
     These Riders believe the old ways of doings things - without the mutations - are the correct way. Black and Red dragons are abominations, Bronze dragons should fly Queens, Browns should support their superiors, while Greens and Blues do as their told and fall in line. Everyone has a job, everyone has a role to play, and everyone should adhere to the Weyr hierarchy and not make waves. They survived the 9th Pass through determination, adhering to order, and fulfulling their duty as Riders to protect what is left of Pern. Generally, Riders of this belief fall into Jungle Wing, as it is the most strict and orderly of the Wings while maintaining a 'Thread could still fall' mindset. They train hard, work often, and allow for no slackers.

     These Holders are the rough and hardened people who survived Fort Hold and are now forced to live in a Weyr. They believe in arranged marriages, the adherence to family honor and traditions, and working hard for the life you live. While many Holders are both grateful and thankful to the Riders for the protection granted during the 9th Pass, many were passed down the story of who was to blame for the catastrophe. And now that it's over, they want out of the Weyr. It's been 2+ turns since the move to Fort Island. After being a working force for the Weyr, the Holder population is fed up at being unrecognized, under-represented, and underappreciated. Led by Maeron, their former Lord Holder at Fort, these people are ready to carve out their own home at the base of the mountain to get out of the Weyr and they believe the Riders owe it to them to protect them while they do so.

     Stuck in a rough place where some Craft Halls have been serving the Weyr for a long time and others have been Hold bound, many crafters will find themselves torn on the issue of where to stand. Traditional Crafters adhere to those laws writ into their Crafthalls, accepting apprentices into their Halls at 12 and putting their heads down to work. To them, it doesn't necessarily matter where there crafthall is because that's not been a factor for a long time now. Their job is to produce and so long as they're being provided for, their loyalty often lies with whomever is doing the providing - which at the moment is the Weyr.

     These Riders are those that believe with new challenges come new solutions. While the old way certainly carried them through the 9th Pass, Fort Isle has new threats that should be met differently and new opportunities that, maybe, could be seized. They work closely with crafters to do what needs to be done for the Weyr, such as fishing with the Fisher Hall, and are generally sympathetic to the Crafter's and Holder's frustrations about being holed up in a Weyr they don't belong in. While that doesn't mean they agree with every method the Crafter's and Holder's may take, it does mean they're more willing to listen to opinions than they are to dismiss them. These Riders are also more apt to embrace the new mutations, or at least willing to let them prove themselves before passing judgement. Generally, these riders fall into either Beach Wing if they're adept and capable of working with Crafters or Prairie Wing if they're young, inexperienced, but willing to accept a newer way of tackling the world's problems.

     These are the younger Holders who have either never heard the story of how the Riders are to blame for the 9th Pass Catastrophe, don't care, or are too young to know any better. While they may wish for a Hold of their own, or to even get out of the Weyr, they don't necessarily believe in breaking the Weyr's rules to do so. Surprisingly enough, though they're progressive by Hold standards, they're far less troublesome to the Weyr at large than the traditional Holders - but fewer in population and quieter in voice. That's generally because they are either members of a family that have no say, such as children, or those with no family at all and thus no weight in the community. If the latter, they're usually on the fringes of society as the general population of Holders still runs very traditional and are apt to scorn those that do not follow the norm.

     Progressive Crafters will find themselves speaking out against the Weyr that provides for them and, while many crafters may very well agree with them, may not vocally support them for fear of losing Weyr support and thus supplies. It largely depends on if the craft is a necessary one, such as the Farmer, Weaver, Smith, or Mine craft. Those of the previous Halls are often vocal about taking ongoing construction outside the Weyr, while the Healer and Harper Hall have a long standing relationship with the Weyr, are likely to remain neutral or on the side of the Weyr.
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Ask a Different Question Here
Fire Lizards: Will there be color mutations for flits?
Fire Lizards: Will there be IC flit clutches?
Dragons: How strictly does sexuality affect Impression?
Dragons: Will there be more dragon color mutations?
Dragons: How common are female dragon riders?
Dragons: Do I need to list a color preference on my Candidate application?
Dragons: Is there anything special I should know about having a Black or Red dragon?
Dragons: Will my Candidate Impress on their first clutch?
Dragons: Can by character be a HAD?
Dragons: Can my Candidate have a stands Impression?
Dragons: Can my dragon have a birth defect or special mutation?
Dragons: What are the Candidate age ranges?
Pern: How do people on Pern keep track of time?
Pern: How does Pern's economy work?
Pern: Is Thread still falling?
Pern: What exactly is the 9th Pass Catastrophe?
Pern: How prevalent is alcohol on Pern?
Pern: How prevalent are books on Pern?
Pern: How prevalent are Gathers on Pern?
Pern: What are the weather, climate, and seasons like at Southern Winds Weyr?
Pern: What are literacy rates like?
Whers: How do whers speak?
Whers: Will there be color mutations for whers?
Whers: Will there be IC wher clutches?

Fire Lizards & Whers: Will there be color mutations for flits and whers?

At this time, we currently have no plans to include non-canon color mutations for fire lizards or watchwhers.

Fire Lizards: Will there be IC flit clutches?

Yes! These will be largely left up to those members whose characters have Gold fire lizards, as they will be in charge of running their fire lizard's own flights, clutching, and hatchings. However, if there are lulls between clutches, the admin will step in and have an NPC's fire lizard rise to mate.

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Dragons: How strictly does sexuality affect Impression?

Per the canonical Pern novels, the gender and sexuality of the Candidate tends to affect what color of dragon they might Impress. Here at Southern Winds, we've attempted to stay true to Anne McCaffrey's creation by including how these factors influence Impression in our guide to dragons. However, these are more like guidelines than actual rules. We understand that there are exceptions to everything, and with so many different kinds of gender expressions sexual orientations possible, it doesn't make sense to keep such strict limits. We simply ask you to keep these requirements in mind when creating your characters. Common sense applies. The only colors for which we retain strict requirements are Golds, which only Impress to cisgender heterosexual women, and Bronzes, which Impress to cisgender heterosexual men.

Dragons: Will there be more dragon color mutations?

We currently have no intention of creating more color mutations than the ones we have already added -- Black and Red. It is unlikely that we will end up with more than that.

Dragons: How common are female dragon riders?

Unlike some other Pern RPs, we have no restrictions on female dragon riders. They stand just as commonly as men, and may Impress either Golds, Blues, Greens, Reds, and, on rare occasions, Browns. They do not hold a place of lower power within the weyr, and are respected as dragon riders just as much as any man.

Dragons: Do I need to list a color on my Candidate application?

Yes! Noting what colors you think your character would do well with helps the admin decide what your character will have a chance at Impressing. If you make a good argument for certain colors, we may be moved to consider ones we would not otherwise. If you leave it unspecified or state "admin choice", there is a chance your character will not Impress at all.

Dragons: Is there anything special I should know about having a Black or Red dragon?

If you want your character to be a Black Rider or Red Rider -- or wish your Candidate to have a chance at Impressing those colors -- be aware that they will need to become an adoptable NPC in the event that you leave the forum. This is because there are currently so few dragons of this type, and they are vital to the plot on Southern Winds Weyr.

Dragons: Will my Candidate Impress on their first clutch?

No. The admin at Southern Winds Weyr determine who Impresses what color through statistical occurrences of each dragon type and dice rolls to determine who Impresses what. While no one will be Impressing on their first IC clutch, the likelihood of Impression goes up with each clutch that passes while that character is a Candidate -- even if they are not able to Stand for a given clutch due to injury, pregnancy, illness, or IC disciplinary action. While your character might not Impress on their second clutch either, all Candidates will Impress eventually unless their creator wishes otherwise. But if you make a Candidate, expect them to remain as such for a while so that you can play them during that process.

Dragons: Can my character be a HAD?

No. We do not allow HADs (Hear-All-Dragons) characters because of issues of fairness. HADs are supposed to be incredibly rare, and while they make for a good novel protagonist, we want to prevent one or a handful of characters from being the focus of a site meant for all to enjoy.

Dragons: Can my Candidate have a stands Impression?

No. For reasons similar to those by which we deny HADs as explained above, we do not allow stands Impressions of any kind.

Dragons: Can my dragon have a birth defect or special mutation?

In short, no. As with Stands Impressions and HADs, this is too much in the territory of something that is great for novel protagonists, but not so much for forum RPs where no single character is the focus of the story.

Dragons: What are the Candidate age ranges?

Like with Crafthall apprenticeships, the earliest any Candidate can be Searched is 12, since on Pern this is considered the age of adulthood. The oldest someone could be at Search is 24, but this would be extremely rare. If a Candidate reaches the age of 23 and has not yet Impressed, they are commonly gently encouraged to leave and find a profession. Those who stay are officially ejected from Candidacy the day they turn 25.

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Pern: How do people on Pern keep track of time?

People on Pern keep track of time in a variety of ways. Outside, they often have sundials to keep track of the hours of the day -- though after long enough, most will be able to give a fairly accurate estimate simply by looking at the sky. Star Stones are used to keep track of the movement of the seasons and the heavens. Inside the Weyr and Hold, most use glows (which run out after a standard time and need replaced), and sand timers. There are 10 months on the Pernese calendar; each month has 36 days except for the first and tenth, which have 37. These two "extra" days count as the Pernese New Turn's Eve and New Turn's Day.

Pern: How does Pern's economy work?

Prior to the fall of Pern, most trade functioned via bartering, though Holds and some Weyrs did also use Marks as currency -- wooden discs stamped with a Hold or Crafthall's insignia, which were worth a predetermined quantity of certain items from various Crafthalls. These were often cut into pieces to denote different denominations. Since the move to Southern Winds Weyr, however, the people of Pern have little use for marks. Their economy is almost entirely based on bartering -- and it is expected that those with skills will donate their time and creations to the betterment of all. If someone finds themselves in need of something, they will often barter with several different individuals to trade for the specific item they are looking for.

Pern: Is Thread still falling?

No. The 9th Pass ended in 2587, and the current turn is 2591. As such, Pern is now experiencing its 9th Interval. However, your characters will still have to contend with other challenges: the struggle for resources and land now that Pern is destroyed; the Hunters stalking the jungles; the Beach and River Snakes lurking in the water; the chaos caused by the hatching of new dragon color mutations; and the young, untested Weyrleader and his Black Neisoth.

Pern: What exactly is the 9th Pass Catastrophe?

The 9th Pass Catastrophe is not a singular event. The "catastrophe" is the near-constant Threadfall that destroyed Pern during the 9th Pass, resulting from the failure of the dragon riders of Benden Weyr to divert the Red Star. Instead, the plan backfired and brought its orbit closer, extending the Pass. As such, the "9th Pass Catastrophe" is the 9th Pass itself and the destruction caused by Thread. The Pass itself began in 2508. The truly catastrophic part of the Pass lasted from 2529, when the final detonation on the Red Star occurred, until 2587 when the Pass ended and the 9th Interval began.

Pern: How prevalent is alcohol on Pern?

Alcohol has been increasingly rare on Pern since 2529. While there are still some Crafters trained as Vinters or Brewers, the lack of an organized Crafthall and extra materials has made production uncommon. There are still some low-quality concoctions around, but they are rather rare save to those who make it themselves or have connections. The Healer Hall produces a potent alcohol called "nettle sap" at about 180 proof, which is used for antiseptic and anaesthetic. It is not, however, typically consumed due to its potency.

Pern: How prevalent are books on Pern?

Books have been increasingly rare on Pern since 2529. As Holds, Weyrs, and Crafthalls began to fall, even vellum and parchment books have been lost, destroyed, and fallen out of production. The Harper Hall and Crafthalls have some remaining in a small library, but it is unlikely that most people have access to them. Written correspondence tends to take place on reusable wax tablets and the use of styluses. Some very rough paper may also begin to be produced with plants from the jungle as construction on First Hold continues.

Pern: How prevalent are Gathers on Pern?

"Gathers" are gatherings where Crafters, Holders, and Weyfolk meet to trade items, perform, socialize, and party. They were fairly common prior to 2529, but since the advent of near-constant Threadfall, have become essentially unheard of. Most alive now will not know of Gathers as anything other than legends from prior to their lifetime.

Pern: What are the weather, climate, and seasons like at Southern Winds Weyr?

While the weather does not correspond to a temperate climate as could be found on the Northern Continent, Fort Island still has four distinct seasons. Spring begins halfway through the second month and lasts until the end of the third; it is characterized by warm and dry weather, with temperatures between 80-90ºF. Summer lasts from the beginning of the fourth month until haflway through the seventh; it is characterized by hot, humid weather with temperatures between 88-110ºF. Fall is the monsoon season, stormy and warm with frequent rain and thunderstorms; it lasts from halfway through the seventh month until the end of the ninth; temperatures are between 75-85ºF. Winter lasts from the beginning of the tenth month until halfway through the second; it features windy and dry weather with temperatures between 70-85ºF.

Pern: What are literacy rates like?

Most Pernese receive a general education in reading, writing, math, and history from Harpers who specialize in teaching the next generation and conduct classes for children. These classes officially end when an individual is 12, barring extreme circumstances, with ancillary education taking place for those who go into Crafts. However, it should be noted that while almost all Weyrfolk are literate, certain Holder groups, such as the drudges, may be disenfranchised enough not to have received this basic education -- particularly if they had to start working early or were orphaned.

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Whers: How do whers speak?

Whers do not speak like dragons and fire lizards do. Rather than using words, they communicate with their handlers via emotional and pictoral impressions.

Whers: Will there be IC wher clutches?

Yes! These will be largely left up to those members whose characters have Gold whers, as they will be in charge of running their wher's own flights, clutching, and hatchings. However, if there are lulls between clutches, the admin will step in and have an NPC's wher run to mate.

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This was created with the idea that sometimes, it's a pain to navigate a new forum and figure out the specifics for your character. So whether this is your first, and you need some direction, or this is your second, third, fourth and you just need a refresher on some points, the aim of this is to talk you through creating a character. This means there will be a plethora of links, some spoilered sections when it doesn't pertain to a general character, and finally a link to the Q&A Forum in the event you don't get an answer in the cbox.

First - The Basics
What sort of character do you want to make? Starting off for your first character, you'll aim for the lower ranks. Either a Dragon Rider, Candidate, Apprentice Crafter, or simple weyrfolk. There are no age restrictions on any of those save the candidates, who should be anywhere from 12-24, and are formally ejected from Candidacy the day they turn 25 if they have not Impressed. And any of those characters can have a fire lizard. We don't put any restrictions on who has what - if you want 4 fire lizards ( which is the max a character can have ), the only requirement is that you make a profile for each, and a given character can only have one Gold. However, your character can either have a wher or a dragon. You cannot have both. Crafters usually end up bonding to whers, as they can be helpful beasts of burden in a time where herdbeasts and runnerbeasts are scarce.

Helpful Reading
  • Full History - Southern Winds is the only Weyr left after an extended Pass has devastated Pern. This details the fall dates of the various Holds and Halls, to help you determine where your character might have been born.
  • Summary and Map - This will help put Southern Winds current time frame in perspective, as well as showcase just where the Weyr is.
  • Suggested Characters & Factions - This is a guide detailing the different factions of SWW, as well as providing links to Adoptables and Wanted Ads.
  • Dragons - If you're familiar with Pern, we have the standard Green, Blue, Brown, Bronze, and Gold. But Southern Winds has 2 new mutations and their information, as well as the roles they play, is listed inside. Southern Winds also allows for women to stand for chromatics. Usually to Greens, sometimes to Blues, and very, very rarely to Brown.
  • Whers - There is no Handler position. Whers have become the companion animals and beasts of burden during a time where herdbeasts and runnerbeasts are scarce. They are helpful for many crafters.
  • Character Templates - Necessary to fill in the required information depending on which sort of character you're playing.
  • Weyrling Applications - At Southern Winds, characters who are apped as Candidates can expect to be Candidates for a while. However, if you want to app a weyrling right away but still receive a staff-made dragon and a personal Impression thread, this is the thread for you.

Second - Conflict
The main plot of Southern Winds is the survival of the Weyr on a Pern devastated by an extended Pass. While they have found an island untouched, it is too good to be true. There are unique threats on this island that evolved to deal with Thread in their own way. In the jungle, the main concern is the Hunters. They evolved from the natural fauna of Pern ( whether from Fire Lizards or the River Snakes, no one is sure ) but they have thick skin resistant to thread scores and, like whers, can eat the parasitic spore. The Beach or River snakes are like giant tunnel snakes with crocodile influences. They live in either the jungle rivers or the sandy beaches of Fort Island. They, too, eat Thread. And Hunters. They lie in wait in the water before striking, both poisoning their victim and dragging them into the water. The bite is a paralytic, the victim often dies from drowning.

Your character will be contending with these beasts for survival, trying to colonize an island that has thus far been untouched by humans. In addition to these conflicts arising from the natural world, Southern Winds Weyr itself is in a state of uncertainty. Two turns prior to the current, the Senior Weyrwoman's produced a clutch that included the first Black dragon -- Neisoth, who Impressed to S'bok. In the current turn, S'bok and Neisoth successfully flew the Weyrwoman's dragon, making S'bok Weyrleader. Only 17, he is an untested Dragon Rider as well as Weyrleader, and his position has lead to resentment from the older and more traditional Riders. Additionally, the Holders currently living in the Weyr are beginning to chafe. They are eager to carve out their own place, and are pushing to build a Hold outside of the bounds of the Weyr.

Additional Information

Third - Biography Information

Face Claims
These are not required for any character, but you may claim an actor, musician, or model. Anyone in the public sphere. This will help you get an idea of what your character will look like. Finding two images is best. One you want to use for your profile, roughly 500px wide though the forum will scale it if needed, and another 150px wide and 200px tall to set for your account's avatar. Be sure you have a name for your play by.

Pern people do not have earth names, though some can be close by coincidence. Dragon riders will have a base name [ I.E. Osirian  ] which will be shortened to an Honorific given to them by their dragon at the time of Impression [ Osirian becomes O'sir ]. Women who impress dragons can have honorifics, but most don't.  Southern Winds does not use last names. If you create a Candidate, keep in mind their name will eventually be shortened. Nicknames are whatever you think fits your character. Feel free to be as creative as you like.
  • Name Claim - This list details all of the registered names currently used in Southern Winds. We code our names so they can be used to directly link to a profile once it has been completed.
  • Naming Conventions - Further information on the conventions in Pern.
Date/Place of Birth
Pern has had a rocky history, and it's important to determine where you character was born, as well as during what turn. Our current turn is 2589. The day and month aren't really important, but the turn can have significant bearing on your character. To determine where you character will be born, check the Full History. To determine your character's birth-turn, simply subtract their age from the current turn. We use a day.month.turn set up, as opposed to what some may be used to.

This can be an NPC you create for the purpose, and become a position you ask someone else to fill, or a deceased NPC.

Specific Class Information
Spoiler for Specific to Riders:
Dragon Color/Age of Impression
Most Candidates impress anywhere from 12-24 and your character should too. Figure out what age you'd like your character to be, subtract it from the current Pass, then find that particular turn in the Clutch Records. Inside the record, you'll find the list of Gold dragons that could be the clutch Mother and where they're at. There's also a total count of eggs during that turn, followed by the breakdown of what color hatched. Below that is the availability chart, and it's here where you should check to see if the color you want is available. [ I.E. There are 4 bronze dragons born during 2557, one of which is an NPC. That means there are 3 bronze dragons that can be claimed having hatched in 2557. ]

Wing Rank
Wing Riders are the base ranks for dragon riders and weyrling is the rank given to Riders whose dragon is under 2 turns. Any other ranks must be approved. If you are looking for particular rankings, there is a Rider Assignments thread. It details the particulars of rank and what is open. Matching up with Wing Leaders so your character is a Wing Second is always recommended. If you're interested in Wing Leader, this promotion can take place in-character, as it is assigned by the Weyr Leader.

Spoiler for Specific to Candidates:
Job Before Search
Everyone is doing something to help Pern. It is rare you will ever find a Rider that did not have some craft or job before they were picked up by the Weyr. They could have been apprenticed into a craft, could have worked what little farmland remained, or took care of the herd/runner beasts. Either way, during the 9th Pass everyone was needed to do something and money mattered very little. This was about survival, not profit, and craft halls snatched up children to fill in positions lost due to death.

Color Preference
This lets the admin know what sort of color you're looking for. Here at Southern Winds the Admin make the dragonet for you. So giving us the option to surprise you can be fun. However, if you have a particular idea of what you want your dragon to be, you can create it's profile before the hatching. Otherwise, it's a surprise. If you have a specific dragon in mind for your character, please have them made and PMed to one of the admin prior to the start of the hatching. If you do not, you will receive one of the admin-created dragonets. We put quite a lot of time, thought, and work into making them for you, but once you are given a dragon you will not be free to make alterations to its coloration, name, or personality. If you do not list a color preference, understand that means your character might not impress at all.

Fourth - Reflections

If you have a face claim, we'll get the jist of what your character looks like. This is more about how they dress, how they wear their hair, and anything else about their presentation.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe
We want to know how your character survived the 9th Pass. It was a rough place, thread destroying everything, exhausted Riders dying or never coming out of Between. Many lose most of their family, their homes, and whatever possessions they might have had. Remember, all of Pern has been destroyed and only Southern Winds Weyr is surviving.

Response to Dragon Mutations
Southern Winds Weyr has 2 sorts of dragons never before seen, and we're playing through their introduction now. Only 2 turns ago, having first arrived at the new Weyr, Kalestath's clutch hatched the one and only Black Dragon Neisoth. No other strange dragons hatched until two turns later, this current turn, that Neisoth flew Kalestath.

Fifth - Who Are You
This is the section you'll want to use to flesh out a lot of your character. Likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses should describe your character.  Try not to repeat what has been put in any of the other areas. [I.E. Don't list a strength as one of their likes, don't list a weakness in one of their descriptive words. ]

Magic Touch
This is your opportunity to write anything else you think should be relevant to your character. Habits, mannerisms, pet peeves, and anything else you haven't already listed.

Sixth - Personal History & Education

Mother, Father, and siblings
Just asks for their name, occupation, and birth date. Most Pernese women have their first child from 14-16, and will have several children throughout their life. It's important for families to be big as the death rate was very high during the 9th Pass. Just like their children, most pern people would have been taken into some sort of craft in order to contribute.

You can include their children too, if applicable. Most of those living in the weyr should have at least one child if they're of age, though that child might have been given to the Weyr creche ( where the weyr raises children ).

Specific to Crafters
Spoiler for Hidden:
Listed here are all the craft halls that existed on Pern and how they are presently fairing on Southern Winds. You can pick from these, but know that Southern Winds is only investing in Healer, Smith, Harper, Mine, and Fisher at present.

The current rank of your character.

Date Apprenticed
The youngest anyone is going to be apprenticed is 12. Younger than that and they were helping around the house, hold, or Weyr with chores while being taught standard education by their parents or whatever Harper might be available.

Date Tapped
This is the time that an apprentice is promoted to Journeyman, usually by one of the Masters in the craft hall. Apprentices are not Tapped before their 19th birthday -- and must have spent a prerequisite 7 years in the Craft Hall, so they will only be tapped at that date if they joined at 12. A Junior JM will usually be promoted to Senior somewhere in their 30s, though not everyone becomes one.

This is for the upper ranks of the craft hall. No one younger than 40 can be voted into a Mastership, and most will be in at least their 50s when this occurs.

This is an area in the craft hall they took the most interest in, and did the best in.

Education Details
How'd they take to their studies? How did they progress? What did they enjoy? What did they not enjoy? This is a general summary of how good a student they were.

Seventh - Tell Us A Story

This is the place where you'll list all the important events in your character's life. Births of siblings and children, the destruction of weyrs, holds, and halls that might be relevant, craft rankings, being searched, Impressing, weryling training - anything that applies to your character. We generally like to see 5-6 plotted points spread out over the course of your character's life, but we'd certainly take more than that.

RP Sample
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This guide is created for those people who are curious about Pern, new to the setting, or just need a refresher on the basics. There will be links to additional information, should you want expanded information on topics, and acts as a guide attached to the information we have stored on Southern Winds. If you want to just peruse the information threads, they’re all listed in the Basics.

     A fictional planet in the universe created by Anne McCaffery. It was discovered ( per Southern Winds time ) 2,589 turns ( or years ) ago but much of the information and technology they had at that time was lost during the first Thread Fall.

     At Southern Winds, Pern has been ravaged and is largely a dead world now. Only one island has survived, and that is the setting of the site.
Spoiler for History of Pern:

Pern was explored and cleared for colonization by an EEC team, two hundred years before colonization. Less than a decade after the first colony was established, the settlers discovered that their chosen planet was subject to periodic attack from space by the destructive Thread, a space borne spore that destroys organic substances on contact. This was responsible for the mysterious bare circles noted in the EEC report. Unable to retreat from the peril, the settlers developed methods of combating the Thread. A small indigenous life form, the Fire-Lizard, was discovered with remarkable adaptations against Thread: flight, teleportation, limited telepathy, and the ability to chew phosphine rock, or Firestone, and generate bursts of flame. These people genetically engineered the fire lizard into the Dragons that now roam Pern.

Overtime, the technology they settled with was lost and the Pernese people settled into their own ways of life. Pern is noted for its high incidence of cave systems, particularly in the Northern Continent. This feature heavily influenced the development of human society on the planet, as humans forced to take shelter in these caves eventually developed an intricate culture associated with cave-dwelling in a feudal society at a medieval to Renaissance level of technology.

The Weyrs are the home of the dragonriders of Pern. They are expansive structures, situated in a cave-riddled extinct volcanos, where there is enough space for both the dragons, their riders, and the people of the "lower caverns", the staff which maintain the Weyr. Due to the unsuitable terrain of Weyr locations (volcanoe, cliff faces), Weyrfolk are generally unable to grow food. They depend on tithes of goods from the holds in order to survive, and in exchange, the Dragonriders have pledged to protect those holds from Threadfall.

Additional Reading

Dragon Riders

     A Dragon and their Rider are bonded in a ceremony known as Impression. A dragon hatches and establishes a mental bond with the Rider, solidifying them in a closer than close relationship for the rest of their lives. The newly bonded, or Weyrlings, are then trained to work together, take care of one another, and eventually fly together. Dragonriders live at Southern Winds Weyr ( Weyr – the home of dragons and riders. )

     At Southern Winds, our Riders may be any gender or identity, from the age of 14+. Specific dragon colors generally impress to different requirements that will be listed later on.
Spoiler for Dragon Information:

Pernese dragons are similar to traditional Western dragons in the fact that they can breathe fire and resemble great lizards or dinosaurs with wings, but the resemblance ends there. Unlike most dragons in previous Western literature, Pernese dragons are entirely friendly to humanity. Furthermore, they are not magical at all. Instead, they are a heavily genetically modified species based on one of Pern's native life-forms, the fire-lizard.

Dragons are described as carnivorous, warm-blooded creatures. Like all of Pern's native large fauna, they have six limbs - four feet and two wings. Their blood, referred to as ichor, is copper-based and green in color, they have multifaceted eyes that change color depending on the dragon's mood. Their head and general body type is described by McCaffrey as being similar in shape to those of horses. On their heads they have small headknobs, similar to those of giraffes, and no visible ears. Unlike the dragons of Terran legend, they have a smooth hide rather than scales; the texture of their skin is described as being reminiscent of suede with a spicy, sweet scent when clean. They are described as having forked tail end. The dragons usually get from one place to another by going through a teleportation process known as 'going between'.

Upon hatching, each dragonet chooses one of the humans present and Impresses to that person; from that moment on, the pair are in a constant state of telepathic contact for as long as they both live. Dragons also use telepathy to communicate with each other. They are capable of speaking telepathically to humans besides their own riders, but not all of them will do so except under unusual circumstances.

Dragons can also teleport. They do this by briefly entering a hyperspace dimension known as between. Both humans and dragons experience between as an extremely cold, sensory-deprived, black void. After spending no more than eight seconds in between, the dragon can re-emerge anywhere on Pern, along with any passengers or cargo they carried. If a dragon attempts to teleport without a clear mental image of the place where they intend to reappear, they may simply fail to emerge from between and thus, be gone forever.

Dragons are fully sapient. They communicate fluently in human language (although only telepathically), and have personalities and opinions distinct from those of their riders. However, their intelligence does seem to be somewhat lower than that of the average human. In particular, their long-term memory is severely limited.

As a safeguard against the possible damage that could be caused by such powerful creatures, humans engineered dragons to be profoundly psychologically dependent on their riders. Any dragonet that fails to Impress to a human shortly after hatching will die. If a dragon's rider dies, the dragon immediately suicides by going between without a destination. The only exception in the books is a queen dragon whose rider dies while the queen is gravid; the dragon waits just long enough to lay her eggs and see them hatch before disappearing between. (Humans who lose their dragons typically commit suicide as well. However, some do survive, although the experience leaves profound psychological trauma.)

When a dragon hatches, they announce their names to their new riders upon Impression. Pernese dragons' names always end in -th.

Additional Reading


     These are the men and women of Pern who have not Impressed to a dragon and instead dedicate their lives to various Crafthalls, which are like specialized schools.

     At Southern Winds, there are 6 important crafthalls which will be described here.
--Healer Hall: Where healers are trained to stitch, mix medicine, and take care of wounded humans and dragons.
--Harper Hall: Where Histories, records, math, and reading are taught.  They write stories, sing songs, play music; all in keeping tradition and history alive.
--Mine Hall: Where raw materials such as rock, coal, and other metals are mined from the mountains. The workers belong to this hall.
--Smith Hall: Where the raw materials are worked into usable items. The Smith's belong here.
--Fisher Hall: Where people are taught the tricks and trade of fishing, caring for a boat, and navigating the seas.
--Beast Hall: Herdbeasts (cows) and Runnerbeasts (horses) are taken care of and bred by these people, who are taught care and maintenance as well.

Additional Reading


     This is the term used to describe those that lived in Fort-like establishments, called Holds, all over Pern and did not live in the Weyrs with Riders. Holds are ruled by a Lord and Lady Holder, who are supported by a Steward and Headwoman.  Drudges are the 'lower class' of pern. Kitchen work, farming, cleaning, and a myriad of other chores are assigned to the workers to keep the Hold (or Weyr or Hall) in working order. The Holds support the Weyr (the home of the Dragons), and in turn receive protection.

     At Southern Winds, there are no active Holds, as they were all destroyed during the Pass ( which will be explained below ).


    This is the main, and canonical, threat to Pern. Thread is the name of a deadly parasitic phenomenon that Pern faces. They are thin silver filaments of a space-borne spore that devours all organic matter that it touches. Pern periodically experiences Threadfalls where this deadly organism rains down from the sky when a planet known as the Red Star passes close by in orbit.
    Dragonriders and their fire breathing dragons are the only ones able to defend the Holds from this threat. Thread has no brain and is not sentient. It falls from the sky, and if left to touch the earth, it begins its feed cycle on the organic component of soil. The result is a burrow that multiplies extremely rapidly, devastating multiple square miles of land. One can imagine the damage that may result of everything organic dying in miles upon miles of land.

     At Southern Winds, the 9th Pass ( I.E. the 9th time the Red Star has passed on Pern ) was disastrous. After rediscovering some of the lost technology from the landing at the very beginning of Pern, they hoped to use the computer and three orbiting spacecraft to crash on the Red Star and alter it’s orbit. The attempt, while carried out successfully, did not have the intended result. The orbit of the Red Star was pushed off course, but closer to Pern resulting in near constant Threadfall and a longer than normal Pass. Over the course of the 60 turn Pass, all of the Holds, Halls, and Weyrs fell except Fort Hold and Weyr.

Hunters & Snakes

     Unique to Southern Winds are Hunters and Snakes. Hunters are much like the Pernese Dragon, but they do not impress to humans. They are pack hunters, smaller than some of the dragons, faster, and feral. They are stocky with powerful muscles and razor sharp fangs, able to digest anything they can swallow. Their skin is more often then not a dark green or brown, earth tones, so they can hunt and hide in the jungle that covers most of Fort Island ( the location of Southern Winds Weyr ).

     Beach and River Snakes are the natural beasts found during the initial exploration of Pern. The water 'snakes' as they are called, named so for their comparative body structure to that of a tunnel snake, are far larger than the vermin they're named after.

     At Southern Winds, these beasts have protected Fort Island from the Thread of the 9th Pass and are now the main conflict of Southern Winds Weyr.

Additional Reading

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