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Author Topic: Approved W'sar [ 08.08.2540 / Brown Wingleader ]  (Read 6335 times)

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W'sar [ 08.08.2540 / Brown Wingleader ]
« on: April 30, 2014, 02:41:23 PM »

Play By:
Russel Crowe

First Name:
Date of Birth:
08.08.2540 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Boll Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wingleader

Your Reflection...

Appearance: W’sar is a solid man, albeit shorter than some would suspect. He hits a modest 5’9”, but it’s not his height that commands a room. Everything about him is rough around the edges, from his scraggly beard to his intense, blue-gray gaze. When he has the time, he keeps his head closely shaved. His clothes are a patchwork of cloth he’s mended himself, usually while far away from the weyr. Away from the skilled hands of the weavers.

The best way to describe W’sar is akin to the Mountains his wing is named after. Though getting older, no one would be able to guess with his solid build and often still stance. He holds himself with the confidence of a Hunter with a haunted gaze of one who has seen a lot of death. He’s the sole survivor of one of the wings that had been demolished from Fort, though it wasn’t from lack of trying to save his other Riders.

W’sar is riddled in scars. From the large gashes along his back and stomach, to the threadscores that rope along his shoulders and legs. The man looks like he’d been tossed in the jungle and managed to crawl his way out. His hands are rather large, heavily calloused, and for that reason he keeps them to himself. His hard skin is prone to cracking at the fingertips in winter so he’s frequently wrapping them in colder weather. While he isn’t dirty per say, he considers himself presentable if his clothes are repaired and he’s rinsed off recently. This usually means he’s accompanied with an earthy scent of dirt, sky, and, if he’s been over the ocean recently, salt.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: W’sar was in the thick of things from a very young age. From tossing firestone, hauling it to Riders, to eventually becoming Wingsecond, he flew so often in thread he still wakes up thinking it’s falling. W’sar lived and breathed Threadfall growing up. He took one day at a time, often stumbling from bedfurs at the call for Riders when he couldn’t reasonably put one foot in front of the other. But this man was determined to fly as much as he could, as often as he could, to save what he could. He may not be sung as a hero, but W’sar pulled his weight and more during the 9th Pass. 

Response to dragon color mutations: He really doesn’t… care. A dragon is a dragon. And frankly, politics don’t interest him. So long as S’bok and his Black stay out of his way, they’ll be grand.

Who are you...

Likes: Responsibility : After the 9th Pass, it’s all he really knows. Duty and responsibility are now a comfort, because it gives him a purpose and a reason to get up every morning. Flying : It’s sort of a requirement to be in his Wing, but the man and his dragon probably spend more time in the air than most. It’s a force of habit for them and they get anxious in the tunnels of the weyr. Open spaces : He wants to be able to see everything around him. Not only to reassure himself that it’s all still there, but because he hates not knowing what is around him. Tunnels and caves leave him with a sense of being closed in and almost detached from the world around them. Quiet : One of the reasons, amongst the many, that W’sar leaves the Weyr is his desire for open air and the quiet of a desolate beach, hold, or hall. History : He has an almost obsession pushing him to remark all of the old halls, holds, and weyrs on the map. He wants to find them all. While practically, this is good so the Weyr can recover supplies. He does it bordering on an obsession as though he’s looking for something, but not even W’sar could say what. Family : He has two surviving members and he always ensures to check up on them and ensure both his older father and baby sister are fairing well. The only thing that might ground W’sar is if they needed him for an extended time.

Dislikes: Crowds : Clusters of people make him uncomfortable. He needs his space. Especially when space was so important during threadfall so you didn’t harm another Rider. Holders and Crafters : Not because he disagrees with them, but because he has such a huge sense of disconnect. He can’t seem to understand their reasons for things. Carefree Riders : Life is serious. He hates those that can’t take it seriously. While he will not snap at them – W’sar doesn’t snap at anyone – he tends to be coldly dismissive. Jokes, humor, teasing : All of it is lost on him and it will earn either his blatant disdain or irritation.


* WORKAHOLIC : If W’sar isn’t scouring and scouting Pern, he’s getting ready to leave. If he’s just returned, he’s turning in his maps and already plotting his next adventure. The man is always on the move.

* CARTOGRAPHER : No one would ever be able to guess the man with rough, big hands and thick fingers could draw. But W’sar’s maps are the stuff that Harpers would delight over. It’s because he’s spent the jist of his life drawing flight formations, reworking terrain, and he takes a particular delight in architecture and putting the shapes to parchment, vellum, or when the rare sample provides itself, paper.

* FLYING : W’sar makes his notoriety on the fact that he and his dragon can stay in the air longer than almost any other. It’s not about speed, but stamina, and he and his dragon are marathon fliers

* DEPENDABLE : Almost a requirement for a man that spends most of his time away from the Weyr. But if an order is given, it’ll take more than thread or hunters to stop him from carrying them out. Even if he doesn’t agree with the order.

* LOGICAL : W’sar is moved by very little emotion, sympathy, or fear. Instead, if it makes sense in a base, logical way, he’ll be swayed. Appealing to reason is the best way to get to him.


* OUT OF TOUCH : The man is gone more often than not. Which makes him sort of out of date in regards to politics.

* EASILY MANIPULATED : By superiors. He doesn’t think it’s his job to, well, think. He does as he’s told.

* IMMOVABLE : If there is something W’sar is set against, that’s it. If it’s an order that contradicts his strict morals, if it’s a move that is too risky, he will be up front, blunt, and if need be, out right refuse to do it. He advocates for the health of his Riders above everything. If something is unnecessarily dangerous, he will refute orders and take whatever punishment they see fit. This isn’t something that happens frequently, after all, he willingly flew Threadfall.

* STOIC : W’sar is a good Wingleader because of his sense of duty, responsibility, and care for his Riders. But he doesn’t emotionally connect with anyone and will allow any of his Wing to leave if they no longer agree with his methods. He doesn’t take such things personally.

* ANTISOCIAL : He has problems connecting and understanding people at large. Politics are far above him and he simply doesn’t have the mind for it. He thinks in terms of formations, work, and what needs done. Not  who is sleeping with whom, what the Weyr’s leaders are doing, and what’s going on between Beach or Jungle. He just doesn’t care. So it sets him apart from almost everyone and leaves him in a position where most will ignore him because he has little to offer on such matters.

Describe Yourself:

* THOROUGH: The man lives and breathes his work. He ensures his gear is in workable condition, that all his supplies are ready, and does the same meticulous planning for his Riders. Almost to the point of micromanaging while they’re in the Weyr.

* OLD SCHOOL: He has issues dealing with new methods or developments – he prefers the tried and true way, his way, of doing things and will insist his whole wing does as he expressly orders.

* LONER: He tried to talk to as few people outside of his wing as necessary. He doesn’t generally find people interesting, has a hard time connecting and understanding them, and prefers the company of his dragon and his flit above all.

* OBSESSIVE: If he’s not thinking about his responsibilities, he’s setting up his next long distance flight. If he’s not doing that, he’s scheduling one for his wing, if he’s not doing that, he’s hunting for old settlements. He’s always focused on what he’s doing he really has problems ‘stopping to smell the flowers’.

* GRUFF: Everything about W’sar is rough. His hands, his voice, his attention, his body riddled with scars. It’d be like cuddling a bag of rocks.

The Magic Touch: Oddly enough, W’sar enjoys mating Flights. Not just because of the sex, which he finds to be a refreshing release, but because of the connection he feels with his dragon. The rush of the Flight, the melding of their minds… It’s a heady feeling. To actually be in the sky with an all-consuming purpose.


Mother: Wife. Theroma. 2528. ( deceased )
Father: Journeyman Fisher, 2525. Woregh. ( NPC )
Siblings: Sishy, younger sister, born 2542. Become wife to Athonylt. ( deceased )
Whearess, younger sister, born 2546. Become wife to Tasez.  ( deceased )
Thaserna, younger sister, born 2550. Become wife to Dansam. ( deceased )
Sulesta, younger sister, born 2557. Became wife to Beldwar, who died during threadfall. She never remarried and has no children. She was the only of Theroma’s and Woregh’s children to go into a craft hall. ( Will be making her an NPC. )

Wife: Kaline, born 2543. Married W’sar at 2556. Died 2557 during childbirth.

Tell us a story...

* 2540 - 2550, 0 - 10 Walensar was the first born to the newly married and happy couple Theroma and Woregh. Both were delighted that he was a boy, not because they were particularly sexist, but Woregh wanted someone to pick up in his crafter shoes. His various daughters are born during this time and, though he has a hard time recalling this point of his life at present, he was a happy child. He was too innocent and sheltered to understand what was going on around him, surrounded by a family that adored him and his sisters to understand that others might be suffering. Dragons, Riders, Thread – all of that was a world away. Realized in a vague sense but never at the fore front of his mind.

* 2552 - 2556, 12 - 16 Apprenticed in the Glass-smith Craft, though he still fishes with his father regularly. It’s the call of careful craftsmanship that really feeds Walensar. He loves creating useful, though almost delicate things for the Hold and Weyr. But getting into the craft hall starts to really show the toll that Thread is taking on Pern. But still, it’s offset with meeting Kaline. She’s the daughter of a Journeyman Glass Smith. Though he doesn’t irresponsibly use craft materials to make things, he spends much of his free time either gathering extra materials or trying to fashion tiny, glass figurines for her. He adores her from afar, too shy or busy to really talk to her. It isn’t until later in his apprenticeship, when she corners him about all the gifts, he finally confesses his attraction. A month later they’re married.

* 2557, 17 Walensar’s younger sister Sulesta is born at the beginning of the Turn, just as he finds out his own wife Kaline is pregnant. She goes into labor at the end of the turn, but doesn’t survive. Neither does the little girl she was giving birth to. Something in Walensar breaks. While he doesn’t cry or rage, he becomes very detached from his family, from everything, except his craft. He feels lost and suddenly very alone in a very dangerous, demanding Pern.

* 2558, 18 Walensar is Searched while he’s walking from his work to the beach to spend time with his Father. He tells his family before he leaves, knowing that he has to get away from the Hold and Hall that remind him so much of his dead wife and baby. Walensar finds the business of the Weyr a relief and the sense of detachment serves him well as he excels in Candidacy and Stands for the clutch he was searched for. It’s during this time that Southern Boll is evacuated, and while he cares about his family, he doesn’t let himself worry too much. He’s still reeling some from his lost wife and finds solace in the Weyr – that is so far from his old life. He Impresses Sath, one of the most awkward Browns to be born to Pern. But the dragon’s calm demeanor finally free W’sar from his sadness. Having Sath, who understands without the need for words, is what essentially pushes wakes W’sar from his detachment.

* 2560, 20 While consumed with training during his time at a Weyrling, W’sar slowly reconnects with his family since they were evacuated to Fort Hold. He finds out his sisters are married, and while the sharp pain of his own loss returns, it’s lessened now that he’s back with his family and Sath is there for him. Upon graduation, both he and Sath are pushed immediately into a fighting Wing.

* 2561 - 2570, 21 - 30 A lot of his time is spent fighting Thread. A lot. If he’s not fighting, he’s sleeping. He barely sees any of his family and becomes rather distanced from what they’re all doing. His life is a rinse and repeat of fight thread, see healers, sleep. He and Sath sustain a lot of injuries during this time, due to inexperience, but none of them life threatening or particularly worse off than most.

* 2571, 31 Sath and a number of those from Fort are called to support High Reaches during a terrible Fall. When a string of Thread grazes the side of Sath’s head, his reflexes the only thing saving him from having died instantly, the pair immediately go between to kill the spore. But the wound is severe. Sath crash lands, further damaging his body, but is beside himself with the pain of his injured face. It’s only until after the Fall lessens are other Riders able to get Sath and his frantic Rider back to Fort where the healers try to save him. Given the amount of damage and the fear some of the injury might be too deep for the Healers to fix, Sath is put on critical watch and tended to often during the course of a week where the healers aren’t sure Sath will survive. During this time, W’sar is a zombie. Ever present at his dragon’s side and forced to eat when he refuses. Even once Sath seems out of the clear, both he and his dragon seem adrift while Sath physically recovers. It isn’t until Sath, still bandaged, is allowed out of the healers hall does W’sar actually break down with his dragon. All the pent up stress is let loose as he cries with relief.

* 2573, 33 It takes almost two long turns to rehabilitate Sath, both from the injury sustained from thread, but teaching the dragon to function with only one eye. Based on a recommendation, W’sar gets a flit, which hatches to a Brown, which helps Sath’s rehabilitation. The flit supplements a lot of Sath’s lost vision. At the end of 2573, they’re back fighting thread with Venture braving the Fall with them.

* 2574 - 2587, 34 - 47 They take to the skies with renewed vigor. Eager to prove themselves still capable and make up for the time they were out. Sath becomes adept once more, despite his handicap, and Venture is one of the very few firelizards to brave Fall and have the scars to prove it. The little flit is as fearless as the Brown dragon that now needs him. He is eventually promoted to Wingsecond, then a turn before the Pass is over, promoted to Wingleader.

* 2589, 49 W’sar easily took up the position of Mountain Wingleader once arriving at Southern Winds and has been vital to keeping the Weyr up to date in regards to the status of the rest of Pern.

He wasn’t sure if the keening cry of his dragon was a blessing or a curse. It meant Sath was still alive, still fighting. But it also pained the Rider in his heart. Every time Sath exhaled, it was with a desperate, pleading whine. The sound made W’sar ache deep in his joints, in his chest, and made every breath painful.

His poor dragon. His wounded, magnificent Sath.

But the worst? Was the disconnect he felt. Sath wasn’t awake, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t like his dragon was napping. W’sar couldn’t feel him. When he reached out, it was as though grasping in the void of Between. Where nothing echoed back, no sound reached him. He couldn’t shake the feeling that his dragon was dead and only his body lingered, attached to W’sar.

If only W’sar would end it for the both of them. The cries would end. His sweet Sath wouldn’t be in pain. W’sar could release both of them from this nightmare, if only he were strong enough. If only his body would respond to his command, if only he could pick up one of the healers tools and finish it. Sath wouldn’t have to try anymore, wouldn’t have to struggle to breath. The great, scarred body shuddering with the exhaling cry.

W’sar wanted to. He wanted to join his dragon in the blackness he felt in his own mind. If they were going to be lost, he wanted to be lost with Sath. Not here, not without the beast. Where the world seemed muted save for the cry of his dragon. Where the only memory he had was the blinding pain as Thread fell on Sath and they instantly went Between. When the spike of fear convinced W’sar they’d never come out of between.

Maybe he was still stuck there? Maybe this was Between. Being cut off from his dragon, in a world that wasn’t as bright, as colorful, as real. Maybe he was already lost and Sath had moved on without him?

W’sar just wanted it to end.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Halirina, Sevastjan, Sethunya, Keassa, C'ace, L'ale, Niema, Loressa
Inactivity Preference:
NO KILL MAH BABIES. You can NPC him when I leave the site.
Anything Else:
Mountain Wing, bitches.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2558 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 33.8
Mature Height: 4.3
Mature Wingspan: 60

General Appearance...

Sath has always been a bit off in proportions. With a too short neck, too long tail, and wings too big for his body, he was a mess as a weyrling. Something that, amusingly enough, W’sar actually adored about the Brown. He was unique. Borderline malformed, but special. It was an effort to keep the dragonet from dragging his wings, but with W’sar’s determination Sath grew to take advantage of his strange proportions. The Brown certainly can fly. 

He has a darker hide that is riddled with threadscore and scars from the tussels he’s had with beach and river snakes. The most notable handicap is where thread had grazed the side of his face and permanently ruined one of his eyes – which is a milky white and doesn’t shift colors with his mood.


Mind Voice: Rumbly, like an earthquake. It has a lot of gruffness to it and it’s very low.

Likes: Open Sky : Sath has always, since he was a dragonet, wanted to be up in the air. Which led to a lot of fumbled when he was younger, but he’s always ready to go. And a sky that’s clear of thread is a very welcomed sight. Exploring : Sath’s memory fades faster than W’sar’s so he’s always excited to find places that, though he may have found before, they discover like it’s all new to him. Soft Spoken Praise : He shies away from loud, obnoxious noises, but he enjoys those that speak to him quietly, nicely. And is far more social than his Rider.

Dislikes: Loud Noises : Sath’s used to the quiet serenity of his solo flights. He will ignore or shy away from dragons that are needlessly loud, have a grating mindvoice, or are too hyper. Posturing or threatening : Sath is fearless and is not afraid of Bronze dragons that might posture nor of Blacks that might be more aggressive. He’s too old, been through too much, to be intimidated. Blind Side : He dislikes it when people or things approach his blind side and will rumble at them – not outright growl, but let them know he doesn’t appreciate it.

* FLIGHT : He’s not the fastest, but he’s a marathon flier. His smaller body, in comparison to his large wings, make him suited to catching updrafts and using them to his advantage.

* CALM : Nothing phases Sath. Absolutely nothing. Not dangers, being alone, long flights, straining himself, or overzealous dragons. He’s a solid rock of a dragon not given over to flights of fancy or drama.


* WEAK : Sath’s strength is in his wings and the muscles he’s developed using them. But so much time spent in the air invariably leads to underdeveloped leg muscles. He can take off, stand, and walk much the same as any dragon. But ask him to trot? Run? And he’s a jumble of awkward movements and tires very fast.

* PARTIALLY BLIND : Sath is, regrettably, blind in one eye. While the threadscore should’ve killed the dragon, he managed to twist so it only grazed his face as opposed to consume it. What would’ve killed most, he has survived. But this often means he has to twist his head more to see things around him and his depth perception can be off. He uses W’sar and Venture to judge things that require a large amount of finesse.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(1A0E03); Text: #(673B16)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
This brown gives no shits about anyone or anything.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Venture is an average sized Brown flit. But what he may lack in size, this flit makes up for it personality and bravery. He’s flown Thread and fights alongside Sath to help compensate his blindside. While he’s a darker brown, like Sath, he’s been scarred from thread too. 


Mind Voice: He doesn’t talk. Ever. But has very strong mental impressions and images, but keeps them exclusively to Sath and W’sar.

Likes: Exploring : He enjoys flying and traveling with Sath and W’sar. Given his memory, he’s become the visual catalogue for the pair. Curling up : The only thing Venture likes more than flying and exploring is curling up with Sath and W’sar somewhere desolate and quiet. Like they’re the only things alive left on Pern.

Dislikes: Other Flits : They’re annoying, chattey, and ultimately just lazy bones who don’t really help their bonded. Crowds : He doesn’t like massive amounts of people. He prefers to stay in W’sar’s room or Between to somewhere less crowded.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He is the difference between a pet flit and a working flit. 8D

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: W'sar [ 08.08.2540 / Brown Wingleader ]
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