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Author Topic: Approved Sevastjan [ 8.18.2567 / Jr Journeyman Harper ]  (Read 3699 times)

Offline SanctifiedSavage

Sevastjan [ 8.18.2567 / Jr Journeyman Harper ]
« on: February 05, 2014, 12:30:52 AM »

Play By:
Chace Crawford

First Name:
Sevas, often when someone is trying to be particularly sweet or seductive.
Date of Birth:
18.8.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Ha ha ha ha. ( Like he'd get married. )

Your Reflection...

Appearance: 5'11"
 Sevastjan is a clean cut guy and he absolutely hates it when his clothes get dirty or ruined. He’s big on fixing his own clothes ( because no one else can be trusted with his appearance ) and is a fair hand at it. He also likes layers. Undershirts of a loose weave with an over shirt with a bigger neckline so the colors compliment – topped with a knee length coat even in spring or fall. And oh does he adore the Harper Blue which seems to have been made to match his eyes. Topped off with his ‘scruffy’ hair cut that is intentionally ‘messy/casual’, Sevastjan is about as vain as anyone can be on Pern without sweat shops to make their own clothing line. He –never- wears the same outfit twice in a row and is loath to wear the same clothes twice a week, but everyone has had to endure hardships during the 9th Pass. Sevastjan prefers knee high leather boots with various belts or lace designs – not ones that are flamboyant or fabulous, but he likes a bit of style variation. As he does with just about everything.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: So it was a terrible time and terrible things happened to a lot of people. Why should the living be made to mourn the dead? Time is precious, live is great every morning you wake up, and you should honor the memory of the dead by drinking and being merry!

Response to dragon color mutations: He’s interested in it because other people are. It’s a hot topic. And what sort of harper would he be if he didn’t play to the crowd? That being said, he doesn’t really care and can’t see what the fuss is just because a dragon happens to be a bit darker in color. Maybe it was tired of looking like ALL THE OTHER DRAGONS.

Who are you...

Likes: Clothes : He’s always trying to worm his way into getting bolts of new cloth for clothes. Always with the intention of donating his ‘old stuff’ to the ‘needy’. Music : He firmly believes that not only is the soul of Pern contained in song, but that life would cease to have meaning without music. It’s inspirational, informative, and just plain fun. Gossip : Harpers are meant to collect information, and juicy tidbits about the important people around Pern are a welcomed slice of interesting. Pretty ladies : Sevastjan has a weakness for clean, well-kept ladies. Preferably with skirts or something equally easy to tug off.

Dislikes: Dirt : Hates it with a passion. He believes since Pern is remotely civilized, there shouldn’t be an excuse for a lack of bathing. Terrible singing : Just don’t. If you can’t carry a tune, don’t inflict your terribleness on other people. That’s what private baths are for. Boring wardrobe : Sevastjan wants to stand out. Both because he’s pretty, and because he dresses well. And should be recognized for it.


* Memory : An insufferable gossip wouldn’t be complete without an impeccable memory, and Sevastjan is no different. He recalls remarks, tid bits, and words said in jest better than most and uses them when the need or scene calls for it. Even if it is out of context.

* Weaver : Having to make or stitch his own clothes means he has a steady, deft hand for it. When pressed or ordered, Sevastjan could be used to make clothes for those in need or supplement the lost help in the Weaver craft hall. It’s a skill he’s very proud of.

* Dramatic : This boy can entertain and light up a room. When Sevastjan walks into a room, he likes to make sure everyone knows it and he wields this attention with the desire to stir up fun. That being said, he’s generally welcomed just about anywhere and is seen as a good time.

* Friendly : He spreads gossip, he doesn’t often create it. But he has time for –everyone-. He loves people, thrives on their attention, and is subject to flattery just as he is liable to dish it out.

* Active : You won’t find Sevastjan working out, running, or swimming, but he doesn’t sit still for long. Intending to fill the Weyr, Hold, or Hall he’s in with the joy of his voice or the stirrings of his lute. If he’s not making clothes or cleaning himself up, he’s entertaining the wary Riders, singing songs to the children, or sharing fond recollections of Pern’s History with the older weyr folk.


* Insufferably Vain : Little will stop a show more than spilt wine, klah, or juice on his clothes. He’s almost obsessive about his wardrobe and nothing can turn him sour faster than intentionally ruining his clothes.

* Detached : It’s hard to say who is really close to Sevastjan in his mess of gossip, flattery, and endless compliments. But in truth, he’s so personable to everyone that it’s hard to say anyone is –close- to him at all.

* Shallow : He often has the emotional depth of a puddle, rarely looking past the superficial while passing judgment on people. This leads him to wave off some of the less appealing people and can make him into a dismissive ass.

* Rebellious : He hates being told what to do or being forced to do work he doesn’t want to. He sulks like a 5 year old caught sneaking off with sweet treats and can be downright immature in his attempts to get out of the work – even if it is necessary work. This is probably the ugliest side of this pretty boy and he will lie to try and get out of it.

* Silver Tongue : A sweet way of saying he’s a liar. Not all the time, but certainly when it suits him. Which makes it hard for people to really trust him. Especially when he’s a known gossip.

Describe Yourself:

* Diplomatic: He can read people rather well and diffuse most hostile situations. They should be paying attention to him anyways! That being said, it’s eerie how well he can handle people.

* Sweet: You won’t find a more flattering person on Pern. So long as you’re attractive to him.

* Instrumentalist: For all his flaws as a person, Sevastjan has true talent playing a lute and singing, hitting a wide vocal range.

* Fashion: He’s a trend setter. And if someone is nice enough, he’ll pass along his ‘hand me downs’.

* Optimistic: Life is for living. The dead are already gone. He doesn’t dwell on much of anything if it isn’t entertaining.

The Magic Touch: For all his rather dickish behavior, Sevastjan takes his calling as a Harper as serious as the Weyr woman takes her responsibility. He will not shirk anything that is required of him AS A HARPER. Additionally, there is nothing he loves more than his Flits. Not even his clothes or his singing. Beauty, Beast, and Drama are, to Sevastjan, differing aspects of himself made real and he cares for them with a devotion beyond any other. ( Thus resulting is spoiled flits. )

Personal History & Education

Mother: Iriana, wife. 2544.
Father: Ethrcil, Master Healer. 2540

Siblings: Sevastjan is an only child, a rarity on Pern. But his parents married later in life ( after they’d both lost their first partner ) and with everything going on during the 9th Pass requiring much of his Father’s attention, they never had another.

Craft: Harper

Rank: Jr Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2579/12. He was taken in a day after his name day. Much to the enthusiasm of his parents and his own excitement.

Date Tapped: 2586/19. Much like when he was apprenticed, he was Tapped a day after his name day. He was almost smug about it. Acted as though he had known it all along - though it was because he applied himself so thoroughly to his studies, not because he was just 'handed' the advancement. But he likes people to think that's the case.

Specialty: Singing. While he is a fair lute player, it’s his voice that’s really stunning.

Education Details: Sevastjan hasn’t taken to anything in his life like how he’s taken to Harper Craft. He was made for the Blue, and he’ll tell anyone who will listen. When he was younger, he took to the studies with a sense of wonder and curiosity that has only been refined. It’s defined who he is. That being said, he enjoys nothing more than his studies and would prefer to do that than anything else. He looks forward to helping establish the Harper Hall to its former glory.

Tell us a story...

* 2571, 4 Sevastjan is a young boy, but the influx of those from the recently fallen Tillek and fisher craft hall is an occasion of curiosity for him. New faces are always a joy and he finds himself amongst strangers who need smiles.
* 2572, 5 Much of his younger education is actually in helping out around Fort Hold. He’s taught to cook, basic first aid, and what later develops into his secret passion – weaving. He volunteers for the work to help out, but really enjoys creating clothes and having others wear them.

* 2574, 7 His Mother secures him an egg from a fire lizard clutch. With anxious anticipation, Sevastjan takes a ‘break’ from helping the weyr and his mother dotes on him, allowing him to be a child until his fire lizard hatches. The tiny Bronze is immediately dubbed ‘Beast’ for the ravenous hunger and rather ‘large’ size for the smaller Sevastjan.

* 2579, 12 He’s taken into the Harper Hall and it’s like all his dreams come true. Pern might be dying around him, but this is one of the high lights of Sevastjan’s life. He wanted nothing more than to join the Harper Hall and be one of those that seemed to know so much about the world around them.

* 2581, 14 Sevastjan charms an older weyr folk out of her clothes, his first time, and out of 2 fire lizard eggs. He spends his spare time talking to the eggs and doting on them until they hatch into Beauty, named because she was breathtakingly so even so tiny, and Drama because she tried to shove her sister out of the way when Sevastjan cooed to the darker colored flit. They become his real, true loves.

* 2586, 19 Tapped to become a Journeyman. It was one of the rare moments his parents had time to spare for him and celebrate with the Harper he’s becoming. He’s come fully into his own with aspirations to become The Harper of Pern.

* 2587, 20 The 9th Interval finally comes and Sevastjan gets to ride a Dragon without the fear of Thread Fall. He’s excited about the move and ready to start anew in what was described as an island paradise. While he did participate in the construction of the Weyr, as did everyone, his handy work was more caring for the workers than doing any of the physical labor on his own. He’s actually written a couple songs about the effort put into recreating Pern and is determined to see these songs go down in history as part of the teachings.

* 2589, 22 The Black that everyone seems so excited about Flies the Senior Queen. He’s curious, but only in the hopes it’ll make another song. Beyond that, he feels rather indifferently about S’bok. Though he is fascinated at the myriad of reactions to the young Weyr Leader.

He stared up at Fort Hold. His home. Weathered and bleak in a landscape scarred by thread burrows that had nothing left to eat. They were leaving it. In a mass exodus to a new Island that was excitedly being called Paradise. Or New Hope. With everything he could carry stuffed in bags and presently being guarded by two flighty Green flits and a Bronze perched on his shoulder like a look out, Sevastjan allowed himself this moment of contemplative good bye. While he was no longer the child that roamed the hewn halls, singing and dancing, this had been his entire world for all the previous turns of his life. The thought he’d never been anywhere else was answered with vague impressions of other places from his Fire Lizards. Beast, primarily, who seemed to puff up in the implication that he would both be protecting Sevastjan as well as the two Greenies when they went to this new island. This earned the bronze a rub along his jaw, resulting in a low, thrumming purr.

The call for more holders to saddle up on the dragons was sounded and Sevastjan finally turned to the barren courtyard. The Pern beyond the walls of Fort was dead. There was truly nothing for them here. He smiled some as he scooped for his bags and the little Greens, one pale and one a deeper emerald, tried to help. “So sweet,” he cooed affectionately. They both took the praise and abandoned their attempts having already received the desire result – his adoring thoughts. The three fluttered around him as he approached the Rider that would take him to the new Island. Sevastjan barely paid him any heed, instead addressing his concerns to the flits that watched attentatively. “The dragon will be showing you where we’re going. You three better be there when I arrive.” The next he addressed to Beast, the largest of the three and the ‘alpha’ male. “See to it our ladies make it.”

Beast cooed as best he could, mimicking the affectionate sound  Sevastjan so frequently used for them, and landed on his head to nuzzle his cheek. Promise, promise, promise. Beast repeated, as he often did when Sevastjan needed the extra reassurance. With that, Sevastjan smiled to the Rider and was hoisted up on the large Blue.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Anything Else:
I feel like this application make him out to be an asshole. :C He’s really just… misunderstood.

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Offline SanctifiedSavage

Re: Sevastjan [ 8.18.2567 / Jr Journeyman Harper ]
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 12:40:29 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Beast is colored the three variations of bronze - the lighter metallic making up most of his body, the green/bronze on the span of his wings, and the brown/bronze along the tips of his wings. He's a flashy little guy and as big as any bronze flit could hope to be, with wings that are a bit longer than usual. The better to show off his pretty colors. His tail has darkened with age and takes on a more aged bronze look now, but it was as light as the rest of him when he'd first hatched.


Mind Voice: He's a rumbly little creature, with a gravely mind voice that Sevastjan would describe as 'roguishly handsome'. He's a flit of few words and he repeats those that he feels must be emphasized.

Likes: Beauty : He was there for her hatching and she's become apart of -his- fair. Rather than the girls ruling this bronze, he's taken it upon himself to be her protector. And -only- mate. Drama : Sister to Beauty, this Green is likewise -his-. Sevastjan : He's a 'brother in arms' and they conspire together all the time. Beast sees it as his job to take care of Sevastjan.

Dislikes: Other dragons or flits bothering his fair. Drama and Beauty are his, Sevastjan is his person. They best respect his property and space or he can be an aggresive, 'roaring' little thing. Mostly annoying. Beyond that, he ignores other riders and dragons. They're not in his world - his person is a harper.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Beauty and Drama are his bitches! 8D

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Offline SanctifiedSavage

Re: Sevastjan [ 8.18.2567 / Jr Journeyman Harper ]
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2014, 12:47:34 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Beauty is a stunning mix of blue green along her body and a deep emerald green along her wings. She's a darker base than most Greens and almost flashier. She's smaller than her sister Drama but that doesn't seem to mean anything to the pair. She's every bit her name-sake and displays a vibrant highlight of green in the sunlight.


Mind Voice: Beauty is a flit of few words. When she does speak, it's as though someone is whispering softly against your ear.

Likes: Attention and adoration. Of which she gets ample from Sevastjan. She also adores Beast and how protective he is. She loves music and will try to sing along with Sevasjtan by making a variety of sounds when he sings to compliment him.

Dislikes: Other Greens. She's as fiercely possessive of Beast as the bronze is of her. While she doesn't become overly aggressive, she can be a bit rude to other Greens - flying close to them and trying to push them out of her space by passive-aggressively encroaching in on theirs. She pays no heed to Riders - or anyone else really. Unless they'd like to compliment her.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She's bitch #1 to Beast and tiny attention whore.

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Offline SanctifiedSavage

Re: Sevastjan [ 8.18.2567 / Jr Journeyman Harper ]
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2014, 12:54:42 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Drama runs a very pale shade of green that is almost white in some places. While most could say she's near defective in her lack of color, to Sevastjan this simply makes her uniquely beautiful. She's bigger than her sister Beauty but doesn't seem to realize it. She has the same high lights of forest green in the sunlight, but it's all over her rather than just on the wings like her sister.


Mind Voice: Drama is higher pitched and demanding. Her voice rings through your mind like a sharp reprimand with crisp clarity. There is no mistaking what she is saying and what she wants.

Likes: Beast is her Bronze. She vies for his attention as any gold might her mate. Only Beauty is immune to this sort of jealously, as the pair of Greens have been raised together and treated with equal amounts of adoration and affection. She's absolutely -in love- with Sevastjan and will jealously annoy women who capture his interest.

Dislikes: Golds. Because they might try and steal her Beastie away. Other Greens. Because they might try to steal her Beastie away. Human women, because they might take Sevastjan's attention from her.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
DRAMA! 8D bitch #2 and Sevastjan's tiny mistress.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Offline SirAlahn

Re: Sevastjan [ 8.18.2567 / Jr Journeyman Harper ]
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2014, 11:37:49 AM »

I can't wait to inflict my characters on him. :3 Also, had a thought. We should probably respond to these with the Records account, no? Thoughts?
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