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Author Topic: Approved Haithen [ 35.09.2573 / Green Rider ]  (Read 3512 times)

Offline SanctifiedSavage

Haithen [ 35.09.2573 / Green Rider ]
« on: May 06, 2014, 02:33:56 PM »

Play By:
Agus Beluchi

First Name:
Date of Birth:
35.09.2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Haithen is first noted by his very long, ankle length black hair. When he’s scheduled to Ride or work, he pulls it into a braid. He has a pair of very blue eyes that shift in hues depending on the light and long lashes to accent them. He displays a wide array of emotions on his fair features, with full lips meant for the coy smiles he frequently flashes. Since Haithen is a weaver in his spare time, and has a close friend who enjoys experimenting with clothes, he makes his own outfits to flatter his slender waist and add more of a flair to his hips than already exists. Out of a crowd, one would be hard pressed to peg him as the male he is. His clothes always accent his slender form and hips leading most to believe he’s simply a thin woman.

Haithen enjoys dark colored dresses to match his hair and offset his pale skin, usually knee length, or low set pants with his knee high boots. Haithen often manages to flash enough of his skin to be alluring without coming off as easy.

The only thing that indicates Haithen is a boy is, in fact, the one thing physically that makes him so.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Haithen knows they did this to themselves. He’s appropriately humbled by the fact that they nearly destroyed themselves – and had in fact, ruined Pern. Haithen was not apart of that decision, obviously, and can do nothing about it. But he looks at the 9th Pass as a lesson. Better that they not try to mess around with nature more than they should. 

Response to dragon color mutations:
Coming off the fact they ruined Pern, Haithen is nervous about the mutations and steers clear. He feels like they’re going to be another disaster they must weather because of their tampering during the 9th Pass. While he does not outright wish them all dead, Haithen treats them as an accident waiting to happen. More so that they mauled poor candidates during the most recent clutch.

Who are you...

Likes: Men : Haithen is hopeless in the face of masculinity. He finds it utterly endearing and attractive, going for older, rogue-ish men who generally do not fancy men themselves. I.E. Bronzers. Clothes : Haithen does not dress in the typical get up for the men of pern – Which is one of the reasons he prefers his own style. Dresses that flatter his more effeminate features are a big win for him, though he will often sport overly tight pants that accent his ass. He dresses to make himself feel good. Flirting : While he isn’t one to frequent the bedfurs of others, Haithen loves the flattering that comes with flirting. Orders : Haithen is a sucker for Authority. It goes hand in hand with his assertive male fantasy and he takes direction very well from men. People : Haithen is a social creature. He likes dancing, drinking, having a good time, and even dallies in the gossip of the Weyr.

Dislikes: Being Dirty : Haithen wants to be clean and pretty. So he’ll fret some when he gets dirty or is sweaty – in any way that he’s unappealing.  Women : It isn’t that he overly dislikes women for what they are, he just has a hard time relating to them or subverting to their authority. There are a fair few that he can get along with, but those that may see him as different or male will both annoy and insult him. Judgmental People :  One of his favorite things about being in the Weyr is the open sexuality. He bucks against the limitations holders set on gender and sexuality and will not hesitate to speak out against such things now. Flight Lust : He doesn’t like the lack of choice that comes with it and is rather dreading his own. He plans to prearrange it so that he will pick while fully control of his own mind before sending his dragon away. Cleaning : He hates anything that involves him using soap that dries out his slender, soft hands and will try to switch chores if he can.

* SKILLED : Haithen spends a lot of his time either practicing, drilling, or working on his sewing techniques. He enjoys feeling useful and contributing to the Weyr in what ways he can.

* DEVOTED : Haithen is loyal both to the Weyrleaders and his Teachers. While he can sympathize with the Crafter and the Holders, Haithen isn’t one to speak out in their favor. Believing that the Weyrleadership know what they’re doing. If it is a decision he may not agree with, he assumes that is because he doesn’t know the full story and would advise most others that they don’t either. Conversely, not obeying orders could lead to chaos and the death of everyone in the weyr. Things that affect him on a more personal level are met with more resistance where as weyr-wide events are almost hand waved to be decided by those older and of a higher rank.

* OPEN MINDED : Given his own identity, Haithen is easily one of the more open minded people in the Weyr. He judges people based on their personality and behavior, not by what he may physically be presented with first.

* RELAXED : It takes a lot to get Haithen well and truly riled up. He brushes off insults, and while wilfully speaking his mind, believes others have the right to their own opinions as well. Haithen prefers a spirited debate over arguing and understands that not everyone can get along so he’s perfectly fine leaving a disagreement with ‘let’s agree to disagree’ and sees no malice or personal attack in such things.

* DISCIPLINED : Haithen adheres to the assignments he’s given and follows not only the letter of the law, but the spirit of it too. He’s not one to go against his teacher’s expectations and can be counted on to do as he is told, or if he says he’ll do something. He, however, is often vocal about any disagreements he may have. If his position is still declined, or his opinion dismissed, he will do as he is told.


* JUDGEMENTAL : While Haithen does not base his judgments on physical appearances, he can be quite dismissive of personality traits he would consider ‘ugly’ such as rudeness, unfounded arrogance, or needless cruelty. Once he has made up his mind about someone, it’s nigh impossible for him to change it.

* INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING : Haithen doesn’t bother to explain to people that he is a male. If they perceive him as a woman, then great. He wants to be seen as pretty. But even if he knows the person currently flirting with him has no interest in men, he won’t admit that he is and will let it play out as far as it may. He’s been harassed and hit a couple of times for this intentionally misleading attitude of his. But he’s too stubborn to react any differently.

* PHYSICALLY WEAK : Haithen is a slender, pretty boy with little muscle to speak of. This makes his weyrling training exceptionally difficult and he spends countless hours trying to make up for it. But given his delicate structure and aversion to ruining his soft hands, this makes him a pain in the ass for his teachers.

* STUBBORN : Haithen is exceedingly stubborn when it comes to his personal life and the choices that effect it. He doesn’t believe he needs to be a ‘built’ Rider and will buck against the physical demands placed on him and he will argue the merit of his weaver chores over the more mundane ones unskilled workers can do. To temper this, Haithen drives his Green to be a physical specimen of her color to overcompensate for his own lack of physical prowess.

* MISPLACED PRIORITIES : Haithen’s worldview is very self-centered. It isn’t that he dislikes most people, but that he is very selfish in what he considers important and the tasks he is willing to complete. His vanity, hands, dragon, and his own ‘chosen’ craft come first before anything else. To the extent he will swap chores with other Riders, argue against orders, and resist physical demands placed on him. Especially where his hands may be concerned. Haithen manages to give in just before his attitude would earn him a lashing, but it’s something he toes the line of frequently.

Describe Yourself:

* PRETTY: Haithen cares very much about how he looks. From keeping his hair clean and brushed out or braided to his clothes that he makes specifically for himself because he hates the constraining and unflattering nature of most Pern clothes. This is a selfish use of material that he doesn’t consider a loss.

* INTENSE: Haithen cares very much about his own needs, wants, desires, and aspirations. While he is concerned about the Weyr at large, he is focused more so on his own work, his dragon’s well being, and mattering that directly affect him. Those that don’t are the matters for those that out rank him.

* GENDERQUEER: Haithen neither identifies as a male or a female, but prefers a more feminine look for himself. This means he frequently wears dresses that flatter his slender form, wears his hair long, and doesn’t concern himself if people refer to him as male or female – though he does prefer female because he associates that identifier as being pretty.

* COY: Haithen flits mercilessly with men. Especially tall, handsome, confident men. Which usually means he frequents Bronzers. While he is willing to play pursuer or pursued, he can be quite insistent when he sets his mind to it. However, this does not mean he frequents the bedfurs of so many people. Most Bronzers will steer clear of him if they know he’s a ‘boy’ and Holders aren’t given over to the casual dalliances in the Weyr. 

* AMBITIOUS: Haithen is very driven in the desires he has for himself and his dragon. He still has a Weaver mentality and seeks to help them as often as he can. He works to maintain his pretty self and soft hands while pushing his dragon to be a sleek, agile beauty. He oils her frequently and ensures she’s always clean and looking her best.

*CREATIVE: Haithen’s unique identifier has led him to create his own wardrobe. This means he is motivated to create his own style that flatters who he is and does not mesh with the common clothes of the Weyr. He justifies this use of material given the time he spends in the weaver hall. He doesn’t have a whole closet full, but several choice garments to wear in addition to his rider’s leather. 

The Magic Touch: Haithen is largely stubborn but is a ‘what you see is what you get’, at least he thinks he is. He doesn’t feel the need to openly claim he is ‘male’ and doesn’t see the omission as particularly damning when an unsuspecting lover confronts him about it. In this matter, he’s almost self-destructive as he could probably save himself a lot of issues if he’d just conform to what is expected of him. But Haithen holds true to the mindset that he defines who and what he is, and not what the social expectations may be.


Mother: Dailla. Green Rider of Yeziryth. Born 2557, Impressed 2571. Had Haithen as a result of her First Flight and used his pregnancy to stay out of Thread. Died on 2586, though they were never close.
Father: H’ren. Brown Rider of Torrenth. Born 2550, Impressed 2565. Died 2574.

Siblings: He’s certain that there are brothers or sisters in the Crèche from his mother, who had children to stay out of thread. 

Tell us a story...

* 2573-2585, 0-12 Haithen was born to a Green Rider as a result of her first Flight. He’s promptly left at the crèche and knows only her name and not much else. He grows alongside the other children but is certainly a bit different when he refuses to wear the same clothes as the boys. While this earns him some exasperation on behalf of the crèche workers, no one really cares enough to make much of a fuss about it. He ends up leaning toward the chores that enable him to create his own clothes and he finds a certain fascination making his own. He experiments readily and finds skirts not only pleasing to wear, but far easier to make than pants. This penchant for creation leads the crèche workers to leave him with the weavers in the weyr, who become his babysitters. They find his enthusiasm endearing and his willingness to play dress up entertaining. At 12, he is officially taken in as an apprentice.  Much of what is going on in regards to Thread seems distanced to him, though he learns all manner of things from the weavers while they talk. To include the hushed story behind why Thread now falls the way it does. He certainly gleans a lot of his social understanding and interaction from the weavers, who he has a long standing fondness for.

* 2585-2587, 12-14 Haithen becomes a little more social and more self-possessed, exploring who he is and attending events as a ‘grown up’. He fumbled around in the bedfurs of various Riders and a few Holders, some of which throw him out for the omission he made. While it certainly leaves an impression on the young Haithen, he becomes more stubborn in refusing to compromise himself or how he feels for other people. The first open acceptance he feels comes from a volatile Harper by the name of Taeghen, who he meets and beds once they’ve all moved to the weyr. Taeghen seems to have possessive aspirations in regards to Haithen that he is wary of. But before anything can happen more so between them, Haithen is Searched and distances himself from Taeghen.

* 2588, 15 Haithen Impresses for the clutch he was searched to Green Saissith. She’s a dark emerald dragonet who cries for him until he rushes over to her. She gives him no honorific and bashfully refers to him as ‘my Haithen’. He’s overjoyed both at having Impressed right away, but at how absolutely perfect she is.

* 2589, 16 Haithen is still working through Weyrling training, and will be until 2590, in the 4th month. But he’s proven to be dutiful in his care of Saissith and, while social, doesn’t seem attached to anyone.

Haithen stood with the other girls, eyeing the group of eggs that were soon to be hatched. He fit in with the other girls perfectly in their white robes, to the extent that no one would’ve thought him a boy. Small, stray strands of black hair fell to frame his face while he, anxiously, watched and waited. Soon, he prayed, that the eggs would hatch and it would be over. He’d never felt so pressured, or so unsure of himself, than he did right there. Thoughts such as What if I’m not good enough to Impress a dragon? swirled in his mind, nearly taking him completely from the situation. The little blue crawled from the nest, dripping egg bits, and peeped in annoyance. It made Haithen smile to see the cute thing.

He did, however, miss the other eggs hatching.

Am I not cute? . came a gentle, timid thought into his mind.

Haithen immediately tried to seek out the source of this thought, features twisting into worry. The voice was so small, so sweet, that he needed to find its source to comfort her. There was still a mess of egg shells, candidates, and trilling dragonets that served to disorientate. He wanted to ask where she was, but couldn’t figure out how to formulate such a thought.

He nearly tripped over her. And only her panic in his mind froze him in place before he could. She had crawled to him, large wings dragging in the sand, as her head was tilted down and angled away. Peering at him with one worrisome yellow eye. You approve of Saissith?
the same voice asked.

Haithen’s knees gave out, forcing him to kneel, his vision blurry from tears as his shaking fingers plucked off bits of egg. “Oh sweetheart, you’re beautiful.”

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Halirina, Sevastjan, Sethunya, Keassa, C'ace, L'ale, Niema, Loressa, W'sar
Inactivity Preference:
Anything Else:
And thus my pretty boy Haithen finally shows up. I resisted. I really did.

This template was made by AJ of RPG-D

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
04.06.2588 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 20.2 meters
Mature Height: 4 meters
Mature Wingspan: 35.5 meters

General Appearance...

Saissith is a brilliant emerald all over her sleek body. She’s always well oiled and cleaned, thanks to her rider, and so shimmers in the light like the gem her body takes after. While small for a green, she makes up for it in wingspan. It’s because of this that she’s able to glide for such long times, and last a bit longer than some of the other greens. Her ‘chest’ and wing region is especially defined with muscle, as Haithen insists she take morning flights to keep herself in perfect condition.

Saissith is a bashful beauty and seems almost to blush at compliments. She thrums with pleasure while downcasting her eyes. While she both adores the attention and finds it a tad over whelming, she gives as well as she gets. There isn’t a dragon in the Weyr she doesn’t like even a little, and she will offer out compliments given the chance, to rider and dragon alike.

Saissith acts much like a young woman in love when it comes to Haithen. Always offering sweet words, then acting flustered afterwards. They make a sweet team that rely heavily on one another.


Mind Voice: She has a low keyed voice that has a lyrical quality to it. Pretty, sweet, and soothing.

Likes: Praise : Whether it is coming from Haithen or someone else, Saissith likes to hear how well she is doing. Though some compliments may fluster her, especially if they are from overzealous males, she enjoys the attention all the same. Oiling : She adores the time she gets Haithen all to herself and his attention is solely on making her a pretty Green. Never mind that it feels good.

Dislikes: Insults : Saissith is sweet and kind, so it is a shock to her when a Rider or Dragon is not. To include her own Rider. Failure : Saissith takes criticism hard and will become withdrawn and if she does not live up to expectations.

* STUBBORN : Like her Rider, Saissith will persist until batter and bruised or until commanded to stop. She wishes to be the best for Haithen and seeks to overcompensate for his own lack of physicality. She aims to be the muscle for both of them.

* FOCUSED : What Saissith may lack in size, she makes up for in her empathy and perception. Saissith is a smart, sweet thing who pays more attention to the goings on around the Weyr than her Rider. Her memory is better than most dragon’s and her grasp of complex subjects is remarkable.


* SMALL SIZE : She’s barely larger than the smallest documented Green which diminishes her ability to fly for a long time or have the bursts of speed other, larger Greens may have. She’s becoming a fair flier, and only because of her large for her size wings.

* TRUSTING : It will take blatant action for her to regard a Rider or Dragon as mean. She assumes the best of everyone and will make excuses for them to her Rider.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(02fe00); Text: #(025201)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She’s cute. No be mean to her. :C

This template was made by AJ of RPG-D
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Re: Haithen [ 35.09.2573 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 03:12:49 PM »
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Re: Haithen [ 35.09.2573 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2016, 09:45:49 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by RaynePOTM
Flit Details

How it sounds.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Healer Hall, Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This blue is an icy blue over most of his hide, but is contrasted by an extremely dark blue on his underbelly and parts of his wings. On the larger side of the blues, he will have a tendency to get fat if he is allowed to.


He is extremely lazy and incredibly laid back. This blue will not fight you for food, ledge space or eye scratching time because he simply cannot be bothered.

Mind Voice: He can't be bothered with mental pictures, unless it's of food. Then he's pretty good at recalling things.

Likes: Naps; Likes it best when Haithen is off training, taking care of Saissith, or just about anything else because that means Haithen is leaving him alone and he can nap in his favorite place - Haithen's bedfurs.

Food; Though he won't go through any hoops or jump any hurdles to get it. Rather, he prefers if it's brought to him while he's at his favorite nap spot. Otherwise he's likely to starve and cry pitifully.

Tasks; Haithen is a busy body and gets Depth to go with him. While Depth adores Haithen, this adoration only goes so far. He gets tired and doesn't want to do things. He'd much prefer if Haithen just… carried him. Or let him ride on his shoulder. But mostly carried him.

Outside; because that usually means that Haithen is going to make him work. Can't he just stay in, on the bedfurs, where Haithen can bring him food? Please?

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by RaynePOTM
Flit Details

How it sounds.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Healer Hall, Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Like the sunset over the bluffs, this brown is light in colour with almost pinkish highlights down his back, atop his head and across the tips of his wings. He lacks the sparkle of his blue brother, instead has a healthy sheen to his hide. He'll grow to be a big brown.


 Flirtatious, excitable and very friendly to anyone who plans on giving him food, this brown is a crowd favourite for flitters and humans alike, and pretty much a green but I don't think he minds.

Mind Voice: Unlike his blue brother Depth, Dusk is eager to share the world with Haithen and impresses upon him all sorts of mental pictures and sensations.

Likes: Attention; Mostly from Haithen, but anyone else that Haithen also likes. He wants to be touched and wants to rub on people. He's a huge, lovable Brown flit that just adores everyone. There's not a mean streak in him and he'll be largely confused if anyone or anything is upset with him.

Activity; if Haithen is doing something, Dusk wants to be apart of it. Running laps? Dusk is right there, flying along side him. Oiling Saissith? He wants to help! He is the epitome of a shadow, wanting to be wherever Haithen is, doing whatever he's doing. He loves his bonded so much he can't stand to be away from him and wants to be doing whatever it is Haithen is doing.

Being alone; He just won't do it. If Haithen tells him to stay put, he'll wrap himself around Depth until he's allowed to be with Haithen again. Much to the annoyance of the Blue flit. But Dusk is bigger, so he doesn't have much say.

Violence; he is a lover, not a fighter. He doesn't understand aggression, anger, or negative emotions except maybe saddness. While he will defend himself, Dusk is more apt to freak out and scream loudly than fight.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


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