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Author Topic: T'ghen [ 11.1.2570 / Black Weyrling ]  (Read 2374 times)

Offline SirAlahn

T'ghen [ 11.1.2570 / Black Weyrling ]
« on: May 06, 2014, 04:57:39 PM »

Play By:
Alexander Skarsgard

First Name:
Date of Birth:
11.1.2570 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Job Before Search:
Jr Journeyman Harper (specifically a Printer, but since the fall of that Hall the few that are left are encompassed under the Harper Hall umbrella)
Color Preference:
Black - || This is probably the best fit for Taeghen, given the fact that his sexual preferences disqualify him from a Bronze. Even so, he has the temperament suited for one, as well as the increased aggression and dominance that could land him on a Black.
Brown - || If he were to ride a brown, likely it would make him even more rule-bound than he already is. Such a dragon would need be as intense as him, with ambitions of being as much as they could be. Being on a Brown might temper him somewhat.
Blue - || I think it would be much less likely for him to end up on a Blue given their usual trends of personalities, but it could happen. They would just have to be particularly serious and ambitious for a dragon of their color.
Future Rider Name:
T'ghen or T'gen (leaning toward the former, but they'd be pronounced the same)

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Taeghen always tries to look his best, preferring formal clothes or his official Harper’s uniform to more casual modes of dress. Though the 9th Pass has limited how much he can entertain this preference, he keeps the clothes he does own well-tended. While not an especially large man, Taeghen is tall, towering over most of the other inhabitants of Southern Winds. He wears his dark hair bound back with a strap, more commonly in a runner-tail or sometimes in a braid to keep it out of his face. His eyes are light brown with flecks of gold around the pupil, and in some lights could even be considered amber. This Harper carries himself with confidence and poise; he’s not lazy, but he’s comfortable sitting still and in silence for long periods of time. A controlled dominance of personality allows him to own any room he walks into.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The 9th Pass devastated Taeghen’s family just as it did so many others; in his mind, he has already done his share of grieving and now looks to move on with his life. If anything, he feels a greater sense of loss on the part of his Craft—Taeghen has been trained as a member of the destroyed Printer Crafthall. Though his parents’ death have robbed that fallen Craft of two more of its adherents, he now seeks to preserve its remaining knowledge on his own. Since the Printers were a subset of the Harpers, Taeghen has been officially taken into the Crafthall as an Journeyman. Privately, however, he still considers himself a Printer first, and his dedication to the written word and records of Pern’s history attest to that.

Response to dragon color mutations: Since he’s not a dragon rider, Taeghen hasn’t put much thought into where he stands on the new mutations. He doesn’t see it as any of his business. Furthermore, his obsession with the past has somewhat diminished his zeal for and attention to the present.

Who are you...

Likes: Pretty Boys : These are by far Taeghen’s favorite thing. He especially likes the ones that are thin, feminine, and wear their hair long. Though this is a fondness that he has largely hidden (as it was unacceptable in the Hold environment he grew up in), it is one that he entertains as often and quietly as he can. To the point that there are rumors he has paid to be entertained by a certain Candidate.
History : Taeghen dwells on the past almost constantly, as he is one of the Harpers most involved in preserving and organizing the records from Pern’s history. He’s obsessed with it, and could recite the histories and fall dates of virtually every past settlement on the planet. It leaves him rather disconnected from the present, but Taeghen almost prefers it that way. Because everyone else is stupid anyway.
Cleanliness : He would and has shouted at other people who bring food or liquids around “his” records. Furthermore, he hates being dirty in any way. If he feels he or his clothes have been sullied by anything, he will take a quick detour to the Bathing Springs even if he was in the middle of working. He’s almost compulsive about it.
Submission : Simply put, Taeghen likes it when people listen to him. He has every bit of confidence in his own intellect and abilities, and believes that others should step aside so he can do tasks correctly. This extends even into the bedroom:  Taeghen prefers a partner who will take his lead, or in more extreme cases allow him to do whatever he wants to them. He responds well to those who submit to him and appropriately shower him in attention.

Dislikes: Women :  Taeghen is something of a sexist. While he doesn’t think that women are in any way inferior to men, he hates them all the same. He thinks they’re illogical and far too emotional; though Taeghen is capable of being physically attracted to women, he finds that their personalities (or how he perceives them to be) puts him off to the point he only occasionally sleeps with them in order to maintain the illusion of being straight.
Social Norms : Anything that he’s expected to live up to that he thinks is stupid, Taeghen dislikes. This includes people who say he should be living more in the present, and those among the Crafters and Holdfolk who think he’s somehow deficient because he prefers the company of men.
Unfounded Authority : He’s perfect. Those in arbitrary positions of power over him, who are not perfect, should shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. He’s got this. Quit telling him what to do.
Ageism : No matter that he’s only 19 turns old, he’s smarter than most people on Pern. The infuriating part about this is that it’s mostly true. Taeghen is vastly intelligent and driven, and resents those who think he is somehow less just because he’s young.
Busy Work Outside of his Craft : Really, it’s only distracting from more important things he could be doing. Plus it’s a waste of his talent. Secondary chores are for Apprentices not engaged in important work.


* GOOD MEMORY : Once Taeghen has read or been told something, he rarely forgets it. He may not be as infallible as someone with a photographic memory, but he has better recall than most people. Especially for facts and histories.

* PERFECTIONIST : If he’s tasked with something, he will make sure he does it right. The first time. Taeghen holds himself (and others) to standards that seem almost impossible to achieve, but his constant drive for perfection makes him an accurate and dedicated worker.

* AMBITIOUS : Even though his Crafthall technically doesn’t exist anymore, Taeghen has aspirations. He intends to someday achieve the rank of Master Harper, with special emphasis on the preservation, organization, and discovery of Pern’s lost records and histories. He intends to use that rank to reassemble the fallen Printer Crafthall.

* AUTHORITATIVE : Taeghen knows how to give orders. He carries himself like a leader no matter his rank, and expects those underneath him to do what he says. Similarly, he expects those above him to listen to his opinions with the weight they are due. He does not speak lightly nor when unsure of himself. If he’s taking the time to say something, he’s certain of it.

* DEDICATED : When he’s turned his hand to something, Taeghen pursues it with a fierce devotion. This can include his Craft or, in the rare cases he encounters someone he likes, other people. He’s not one to be wishy-washy or change his mind once he’s committed to a course of action.


* HOSTILE : It doesn’t take very long in conversation to learn that Taeghen is combative. He stands up for himself and his ideas no matter whose authority he’s questioning to do so. Taeghen has no problems getting into yelling matches with those who upset him—and most people do. He’s not in the habit of being nice, mostly because he thinks it’s a waste of time.

* VIOLENT : Taeghen might not be a brawler, but he’s not afraid to resort to physical violence if necessary. When provoked past a certain point, he’s likely to snap and hit the person he’s arguing with. This has gotten him in trouble before, and may yet again. He’d not strike someone in a position of authority over him, but those beneath him are fair game. This has earned him lashings in the past, but he’s never quite gone far enough to get kicked out of his Crafthall.

* SELF-CENTERED : Taeghen’s ego is so large that he has little energy left to care about other people. He thinks about himself first—and often only. If something will benefit him, he wants it; if it will inconvenience him, it’s the worst thing in the world. People who don’t recognize his amazing qualities are immediately his enemies.

* RIGID : He doesn’t often relax save when he’s asleep. Taeghen always treats everything as though it is a serious matter, to the point that it could be draining for other people. His intensity can suck all of the air out of a room. And once he’s got his mind set on something, it’s virtually impossible to change his opinion.

* ALOOF : He holds himself above virtually everyone else with a few exceptions. Taegen can understand the motivations of others, but he doesn’t place much importance upon them. Most see him as very cold and uncaring. Only when someone manages to penetrate his thick armor will they see how intensely loyal and indulgent he can be.

Describe Yourself:

* POSSESSIVE: Once Taeghen has claimed something or someone as his own, he will fight anyone who tries to take those things away from him. He is fiercely jealous as well. The things that are his, he treats well. But woe to anyone who challenges him for the rights to them or damages them.

* PROUD: Taeghen is infuriating to most people because he’s aware of his talents, intelligence, and good looks without the humility not to flaunt them. He thinks he’s always right by virtue of his keen mind, and will sing his own praises even when no one else will.

* REBELLIOUS: He has a problem submitting to systems of authority when he doesn’t believe they are right, managed well, or powerful enough to drumpf his own intelligence. Taeghen constantly questions those in power over him even after they’ve earned his respect. He thinks they should be able to stand up to his scrutiny if they expect him to do as they wish.

* NARCISSISTIC: Taeghen knows he’s good looking and tries to capitalize on that. He always looks his best, and plays special attention to keeping his hands smooth so they don’t snag on the delicate records he cares for. He knows his presence can be intimidating to others—something which Taeghen will not hesitate to use to his advantage. 

* HISTORIAN: Taeghen sees it as his responsibility to care for and organize the records left over from Pern’s history. His passion for learning about the past makes him an encyclopedia of knowledge on the events, places, and people who made Pern what it is today.

The Magic Touch: Taeghen’s proclivity toward male partners is something he’s tried to keep fairly discreet during his time at Fort Hold and in the Harper Crafthall. He’s a little less rigid about his secrecy since the move to Southern Winds, as weyrfolk are less restrictive about sexual preferences. Despite his attempts at secrecy, the close-knit nature of having so many people packed into Fort Hold means that he didn’t escape without a few rumors about himself—particularly regarding his appreciation for feminine boys. It’s an open secret that he is one of Erieen’s past clients.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Litheriel. Journeywoman Printer, 2557. Died 2582 of Winter Fever.
Father: Ganellas. Journeyman Printer, 2555. Died 2582 of Winter Fever. 

Siblings: Alessanya. Apprentice Harper, 2572. Died 2585 in childbirth.
Belsimfaer. 2573. Died 2581 – caught out in Threadfall.
Ksayral. 2576. Died 2581 – caught out in Threadfall.
Zhessain. 2577. Died 2580 – bitten by a tunnel snake.
Valalira. 2580. Died 2582 of Winter Fever.

Craft: Printer/Harper. Taeghen was trained as a Printer by his parents prior to when he could officially take on the rank of Apprentice. Though they died the same year he took on his Apprenticeship, Taeghen has been inducted into the Harper Crafthall since the Printers were considered a subset of that Hall. Though he is considered a Harper, he thinks of himself as a Printer first.

Rank: Junior Journeyman.

Date Apprenticed: 2582/12.

Date Tapped: 2589/19.

Specialty: Taeghen’s area of expertise is Pernese history.

Education Details: He has devoted the bulk of his studies to learning about the events that came before the current turns, with particular attention to the 9th Pass and the reasons that led up to the current state of the planet. He’s a walking encyclopedia of dates, names, and information. While he has long been working with the Harpers recording, preserving, and retrieving records, his recent promotion to Journeyman has allowed him to take a more active role in this aspect of the Harper Hall. 

Tell us a story...

* 0-9, 2570-2579 Taeghen was born at Fort Hold to a pair of Printers. The Craft had been passed down in their family since the beginning of it during the 9th Pass—and his parents sought to teach their children the arts of the lost Crafthall with sponsorship from the Harpers. Thus, Taeghen began to learn about Pern’s history long before he was old enough to be officially Apprenticed to his parents. The births of his siblings pass by with little notice—Taeghen is never very close to them, as he’s closed off and aloof even from his family. He’s not old enough to remember the fall of Tillek Hold and High Reaches Weyr. The Pern that Taeghen grows up knowing consists only of Fort Hold and Fort Weyr. As a result, he finds himself fascinated by the tales his parents tell him, and the records they have him memorize.

* 10, 2580 The year that Taeghen turns ten, his younger brother Zhessain is bitten by a tunnel snake and dies from the paralytic toxin. While the rest of his family mourns, Taeghen withdraws further into his studies. He’s so preoccupied with the momentous events of the past that even a present personal tragedy doesn’t leave much of a mark on him. The birth of his little sister, Valalira, occurs with a similarly detached outlook from the young boy.

* 11, 2581 His younger brothers, Belsimfaer and Ksayral, are out gathering food with some workers from the kitchens when the group is caught out in Threadfall. Taeghen is impacted a little more by the loss of two siblings at once, but only in the sense that their presence is suddenly gone from his life. He understands that this event has had a deep impact on his parents because they grow distracted in teaching him about their fallen Crafthall.

* 12, 2582 Taeghen has been waiting for this for turns—when he’s finally old enough to be officially Apprenticed to his parents. While he’s already been learning about the Printers (and Harpercraft) prior to this, the ceremony of being given the title means a lot to him. Additionally, he’s granted membership into the Harper Hall, as that Craft considered the Printers a subset of their own. However, his triumph is short lived. Late in the turn, his parents and Valalira catch Winter Fever and do not survive. Taeghen and his sister Alessanya are now on their own. Taeghen is devastated:  but his reaction is angrier than it is sad. He vows to uphold the Printer Craft by himself if necessary, and throws himself into his official classes as a Harper.

* 14, 2584 Alessanya officially becomes an Apprentice Harper. Taeghen does not approve of her increased focus on the musical and artistic aspect of the Craft. Even so, he’d prefer she be a member of the Harper Craft than any other. Relations between them, which have always been a little rocky, escalate in the face of his disapproval and their increased exposure to each other now that they both inhabit the same Crafthall.

* 15, 2585 Alessanya, who has been seeing a Junior Journeyman in the Harper Crafthall, finds out she’s pregnant. Taeghen is furious she has not married beforehand, but Alessanya ultimately wins the argument by throwing Taeghen’s own preference for boys back in his face. When the time comes for her to give birth, both she and the baby do not survive. Though he never got along with her very well, Taeghen is quietly sad at the loss of the last member of his family.

* 16, 2586 After four long years of study, Taeghen is promoted to Senior Apprentice. He marks the turn as an accomplished one, and secures two firelizard eggs for himself in celebration. The two both hatch as Bronzes—one which he names Benden, and the second Aivas. He trains them both to be working flits, who help him care for and organize the records.

* 17, 2587 The end of the 9th Pass marks an exciting time for Taeghen. Now that Thread is no longer falling, he’s sure that he will be able to convince some Riders to travel to the fallen Holds and Weyrs in order to retrieve lost records. He’s instead fairly disappointed when they decide to move to Southern Winds instead. His disappointment is mitigated somewhat by his discovery of a new bedmate—a young Weaver named Haithen. Taeghen immediately takes a somewhat possessive turn toward the younger boy, as Haithen is the exact image of what Taeghen is attracted to. Despite his rather domineering and possessive overtures, Haithen elects not to move in with him. Toward the end of the turn, Haithen is Searched and accepts his status as a Candidate.

* 18, 2588 Haithen Impresses a Green at the first clutch of the turn, putting him out of Taeghen’s reach for the next two turns since weyrlings are forbidden to have sex. Taeghen distracts himself from his disappointment by devoting himself to the studies necessary so that he can be promoted to Journeyman as soon as possible after his nineteenth birthday. He’s determined, once Haithen has graduated from his weyrling training, that the boy will be his.

* 19, 2589 Taeghen is patiently awaiting Haithen’s graduation in the next turn. In the meantime, he has finally achieved the rank of Journeyman, and is enjoying taking a more active role in the record keeping for the Harpers. Right now, he’s looking to make connections in Mountain Wing with riders who might be willing to seek out records for him in addition to supplies and resources.


The boy still haunted his dreams. Though Taeghen hadn’t slept with him in almost two turns, Haithen still appeared almost nightly in his thoughts. Which was infuriating as much as it was tantalizing. Because no matter how much Taeghen wanted to go pull the dark haired little beauty out of his bed, he was off limits. So long as he remained in weyrling training. Which meant that Taeghen was going to have to be frustrated for a few more months yet.

And so it was that he was staring up at the ceiling of his room, desperately hard and with no one to satisfy himself with. Ever since he’d first bedded Haithen two turns ago, no one else had quite compared. The thin, lithe form of the ex-Weaver felt perfect against his own body. And that long, glossy black hair slipped through his fingers like water whenever he gripped it.

Groaning in annoyance, Taeghen rolled onto his side and tried to go back to sleep. He could feel Benden and Aivas stirring at the end of the bed, woken by his preoccupation and frustration. The two Bronzes huffed restlessly before coiling around each other once again. The deep chill of evening had settled into the stones of Southern Winds Weyr, making his room fairly cold, especially this far into autumn. It was a welcome relief from the heat.

But not, the Printer found, a relief from the insistent heat making him crave Haithen.

Member Info...

Created By:
Sir Alahn
Other Characters:
O'sir, M'rek, Finnmaghaine, A'lori, Erieen, Tyldas, L'nal, Tianaice, Niphredon, and S'bel
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC, but please don’t kill him off. :C
Anything Else:
He’s going to live on top of Haithen as soon as he graduates weyrling training.

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Re: T'ghen [ 11.1.2570 / Black Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 04:58:29 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

[ BEN-den ]
Date of Birth:
2586 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Benden is a dull bronze, almost copper in color on the bulk of his body. The top edges of his wings and his head are weathered to a much darker color, almost speckled. The markings there shimmer in bright light, sparkling like burnished bronze. He’s not an especially large specimen, but he’s quick and strong.


Mind Voice: Benden’s voice is a rich bass croon, surprisingly deep for a flit.

Likes: Order : Benden is a working flit, not a pet. He enjoys organizing files with Taeghen, and is just as precise and exacting as his owner. While the flit cannot read, Taeghen has worked out a color and symbol coding system to help his flit put records in their proper places.
Fighting Tunnel Snakes : Benden loathes the creatures, and takes particular pleasure in finding and killing them. He’s so far been able to avoid being bitten fatally, but does bear a few scars on his body from past encounters with the creatures.

Dislikes: Sloppiness : If someone messy or unclean tries to come anywhere near Taeghen or his work, Benden will not hesitate to attack that person. He considers it his personal duty to help make sure things stay immaculate.
Other Bronzes : Beyond Aivas, Benden is not fond of other flits his color. He sees them as rivals for the various Golds around the weyr, and sometimes gets into fights with them. He’s particularly disdainful of those who are just pets.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He’s kind of a little douchebag.

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Re: T'ghen [ 11.1.2570 / Black Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2014, 04:58:53 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

[ AY-vas ]
Date of Birth:
2586 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Aivas is a much rosier copper color than his brother, pale along his neck, back and tail. His wingsails are darker, a dull brass more like the coloration on Benden. He’s not quite as shimmery or flashy as the other flit, but he’s just as fast and agile.


Mind Voice: Aivas almost never speaks, but when he does it is with an almost mechanical buzz in his voice, like his voice is catching on something.

Likes: Pretty Boys : Aivas is a peculiar Bronze in that he prefers the company of other male flits to Greens and Golds. He’s especially fond of Benden, who humors his obsession and considers Aivas his mate.
Laundry : Just as Benden is the flit who most often helps Taeghen sort records, Aivas has a particular fondness for laundry. He keeps his front claws fairly blunt in order to help Taeghen fold his clothes, so that he will not snag the fabric or tear it.

Dislikes: Tunnel Snakes : Aivas hates tunnel snakes anyway, but especially so since he keeps his front claws blunted. He prefers to let Benden fight them, and will stay as far away from them as possible.
Flight Lust : It clouds his mind, and he doesn’t like the ladies that it prompts him to chase.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Sliiiightly gay Bronze.

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Re: T'ghen [ 11.1.2570 / Black Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2014, 05:43:41 AM »
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Re: T'ghen [ 11.1.2570 / Black Weyrling ]
« Reply #4 on: June 03, 2017, 06:40:15 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SanctifiedSavage.
Dragon Details

>__> ALAHN
[ SIN-ess-tath ]
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 35.4
Mature Height: 8.9
Mature Wingspan: 66.

General Appearance...

Sinestath hatched a mess of wings and tail. He was such a light color one might have mistaken him for a silver dragon when he’d first hatched, but he’ll darken into his namesake along his wings, underbelly, neckfrill, and tail with age. The undersails of his wings are perhaps the most remarkable, and prettiest, feature of all. A gray so light it’s almost white – nearly an absence of color. As a hatchling, he’s gangly and almost awkward for the amount of wing, neck, and tail that makes up this dragon – and he’ll always be that way. While he’ll never rival the biggest of bronzes or blacks in bulk, he’s tall, long, with wings that are nothing to shy away from. If anything, the white coloration and wingspan he’ll grow into are some of his most striking features – if Sinestath has anything to say about it.


Mind Voice: His voice is calm, slow, but quite deep. Everything he says is with thought, and he means it all. There's nothing light, airy, or flippant about his voice. Rather, his voice is pointed and fills Taeghen's mind - he wants to be heard when he speaks.

Likes: Socializing with other Blacks : His rider may have an aversion to certain groups of people, and Sinestath does too. But he has a quick fascination and easy socialization with other Black dragons. It doesn’t matter if the other dragon happens to be awkward, aggressive, or shy, if it’s a black dragon Sinestath seems to respond remarkably well and is quick to come to their defense.

Attention : have you noticed how pretty Sinestath is? Because he thinks you should notice. He adores attention. Even if he doesn’t like Bronze dragons and readily accepts most prejudices his rider comes with, anyone that pays him a compliment will earn Sinestath’s marked attention. It may be brief, but hey, at least he’s listening. For those that he does like – Greens, other Blacks, and Reds – compliments and attention are a quick way to earn his favor.

Too much work : Sinestath isn’t lazy, per say, but he is not a creature of hard work. He understands schedules, but when it’s time to relax, he wants his owed relaxation. He wants to take time to enjoy life, to seek out adventure that’s not a part of structure and rigid activities. There’s an entire world to explore! He wants new sights, new experiences, and not the same thing over and over again.

Chit Chat : While he likes socializing and attention, he’s the sort to be more physical in his socializing then to be a chatter box. He wants to fly with other dragons, race them, wrestle. Any dragon that becomes overly chatty, except another Black, may be swiftly ignored.


* FLIGHT : Eventually. He has large wings for his body size for a reason. If he’s given the proper motivation, and direction, he can become an excellent flier. During weyrling hood and as a dragonet, he may be frustratingly awkward and unbalanced.

* SUPPORTIVE : He is surprisingly positive and very supportive not only to his Rider, but to other Black and Red dragons. Optimistic and driven to a fault, he’s not fazed by his awkwardness, and his chipper attitude might annoy his rider. Especially when Sinestath actively encourages other Blacks or Reds and thus creates social interactions T'ghen would rather not be apart of.


* WEAK : He’s small compared to the others of his color and comparative color – Bronze. He’ll never be a great fighter or a fast runner. In fact, some might call him fragile. While he can, and will insist, on wrestling with other Blacks anything more serious is bound to hurt him. The fact his tail, neck, and wings comprise so much of his size would make him fighting potentially more dangerous because he’d run the risk of seriously injuring his wings.

* DIFFICULT TO FOCUS : It’s not that he’s not ambitious or driven, it’s just that he wants to do so much that it can be hard to get him to focus on the task at hand. He’s borderline scattered for a dragon. He doesn’t want to sit still and wait for the training things his Rider must do, he just wants to do things. So he’ll bother T’ghen when his rider is otherwise working on things that don’t include him because everything should include him.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: # E4E3C2; Text: # 50514F

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He’s gonna take some work, but I think T’ghen can handle him.

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