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Author Topic: Approved Sethunya [12.9.2572 / Brown Weyrling ]  (Read 4856 times)

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Sethunya [12.9.2572 / Brown Weyrling ]
« on: February 05, 2014, 07:38:18 PM »

Play By:
Kacey Rohl

First Name:
Date of Birth:
12.9.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold.
Job Before Search:
Smith Apprentice.
Color Preference:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Sethunya, or Seth as she is affectionately called by her Father, is a tall, well-built girl. She’s toned from her work alongside her father, who is a Master Smith, and tanned from her joyous romps outside. She’s a girl that has spent a lot of time outdoors, a lot of time working, and it shows in the way she both holds herself and appears. Seth is always seen with her head held high, layered hair falling about and framing her long, shaped face and thin brows. Her back is straight, both from pride and learning how to conduct herself. While being a late bloomer physically, Sethunya has the curves of a woman now and cannot be mistaken for a boy despite the rough way she may act. Typically, she’s cast in brown leather pants, too long for her with several holes decorating them. Enough so that her shaped calves and thighs can be seen through them. Sethunya doesn’t desire new clothes, as she’s always been so rough on them that they tear quickly anyways. While provocative, it’s unintentionally so. The pants set low on her flared hips, often leaving a band of her tanned abdomen bare. The shirt she wears, Seth believes, is practical. It’s tight, lacing completely up the front with black cord, and serves to hold her chest in place as well as cover her form.

During the Cold, Seth wraps herself in a knee length robe and belts it shut, often leaving her chest and neck bare to the frigid air. She’s never one to be bothered with such things. The only thing about her that isn’t torn, well used, or dirtied, are her boots. Sethunya learned the importance of taking care of her footware from her Father, who spent nearly his whole day on his feet. Sethunya makes an effort to keep herself presentable, but it’s offset by her torn pants and older shirts. She isn’t one to wear overly flowy clothes, always keeping the shirts tight and the pants torn. It is, in essence, her own style. Sethunya wears one ring, which had been her mothers. It’s a simple silver band that was given to her when she was Searched.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Sethunya worked hard alongside her father as a smith to provide what she could during the rough times of the 9th Pass. She did whatever she could, from cooking ( which she’s not good at ), to sewing ( best if it’s something no one is really concerned about wearing ), to plowing what fields survived threadfall. She worked until forced to bed, then slept briefly to do it all over again. She’ll be the first to say that Pern survived on the backs of those who worked hard to preserve it, and on the wing of the Riders who defended them.

Response to dragon color mutations:
If they pull their own weight, she doesn’t care. It matters what they do now that they’re here and different. Not just because they’re different.

Who are you...

Likes: Physical work : She loves the ache of her muscles after hard work and enjoys the burn of exhaustion. She jumps at the chance to do chores and keep busy. Activity : Sethunya is full of energy. She wants to do things, to do anything! Challenges : Sethunya wants to be challenged, to overcome said challenges, and be victorious. Romance : Sethunya has a very romanticized version of relationships, what with the way her Mother and Father used to be and the fact that even though her mother is dead, her father never remarried. She believes in the loyalty of a relationship and wishes it for herself.

Dislikes: Laziness : In herself and others. She doesn’t like it when people aren’t pulling their own weight and holds them to the same standard she holds herself to. Liars : They might as well not even bother talking to her at all. And once you’ve broken her trust, it’s nigh impossible to get it back. She was raised by a no non-sense Father and she expects the same in return.


* Physicality : Sethunya has worked at farming and smithing, and this has left her with wiry muscle. She’s a strong woman and can pull her weight around with the best of them.

* Honesty : She detests lies and while she won’t be cruel in the truth, she is still very honest. She’s a firm believer in ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything’.

* Crafter : She’s grown up alongside a Father who is a Master Smither. She was playing with tools when she was little, and while she didn’t get apprenticed until an acceptable age, Sethunya has been toying around in the craft her entire life.

* Adaptable : She dives into whatever is set before her with both feet. She’s not timid in the slightest and is smart enough to pick up most things with instruction. She doesn’t often need to be told twice.

* Optimistic : Sethunya believes with enough hard work, anything is possible. And in that, anyone can be good if only they put their minds to it.


* Unforgiving : Sethunya doesn’t forgive and this can make her rather cross with people who have slighted her in some form or fashion. This wouldn’t be too terrible if she didn’t hold everyone to the same expectation.

* Demanding : Not everyone can match her strength, stamina, or energy, but she still expects everyone to keep pace with her. She can be ruthlessly motivating if they don’t.

* Dismissive : Sethunya ceases to care about those that can’t uphold their own word or pull their own weight. In that way, she can be down right dickish. If people don’t want to help others or themselves, she has no interest in doing so either.

* Possessive : She’s very obsessed with her own things. She cared for her Father and their home and did not take well to any women that might have threatened the perceived loyalty her father had for her dead mother. She also did what she could to help him around the Craft hall, caring for his tools and the Hall as though it were her own.

* Intense : Things are either on or off, black or white, right or wrong. She has trouble perceiving anything as middle ground or in a ‘gray area’.

Describe Yourself:

* Playful: Sethunya has a ton of energy. Whether she’s working or exercising, she’s enjoying herself. This often means she’s in a cheery mood.

* Strong Willed: ’No’ isn’t something she hears often, and it’s usually meant that she has to overcome said objection rather than obey what she perceives as the premise she can’t do something.

* Loyal: Her Father is the most important person in her life. And to those she devotes herself to, she is unflinchingly supportive and affectionate.

* Personable: Sethunya judges a person on their actions, not necessarily on their words. In that, she’s rather friendly with anyone until they prove they deserve less.

* Hard Working: Sethunya enjoys crafting, and creating things people need. She wants to be important, or needed, and will strive to be both.

The Magic Touch:Sethunya grew up hard and fast in the 9th pass, as did most children, and she doesn’t often act her age. But there are moments of childish delight she partakes in.


Mother: Diantha. Wife, 2545. ( Deceased )
Father: Solik. Master Smith, 2542.

Siblings: N/A.

Tell us a story...

* 2572, 0 Sethunya is born after all the Weyrs, Holds, and Halls have fallen save Fort Weyr and Hold. It’s the only thing she’s known. Diantha died bringing Sethunya into the world, and so this left Solik with a daughter to raise.

* 2576, 4 Sethunya plays in her Father’s work shop and he begins teaching her some things.

* 2584, 12 Solik officially announced her Apprenticeship to the Smith Craft Hall. While her freedom was cut in half, and she wasn’t allowed as much play, Sethunya looked at this as a great honor. To be doing work alongside her Father, and learning to do as he did, was the ultimate desire for Sethunya.

* 2587, 15 Solik and Sethunya are both surprised when a Blue Rider Finnmaghaine Search her for Kalestath’s first clutch on the new Island. While she was very sad to leave the craft hall, and felt that she might be disappointing her father, she knows of the very real need for Dragon Riders and could not turn the opportunity down. Besides, if she never Impressed, she’d go right back to the Craft Hall. What resolved Sethunya to make the best of it, however, was when her Father presented her with her Mother’s ring. He did not seem upset, didn’t curse the Dragon Rider that had come for her. Instead, with a smile, he gave her the ring and simply said, “No matter what, your best is all matters.” She was there for Neisoth’s hatching and thought the dragonet odd, but wasn’t really concerned about it. What it grew up to be was important.

* 2589, 17 Still a Candidate and Neisoth is Weyr leader. Sethunya is starting to believe she won’t Impress and so tries to spend a lot of her free time working with her Father.

The classes weren’t all that interesting. And truthfully, Sethunya started to see them as a way to complete chores no one else wanted to do. Cleaning stables and the oil used for dragonets, hunting vermin and helping in the kitchens. It wasn’t the idea of work that bothered her, she just didn’t see the reason to call them classes. A job was a job.

However. It did mean that every day she got to see O’sir. He reminded her a lot of her Father. Even tempered, usually. Reliable. Strong. Expecting from all the candidates they complete each task with vigor and perfection. To which Sethunya took to rather well. She thrived on set expectations and usually did rather well. And in those areas she didn’t ( cooking seemed to require some sort of alchemy talent and sewing had such a fine attention to detail she often lost her stitch mark ) Sethunya still tried and tried. Failed attempts and botched soups wouldn’t stop her!

She took her seat on a sculpted rock, one she was almost sure she helped carve back in the day of settling Southern Winds, and watched her rather handsome Candidate Master while he spoke of the newest lesson : Weyr Sexuality. It was a lesson she’d sat through before, having been a candidate for 2 turns now, but the refresher course was rather amusing now. She knew very well how promiscuous dragon riders could be. It was largely one of the turn offs for her.

What was –not- a turn off, however, was the particular Brown Rider presenting the lesson. O’sir didn’t seem to fall within the purview of Rider lust nor did she recall him participating in any flights recently. Kalestath’s, sure. But who wouldn’t? Though that very idea soured her mood some, and she found herself frowning at O’sir. She hadn’t really been paying a lot of attention to Riders and who tumbled with whom. Maybe he had been and she’d been off working with the Smiths.

And why did she care? Besides the fact that O’sir was certainly attractive, composed, and he probably looked fantastic without his clothes on…

Sethunya gave herself a shake to drop the thought when she realized he’d asked her a question. His mismatched eyes were regarding her, surely trying to determine if she’d been paying attention at all. Sethunya blushed, what would he think if he knew where her thoughts had been, before she expertly replied, “Riders can’t help themselves in Flight Lust. That’s why you want us to get it out of our system beforehand.” Sethunya couldn’t help she ended the sentence giving O’sir a thorough once over. Maybe he’d be the perfect way to do just that.

Member Info...

Created By:
Sanctified Savage
Other Characters:
Halirina, Sevastjan
Inactivity Preference:
Anything Else:
Made in conjunction with Solik and the idea that she’s going to be tormenting O’sir. >:3
Also. She’ll be getting a flit. She just doesn’t have one yet.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Sethunya [12.9.2572 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 07:52:43 PM »
« Last Edit: April 12, 2014, 03:19:22 PM by SirAlahn »
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Re: Sethunya [12.9.2572 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2014, 01:04:02 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This flit is big even for a Gold, easily one of the larger fire lizards at Southern Winds. She is a dark, deep gold, almost bronze in color, with a sheen of much paler, lemon yellow and a similar color on her wingsails, which are mottled with speckles of brass.


Mind Voice: Her voice is sweet and lyrical, almost singing when she speaks. Nevertheless, she has an underlying base of regal command. She may be sweet, but she is no pushover.

Likes: Blue firelizards : She is fond of little Blues – they are not as flighty as Greens, and not all-consumed with the idea of flying her Bronzes and Browns.
Gentleness : She is sweet and kind and affectionate, and she appreciates when people act similarly.

Dislikes: Mating flights : She resents the Bronzes and Browns that fly her. She is even more hostile than most Golds during her filghts, and dislikes giving in to flight lust.
Intruders : If you’re coming somewhere near her, Sethunya, or anyone else she considers “hers”, you’d best have a good reason.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She is very affectionate and sweet to those she likes, and downright prickly to those she doesn’t – including Bronze and Brown flits. I imagined she would be very fond of Sethunya’s dragon, and see them as her protector or champion. Dote on them. And I was thinking, if you wanted, she could consider O’sir’s Blue part of her faire – her mate and companion, specifically because he doesn’t win her flights. (Or because Seth's dragon chases off all the other contenders.) :P

Of course, all of this is up to your judgment and preference. <3 I hope you like her.

Vanity’s Clutch 001
Vanity x Susurrus

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Sethunya [12.9.2572 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2014, 01:31:55 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
32.09.2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr.
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 34.8 M
Mature Height: 7.2 M
Mature Wingspan: 60 M

General Appearance...

Tyrriath is a very pale Brown, the hue of khaki or beaver on much of his body. His colors will stay true even as he grows older, neither lightening nor darkening. While he's not the most vibrantly-colored of dragons, it suits his more reserved and business-like personality. The only bits of ostentation on him are his rather handsome markings. Tyrriath bears quite a few stripes down his spine, from his neck almost to his tailtip, in an even paler tan or greyish-beige color. Some of these stripes are echoed on the inner sides of his legs in chevron shapes that point downward toward his feet. The underside of his neck, chest, and upper limbs have smudged shadings of raw umber to contrast the overall wan colors on the rest of his body. Tyrriath's wings are speckled in a similar, although lighter, color. Some of the speckling splashes and fades onto his flanks and spine.

He will grow to be a long and agile Brown dragon. While not bulky, Tyrriath will grow nearly to the upper limit of the size category for a Brown dragon, just a fraction of a meter shorter than 35 meters. His body is long and sinewy like a tunnel snake at the time of his hatching; though he will fill out to more pleasing angles as he grows, he will always be narrow and tall. His wingspan will also dwarf those of a similar length, and their flexibility will make him a quick flyer and adept maneuverer.


Mind Voice: Tyrriath never raises his voice. He speaks very mildly in hushed tones, almost in a whisper though the volume of his voice has nothing to do with shyness. He's simply private, reserved, and sees no reason to clutter up Sethunya's head with loud noises or dramatics. The Brown's tone is solid, but not especially warm to anyone but Sethunya, Saibrasoth, Grace, and O'sir. His humor, when he does chose to entertain it, is dry and just as reserved as the rest of his personality. Tyrriath is a dragon of few words, and feels he can better support Sethunya with positive projected emotions and actions rather than speech.

Likes: Hard work : This Brown gets a huge sense of satisfaction out of work, drills, and responsibilities. Like Sethunya, he's ready to tackle whatever challenge comes their way, and will support her endeavors to serve the weyr well in a hard-working Wing. He will throw himself into weyrling training and do his best to ensure they don't end up in Prairie after graduation.
Saibrasoth : He will end up looking up to the other Brown quite a bit while he's younger. Once they are older, and Tyrriath comes to consider them equals, he will seek a deep and lasting friendship with the other dragon. The only thing he won't understand is Saibrasoth's reluctance not to participate in Flights. As such, Tyrriath will help distract him by pulling him away from the weyr once he can fly and go Between.
Privacy : Tyrriath is not overwhelmed by crowds or interactions with others, but he prefers to be alone with Sethunya (and, by extension, her weyrmate). Those who try to pry into his personal feelings will find him quite tight-lipped and reluctant to give up information. It's more to do with an invasion of his privacy than indecisiveness or an unwillingness to create conflict. Tyrriath likes solitude -- being alone (with Sethunya) but not lonely.

Dislikes: Flights : Since Flights will distress Sethunya so greatly even after he's matured enough to be ready for them, Tyrriath will never rise -- either for a Green, Red, or Gold. He feels no particular call to pay attention to female dragons, and would much rather cultivate platonic relationships. Those who are easily turned by romance or sex amuse him, and he simply doesn't understand promiscuity.
Drama : Tyrriath will be the last dragon in the weyr to ever gossip. He simply doesn't care about such things, and will outright refuse to get involved in overblown arguments or someone's overreaction. Additionally, he has little patience for those who can't learn from their mistakes or can't keep their private business to themselves.
Passive aggressiveness : Conflict should be tabled, concluded, and then forgotten about. There's no point in dwelling on past arguments nor beating around the bush about a disagreement. The quickest way to see a glimpse of Tyrriath's rare but exceedingly chilly temperature is to be passive aggressive at him.


* STEADFAST : Tyrriath is unshakeable as any mountain, and just as durable. He'll never be prone to illnesses or injuries, nor will he be plagued by doubts or indecisiveness. He'll lend his support as well as his advice to Sethunya in everything she does, and provide a sounding board as well as a sturdy rock for her to guide by. If she ever feels so inclined, he would make a good leader and would help her come into her own as such.

* SELF-POSSESSED : This Brown does not doubt himself. He firmly believes that he and Sethunya can accomplish whatever they set their minds to. It's impossible to shake his determination and self-confidence -- and he would argue that it is more based on fact than faith. Tyrriath knows he's skilled, and his rider is too.


* STATIC : Change comes difficultly for Tyrriath. Just as he's slow to anger, and liable to dismiss honest mistakes from others, he's slow to forgive once his dislike has actually been earned. While he doesn't hold stupidity against the less intelligent, he does loathe willful ignorance and a refusal to learn from mistakes. He strives for perfection and continues on unerringly on a straight path toward it -- after all, straight lines are the shortest distances between points.

* VAIN : Tyrriath knows he's an attractive-looking dragon, and takes a great deal of pride in his appearance. While he has no interest in impressing females with such, he hates being dirty, disheveled, or too dry. He'll demand oilings from Sethunya and preen whenever he's upset, or before important events.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(7F674D); Text: #(C8B297)

[*tyrriath]Remove the * and you will have the code for your dragon's voice.[/*tyrriath]
That code will then become this after you have removed the *.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Tyrriath is officially my favorite of all the dragons I've ever made. I hope you like him as much as I do, and he fulfills everything I know you wanted in a dragon for Sethunya. <3

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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