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Author Topic: Info Candidate Guide - Candidate Master Desk  (Read 2832 times)

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Candidate Guide - Candidate Master Desk
« on: February 05, 2014, 11:58:43 PM »
This details all the relevant information for Candidates and the Candidate Master:  classes to be taken, expectations of being a Candidate at Southern Winds, what Impression means here, and how Impression and Standing is handled at Southern Winds.

Candidate Master

O'sir of Saibrasoth

Spoiler for Candidate Master Duties:
Candidate Masters get the joy of schooling all the prospective Candidates, either in group class settings or spending one-on-one time with their students. They dole out tasks, chores and and maintain an obsessive vigilance as to their Candidates' reputation and whereabouts. The individual in this role also keeps records of Searches, interfaces with Crafters and weyr staff alike to make sure Candidates are helping where they're needed, works with the Weyrlingmaster and their Assistants, and will report to the Weyrleadership about their students.

OOC Expectations
The Candidate Master is an important part of the Weyr. As such, they are usually expected at events and helping Candidates cope with the Weyr. While they are not a part of a Wing, the Candidate Master is expected to be an active participant in the Weyr. The following is a list of things a Candidate Master could, and may be asked, to do.
+ Post in events.
+ Post with candidates.
+ Create class threads.
+ Post with Weyr leaders.

The Candidate Master is an admin guided position. This means that there may be some events or occurrences in which the admin will ask for help or input. While we will never tell you how to play your character, some roles come with a certain activity and personality preference. For instance, we don't want an absent Candidate Master who hates their students. This is a position appointed by the Weyrleadership, and as such, anyone that fails to adhere to the OOC expectations will be asked to step down.

Current Candidates

Spoiler for Active & Adoptable:

Search Riders
While being a Search Rider is a secondary responsibility to being part of a fighting Wing, it is still an important position within the Weyr. These riders are responsible for seeking out the next generation of riders and ensuring that there are enough Candidates to Stand for any clutches that end up on the Sands. As such, they are expected to be social outside of their own Wing, mingling with people from all walks of life to expose their dragon as much as possible to potential Candidates. Oftentimes, these riders will also have a fondness for children or may have worked in the Creche at one point, though this is not required. In the past, Search Riders were also tasked with visiting the Holds within their Weyr's jurisdiction and screening young people there to recruit Candidates that were not weyrbred. This practice has fallen off since the end of the Pass, since the entirety of Pern's survivors are living in the same settlement. With the opening of Mine Hall and the beginning work on First Hold, however, these screenings may resume.

Becoming a Search Rider
Search Riders only ever ride Blues, but not all Blue riders are Search Riders -- this arises from the fact that not all Blues are Search capable. They are the only color that can be, however, due to their typically higher degree of empathy.

The first time a Blue dragon gets the sense that someone might be Candidate material, they and their rider are expected to inform their Wingleader, who will in turn inform the current Candidate Master and the Junior Weyrwoman who oversees the Candidates. At Southern Winds Weyr, that Weyrwoman is Vanelwynne. The Weyrwoman's dragon will then interview the Blue dragon, asking a series of questions including why the Blue feels that specific person is Searchable, and whether they came to that conclusion themselves. This is in order to make sure that the Blue is actually Search capable, and that their rider has not unduly influenced them toward Searching someone. If the Gold is satisfied with their answers, the Candidate is then accepted and the Blue pair become Search Riders.

The Candidate Master keeps records of which Search Riders have Searched which Candidates. Every few turns, the Weyrwoman overseeing Candidates will re-interview Search Riders to make sure that they are still Searching Candidates appropriately and that they have not lost their Search capability. This can happen in the event of severe trauma, age, or other factors, but it is just as common for Blue pairs to remain Search Riders for life.

Being Searched
Sensing whether or not an individual could be a good rider acts something like a bolt of inspiration for a given Search dragon. Due to its ephemeral nature, decisions about Candidacy must be made swiftly. During the Pass, those living in the weyr were typically given a day to make their decision. Those Searched at non-weyr locations were given, instead, only a few hours at most -- time to make their decision, pack their things, and bid goodbye to loved ones. Now that the population is living only at Southern Winds Weyr, the day-long decision times are the norm.

Previously, this could be a big change for Candidates, pulling them away from their homes and placing them in the very different atmosphere of a weyr during Threadfall. For those native to the weyr, as now at Southern Winds, the change is typically less drastic since it means a change in responsibilities and officially moving to the Candidate Barracks. But unlike during the Pass, it may not necessarily impose distance between that individual and their loved ones.

As with those who accept a Search, the Candidate Master keeps records of those who have been Searched and declined. Once a person has declined a Search, they will not have the opportunity again.

For the purpose of RPing out PC Searches, a current list of Search Riders can be found here.

Candidates During the 9th Pass
In the catastrophe that was the Pass, Candidacy was a much more chaotic experience than it is in the present day. Prospective riders were expected to "learn by doing", with less of a focus on classroom instruction and more on continuing to make sure that the weyr could function. While members of fighting Wings did not have time to mentor Candidates -- unless recovering from injuries, illnesses, or pregnancies -- Candidates were regularly assigned to help riders and make sure they could get as much rest as possible. These duties included oiling dragons, caring for gear, bagging firestone, and other related tasks. As such, those who Impressed during the Pass were likely close with older riders that they essentially served as squires.

Candidates At Southern Winds
Nowadays, Candidates are taught in a much more relaxed and structured way. Rider mentors are still a component of the process, but only officially for those who have been Standing unsuccessfully for over a turn. In addition to classroom time, Candidates go through physical training in order to prepare themselves for weyrling life. They also are assigned as necessary to various tasks throughout the weyr, patching gaps in labor or work staff. While those Searched after the end of the Pass will likely still see this arrangement as having its hardships, those that have been Standing since Thread was still falling will know that this is drastically different than Candidacy during the Pass. At any given time, there are roughly 80 Candidates to ensure enough people are Standing for the clutches that hatch, but there are no set quotas or restrictions on how many there can be.

Just because someone is a Candidate does not mean they will automatically be allowed to Stand for every subsequent Hatching. Those who are ill or injured too seriously will not be allowed onto the Sands, nor will Candidates currently carrying a child. Individuals may also be temporarily prevented from Standing for disciplinary reasons, or if the Candidate Master believes for any reason that they are not ready for the responsibility of weyrlinghood.

Most importantly, Candidates who are still virgins are not allowed to Stand either; this is due to the nature of being bonded to a creature that will Rise or Chase for Flights, and the effects it has on a rider. All Candidates are required to have someone other than another Candidate vouch for them that they have had sex before they can Stand, in order to discourage classmates from lying for one another.

Any Candidate who, for whatever reason, is not allowed to Stand for a Hatching will know ahead of time. During the event, they will still attend, but will stay off to the sides in the audience stands.

Aging Out
Like with Crafthall apprenticeships, the earliest any Candidate can be Searched is 12, since on Pern this is considered the age of adulthood. The oldest someone could be at Search is 24, but this would be extremely rare. If a Candidate reaches the age of 23 and has not yet Impressed, they are commonly gently encouraged to leave and find a profession. Those who stay are officially ejected from Candidacy the day they turn 25. If they were a member of a Crafthall prior to being Searched, most will attempt to return to that Hall. Otherwise, they will pick up another job or fill a need for staff somewhere in the weyr. Aging out does not happen often, but it can be a significant source of stress for older Candidates.

Class Format
Months 1 & 5 Class Blocks
The bulk of Candidates are taught in the standard class schedules of Months 1 and 5. These are the only months in which the Candidate Master holds courses for the entire Candidate population at the same time. These blocks consist of about 16 classes, taught over the course of the month on even calendar dates. Candidates must have been through each class at least once in order to be eligible to Stand -- so the shortest window between Search and Impression will likewise be about a month long. Candidates who have been Standing for a turn or more will also be required to attend these courses for refresher, but whether they take them in Month 1 or 5 will depend on when they were originally Searched.

The classes themselves are a mixture of lecture and practical instruction, with occasional volunteer riders as guests for certain lessons. A time block from 1-4 PM is reserved each day in Candidate schedules for these courses. On odd days, that time is used for physical training and drills. Classes are taught on even days. On even days in months other than 1 and 5, this time is used for tutoring, testing, or chores about the weyr.

Those who are Searched after the end of Month 5 are taught individually or in small groups rather than in the huge classes that characterize Months 1 and 5. These individuals will either be taught by the Candidate Master or by older and more experienced Candidates that are assigned to them. This method is structured to reinforce knowledge for the cascading entry of Candidates -- since both the tutor and younger student are tested by the Candidate Master as with the large class blocks. Those Searched during Months 1 or 5 will begin attending class with their peers, and receive catch-up instruction from the Candidate Master for lessons taught before they accepted Candidacy.

Regardless of if they are taught in a standard class block or via tutoring, all Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of relevant topics -- such as dragon anatomy and common injuries, recognizing rank knots, Threadfall patterns, Wing formations, the parts and care of rider gear, and Hatching or Impression protocol. Most of these tests are oral in nature, due to limited supplies of both paper and wax writing tablets. Dragon anatomy tests are typically conducted on flits for convenience. The Candidate Master does keep old rank knots, Threadfall charts, and Wing formation examples for use in teaching and testing students' memories.

Physical Training
On odd days of the month, Candidate "class" time from 1-4 PM is instead devoted to physical training and drills meant to prepare them for life as riders. This includes standard exercise, ground drills, basic first aid for both humans and dragons, self-defense, wrestling, and instruction with some weapons though most Candidates are never allowed to handle them. Rider duels are also demonstrated and the rules explained; this typically involves an example "fight" between the Candidate Master and another volunteer rider. Supervised sparring between Candidates is encouraged for practice, but any individual who takes a fight too far will be subject to disciplinary action.

This time is also often used for tending the small crop of cotton that the Candidates use to make their robes, such as watering the plants, weeding, and harvesting materials.

All Candidate schedules remain largely the same throughout their Candidacy, with individual variations only depending upon when they were Searched and where they are assigned daily for chores. Any temporary or singular changes to a given Candidate's schedule must be cleared with the Candidate Master, or they will be disciplined.

Each turn, Candidates who have not Impressed are required to participate in the standard class blocks as refreshers. Whether they take these courses in Month 1 or 5 will depend upon what part of the turn they were originally Searched in and how many Candidates there are. Older students are also often assigned as tutors to new Candidates.

||Even Days
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Chores
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class/Tutoring/Testing/Chores
4:00pm Chores/Errands/Personal Time
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Personal Time
10:00pm Lights Out
||Odd Days
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Chores
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Physical Training/Crop Tending
4:00pm Chores/Errands/Personal Time
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Personal Time
10:00pm Lights Out

Class Subjects

Not Impressing - 1 class
In this class, Candidates are taught that being Searched is not a guarantee of Impression. While not the most uplifting of lectures given by the Candidate Master, it is seen as necessary to impress upon the students the gravity of their choice. It is typically the first class of the block, and also serves as an overview of what being a Candidate means -- what it will entail, how schedules function, and answering questions the newly Searched may have. The Candidate Master will also go over the requirements to Stand, aging out, and what happens to Candidates if they drop out or don't Impress. Not all will find this reassuring, but there are systems in place for those who don't ever bond; most Crafthalls will take back apprentices who were Searched, and those without Crafts or professions will have a chance to expand their skills and find a place for themselves in the weyr.

Weyr Culture - 2 classes
Spanning two class periods, this section details how a weyr runs, what life is like there, and what being a dragon rider includes. While less pertinent in the last two turns that the entirety of Pern has been living in Southern Winds, it is still an opportunity for those not weyr-bred to dispel misconceptions. The first course goes over the hierarchy of the weyr, orders and the chain of command, recognizing rank knots, and other miscellany related to weyr life and culture.

The second class focuses exclusively on weyr sexuality, and typically features a volunteer guest rider bonded to whichever gender of dragon the Candidate Master is not. Primary among the topics covered here are sexual education and safe practices, how Flights are conducted, what they are like, and the difference between marriage and weyrmateship. Because weyrlings have two turns of strictly enforced celibacy until their dragons are mature, Candidates are encouraged to partake of this aspect of weyr life so that they will already be accustomed to it when they graduate as fully-fledged riders. Since this adjustment can be daunting for some Candidates, it is stressed that while they must lose their virginity to Stand, that they should only do so at their own pace and comfort. The reason for restrictions on weyrling physical relationships is explained, as is the process by which students must have a non-Candidate vouch for them privately to the Candidate Master that they are no longer virgins. Prior children are also seen as suitable proof for those who have had them.

Hatchings & Impression - 1 class
During this class, the Candidate Master explains protocols and expectations of behavior for Candidates during clutching, any visit to the Sands, and Hatching. Etiquette lessons are heavily enforced, particularly with respect to the fact that flits are not allowed on the Sands and Candidates must be dressed in their white robes at every Hatching. The lesson also includes an overview of what Impression is like, what to do and where to go upon Impression, common immediate needs of dragonets, transition from Candidate to weyrling life, and other related matters.
Spoiler for OOC Hatching Details:
Unless otherwise requested or approved by players, all Candidates at Southern Winds will Impress eventually; however, if a Candidate is made, they will remain such for a while -- no Candidate is eligible to Impress on their first IC clutch, but will begin having a chance at and after their second. The staff create each dragonet for each Candidate based on the character's profile. Players may request to make their own dragon, but it must be completed before the next Hatching, and does not guarantee Impression at that Hatching -- only that the character will Impress to that dragon at some point in the future. If you would rather create a weyrling right away, we have a system for that which can be found here.

Introduction to a Dragon - 7 classes
There is a marked difference between simply being around dragons and being bonded to one. Spread over seven courses, this set of classes familiarizes Candidates with the creatures they're hoping to Impress -- including how they should be treated and handled both as dragonets and adults. The official class topics are Anatomy, Common Injuries & Illnesses, the Dragon/Rider Bond, Colors & Responsibilities, How to Put on Straps, How to Mount/Handle, and Flight. These often feature a number of volunteer riders on the various colors to help Candidates get accustomed to the different types of dragons. This also includes the students' first introduction to flight on dragonback.

Dragonet Care - 3 classes
To prevent newly impressed Candidates from freaking out with a serious case of 'what do we do now?!', these classes address the basics of dragonet care. From feeding, which is supplemented by helping to cut and prepare herdbeast, to oiling and bathing, for which Riders often volunteer to have their dragon scrubbed and rubbed down. Lacking that, the Candidates may practice with flits "on loan" for the day. Official courses from this section are How to Care for a Dragon, Growth Progression, and What to Expect as a Weyrling.

Rider Gear - 1+ classes
This class usually takes only one day, but may stretch into more if necessary. During it, the Candidates are familiarized with rider leathers, gear, and riding straps. They are taught the various pieces, how to determine a good fit, common issues to look out for, and even rudimentary leatherworking -- which is practiced on leathers or straps that are no longer usable and thus donated by riders and the Weaver Hall.

Practicals - 1+ classes
Like the class on gear, this one typically takes only one day but may stretch into more. It goes over standard practical skills for Candidates, such as sewing, and introduces them to the small cotton crop the students tend in order to gather material for their robes. The tending of the cotton is an ongoing project, typically done on odd calendar days in lieu of physical training exercises. This class largely instructs them how to take care of the plants, and includes collaboration with the Weaver Hall for the purpose of making sure each Candidate will have a pair of white robes to wear at Hatchings.

Non-Class Meetings
While not an official Candidate function, students are encouraged to visit the Sands when a Gold lays their eggs -- so long as they can behave. The Candidate Master, at least, always attends to pay their respects to the Queen and her rider, and Candidates are a common sight, eager to get their first glimpse of the eggs.

Pre-Hatching & Touching
A week or two before a clutch's estimated hatching date, on one of the even calendar days, the Candidates meet at the Hatching Sands during their class period for the traditional Touching. They are schooled to be respectful before this happens and any shenanigans immediately lose the Candidate the opportunity to touch the eggs. This helps to familiarize the Candidates with the Sands before the Hatching takes place, and the protocol for the event is reinforced. Some believe that touching the eggs increases their chance at Impression, some think it's simply a tradition. But whatever is believed, it's an important day for all the students.

It is quite obvious when a Hatching is about to start, as the Gold mother will begin a tell-tale hum quickly taken up by the rest of the dragons in the weyr, and which seems to vibrate through the stone itself. Candidates are immediately excused from any chores or duties if necessary, and are expected to arrive at the Sands post-haste -- so long as they send away any flits and make sure to don their ceremonial robes before arriving. Those who are eligible to Stand will form a rough semi-circle at the opposite end of the Sands from the eggs. Those who are not will take their place behind them at the edge of the amphitheater seating where the rest of the weyr's inhabitants gather to watch the proceedings.

The day after a Hatching, regardless of calendar date, all Candidates gather during the class block for a post-Hatching class. Mostly, this takes the form of the Candidate Master answering questions and helping their students to come to terms with not Impressing, adjust to the reality of friends who did, deal with negative feelings, and generally give advice and hope for the future.

When they're not training or in class, Candidates spend most of their day doing chores around the weyr. This serves a dual purpose, since it not only teaches them a variety of skills, but also provides extra hands to general laborers and Crafthalls alike.

Job Training
Candidates are rotated through lots of different responsibilities so that they will pick up skills and "find a place" -- ie, something they enjoy or are good at in the event they don't Impress. These duties are not limited only to Crafthalls, since the weyr also needs people doing other jobs, both skilled and unskilled. Some common chores include Creche work, laundry, or time in the kitchen, but can also include others as needed. You can read more about Candidate chores here.

A Note on Crafts
Someone who is a Candidate cannot be officially apprenticed to a Craft nor advance in their studies while still a Candidate. However, those individuals who were members of Crafthalls prior to being Searched are often assigned chores with their former Craft to maximize their usefulness to the weyr. They are still rotated through other chores in order to pick up other skills, but the bulk of their time will likely be spent with the familiar. If they leave Candidacy for any reason or age out, most former Crafters are re-accepted into their Hall.

Candidates who have been Standing unsuccessfully for over a Turn, or who the Candidate Master may feel are not ready to Stand for extended periods, are typically assigned a mentor. These individuals are riders who have volunteered their time in order to help teach a Candidate and prepare them for life as a rider. Information about current mentors, Candidates, and how to volunteer can be found here.

Life as a Candidate
Life as a Candidate can be a difficult adjustment, though usually more so for those from Holder or Crafter rather than Weyrfolk backgrounds. In many cases, those who accept a Search will find themselves at an odd crossroads between the factions of Southern Winds, and their allegiance to rider or non-rider sympathies can run the gamut of personalities and origins. Whether or not their loved ones are supportive of this choice may also vary widely depending on background.

All Candidates are expected to live and sleep primarily in the Candidate Barracks, and officially move out of any other living quarters once they've accepted a Search. Rooms are loosely assigned, and are not segregated by gender or any other factor, since Candidates are encouraged to mingle, make friends, and grow accustomed to weyr life. You can find a list of current PC room assignments here.
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