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Author Topic: Approved L'del [ 32.2.2541 / Bronze Rider ]  (Read 3998 times)

Offline SirAlahn

L'del [ 32.2.2541 / Bronze Rider ]
« on: May 13, 2014, 11:39:23 PM »

Play By:
Jason Isaacs

First Name:
I'm sure he has some unsavory (or savory?) nicknames among the Green riders. I'd be curious to add these as people come up with them.
Date of Birth:
32.02.2541 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wingrider [ Mountain Wing ]; has formerly been both a Wingleader and Weyrsecond
L'del doesn't have a set weyrmate, but rather goes out of his way to Fly and sleep with as many Green riders as possible. He sees it as his duty to spread his good genetics. To that end, he has never settled down with one partner save during his time as Weyrsecond, when it was enforced by the Golds.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: L'del has been especially tall and muscular since his youth, topping out at about 6'3". His training as a dragon rider and dedication to physical fitness have kept him in incredibly good shape for his age. Though L'del is littered with scars, both from duels and Threadscore, he's still in peak condition. He carries himself with an intimidating and commanding presence that sets him apart from others; he looks like a classical specimen of a Bronze Rider, powerful and confidant. His narrow eyes and intent gaze can make his scrutiny of others uncomfortable for them -- and when he does smile, it tends to be a wicked look, a smirk, or a wolfish grin. Gentler expressions tend to look out of place on his face. L'del keeps his dark brown hair cropped fairly short; though he doesn't dress in flashy styles, he always looks his best and favors clothes that make his musculature obvious. His shirts are usually sleeveless to show off his bulky arms, accentuating the broadness of his shoulders in comparison with his relatively trim waist. L'del prefers clothing in shades of brown and gray.

His most prominent scar is a web of Threadscore across his upper back and snaking over onto his upper right arm. Careful attention to physical therapy and rehabilitation means that he has not lost use of the arm, but the scar does still ache with changes in weather. He's starting to increasingly wake with a stiff back in the morning, but refuses to acknowledge the fact that he's getting old.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The crucible of the 9th Pass is all L'del has ever known. From the time he Impressed, he's seen it as his duty to personally ensure the survival of the people of Pern. It's this drive, coupled with his ambition, that pushed him to spend many years as a Wingleader and Weyrsecond. Now that the Pass is over, he feels it's time for the newer generations to take the reigns and prove themselves worthy of rebuilding. If people his and Halirina's age continue to coddle them, they'll never learn to fend for themselves. At the same time, he's waiting to be impressed. His twin sons, L'ale and L'nal, are some of the few that seem to hold any promise. If the rest of the Bronzer population continues to fail (ie lose Kalestath's next mating Flight), he may feel it's his responsibility to step in and how them how things should be done.

Response to dragon color mutations: The Black and Red dragons are abominations. The only "lucky" thing about them is that they aren't completely useless mutations; however, L'del believes that they belong at the bottom of the weyr's hierarchy. The fact that the Blacks are so aggressive means they are clearly aberrant, and should not be trusted with positions of power. As far as he's concerned, the Reds are runts that will never amount to anything.

Who are you...

Likes: Challenges : He thrives on challenges, believing that they make himself and Indulth stronger. You can't afford to be lazy or fall out of good habits in a world that is trying to kill you. And Pern is nothing if not a cruel and demanding mistress.
Green Riders : The ones that know their place, at least. L'del adores them for their proddiness and the "place" they occupy in the weyr as the primary baby factories. He finds them almost as attractive as pregnant women -- and if the two things happen to overlap, all the better. Though he's often away from the weyr with his Wing, he keeps a mental schedule of when certain Greens tend to Fly and tries to make sure he's back in order to participate in the Flight.
Exploring : L'del never sits still for very long, and he's had to find other outlets for his energy since Thread is no longer falling. These days, he's cultivating his new-found love of exploring Pern and retrieving supplies and resources with his Wing. Though the desolation outside of Fort Island is disheartening, it only pushes him to work harder to provide for those who have survived.
Productivity : There is no better way to earn L'del's respect than to prove yourself consistently useful and productive. Even those who are more lowly ranked than him will find themselves on good (if professional) terms with this Bronzer if they do their jobs well and to the best of their (albeit less extensive) abilities. Similarly, he doesn't tolerate a lack of productivity in himself, and is always looking for a way to contribute even though he's given up his positions as Wingleader and Weyrsecond. This leads to him being away from the Weyr quite often.
Pregnant women : L'del has a thing not only for impregnating women, but also having sex with them once they are pregnant. He prefers it to be someone who is carrying his child, but it isn't mandatory. They symbolize an achievement to him, and he finds them extremely attractive -- as well as the idea that he's doing something particularly wicked by fucking a soon-to-be-mother.

Dislikes: Uppity lesser colors : There is little that annoys L'del more than those who don't know their place within the hierarchy of the weyr. He is very much an old-fashioned rider, and believes that adherence to traditions are what saved them all during the 9th Pass. To abandon them now will only spell disaster.
Idleness : L'del never sits in one place or stays still for very long. He's constantly on the go, pushing for action and productivity. Those who are lazy make his blood boil. Even worse if they're a dragon rider -- it's a waste of a dragon; better dead and not being a drain on resources.
"Useless women" : L'del believes that women are defined by their usefulness, just like anyone else. If they aren't riders or don't have a particular trade, the best way for them to be productive is to be having children. Lacking that, they can find other ways to contribute, and he has a healthy respect for those who have a hand in running the minute operations of the Weyr. But he has absolutely no respect for those who are both unproductive and can't even be bothered to have children.
The Creche : L'del might be aiming to repopulate Pern himself, but he doesn't want to be around any squawling brats. Only once his offspring grow up to be productive members of society will he truly acknowledge their existence.
Cowardly Riders : A cowardly dragon rider is even worse than a useless dragon rider. You took up a place that someone else could have Impressed your dragon and made better use of them. The only thing stopping L'del from outright thinking these people should off themselves is the fact that then their dragon truly would be wasted even more than it already is.


* HALE : L'del has always been strong and healthy, and that hasn't diminished with his age. Having survived as long as he has, he stands as a testament to his own strength, endurance, and determination. L'del is almost never sick, and keeps himself in shape. He prefers to make his own meals, so that he knows exactly what nutrition is going into his diet; similarly, he rarely drinks alcohol or accepts unnecessary medicine from the Healers because he believes it poisons his system.

* TACTICAL : None of L'del's actions are impulsive. Every decision he makes is based on his careful judgment -- and quick actions are taken with the context of years of experience and confidence in his own abilities. There's always some motive behind what he does, even if it's something as simple as the desire for pleasure. He sees relationships with other people as tactical maneuvers as well, whether it be to ensure he always has someone warm in his bed, or in order to make sure the people he's working with are functioning to the best of their ability. Turns of organizing Wing formations and managing High Reaches Weyr have honed his strategist's mind.

* DRIVEN : L'del has been highly ambitious since his youth, constantly pushing himself to be the best that he can be. He's never content with second place or second best; even in his "retirement", he's taken on tasks that most riders are unable to qualify for. He's proud of what he's accomplished during his life, and intends to continue to hone his skills. He'll be keeping up with riders half his age for quite a while yet.

* PRACTICAL : L'del is always grounded in reality; he sees those who are fanciful as fools. There's little place for irrational dreaming on a planet that has killed so many people. Even if he's not thrilled about a certain course of action because of personal reasons, L'del will always choose the most logical and rational option for himself and the riders under him. He has the ability to cut straight to the heart of problems and suss out the best solution.

* AGGRESSIVE : What L'del wants, L'del usually gets. He's not afraid to go after things he's entitled to or feels he deserves. Similarly, he'll not back down from fights that he thinks are worth the effort. As a Bronzer, L'del makes a good leader because he'll fight for his position and the best interest of the riders who have been in Wings under his leadership. He tends to be very physical, and thinks some problems can and should be solved with violence.


* SEXIST : Just as he is colorist, L'del sees non-rider women as useful for three things:  breeding, child-rearing, and tending to the home or weyr. Fellow riders are more from those restrictions, and he doesn't hold derogatory opinions about women riding colors other than Gold or Green -- after all, he was born long after that brand of Pernese bias had been abandoned for practicality during the Pass. Nevertheless, just because you're female doesn't mean you shouldn't pull your weight. He sees Holder women in particular as simpering idiots that should keep their mouths shut.

* DETACHED : As a member of Mountain Wing, L'del doesn't spend a lot of time in the weyr. This tends to keep him rather outside of weyr politics, though if you ask him he'll be more than happy to tell you his opinion. Even so, he prefers to keep out of them these days. The politics aspect of being Wingleader and Weyrsecond was what ultimately soured him on those positions. He's despairing a bit about the younger generation of Bronzers since none of them stepped up and won Kalestath's Flight.

* PROUD : If there were one trait that was going to be L'del's downfall, it's his pride. It can war with his rationality at time and prompt him to react violently when he maybe shouldn't have. He thinks the world of himself and his abilities, to the point that he may misjudge whether or not he can accomplish something. Particularly as he gets older, L'del may think himself capable of certain actions he has long since passed.

* COLD : L'del does not form attachments to very many people. He's never been a very warm person, but the loss of so many family members, friends, and lovers during the 9th Pass have left him a little bitter. He's more than happy to participate in heated flings with pretty young Green riders, but he's not the sort to settle down or have a heart to heart.

* RECKLESS : Because of his faith in his own abilities, L'del can act recklessly in situations where he thinks he's right. He might view something as the most rational choice, but miss out on the fact that he's not skilled enough to actually achieve it. This doesn't happen very often, but it could yield disastrous results as he starts to age and refuses to admit he's no longer in his prime.

Describe Yourself:

* WICKED: He has quite a mouth on him, and it tends to make itself known when he's having sex. He's the sort that will tease a partner with their own desire, or make them tell him just how much they want him, or detail everything he's going to do to them in a low and gruff whisper.

* DOMINANT: In life, in his job, and in the bedroom. L'del likes it when people do what he says, because he's clearly the most qualified person to be giving orders. It especially pleases him when he finds a pretty, submissive Green rider willing to have his children -- and he's more likely to spend his energy on her than others who do not fit that criteria.

* GRUFF: L'del is not a refined or subtle man. He says what he thinks and acts on his best judgment. But the nuances of politics can escape escape him, and he has no patience for intrigue. He's rough around the edges and doesn't see anything wrong with that; after all, he survived the 9th Pass, didn't he?

* VIRILE: Even though he's starting to get on in years, L'del's libido hasn't diminished in the slightest. He's ready to roll at the drop of a hat, and can wear out even the youngest and most energetic of partners. He's also proven to be incredibly fertile, and still is -- the fact that he's still having babies at this age attests to that.

* EXACTING: L'del demands the best from himself and those around him. Woe to those who do not live up to his expectations: he won't hesitate to yell at you and tell you exactly what it is you're doing wrong. And how much of a failure you are for doing it that way.

The Magic Touch: L'del has only a distant relationship with L'ale and L'nal, but is proud of them for their achievements as Bronzers. How close they are seems a little odd to him, but he attributes it to the fact that they are identical twins. The only criticism he would make of them is that they're stunting their ambitions by refusing to try for Weyrsecond positions. Even so, his own distaste for the politics of weyr management means that he doesn't feel particularly strongly about this. Personally, he's perfectly content with his "retirement" to Mountain Wing and his opportunities to explore the ravaged remains of Pern.


Mother: Lashella. Rider of Inath. Born 2525. Impressed 2538. Died 2542.
Father: K'sul. Rider of Zhiasoth. Born 2522. Impressed 2534. Died 2557.

Siblings: Since both of his parents were dragon riders, L'del was raised in the Creche. His mother died fighting Thread when he was only a year old, so he never knew her and -- as far as he knows -- has no siblings on her side of the family. He's aware that his father slept around a lot and had other children, but L'del was never close with any of them, and he lost track of them once he was out of the Creche.

Children:  Losolda. Rider of Rynesth. Born 2555. Impressed 2567. Died 2575.
K'ton. Rider of Stroth. Born 2556. Impressed 2569. Died 2579.
L'ale. Rider of Illoth. Born 2559. Impressed 2571.
L'nal. Rider of Skeleeth. Born 2559. Impressed 2571.
S'yech. Rider of Turath. Born 2562. Impressed 2574. Died 2581.
Leighta. Rider of Untaith. Born 2565. Impressed 2577. Died 2578.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
Risvora. Rider of Wayeth. Born 2566. Impressed 2578. Died 2586.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
K'ito. Rider of Soonoth. Born 2567.  Impressed 2580. Died 2585.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
L'ruz. Rider of Issuth.  Born 2568. Impressed 2580. Died 2586.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
K'eeda. Rider of Aeleroth. Born 2569. Impressed 2581.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
V'ris. Rider of Ibaneth. Born 2570.  Impressed 2584.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
L'tan. Rider of Kyrth. Born 2571. Impressed 2584.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
Pryndel. Sr. Apprentice Harper. Born 2573.
Phaedralena. Rider of Deliorath. Born 2573. Impressed 2586.
I'ryn. Rider of Syrilth. Born 2574. Impressed 2587.
L'syn. Rider of Kesulaith. Born 2574. Impressed 2589.
Kelsiss. Born 2577. In the Creche. The statute of limitations on L'del caring is about to expire; hopefully either the boy will join a Crafthall or become a Candidate.
Tandena. Born 2584. In the Creche.
Itrisi. Born 2588. In the Creche.
Skedas. Born 2589. In the Creche.

L'del has many more children than are listed here, but he doesn't keep tabs on them unless they end up showing some kind of promise. He's been having kids since he graduated his weyrling training, and would be completely unsurprised to learn there are a number of them still living that he doesn't even know the names of. He kind of assumes that the ones who don't show promise are long since dead. Despite his age, he is still determined to spread his children far and wide; the exceptions to his "out of sight, out of mind" mentality are those who are successful or not yet old enough to be disappointments. But don't expect him to visit any of them in the Creche. Or be able to tell you who their mothers are. Or how many grandchildren he has. They're not his responsibility.

Nieces and Nephews:
None of them are biologically related to him, but since they're the children of Lakanya's siblings, L'del still considers them such.

Meyliah. Weyrfolk. Born 2551. 
Y'tol of Bayorth. Jungle Wingrider. Born 2554. Impressed 2569.
Yestine of Tanilith. Jungle Wingrider. Born 2560. Impressed 2573.
Y'kin of Aduskoth. Born 2561. Impressed 2576.
Cayalla. Jr. Journeyman Glassmith. Born 2563.
K'zaya of Fyenoruth. Born 2566. Impressed 2587.
Unavin of Caelith. Born 2567. Impressed 2586.
Ysveta. Candidate Born 2572.
U'kir of Goranth. Born 2573. Impressed 2586.
Ysmersa. Apprentice Fisher. Born 2575.
Yaina. Weyrbrat. Born 2582.

Tell us a story...

* 2541, 0 Landel is born the same turn Lemos Hold Falls, to Lashella, rider of Green Inath and K'sul, rider of Bronze Zhiasoth. He was the result of one of Inath's Flights, and his parents were never very close. With the insistent press of the 9th Pass at their backs, his mother puts him in the Creche. She mother dies a turn later, so though L'del knows she was a Green rider, he knows little else about her.

* 2546-2552, 5-11 He grows up as a weyrbrat in the Creche, aware of his father but without any real contact with him. K'sul is distant, and far too busy with his new promotion to Wingsecond to bother with one of his many young children. As such, Landel watches Pern rapidly shrink from within the Creche. As Holds and Weyrs fall with disturbing regularity during his childhood, he feels the hectic drive pulsing in High Reaches to keep their land safe. He longs more than anything to be a dragon rider like his parents, and to join the fight against Thread. Landel impatiently counts down the days until he is old enough to be Searched.

* 2553, 12 Searched and Impressed A few days after his twelfth birthday, the newly of-age weyrbrats are presented to the Search Riders for inspection -- since the 9th Pass is showing no signs of letting up, such measures have been put in place to Search as many dragon riders as possible. Landel passes the dragons' criteria for Candidates, and he throws himself into his new training. L'del Impresses Bronze Indulth at the first clutch he stands for, and embarks on his new life as a weyrling -- elated that his dreams are finally coming true and grimly determined to save Pern. He is surprised to receive a brief but personal visit from his father in congratulations. It does nothing to bolster their relationship, but the experience sticks with the young boy. He aspires to be just like K'sul.

* 2555, 14 This turn, after much impatience, L'del finally graduates his weyrling training and joins High Reaches' fighting Wings. He purposefully requests to be in a wing other than K'sul's so that there will be no whispers about preferential treatment -- he wants to prove himself through his own abilities. This turn, L'del also wins his first Green flight, and has his first child:  a daughter named Losolda. She ends up in the Creche, and sets the standard for his relationships with his children. Namely, he barely acknowledges them unless they happen to end up Impressing. It's his job to have children, not raise them. The fall of Paradise River Hold and the abandonment of Eastern Weyr passes by and only reaffirms his desire to defend what is left of Pern.

* 2557, 16 L'del learns that his father, K'sul, has died fighting Thread. He and his Bronze perished saving other members of their Wing, and the weyr mourns the loss of one of its respected Wingseconds. Though L'del does not shed any tears, the loss of his childhood hero leaves him even more determined to carry on the man's legacy.

* 2558, 17 Even with supplemental riders from the previously abandoned weyrs, Fort Weyr loses Southern Boll Hold and its Weaver and Glass-smith Crafthalls. More than ever, L'del is determined to prove himself capable of leading the riders of High Reaches Weyr. He's gunning for a Wingsecond position, and is growing frustrated when his youth keeps him from the promotion.

* 2559, 18 L'del wins the Flight of Lelinnora's Green Peremuth and Lelinnora ends up pregnant. Though they are never particularly close, L'del takes more of an interest when she gives birth to twin sons, Lerale and Launal. The two are placed in the Creche, but L'del keeps a distant eye on them on account of their rarity.

* 2561, 20 Things on Pern are getting more crowded and hostile. When Telgar Weyr loses Crom Hold and the Miner Crafthall, refugees and new dragon riders are alike welcomed. However, the air of tragedy surrounding the affair makes things even more oppressive in High Reaches Weyr. Morale begins to flag, but L'del earns a reputation for himself with his unbending determination and refusal to allow other riders to speak of their fears. He understands that those who allow their spirits to sink low will drag others down with them and fulfil the worried prophecy that High Reaches will go the way of the other weyrs.

* 2563, 22 Nabol Hold alienates High Reaches Weyr when the Lord Holder has the nerve to accuse the dragon riders of being the cause of Pern's ill fortune. He and the Weyrleader end up in a shouting match over the issue, and relations become increasingly chilly as Nabol starts to give tithes in ever smaller amounts. L'del is furious at the gall of the Holders, who should be thankful that the riders are protecting them at all -- and he doesn't shed any tears when the internal conflicts in the Hold ultimately cause it to be abandoned. In the wake of that fall-out, L'del is at last promoted to a Wingsecond position and continues to prove himself a capable leader.

* 2564, 23 In order to consolidate resources, Ruatha Hold closes and the survivors move to Fort Hold. Though the weyr is already crowded, L'del begins to wonder if they should move as many people as possible into High Reaches in the interest of better protecting them. He makes a few overtures toward making such a move, but ultimately it proves fruitless. As Pern continues to shrink, he and Indulth continue to fight to defend it. L'del is determined to make sure that High Reaches does not fall.

* 2565, 24 When Gold Meirleth finally becomes old enough to rise, Indulth wins her first Flight and L'del becomes High Reaches' newest Weyrsecond. Along with that honor, he also becomes the Wingleader of one of High Reaches' fighting Wings. He and Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya get along tolerably well, and have a daughter named Leighta. This is one of L'del's proudest turns, as he feels he has finally lived up to and surpassed the bar set by his father. He finds that he enjoys his positions, and remains determined to continue winning Meirleth's Flights.

* 2566, 25 Indulth again emerges victorious, and L'del retains his position. The longer exposure to each other has led him to an increased fondness for Lakanya -- particularly since she proves partial to the idea of more children with him. That turn, they have another daughter named Risvora. They make the decision to place their children in the Creche, as they have larger responsibilities to the weyr and the people of Pern. Lakanya is the only weyrmate L'del has ever claimed, and he grew far fonder of her than he would ever admit now.

* 2567, 26 This turn, the massive fall of the southern Holds leads to the abandonment of Southern Weyr. High Reaches once again has to deal with an influx of dragon riders, but their heavy casualties means they have space for them. L'del and Indulth are privately concerned about the future of Pern, but do not discuss the fear with anyone but Lakanya, knowing what will happen if the weyr leadership demonstrates cynicism. He wins Meirleth's Flight once again and they have a son named Kelito.

* 2568, 27 The remaining people at High Reaches Hold decide to retreat from their mountain fortress because of a lack of supplies. Though L'del sees the sound logic in this decision, he perceives it as a failure on the part of the weyr to protect enough land for the Holders to survive on. Things seem to be coming apart at the seams. But at least he has still retained his Weyrsecond position. He and Lakanya have another son named Lakruz. 

* 2569, 28 L'del and Lakanya have their fifth child, a daughter named Kaleeda. He barely notices this typically happy event, engrossed in managing the weyr, drilling his Wing, and fighting Thread. Lakanya remains one of the few bright spots in his life. After so long being in each other's company and having children together, they might even hesitate to say they love each other.

* 2570, 29 He and Lakanya have their sixth child after he wins Meirleth's Flight once again -- a son named Vekris. Like with Kalide's birth a year before, they don't have much time to celebrate.

* 2571, 30 L'del is has never been prouder of his children as when L'ale and L'nal Impress Bronze dragons -- the only thing that makes it better is that their dragons are sons of Indulth and Meirleth. Around the same time, he and Lakanya have their seventh child, another son named Laukan. Things have never seemed better. But tragedy strikes later in the turn, leading to the fall of Tillek Hold and its Fisher Crafthall. This blow leads to the abandonment of High Reaches Weyr and final retreat to Fort Weyr and Fort Hold -- now the only active settlements left on Pern. Remembering K'sul's congratulations when he Impressed, L'del personally transports his twin weyrlings to the new weyr. Even so, this turn leaves him haggard and hollow. The thing he had fought his entire life to prevent finally occurred. Quietly, never revealing his emotions to the now consolidated weyr leadership, L'del grieves for the loss of his home and what he considers his personal failure as a dragon rider, Wingleader, and Weyrsecond.

*2572, 31 His quiet, internalized depression leads to a falling out between himself and Lakanya. Indulth doesn't even bother to rise for her Flight, and L'del's loss of interest in weyr politics loses him the Weyrsecond position he had kept for so many turns. Alienating himself from Lakanya now that she has a new weyrmate, he absorbs himself in his now singular rank as Wingleader.

*2577, 36 L'del sustains a particularly nasty Threadscore across his upper back that almost leads to the loss of his right arm. He spends much of the turn recovering, making sure that he will retain use of the limb as well as the rest of his body. He continues flying Thread as soon as possible, not wanting to permanently lose his Wingleader position. This event, and Indulth's rage at his sloppiness, leads to him "waking up" from the depression he has been nursing since the fall of High Reaches.

* 2583, 42 Lakanya dies giving birth to the son of the Bronze rider who has been her Weyrsecond. In his own way, L'del grieves for the loss of the only woman he has ever loved. Even so, there's no time for stopping -- Thread is still falling and Pern still needs saving.

* 2587, 46 The 9th Pass finally ends, beyond the point when L'del had thought they would never see an end to Threadfall in his lifetime. The sudden absence of it seems hauntingly disturbing, and to this day L'del wakes in the middle of the night thinking he's heard the call to fly. With Indulth's famous endurance, he volunteers to scout for a new home for the survivors. Once the decision is made to move to Fort Island, L'del fulfils his duties ferrying others to and from the new settlement. Ultimately, as the remaining Wings of Fort Weyr are consolidated, he gives up his Wingleader position to younger riders. L'del sees this as his chance at "retirement", to leave behind the politics and memories that it holds for him. Instead, he throws himself into riding for Mountain Wing to retrieve supplies and explore the desolation left on Pern. To help him, he secures a pair of fire lizard eggs so he can use the flits as scouts and messengers -- the two eggs hatch into a Green and a Brown that he names Tart and Snake. L'del is gone from the weyr when Neisoth hatches, but views the Black dragon as an abomination and a sign of bad things to come.

* 2589, 48 Neisoth's winning of Kalestath's Flight leaves both L'del and Indulth in a rage. Were all the Bronzers out that day? Did they trip on the way to Halirina's weyr? This does not inspire confidence in the man, and he fears this means that he should return to a place of power in order to steer the new weyr in the right direction. The hatching of three more Black dragons and three new Red dragons makes him feel like this is an inevitable call to responsibility. Indulth is thrilled at the idea of flying Golds once again, but L'del has his doubts.
Finishing off the last of his salted meat, L’del washed down the final mouthful with a long drink from his waterskin. He and Indulth would need to go hunting again the next day; they had seen a few skinny wherries near where they had ceased their explorations prior to lunch. Weighing the options with an absent slowness born of a full stomach, L’del wondered if they should spend the rest of the day hunting or return to their sweep of the quadrant W’sar had most recently assigned them.

The Bronze rider enjoyed feeling the cold wind ruffling his dark hair. Fall on Fort Island was still a fairly warm, humid affair despite the constant rain—but here at High Reaches, the frost was already biting relentlessly at the air. Winter would not be far behind it, but it arrived much earlier there than it did in the other parts of Pern. With so much of the landscape buried in snow, it was easy to imagine that the ground hadn’t been ravaged by Threadfall. That some manner of greenery might still break up through the melting snow once spring rolled around once more.

You sound like an old man, reminiscing like that. Behind him on the ledge overlooking the Weyr Bowl, Indulth had curled in a half circle to help protect his rider from the stronger gusts of wind. Both Snake and Tart had taken shelter under his lee-side wing, enjoying a rare moment of peace as they gobbled down the bits of meat L’del had given them.

Glancing back at his dragon, L’del smirked faintly. “We won’t be old until you can’t rise for Flights anymore. I’m allowed to miss home, you giant grizzled brute.” Taking another drink from his water skin, L’del looked out to the Seven Spires again. He would need to refill his waterskins from the springs inside the abandoned weyr before they left again.

Indulth snorted, though it was more ritual than actual protest. You’ll regret that joke when you can’t get hard anymore either.

L’del just laughed. “I think we’ll both be dead before that happens, Indulth. Do you think all the pretty Green riders will mourn us when we do?”

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Sir Alahn
Other Characters:
M'rek, O'sir, Finnmaghaine, A'lori, Erieen, Tyldas, L'nal, Tianaice, Niphredon, S'bel, T'ghen
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NPC plz. I'd prefer not to have him killed off.
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Bring on the Green riders. >:3 .

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Re: L'del [ 32.2.2541 / Bronze Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ INN-dullth ]
Date of Birth:
2553 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 36 meters
Mature Height: 8 meters
Mature Wingspan: 63 meters

General Appearance...

Indulth might not be the biggest Bronze, but he's always been built more for stamina and speed than pure power. While his length falls in the middle of the size range for Bronzes, Indulth is particularly tall and possessed of a peculiarly large wingspan. This, coupled with a keen sense of how to pace himself, has made him a long-distance and endurance flyer. He proved himself capable of flying Threadfall shifts much longer than most other dragons, and later put that endurance to good use scouting possible locations for the survivors' new settlements. Now that L'del has "retired" to Mountain Wing, Indulth ferries his rider across the breadth of Pern looking for resources. His stamina also allows him to proved particularly satisfying Flights for pretty little Greens.

The bulk of Indulth's body is a pale, coppery color that fades to an even paler shade on his belly and neck ridges. His head, back, and wingbones are darker, almost gold in color, and much of his hindquarters is speckled with darker goldenrod and bronze shades which give him a weathered appearance. The underside of his wingsails looks like bright burnished bronze, while the outer side of them is a cloudier, brassy color of a slightly duller shade than the rest of his metallic body. His claws are a much darker, muddy bronze, almost so that they could be considered brown. After many years of fighting Thread, Indulth is roped with Threadscore scars of various sizes and lengths across his body, giving him the appearance of hammered bronze that has been scratched over time. 


Mind Voice: Indulth's mind voice is a sultry baritone, capable of lashing out with a biting whipcrack when he's criticizing someone or speaking his mind. Most of the time, however, he prefers to speak more slowly, almost with a drawl though he'd never be considered lazy. His diction sharpens into precision when he's annoyed, angry, or talking down to someone.

Likes: Gold Flights : Indulth likes being on top, and this applies to mating as well as to the hierarchy of the weyr. In his youth, he vastly preferred Gold Flights to Green ones:  with the element of choice removed, the winner came down to who was the most skilled and powerful flyer. With his particular brand of endurance and stamina, Indulth maintained his and L'del's status as one of High Reaches' Weyrseconds for many turns.
Cleanliness : He knows he's a gorgeous Bronze, and hates things that make him dirty or drab. He bathes quite frequently, and pesters L'del for oilings often. One of his conditions for joining Mountain Wing was that he would not allow himself to become rough-skinned and grungy.
Flying over the Ocean : This has long been one of Indulth's favorite things to do. He enjoys skimming the waves or snatching fish out of the water. On rare occasions, he and L'del have even seen the sparkling backs of what they think must be a pod of dolphins.

Dislikes: Criticism : Indulth is far from insecure, but he doesn't appreciate having his or L'del's judgment questioned. Making critical comments about either of them will invite the Bronze to make cutting remarks about the person who said them.
Arrogant younger dragons : Partly because he was once one himself. Unlike L'del, Indulth is less likely to want to leave the younger generations to their own devices. He takes a distinct amount of pleasure from showing up younger dragons and proving that he's still the king.
Hurricanes : His enjoyment of flying over the ocean has put him in their path more than once. Not that Indulth would ever admit to such a thing, but he's afraid of them; they make even the powerful Bronze feel helpless in the face of Pern. Which he hates. This contributes to how much time he and L'del spend away from Fort Island -- they're likely to up and leave again ahead of schedule if it looks like there's an unusually large storm system on the horizon.


* ENDURANCE : Because of the way he's built, Indulth makes an excellent stamina flyer. It allowed himself and L'del to not only maintain a Weyrsecond position for a long time, but to fly much longer shifts during Threadfall even than other Bronzes. His strong wings and ability to pace himself make him quite formidable in the air.

* GOOD MEMORY : For a dragon, Indulth has a bizarrely keen memory. Though it's nothing on a fire lizard's, he's capable of remembering locations long past when the last time he and L'del visited them. He also still has their Wing formations haunting the shadows of his thoughts, though that could be partly due to how long he and L'del have fought Thread.


* VENGEFUL : Indulth is not a fair-minded dragon, nor one capable of letting things go. If someone has slighted him, you can be sure that he will get back at them somehow:  even if it's turns down the line. He has a mental catalog of everyone who has ever done him or his rider wrong.

* TEMPER : He has more of a temper than most Bronzes. Petty annoyances are only mildly irking, and as he's aged he's grown more accustomed to shrugging them off with a derisive comment. But push much more than that and he'll deliver quite a mouthful. Indulth is not above starting a fight with another Bronze or Brown, but Blues and Greens are beneath his notice.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice color will look like. 
Background: #563F37; Text: #DCAF76

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He's a bit annoyed L'del doesn't want him flying Golds anymore. He may push his rider to come back and participate to show the younger Bronzers how it's done. And he still has quite an appetite for Greens.

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Re: L'del [ 32.2.2541 / Bronze Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Like the food.
Date of Birth:
2587 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr.

General Appearance...

Most of Tart's body is a cloudy grayish-green like lichen. The back edge of her wingsails darkens to a much deeper pine green, and she has subtle, lighter speckling on her back, neck, and wingbones. The most striking part of her coloration is a bright emerald patch on her throat and breastbone. Tart is tiny even for a Green, and is very flexible and maneuverable. She's fast -- but more a sprinter than an endurance flyer.


Mind Voice: She doesn't say much, preferring to communicate with trills, chirps, and mental images. When she does speak, it is with a very mild, gentle voice:  almost a whisper, and very deferential.

Likes: L'del and Indulth : Her devotion surpasses even that of most tame flits; those two are her world, and she serves them with a single-minded purpose. Tart is very submissive to them, and showers them in gentle affection. When spurned or ignored, she retreats very quietly. She's one of the few things in the world that L'del treats gently -- he adores the little Green, and is fiercely protective of her. She receives the affection his daughters did not.
Redfruit : She likes it almost as much as she does meat. Though it's very rare on Pern since the 9th Pass, there are a few patches she has found that she guards jealously.

Dislikes: Snake : Tart does not get along with the Brown. He's virtually the only thing in the world she will fight; she refuses to submit to him despite his higher color, because L'del and Indulth are her true masters.
Brown flits : Because of their association with Snake, Tart dislikes other Browns. She expects all of them to be as nasty as he is, and will flee from them in fear or disgust. It would take a very special Brown indeed to make her feel otherwise.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She's only recently become an adult, and so far Snake has won all of her mating Flights by virtue of being the only male flit around her at the time. Tart is very interested in having some strong Bronze fly her instead. Like her brother, Tart is a working flit. She helps fly reconnaissance for her bonded, and ferries messages between him and other riders in Mountain Wing.

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Re: L'del [ 32.2.2541 / Bronze Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Like the animal.
Date of Birth:
2587 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr.

General Appearance...

Snake is an incredibly lanky and oddly proportioned Brown:  he's narrow bodied but very long, with an impressive wingspan and gangly limbs. It's this, plus his very sharp bone structure, that earned him the distinction of being named after a Tunnel Snake. His body is a dark gray-brown, very drab in appearance and good for blending into dark places. His wingsails and hind quarters have a very subtle patterning of pale sepia, almost like a wood grain.


Mind Voice: Snake's mental voice is nasally and fairly unpleasant. He's absolutely shrill when angry, and will scream at those who have somehow wronged him or crossed into his territory. He says very few words at a time, and most of those he's picked up tend to be expletives.

Likes: Exploring : Snake likes going to new places as much as L'del and Indulth do. He especially enjoys being their scout. Snake's favorite places to explore are the caverns of desolated Holds and Weyrs. He likes slinking along in the dark, and can weasel his way into very tight spaces.
Tart : More specifically, he enjoys bothering her and teasing her. In reality, this is how Snake expresses his affection. Not that he would ever admit it, but it makes him a little sad that she finds him so repellant. It only drives him all the more toward wanting to win her mating Flights.

Dislikes: The Weyr : When he and his family are out by themselves, Snake enjoys a particular kind of freedom. While Indulth and L'del might be the "heads" of their little clan, the Brown can do virtually everything he wants. When they're home, however, he's reminded that he's not at the top of the hierarchy. He hates this even more because Tart has an eye for Bronze flits.
Being bored : He's not above starting a tussle or getting himself into trouble when he has nothing to do. In part, it's an attempt to entertain himself. On the other hand, he knows it will get him attention and is a spiteful way for him to express his frustration.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Snake is downright mean. He's arrogant, has a sense of entitlement, and can be incredibly cruel for a flit. L'del curses him more often than not, but is fond of the Brown anyway; he considers Snake to be like a wayward son who, despite his successes, is an asshole. Like Tart, he receives much of the affection L'del's children never did. Even so, Snake is a working flit, not a pet. He helps L'del and Indulth scout the areas they explore, as well as keeping a mental catalog of locations they have traveled to.

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Re: L'del [ 32.2.2541 / Bronze Rider ]
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Re: L'del [ 32.2.2541 / Bronze Rider ]
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