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Author Topic: Approved [ DECEASED ] Iradin [02.06.2557. Brown Wingsecond]  (Read 2737 times)

Offline ChiefWhiz

[ DECEASED ] Iradin [02.06.2557. Brown Wingsecond]
« on: May 16, 2014, 06:46:46 PM »

Play By:
Lauren Cohan

First Name:
Date of Birth:
02.06.2557 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Beach Wingsecond
None yet.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Ira wears practical clothes for everyday use; trousers, boots, shirts. Dresses and skirts are saved for special occasions like Hatchings. She only owns one dress, a fine silvery-blue garment that her mother passed down to her. It is normally stored safely in a box at the bottom of her clothes trunk. She does not wear jewelry other than a plain leather bracelet that an old candidacy crush gifted her with.

She keeps herself in top shape, and is tall, strong, and lean. She has a lot of scars from Thread, including a particularly bad one on her right thigh. It is long, running from her hipbone to just above her knee, and the muscles in that leg can stiffen sometimes when it starts hurting.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Like everyone, Ira lost people to Thread. And like everyone, she grieved. She cried and mourned healthily. But now the past is the past, and it is not healthy to dwell. While she gets sad sometimes, but she is able to function normally. 

Response to dragon color mutations: Ira does not know what to think about the new red and black dragons. While she believes they are some sort of evolutionary mutation, she shudders to think about what the dragons' genes might be preparing for by creating such creatures as Neisoth. S'bok, while she is loyal to him as to any Weyrleader, is seen as immature and not ready to lead a Weyr. Especially a Weyr in such disarray.

Who are you...


*Learning: Ira's mind never rests, and in her free time, she likes to fill it up some more. She often goes down to see the crafters and learn some things about their various trades. It's good to have a wide set of skills, after all. And it's good fun, too.

*Chess: Never challenge Ira to chess and expect to win. It is her favorite game, because it suits her strengths of strategy and thought. As such, she has become a fairly good player. Thank Faranth she is modest about winning, and a lot of the elder Weyrfolk can beat her, or else no one would ever want to play with her.

*Sports: At least once a week, Ira goes out to the Weyrbowl with Itaren, Lerina, and anyone else who wants to join in, to play a team game of football, kicking a battered leather ball around and trying to score on the opposing team. She looks forward to these games as much as the children. Ira and Leoth both enjoy games with other riders, such as "Thread."

*Drinking: A good beer and some good company makes for the perfect wing-family bonding time. Ira is no alcoholic, and she knows her limits. But with beer and other alcohol being so scarce at the moment, she knows how to appreciate it when she can get it. Its rareness only makes her treasure it more.

*Gamboling: It's more for fun than for actual moneymaking. After all, no one can afford to gamble marks right now. But gambling with dares, promises, etcetera, is something Ira does frequently with the riders of Southern Winds, and occasionally the crafters and former Holdfolk as well.

*S'bok as Weyrleader: It is nothing personal against the blackrider or his dragon. She simply does not see the two as capable of leading a Weyr that already has enough problems. Southern Winds needs a strong, experienced leader.

*Threats to her Family: Threaten her wing, her children, her brother and father, or her dragon, and you will be dealt with appropriately. Ira will not show much outward anger, but her coldness will almost be worse. She won't hold a grudge, but she won't let a harmful wrong go unpunished if she can help it.

*Rudeness: Rude people are one of the few things that really rub Ira wrong. She has a belief that everyone is deserving of a basic level of courteous treatment. It is a birthright. And if someone is rude to a person who earned his or her rank, like a wingleader or wingsecond, that is even worse. Those people worked hard to get those positions.

* Talking During Sex: A weird pet peeve, but a pet peeve nevertheless. There are times to talk, and there are times to keep quiet. Sex falls into the latter category. Who wants someone yammering in their ear during a good tumble in the furs?

*Weepy People: It's not that Ira dislikes people who are overly-emotional. She just dislikes their emotional instability. It is a weakness, and, well, someone who cries all the time for petty reasons can get...annoying. As much as she hates to think such a thing.


* Likable: It is very easy to get along with Iradin. She is not a stickler over rank and rules like some. As long as she and Leoth are given the proper respect that they have earned by becoming wingseconds, she will gladly return the respect and be very amicable.

* Foresight: Ira thinks ahead. A lot. She will plan important things like drills and wing excursions out in advance before even presenting her ideas to M'rek. Everything is accounted for: weather changes, visibility, Hunters, illness, etc. When she plans, she is very thorough.

* Intelligent: Ira is wickedly smart. Very smart. She spent a lot of time during her candidacy reading and learning outside of class. Information is retained well by her, and she is able to recall it quite quickly.

* Family-Oriented: Nothing matters more to Ira than family. Leoth, D'mir, Thianorth, Dathir, her children, and Beach Wing are her family, and as such they are her first priorities. Granted, Beach Wing has a top priority because she is partially responsible for those riders and dragons, but she does her best to keep all her loved ones safe and happy.

* Unshakeable: It is near impossible to faze this brownrider. She can keep a cool head in almost any situation. Her wits are always about her unless she is consumed by pain or Flightlust, and she is good at thinking quickly in sticky situations.


* Emotionally Challenged: Perhaps because she is so calm, Iradin can have trouble processing and expressing real emotions. She can laugh and have fun easily enough, but at times she seems...empty.

* Superior: Being a brownrider, a wingsecond, and the sister of the Weyrsecond has given Ira a sense of entitlement. She believes that she deserves immediate respect, mostly because, well, she has earned it. And also because of her dragon's color and her brother's rank. She sometimes looks down on people, but thankfully, isn't usually an ass about it.

* Demanding: Ira demands the best out of everyone. This includes herself, Leoth, and Beach Wing. She does not ask for perfection, but she will push people to the very end of their limits. Try your hardest or leave her presence.

* Overthinker: The downside of being smart and foresightful is that one develops a tendency to overthink things. In her quest to plan out everything as well as possible, Ira can burn herself out and become too detailed, which can get stressful and confusing for others.

* Critical: If Ira notices a flaw that may be a detriment to the greater good, be it in the wing or the Weyr, she will point it out. Bluntly. She does not mean to hurt. She just knows that if some things aren't pointed out, then they will not be corrected.

Describe Yourself:

* Calm: Iradin is almost eerily calm. In all situations. She is not known as one to panic or react in an overly-emotional manner. The way she speaks, the way she moves, the way she acts; all can be summarized in one word. Calm.

* Collected: This woman always has her wits about her. She does not make rushed decisions or act rashly. Even in a tight situation, she will take at least a moment to think things through. Her emotions are naturally kept in check, and do not stray from their mental corral without permission. Except during Flights, of course, but that is a whole other story.

* Easily-Amused: It doesn't take much to make Ira laugh. She can find humor in anything, which is probably why she is often in a positive mood. She is definitely one to appreciate a good joke.

* Lives in the Momenr: The old saying of "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a history, but today is a gift" could summarize Ira's view on life. She seizes every moment like it is a precious thing that will slip away. Of course, she reminisces as much as the next person, but she knows that brooding over lost time is useless.

* Grateful: Ira considers herself to be very fortunate. She came out of the Pass with her life, her dragon, and her family. That is more than most can say. She has a relatively safe home and a wing that she sees as a second family. Every day she is grateful for this.

The Magic Touch: Ira has a habit of scratching her left ear when she lies. She is also extremely ticklish in the ribs.


Mother: Journeywoman Miner Iranin. Born 03.14.2539. Deceased.
Father: Journeyman Miner Dathir. Born 09.22.2537.

Siblings: Weyrsecond D'mirof Thianorth. Born 13.11.2554, Impressed 24.03.2566.

Children: Candidate Itaren. Born 10.11.2575.
Weyrbrat Lerina. Born 08.19.2579.

Tell us a story...

* 02.06.2557: Iradin is born as the second child to two young miners in Tillek. She almost immediately latches onto her big brother, Demirin. He gets most of her smiles and giggles, and she follows him often once she can walk.

* 2561, 4 Turns: Ira's mother gets pregnant. Nine months later, Iranin dies in childbirth. The unnamed baby dies too. While Ira is still young, she is sad, mostly because Dathir and Demirin are so devastated.

* 2566, 9 Turns: Ira's beloved older brother, Demirin, is Searched to be a candidate at High Reaches Weyr. He Impresses to bronze Thianorth that same turn. Ira doesn't quite understand the full implications of this--D'mir will have to fight Thread--she is extremely proud of him and brags constantly about her bronzer brother.

* 2568, 11 Turns: Dathir surprises Ira with two amazing nameday gifts. The first is a lovely dress that belonged to her mother. The second is a firelizard egg that he splurged on. The egg hatches a runty brown that she names Kall. It is without a doubt the best nameday ever.

* 2569, 12 Turns: Ira is Searched to Stand at High Reaches Weyr. Her father does not want her to go. He wants her to stay with him and become a miner. But becoming a rider was Iradin's dream, and since she couldn't live it, her children could at least get a shot. So he gives Ira his blessing to leave.

* 2571, 14 Turns: At the Hatching of Ellith's clutch, Ira Impresses to brown Leoth. Her brother is extremely pleased, and even Dathir is grudgingly proud. Ira is overcome with joy. A brown! That was such a surprise to a little girl who expected a green. In that same turn, merely months after the Hatching, all of High Reaches Weyr is relocated to Fort. It was a very stressful time for Ira.

* 2573, 16 Turns: The young brownpair fight their first Fall. It is terrifying and exhilarating. Ira cries afterwards.

* 2575, 19 Turns: Ira has her first child, who was fathered by a greenrider. The boy is named Itaren and sent to the crèche as soon as he was weaned. Ira did continue contact with him, though, giving him gifts on his nameday and visiting him every now and then. But the pain of childbirth is something she never wants to go through again.

* 2579, 23 Turns: Despite her vow, Ira gives birth to another child, a daughter this time. The girl is named Lerina, and is also sent to the crèche. As she did with Itaren, Ira visits as often as time allows. After this birth, which was particularly difficult, Ira takes frequent trips Between to become sterile, and does so after every sexual encounter, just in case.

* 2587, 30 Turns: After Fort Island is discovered by her brother, Ira is among the first to volunteer to help out with the first stages of construction of the new Weyr. She enjoys the new, strange island and is eager to explore, despite the Hunters.

* 2588, 31 Turns: Ira and Leoth are nominated as Beach Wing's wingseconds. They accept the position with great pride, knowing they have earned it. D'mir becomes Weyrsecond, which Ira wholly approves of and supports.

* 2589, 32 Turns: Itaren is Searched by a bluerider. Ira has mixed feelings about it. She is happy for her son, but she knows that even during an Interval, dragonriding is dangerous business. But she tries not to worry about it.

Roleplay Sample:

It was late, if the height of the sputtering candle was anything to go by. Ira preferred to use candles over glows. The light that flames have off was warmer, more natural. And the shadows on the wall made the weyr more friendly and alive. Leoth, fast asleep on his couch, snored softly. Kall, his sharp hips digging into her flesh, perched on her shoulder. He squawked as he peered down at the diagrams she was making.

"Drawing drill patterns," the brownrider told him, sipping at her beer and making a face. Warm. That was just disgusting. Kall cheeped, making her chuckle. He was cute, and oh so amusing.

Brow furrowing, she hunched over the piece of hide, scribbling a note down on the one side. Couldn't forget weather, after all. A fall storm would reduce visibility. The distances between dragons would have to be greater, pace might need to be slower, agility would be impacted...

Sighing, Ira gulped down more of the warm beer and wipes her mouth. She would have to go see M'rek in the morning. But first, she'd finish. No use in going to him with half-drawn plans.

Member Info...

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Other Characters:
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Re: Iradin [02.06.2557. Brown Wingsecond]
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2014, 06:47:29 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art, Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Gold Ellith
Clutch Father:
Bronze Koth
Mature Length: 35 meters
Mature Height: 7 meters
Mature Wingspan: 59 meters

General Appearance...

Leoth was always big, even as a hatchling. One of the largest in his clutch, he easily rivaled some of his bronze brothers in size. Which he proved by wrestling one to the ground after hatching... He was a floppy, round dragonet, with a pudgy face and oversized paws. But as he grew bigger, he leaned out, lost his baby fat, and replaced it with hard muscle gotten from weyrling training.

Now he is a powerhouse, a barrel-chested, thick-necked brute with legs like pillars and a regal, angular face. His wings are wide and strong, built for endurance gliding, not speed. He has a powerful tail and broad shoulders. Stretched over a rippling musculature is a light, sandy brown hide. The undersides of his wing sails are darker and speckled with lighter flecks, which extend to his body as well. His underbelly and cheeks are a pale cream color.


Mind Voice: Leoth has a low, purring baritone voice that is quite pleasant to hear.


*Uniqueness: Leoth values the traits that make each person different from the rest. He believes that every single living creature is unique, and that all should be treated as if they are special.

*Females: Leoth likes females a lot. Especially greens. Let the snobby golds go to someone else. He prefers the agile greens because they are a challenge. Most of the time they choose who wins, and so he sees it as an honor to be chosen.

*Competition: Whether it's for play or to assert his "dominance" in the draconic hierarchy, Leoth loves to compete. More so, he loves to win. Be it a friendly wrestling match, a Flight, or a game of "Thread"; if he doesn't win, he is a sad brown.


*Danger: A cautious brown, Leoth has an innate danger detector. He can sense when a situation is going downhill, and will do his damned best to get everyone out and far away from the threat. Danger means pain, and everyone knows pain is bad.

*Disrespect: Very similar in this case to his rider, Leoth detests disrespect. Everyone deserves respect. And those with rank deserve it the most, because they obviously have earned their positions.

*Beach Snakes: Beach snakes and their poisonous bites are hateful to the brown. He avoids swimming in the ocean unless he absolutely must bathe. And even then, he stays in the shallows, tense and on guard.


* Strength: Being one of the biggest browns comes with inherent brute strength, and Leoth knows how to use that to his advantage. He asserts his dominance with his strength and endurance.

* Kindliness: Leoth is astonishingly kind and gentle, particularly with his rider and her children. For all his toughness, it is not uncommon to see him stretched out in the Weyrbowl with children climbing all over him.


* Assertive: Leoth defends his title as wingsecond fiercely, as if he is afraid someone will snatch it out from under him. He is constantly trying to prove himself and will get annoyed and snippy when someone of lesser rank rudely questions his authority, though he doesn't mind the occasional polite critiques from his wingmates.

* Not Agile: Bulk might create strength and muscular endurance, but Leoth is severely lacking in the agility department. He is certainly not the fastest, nor is he the most flexible.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #BC9C7B; Text: #736630

Member Info...

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Re: Iradin [02.06.2557. Brown Wingsecond]
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2014, 06:48:09 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art in image, Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold

General Appearance...

Kall is a runty thing. He has been so since birth. Thin and bony no matter how much he eats, he is hardly a cuddly-looking flit. His gauntness makes him look like a mean, little old man. But he is much tougher and sturdier than he appears. His healthy hide is a deep red brown, almost like rust.


Mind Voice: Kall does not talk. Ever. He hardly communicates with his mind except to project images and feelings every now and then. His verbal "voice" is like a raven's caw.


*Pranks: Being an intelligent creature, Kall likes to pull pranks. He knows that scared people get...scared...and that is so funny to him. His favorite prank is creeping up behind people in the tunnels, shrieking loudly in their ears, and quickly going Between before they turn around and catch him. Their screams are music to his ears.

*Snuggles: This skeletal, uncomfortably-angular creature loves to cuddle. His human and dragon are warm, and he absolutely loves the warmth. Who cares if his sharp little bones poke them? He can make up for it with loves.


*Fish: They smell. They taste bad. And sometimes they bite! Ever since his first and only attempt at fishing, in which a rather large fish tried to eat his hatchling self, Kall has hated the creatures, dead or alive.

*Being Cleaned: If Kall wants to be cleaned, he will do it himself! Weekly bathing and oiling is torture for him and a struggle for Ira. He likes having a dusty hide! And even though oil feels good, it makes him all slippery and slimy.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: Iradin [02.06.2557. Brown Wingsecond]
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

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Re: Iradin [02.06.2557. Brown Wingsecond]
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2014, 10:12:57 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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