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Author Topic: Approved M'kale [06.24.2560 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]  (Read 2842 times)

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M'kale [06.24.2560 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
« on: May 16, 2014, 10:12:40 PM »

Play By: Tom Welling

First Name:
Date of Birth:
06.24.2560 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider - Jungle Wing
Doesn't believe in them

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Everything about this man emotes sex. His clothes, his hair, his smooth and tanned skin, and light colored gaze. He must also have some extra pheromones because it doesn't take him long to lure a woman to his weyr. Presentable. M'kale is always keeping his appearance clean-cut from when he used to sell his body. His clothes are always clean with no wrinkles and no sign of wear. He will actually take the time to do his own laundry to ensure that no one messes up his attire. His tunic is always unbuttoned to show his smooth, tanned chest underneath. His skin is consistently a light bronze tan, and it's likely some may have spotted him tanning naked on the ledges a time or two. His body was once his ticket to life, and it has become habit for him to take care of it. His hair is black and cut short at his neck, although he lets his locks on top grow a bit longer for better grab-ability. He prides himself in his body and that he kept a majority of it from being threadscored. He does have a scar on the bottom of his right calf, but fortunately that's not an area women tend to look at. There are also a few short, white lines on his back as a result from lashings that have healed over as scar tissue. These are hardly noticeable unless you're up close to his skin.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: M'kale coped by trying to survive. He cared nothing about the others or any lives lost. It was a time of survival of the fittest, and he proved that he was strong. The others were too just too weak to survive. He has nothing more to say on the matter.

Response to dragon color mutations: He doesn't like the mutations in that the blacks seem to believe they are now competition to the bronze for leadership. He won't go out of his way to be rude to them, but he also won't treat black riders with the same respect he would a bronze or a brown. To him, they should start at the bottom below greens until they've proven themselves. Neisoth catching a gold was sheer dumb luck. It was a fluke, because how could a 17 year old brat with no real leadership experience become Weyrleader? That in itself is wrong, therefore proving how blacks are wrong in thinking they can be leaders.

Who are you...

Likes: Music: A secret of his, but M'kale has a fantastic voice and would have been a great Harper if given the opportunity. He enjoys listening to music being played, but don't mistake this for being sympathetic to the Harpers. He doesn't give a shard about them...just the music. Sex: He does not care about the women themselves, but enjoys sex nonetheless. At first it was a job, but he has learned to enjoy it in his own special way. Dancing: It is basically the best way to seduce a woman. Proving he's better: Because he is. And damned right he'll show you. Alcohol: Helps him to feel numb. It is his favorite state of mind. Unfortunately they have been in short supply for a long while, so it is a special treat or a very bad night when he actually gets some.

Dislikes: Everyone: No one can be trusted. Everyone is out for themselves and he won't be fooled. If they are going to use him, then he will use everyone for his own needs right back. Authority: He has a certain distaste for being told what to do. When it comes to his Wing and the weyr leadership, he will do as told without a word, because he isn't stupid. There are certain rules he has to follow right now. Until he's Weyrleader. Pushy women: He can't stand women who try to push him to do something or change him. It's safer for them if they keep their distance. Liars: It's his general rule that everyone lies. He dislikes liars. Therefore, he dislikes everyone. Logic complete.


* FIGHTING : M'kale is an experienced fighter, having fought others most of his life. He is skilled from practice, but also resourceful to use his surroundings to his advantage. He tends to lean towards physical fighting and has no problem to shove someone up against a wall to get a point across. He can fight for any number of reasons: his temper, possessive nature, or to prove a point are just some examples. It doesn't take much. Just give him a reason. He has been punished for this on a few occasions, providing him with some lashes and bad encounters with the Weyr leadership. He's definitely on their top shit list.

* SEX : Having been a whore for so many Turns, he has learned more than a few tricks of the trade. He has learned how to please a woman and how to make her beg for her release. He fully enjoys exerting his power over her in the bedroom. Even if experiencing him can be a bit painful, rough, or just too much, women will still come back for more because of his skill.

* ADAPTABLE : He has learned to adapt to many situations in order to survive. Pretend to be weak, pretend to be strong, pretend to be the man that the woman wants him to be. He can read a woman and a situation and then become whoever she needs. It is one of his best gifts in luring women to his weyr. He's also adaptable to changes within the Weyr and tends to go with the flow of things. If something changes, he'll just alter his plans a bit. The end result is still going to be the same.

* PERFECTIONIST : M'kale is an extreme perfectionist. He is so good at what he does because he makes sure he does everything to perfection. There is no such thing as a shortcut or giving up. He will make sure to do everything right and the first time. Because of this, while he doesn't completely respect authority as he should, others begrudgingly admit that he at least knows what he's doing and can be depended upon in any event to do something right.

* CONFIDENCE : He has confidence because he is good at what he does.  He is good at dancing, he is good at sex, he is good at fighting, and he is good at being a dragonrider and hunting Hunters. M'kale oozes confidence everywhere he goes.


* CRUEL/TEMPER : M'kale can be cruel when he wants to be. He has hurt others before without provocation. He has worked a woman up to begging for her release and walked away just to prove a point, leaving her a twitching lump of sensations on her bedfurs with her hands tied up so she is unable to even finish herself. His temper also works a bit differently than others. At the first sign of trouble, instead of outwardly showing his anger, he has a hard, cold, inner temper that rises from within him. It runs through his veins and pumps his anger to every part of his body until it sits right below the surface. The only warning anyone has of this is a look of boredom on his face and a glaze in his eyes. This is when he is at his deepest, darkest place. His hot tempers are less worrisome and just result in some physical violence.

* NEGATIVE  : Considering the fact that he believes everyone lies and is out to use everyone else, he has a negative outlook on life. There are no such things as rainbows and butterflies and if he smiles, it's usually only to seduce someone. Good luck getting him to laugh or have a good sense of humor. If anything, his humor would be more twisted.

* FORCEFUL : M'kale has learned that if he wants something in life, he has to take it. It almost doesn't matter what is in his way. If he wants a woman, he'll actively pursue her until she gives in. The only thing he won't take is to just go after Weyrleadership with violence. When it comes to Weyr politics, he knows that his only chance to "take" anything is through the Flight. And he fully intends on taking the next one.

* HATES TO LOSE : If you couldn't guess, he's a sore loser. He will try again and again if he has to until he wins, because he doesn't believe that losing is an option. He will do anything it takes to win. Anything.

* POSSESSIVE : When he finds something and claims it his...it's his. Anyone else even tries to touch it and he will get annoyed. Anyone tries to take it, and he'll go ballistic to downright twisted. Do not touch what belongs to him. *snarl*

Describe Yourself:

* COLD: ----- M'kale may come off as cold and distant to others. He is a firm believer that he doesn't need friends. Anyone that may try to get close is likely to get the cold shoulder.

* SADISTIC: ----- There are those who believe he takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others. This is only partially true. He likes to push people to their limits in the bedroom, so it could be considered that. And he does enjoy hurting those who he may be fighting.

* SEDUCTIVE: ----- Once he has a woman in his snare, he can flip a switch and become utterly seductive. His voice carries a deep, husky tone full of promises and his image is already portraying sex. It was once his livelihood to seduce women, so he has this down to a science.

* ARROGANT: ----- Running alongside with his confidence, he is also arrogant in his ability to do anything that is asked of him. He's good at many things that he does and he knows it, so why not be so self-confident?

* AMBITIOUS: ----- M'kale is out to prove himself. His end goal is to become Weyrleader. If he has to slowly work his way up the ranks he will. He had actually hoped to become Wingleader of Jungle Wing after S'tas' death, but he wasn't surprised not to be picked. Not many others like him. The only problem is what he would do once he actually got to the top. He doesn't worry about it until he gets there because right now his main purpose in life is just to make it to the top.

The Magic Touch: M'kale believes with all of his being that everyone is out to use everyone else for something or another. He trusts no one other than himself and doesn't allow anyone to get close to him. As for sexual preference, he only sleeps with women. But a secret of his is that he has been with a couple of men while he was still a whore if the compensation was fair enough.


Mother: Glendrian, drudge, 2554. 
Father: I'mek, rider of brown Ymolnth, 2534. Impressed 2546.

G'rell - rider of brown Wervynth - impressed 2572
H'nal - rider of blue Crealtynth - impressed 2576
Reissa - rider of green Imeranth - impressed 2582
Meliarsien - rider of green Verisynth - impressed 2588

There are likely many others, but these are the only ones M'kale is aware of or has met so far.

Tell us a story...

* 2560, 0 Mikalenn is born to young Glendrian, a drudge at Tillek Hold who thinks her freedom will come in the form of a dragon rider to whisk her away. She seduces a brown rider to share her bed one night after he is tired from fighting Threadfall and she becomes pregnant. She thinks he will come back for her and the child, and at first cares for Mikalenn.

* 2562, 2 Glendrian realizes that the brown rider has no interest in her or the child. She drinks away her sorrows and rages at the rider the next time she sees him. He ends up being reassigned. Glendrian takes it out on Mikalenn, drunkenly screaming at the infact and telling him how it's all his fault. He grows up hearing these words and is eventually beaten in her drunken hazes.

* 2565, 5 To meet his keep, he is given his first chores of the Hold. He's convinced by others that it is his job to serve others--and that is his only purpose in life. That fact is ingrained in him so that he becomes a near robot in performing tasks he is instructed to do. He takes the beatings his mother gives him in her drunken stupors, as she shouts profanities at him for making his father leave them.

* 2568, 8 Mikalenn is kissed by one of the girls at the Fisher Crafthall. He looks older than his age and is able to trick the 13 year old girl into kissing him. He enjoys the feeling from it and was able to trick the girl into convincing him to kiss her. The cost? One copper mark. Nothing too much, but just a test to see if he could even trade anything.

* 2570, 10 At this point, he has learned that he can use his body to get more things in life. He is able to bargain for marks that he gives to his mother, experience, and education. Most of the girls are surprised by his requests to learn about a certain topic. They share what they know and Mikalenn soaks in the information like a sponge.

* 2571, 11 Tillek Hold falls and everyone moves to Fort Hold. His mother dies by thread during the evacuation. As much as he hated his mother, he still mourned her loss. After hearing her bitter words since birth, he believes it was his fault that his father left. He continues on as a drudge and a whore, working as much as possible with determination to do something with his life.

* 2573, 13 A green rider assigned to protecting Fort Hold takes a keen interest in Mikalenn. She learns what he's been doing and decides to take him on as a student. She teaches him everything from sex to how to please a woman to what weyr life is like. She is the one to teach him how to read and write. This occurs over a period of four Turns. Mikalenn learns the most about life during his time with her. It is at this time he begins to dress more formally and looks cleaner cut.

* 2574, 14 Mikalenn pleases her so much she takes him to Fort Weyr to work as a drudge. There, he learns more about weyr life and what it means to be a dragon rider. He continues to sell his body, although at the weyr it isn't so difficult to attract willing women. The only problem in this location is the unwillingness to pay. Since sex is a common activity within the Weyr, most were reluctant to pay for his services. He could convince them with just sharing information then, but he no longer made any marks. Fortunately he had saved enough, and his green rider mentor helped supplement him, that he was able to maintain his presentable appearance he had adopted.

* 2577, 17 During his time as a weyrling and being around one of the last remaining Weyrs, he sees his father for the first time and learns of four of his half-siblings. Any time he made an effort to speak with them or try to get to know any of them, he was shunned. Even when asking for a bit of help since he was a measly drudged, he was turned away. Apparently his father had had a weyrmate here and he was the outcast half-sibling. Within that same Turn, Mikhalenn is surprisingly Searched while within Fort Weyr. Once a Candidate, he becomes confident he will Impress, as if he knew all along he would be a dragon rider one day. He Impresses Bronze Hakurath, which further cements the idea in his mind that he is meant to do great things.

* 2579, 19 M'kale graduates. He wins the first Flight he joins, which happens to be one of his fellow graduated weyrlings. This is a moment of great pride for him. He resumes his sexual activities after the longest wait they possibly could have created for the weyrlings. Now with a bronze, he finds it a bit easier to seduce women to his bedfurs. He also joins a Wing just after graduation.

* 2584, 24 His first and only injury by threadscore. It was an error he made from a distraction. A blue dragon had suddenly broken formation, and Hakurath and himself were injured because of it. It scored the back of his right calf, leaving a messy scar, but he was up and fighting Thread again as soon as the healers let him leave the Healer Hall. This is another reason why he can't trust anyone but himself.

* 2587, 27 Everyone is moved to Fort Island. The place is hot, but he does enjoy the good amount of snow. The Thread has stopped, and now he feels he can truly focus on his life's ambition of becoming Weyrleader. He decides to take a couple Turns getting better and stronger and ends up joining the Jungle Wing. He prides himself in his skill at taking down hunters with the Wing--although he'd like to think he can take one on his own if there weren't a damned pack every time.

* 2589, 29 M'kale attempts to Fly for Weyrleader and loses. He loses to a child, and that stings his pride more than anything. He takes his rage out on a few women in the Weyr and has a fight or two as well before he calms down enough to think rationally again. He decides to just try again the next time and take the Turn to get even faster and stronger than before. He is still seducing women throughout the Weyr, although it is more out of habit and enjoyment now than for the request of anything.

RP Sample
He looked down upon her, like a deity upon a tunnelsnake. She was looking up at him with desperation, pleading his name in mewling whimpers. Her body squirmed against the bare bed, not even bed furs there for her to rub against. Her hands were tied together and then tied to the top of the bed so her body was “free” to move across the expanse of the bed, but her head and arms were less liberated. M’kale bent down over her, and he could see her body instantly shift as if to welcome him. He smiled, a slow, cruel smile. He saw her shiver.

His index finger softly trailed down her torso and up her thighs, grazing just over her core. “You know what you did,” his voice came out low and seductive even as he chastised her. “And I’m sure that won’t happen again, am I right?” Her lips began to move and he quickly pressed his finger there to keep her quiet. He really didn’t feel like listening to her voice again right now. It would only irk him further than he already was. Instead, she nodded vigorously to answer him. “Good. Then I think we’re done here.”

And with that, he stood, fixing his tunic, and turned to Hakurath. (A waste.), the bronze remarked as he mounted. The bronze wasn’t even able to completely fit in the weyr of this green and had to keep himself out on the ledge.  M’kale mentally shrugged. There are plenty of women. I’ll go pick another one out if it pleases you. He heard the woman in the weyr crying his name as they launched into the air, his wicked laugh the last thing she heard from him. To the bathing springs, mine. It was like fishing down there. Always a fresh catch of the day.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Brown Wingrider K'mar
Gold Weyrling Nalata
Green Wingrider Callista
Inactivity Preference:
NPC until I hopefully come back
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: M'kale [06.24.2560 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2014, 10:13:18 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
07.30.2577 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Gold Kiberith
Clutch Father:
Bronze Dekkath
Mature Length: 38 meters
Mature Height: 7.6 meters
Mature Wingspan: 63 meters

General Appearance...

When Hakurath was born, he was much larger than the other dragonets, making him a bit more awkward when trying to move around. He has since grown into his large size, making himself the size of a large bronze or even a small queen. His hide is a deep shade of bronze. It does not shine as brightly in the sun as others to draw the eye, but there are certain areas which do reflect the sunlight and are lighter in hue. The undersides of his wings are lightest and there are marbled areas from head down his spine through to the tip of his tail to break up the dark bronze. While he is dark in color, is is still unmistakably bronze. 


Mind Voice: His voice is smooth and deep, always coming out in a nearly seductive croon even in the most common of conversations.

Likes: Flying: Hakurath enjoys drills and being in the air the most. He feels his most powerful and useful at that time and would drill all day every day if asked to. Flights: He loves to join Flights. Green or Gold doesn't matter, though he absolutely adores Greens. He would prefer to continue winning Green Flights if only for the reason that he would be unable to chase anyone else for an entire Turn if he caught a Gold. This is one disagreement he has with his rider. Hunting: Again, Hakurath loves to prove himself and enjoys the primal feeling of a hunt. He would rather scare them all out and have an all out fight with the hunters to clear them out once and for all, one area at a time.

Dislikes: Losing: He also enjoys competition, but is dismissive should he lose, acting as if it was either a fluke or "something" caused his failure other than himself. Black dragons: The mutations are someone' idea of a sick joke. It has long been tradition that bronzes were the males that lead the Weyr. Even the browns understood that. Whining: Don't whine around this dragon or he will have no sympathy for you. Whiners and complainers are a big pet peeve and he'll lose any ounce of respect he may have actually had for you.


* STAMINA/POWER : Hakurath has great power in his bulk, and while that may reduce his speed over others, he makes up for it with his stamina. He can stay in the air for long periods of time without needing to rest. It is the steady one who wins the race.

* ATTENTIVE : Unlike his rider, Hakurath doesn't mind giving his attentions to others just because. He enjoys flirting with the Greens and Golds, and will sometimes even speak directly with their riders to extend the flirtations with his deep, sultry mind voice.


* OVER-CONFIDENT : Hakurath also doesn't believe in losing and thinks he can do anything. He is smart enough to not actually go after Hunters himself, although the thought has crossed his mind more than once.

* SPEED : His great size makes him much slower than the others, which can be inconvenient at times. He is also not as agile as the smaller dragons, which is not something he likes to admit. He is trying to work on it, but there is only so much he can do with his size that for the most part he has accepted it and will just emphasize to others his strength and stamina.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(CC9900); Text: #(7A5C00)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Slip making Hakurath!  :love:

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Re: M'kale [06.24.2560 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2014, 07:40:26 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: M'kale [06.24.2560 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2014, 12:27:42 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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