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Author Topic: Extra History  (Read 3376 times)

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« on: January 20, 2014, 06:10:16 PM »
These are the events leading up to our 9th Interval Pern, to include the destruction dates of the Weyrs and Holds.

 729 BR – First detonation on the Red Star, creating the first Long Interval
1929 BR – Second detonation on the Red star, creating the second Long Interval
2508 BR – 9th Pass Begins
2525 BR – AIVAS is discovered
2529 BR – Pern undertakes the final detonation on the Red Star, in an attempt to permanently alter its orbit. They succeed, but not in the way they intended. Furthermore, AIVAS’ “Overkill” initiative backfires and feeds the Thread spores it was meant to destroy. Extended, almost constant Threadfall begins.
2530 BR – Bitra Hold becomes the first Hold on the Northern Continent to be lost under the extended Threafalls.
2536 BR – Fall of Benden Hold and the Vinter Crafthall.
2539 BR – Fall of Keroon Hold.
2540 BR – Monaco Hold becomes the first Hold on the Southern Continent to be lost under the extended Threadfalls.
2541 BR – Fall of Lemos Hold.  Benden Weyr is abandoned, and survivors disperse to the other weyrs. The significance of this event is not lost on the other weyrs:  Benden, the weyr that sought to tame the Red Star, is the first to fall to its wrath.
2543 BR – Fall of Nerat Hold.
2545 BR – Loss of upper Igen section.
2546 BR – Fall of Igen Hold and the Tanner Crafthall.
2547 BR – Loss of lower Telgar section. Igen Weyr is abandoned, and survivors disperse to other weyrs.
2549 BR – Fall of Ista Hold. Ista Weyr is abandoned, and survivors disperse to other weyrs.
2551 BR – Fall of Telgar Hold and its Smith Crafthall.
2555 BR – Fall of Paradise River Hold. Eastern Weyr is abandoned, and survivors disperse to other weyrs.
2558 BR – Fall of Southern Boll and its Weaver Crafthall.
2561 BR – Fall of Crom Hold and its Miner Crafthall. Telgar Weyr is abandoned, and survivors disperse to other weyrs.
2563 BR – Fall of Nabol Hold.
2564 BR – Fall of Ruatha Hold.
2567 BR – Fall of Southern Hold, Delta Hold, Dorado Hold, and Ierne Island. Southern Weyr is abandoned, and survivors disperse to other weyrs.
2568 BR – Fall of High Reaches Hold.
2571 BR – Tillek Hold and its nearby Fisher Crafthall fall to Thread. Remaining survivors from it and High Reaches Weyr evacuate to Fort Weyr and Hold – the last defensive stronghold on the northern continent.
2587 AR – End of 9th Pass, beginning of 9th Interval. The survivors at Fort Weyr and Fort Hold send out riders to assess the damage to the Northern Continent, and deem it a loss. The next wave of riders is sent out to find a new home for the survivors that remains free of Thread. D’mir of Bronze Thianorth finds an island chain far to the west of the Northern Continent, claiming the largest and naming it Fort Island. Southern Winds Weyr is founded. Kalestath's first clutch on the island yields a mysterious egg that hatches into Pern's first black dragon -- Neisoth, who Impresses to S'bok.
2589 AR – Present day. Kalestath has risen for another mating flight, and S'bok, rider of Black Neisoth, claims the position of Weyrleader. Now new eggs sit on Southern Winds' Hatching Sands, and the riders of the weyr speculate what other mutations might result from this peculiar coupling.
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