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Author Topic: Info Weyrling Guide  (Read 4183 times)

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Weyrling Guide
« on: February 07, 2014, 01:15:00 PM »

This details all the relevant information for weyrlings and the Weyrlingmaster. Duties, drills, and other training are all part of life for a young rider and their dragon. For the next 18 months, your weyrlings will be living and breathing these responsibilities as they learn to be complete and productive members of the weyr.

Current Weyrlings

Kalestath 2589 Class
Graduation Date:  37.10.2591
Being supervised by Assistant Weyrlingmaster Wa'by of Vicith played by Kyya

Nalata of Minath
R'eso of Zaerath
J'hal of Lesserath
M'lan of Corvath
T'veck of Baleth
J'ol of Brizth
Shenzani of Carezth
A'lori of Queriluth
B'gos of Akoth
Carayia of Vesith
Sa'se of Astereth

Oriath 2589 Class
Graduation Date:  37.10.2591
Being supervised by Assistant Weyrlingmaster Wa'by of Vicith played by Kyya

Sethunya of Tyrriath
U'thar of Ewonth
I'nora of Elmieth
Sirana of Taith

Imyth 2590 Class
Graduation Date : 37.10.2591
Being supervised by Assistant Weyrlingmaster Wa'by of Vicith played by Kyya

Teeahn of Jyndith
C'dus of Tilioth
Sokon of Creath

Kalestath 2590 Class
Graduation Date : 37.10.2592
Being supervised by Assistant Weyrlingmaster W'um of Liramyth played by Inki

T'kos of Jairynth
T'rel of Nynath
T'vye of Aitorith
N'lyse of Izelith
P'run of Salnoth
S'ric of Dakrith
T'ghen of Sinestath
T'vil of Findaeth
W'lleni of Iaoth
L'anna of Gyoth
V'orni of Thraybaneth
Ya'lin of Faromith
Araena of Ceryth
Erieen of Sayimith
F'erro of Zhouth
Galve of Weyteleth
Ionei of Quaoth
Q'ellan of Ooromoth
Saidra of Oraenth
S'nis of Masath

Oriath 2590 Class
Graduation Date : 37.10.2592
Being supervised by Assistant Weyrlingmaster W'um of Liramyth played by Inki

Droissa of Saebrith

Imyth 2590 Class
Graduation Date : 37.10.2592
Being supervised by Assistant Weyrlingmaster W'um of Liramyth played by Inki

C'bryn of Otoloth
Un'taigo of Junosabeth
W'thir of Kelsameth

Kalestath 2591 Class
Graduation Date : 37.10.2593
Being supervised by Assistant Weyrlingmaster J'ken of Tadriath played by Jarakrisafis

Naeharie of Liorith
R'ghal of Rintoth
Veryk of Karrimuth
Narvia of Kadynoth
Ysveta of Oskith
Xaeybl of Nicynth
Zarenna of Atissyth
D'via of Anedaith
D'vik of Heppath
Ki'ki of Aellath
Na'va of Derraseth
R'kan of Hisketh
Vassatiere of Ysolth

Those characters whose names are simple links are adoptable! You can click on their name to read about them.

Weyrling Growth Chart
1 10% Mostly sleep and eat daily.
2 20% Frequently sleep. Eat daily.
3 25% Require daily rigorous exercise.
4 30% Becoming more active and socially curious.
5 35% Eat every 3 to 4 days.
6 40% Capable of short, hopping flights without Rider.
7 45%
8 50% Increased social conduct. Wing strengthening begins. Eat every other day. Capable of longer, hopping flights without Rider.
9 55% Flight training begins with Rider.
10 60%
11 65% Very active and involved in Rider's life. Greens may notice males, albeit idly. Eat once every 4 to 5 days.
12 70% Wings become stronger, dragons become more agile. Flight training is still kept short.
13 75% Move into own weyrs, close to the ground. Inspections are done every 7 days.
14 80% Aerial drills increase.
15 85% Eat once every 5 to 6 days.
16 90% At this point, Greens may start to Rise and the Bronzes, Browns, and Blues may give chase. This will vary heavily based on Dragonpair, as some may not fly well into their 18th month or beyond. This is the earliest a dragon may be sexually active, either Rising or Chasing.
17 95%
18+ 100% Final months of weyrlinghood. WLM reserves right to delay graduation until he feels majority are ready.

Expanded training and growth information below.

Weyrling Development Information

  • Post-Impression || 5% growth at hatching
Directly after Impressing, weyrlings are ushered to the Feeding Chamber just off the Hatching Sands. Here, the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants have prepared cut up meat to feed the newly hatched dragons. Bowls of that meat are given to the weyrlings with an accompanying congratulations and reminder that they will need to teach their dragons to chew their food properly in order to avoid making themselves sick. Once the starving little dragonets are fed, and begin to complain that their skin is itchy and dry, the weyrlings are instructed in the first of many oilings. Not long after this is completed, the weyrlings will be ushered off to an early bedtime.

Spoiler for Post-Impression OOC Details:
Once a Hatching has begun, the admin of Southern Winds will post a second thread for those weyrlings who have left the sands and entered the Feeding Chamber. Here, the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants will be ready to help your weyrling and their dragonet. Now is also a good time to get to know the honorifics of the other new weyrlings and the names of their dragons. Once your dragonet has been sated and oiled, they and their weyrling will be escorted to their assigned place in the Weyrling Barracks. Exhausted, the dragonets will quickly succumb to sleep with their riders not far behind.

  • Month 1 || 10% growth
Keeping up routine oiling will save the dragon from the pain of their hide drying out and cracking as it stretches to accommodate their growing frame. For the first few months, young dragons will need to eat daily. They will spend much of their time sleeping and being oiled by their riders; this will be a period of adjustment for the new dragonpairs, during which the bond made at Impression will begin to strengthen. Since the dragons are still small, they and their bonded often sleep together on the stone couch assigned them. When they aren’t oiling, feeding, or napping with their dragons, the weyrlings will be learning how to craft Rank Knots and socializing with their class. They will also begin having classes on dragonrider etiquette, protocol, and behavior, which is typically taught by Harpers; this topic will be of continuous study throughout their time as weyrlings.

  • Month 2 || 20% growth
During this month, the young dragons will sleep less, but still frequently, and still need to eat daily. Feeding them should become somewhat easier, as they learn a little more self-control—though it’s not uncommon for this to take longer. The Weyrlingmaster begins teaching the weyrlings basic exercises in using the bond between them, as well as instructing them in its effects and things to consider. The young pairs will also be visited by some of the resident Dragonhealers, who will teach them basic draconic first aid as well as how to recognize common digestive and hide problems in young dragons.

One of the most important lessons during this time involves firestone. They will learn how to properly select different qualities and sizes and bag it appropriately. They will also learn the standard quantity needed for dragons of different sizes and the standard consumption rate of those dragons. During a Pass, weyrlings assist in bagging firestone during a Fall in order to supply the dragons who deliver firestone to the Wings. While the current timeline sets Southern Winds in an Interval, they will still receive instruction and go through drills to preserve these skills. It is here that they will learn what is known as the “dragon toss”—the ability to throw and catch full bags of firestone the distance of one dragon to another. As a result, most weyrlings begin to put on more muscle at this time.  They and their dragons will also be instructed in low-impact exercises meant to strengthen their bodies and flexibility without injuring them.

Spoiler for Month 2 OOC Details:
During this time, the Weyrlingmaster will make threads to announce particular drills or specialized lessons for certain dragonpairs. A representative from the Mine Crafthall may also come to speak to the young dragon riders about selecting quality firestone. The dragonets will continue to grow, requiring daily oiling and cleaning by their riders.

  • Month 3 || 25% growth
Now that they and their dragons are in a little better shape, weyrlings begin the repetitive ground drills designed to teach them to function in a Wing—as well as ensure their dragons get rigorous daily exercise. Oftentimes these take the form of precise, taxing marching drills intended to instruct young riders in performing maneuvers as teams. This is the first place in which the weyrlings may begin to receive specialized training—either personal attention in order to align their abilities with those of their fellows, or in the case of particularly promising leaders, in conducting the drills themselves. Even Gold weyrlings will participate in these drills, as future Weyrwomen must be familiar with Wing formations. When not doing ground drills, weyrlings will begin learning basic history and geography, often in the form of memorization. Gold weyrlings will have a more rigorous curriculum with a greater emphasis on politics and history. All weyrlings will be expected to learn and recognize rank knots and badges, not only for riders but the other groups living in the weyr as well.

  • Month 4 || 30% growth
Weyrlings will begin to notice their dragonets being more curious about the world around them, and more willing and eager to interact with other dragons. Since they are sleeping even less now, their focus has become less directed toward themselves and more toward how they fit into at least the rest of the weyrling class. This may lead to some petty rivalries between dragonets, their first friendships, and even gossip as they learn to flex their social muscles.

Now that the dragonets are showing mental as well as physical growth, the Weyrlingmaster will begin instructing their students in more advanced bond exercises. This will also include learning how to communicate during a Fall or any other applicable situation, both through rider hand signals and transmitting messages through their dragons to others. This can take the form of games where one dragonpair is told a short message and then must pass it down a line through all the others, where the pair at the end must then recite it accurately. As the pairs progress, this communication will be incorporated into their ground drills. Weyrlings will also begin to learn basic human first aid, particularly how to temporarily treat a Threadscore wound until a Healer can tend it.

Though they still can’t fly, the dragonets begin to perform exercises to strengthen their wing muscles. Since the beach on Fort Island isn’t safe, they are regularly ferried back to Fort Weyr by the riders of Prairie Wing in order to do swimming exercises in the lazier parts of the nearby river. This also helps to accustom the dragonpair to the sensation of going Between so that the chill isn’t as surprising to them when they later learn to do it themselves.

  • Month 5 || 35% growth
Around the fifth month, the young dragons’ metabolisms begin to more closely resemble what they will be as adults. Instead of needing to eat every day, they will only need to eat every three to four. Typically they will dine on wherry or small herdbeasts from among the weyr’s livestock and gain their first instruction in how to kill their own food. Even so, they won’t learn how to hunt for themselves until they are old enough to fly.

This is the month when weyrlings begin intermediate ground drills. They will still be tested on the basic ones regularly, but now the Weyrlingmaster begins to expect them to be able to understand how those translate into more complicated maneuvers. Wing strengthening exercises in the river near Fort Weyr will continue, still chaperoned by Prairie Wing.  Additionally, they will continue practicing different forms of communication and exploring the bond between them and their dragon. Practical lessons on history, geography, weather patterns, politics, and other aspects of weyr life will continue with regular testing. Gold weyrlings will begin studying more advanced archives as well as clutch records and learning the duties of a Weyrwoman. Typically, this will be taught by a Master Harper rather than one of the Weyrwomen because of scheduling, and so that the young Queen rider will learn how to properly maintain records.

  • Month 6-7 || 40-45% growth
In month six, most of the dragonets will become capable of short, hopping flights without a rider. Really more like clumsy glides, these will be incorporated into their conditioning exercises to continue developing their wings. Along with continued bond training, the weyrlings will study more advanced draconic first aid, with particular attention to overflying and other potential injuries like strains or sprains. While the young dragons are still figuring out how to properly use their wings, their human partners will study safe flying habits, including air currents, weather, types of wind, and safety at different altitudes. Ground drills will continue in conjunction with lectures about Threadfall—which are designed to teach information about composition and patterning; the students will also learn how to read and interpret Threadfall charts in order to preserve the knowledge that had helped Pern survive up until the 9th Pass. At the end of this month, each weyrling will have an individual review meeting/interview with the Weyrlingmaster or Assistant Weyrlingmasters to review their progress.

In the seventh month, the rest of the dragonets will become able of those short, hopping “flights.” The idea of flight may start to become real to some of the weyrlings for the first time, as this is the moment in their development when they are first fitted for flight gloves and jackets. This will be accompanied by an introduction to riding straps and gear, how to maintain that gear, and basic leathercraft so that they will know how to make their own riding straps and harnesses. The Threadfall charts they must interpret will become more complex, and the weyrlings will begin having to create their own for review by their instructors. They will also take part in individual and group problem solving exercises designed to facilitate the types of situational responses needed from dragon riders.

  • Month 8 || 50% growth
Reaching fifty percent of their adult growth by this time, the young dragons will momentarily return to higher metabolic needs, requiring to be fed every other day. This will ensure that they are well-nourished enough to keep up with their classmates. As their wing muscles gain strengthen, their short, hopping flights will steadily increase in length—though still without a rider. The eighth month mark is when the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants will begin having the dragonets train while carrying weights during these short flight exercises. This ensures that by the time the dragonets are large enough to carry their riders, they will be familiar with accounting for weight other than their own.

Weyrlings then move into the most advanced ground drills, steadily gaining in complexity and beginning to resemble the things that fighting Wings practice. Oftentimes, D’zel will require the weyrlings to complete these drills with the minimum amount of external commands. Individuals who have shown themselves to have leadership potential will start to be further distinguished by their running of these ground drills; in some cases, the drill’s leader will be chosen by the instructors; at others, the class will be asked to nominate from within their ranks. There will also be exercises, should the class include a Gold, in that dragon giving commands to others in the class, both to familiarize the young Queen with command and the lower ranked dragons with having directions given through an exercise of the Queen’s will. Study of safe flight practices will continue, as will exams in which the weyrlings will be tested on their ability to draw up, interpret, and translate a Threadfall chart into practical application. (This often translates into practicing Wing formations and drills while older riders drop bits of rope or silk from above to teach the class how to keep formation while still fighting Thread.) Lastly, the etiquette and protocol classes that have been occurring since the day of Impression will become more complex exercises in social conduct.

  • Month 9-10 || 55-60% growth
The ninth month proves an exciting time for weyrlings, as this is when flight training with riders first begins. Now that the dragonets are large enough to carry riders, the weyrlings are tasked with making their first set of riding straps and other equipment necessary for care and use of their dragon. These straps are made from leather, well-oiled to avoid chafing the dragon’s neck, and must be replaced completely once to twice a year for safety’s sake. Until the Weyrlingmaster feels comfortable with the weyrling’s ability to make quality straps, they will be diligently and strictly inspected for defects. If any are found, the weyrlings will be making and remaking them until the Weyrlingmaster is satisfied. Only once the harnesses have been completed will the first manned flights begin. Ground drills will be lessened as they steadily shift to basic manned aerial drills. More complex activities with the bond between rider and dragon will be practiced as well to help the weyrlings learn how to communicate while flying. Along with the review of their straps at regular intervals for safety, they will also have assessments about the maintenance of Threadfighting equipment and other rider gear.

Month ten marks the further decrease of ground drills in proportion to flying, and the weyrlings will begin the work of translating ground sequences to airborne maneuvers. As flight exercises become more common, the dragonpairs will start to learn their own flight style and complete exercises to improve stamina and “sprinting” ability. This also marks the start of studying recognition points and the principles of visualization needed for eventual Betweening. At the end of this month, the weyrlings are given a week to review and prepare for their first comprehensive exams. The Weyrlingmaster and Assistants will be available for help in reviewing, but the students are expected to maintain their own study habits and participate in group study work to better their own understanding and that of their classmates. Following that, there will be oral and practical exams on what the weyrlings have learned so far, including draconic and human first aid, history, geography, etiquette, weyr rules and hierarchy, recognizing rank knots, and maintenance of gear. Any weyrling who fails must meet with the Weyrlingmaster for review—and this could mean either that the rest of their class will be postponed until that individual passes the exam, or the potential for that student to be held back in a different class for remedial training.

Spoiler for Months 9-10 OOC Details:
The first time the weyrling class receives instruction in making this equipment, the Weyrlingmaster will post one thread in which to interact with the weyrlings. After that, those who wish to post their efforts may do so in order to receive one-on-one instruction. Similarly, all weyrlings will receive individual training for their first manned flight before beginning to do aerial drills as a group. The Weyrlingmaster or his assistants will coordinate with weyrlings to do individual threads should you want to play that out for your character.

Flight instruction often features lectures by more experienced riders, often Wingleaders, in order to supplement the weyrlings’ education. Each weyrling will fly individually under the guidance of the Weyrlingmaster and an assistant rider, typically with one of them on the ground and one in the air. The first flight consists of nothing more than a few wingbeats and a short glide. Once a dragonpair is successful, however, the Weyrlingmaster will have them repeat the action four more times. For the first month, these flights will continue at a light, guided pace. Weyrlings who are caught taking unnecessary risks or practicing too vigorously outside the watch of the Weyrlingmaster may be subject to discipline.

Spoiler for Flight Training Volunteers:
Other dragon riders who would like to aid the Weyrlingmaster in guiding these flights would be more than welcome! We will also need experienced riders to give lectures on flight to the weyrlings. At this point, each Weyrling will make a thread in which to post about their flight training. If you wish to have a particular dragon rider serve as your other mentor for this exercise, please arrange such with their player. Otherwise, we will pull from the list of volunteers and possible NPCs if necessary.

  • Month 11 || 65% growth
By this point, the dragonets are very active and involved in their riders’ lives. Greens may begin to notice males in an idle way and flirt, but this increased socialization is not yet backed by sexual impulses. During this time, the dragons only need to eat every four to five days. Visualization practice begins, as the Weyrlingmaster introduces visual memory exercises and drills on recognition points around the weyr. This often includes describing a vague location the weyrlings must find, or having his dragon pass an image to a dragonet, who must then pass it to their rider, with the rider describing the location to the Weyrlingmaster. Along with this, the students are introduced to the concepts of Betweening and its dangers and safety practices. Aerial drills continue. Weyrlings will also learn the rules and responsibilities surrounding duels and begin to learn self-defense training with an introduction to blade work.

  • Month 12 || 70% growth
As they continue to grow, the dragonets will become more agile while their wings gain strength. Even so, Flight training is still kept short to avoid injury and over-flying. The aerial training does increase in complexity:  in some instances, the dragonets will transfer basic drills to the air while their riders direct from the ground; in others, the weyrlings will begin to start flying in teams of three in order to practice the drills that will be necessary for their development into full riders. Firestone drills are now transferred to the air as well, and the weyrlings are expected to throw bags of firestone back and forth while the Weyrlingmaster orders them to turn, climb, and drive. The drills are repeated until the Weyrlingmaster is satisfied, at which point he begins to combine the groups into larger and larger masses and repeat the drills. These manned drills will, by this time, have dove-tailed into intermediate exercises. Ground drills will be rarely used unless the weyrlings are learning a new formation.

Advanced exercises in the dragon and rider bond will continue, emphasizing their application during flight and in a functioning Wing. Weyrlings will continue to be taught the dangers of Betweening and how to avoid them; furthermore, the self-defense training will move past the practice of moves and into sparring between pairs to familiarize the students with fighting a real opponent. At the end of the month, each dragonpair will have a personal interview with the Weyrlingmaster or an Assistant to review their progress and receive recommendations for the future.

Spoiler for Month 12 Details:
The Weyrlingmaster will post a thread with the weyrling groupings, and then topics for those groups to practice their drills in. As time progresses, the groups of three will be combined until all the weyrlings are flying together as a single unit.

  • Month 13 || 75% growth
Now that your weyrling’s dragon can fly consistently and reliably, they move out of the Weyrling Barracks and into personal weyrs like the other dragon riders. This will happen only if the Weyrlingmaster is satisfied with the progress of each individual dragonpair; those who he feels are in need of extra time to mature will have their move delayed until they’re deemed ready. These weyrs will be close to the ground, and reused each time a weyrling graduates and the weyr is vacated again. Inspections will be done by the Weyrlingmaster’s Assistants every seven days to ensure that the weyrlings are taking care of their personal space. During this month, the students will continue their training on Between with an emphasis on visual exercises between themselves, their dragons, and other dragonpairs. Their self-defense training will develop their skills in hand-to-hand combat with a focus on wrestling and more complex blade work.

  • Month 14 || 80% growth
Now that all the weyrlings are flying in formation, the Weyrlingmaster begins to train them to go Between. To begin, the Weyrlingmaster begins to drill the weyrlings in terrain recognition, teaching them the best way to visualize the destination they want their dragons to travel to. When satisfied by the progress of a certain pair, he will fly with the pair and takes them Between for the first time. The young dragonet will take visual reference from the Weyrlingmaster and his more experienced dragon, carrying their rider as passenger for the first jump. They and the Weyrlingmaster will repeat this process many more times until, satisfied, the Weyrlingmaster will allow the younger rider to make the mental visualization and instruct their dragon to jump unaided. Despite the precautions exercised by the Weyrlingmaster, this is known as a particularly dangerous time for the weyrlings. Some of them may simply fail to return from Between. During times of Threadfall, it is not unlikely to lose one or two pairs per Hatching. However, now that Pern is experiencing an interval, the grace of time may mean that these fatalities will be relatively uncommon.

With that, the weyrlings will move to advanced aerial drills. In order to supplement their practice in the air, they will begin doing errands around the weyr for those who do not have dragons. Additionally, the Weyrlingmaster will start taking small groups for training flights outside of the weyr—usually around old Fort Weyr since it’s safer than attempting such on the island. The overall flying practice will become more varied and sustained for longer, gradually moving time aloft up to standard Fall length; since the 9th Pass saw the end of such Falls, the weyrlings at Southern Winds will be trained to switch out shifts for extended Threadfall. Their training will also continue in self-defense and exercises in their dragonbond, both now advanced practices since they are more experienced.

Spoiler for Month 14 Details:
At the beginning of the month, the Weyrlingmaster will post a thread instructing the younger riders in terrain recognition. After that, he or an Assistant will individually instruct the new weyrlings in how to jump Between. Since we understand you are attached to your characters, your weyrlings will never fail to return from Between unless you decide that is your wish. We do reserve the right to do this to some NPC weyrlings if we see fit.

  • Month 15 || 85% growth
In month fifteen, the dragonets will only need to eat once every five to six days. This is the point when they will learn to hunt for themselves, though they will not be allowed in the jungle and will be chaperoned along the beach. Most will learn how to scoop fish out of the open ocean since it is safer. Hand-to-hand sparring for the weyrlings will extend to group co-operation. While these skills will likely never be necessary, they are passed down to preserve the knowledge for future generations. By this time, the weyrlings will begin to practice their formations while flying and also going Between. Losses at this point are uncommon, though injuries from collisions may abound. Practice will continue until the entire weyrling group can function as a Wing to the Weyrlingmaster’s specification. One of the most important aspects of this month is the Weyrlingmaster’s lecture on Mating Flights, which will familiarize his students on Flight etiquette, behavior, expectations, and other such topics.

  • Month 16-17 || 90-95% growth
In month sixteen, the earliest Greens and female Reds may start to Rise and precocious Bronzes, Blacks, Browns, Blues, and male Reds may give chase. This will vary heavily based on Dragonpair, as some may not fly well into their 18th month or beyond. This is the earliest a dragon may be sexually active, either Rising or Chasing.

The class will continue practicing Fighting Wing formation drills and doing errands around the weyr. Their aerial drills will intensify with time. Between training will continue, now including the proper procedures for Betweening during Threadfall, both for safety and the neutralization of spores that may have scored a dragon or their rider. At this time, the weyrlings will study Betweening to particular coordinates, and drilling on recognition points at other places on Pern will begin. Now that they are nearing their maturation as dragonriders, the class will be fitted with Threadfighting gear. While Southern Winds is experiencing an Interval, the nature of the 9th Pass means that each weyrling will still be fitted with a set of gear and expected to maintain it in case Thread should return.

Once the rest of their training is complete, the weyrlings will be instructed in how to use firestone. This instruction is all done individually, with the Weyrlingmaster taking one long day for each weyrling. The Weyrlingmaster will normally start the dragonpair on a soft stone (not firestone) to familiarize the young dragon with the feeling of chewing and processing the stone in its “other stomach”. Once the dragon is used to this process, the Weyrlingmaster will give them low quality firestone to try. Because of its low quality, the dragon will only produce a small flame. Over the course of the rest of the day, the Weyrlingmaster will graduate them to true firestone until they can produce a full flame. The weyrlings will be instructed in flame first aid as their dragon learns to control their flame and how to vary it. As the dragonpairs become more comfortable with its use, they will begin practicing flaming during flight and in Wing formation.

Of course, Queens will not be taught how to chew firestone since doing so would render them infertile. During this time, the Gold weyrlings spend much of their time away from their class as they begin to establish themselves as a presence in the weyr. Their final, most complex lessons in etiquette and conducting themselves appropriately will finish out the education they have been getting since their impression. By this point, the Harpers who have been teaching them will likely give way to the ranked riders and Weyrleadership who will take more of an active interest in the future Weyrwomen.

Month seventeen is just as intense as the previous one. Intensive aerial training will continue, now incorporating Betweening, flaming, and everything else that a fighting Wing does during drills. This will include going Between in formation, performing errands and flights around the weyr to strengthen each dragonpair, and practice Betweening to and back from familiar locations on the Northern Continent like Fort Weyr. Weyrlings will study flying at night and star navigation, as well as practice Betweening at night when landmarks may look slightly different. They will also be trained in emergency rescue, including the continued falling rope drills and how to protect others from Threadfall. Queens will learn how to catch and calm an out of control dragon. Near the end of the month, some drill practices will take place with Prairie Wing so that the weyrlings can practice integrating into another Wing and learn from the experience of older riders.

Spoiler for Month 16-17 OOC Details:
At the beginning of month sixteen, a schedule will be posted by the Weyrlingmaster to indicate which day each individual dragonpair will receive their instruction. These threads can be played out as you see fit either with the Weyrlingmaster or an Assistant.

  • Month 18+ || 100% growth
These are the final months of weyrlinghood. Most classes will graduate at the end of their second turn as dragonriders, but the Weyrlingmaster reserves the right to delay graduation until he feels that the majority are ready. Until then, they will practice passing visual images between dragons so that they may Between to unfamiliar locations. And, of course, the intensive aerial drills will persist, including to practice emergency procedures and aerial rescues as necessary. The weyrlings will join Prairie Wing in select drills with increasing frequency. Self-defense and dueling practice for the young riders will conclude at the end of month eighteen.

Dragons are physically mature somewhere between 18 and 20 months, and will begin to rise for or participate in mating flights depending on their gender. This will be the first experience for the weyrlings of Flight Lust. Though they are often graduated when this happens for the first time, the flights of younger riders will be monitored by the Weyrlingmaster and Candidate Master in order to ensure that there are no injuries, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Most Reds and Greens will fly during this time, but Golds typically fly when they are two turns or older, often placing their first Flights after graduation.

During these months, the weyrlings will study for and take comprehensive final exams. These include oral and demonstrative examples of their skills and understanding of what it takes to be a dragonrider. Personal interviews will also be part of these final assessments, by which the Weyrlingmaster and his Assistants determine whether the class is ready for graduation, what Wing placement they recommend, and compose their final reports to the Weyrleaders. These exams are pass/fail in nature, and the recommendation of the Weyrlingmaster and Assistants must be obtained before the weyrlings can graduate and become integrated into the mature fighting Wings. This is the point at which the Wingleaders will likely start to show an interest in the nearly-graduated weyrlings, watching their drills with increasing frequency and perhaps even pulling aside those particularly skilled individuals they might ask to join them upon graduation.

Spoiler for Month 18+ Details:
If your dragon is a female, please post in the flight calendar. It is from then on your responsibility to run your own flight threads and choose a winner from those who participate. If your weyrling is particularly young, feel free to contact an admin about protocol in this case.

Reminder: Despite our board’s rating of 3-3-3 or Language/Violence/Sex, you are in no way obligated to RP graphic encounters if you do not wish to. Please make your preference clear OOCly in the first post of your flight threads.

  • Weyrling Graduation || Final Milestone
Somewhere between the end of month 18 and the end of month 20, the last of the weyrlings will have completed their exams and demonstrated their competency as dragon riders. A celebration is held at the end of the turn, officially recognizing the three graduating weyrling classes, welcoming them into the adult ranks, and revealing their Wing assignments. They will, at this point, assume the full adult responsibilities of a dragon rider. This includes, upon the night of their graduation, the long-awaited lift of the ban on intimate relationships outside of Flights if their dragon has not already risen or given chase in one. Weyrlings are placed into Prairie Wing by default unless they have undertaken extra work and training in the hopes of qualifying for Beach or Jungle.

Spoiler for Graduation OOC Details:
About a week after the last exam is completed -- coinciding with the End of Turn celebration -- the weyr holds a small graduation ceremony. The graduating weyrlings will have their Wing assignments revealed and be welcomed by their new fellow Wingriders. Furthermore, this night often leads to quite a bit of drinking in the weyr and tumbling into beds. Having officially graduated as adult dragon riders, the graduated weyrlings who are old enough to feel the need may see fit to exercise their freedom at the end of their ban on intimate relationships.

In the IC month leading up to graduation each turn, staff will post a reminder for relevant weyrlings with notes about preferences for Wing placement. Weyrlilngs must have at least 20 posts or more on the day before their graduation event to qualify for Beach or Jungle, and most will be default sorted into Prairie. Mountain does not accept recently graduated riders.

You can read an example of such an announcement
here. Below is a copy of the form that must be PMed to Southern Records prior to graduation.

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b] Weyrling of Dragonth
[b]Wing:[/b] What Wing you have in mind for your character - please specify if you have OOC intentions for them that differ from their IC goals.
[b]Reasoning:[/b] Let us know a bit of detail about why you think your character would be a good fit for the Wings you're asking us to consider!
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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