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Author Topic: Extra Weyrling Chores & Daily Schedule  (Read 2258 times)

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Weyrling Chores & Daily Schedule
« on: February 07, 2014, 04:05:06 PM »

Weyrlings can be assigned to a training exercise appropriate to the age of their dragon, or a chore pulled from the following list.

  • Kitchen || If given this chore, your weyrling will report to the Headwoman in order to help in the kitchen. The tasks here could include cleaning the kitchen or storerooms, washing dishes, preparing ingredients, or actually cooking if their talents lie in that direction.
  • Creche || Weyrlings sent to this area will report to the Headwoman and receive instruction for working in the Creche. This means they may be cleaning, caring for children, or any other related duties required of them.
  • Beast & Gather || If assigned to this area, your weyrling will report to one of the members of Beast Crafthall for guidance. They may be caring for livestock, cleaning their pens, or venturing out into the jungle under the guard of a dragon rider patrol to gather food and resources.
  • Infirmary || Report to Master Healer Brigan if you are assigned to this area of the weyr. You may be tasked with inventorying supplies, folding or doing laundry, cleaning the infirmary space, or even helping to tend to patience if you have some talent or previous knowledge of healercraft.
  • Barracks & Weyr || Report to the Weyrlingmaster. You may be given chores relating to cleaning the Weyrling barracks, folding or doing laundry, bagging firestone, or helping other dragon riders in the weyr with upkeep or tasks.
  • General Upkeep || Report to the Weyrlingmaster, who will then direct you to the appropriate sections of the weyr. This means you will be helping out wherever you are needed -- perhaps finishing any spare laundry, cleaning the common or bathing areas of the weyr, or simply lending a hand filing records or doing general maintenance.

On any given day, a weyrling's schedule will look something like the following:

7:00 AM -- Time to get out of bed!
7:30 AM -- Breakfast is served.
8:00 AM -- Morning training begins.
12:00 PM -- Morning training ends. Lunch is served.
1:00 PM -- Lunch ends. Weyrlings report to the Weyrling Barracks to be assigned their evening duties and training.
4:00 PM -- Afternoon training ends. For the next two hours, weyrlings typically either complete chores, do personal errands, or complete tasks around the weyr. However, if they find they want clarification or are assigned personal instruction from the Weyrlingmaster, this is the time slot in which he will meet with them.
6:00 PM -- Dinner is served.
7:00 PM -- During this time, weyrlings are tasked with seeing to their equipment, cleaning the Weyrling Barracks, and oiling their dragons.
8:00 PM -- From now until lights out, weyrlings generally participate in the weyr's relaxation and socializing period.
10:00 PM -- Lights out.

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