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Author Topic: Info Mountain Wing  (Read 3207 times)

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Mountain Wing
« on: February 07, 2014, 09:06:22 PM »

The schedule for Mountain Wing is best described as personalized or task based. Every rider comes to W'sar or his Wingsecond to receive a location, a 'mission', and whatever supplies they might need for it. They rarely go out together unless it's to take out a new Wingrider, but this is rare since Mountain doesn't have a lot of new riders joining the Wing. Missions can take anywhere from one day up to a week - it generally depends on where they're going and if they've been there before.

Reserve Riders
Reserve riders are those who -- due to age, disability, or some other cause for themselves, their dragon, or both -- are no longer able to participate fully in Wing duties. In Mountain Wing, they are most commonly tasked with administrative assignments, Wing duties that can be done within the Weyr, general tasks around the Weyr, or helping their Wingmates tend to their dragons or gear. Riders in this group do not count toward the full color spread for their Wing. It should also be noted that recuperating or pregnant riders may temporarily be assigned these tasks.

Wingrider Chain of Command
Weyrleader <-  Wingleader <- Wingsecond <- Wingrider
 A Wingrider should always follow the chain of command, reporting to their immediate superior. The Wingsecond will then escalate the problem if it is necessary to their Wingleader, who will bring up the issue with their Weyrsecond if they feel they should. The ultimate decisions, within a Wing, are made by the Wingleader. Administrative requests, such as supply resquests or Wing reassignments, are carried out to the Weyrsecond, but up through the Chain of Command. When in doubt, a Wingrider should always see their Wingsecond or Wingleader. The Weyrsecond is the administrator of the Wing, not the Authority.

Spoiler for Examples of the Landscape:
It's important to remember all of Pern has been destroyed by Thread. Thread destroys all organic life, which means there will not be tufts of grass or struggling trees. It's all gone. The soil itself doesn't support life as all nutrients have likewise been consumed. Below are some inspirational pictures that should give you an idea of what the rest of Pern looks like.

Stock image by Lightspeed-Suzuka@Deviantart

Stock image by venomxbaby@Deviantart

Stock image by CAStock@Deviantart

Stock image by HumbleBeez@Deviantart

Exploring New Locations:
These are usually short missions of a day or so, where the Rider is tasked with establishing a landmark for them to Between to. They're usually brought to a point by W'sar or another experienced Rider or, in very rare times, they actually fly the long distance themselves along the island chain ( in which case, this is a long mission ). Once a reference point for Between jumps has been established, the Rider returns to the Weyr and reports where the reference point is, what it is, and in great detail how they intend to distinguish that point from the rest of a desolate Pern. This is important because a lot of Pern may look very similar given it's barren and desecrated state. If either W'sar or his Wingsecond are not confident in the report, the Rider is sent back out to repeat the task. There is no second attempt. If they fail again, they are reassigned to a different Wing - most likely Prairie.

Established Locations:
These are locations a Rider has a reference point to Between to and work out from. These missions are generally longer and usually a bit more dangerous as Riders can become lost, disorientated, or bit by tunnelsnakes or poisonous spinners. When everything starts to look the same, it can be difficult for someone all alone to stay on task or keep a cool head. If a Rider does not have their Between point firmly in their mind, they may never return to the Weyr. They also need to be able to keep a cool head being alone, describe it great detail their surroundings, and use their flit to imprint on their surroundings. If they return with a report that is vague or generically describe Pern as "flat and barren" they are not fit to serve in Mountain. W'sar wants specifics. Elevation levels. Soil samples. Water samples from rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. Any report found lacking in information and a Rider will be sent back to the location. There is rarely a second chance. W'sar may send a Rider back if he finds something curious or he wants to know more. Mountain Wing is one of the few that actually gets to use parchment and ink - to waste it on a shitty report is tantamount to insulting W'sar personally.

Weyr Work:
Not everything that Mountain Wing does is away from the weyr, but most of it is. However, W'sar will spend portions of his Rider's time assigning them 'Weyr work'. This usually entails helping the Harper Hall press and prepare parchment or paper, make ink, work in the Kitchens to prep rations for themselves or Wingmates, or hunting at the old Weyrs, Halls, and Holds to feed their own Wing. Every Mountain Rider has spent time in the Healer Hall so they know how to tend very basic injuries they might sustain - not apprentice level Healer knowledge, but they can wrap their own wounds and carry their own small medkit on longer travels. This also means they might be assigned to the Healer Hall to help for a couple marks in whatever the Hall needs - even if it's cleaning the floors. This is Mountain Wing's way of giving back to the Halls they take supplies from and W'sar sees this as important to remind his Wing they are still apart of the Weyr. If his Riders cannot complete these tasks with humility and thoroughness, he doesn't need them in his Wing.

Free Time?
A Mountain Rider's free time is not really spent at the Weyr. This means they are expected to be able to oil their dragon, care for their basic needs, and complete their tasks alone, away from the weyr. No one is going to be holding them to task, no one is going to be looking out for them. However, after each mission, W'sar generally grants each of his Riders a day or two 'off'. This enables them to reconnect with loved ones, recoup, and prepare for the next mission. This includes restocking oil for the journey, repairing their straps and gear if need be, and seeing to their needs. No Rider should show up to his weyr and not be ready to take off after he's handed them their next mission.


Total Riders: 21 ( 7 Bronzers, 7 Browns, 4 Blues, 3 Greens )
Mountain is the smallest Wing of the Weyr and has one of the more solitary jobs. They are the ones steadily cataloging Pern and remaking the maps that have been lost. While this wouldn't seem an overly important task, rediscovering lost tools, supplies, and necessities make this Wing remarkable. They often borrow from Prairie or Beach when they discover a stock pile of supplies. They're also remarkable in that it's the only wing to be led by a Brown Rider, who bases his selection on a test of Flight rather than rider personality. Because Mountain Riders are frequently away from the Weyr, they're less involved in the politics at present and more involved with discovering and remaking Pern. Mountain's Wingleader, W'sar, requires his Riders to have 'working' flits. Not pets, but flits that allow for communication across vast distances and prove useful as scouts both for their quickness and photographic, extensive memory.

Mountain faces unique and personal dangers that the other Wings do not. Loneliness, disorientation, exhaustion, and sometimes spatial disorientation; these dangers come from being away from the weyr and having to take care of themselves on a Pern that can be hard to discern one portion from the next. If a Rider does not always maintain a cool head, they can easily become lost, blur their Between Point, and never return. While it is not common, Riders have still been lost in Mountain. The most common death in Mountain is a Rider never coming out of Between, either leaving the weyr or trying to return from an exhausting and extensive mission.

Flight Test:
Mountain Wingriders are subject to an initial, and then every turn, 'flight test'. Bronze and Brown Riders are expected to make a flight to Fort Weyr, from Southern Winds Weyr, without going Between. They are attended by Venture, W'sar's flit to ensure they don't cheat. If a Rider can complete this long, stamina and directional based test, then they have a chance to be accepted.

Blue and Green hopefuls are to fly to the tip of the largest western continent to the north, again, attended by Venture to ensure they don't cheat by going Between.

The Flight Test is a test of stamina, directional sense, and mental fortitude of the dragon pair. W'sar tests his riders once a turn, as well, to ensure they still 'belong' in Mountain.

Mountain Wing is selective based on W'sar's personal choice only, and not the color of someone's dragon.  The PCs listed below are not the only Riders in the wing, as there are still NPCs that may be mentioned or added by the staff as needed.


W'sar of Sath with supporting flit Venture


B'lye of Uereth with supporting flits Axander, Tethine, Reela, and Ralee


D'mir of Thianorth with supporting flits Gorgeous and Bren
L'del of Indulth with supporting flits Tart and Snake
N'iko of Astaroth with supporting flit Drakon
K'eir of Sicharth with supporting flits Thirrus and Dahlia
X'kis of Maelboroth with supporting flits Lesiff and Flirt
X'rine of Tocath with supporting flit Trouvaille
P'ar of Zeketh with supporting flit Meica
Pythia of Miravith with supporting flit Inkspot
Zaya of Sharurith with supporting flit Bek

Reserve Wingriders

L'ok of Iskelaith with supporting flit Murk
J'sen of Utaith with supporting flit Cyprium


All Riders || Hunting and Gathering Prep Event [ 05.06.2589 / 10 AM ]
The dragon riders of Mountain Wing will be flying patrol as guards for those who are gathering and hunting in the jungle for the next ten days.
All Riders || Wing Announcements [ 16.07.2589 / 8 AM ]
The riders find out their new assignments. A small group of riders from Mou Wing have been included in the guard duty over the construction of the new Hold -- perhaps as a gesture of good faith. Less of them have been volunteered than those of Prairie Wing.
All Riders || Business Resumes as Usual [ 03.01.2590 / 5:30 AM ]
W'sar meets with his Wing to discuss the new Lockdown.
All Riders || Returning to the Weyr [ 02.04.2590 / 12 PM ]
W'sar calls all the Riders back because of the Riot.

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