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Author Topic: Info Beach Wing  (Read 4161 times)

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Beach Wing
« on: February 07, 2014, 09:11:47 PM »


From 4.9.2589 to 1.3.2590:
     06AM - 09AM : Fishing
     09AM - 12PM : Dragon/Rider Drills
     12PM - 01PM : Lunch at Construction Site
     01PM - 05PM : Guarding at Construction Site
     05PM - 07PM : Fishing
     07PM - Rest of the night : Free time to use tending gear, oiling dragon, dinner, etc.

Before 4.9.2589 and after 1.3.2590:
     06AM - 12PM : Fishing
     12PM - 01PM : Lunch
     01PM - 03PM : Dragon Drills
     03PM - 05PM : Rider Drills
     05PM - 07PM : Fishing with Prairie Wing
     07PM - Rest of the night : Free time to use tending gear, oiling dragon, dinner, etc.
Relevant thread as to why the schedule changed on 4.9.2589, Relevant thread as to why the schedule changed on 1.3.2590


Total Riders: 77 ( 10 Bronzers, 20 Browns, 22 Blues, 25 Greens )
Beach Wing is made up of the dutiful, but social, Riders of the Weyr. They've become known for their Holder and Crafter sympathies. While they do not frequent the jungle nor usually come into conflict with the Hunters, no one would say Beach Wing is cowardly. They meet each assignment with an air of excitement and are loyal to one another, forming easy friendships with fellow wingmates. Beach frequents the sandy beaches of Fort Island and specializes in keeping the Cove clear of Beach Snakes and protecting the few fisherman still out there. It is not uncommon for Riders from this wing to volunteer at the Fisher Craft Hall.

Reserve Riders
Reserve riders are those who -- due to age, disability, or some other cause for themselves, their dragon, or both -- are no longer able to participate fully in Wing duties. In Beach Wing, they are most commonly tasked with helping the Fishers, cleaning the day's catch, or helping their Wingmates tend to their dragons or gear. Riders in this group do not count toward the full color spread for their Wing. It should also be noted that recuperating or pregnant riders may temporarily be assigned these tasks.

Wingrider Chain of Command
Weyrleader <- Weyrsecond <- Wingleader <- Wingsecond <- Wingrider
 A Wingrider should always follow the chain of command, reporting to their immediate superior. The Wingsecond will then escalate the problem if it is necessary to their Wingleader, who will bring up the issue with their Weyrsecond if they feel they should. The ultimate decisions, within a Wing, are made by the Wingleader. Administrative requests, such as supply resquests or Wing reassignments, are carried out to the Weyrsecond, but up through the Chain of Command. When in doubt, a Wingrider should always see their Wingsecond or Wingleader. The Weyrsecond is the administrator of the Wing, not the Authority.

This is the main function of Beach Wing, and they do it quite efficiently. They are the Wing that probably knows the ins and outs of the Fisher Craft Hall as well as the Fishers themselves. They can cast the nets, manage the boats, rod fish, and gut a fish about as well as an apprentice fisherman at this point. They help start up the Hall in the morning, load up the boats, guide Fishers out in the ocean ( like the shipfish used to ), cast nets from their dragons acting like boats themselves, and protect against beachsnakes. No dragonrider should ever fight a Beachsnake. Instead, they are taught how to detect their shadows in the shallows and how to tourniquet a limb so the poison doesn't spread in the event of a bite from a smaller one. Large clusters of dragons are usually a deterrent against Beach snake attacks, so Riders are never fishing alone and always accompany fishers on the beach in twos or threes. At the end of the day, Beach Wing is there to help haul in large catches, stow away boats, gut fish, and in general catch whatever there is to and guide in ships in the evening before dinner.

Dragon Drills:
Beach Wing teaches their Riders dexterity and dealing with Beach snakes. This includes wrestling with other dragons and evading 'bites', as one bite from a Beach snake has the chance to be fatal. They also practice and teach locating the shadows of snakes in the shallows. How to swim efficiently, or at least competently, while managing nets on their dragons is something all Beach wingriders are taught. Knowing the difference between the sea and sky on dragonback is also very important and an ongoing exercise. Occasionally, thread and ground drills are peppered in so the Riders do not forget.

Rider Drills:
While Beach Wing does many of the same Rider drills as the other wings, such as exercise, laps, sparring with blades, and bow practice, some of their Rider drills can look like Crafter work. Fixing nets, gutting fish, repairing boats, and doing odd tasks about the Fisher Craft Hall that the Hall itself might not have the hands to complete.

Beach Wing's ranks are comprised, primarily, of Browns, Greens, and Blues but they still have a fair few Bronze riders in their ranks. The PCs listed below are not the only Riders in the wing, as there are still NPCs that may be mentioned or added by the staff as needed.


M'rek of Polanth


K'mar of Berynth
Y'an of Klinath

Y'an is currently an adoptable NPC! Please click here to read about adopting him.


T'stann of Nerenith
H'riel of Dwalath
M'dak of Dallarth
R'ael of Uramaeth
C'ace of Reesskith
Finnmaghaine of Kimisuth
K'eeda of Aeleroth
K'ran of Harloth
Qirelai of Perrikoth
S'kelyn of Quaith
Hanilynne of Ollinneeth
Inanna of Cremath
Jossekayne of Lyrisiveth
Lindra of Jazzerith
Niema of Vorloruth
Nishi of Xasheyth
Phaedralena of Deliorath
T'kray of Kylath
T'lor of Olaryth
Z'nel of Allieth

Those characters whose names are simple links are adoptable! You can click on their name to read about them.

Reserve Wingriders

S'bel of Rilraneth


All Riders || Hunting and Gathering Prep Event [ 05.06.2589 / 10 AM ]
The dragon riders of Beach Wing will be fishing with nets off the coast of Fort Island for the next ten days.
All Riders || Wing Announcements [ 16.07.2589 / 8 AM ]
The riders find out their new assignments. Almost everyone from Beach Wing has been assigned to protect the construction of the new Hold, barring those riders who are currently pregnant or grounded for injuries or sickness.
All Riders || Summons from a Wingleader [ 16.07.2589 / 9 PM ]
M'rek summons the members of his Wing to talk about their new assignment protecting Hold construction.
All Riders || I tried. I really did. [ 02.09.2589 / 4 PM ]
M'rek gathers the Wing in the Weyr Bowl to discuss the changes in their schedule and returning to guard duty.
All Riders || Concerns for Beach Wing [ 02.09.2589 / 7 PM ]
Iradin fields the concerns from Beach in a more relaxed setting, at dinner, about returning to guard the construction site.
All Riders || Secret Hunt [ 12.01.2590 / 7 PM ]
S'bok has called the Wingleaders to gather, and thus all the Wings will be going out after a long day in a Weyrwide hunt to bring back a large haul of meat. Led by R'sin and Jungle Wing.
All Riders || Not a Toe Out of Line [ 01.03.2590 / 5:30 AM ]
M'rek announces the Weyr Lockdown to Beach Wing prior to their fishing duties for the day.

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Re: Beach Wing
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2015, 12:44:26 AM »
Added Secret Hunt to the Assignments list. I'm sure that Beach Wing will be a bit confused to find themselves suddenly working alongside, if not under, the supervision of Jungle Wing and S'bok, but it's for the good of the weyr. :3

All Riders || Secret Hunt [ 12.1.2590 / 7PM ]
S'bok has called the Wingleaders to gather, and thus all the Wings will be going out after a long day in a Weyrwide hunt to bring back a large haul of meat. Led by R'sin and Jungle Wing.


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