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Author Topic: Info Current Craft Hall Status  (Read 2809 times)

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Current Craft Hall Status
« on: February 09, 2014, 06:35:06 PM »

This details all the relevant information for the Crafthalls on Pern. It will include a small overview of the current state of the Crafthall, as well as what they are presently involved in at Southern Winds. None of the Crafts currently have a Hall—at best, they have a small section of the cave system inside Southern Winds to call their own. At worst, they are made of nothing more than a few scattered members spread out throughout the weyr.

You can find a list of all current Crafter characters here.

Beastcraft Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
The Crafters of Beast Hall have been largely scattered and disoriented by the effects of the 9th Pass, particularly since so many of them were lost near Keroon Hold. While much of their knowledge has been preserved, they are currently without a real direction or purpose and lacking in a Hall to call their own. Attempts to renew their work may begin soon, in the interest of preserving the breeding integrity of Southern Winds’ herdbeasts. There are no surviving craft masters in this hall.

Dolphincraft Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Save for the knowledge of its existence, all of the learning utilized by Dolphincraft Hall has been lost with the events of the 9th Pass. Whatever dolphins might have been trained up until that point are now loose by themselves in the seas.

Farmer Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Farmer Hall is left in much the same state as Beast Hall—many of its members fell during the 9th Pass, and the destruction of so much farmland has set them back in terms of food and crops alike. Only through the efforts of some of the fallen Crafters have the remaining survivors of Pern managed to preserve some seeds and seedlings, carefully cultivated by the remaining members of Farmercraft Hall. When the Lord and Lady Holder propose to build a new Hold, they will be looking to Farmercraft Hall to make it a viable settlement.

Fisher Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Fishercraft suffered quite a bit for the fall of the coastal Holds, particularly Ista Island. It has made something of a comeback since the move to Fort Island, since a large portion of the weyr’s food is currently coming from the sea. Nonetheless, the danger of River and Beach Snakes makes it difficult to establish a true Hall, and they are still lacking in quite a bit of upper-level leadership.

Glass-smith Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Of all the Craft Halls, Glass-smith Hall has suffered one of the largest blows to its member base. Though a few Masters labor on, endeavoring to take new Apprentices and make them into Journeymen, the need for glass has been low enough that they are not yet growing in ranks. Only the necessity of glass for the Healer Hall has truly kept them operating this whole time. Yet with the abundant sands on the beaches of Fort Island, their new location is ripe for resources.

Harper Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Second perhaps only to Healer Hall, Harper Hall has managed to preserve not only much of its knowledge, but also quite a few of its members. During the events of the 9th Pass, the people of Pern did not necessarily have much time for song and dance. However, the Harpers did seek to preserve general knowledge from Pern:  including the lore of other Crafthalls, Pern’s history, and the standard schooling that is necessary to use those things. As such, they enjoy a fairly prestigious position at Southern Winds as the saviors of learning. Now that the survivors have been able to relax, there has been a resurgence of music about Southern Winds.

Healer Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Healer Hall is currently the most-populated, well-funded, and preserved of the Craft Halls. Without it, the people left on Pern would have had little chance of survival. As a result, any who have even the slightest talent for Healercraft are currently being adopted by the Hall, regardless of whether or not they ever advance past the rank of Apprentice. This initiative is seen as instrumental in ensuring that Southern Winds doesn’t perish from a lack of those capable of tending to the wounded or sick.

Minecraft Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Because of its close ties with Smithcraft Hall, the Minecraft Hall has managed to hang onto its knowledge and practices better than many of the other Halls. While they have only recently begun to tap into the resources on Fort Island, they have discovered that the land is full of minerals -- including iron and firestone -- that are valuable to the weyr.

Plastic-smith Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Save for the knowledge of its existence, most of the learning utilized by Plastic-smith Fraft Hall has been lost with the events of the 9th Pass. Whatever technology might have survived from the fall of Pern will likely not be replicated for quite some time.

Printer Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Like the other technologies passed on to the people of Pern by AIVAS, much of what was practiced by the Printer Hall has been lost. Some of it has been preserved by Harper Hall, who used the newfound technology to save much of their records on paper. A few members of Printer Hall may be left behind in the ranks of the Harpers, but without the resources to once again take up their calling, it seems unlikely that they will soon make a resurgence.

Smithcraft Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
As one of the most pivotal Craft Halls on Pern, Smithcraft has been fairly well preserved, particularly as a result of its partnership with Minecraft Hall. It is perhaps the third most populated Craft Hall after Healer and Harper, and the Smiths are constantly busy fulfilling work orders for the rest of the weyr. Indeed, forges were some of the first structures built inside Southern

Tannercraft Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Quite a bit of Tannercraft has been lost along with Beastcraft, though what remains is being utilized in conjunction with Harper Hall (for vellum, parchment, and book binding) and with Weavercraft (for those who use leather and related materials for clothing and other such items).

Technicians Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Like Dolphin Hall and Plastic-smith Hall, the Technicians Hall (which was never very large in the first place) has suffered greatly as a result of the 9th Pass. Most of its technology has been lost, though it is possible that the Harpers might have some of it preserved.

Vintner Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
As the people of Pern were too concerned with surviving to pay much attention to the production of alcohol, the Vintner Hall took a large hit in terms of interest. Many of its Crafters turned their hands to instead brewing medicine for Healer Hall, but much of the processes used to make alcohol were preserved by them or the Harpers. Now that Southern Winds has again started to relax in the realization that they have survived, a renewed interest in alcohol has the Vintners looking for new brews to supply to the weyr. Most commonly, these are being distilled from fruit found in the jungles, or the potent native plant that was transplanted from the Northern Continent because of its use as an antiseptic by Healer Hall.

Weavercraft Hall

Spoiler for Overview:
Weavercraft Hall has remained fairly instrumental among the survivors of Pern for one reason:  in short, everyone needs clothes. And bandages. And linens. And anything else made from fibrous plants or the exports of the Tanners Hall. Like the Smiths, they remain busy with work orders for the people of the weyr.
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