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Author Topic: N'syn [ 28.03.2560 / Brown Rider ]  (Read 2806 times)

Offline SirAlahn

N'syn [ 28.03.2560 / Brown Rider ]
« on: June 16, 2014, 07:34:53 PM »

Play By:
Nek [ Filippo Neviani ]

First Name:
Naiasyn [ NYE-uh-sin ]
Syn (only to Haithen ).
Date of Birth:
28.03.2560 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Dorado Hold.
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wingrider - Jungle Wing.
N'syn hasn't settled down with one person in the interest of experiencing all the excitement the weyr has to offer. Additionally, the idea of "family" disturbs and discomforts him due to his experiences in his childhood, so he's avoiding the commitments of weyrmates and children.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: N'syn is short and stocky, only reaching 5'8" at his fully-grown height. He spent his childhood -- up until being Searched -- even shorter and rather scrawny. He was seen as the runt of his family when he was a child, and the shortages during the Pass coupled with his step-mother's cruelty kept him stunted in growth until he escaped her clutches and moved to Fort Weyr. Once he was being fed and trained properly, he experienced a growth spurt that made him the mass of muscle he is now. N'syn is not defined by any means, but his bulky, broad build is made of muscle rather than fat. He's tough, with numerous Threadscore scars on his body, especially on his torso and arms, as well as scars from sparring injuries, fighting with his larger siblings, being abused, and various accidents. The man keeps his nails short and blunt, and his hands are large and very strong. N'syn might not carry himself especially gracefully, but he's no lumbering oaf either. He doesn't move a lot save for when he has to, but then he can build up quite a bit of momentum. N'syn prefers to keep his dark hair short, and while he can't grow an actual beard, he does sometimes forget to shave and end up with some stubble. His bright blue eyes are one of his most attractive features. N'syn prefers short-sleeved shirts and knee-length pants in the heat of Fort Island, though he's one of those infuriating people who never seems to sweat. If he can go barefoot, he will be -- only wearing sandals when necessary and rarely cramming his large feet into rider's boots.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Having grown up amidst the middle of the 9th Pass, constant Threadfall was all  N'syn knew until two turns ago. The end of it seems surreal to him, and he still expects to wake up one morning to see silver Thread in the distant sky. He's not entirely convinced that the Pass is actually over -- more likely that they're just experiencing some sort of weird interlude before it starts up again in short order. N'syn is awed by the sheer destruction that was wrought on the rest of Pern, but can't be too broken up about it since he was born after most of it had happened. It was a hard time that produced harder, more desperate people.

Response to dragon color mutations: Like the rest of the members of his Wing, N'syn doesn't trust or like the mutations. He thinks the Blacks far too volatile to be good leaders, and sees Neisoth's win in Kalestath's Flight as a fluke. The Reds unnerve him, since their hyperactiveness seems unnatural. As small as they are, N'syn doesn't think the Reds will last past their weyrling turns. And he thinks the Blacks are destined to bring misfortune to the weyr -- probably by taking another dragon Between out of rage over a lost Flight.

Who are you...

Likes: Sleep : If N'syn could spend most of his time sleeping, he would. It's the one true "lover" he'll return to time and time again--and if he has free time not taken up by hunting, drills, or social interaction, you can bet he'll be curled up somewhere asleep. Whether that's in his bedfurs, someone else's, out in the Weyr Bowl, on a ledge, or any other at least marginally-comfortable place he can find. He sleeps like the dead, so waking him can be a pain in the ass.
Mentoring : He'd probably not make such a claim himself, but N'syn loves mentoring younger riders. The ones that he deems worth his time, and just in need of some guidance, can trust to have a patient and tolerant teacher in him. He would never call himself a teacher, believing that he's in no position to teach anyone much of anything, but his personality and surprising gentleness make him well-suited for it.
Having a good time : He doesn't get bored easily because he can always find something to do. N'syn loves parties (what few there are these days), drinking (when he can get his hands on alcohol), sex (which is, at least, in copious amounts in the weyr), and any other method of entertainment he and the other riders can drum up. If something isn't happening already, he'll start it himself. When he's not sleeping.
Sparring : As a Brown Rider, he's not naturally overly aggressive. N'syn is more the kind of person to break up fights rather than start them--unless someone has threatened or hurt someone he cares about. But he does enjoy sparring for physical exercise. No matter that he's fairly short and stocky, his strength makes him a powerful fighter.
Unconventional people : N'syn loves people. Period. He might not get along with everyone, but he's far more tolerant of differences than some of the other riders in Jungle. The man is fascinated by the differences among the people of Pern, whether weyrfolk, rider, holdfolk, or craftfolk. And even if he thinks your opinion is stupid, he'll defend your right to have it.

Dislikes: Cleaning : The belongings he does have are invariably scattered around his weyr--clothing, riding leathers, and the occasional plate or cup he's pilfered from the kitchens and forgotten to return. It's a wonder he can find anything in the mess, and he resents the implication that he should waste his time cleaning it. Everything is just going to end up scattered again the next time he needs to find something anyway.
Major change : N'syn gets rather stuck in his ways and will resist any huge changes being forced upon him. They make him uncomfortable in addition to going against his lazy streak. It's one of the few times he'll actually get into arguments with people. And the new changes in the weyr--mutations and a Black-riding Weyrleader--are just the sorts of things that get him riled up.
Subversion of authority : No matter his like of unconventional people, N'syn still believes that the hierarchy of the weyr exists because it's the best system. Those that disrespect the authority systems in place earn no respect from him--and that partially contributes to why he's so set against the Blacks and Reds.
Complainers : He has little patience for people who complain or whine. Just shut up and fix the problem already, or bring it to the attention of someone who can. You're only wasting everyone's time if you hem and haw about it or bitch about unfortunate circumstances.
Bullies : Just because the hierarchy exists doesn't give anyone an excuse to abuse it.  N'syn will defend those he sees as in need of it, especially his friends or people he has a soft spot for. Tough love has a place, but needless cruelty won't be tolerated, and he won't hesitate to tell anyone that.


* BOLD : N'syn is no shrinking violet. He says what he means, does what he wants to (within reason), and isn't shy about the things he wants or likes. The man wouldn't call himself brave, but he'll step up to any duty or responsibility needed in times of emergency. There's not a lot that scares him, except losing the people he cares about.

* GENEROUS : N'syn might not be shy in going after what he wants, but neither does he deny others the things that they want or need. He gives freely of himself to others because there's always more to go around. He's not exhausted by social interaction nor helping others. If it were to the betterment of the weyr or someone he cared about, N'syn would give up every last one of his belongings.

* HONEST : He doesn't see much point in lying. Even if the truth is painful, it's better to get it out in the open than try to hide it. In that vein, he'll always be straightforward and upfront with people no matter his relationship with them. It might get him in trouble on occasion, but overall it has earned him a trustworthy reputation.

* TOUGH : No matter how many times you knock N'syn down, he'll keep getting back up. Both physically and mentally. He doesn't stay upset or injured for long, and has a high tolerance for both pain and stress. His physical and emotional strength make him a force to be reckoned with and a stable foundation for those who need one.

* WORLDLY : He would be the first person to admit that he's not smart. The kind of academic cunning or scheming and conniving qualities some others have, he completely lacks. And he's next to hopeless at book learning. The man doesn't even know how to read--a sore spot for him that he does his best to laugh off or hide. But despite his lack of confidence in those areas, he possesses a keen knowledge of the world around him. N'syn can read people easily, interact with them just as fluidly, and has a typically spot-on intuition about situations he encounters. He's been around the block and utilizes that knowledge to survive and grow stronger.


* BULL-HEADED : Once N'syn's mind is set on something, it can be difficult to change it. He's not indecisive nor lacking in conviction, and will stand up for his beliefs in something proudly. The man is stubborn, with an unfortunate tunnel-vision once he's set himself in for the long haul. Good luck shaking him from whatever position he's taken once he's done so.

* MESSY : N'syn is not the most organized of people; while he's not forgetful nor too scattered to be an effective rider, he tends to make and leave messes wherever he goes. It's not done out of a sense of being too good to clean up after himself; rather, he simply gets caught up in the next thing and doesn't feel he has the time to make sure things are in their proper order. That's not to say he's not hygienic--but he does leave objects everywhere in his wake. 

* COARSE : This Brown Rider is not refined. He's rough around the edges and with a streak of bad manners or rudeness, especially when he's drunk. He's not particularly empathetic to people who bitch about their lives, and is liable to tell them to get over it. He's also rather blatant, tends to swear a lot, and will talk about any subject regardless of whether or not it's supposed to be "sacred".

* LAZY : He won't deliberately shirk any of his duties, but in his off hours N'syn is a lazy bum. Especially since he loves sleep, sex, and good times, motivating him to do anything extra outside of his typical responsibilities can be nigh impossible. The only exception to this rule is when someone he's mentoring wants help with training.

* GUILELESS : Deceit, trickery, and malicious lies are beyond him. N'syn simply doesn't have the skills to pull off a good lie, and so his adherence to honesty is more an adaptation so that he doesn't feel he has to try to lie. He doesn't see the point in disguising how he feels about something. However, this does make him easy to manipulate by someone who could pull those traits off without him noticing.

Describe Yourself:

* SECURE: N'syn is aware of his own abilities and limitations, and isn't ashamed of where they end -- the only exception being his faint embarrassment about not knowing how to read. He's not insecure nor prone to flights of fancy; his steadfast, stubborn qualities make him a stable rock of a man.

* PHYSICAL: This Brown Rider orients himself in the world physically. He learns best kinesthetically, making him an accomplished fighter and member of a drilling or fighting Wing. He loves physical contact, especially on his back, chest, and jaw, and is just as generous with giving his affection.

* WILD: He might be a steady sort of man, but N'syn is also known for being rather wild. He can get loud, and a bit crazy given the provocation, and his sense of adventure has earned him a reputation for risky, careless actions in his personal life. He wouldn't ever do anything to endanger his Wingmates during training or assignments, but off-duty he's a bit of a hellion.

* HUMBLE: N'syn's not above jokingly bragging or talking himself up when he and his friends are having a good-natured pissing contest, but when it comes to real praise, he has difficulty taking compliments. No matter what he might do right, it's never by the virtue of his work or skills -- it's just something he did, and that other people probably deserve credit for. Real compliments make him uncomfortable, and he has no idea how to react to them. He's likely to just fidget uncomfortably and change the subject.

* SPONTANEOUS: N'syn doesn't take the time to plan out a lot of his actions. He prefers to take things as they come, making spur of the moment decisions in just about every aspect of his life. You have to keep things fun and new and exciting, you know? For major changes, though, he still tends to get stuck in his ways… but he believes that this makes up for his spontaneity the rest of the time.

The Magic Touch: N'syn is something of a glutton:  for food, for drink, for sex, and for any other indulgent thing he can get his hands on. He's not underhanded enough to take more than his fair share of Southern Winds' rations, but eating is one of his favorite parts of the day. He's saved from going soft by his naturally thick muscle and the rigorous activities of Jungle Wing.

While not sexist, he does have the habit of calling the women he beds "little lady" as a term of endearment. Over time, this diminutive may become only attached to Haithen.


Mother: (Biological). Navaine. Drudge. Born 2543. Deceased 2560.
(Familial). Mandigora. Drudge. 2528. Deceased 2584.
Father: Kalios. Sr. Apprentice Glass-smith. Born 2526. Deceased 2570.

Siblings: Neveros. Brother. Sr. Journeyman Glass-smith. Born 2542.
Xuline. Sister. Future Hold Headwoman, former kitchen drudge. Born 2544. Ranked NPC Adoptable.
Zhaqdra. Sister. Kitchen drudge. Born 2547. Deceased 2569.
Kuvesdel. Brother. Drudge. Born 2550. Deceased 2572.
Savorir. Brother. Drudge. Born 2552. Deceased 2572.
Zheezran. Brother. Drudge. Born 2555. Deceased 2581. 
Koisar. Brother. Drudge. Born 2564.

Children:  N'syn is sure that he has some children in the Creche, but he's never really made an attempt to keep track of them. If he was actually prompted to, he'd be a good and indulgent father. He's simply never felt the drive of paternal instinct before -- he'll need to be kind of thrown into it by someone who won't let him get away. For now, he's avoiding such commitments for fear that he'll end up being the same sort of father as his own. Even though this is a completely unfounded fear.

Tell us a story...

* 2560, born Naiasyn is born as a result of adultery on his father's part. Kalios, while having  had a wife for many years and many children already, dallied with a sweet, young drudge half his age. This was an open secret between he and his wife, Mandigora, which strained their already volatile relationship for the nine months of Navaine's pregnancy. When Naiasyn is born, his biological mother does not survive childbirth; while Kalios did not love Navaine, his conscience prevents him from abandoning the baby, who is forcibly adopted into the family despite Mandigora's protests. For all of his life, Naiasyn knows that he is an outsider, and that his "mother" hates him. Kalios, who has a naturally abusive streak to his traditionalist mindset, is not much better. Though at least he doesn't outright despise the boy. Even so, he doesn't do much to prevent Mandigora from being cruel, nor from favoring their "real" children with better food, time, and affection.

* 2564, 4 Naiasyn's younger half-brother, Koisar, is born. Some of his earliest memories are of his family celebrating the birth whilst he was increasingly shunned. While none of them lead a very good life -- supplies in Dorado Hold are dwindling as the Pass continues to ravage the Southern Continent, what resources the family does have are poured into Naiasyn's half-siblings. For a long time, he wasn't even aware that this was wrong. Around this age was when he first began to believe what his "mother" told him:  that he was worthless, a mistake, and awful besides.

* 2565-2567, 5-7 Naiasyn becomes the scapegoat for his entire family; when something goes wrong, it's blamed on him. Either he's brought bad luck upon them, maliciously ruined something, or is simply too dumb to know any better. No matter that the family is crammed into a two-room chamber, he's isolated. When he's not isolated, he's tormented. His half-siblings have picked up on their mother's rage and take part in breaking him down and abusing him. As Kalios and Mandigora's relationship deteriorates into nothing but fighting and screaming at one another, his father also grows physically abusive. Mandigora is a strong woman, and not one he can easily cow; but Naiasyn is the perfect target for his impotent rage. Having been raised to believe that everything about him is bad, Naiasyn doesn't really try to protect himself, just stay out of everyone's way.

* 2567, 7 The fall of Dorado Hold and the other Southern Continent Holds prompts the close of Southern Weyr. With the entire continent now lost to Thread, Naiasyn and his family flee to Fort Hold with the rest of the refugees. Now crammed into one room, the family becomes even more dysfunctional and abusive. He longs to get away from his family, but feels trapped since there is nowhere else for him to go. Seeing other children happy with their families makes him jealous, and he doesn't make any friends. Naiasyn is pushed into being a drudge around this age, and as such his chances at an education are denied. As such, he has never learned to read. This remains a sore spot for him, but at the time he threw himself into the work in the hopes of avoiding his family -- with marginal success.

* 2568, 8 News reaches Naiasyn about the fall of High Reaches Hold only because it's being gossiped about by the drudges. It seems like a very distant event to him, even more surreal than the fall of his own home since he's not there to witness it. The thought of defending Pern is far from his mind, and he has no real aspirations to be a dragon rider, or much of anything. He doesn't believe he'll ever be anything more than a drudge, and blames himself for how unhappy his family is.

* 2569, 9 Zhaqdra dies giving birth to the latest of her many children. Mandigora mourns the loss of her daughter, lashing out at both her husband and Naiasyn in her grief. Naiasyn isn't entirely sure how Zhaqdra's death is his fault -- and this is the first time he begins to wonder if the things that his family has been telling him about himself aren't true.

* 2570, 10 Naiasyn's father dies from an accident in his craft when a watchwher hauling a large mining cart of sand panics and tramples him. The family grieves for the loss even though Kalios had been increasingly abusive since the move from Dorado Hold. Even Mandigora wails for her lost husband -- but with the man dead, anything restraining her from being outright cruel to Naiasyn is now gone. The mental, physical, and emotional abuse continues. Naiasyn is privately glad his father has died, and believes that feeling this way means he is just as awful as his mother always tells him he is. 

* 2571, 11 The fall of Tillek Hold and the abandonment of High Reaches Weyr seems as surreal as the fall of High Reaches Hold three turns ago. To Naiasyn, the event practically goes by unnoticed. His world is already tiny, cramped, and dark. The arrival of more refugees at Fort Hold simply means that there are fewer places for him to hide from his family.

* 2572, 12 Kuvesdel and Savorir die helping the ground crews fight Thread. Mandigora is increasingly unstable as her family members continue to die, and becomes even more of a terror now that her two favorite sons have died. She and Naiasyn get into their first screaming match at one another when she ties to beat him again and he actually defends himself. A few months later, Naiasyn is cleaning in the Feast Hall when the children of the Hold are gathered to be looked over by Search Riders from Fort Weyr. He steals a moment to watch the Riders in awe, uncaring that he will be punished for shirking his chores. Much to his surprise, he is actually noticed -- when a Blue Rider points him out as Candidate material. Naiasyn pulls off the only lie he's ever been able to convincingly tell:  that he's an orphan, and no one will miss him when he goes to the weyr. (And this, per his code of honesty, is technically true. Mandigora is not really his mother, and both of his biological parents are dead.) His world opens up suddenly, drastically, and terrifyingly. He leaves Fort Hold with nothing more than the clothes on his back. The boy flourishes at the weyr; finally able to get a proper meal, he goes through a long-overdue growth spurt and starts to make friends. It astonishes him that people actually like him. But the longer he's at the weyr, the more he comes to realize the things his family did to him were not normal, and he starts to come to terms with his abuse.

* 2573, 13 Despite his joy at being at Fort Weyr, Naiasyn is disturbed that a turn has gone by and he's still a Candidate. Though he's been dealing with what happened to him and growing into a healthy, stable young man, he fears that he really is worthless or too stupid to be a dragon rider. But all of that changes when he steps onto the Sands a final time and Impresses Brown Tasuroth. The stocky little dragon is the other half of his soul, and for the first time N'syn truly feels like the world is at his fingertips. No matter that he will have to fly near constant Threadfall with the rest of the riders, he doesn't care. That's nothing compared to the improvements in his life and the sheer gratitude he feels that Tasuroth thought he was worthy.

* 2575, 15 In the time between his Impression and graduation, N'syn Graduates weyrling training, he's starting to bulk out in a semblance of what he will be when fully grown. Similarly, his dragon has grown from a disproportionate thing to a powerful, albeit short, Brown dragon. N'syn is immediately thrust into a fighting Wing, and proves himself a capable rider even so young. His confidence has also increased the longer he is away from his family; N'syn no longer cares whether or not they live or die -- he is in a place that they can never reach him again.

* 2576-2580, 16-20 Since he graduated late in the turn, the first time Tasuroth rises for a Green mating Flight is in 2576. This begins a four year stint of growing into his sexuality for N'syn. He experiments, sleeps with anyone who'll have him, and flies as many Greens as possible. In the process, he discovers that he's attracted to women, men, and people who fall somewhere in between the different genders. He's sure that there are some children to have resulted from both this and his later turns of similar sexual behavior, but N'syn has never made any attempt to track them down or know who they are. The idea of "family" puts him off because all he can think about is his childhood, so he avoids the commitments of both weyrmates and children.

* 2581, 21 N'syn coincidentally hears that his older brother, Zheezran, has died of winter fever. Having distanced himself from that part of his life, he feels next to nothing for the loss of his brother. It's simply another mark that he's moved on; N'syn has made no attempt to contact his remaining family members at Fort Hold, and doesn't even know if they think he's dead or alive.

* 2584, 24 When N'syn is 24 turns old, Mandigora dies of heartstop. Someone from Fort Hold who remembers him tracks him down at the Weyr to deliver the news, unaware of the problems that had existed in the family. N'syn has mixed feelings about her death, both glad that the woman will never torment anyone again, and bizarrely upset that someone who was so constant in his life has died. He throws himself into the rhythms of weyr life and tries to forget that he ever cared about those people in the first place. He knows it wasn't healthy.

* 2587, 27 The end of the 9th Pass comes as a surprise to N'syn, who believed he wouldn't live to see the end of Threadfall. He's still not convinced that it's completely over, but is thankful for the break regardless. He has mixed feelings about the move to Southern Winds, because combining the Hold and Weyr means that if any of his family is still alive, it's possible he will cross paths with him. The move seems ill-fated, since Fort Weyr and Fort Hold were what ultimately protected them during the Pass. Coupled with Neisoth hatching, N'syn thinks that the Pern he once knew is over. While he initially thinks that Fort Island is cursed, he's come to love it for its climate and beauty. Even if the jungle is full of hungry Hunters. Eager for something to test his and Tasuroth's skill against, he's proud to become a member of Jungle Wing. 

* 2589, 29 N'syn thinks Neisoth catching Kalestath is a fluke; the Black dragon is clearly an evolutionary mistake. N'syn doesn't believe that Neisoth will produce more mutations, and is both angry and disgusted by the results of the hatching. He doesn't think the Red dragons will survive, and that the Blacks are going to upset the established hierarchy of the weyr and tear Pern apart. S'bok and Neisoth have already created controversy and opposing factions in the weyr. 


I Won't Tell if You Won't [ 1.9.2589; 9 PM ] || Haithen

N'syn had settled comfortably against Tasuroth's left forepaw, nestled in the curve of the Brown's leg while his dragon absently dozed on the cooling sand. The pair had wandered out there after dinner, deciding to settle on the beach at the Cove and watch the sunset. Though the day had been largely cloudy -- as was typical for late fall on Fort Island -- the evening had cleared to reveal the scattering of jeweled stars slowly chasing the sun down into the sea. As the sinking orb had faded from yellow to orange, red to purple, and finally to blue, N'syn and Tasuroth had napped in the cooler evening air. The wind blowing in off the sea smelled like storms, but for now the rain hadn't started and they were left blissfully dry in the otherwise humid dusk.

The Brown Rider stretched as he woke slowly from his nap, spine popping and elbows cracking wonderfully as he unwound from the lazy position he'd taken leaning against Tasuroth's leg. Above him, his dragon's multi-faceted eyes slitted open and then blinked owlishly in a deep, serene blue. We should probably move before the storm rolls in. Though the stars were still twinkling above, a dark mass of clouds had appeared on the horizon to ruin the promise of a clear evening.

"Since when are you afraid of a little water?" N'syn thumped Tasuroth's leg affectionately as he yawned. "Watching the lightning might be fun."

Until you got struck by it. The Brown thrummed a deeply warbled laugh in his chest, vibrating against his rider as he chuckled. Yet his laughter died as he cocked his head to one side, listening to something that N'syn hadn't heard over the steady wash of waves along the shore. The Brown even craned his neck back to peer at the darkness leading into the Weyr Bowl. Someone is approaching.

Curious, N'syn leaned around the left side of Tasuroth's leg to peer in the direction his dragon was looking. It was late, and he hadn't really expected anyone else to show up on the beach after dark. He and Tasuroth were confident that no Beach Snakes would take them by surprise, but not everyone had that assurance.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
M'rek, O'sir, Finnmaghaine, A'lori, Tyldas, L'nal, Tianaice, Niphredon, S'bel, L'del, Erieen, T'ghen
Inactivity Preference:
NPC them, but please don't kill them off
Anything Else:
Intending him to be Haithen's mentor, to help train her so that she can join Jungle Wing. :3 And I'm interested in some day getting him a pair of Green firelizards. 

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Re: N'syn [ 28.03.2560 / Brown Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ TASS-urr-oth ]
Date of Birth:
2573 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 32.6 meters
Mature Height: 6.1 meters
Mature Wingspan:  55.5 meters

General Appearance...

Tasuroth was a ball of muscle when he hatched, with a wingspan far too short for his body. He was much better on his feet than on his wings for a very long time while growing -- and though his proportions have evened out some, he's remained a shorter Brown in both length and height. Instead, he's a bulky, stocky, sturdy beast of a Brown; he's a powerful burst flyer, capable of "sprinting" past Bronzes far larger than him. He's shorter on stamina than most Browns his size, but his wings, which hit a growth spurt late in his weyrlinghood and are now longer than those of a typical dragon of his length, allow him to glide for long distances to recover his strength. He was still a strong enough flyer to do a full shift of Threadfall, but it took him longer to master it during weyrlinghood than his more standardly-sized brethren.

His hide is a mellow chocolate brown, faintly mottled with darker and lighter shades. He has a darker "shadow" along his belly and the back half of his spine, but the darkest patch on his body is around his eyes. Tasuroth effectively has a "mask" or "eyeshadow" of a ruddier brown closer to the deep cherry-wood shade of his outer wingsails. The inner sides of the membranes are a much lighter milk chocolate. Tasuroth has his fair share of Threadscores both on his body and wings.


Mind Voice: Tasuroth has a fairly gruff baritone that can make him sound much more fearsome than he actually is. He's prone to growls, purrs, and warbling thrums from deep in his chest -- and his voice is cut with good natured humor often enough that it keeps him from sounding truly terrifying unless he's angry.

Likes: Younger dragons : Tasuroth has an incredible fondness for younger dragons; he enjoys the ones that are suitably respectful to him, and is not above helping to train weyrlings or at least play with them in the Bowl. He's also open to giving advice whenever asked, and might take an interest in some of those in D'zel's classes. He also has a fondness for younger Greens, enjoying their wild abandon and youthful exuberance during their first Flights.
One on one training : This applies both with his rider and other dragonpairs. While Tasuroth is still good at doing whole-Wing drills, he does better in one-on-one training, both learning and teaching.
Relaxing :  Tasuroth is just as lazy as N'syn. If he can steal a moment to stretch out, nap, or at least rest his bones, he will do so. Relaxing is one of the finest things in life, in his opinion, and it takes quite a bit to rile him up or motivate him to move. Drills, hunting, Flights, and not much else.

Dislikes: Cocky weyrlings : If you're smaller and younger than him, don't presume to come at him with arrogance if you don't want an annoyed lecture. Tasuroth might like younger dragons, but his patience runs out when they're cocky or presumptuous. And he won't hesitate to tell them to shut up and get out of his face.
Waiting : If he gets bored, he's laying down. No matter where that might be. He's much less patient than N'syn, and is not above whining when he's tired of waiting for something to happen. Just wake him up when you're ready to get a move on.
Red weyrlings : He thinks that they project too much, think too much, talk too much, and move too much. He's not entirely sure what's going on with them, but he doesn't like it. Tasuroth thinks they're "un-dragonlike", even more than the Blacks, and privately agrees with his rider that they're not likely to survive past weyrlinghood. They're just too weird and jittery. That lack of focus is only going to get them lost Between.


* INTUITIVE : Tasuroth is a good judge of people and dragons, even on first meeting. He always seems to know what to say or do, and whether or not he's going to like or dislike someone within moments of encountering them. His intuition and instincts also apply to situations, and it's saved he and N'syn from Threadscore on multiple occasions.

* STABLE : He doesn't get riled up about much, nor react extremely to anything. Even his anger is short lived, and rarely rises past annoyance. Tasuroth is as steady as his rider, and never panics. There's always a solution to everything, even if it's difficult. You just have to suck it up and do what's necessary.


* BOISTEROUS : Though he doesn't get angry easily, Tasuroth does love a good time. He gets easily wrapped up in Flights or fake chases, and his exuberance and energy can be too much for other dragons. Once he gets momentum going, he's gone. Yet that inertia works in the opposite direction when he settles to rest, sleep, or relax.

* INDULGENT : When another dragon likes his company, Tasuroth finds it difficult to deny them anything. Especially when this applies to younger Greens. He's very generous with his attention and is indulgent of their whims. It's one of the few reasons that he'll put himself out of his way or forego relaxation to accomplish something.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #876244; Text: #542A16

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Anything Else:
I think he's going to have an incredible soft spot for Saissith, and will dote on her as much as N'syn dotes on Haithen. :3

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Re: N'syn [ 28.03.2560 / Brown Rider ]
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Re: N'syn [ 28.03.2560 / Brown Rider ]
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Re: N'syn [ 28.03.2560 / Brown Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
03.03.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Healer Hall of Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This green is a combination of limeish and yellowy colours. The more yellow green mainly focussed on her limbs, and the lime on her wing sails. She has a speckled dark-green pattern on her neck, down all the way down to the base of her spine.


She is a loving mother hen, who will fuss and trouble over N’syn and his dragon. She’s intelligent and independent, perfect for helping with menial tasks that N’syn might find difficult now, and will hopefully bring a little more excitement to N’syn’s life with her high strung nature. Rarely a flirt, this green does enjoy her flights and fusses over her eggs like a queen.

Mind Voice: The only two words Tialden will ever learn are “N’syn” and “Tas”, which she will use to get the attention of her bonded and his dragon as necessary. She is a sweet thing, though, and will make all sorts of trills, purrs, and croons.

Likes: Eggs : Tialden will be one of the rare Green flits that cares for her tiny clutches just as much as any Gold, making sure to lay them in a safe place and pestering N’syn until he finds people to bond to her babies. And if she finds a nest abandoned by another Green, she may even bring the eggs back to her own nest to make sure they survive.
Flights : While she cares very little for male fire lizards most of the time, Tialden does enjoy the attention she gets when proddy and actually rising for her Flights. She doesn’t have them very often, only once a turn like a Gold might, but she relishes them when they do happen.

Dislikes: Being bored : Particularly with her high strung nature, this flit will never be still for very long. She’s always curious, always investigating or getting into something, especially if it means poking her nose into N’syn’s business.
Being up late: No matter how much energy she might have, this is not a fire lizard that will willingly be awake late at night. She’d much rather curl up in N’syn’s bed furs early, or in the nest she will eventually make for herself in his weyr.

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Anything Else:

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Re: N'syn [ 28.03.2560 / Brown Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
03.03.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Healer Hall of Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Smooth warm brown in colour, with speckles dotting his slim neck, this brown is shiny but not sparkly. In that, his hide looks polished and even, and the colours of his hide blend seamlessly together. 


This brown is a cat in all but biology. He can be calm and cuddly one minute, as long as you’re not pushing him to it, and then the very smallest thing can set him off into a mood. He likes knocking things off high places, we don’t know why, and he likes eating pretty much any food as long as it isn’t the food that you gave him. He also has this weird thing about always wanting to be wherever he isn’t allowed. And he likes to sleep on people’s faces.

Mind Voice: Tiaris doesn’t communicate with words. Instead, he uses very loud, pushy projections of his emotions, and a plethora of screams, hisses, screeches, and the occasional softer noise like a purr or coo.

Likes: Knocking Things Over : Tiaris has a fascination with pushing things off of shelves, alcoves, and any other place that is high enough he can watch the object fall. Particularly if it’s breakable and shatters satisfyingly on impact. Once he discovers that people will scramble to catch things he knocks over, this will become an even better game and a common way for him to get attention.
Sleeping on Faces : For whatever reason, Tiaris has to be on top of N’syn’s face when he’s sleeping—or anyone else that the flit ends up being fond of. He simply won’t accept sleeping anywhere else if he’s in such a mood, and will be all the more insistent if someone puts up a fight.

Dislikes: Forbidden Places : Places that he’s not supposed to be are clearly the very places that he should be. Especially since he can access smaller and tighter spaces than humans. He’ll be very invested in finding hidden entrances or even Betweening into locations he’s been chased out of before if there’s no other option. And then knocking things over in triumph.
Cuddles Not on His Terms : While Tiaris can be very needy and attention seeking, he hates being touched when he doesn’t want to be. He’ll claw and bite at anyone who tries to hold him when he wants to get away.

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Anything Else:
Inspiration & Inspiration

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Re: N'syn [ 28.03.2560 / Brown Rider ]
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Major Events:
- 36.08.2589 || This is the first time that N’syn meets Haithen and her dragon Saissith. They strike up a friendship and N’syn agrees to help train them since they have aspirations of getting into Jungle Wing after graduation.

- 26.02.2590 || Hunters attack the Hold construction site while Jungle is guarding it, Betweening past the perimeter to wreak havoc. Having been stationed at the edge of the Jungle, N’syn and Tasuroth are some of the first that are attacked. In the attack, Tasuroth is minorly injured – but N’syn suffers far more serious damage, including broken ribs and losing most of his left forearm when it gets bitten off by a small young Hunter.

- 26.02.2590 || N’syn is recovering in the Healer Hall after the attack, and is visited by Haithen.

- 27.02.2590 || Jungle Wingleader R'sin visits N’syn in the Healer Hall to get his report about what occurred during the Hunter attack on the previous day, and to gauge how he’s doing after the loss of his hand.

- 03.03.2590 || Keron dumps an about-to-hatch clutch of firelizards in the Healer Hall, which creates a chaotic scramble to make sure they Impress. N’syn ends up with two – Tialden and Tiaris – with the intention of training them to help him in the wake of his injury. He had Tasuroth send for Haithen as well, and she ends up bonding to Depth and Dusk.

- 32.04.2590 || Haithen’s Saissith rises for her maiden Flight, and is caught by Tasuroth.

New Relationships:
- Haithen || Both N’syn and Tasuroth are incredibly fond of her and her dragon, and are glad they decided to help train them. Quietly affectionate and supportive, N’syn has no designs on a relationship with her, but simply enjoys her company – and she’s quickly become one of his good friends.

- Esclamonde || While the two don’t sleep together, they enjoy a platonic relationship that includes some level of physicality – such as cuddling and massages.

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