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Author Topic: Approved Keassa [ 19.4.2546 / Journeyman Herder ]  (Read 4935 times)

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Keassa [ 19.4.2546 / Journeyman Herder ]
« on: February 10, 2014, 02:58:27 PM »

Play By:
Christina Aguilera

First Name:
Keassa (Kay-sah)
Date of Birth:
19.4.2546 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Igen Weyr
N'dicus. ( Deceased )
D'mir played by Kyya

Your Reflection...

Appearance: The first thing you'll notice about Keassa is her smile. White teeth set in a tanned face, with startling platinum, sun bleached hair. She retains this weathered, sunned look all year. Her hair is usually pulled up and back, carefree with strands flying about and framing her face. When Keassa smiles, her face lights up and her pale green eyes twinkle.

She's aged rather well during the events of Pern and looks several turns younger than she appears. No one would guess she's had 4 children and outlived a husband. It's due to all the work she does with the surviving runner beasts that leave her trim and fit.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Life was particularly rough for her having fallen in love with a Dragon Rider. While they were never really married, since Riders don't marry, it was well known the pair were 'mates' and she gave birth to all of N'dicus' claimed children. She had hoped and hoped that he would come back to her after every fight, and for almost the entire 9th Pass he did. It was during one of the last threadfalls, with wings exhausted beyond measure and supplies rationed, that he and his brown Regormoth didn't return. Even so, Keassa would say she did better than most. She had the love of a Rider, children that survived, and she's alive now.

Response to dragon color mutations:
As a crafter, Keassa doesn't think her opinion really matters. Nor does she have a particularly strong thought one way or another. She leaves dragons and weyr business to the Riders and focuses on Crafter matters.

Who are you...

Likes: Runnerbeasts : She adores the animals more than she likes some people. And she is very protective of the few that have survived to live in Southern Winds. Children : Not just any, but hers in particular. Brown Dragons : While she will probably never admit it out loud, Keassa is overly fond of brown dragon riders because they remind her of her N'dicus. Adventure: She dreams of a time when she's not cooped up in the Weyr and can really ride the Runnerbeasts like they were meant to be.

Dislikes: Southern Winds Dragon Riders : Because they seem to have forgotten that, now that thread isn't falling, they aren't the number one priority any more. Fort Lord Holder : For sitting on his ass and not getting them a new Hold or Hall established. Males : Most men in general annoy her in some form or fashion - usually because they don't give her due credit.


* Independent : Keassa doesn't need anyone to be happy or content in life. She feels like she's lived as she should have - with a man that loved her and children that are surviving. Her drive is now the Craft Hall and rebuilding Beast Hall.

* Ambitious : In a world torn by Thread, she persevered and tried to save as many of the animals as she could - herdbeast and runnerbeast alike.  And though the craft hall actually fell 7 turns before she was even born, she sought to revitalize the craft hall as soon as she was of age to be accepted into it. She couldn't fight thread, but she could preserve a slice of Pern in the herdbeasts and runnerbeasts.

* Up Front : There is no mincing words with Keassa. She says what needs to be said, no matter whether it be a popular opinion or not.  And if she has a problem, you'll certainly know.

* Physicality : Though she's a little past middle aged, no one would guess it. She's full of energy and refined strength from dealing with beasts her entire life.

* Social : Keassa is always thinking about the welfare of the Hold, Hall, or Weyr she's living in. Always eager to improve their quality of life in whatever way, though she's adamant that investing in another Beast Craft Hall would be one of the best ways to do it. She needs more space for her animals!


* Single-minded : She doesn't often see beyond whatever is directly in front of her. Even now, she's focused on the Beast craft hall and little else matters.

* Busy : She's often so busy wrapped up in her chosen craft that she forgets to touch base with her children, unless they're working with her, or to stop and just -relax-.

* Serious : She has an interesting sense of humor and finds many topics simply too serious to joke about. The suffering of others, the destruction of the 9th pass, the loss of riders during thread, or even thread in general. Any amusing remarks about such things usually sets her off in a tirade about how disrespectful and unappreciative some people can be.

* Over-exertion : Keassa doesn't often know her own limits and will push herself far past when she should. She also doesn't really take heed of any sort of authority at the moment. Mostly because the Beast craft hall is such a mess, there's hardly any sort of structure to it right now.

* Children : Other people's children generally annoy her. She's of the mind that she was a good mother, but most don't really seem to get how to do it. It also bothers her that Dragon Riders often pass their babies off into the Creche so they don't have to care for them on their own. Her and N'dicus raised their babies during the 9th pass. If they could do it, the other riders should be able to as well. They're either too lazy or they don't care - both cases annoy and upset her.

Describe Yourself:

* Driven: The mess of Beast Craft bothers her something fierce, and she wants to fix it. It's pretty much consumed her at this point, feeling like she's already done the other parts of her life ( marriage, though it was never official, and children, of which she's had 4 ).

* Mother: Keassa adores her babies. Both her actual children and the baby animals she comes into contact with. She's doting, affectionate, and definitely supportive. She wants only what is best for them, always, and for them to be healthy.

* Breeder: Keassa is a self proclaimed breeder and feels like she knows the best matchings for the animals to produces the best offspring. And it's something she takes great pride in.

* Active: If she's not caring for her herdbeasts, she's training runnerbeasts. If she's not doing that, she's trying to rebuild the knowledge lost in Beast Craft, if she's not doing that, she's trying to find Riders to go back to the fallen craft hall for old records and information. Or she's helping to farm, so her animals have something to eat. Or she's volunteering in the lower tunnels for exploration and vermin control.

* Coordinated: She's got a lot of things going on, from the animals to hall business, as well as a firelizard that is overly fond of her, and a wher that is as dutiful she is. But she manages it all with a firm hand and easy grace.

The Magic Touch: Keassa ended up impressing a brown Wher in honor of her fallen N'dicus. She can't have a dragon, but the brown wher reminds her so much of his steady, solid presence that she adores the beast immensely. The same goes for the brown firelizard she has, though that one was  bit more accidental. She received the egg from a friend, not knowing what was inside.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Alaena, wife, 2531. ( deceased )
Father: Brecho, Master Herder, 2527. ( deceased )

Siblings: Ruvor, younger brother, born 2548. ( deceased ) Malkol, younger brother, 2551. Elrost, younger brother, 2555.

Vorianna, born 2560
Sebek, born 2562
Tinus, born 2565
Tircin, born 2570
Demissa, Born 18.8.2590, Father is D'mir

Craft: Beast

Rank: Sr Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2558/12.

Date Tapped: 2567/20.

Specialty: Runnerbeasts

Education Details: Keassa was taught in the midst of struggling to survive and raising her babies. She did so through sheer will and picked up whatever she could until her father passed on, feeling then that it was her cause to carry on his work. This meant a lot of her studies were done in the later hours of the evening after chores and work around the weyr, while trying to take care of her children. She had help in the later turns with her oldest helping raise her youngest. But much of her education was taught while caring for the animals and going over meticulous records that were preserved like precious food or the animals that were rapidly becoming rare.

Tell us a story...

* 2558, 12 Met N'dicus. She met him while helping to repair Rider’s leathers. She found him incredibly self-assured for someone that was just out of weyrling training. She was apprenticed into Beast Craft Hall shortly after, following in the footsteps of her father. Since the lost of much of their craft, he pressed upon her the importance of learning and preserving as much as she could.

* 2560, 14 First child, Vorianna born. This is after some time of flirting with N’dicus and is more a result of him losing a Green Flight. He didn’t even try for the rider, but instead had his dragon drop him off outside her room. She took rather well to his Flight Lust. This was the start of their family together and his claim of her as his ‘weyrmate’.

* 2562, 16 Second child, Sebek. While stress has made it hard for her to conceive, more lost flights and brief moments between rest result in Sebek being born. She keeps both of her children with her in her rooms and manages to care for them while studying. N’dicus visits frequently and usually stays in her room.

* 2565, 19 Third child, Tinus. Despite trying to be careful, the pair end up with their third child. Some extended time from N’dicus prevents her from taking a trip between, but she has Vorianna to help her raise Tinus during N’dicus’ absence.

* 2567, 20 Despite her babies and helping around the Weyr, she manages to advance in her craft despite the losses sustained and a lot of the missing information. She’s pleased to have advanced but doesn’t really have time to celebrate.

* 2570, 24 Fourth child, Tircin. They’re settled to Fort weyr and the stable environment encourages her to have another child. Tircin is raised more by his siblings than his mother or father, but they’re still operating as a family like a holder would have – not the sort usual to weyr life.

* 2571, 25 The fall of the last weyr, leaving N’dicus and her family in the last bastion of humanity on Pern. She’s driven more to preserve the survival of the herd beasts and runnerbeasts. Her children are encouraged, both by their mother and father, to take up craft positions due to the dire need of skilled hands. ( Leaving their crafts intentionally vague, I’ll be making them NPCs. )

* 2572, 26 Her first born daughter Vorianna is taken into her first craft hall. Both N’dicus and Keassa pause in their busy schedules to celebrate her apprenticeship.

* 2575, 29 Her oldest son Sebek is taken into a craft hall. They find cause to celebrate once more despite the fact only Fort Weyr and Hold are standing. Keassa makes a point to celebrate the small joys.

* 2577, 31 Tinus is taken into a craft hall. It serves a high point in an otherwise rough series of turns. The family comes together in celebration, though it is a bit of a somber one.

* 2582, 36 Tircin follows in his elder siblings steps and joins a craft hall.  This is coupled by Vorianna bringing a weyr mate to the celebration and heralds the possibility of grandchildren. Both Keassa and N’dicus are feeling their age, but there’s a sense of contentment having their babies grown and watching Vorianna meet another Crafter. Life certainly isn’t easy, but Keassa and N’dicus hit a high point in their own lives.

* 2586, 42 N’dicus falls in one of the last threadfalls of the 9th Pass defending the remaining patches of Fort farmland. The entire family feels the blow and Keassa takes some time from the Craft Hall to mourn the loss of what she considered her husband. She Impresses a wher at the end of her grief, a brown one that takes the name of Dicuskt. Most seem concerned that the name isn’t even close to her own but Keassa is overjoyed.

* 2587, 43 Shortly after arriving to Southern Winds, she is gifted a flit egg from her eldest Vorianna and it hatches a Brown she affectionately calls Braveheart.

It’d be an amusing sight for most but to Keassa, it was work. She whistled and pointed, sending the dark brown flit after a stray mare that shot off from the herd. He zipped through the afternoon warmth on a mission. The small brown dragon wouldn’t really deter the runnerbeast, but the giant hulking mass of wher it led certainly did. Disucsk had black fabric wrapped around his head, but followed the imprints from the brown flit to guide the mare back with the rest of the herd. His thundering steps nearly drown out the sound of the herd that had already corralled themselves as his clawed feet tore at the earth.

It was something Keassa had practiced since she’d impressed to the large brown firelizard. Having him work alongside her and Disucsk was as fantastic as she’d ever hoped it would be. Especially since she couldn’t communicate correctly what the wher needed to know. Braveheart had come along and proved to be the solution she had needed. Whooping her excitement as she jogged to the fence, shutting the beasts in, she projected her thoughts to the pair. //What would I ever do without you two?// Braveheart assaulted her mind with rumbly approval, but the wher’s thoughts of affection and adoration were as solid as the mountain the weyr was built out of and ran as deep as the cave system. The tall brown lumbered over to her, the squat wings on his back always clamped tight to his hide and the black cloth tied tightly around his head to protect his eyes from the sun. He could look her in the eyes, that’s how tall he was, and easily weighted more than the biggest runnerbeast she had. //You two are getting better at coordination// she praised, running her hand along the pebbly skin of Disucsk's jaw.

Braveheart jumped from the wher’s shoulder and onto her own, settling his weight while wrapping his dark tail around her neck. Not to constrict, but certainly in a mark of ownership. He trumpeted his success, wings still fanned, prompting Keassa to laugh. Both wher and firelizard knew just how much she relied upon them and understood, in their own way, that they had filled the loss of her mate N’dicus.

Keassa wiped at the sweat on her forehead before thumping Disucsk's shoulder affectionately. “Come on, let’s go get some lunch.” Rather than return to the small cave system the halls were using to rebuild themselves, she turned back to the runnerbeast barn. She preferred to eat alone – or rather, with her nearest and dearest. People rarely held any interest for her anymore.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Halirina, Sevastjan, Sethunya
Inactivity Preference:
Anything Else:
I left a lot of her children information vague and I’ll fill in if they ever get adopted. I’d like them to be NPCs until then.

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Re: Keassa [ 19.4.2546 / Journeyman Herder ]
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2014, 02:59:22 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by IIIVIE
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
2586 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
His egg was rather large, expecting it to be a bronze, and just as wrinkled as most wher eggs.
 Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 4 meters
Mature Height: 1.5 meters

General Appearance...

Disucsk was a very light colored brown hatchling with smaller wings when he was tiny. He grew up and darkened considerably, especially along the underside of his body and the end of his tail. Faint bandings of lighter brown have appeared most recently along his tail and hindquarters. Beyond that, he’s a massive brown and every bit as muscled and thick as one would expect of a working wher. He carries his head levelly, never propped up but always alert.


Empathetic: Disucsk has very strong thoughts and impresses upon Keassa a lot of his desires with impressions of feelings and haphazard images. He occasionally, mentally grunts words but they’re slurred with his growls.

Likes: Hard work : he enjoys feeling useful and needed. Being good for Keassa : He does everything he can to try and interpret the desires of Keassa and do as she needs him to. Family : He is fiercely and violently protective of his family – Keassa and her babies. It takes him a long time to adjust to newcomers or mates of the family.

Dislikes: Strangers : Disucsk becomes violent around strangers in what he considers his territory – Keassa’s home. Men : He doesn’t like it when men try to cozy up to his Keassa. Bright light : His eyes have to be covered if he’s going to be out during the day and so shirks from bright light.


* Strong : He’s a hulking beast of a brown wher and rather enjoys pulling his weight and using his muscles.

* Stamina : Disucsk can easily keep pace with Keassa on her most energetic of days and does so even if he’s blind folded. He doesn’t care if he can’t see, he’ll surge ahead fearlessly.


* Stubborn : He doesn’t understand the concept of ‘I can’t’, ‘unable’, or ‘should not’. If Keassa needs something done, he will muscle through it until it’s completed. To include herding the animals in broad daylight blindfolded.

* Narrow Minded : His mental capacity is already restricted heavily because he’s a wher, but it’s doubly so for Disucsk. He cares little for things beyond his purview – family and work. That’s his only concern in life.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
I wuv him.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Keassa [ 19.4.2546 / Journeyman Herder ]
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2014, 03:00:15 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2587 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr.

General Appearance...

Braveheart is a dark brown flit with speckled shadows on his hide. He is near black in some places, with a faint highlight of a differencing brown on his wings. He’s rather large for a brown flit with an impressive wingspan, enough to rival most bronze flits and his legs are darker than the rest of him.


Mind Voice: Braveheart doesn’t chatter much but when he does, his words are a rumbly growl that is deeper than most dragon’s voices. He rivals Discuskt in his gravely tone.

Likes: Bossy : Braveheart directs Discuskt as much as Keassa and he’s not afraid to trumpet his orders to any other flit in the area. Or dragon for that matter. Keassa : She is his ‘mate’ in that he will fiercely protect her and hoards her affection and attention, often resulting in him being told to go home when he’s being particularly unruly. Sleep : About the only thing that he enjoys more than watching over Keassa and Discuskt is curling up in the bedfurs and sleeping.

Dislikes: Bronze –anything : he’s just as big and just as ferocious, in his mind, and ain’t no dragon, wher, or flit going to tell him otherwise. Disappointing Keassa : Only her disapproval tempers his attitude. Cold : He’d rather curl up in bedfurs then bother with it.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He’s going to be a giant pain in the ass. 8D

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Keassa [ 19.4.2546 / Journeyman Herder ]
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2014, 05:35:16 PM »
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