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Author Topic: Info Upper Management Guide - Weyrleader Desk  (Read 2197 times)

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Upper Management Guide - Weyrleader Desk
« on: February 12, 2014, 08:49:59 PM »

This thread details the relevant information about the Weyrleader, Weyrseconds, and Senior and Junior Weyrwomen. The Weyrleader is the Rider of the dragon who flies the Senior Queen, currently Kalestath of Halirina, and retains the position so long as he continues to win her flights. The Weyrseconds, similarly, are the Riders who fly the Junior queens.

Before Southern Winds & Fort Island:
Weyrsecond & Weyrleader:
While Thread fell from the sky, a Weyrsecond had a Wing much the same as a Wingleader did. They even had wingseconds. They fell into a schedule alongside other Wings to take to the sky and protect Pern, because every dragon Rider capable of flame was needed to protect what little they had left.

It was primarily a Gold’s responsibility during the Catastrophe to remain near the Healer’s Hall, when not on the Hatching Sands, to help prevent injured Dragons from going Between, from experiencing too much pain, and help the Healers by essentially mentally blocking otherwise fatal pain from making a dragon injure itself, their Rider, or the Healer tending to them. This was mentally exhausting work for the Gold in question, as at most they could tend to 2 or 3 minds at a time.


S'bok of Neisoth

IC Duties:
Without the fall of Thread, the Weyrleader has largely become an administrator of “military” matters. I.E. He oversees the running of the Wings but he has no Wing to call his own. Specifically, the Weyrleader presides over Mountain and Jungle Wing, going over food intake from Jungle, supply requests, injury reports, facilitating Wing reassignments, working with the Crafthalls and Weyrseconds to ensure distribution of materials correctly, and understand training progress. Mountain and Jungle Wing are the Weyrleader’s wings to maintain and administrate over, but not his to command over. That will always be the role of the Wingleader.


B'ron of Leremith, presiding over Beach Wing
T'veck of Baleth, presiding over Prairie Wing

IC Duties:
Without the fall of Thread, the Weyrseconds are no longer responsible for their own Wing. Because leadership of a Wing is to be a stable rank granted based on merit and not one to fluctuate based on Flight, it was ultimately decided that the Weyrseconds would lose their Wings ( as Southern Winds doesn’t need more than what they have ) and help administrate the Wings currently active. Largely, they are taking the administrative tasks of each wing so that the Wingleaders are granted more time to spend training, or working, with their wing. They may also fill in if the Wingleader becomes sick, injured, or dies.  They oversee the training of the Wing they administrate, facilitate Wingrider reassignments, work with Crafthalls and the Weyrleader to ensure distribution of material goes to where it is needed most, to which Wing needs it the most, monitor fish intake and dragon consumption, watch weyrling training for young hopefuls, and report to either the Weyrleader or Halirina. While it is both the job and prerogative of the Weyrseconds to preside over their assigned Wings, they do not command them. They are encouraged to join training and participate in the Wing’s schedule, but not required. The Wing’s command will always be granted to that of the Wingleader – the Weyrsecond is there to help the Wing run smoothly.

Senior Weyrwoman

Halirina of Kalestath

IC Duties:
It is the Senior Weyrwoman’s responsibility to not only oversee the well-being of the Weyr, but to ensure the supply and upkeep of the general populace. She’s responsible for the crèche, overseeing the Weyrlings, receiving reports on Candidates, and ensuring the weyr essentially functions. She’s the arbitrator in supply disputes, determines what crafthalls will receive aid from the Weyr, and is largely judge and jury. If there is a dispute amongst Ranked Riders, or anyone of rank that escalates, it is her job to put an end to it.

Halirina usually has a handful of messengers / assistants ( 4 ) to help with the paperwork. She dislikes all of them.

Junior Weyrwoman

Vanelwynne of Oriath, presiding over Weyrlings and Candidates
Eimerra of Imyth, presiding over Lower Caverns, Creche, and Weyrfolk
Nalata of Minath, currently being trained by a Harper

IC Duties:
Each Junior Weyrwoman has been given a focus for them to maintain and oversee. For Vanelwynne, presiding over the Weyrlings and Candidates means checking in with records, overseeing classes, the health of the candidates, the weyrlings, ensuring there will be enough people to stand, that they are well supplied, and their teachers are well treated. Should a Candidate Master, Weyrlingmaster, or their assistants need anything, it is Vanelwynne they’ll go to first. She is to involve herself in their training, watch over any injured, and ensure a smooth transition into the Wings. This may mean she meets with Weyrseconds who see potential in certain Weyrlings and it is Vanelwynne’s call if a Weyrling is held back for any reason.

For Eimerra, this means spending time with the weyrfolk. Ensuring their needs are met, the kitchens, store room, and living quarters are well kept. She works closely with the Headwoman to maintain morale, hygiene, and basic education of the crechelings. If the weyrfolk are in need of anything, it is her responsibility to see to it Halirina knows as the Weyrfolk are the backbone on which the Weyr resides. She’s often expected to work alongside kitchen workers, to understand every task and what’s necessary to complete it so she’ll understand if it’s not being done.

For Nalata, she’s expected to largely follow the Weyrling Training schedule with extra history and education lessons provided by a Harper. It isn’t likely she’ll take on any real Weyrwoman work until after Minath’s first Flight. It could be inferred that she may end up taking some of the Crafter relations from Halirina - mostly the Harper and Healer since they are generally on good terms with the Weyr and require mostly administration and not managing disputes.

OOC Expectations

The Weyrwomen, Weyrleader, and Weyrseconds are the heart and soul of the Weyr. As such, they are always expected at events and interacting with the other rulers and lower ranked Riders. We require anyone adopting these characters to be active participants in the Weyr.  The following is a list of things someone in these positions, could, and may be asked, to do.
+ Post every two weeks – at least once every week for the Weyrleader and Weyrseconds.
+ Post in events – and create event threads at the discretion of the admin.
+ Post with other riders, and other people in similar positions – as well as working closely with the Candidate Master, Weyrlingmaster, and Headwoman.
+ Post with Hold Leaders and Crafthall Masters.

All of these are admin guided positions. This means that there may be some events or occurrences in which the admin will ask for help or input. While we will never tell you how to play your character, some roles come with a certain activity and personality preference. For instance, we don't want any negligent or absentee members of the upper management. These are positions that are highly important to Southern Winds, and as such, anyone that fails to adhere to the OOC expectations will be asked to step down. Since these are adoptable NPCs, this potentially means giving up control of the character if they cannot be removed from their position in a believable IC manner.
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